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The Prologue to my FanFic is set approximately nine and a half months before Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Chapter 1

The Gray Jedi academy on Mytus VII was quiet as usual, with its few students meditating or studying the Gray Jedi teachings. Master Kang however felt a presence in the force that he had only ever felt once before, the Sith. This worried him deeply, as in the past few months these tremors had been increasing in size and making it more difficult to see through the force. His apprentice Dorla Keeto came into his meditation chamber looking rather surprised.
“Yes, my apprentice?” stated Kang
“We’ve picked up a transmission coming from the Seswenna Sector Master” Keeto Replied. The purple Twi’lek seemed calm when speaking to her Master, this may be because of the force bond they had developed over recent weeks.
“What do they want young apprentice?”
“The Sullustuans on Sullust are asking for our help, and they don’t want to get involved on normal Jedi affairs. But it is really strange Matser…”said Dorla
“Why may that be my apprentice?”
“Well Master, the signal wasn’t very good considering the communications refurbishment that has just gone underway in that sector so I’m thinking the message may have been sent from a different location but simply pinged to us here from Sullust. Also they didn’t say what they wanted us for” Master Remus Kang, thought hard for a moment and looked upon Dorla with suspicion.
“I shall go… alone” stated Kang
“But, Master what if it’s a.. a …… a T-t-t..trap?”
“Then it will be better to risk my life than yours” said Remus, clearly showing that he had the final say in this matter.
“Then I will ready your ship Master, and wait here for your return” when Dorla said this you could tell she was displeased about again not going to go on her masters latest ‘Quest’ as she liked to call it.

Meanwhile on the borders of known space, a Sith vessel roamed. Aboard was Darth Plagueis and his Apprentice Darth Sidious, both of them were meditating. Plagueis had the knowledge to many abilities some may consider un-natural. One of these abilities was to be able to communicate with Sith lords long deceased telepathically through the force. At this particular meditating session he was conferring with Darth Revan telepathically, discussing the new plot to destroy the republic.
“Yes Lord Revan, that seems like a most cunning idea, and with my abilities It would seem simple yet efficient” said Plagueis as he ended the conversation with Revan. Sidious came in
“You called for me my Master?”
“Yes Darth Sidious, the time is now, only the Gray Jedi know of our existence and they will be thwarted imediatley, I sent them a fake distress signal, and their leader seems to have bitten the bait, (Evil Laugh)” stated Plagueis, clearly being amused by his cunningness.
“Yes Master, we will crush them all”

The small ship broke out of Hyperspace and the comm Beeped with life.
“This is the sullustuan landing control, please submit your landing codes now” said the Sullustuan with what seemed like no emotion.
“Submitting…” stated Master Kang to the landing control
“There… I wish to land on the governors private landing pad” said Remus, hoping they would let him.
“Ok, your all cleared sir, enjoy your stay here on Sullust” said the Sullustuan on the comm., to Remus’ surprise.
When landed Master Remus Knag proceeded to the governor’s office immediately. When he arrived he was met with a rather surprised looking Sullustuan governor.
“Can I help you sir?” the governor said, looking as though everything was normal.
“Yes, I am Master Kang, leader of the Gray Jedi”
“Ohhh, are you now? Well tell me what a damned Jedi is doing on Sullust?”
“You sent for me Governor, over the comm?”
“I would never ask for aid from a Jedi, too much paperwork, Bahh”
“Then if you didn’t send that transmission then who di… If they pinged the transmission from you, they would know where the Academy is and that would lead them to.. Mytus VII..”
Remus ran to his ship as the governor shouted:
“Damned Jedi affairs!”
When up in space Remus punched in the Hyperspace codes and tried the commlink, which didn’t answer. Only one word came to his mind: Sith

Final Part Of The Prologue Coming Soon!

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Ok Character Overview People..

Name: Remus Kang
Age: 42
Birthplace: Unknown
Apprentice: Dorla Keeto
Position : Gray Jedi Master/Leader

Name: Dorla Keeto
Age: 23
Birthplace: Nar Shaddaa
Master: Remus Kang
Position: Remus Kang's Apprentice/ Gray Jedi Chronicler

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In future chapters characters from kotor will appear
(is this in the wrong section or is just no-one reading and commenting on it?)

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Good start, it looks good. Also nice Avatar. Please check out either of my Fanfics, The Sith Lord or it's Sequel, The Son of Malus.

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Chapter 2

“Dorla, there is an old Sith cruiser that has just crashed north of the Academy” said one of the Gray Jedi looking rather frightened.
“Well, err, send the scout drones to investigate at once”
“Yes Miss”
Dorla was sensing dark energy in the force now more than she had ever felt it before. She was worried, what might have happened to Master Kang? The trap she had warned him about before his departure seemed to be coming into place and the mere apprentices here at the academy couldn’t fight off intruders. What would he do? She asked herself.
When the scout drones arrived at the wreckage it appeared lifeless, and through further analysis, it seemed to have been lifeless for quite some time before the crash. They only found one thing intact; a Droid similar to that of which Revan discovered in the Dantooine Ruins. Although it didn’t appear to be functioning, it still seemed to be doing something…
“Miss we’ve lost contact with the scout drones... Th... they... have just gone” you could tell be the way the Gray Jedi said this, that she seemed to be nervous.
“ Young one, you are sweating, calm down, Master Kang will be back soon and he shall tell us what to do” as Dorla said this she thought of him, calling out to him in her mind. Something was preventing her from her force bond usage, this she didn’t like at all, she knew something was wrong.
“Hey” shouted Dorla abruptly
“Yes miss?”
“Make sure everyone is on their full guard”
“I will see to it personally miss”
Dorla felt a moment of calm in the force watching the young Gray Jedi run into the next room. She then heard something that sounded familiar... A Lightsaber! She drew her double bladed lightsaber immediately and went to investigate.

“C’mon, C’mon” said Master Kang frustrated at the time of the Hyperspace travel. He suddenly broke free of Hyperspace and began his landing sequence at the Academy on Mytus VII. Touchdown. Remus jumped out of the small ship and Force Ran into the Academy. What met his eyes seemed to leave a permanent image in his mind. He saw Dorla being Force Crushed by one of the two Sith standing in front of him. This had a catastrophic effect on Kang, he was wounded, badly.
“Let her go!!” demanded Kang
“Ahhh, so you are the infamous leader of the Gray Jedi” said Plagueis. Sidious then added:
“You’ve come back to save the un-saveable? Well if you hadn’t detected us through the force then she may still be able to keep her life”
“I may be weak but I still have enough ability to deal with the likes of you” said Remus confidently.
“So be it” said Plagueis, increasing the pressure on Dorla, consequently killing her. Within an instant Kang was only just left alive. He drew his lightsabers, one cyan and one orange representing both light and dark sides of he force. Before Sidious could react, Kang lunged at him with a great Force Jump and put a lightsaber through his heart.
“Fool” said Plagueis, then throwing Kang against the wall with an almighty force push and drawing his red lightsaber. Kang struggled to get up but unleashed all that he could against the Sith oppressor. Plagueis was deflecting Kang’s strikes with ease and soon had him down on the floor.
“You were a fool to think you could defeat me, Kang”
“I will live on, a tear shed for those lost” said Kang shedding a single tear. Plagueis then delivered the killing blow and went to see to his Apprentice, who was dead. He reached out with his mind and restored life to Sidious, healing the wound in his chest.
“Master…I…I…Beg for forgiveness”
“Noting to forgive My Apprentice, without you the Sith would not survive”

Any comments or suggestions, feel free to post
(Mistake on first post, should say months not years as it used to)

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Good. Can't wait for more.

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wow i really liked it. so i take it gray jedi fight for the side that seems to be.... more sutible at the time?

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yes that is correct
posting chapter 3 now

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This chapter is only short, but rounds up the Prologue

Final Cahpter

The droid in the wreckage flickered with life. It got up and was heading for the Academy. It had no commands pre-set for this situation so the A-I kicked in, it found the Academy’s supercomputer and hooked itself up with it. When the droid downloaded the Archives it downloaded the emergency sub-routines and droid commands. The droid now had orders; it could function properly at last.

Meanwhile, Plagueis and Sidious had taken one of the docked ships in the Academy and were leaving the Mytus system.
“Now is the time, you have eliminated all threats and you can begin your plan” said Revan through the force to Plagueis.
“I will, and I will crush the republic once and for all”
“Is the woman yet ‘Infected’ my master?” said Sidious to Plagueis.
“Yes I altered the mediclorian count in her, she is pregnant, and she will give birth to a force sensitive far stronger than even the Jedi Master Yoda” Plagueis stated with the utmost of confidence.
“Your plan seems foolproof Master”
“Yes, it is, I will retire to my chambers” Sidious knew what he had to do now; it was his opportunity, his moment to seize power and become the new Sith lord. Once Plagueis was asleep Sidious crept into his chambers and said:
“You had the power to save others, but not yourself, and you taught me everything you knew, you old fool” then killing Plagueis with one swift strike with his lightsaber.
“I predicted you would do as much” said a force ghost of Revan who appeared next to Sidious.
“I don’t need your help now, I will rule the galaxy” stated the newly crowned dark lord.
“You will never be Sith” said Revan’s ghost, disappearing into thin air.

You can get gray jedi robes in KOTOR 2 TSL

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Great round-up of the prologue. Nice seeing Plagueis create Anakin. Can't wait for the first Chapter.

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thanks, i am currently in writing of the first chapter

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i really likeed that chapter. I also like your put on the greatest jedi ever

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This chapter is set 3 weeks before the events of Star Wars IV: A New Hope

Chapter 1

The hull of the Validus was being pounded by Imperial turbo-lasers. Out of the 3 crew onboard the Validus (one being a droid) one was unconscious as a consequence of the Validus trying to blast its way out of an Imperial blockade. The two surviving crew members were Onjo Daassan and his droid VD-39.
“Stop your ship now and the Empire may show you mercy” beeped the comm
“Master, I strongly advise you to do what they say” spluttered the droid hopefully
“I can’t let them capture me… with my history, anyway is our passenger okay?”
“She is unconscious, master”
“Well, you go and see to the old lady while I try and get us out of this mess”
“As a matter of fact the ‘Old Lady’ is fine thank you very much” said the Woman appearing out of nowhere.
“Well done for getting yourself KO’d”
“I was perfectly alright, actually”
“Master I think we should get going, by their standard procedure they should be activating their Ion Cannons in a few minutes”
“Just shut up VD” The Validus looked battered and the Imperials were very surprised when it was able to make the jump for hyperspace.

“How did it do that Colonel? The Grav-Field generators must have had some effect on the vessel” said a young Imperial officer.
“Well I….” Veers was cut out by Lord Vader
“The force is with them colonel, I am sure there was one strong in the force onboard”
“But My Lord, aren’t you the only remains of the Jedi religion?”
“Colonel, you do not need to be a Jedi to be strong in the force”
“Bu.. I.. Wh…”
“Enough, Colonel” Vader released him from his grasp
“Yes, My Lord, What are your commands?”
“I sense… Yes… They are headed for Nar Shaddaa, set a course for it immediately colonel, and set up a trap for them”
“Yes My Lord”
“But why they would come here to Korriban is a mystery to me”
“Perhaps they were looking for old Sith artifacts My Lord” said the Officer
“No, No young Officer, I sense something larger at work here”

“Ok… so.. Why are we here again?” said Onjo looking rather confused
“This is where I wanted you to take me”
“Oh yeah, and as a matter of fact where is the money you owe me for the trip?”
“I contacted Isaac on Tatooine; I was the one who told him to tell you of me”
“What, so you’re my stalker or something? Am I really that attractive?”
“No you fool; I contacted you for a reason”
“And what reason would that be?”
“You will see” the comm suddenly beeped
“C’mon VD, he must see this on his own” the woman and VD-39 left the ship and wandered into the market.
Onjo turned the comm on and an image came up of an old looking droid.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Onjo stated cautiously
“I know exactly who you are, Kang..” that word filled Onjo with rage
“.. Come to Mytus VII and I will reveal all to you, I am sure my ‘Associate’ has found you”
“How do you know I will come to Mytus VII, and anyway isn’t that system unstable?”
“The system is not unstable, just deserted, this is the only settlement intact on Mytus VII. You will come because your heart was always telling you to come here, ever since you were ‘Born’, if that’s what you can call it” with this the comm ended and Onjo cried out in rage. The whole ship trembled and was lifted off the landing pad.
“It will do you no good” said the old woman in his mind. The ship suddenly dropped to the landing pad.
“What shall I do?” Onjo questioned the woman
“Get some supplies from the market, we are leaving”

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Good Chapter. Weren't expecting the Fanfic to jump thirty-two years later.

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good chapter

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OK guys here is the next chapter
Chapter 2

“Before you go” the old woman exclaimed to Onjo
“There is something I think you should know about me”
“What now? I’ve had enough surprises for one day” The woman suddenly changed into a green creature
“I am a Changeling”
“You’re a what?!” yelled Onjo, shocked in disbelief
“Yes, a Changeling I am able to imitate the form of any creature, any species”
“Well… I wasn’t expecting that but.. er … I suppose we could use it to our advantage” looking bewildered Onjo walked out of the ship and was accompanied by VD-39.
“Master, I suspect a recent turn of events has changed you, and not for the better”
“You can say that again VD, one day I’m a freelance smuggler and the next she comes along and changes everything”
“So you are going back to where you came from.”
“No, I am not yet ready to face that ordeal” they continued to walk into the Nar Shaddaa market. The air was full of decay and the walkways were packed with citizens. Onjo approached a small shop on the corner of a walkway that supposedly sold various armour and weapons. Onjo and VD-39 went in and the door sealed shut behind them.
“This cannot lead to anything good master” exclaimed VD. Suddenly auto-turrets popped out from the floor and the loudspeaker stated
“Please move onto the next room” they did as the loudspeaker said and moved on only to have another door close behind them and a tall caped figure in front of them.
“Ahh, Onjo Daassann is it?” said the caped figure. The figure then turned around to reveal its identity. (Vader Breathing) It was Darth Vader. He shot electricity into VD rendering the poor droid useless.
“I don’t know what you want with me, but you’re not gonna get it” said Daassann who was in fury over his droid
“I think you know what I want Onjo or should I call you Genaral? The Empire’s 132nd Special Forces Legion? No? You were one of the Emperor’s prized soldiers, you weren’t even a clone and still you performed better than them on the field. You were one of the few who was awarded the Dark Trooper power armor and we want it back”
“I left the legion because I didn’t like the way the Empire did things, your cruealy, anger, suffering”
“Well it is a great shame then General isn’t it? You were strong in the force and would have made an excellent Sith” Onjo showed no fear as Vader tried to choke him. But Vader couldn’t for some reason or another he tried and tried, pulsing the force into Onjo but with no success.
“I am hard to kill Lord Vader” said Onjo confidently. He then disappeared.
“What? How?” said Daassann to the invader in his mind
“Use the force to sustain your invisibility” said the Changeling
“I will never use the force”
“You will have to if you want to escape” the Changeling had the final say in this. Onjo expended the stealth field over VD and carried him back to the ship.
“Where is he I want him alive!!” Vader shouted to his personal 501st Legion.
The ship was under heavy Imperial Gunfire as it took off.
“Now we will go there” said Onjo as if he had no choice in the matter.
“When you are there..” the Changeling said
“You know what will become of you, don’t you?”
“Yes, I know all too well, and by the way what is your name Changeling?”
“You can call me Traya” said the Changeling as the Validus broke into lightspeed heading for Mytus VII

My character on Star Wars Galaxies is Onjo Kang

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still sweet

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Good Chapter. What is Galaxies like? Good? Bad?

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Galaxies is very good exept for the monthly payment