View Full Version : Linksys router issues

06-10-2006, 11:05 AM
I have had problems with 2 linksys routers with hosting SWBF pc dedicated server for PS2. I cannot get the ping to show up as normal ping in the "in game browser". it is 9998. I have all the ports fowarded:3658,3659,6500,27900 all TCP. I have turned off router firewall, disabled blocking annonamous echo requests, turned off windows firewall, but still it won't fix it. I even turned on DMZ but it did not help.

I got so frustrated I gave my router to a friend and bought a D-Link. Now I have no problem. He runs a server now too, but he has the same problem. Another friend has a linksys router and the same thing is wrong with his ping.

The strange thing is, that one time I was online with my ps2 and my friend's server (the friend I gave the router to) had a normal ping (150, or something like that). The next day it was back to 9998. I asked him if he was running any other applications that might have opened something up and he wasn't. ????

I'm stumped. I did read somewhere that newer linksys routers are junk and you should run old firmware versions on them to solve their security issues. what do you all think? Has anyone tried this? Anyone else have this problem with linksys? And finally has anyone had success in setuing up a linksys router to host SWBF for ps2 with a normal ping, and how did you do it?

Thanks in advance