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This is an idea that I'm working on ,I'm ditching the Lost idea, I might work on it in the future. Anyway, this idea is gonna be awesome. In Hearts of Darkness, the 182nd Battalion is said to have been wiped out. This is their story.

Any comments?

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go for it!

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Technological Diary- Entry Number 231

Sergeant Rick Sparks----Location Felucia

Three months have come and gone, and still we haven’t left Felucia. These giant fungus structures are beginning to really annoy me, and the ackleys aren’t helping my temper much. A horrible sickness is spreading through our camp. We call it the Miracle Flu, because you have flu like symptoms before getting better for up to a day, before entering a seizure and dieing. Three people in my squad have already caught it and died, and have been replaced by new soldiers.

I believe that we have been abandoned. We have not been in contact with the commander-in-chief in some time now. There have been few signs of the CIS, and we have all of the CPs under control. Aaya Secura (our Jedi master) has barely even talked to us, but we know that she is here, for her scouts are well known throughout our battalion.

I’m scared. I don’t believe that I’ll ever see my home planet again. Oh, what should I do…

End Transmission

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Chapter 1: Signs of the CIS

The undergrowth crunched under Sergeant Rick Sparks as he trudged through the thick undergrowth in the jungle region of Felucia. It’s all jungle on this planet. Thought Rick. He was leading his squad (Delta squad) on a mandatory patrol mission of CP 1.

“What is the point of this stupid patrol, Sarge?” asked Doc. He was the medic of the group. He was a large man for only being six foot two.

“Doc, you don’t ask the questions. You just follow the orders,” replied Rick. He was angry once again. This was about the fifth day in a row now.

“Sarge,” said Tech. Like his name, he was the techie of the group. “There’s something on the map, could be an ackley.”

“How far,” inquired Rick.

“Five clicks and moving closer,” repeated Tech, “they’re too small to be ackleys. Look more like CIS.”

“CIS… Sarge didn’t you say they had left?” asked Smash, the demolitions expert. He was a huge man. His biceps were as big as his head or bigger.

“That’s what I was told,” said Rick, “OK. Let’s follow this group and see what they really are.”

Delta Squad began to trace the trail of the disturbances. Deltas Squad consisted of five members, Tech, Rick, Smash, Doc, and the sniper, Trace. Trace was a small, lithe man, agile as a cat. He never missed his mark. Trace, Doc, and Tech were the new soldiers to Rick’s squad. The others had died from disease and ackley.

“This is Tech over, requesting permission to follow disturbances on our map over, believed to be CIS over.”

“This is General Grath over. We acknowledge your position and grant you permission to deal with them as necessary. We trust Sergeant Rick will know what to do over.”

“You heard the General,” said Rick, “lets get these droids.”

Delta Squad shouted in excitement before crouching down into the brush and beginning to move. Distances flew back as they chased down the droids. Soon they were right on the CIS. Indeed, there were two super battledroids and three droid sharpshooters.

“Roger, roger. There is a CP on our position.” Said one of the droids.

“Let’s take them out,” said Rick.

In an instant, all of the droids were lying in piles of heaping trash littering the area.

“This is Tech acknowledging that there are CIS agents in the area,over.”

Diego Varen
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Another Battlefront II story. Good. Aaya is spelt Aalya. Can't wait to see more.

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Thanks pottsie and connor. I hope to add another few chapters this weekend.

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Nice job so far. If you need any other help, feel free to ask me. ;)

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Chapter 2: Attack of the Ackleys

Sergeant Rick Sparks was completely astounded. CIS (even though only a patrol) found on Felucia once again! It was preposterous! Delta Squad needed to get back to headquarters quickly.

“Okay troops, lets go, quick and quiet. If there’s any other droids out here, I don’t wanna be caught with only five other troops, no offense,” said Rick.

“Don’t worry Sarge, none taken,” replied Tech, “plus I still got transmission on our map. If anything gets close, I’ll alert you.”

“Thanks Tech. You’re a reassurance,” said Rick.

Delta Squad formed into a complex fighting formation and began to make their way back to headquarters. Night was quickly approaching, and none of the soldiers wanted to be caught in the moonlight, for that was the ackleys feeding period. Their pace quickened as their shadows lengthened.

“Sarge, I got beeps on the map. Ten clicks away, but they don’t seem to be getting closer,” warned Tech.

“Thanks. Okay, lets break into a formation and set an ambush. I’d rather be the predator than the prey. Trace, climb into that fungus, Smash, you into that one. Doc and Tech, stay close, if it’s droids, I’ll need you Tech,” commanded Rick.

“Yes Sarge,” replied Tech as he moved into some brush.

Trace leaped from stem to stem in the fungus. As he reached the top, he pulled out his DC-15X Sniper Rifle, and loaded a clip into it. This is going to be fun, thought Trace.

“Three clicks….two….one,” whispered Tech.

Into the clearing came three droid infantry units, six super battledroids, and two droid commanders.

Rick signaled to Trace and Smash in the secret hand language. Trace would attack first, killing the commanders, then, Smash would fire a rocket into the middle, and finally, Rick and Tech would take out the rest. Rick had his DC-15S Blaster Rifle, and Tech had his DC-15S Blaster Pistol.

Suddenly, three ackleys broke through the brush and destroyed most of the droids with their claws and razor sharp teeth. Droid oil flew through the air, splattering Doc’s visor with slick, black, thick liquid.

“Get ‘em!” screamed Rick. Rick began to fire off random shots from his DC-15S. The ackleys were so big that you couldn’t miss. Their tough hide prevented the rounds from usually breaking the skin. One of the ackleys reared up and finished the final droid, then whipped it’s claw around and knocked Tech of his feet.

Tech felt the impact, but not much after that. Blood began to come out of his mouth, then he blacked out…

Doc saw Tech go down and rushed to his position, just to be met by another ackley. “Rick! Help me out!”

Rick sprinted to the ackley, and threw a thermal grenade. He knew he was taking a huge risk, possibly taking out Doc as well as the ackley. He was lucky however. The grenade attached itself to the ackley’s head. It reared up just as it’s head exploded. Green blood flew into Rick and Doc’s field of vision. Rick was knocked down but didn’t know how. He wiped off the blood to notice an ackley standing above him about to strike. “Oh Fierfek!” he shouted.

Out of nowhere, Aalya Secura leapt through the air and slashed the ackley in the head with her green lightsaber. She was a small woman with a brown tank top that reached her belly button, and brown pants. She also had a brown cap that covered her tentacles coming out of her head. Her light blue- green skin shone in the ackley’s green blood. She carried a blue lightsaber and a green lightsaber. “ Get up and help me out soldier!” she commanded.

Rick jumped up and once again started firing shots. Sometime during the skirmish, five more ackley had appeared. There were now six alive. Aalya entered a complex fighting form, striking, slashing, parrying, then slashing again. Green blood splattered her clothing. Rick shot another in the eye, a perfect shot. The bullet entered it’s head and exited out of the back. It fell, barely missing Doc giving bacta to Tech’s still unconscious form.

“Got another, that’s two!” came a triumphant sound from Trace in the fungus above.

Storm had his DC-15S Blaster Pistol out and was firing rounds at the remaining two ackleys. Rockets were useless in close quarters.

Eventually, the ackley were all slain. Tech was woozy, but back on his feet. “How are you feeling?”

“Feels like I just drank twenty Coruscant Specials,” he said chuckling, “I feel like a drunk barmaid!”

Aayla walked up to Rick, “are you the leader?”

“Yes, I am Sergeant Rick Sparks, commander of Delta Squad,” replied Rick.

“Did you know of the droid presence, and if so, did you report it?” questioned Aalya.

“Yes, Aalya. We were returning right now to report to HQ,” replied Rick.

“Good, you’re a reliable soldier and your squad fights well, you’ve trained them well. How about becoming my elite squad. The jobs are tough, but the rewards are great. I can put in my request as soon as we get back to HQ,” said Aalya.

“Squad, what do you say?” asked Rick.

“Let’s do it,” replied all of the squad at once.

“There’s your answer then,” said Rick.

“Good, but you’re going to need to get another soldier though. I’ll let you pick, but he has to be an assassin. I need one for some of my special operations. You pick one when we get back to HQ, agreed?”

“Sounds great,” Rick said.

“This is the beginning of a great friendship, well, soldiers to commanders that is,” said Aalya.

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Great job. Your writing style is quite advanced. One question: is there someone named Storm in your squad?
Storm had his DC-15S Blaster Pistol out and was firing rounds at the remaining two ackleys. Rockets were useless in close quarters.

Diego Varen
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Good Chapter. I think Ackley is spelt Acklay. I don't know though.

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No Niner, its Smash.

Edit: Sorry Niner, didn't mean to confuse you. I messed up and accidentally wrote Storm.

Edit2: Thanks for the tip pottsie, I'll change it next time.

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No Niner, its Smash.

I got you. Storm is such a cool name, isn't it?

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lol. Just because you got him in your fic.

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Roger that.

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still good,I just played this battle in BF2

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This isn't Hearts of Darkness. Before that mission, the journal entry talks about the 182nd getting killed, so this is about them.

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i know that i meant i played hod whitch is after this

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Chapter 3: Signs From Above

“Keep up the pace,” Aalya commanded to Tech.

“Jeez. Almost get killed by an acklay, and I still don’t get a little rest,” Tech whispered under his breath. He had been going slower and slower since the bacta. It seemed that he was getting weaker.

“ You’ll have plenty of time to rest when we get back to HQ,” Aalya sharply replied. You could tell there was acid in her voice, “besides, we should be there any minute.”

Sure enough, in the next five minutes HQ was sprawled half harzardly in the valley below. Home sweet home, thought Rick. Dorms littered the land, and in the middle were the hospital and the main headquarters. Doc let out a whoop, and began to run down the short slant to the first dorms. Those were his, along with the other medical personnel. There were three other dorms for the medics. On the other side of camp were the techs quarters (once again four barracks) and then the rest (ten or so) dorms were for the troops.

“Delta Squad dismiss,” commanded Rick. He and Aalya would have to report to General Grath before calling it a night. The price for being in charge.

“You should discipline your troops a little more,” remarked Aalya, “you are too friendly with them, and let them run all over you.”

“I know. But you haven’t seen them in combat yet. They are the best squad that I’ve ever led. I like them to think of me as a friend, it eases tension and I get closer to them.”

“True. Let us report to the general now,” finished Aalya. The next few minutes were filled with silence as they made their way to the center of camp. It was actually late at night; most soldiers were already asleep. They approached the HQ door, and knocked briefly. “Permission to enter?”

“Permission granted,” came the deep voice of General Grath. He was a real human, not a clone, that led the battalion. He had deep, tanned skin, and was a powerfully built man. “Hello Sergeant Rick! How was patrol?”

Rick briefly ran through his squad’s encounters with the CIS and the acklays. Aalya stood silently in the corner. The general had no right! She easily outranked him, for God’s sake, she was a Jedi warrior! The general should have been bowing to her, not the other way around.

When Rick finished his story, he stepped back and Aalya took his place.
“Good day General Grath. I am Aalya Secura as you know. This squad performed wonderfully in battle. I would like to make them my special ops unit. Is this acceptable.”

“By all means yes Jedi master. What do you request be done for them?”

“Just one more soldier, an experienced assassin be added to their squad. It turns out a Sith Lord is running the CIS. I was on my way to tell you when I ran into Delta Squad. Not now, but in the future I plan to have him eliminated.”

“Fierfek! Another Sith Lord. Do we know of him?”

“I doubt it. He is new, and has only one apprentice under him. The Sith Lord is Darth Yen, and his apprentice’s name is Mark, but that is all I could draw from the little information I have,” finished Aalya.

“Fine. Rick you are dismissed. In the morning I will let you add an assassin to your group. Get some rest.”

“Yes sir,” said Rick. Fierfek! A Sith Lord! And his squad would be fighting him! This was crazy! Rick went to bed that night with his head full of questions and fears…

* * *

“So what’s wrong with me?” questioned Tech. He had gone straight to the hospital. Bacta was supposed to make you stronger not weaker!

“I’m sorry soldier… It seems you have the beginning stages of the Miracle Flu.”

“What?!” yelped Tech. The Miracle Flu! How had he caught that!

“Yes. Now I need to know. When did you start to feel sick?”

“Well, it was right after Doc gave me some bacta for my injury,” replied Tech.

“I was afraid of that.” The doctor walked over to an intercom. “Please send in a nurse.” Moments later a nurse walked in. “Go to the general. Tell him it’s an emergency. Our bacta supply is contaminated with the Miracle Flu!”

* * *

Rick woke up in the morning feeling refreshed. He got changed into his gear, but left his DC-15S Blaster Rifle, and his DC-15S Blaster Pistol in his supply cabinet. There was no need for them now. He walked out the door to murmurs of sympathy. “What’s wrong, what’s going on?”

The general walked right up to Rick. “I’m sorry son. Your troop, Tech has the Miracle Flu. He’s quarantined right now. He wants to speak with you.”

Rick’s mind exploded in astonishment. First the Sith Lord, and now this! Fierfek, what’s next? “Where is he sir?”

“In the hospital. Go on son, I give you leave.”

Rick slowly walked away, then as the crowd started to dissipate, he broke into a sprint. He reached the hospital out of breath. Walking through the front door, he ran to the front desk and shouted, “where’s Tech? I need to see him now!”

“Okay. This way, but you have to wear you helmet. The Miracle Flu is very contagious.”

“Fine,” Rick said putting on his helmet and locking it, “just take me to him!” Rick was rushed to a room. Inside, Tech was lying on a bed panting. Besides that, he looked like the same old Tech.

“Hey Sarge,” he said weakly, “I got the Miracle Flu. Fierfek! Never thought it’d end like this. I got the fever now. The doctor says that I got about a week to live.”

“Don’t worry Tech. We’ll get to the center of this disease. You’re not gonna die, I promise.”

“Thanks Sarge, but don’t waste your breath. There’s no cure. Now I’d like to get some sleep, could you leave?”

“Sure thing Tech,” replied Rick. He slowly left the room and made his way back outside. Now he was going to need an assassin and a new techie. Rick looked to the sky, and there saw small specks getting closer and closer. As it got closer, Rick realized that they were LAAT Dropships. There was a multitude of them. Paratroopers began to jump as they got closer. The rockets in their boots kicked in as they reached the ground. To Rick’s surprise, Jedi master Ki-Adi-Mundi was with them. He was wearing a black vest over his brown shirt and pants. His blue lightsaber was out as he fell. He landed right next to Rick.

“Take me to General Grath soldier. I bring reinforcements and the word from the Jedi council. Let the attack on the CIS commence!”

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Good Chapter.

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still cool

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That was a pretty boring chapter, I know. But I wanted it to be clear how the Miracle Flu is spread. Next chapter will be good.

Edit: Do clone troopers have wives and girlfriends?

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Do clone troopers have wives and girlfriends?
Negative on that. They're bred for war, not for mating, lol. I suppose one could have an attachment to a female. There's an example of this in Hard Contact. That wasn't really girlfriend/boyfriend though.

Comment: Good chapter.

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Thanks Niner, I'll remember that.

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still cool btw when the next chapter

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It should be soon connor. I've got regents tomorrow and then I'm free for the summer.

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Sorry about the wait. I've been working on a real story that may be published. I don't know when I'll be getting back to this. I've also been working on a story at www.thefantasyforum.com. It's called the mercenary if anyone wants to read it. :)

Diego Varen
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Sorry about the wait. I've been working on a real story that may be published. I don't know when I'll be getting back to this. I've also been working on a story at www.thefantasyforum.com. It's called the mercenary if anyone wants to read it. :)

Sounds good. You could get paid loads for publishing.

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What's your "real" story, bball?

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Its the story with you Niner...

For any curious viewers, its about a squad of SWAT in the future who go on various missions then end up trying to save the universe from an ancient alien race. It will be a trilogy- past present and future because the squad must travel though the various time sequences through a time machine.

Also, I will be working on this fic soon, so my faithful viewers only have to wait a little longer.

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Okay. It's good to see that you've fixed your computer. I'm looking forward to more. :)

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I still haven't. I've been typing on my uncles laptop cuz I'm at the beach! We've ordered a new computer that should be coming soon. 'Till then I've been writing out the chapters cuz my uncle's laptop doesn't have word...weird I know.

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Alright guys. My new computer is up and running. Expect an update soon.