View Full Version : Need a clan to administer my SWBF2 server, free

06-10-2006, 09:09 PM
Hello clans

I am used to the Wolfenstein/Enemy Territory world. I run the Lemmings United servers there.

I'm looking for a good sized clan of dedicated SWBF2 players to administer my SWBF2 server.

It's a brand new server with 0 players so if you have to build up the player base. No monthly fees, I just ask that you get it going and keep it clean. You can check out the server at:
100mbit connection
40 slots available

If you're interested, please come to www.borgclan.com and send me a private message or post in the public forums. Private message can be sent to admin or hobbit there. Give me info on your clan, # of players, how active you are, your webpage, etc.

It's a free and public server with 3000GB monthly transfer.

You must have a good-sized clan of active players and be willing to grow the server.

See you on the Battlefront!

07-09-2006, 01:12 PM
im a bit confused on what u want. I think what u want is a clan to use your server and admin it. IGF would be very happy to use the server. We have over 100 members that play SWBF2 and we could use a server. We also take good care of our current servers(which are paying a ton of money for) so we have experience in taking care of servers. Please email me at jtoups121@gmail.com.