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as the name suggests, the Rebels strike back :D
story will come tomorrow, just tell me what you think.

This story is Copyright © RC-1162 2006


With the Kuat Drive Yards now under their control, the Rebels have doubled their fleet and is becoming much more challenging for the Empire. However, due to lack of resources and financial troubles, the Rebels are not able to produce as many ships as the Imperials. However, they have won back several key planets and are establishing bases on them.
One certain base is haveing many problems: Imperial raids, earthquakes. The timing of these strikes are presicly when the base is operating something important. Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and Colonel Wedge Antilles have been dispatched to find out what is going wrong.......

so, how do you like it?

Diego Varen
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Good introduction. I suppose this is set after the first Galactic Conquest. Also when's the first Chapter?

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Wow, very proffesional to say the least. :P Really, very good. When's the first chapter?

Also, I would advice you, I would avoid those Copyright tags if I were you. To get a copyright, you need to go do some formal stuff with suits in big offices. Read up on it, because I feel putting up official copyright tags without owning them is a crime.

But whatever, ignore the old bat! :D :p

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hey, its my story:D so i should protect it against plagiarism right? so an unofficial copyright is on.

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The way in which copyright protection is secured is frequently misunderstood. No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright....Copyright is secured automatically when the work is created, and a work is "created" when it is fixed in a copy or phonorecord for the first time.

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I love the premise of the story btw :)

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hey, thanks, JediAthos. thats very good to know. maybe all the other writers here can put up a nifty little Copyright

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hey, its my story :D so i should protect it against plagiarism right? so an unofficial copyright is on.
Pottsie used my name/character in one of his fics, something I wasn't really thrilled about I might add. But in the end there isn't anything I can really do about it either.

hey, thanks, JediAthos. thats very good to know. maybe all the other writers here can put up a nifty little Copyright
You don't need to for the reasons JediAthos described... so enough about copyrights.

Back on-topic folks. ;)

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*THE* Redhawke posted in my fic?!?

*dies with happiness* :lol:

here's the first chapter, guys. and i forgot to add: this is set 9 years after ROTS

A sleek Lambda class shuttle made its way through the frigid winds of the planet Nelvaan. The cold winds shifted nothing but ice and snow. There were very few colonies on this planet, Obi Wan knew, and they were on the other side of the surface.

“I’ve been here before,” he said. “I was investigating something here that time too.”

He thought about the first time he came on the planet: during the Clone Wars. Anakin had been at his side then. Not the rash Jedi Knight he had become by the Battle of Coruscant, but the serious, intelligent and willing young Padawan. He had done great deeds then too, by freeing the local captives and routing a Separatist base which was consuming the geothermal energy of the planet.

“Really?” said Colonel Wedge Antilles. “When was that?”

“During the Clone Wars,” said Obi Wan, not willing to talk more.

“Oh.” Said Wedge and left it at that. He understood when someone did not want to talk about something and never pressed them.

The shuttle landed in the frigid hangar bays of the not-so-secret Rebel Outpost and the two of them walked out, followed by the pilots of the craft.

“Master Kenobi,” greeted Dodonna. “It has been a long time.”

“A very long time, Admiral,” Obi Wan replied. “I suspect you have something serious going on, to call me out of retirement.”

Dodonna flashed a sad smile.

“Ah well, the course of war prevents true retirement for anybody,” he said. “Come with me, and I will brief you on the happenings of this ice cube.”

Obi Wan, Wedge and Dodonna chuckled lightly and they walked together to the briefing room. However, before they had a chance to get there:


“What in the Galaxy was that?” asked Obi Wan, picking himself from the ice-covered floor.

Dodonna sighed and shook his head and then he yelled:
“Scramble the fighters.”

In accordance, the hangar bays spewed out X-Wings on the double, implying that they were always on standby. The snub fighters started boiling out spikes of lasers, causing the air to crackle with the intense heating-cooling sequence that it suffered. Obi Wan ran up to an observation window and saw:

“TIE Bombers,” he said aloud. “What are they doing here?”

There was no-one to respond. Obi Wan cursed softly and ran into the briefing room. Dodonna and Wedge were quite calmly issuing orders and within 15 minutes, the TIE Bombers had been chased away.

“Welcome to everyday Nelvaan, Obi Wan,” said Dodonna.

Diego Varen
06-18-2006, 09:24 AM
Excellent first Chapter RC. Unlike your first Galactic Conquest, I shall read every Chapter you post. Keep em' coming.

RedHawke: Sorry for using your Name/Character. I was desperate at the time. Next time I'll ask you if I can use the Character RedHawke again.

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thanks, Pottsie, glad you liked it. my exams are getting over tomorrow, so i'll put up a celebration chapter :D

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“Everyday Nelvaan?” Obi Wan said. “You mean this happens everyday?”

“Yes, unfortunately.” Dodonna replied with a sigh “We started this base with the hopes that it would be secret, but it is more widely known now than a Hutt’s backside.”

“Are Bombers always the ones who are dispatched?” Obi Wan asked.

“Yes. I don’t think they really want to destroy the base, but they’re just sending messages occasionally.”

Obi Wan sensed uncertainty.

“You suspect an inside job.” It was not a question.

“Yes,” Dodonna agreed. “They somehow knew you were here, despite the fact that you came in an unmarked shuttle observing comm. silence.”

“Why didn’t you give chase to the Imperials and bombard their base?” Obi Wan asked.

“Because there is no base,” replied Wedge. “A Star Destroyer jumps out of hyperspace from the other side of the planet and dispatches the TIEs. We have made arrangements for a hangar bay to be built hidden in the ice on the far side.”

“What about Anit-Aircraft Guns and Ion Cannons?” Obi Wan suggested.

“All thought of and accounted for,” replied Dodonna. “Including a couple of missile launchers and aerial drones to monitor atmosphere traffic. But they’re still on the way here from different planets, since resources are low.”

“But none of that will ever matter if you don’t catch whoever is leaking information,” said Wedge.

“Do you have any suspects?” Obi Wan asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Dodonna replied. “I’ll send them to you.”

“To me?” Obi Wan asked. “What can I do?”

“You can use your Jedi powers to sense whether or not he is lying.”

Dodonna had thought of everything.

“Okay,” Obi Wan said. “I’ll be in the Hangars.”
************************************************** **********************
Dodonna was certainly specific, by sending only four men to Obi Wan for questioning. The first three had literally oozed ignorance and were innocent. But the last one had taken a shower in fear. Obi Wan asked the same questions to him as he had with the other three.

“Do you know anything about the Imperial raids on this base?” Obi Wan asked. The question seemed stupid enough; to an outside person. The effect this question had on the man was like a dam had flooded a valley.

“Uh…um…well…no.” He said.

“Liar!” Obi Wan thought.

“Very well,” he said, with a light smile. “You may go.”

The man, obviously thinking that he was safe, heaved a massive sigh of relief once he left the hangar bays.
************************************************** **********************
“Lieutenant Coren D’Haren, is it?” Dodonna said to the man, who nodded. “Very well.”

He motioned to two troopers and they came forward and bound D’Haren’s hands with electro-binders.

“You will be tried for treason and sentenced to prison for life if you still remain defiant,” he warned D’Haren.

“Okay, I’ll tell you something.” D’Haren said.

He strained and the binders around his wrists strained to maintain the electro-lock, but they popped. D’Haren then pulled up his left pant leg, grabbing a silver polished tube attached to his leg with a strap.

“Lightsaber!” Obi Wan thought and drew his own, but D’Haren had already ignited his, which illuminated his face with and evil red glow. He stabbed it backwards to his right and impaled the trooper there, then twisted and swung the saber, beheading the other trooper. He was going to kill Dodonna too, but Obi Wan used the Force to yank the Rebel Admiral off his feet backwards. Obi Wan’s blue blade snap-hissed to life and the Jedi jumped high with his lightsaber in front of D’Haren. The Dark Jedi responded with a rally of incredibly fast cuts. Obi Wan blocked all of them and launched a few feints and cuts of his own. D’Haren fought back for a few minutes, then jumped away from Obi Wan in a back flip, landing 8 meters away. He then slapped his wrist console, activating what loked like a signal transponer, then turned and ran like he had never done so before. Obi Wan used the Force to drive energy into his legs and speed to his body. He gave chase to the Dark Jedi until they reached the hangar, where a new ship lay: a TIE Fighter. D’Haren jumped into the cockpit and almost immediately, the ion engines sparked to life. The TIE turned in a 180 degree turn to face the entrance of the Hangar, then opened the its throttle wide.
The ion efflux scrambled the power grid and the base lost power as the fuses shorted out and Obi Wan stood there, his static-charged hair standing up on end. That was a Dark Jedi! Most probably trained by Vader.
Obi Wan shook his head and switched off his saber. He returned and found Dodonna in the briefing room, trying to get more information on this D’Haren character.
************************************************** **********************
“So you say there is a Jedi Master there?”

“Yes, Lord Vader,” replied the man.

Vader turned to face D’Haren. “You have done well, D’Haren,” he said. “Thanks to you, we now know about the Rebels’ plans and can meet them with those of our own.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” D’Haren replied. He considered something else but wasn’t sure of whether or not he should say it. He decided to take a chance.

“If I may, Lord Vader, I would very much like to be your apprentice.”

Vader remained silent, his faceless obsidian mask glaring at D’Haren, almost as if it was conveying the message of Vader’s feelings to him.

“Yes, you would,” Vader said. “But that choice remains in the hands of the Emperor. When he deems you worthy, he will reward you adequately. For now, I am promoting you to the rank of Supreme Allied Commander for Intelligence.”

“Thank you very much, my Lord,” replied D’Haren, meaning each and every word.

“You are dismissed,” Vader said and turned.
************************************************** **********************
“I thought you could sense a Dark Jedi before you see him,” Dodonna said, his tone more surprised than accusing.

“The Dark Side of the Force is more profound than before, Admiral,” Obi Wan replied wearily. “And he seemed to be genuinely afraid, so I naturally didn’t delve deeper.” He shook his head. “That is always my downfall.”

“Well, we don’t have time to brood now,” Dodonna said. “I sent a report to Mon Mothma and she requires us to transfer bases and shift to Dantooine.

Diego Varen
06-20-2006, 12:53 PM
Good Chapter RC.

Renegade Puma
06-28-2006, 08:53 AM
Great stuff so far RC! Can't wait to read more.

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Obi Wan walked around the grassy plain designated to be the new Rebel base. He hated to be on the run like this. How he wished he could just walk up to Vader and make him see the light, but the death of his wife had a deep and profound effect on him. It would take someone very close to him to bring him back. He wondered what would have happened had Anakin never gone to the Chancellor’s office as Mace Windu battled it out with Palpatine. Would the Sith Lord have been killed and peace restored? Or would Mace have been defeated, causing Anakin to be killed by the execution of Order 66?

Obi Wan never had time to answer this question as he tripped and fell flat on his face over a piece of rubble. As he sat up and spat some of the grass out of his mouth, the sight of a desolate ruin ahead of him. He got to his feet and brushed his robes as he continued to stare at the ruin. The place gave off an intense Force-aura, now that he was aware of it. He wondered how he missed it when he was walking along brooding about the past.

Then he realized. Obi Wan groaned. All the lecturing he had done to the younger children and especially about emotions: all forgotten in one moment. He had allowed his deep friendship with Anakin to cloud his judgment, his perception of reality, his senses. Now it became clear: Anakin’s fall was partly his fault. He was never a good enough teacher for Anakin. He did not practice what he preached, but merely spouted the usual stuff to seem like a great and revered Jedi Master. Obi Wan scowled and kicked a nearby piece of rubble. This was no better, because now he had a pain in his foot as well.

[No, Obi Wan,] came a deep voice. A voice he had heard so long ago. A voice that had willingly defied the Council so many times. That voice, once silenced by the Sith, was now speaking again. [Anakin’s fall is nobody’s fault but his own.]

Qui Gon. He was here.

“But I was his Master, Qui Gon,” Obi Wan said aloud, to the great Force spectrum emanating from the ruin. “I was his guidance.”

[He was a young man with a frightful past, and a murdered mother,] Qui Gon said. [His anger at his mother’s killers consumed him on Tatooine. Given time, he can be redeemed.]

“I tried, Qui Gon. I tried. He is not willing to listen.” Obi Wan said and immediately realized his mistake.

The air ahead of him shimmered and Qui Gon appeared. He wasn’t totally there, but he was there through the Force. He wasn’t flesh and blood, but was the Force.

“You tried, Obi Wan. That is why he was not willing to listen.” Qui Gon said. “There is never any try.”

Obi Wan nodded soberly and glanced at the ruin again.

“Do you know what this is, Qui Gon?” he asked.

Qui Gon turned to take a clear look of the place.

“This was the ancient enclave of the Jedi over 4000 years ago.” Qui Gon said, walking over to it, not disturbing the grass as much as a normal person would.

“4000 years ago?!” Obi Wan asked incredulously. How is it not resting as dust on the plains?”

“The Force is strong here, Obi Wan,” Qui Gon said simply, reaching what seemed like the entrance of the ruined enclave. “It has been preserved.”

“Not very well, I must say,” came a voice behind them.

Qui Gon and Obi Wan whirled around, to find another being in the Force, standing there like Qui Gon was now. Obi Wan glanced curiously at Qui Gon, who did not seen perturbed by the fact that there was another Force-apparition in front of him.

“Who are you?” Obi Wan asked the apparition. “Are you a Jedi Master?”

“Obviously I am, Obi Wan,” he said. Obi Wan didn’t ask him about how he knew his name, instead, he waited for the answer to his question.

The Jedi took a few steps closer and came up to them.

“I am Revan,” the Jedi said. “And I have experienced the Dark Side first hand.”

Obi Wan was instantly on his guard, his hand creeping for his lightsaber although he knew it wouldn’t help him against the Force itself.

“You're a Dark Jedi?” Obi Wan asked.

“Of course not!” Revan retorted. “I was the Dark Lord of the Sith of my era for quite some time, though.”

“But you were redeemed?” asked Obi Wan.

“Yes, but it took the entire Jedi Council to wipe my mind with the Force. Although I did get my true identity back after sometime, I did not fall back to the Dark Side.”

Obi Wan relaxed and sighed softly.

“We don’t have a Jedi Council to wipe Anakin’s mind, and I don’t think anyone was any worse than he is now.”

At this, Revan snorted. “Had you been there during my time, you would have thought differently,” he said.

“That isn’t the point,” Obi Wan snapped back. “The thing is it’s going to be very difficult to turn him back.”

“No it’s not,” said Revan calmly. “All you need is faith in the Force and trust in him. Everyone has a bit of light and dark in them. All you need to do is pull out the light; flip the switch activate the inner porta-lamp in him.” He smiled.

“I’ll t-” Obi Wan began, but broke off, not willing to make the same mistake twice. “I will,” he said.

“Good,” said Qui Gon, who was watching the exchange quietly. “Now could you tell us something about this place?”

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sorry im a bit late, but i was enjoying, exams over and school's out :D
hope you like it, it has a good link to KotOR now

Diego Varen
06-29-2006, 11:27 AM
I agree. I like the link to KOTOR. It was also nice to see Qui-Gon too as he was my favourite Character in TPM. Revan was also great to see as well. Keep it up RC! I think this was better than the first. I didn't seem interested when I first saw the first Galactic Conquest.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, looking foward to the next Chapter.

PS. Also thanks for the Sig you made for me. Just one problem. There seems to be a white line on the left hand side of the Sig. If you have any spare time (Now you're on holiday), edit it and put a black line on it? Thanks again.

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thanks pottsie, and ill PM you the new sig, i had a little screen confusion in paint when i was editing the sig.

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Great chapters RC. I enjoyed reading them.

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Obi Wan sat in the newly established universal quarters of the Dantooine base as he read the ancient Jedi Holocrons he had retrieved with Revan’s help. They shed a lot of light on the happenings in the Old Republic as well as several different aspects of the Force. With the Holocrons and Revan’s guidance, Obi Wan had learnt how to heal instantly, be it himself or others, without having to go into a Healing Trance. He had also found out the specific frequencies he was supposed to tune his lightsaber to cleave Cortosis, at least partially and without causing an overload in the saber’s electronics. Revan personally taught him to speak telepathically with anyone, enabling a hidden conversation with Qui Gon, Revan or anyone else he deemed necessary to speak with covertly. He was going through the various abundant lightsaber crystals that were present at the time and where to easily find them, when Dodonna came up to him.

“Forgive the intrusion, Obi Wan,” he said, and waited till Obi Wan looked up from the Holocron. “We’ve received intelligence of an Imperial base on Corellia; apparently, they’re using up the metallic resources of the planet very quickly and shipping them to two offworld locations. Since Corellia has a significant strategic importance, being on the edge of the Inner Rim, I would suggest we send a team of Commandos to infiltrate the base and try to destabilize it.”

Obi Wan heard the unspoken request.

“You want me to accompany them,” he said.

Dodonna rolled his eyes. “Yes, if it’s not too much trouble. We could use secrecy and stealth to our best advantage, and your Jedi Mind Tricks can come in handy for the Squad.”

Obi Wan glanced down at the Holocron again.

“I hope I'm not inconveniencing you,” Dodonna added.

Obi Wan jerked his eyes back up. “Not at all,” he said. “In fact, Corellia is said to be the only place to acquire an Opila crystal naturally.”

Dodonna nodded. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he said. “I suggest you be ready to leave within half an hour.”

Obi Wan nodded to Dodonna and went to his quarters to get ready.
************************************************** **********************
Although the planet was under Imperial control, it was still very calm, peaceful and passive. Obi Wan took a deep breath of the clear Corellian air; no chance of getting this on Coruscant, or Tatooine. He was dressed in civilian garb as were the other members of his squad. To minimize suspicion, the group was nicknamed ‘Stealth’, mainly for use in comm. chatter. He was making his way to the rendezvous set by Dodonna. As he looked around, he felt a brief flash of a Force wave. Overcome by curiosity, he made his way to the source of the feeling and came across a well hidden cave. It was well lit by phosphorescent lichens on the walls and ceiling. As he went in deeper, he could also see several mineral formations up ahead. He increased his pace and came up to the nearest formation and felt the force seep out of it subtly. Upon close examination, he realized that they were crystals: lightsaber compatible ones too, at that. And they were not set fully into the ground, like some on Ilum. Therefore, the crystals needed no faceting or polishing. He picked up a few glowing crystals, exuberating blue and green light, and pocketed them. He was about to leave, fearing that he was late, when he caught sight of a different type of crystal in a nearby formation. He picked it up and looked at it in his palm. It was perfectly spherical and had a purplish-translucent look to it. He smiled as he pocketed the Opila crystal he had just discovered.
************************************************** **********************
“Where were you?” Wedge Antilles asked Obi Wan. “We thought you lost your way.”

“Ah, but a Jedi never loses his way,” Obi Wan said with a smile. “I just stopped to see the sights.

Wedge rolled his eyes and motioned with his thumb.

“Well,” he said. “Its dusk and we can begin our advance into the Imperial stronghold quietly. And be as quiet as you can, because you don’t want to get captured.”

“Why not?” Obi Wan asked casually as they made their way to the unguarded section of the fence.

“I'm not stopping you,” Wedge replied, as he made an analysis of the data his squad mate had given him and located the access panel set in the fence, meant to be a rear entrance. “But if you want to get captured and sliced up by Vader, go ahead. This is an Imperial controlled planet, after all.”

Obi Wan watched as Wedge sliced the lock with help from his companion. He was about to congratulate Wedge on successfully getting past it when a trio of Stormtroopers came up to them.

“Hey, civilians, get away from there!” one of them shouted as he bought up his blaster. Obi Wan reached out with the Force to touch their minds and spoke through the fence.

“We are friends and mean you no harm,” he said clearly.

“Yes…you are…friends,” the lead trooper replied.

“You want to change your uniform and go for a day off in the city.” Obi Wan instructed.

“Want to…take day off,” the troopers mumbled. They removed their armor and bodysuits to reveal their civilian clothing that they had on underneath and dropped them near the entrance of the base. Then the three of them, seemingly oblivious to the Rebel taskforce, walked out of the fence door and into the evening horizon, talking as if nothing had happened.

“Weak minded simpletons,” Obi Wan commented as the three of them made their way inside to the entrance door. He told Wedge and his partner to don the Stormtrooper armor and did the same himself. Once all three of them were properly dressed and their service numbers noted, they entered the base door. As they made their way through the well populated corridors, Obi Wan mentally heaved a sigh of relief that they had worn the Armor, otherwise the three of them would have been smoking piles of flesh the moment they entered the base. As he came up to the elevator, however, another Stormtrooper came up to him. This one was clearly a Sergeant, judging by the orange epaulet he wore on his right shoulder.

“You there,” he said, pointing at Obi Wan. “Service number.” He demanded.

“DT Six-Four-Nine, sir,” Obi Wan replied, his voice sounding like any other Stormtrooper’s.

“Very well,” the Sergeant replied. “Get up to the information databanks. They have a little problem and need you to sort it out.”

“Pardon me, Sergeant,” Obi Wan said, carefully choosing his words. “But, why me?”

The Stormtrooper tilted his head to the side, clearly in confusion and suspicion.

“Aren't you the Technical Supervisor of Section 17-Alpha?” he asked.

Obi Wan could have kicked himself.

“Of course,” he replied. “I'm sorry, but I didn’t realize you meant technical difficulties.”

The Stormtrooper nodded. “Fair enough,” he said. “Just get up there quickly.”

Obi Wan saluted and the other two followed suit.

“Right away, Sergeant.”

He motioned and the three of them entered the elevator and asked for the Information level.

07-01-2006, 10:41 AM
right, that was my longest chapter yet: 1205 words, so i expect it will be a good read.

07-01-2006, 11:10 AM
That it was. Great chapter. I liked how you threw in a clone squad in there.

Diego Varen
07-01-2006, 12:40 PM
I liked that Chapter. I suppose that "healing instantly trick" was Master Heal from KOTOR. Looking foward to more.

07-01-2006, 01:48 PM
@ Niner, its not a Clone squad, sorry to disappoint you. :) just a normal person squad. but be prepared for some Force-badassness

07-01-2006, 07:49 PM
Fierfek! lol. That's cool, too. I guess I didn't catch that. Well at least you have a squad in there.

07-04-2006, 12:13 PM
“DT Six-Four-Nine, sir,” Obi Wan introduced himself to the gray-uniformed Imperial Officer in front of the console. “You requested help?”

“Yes,” the Officer replied irritably. “Get this thing working, it seems to have stuck.”

Obi Wan came forward and slung the blaster rifle over his shoulder via its straps. He examined the console screen for about 5 seconds, then snorted. The Officer looked at him curiously. Obi Wan pressed the stand-by and reboot keys of the console successively and it flashed back to life, flickering away to glory.

“Yes, well, um…” the Officer said, flustered and embarrassed. “Not everyone is a computer technician, you know? Thank you for your assistance.”

Obi Wan was glad that his face was masked, as he was grinning broadly underneath the helmet.

“No problem,” he said. “I’m here if you need further help.”

He nodded and the three of them went down a long corridor and stopped midway to check their bearings. As Wedge brought up the floor plan of the building from the datapad he had obtained among the other Stormtrooper equipment, Obi Wan felt another surge in the Force. This one was different from what he had felt from the crystal cave earlier. This was sent out by a sentient being. His face mirrored his confusion. The person from who the surge had emanated was clearly Force-sensitive, given the strength of that feeling. It seemed to have a tinge of…annoyance? Obi Wan stretched out and located the source: two floors below him and in a room seven meters to his right.

“We came to the right place alright,” Wedge remarked. “The information banks are the right place to explore to find out what these Imps are doing with the metal ores.”

“What are there two floors beneath us?” Obi Wan asked.

Wedge consulted his map and looked up, confused.

“The Detention Area.” He said. “Why?”

“We may have to make a quick stop there later on,” Obi Wan said.

“Someone we know captured?” Wedge asked as they made their way to the encrypted information console a few meters ahead.

“Someone, yes,” Obi Wan replied. “Who, I don’t know.”

Wedge’s companion, name Rick Kinsley, got to work with the console, typing in override codes and access codes taken from the datapad. Five minutes of hard work came to an end when another Imperial officer saw them and came up to them.

“What the heck are you doing?” he asked them. “This is not for public use.”

“I’m DT Six-Four-Nine, sir,” Obi Wan said quickly. “Technical Supervisor of Section 17-Alpha. We are doing a checkup of the resource exports.”

“Checkup?” the Officer asked. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

“It was a recent directive sent only to the Technical Supervisors of particular sectors, sir,” Obi Wan replied.

“Very well,” the Officer said uncertainly. “Carry on.”

After he had left, Obi Wan turned to Rick.

“Get going, if that Officer has the common sense to make an assurance check, we’re finished.”

“I tried all I can,” Rick replied. “The main aim of the mineral exports is given in a cryptic manner here.”

“Cryptic?” Wedge echoed. “You mean it’s encoded?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Rick replied. “It says the metal is being used for flight and to facilitate a ‘big project’.”

“The metal is being used for ‘flight’?” Wedge said, perplexed.

“They probably mean TIE Fighters,” Obi Wan concluded after a few minutes of thought.

He produced a small data card from his pack.

“Download the information into this,” he instructed Rick. “We can’t stand here all day. We’ll take a look on the move.”

Rick nodded and proceeded to download all the information into the data card. As he did so, he asked Obi Wan,

“So what do they mean by a ‘big project’? A Star Destroyer maybe?”

“Perhaps,” Obi Wan replied. “But the main thing is that we have got to stop these exploitations ASAP.”

The download was complete, and even though Rick had an afterthought to conduct a search on ‘large scale construction’, they got nothing more. The three of them started walking off, Obi Wan observing the schematics of the building and all the weaknesses.

“It seems that the only way to shut down this place is to do so permanently.” Obi Wan remarked.

“You mean we have to destroy it?” Rick asked.

“By somehow destabilizing the power plant levels, yes,” Obi Wan replied.

“Then lead on,” Wedge replied. “A thermal detonator in the place and we’re home free.”

The trio, having agreed on the new plan of action, made their way back to the elevators they came from and dropped further into the ground by another 5 levels.

Diego Varen
07-04-2006, 12:31 PM
Good Chapter RC. Can't wait for the next Chapter.

07-04-2006, 04:10 PM
thanks, Pottsie.
any more comments? id really appreciate them.

07-04-2006, 04:22 PM
I didn't read the whole thing, but still here's my opinion:
You have great writing skills, but I see one problem - your story can't fit into the storyline we've already seen in the two trilogies. I'm guessing this is happening before Episode IV A New Hope, but it doesn't fit in because as far as we know Obi-Wan spent all those years between episodes III and IV on Tatooine, watching over Luke.

Diego Varen
07-04-2006, 04:32 PM
Hey he should be able to help the Rebel Alliance when he wants to.

07-05-2006, 04:01 AM
I didn't read the whole thing, but still here's my opinion:
You have great writing skills, but I see one problem - your story can't fit into the storyline we've already seen in the two trilogies. I'm guessing this is happening before Episode IV A New Hope, but it doesn't fit in because as far as we know Obi-Wan spent all those years between episodes III and IV on Tatooine, watching over Luke.

thanks for replying igyman,
as an explaination, i wont spoil anything, but this is only the second installment of the trilogy series. the third remains with ample time for Obi Wan to
go back

hope that clears it up. you'll understand more when you see the end of the third fic. :)
thanks again!

07-05-2006, 01:58 PM
NP, looking forward to seeing (reading) more.

07-06-2006, 01:18 PM
Wow, finsihed reading through this and I must say, it is a rather enjoyable read and a perfect sequel to RotE. Keep up the good work, bhai!

07-06-2006, 01:44 PM
dhanyavaad, bhai :D
Translation: (for the non-hindi speakers) Thanks, brother.
the next chapter is being worked on. i'll put it up maybe tomorrow.

EDIT: make that today :D

07-06-2006, 04:13 PM
They exited the elevator and came to a code-and-card-locked door. Rick stepped forward.

“On it,” he reported as he worked. He inserted a computer spike into the key slot and began typing in access codes. Five minutes later,
“Done,” he said, and the door opened; flooding them over with heat.

“Phew,” said Wedge as they walked in. “Pretty hot down here, don’t you think?”

The three of them adjusted the cooling units of their armor and walked ahead, trying to locate the best spot to conceal the detonator.

“Here,” Rick said, pointing underneath a dome-based cylindrical fusion chamber. “Best place to stick a thermal in.”

Obi Wan scrutinized it for a moment, then nodded. He produced a thermal detonator and keyed it from its default setting of 5 minutes to 10 minutes. He then placed it into a self-sealing flimsiplast punch and activated the seal. All the air was sucked out and the flimsiplast stuck itself to the detonator’s metallic skin.

“Umm, Obi Wan,” began Wedge. “You do know that the heat will cause that flimsiplast to melt within minutes.”

“Five, actually,” said Obi Wan. “That’s why I did it. The flimsiplast will melt and then the switch will be activated on the detonator, giving us a clearance time of 15 minutes to get out of here.”

“Your Force abilities?” asked Rick as they made their way up to the detention level via the elevator. “Or did you just do the math?”

“Both, actually,” Obi Wan replied with a smile.

The elevator stopped and out they came into the Detention Level. Obi Wan followed the Force to the source of the emissions he had felt earlier, which led him to cell number A94G1. He hit the release and the door slid open, revealing a teenage boy, clearly having a pushy and prided nature, in the good sense.

“What do you want?” he asked, and Obi Wan was surprised at the amount of indifference in his tone.

Obi Wan walked in and removed his helmet.

“I’m no Stormtrooper,” he said, a little Force added for good measure. “I’m here to free you.”

To his massive surprise, it didn’t work.

“Yeah right,” the boy replied. “And I’m a Jedi Knight.”

“You can be one,” Obi Wan said coolly.

“What?” The boy was at least confused now, and would be willing to listen, even if it was out of curiosity.

“Like I said,” Obi Wan began. “I’m no Stormtrooper, but a Jedi Master. I help the Rebel Alliance and am doing my best to try and destroy this base. I don’t want you to be in it when it goes up.”

“The Jedi were all killed when Darth Vader carried out the Jedi Purge,” the boy replied. “Only an Obi Wan Kenobi has survived.”

Obi Wan smiled.

“No,” the boy said, his eyes widening with astonishment.

“Yes,” Obi Wan replied, still smiling. “I am he.”

“Wow,” the boy said, dumbstruck with awe.

“Let’s go,” Obi Wan said and the two of them exited the cell to join Wedge and Rick waiting outside.

“Who’s the kid?” Rick asked as they moved on.

“I’ll explain later,” said Obi Wan as he replaced his helmet. They came up to the Officer in charge of the Detention Level.

“Where are you going with the detainee?” he demanded.

“Prisoner to be shipped off-planet to Kessel, sir,” Obi Wan said, his voice dripping with the Force. Getting out was imperative now.

“Yes, yes, go ahead.” The officer said distractedly and returned to his work. The four of them got back up to the main level and exited the Base. They had walked about a kilometer when the ground under them trembled. They turned around just in time to see the Imperial base explode in a brilliant fireworks display.

“Well, that takes care of the Imps,” commented Rick. “Now the Rebel Alliance will have no problem converting the Corellian shipyards to their cause.”

Obi Wan turned to the teenager.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Jake Ribbon,” the boy replied. “What exactly did you mean when you said that I could become a Jedi Knight?”

“Pretty straightforward, isn’t he?” commented Wedge.

Obi Wan ignored him as the four made their way to Wedge’s shuttle. As they did so, Obi Wan replied to Jake,
“You have a very strong connection to the Force,” he said. “I can train you, if you like, but it will not be easy.”

“I’ll do my best to learn, Master,” Jake said.

“Good,” replied Obi Wan. “The first thing you need to know, is to learn to trust the Force. If you have a particular strong feeling about something, go ahead with it.”

Jake thought for a while, then nodded to show that he understood.

Just as they reached the top of the boarding ramp, though, Obi Wan and Jake felt a dark ripple in the Force. While Rick and Wedge continued into the ship, Obi Wan and Jake turned in unison; to face Coren D’Haren.

“Leaving so soon?” he said maliciously as he ignited his red blade.

Before Obi Wan could reply, though, Jake said,
“Sorry to disappoint you then,” and suddenly, D’Haren was knocked back as if hit by a giant hand. Jake then slammed his fist against the button that raised and lowered the ramp.

“Get to the air!” Obi Wan shouted and the ship rose obediently and made it’s way to Dantooine to deliver news of their success.

“What did you just do?” Obi Wan asked Jake, perplexed.

“I wanted to somehow distract him. Just about then, I heard an inner voice or something. It didn’t exactly speak to me, but at that moment, pushing at him with all my mind seemed to be a very good decision, so I did. I had no idea it was a Force push or anything.”

“That’s good,” Obi Wan said. “You’ve learnt to trust your instincts and act accordingly. I think you will progress very well in your training.”

They made their way to the cockpit and strapped themselves in for the Hyperspace jump.

07-06-2006, 04:17 PM
it seems i'm writing much more nowadays :D my chapters are ranging at a 1000+ words level :D good for me, and you.

Diego Varen
07-06-2006, 05:20 PM
Good Chapter RC. Obi-Wan as funny as always.

PS. I think your writing has improved.

07-07-2006, 07:45 AM
thanks Pottsie. now that i can type jet fast, i can keep my writing at the same speed at which my thoughts flow out :D.
next chapter will come about Sunday, i presume.

Darth Nexus
07-07-2006, 08:51 AM
very good story RC,
i can see how much you have progressed in your writing

07-07-2006, 09:13 AM
thanks man, all comments appreciated. :)

07-07-2006, 04:44 PM
Interesting chapter, the only thing I didn't like was that Sith's name, it wasn't a classic Sith Lord name, like Darth *something*. As I said before, great writing skills.

Diego Varen
07-07-2006, 05:47 PM
Jake is my first name. Honest. I've only just noticed that now.

07-07-2006, 07:28 PM
You just found out your name was Jake? :p

It's good, but isn't it a little early for the Emperor to have Dark Jedi/Emperor's Hands?

07-07-2006, 08:50 PM
Great chapters, RC. Keep it up. :D

Diego Varen
07-08-2006, 05:02 AM
You just found out your name was Jake? :p

:lol: Hall, I mean that I've just noticed my first name was used in this Fic and usually I don't reveal my name in Forums like this. It is a bit obvious what my surname (second name) is.

Anyway sorry for going off topic, I'm looking foward to more RC.

07-08-2006, 05:20 AM
Interesting chapter, the only thing I didn't like was that Sith's name, it wasn't a classic Sith Lord name, like Darth *something*. As I said before, great writing skills.

Well actually, he is just trained as a Dark Jedi, like Exar Kun. He is not apprenticed to a trained Sith Lord, that's why there's no Darth. :)
thanks, igyman.

isn't it a little early for the Emperor to have Dark Jedi/Emperor's Hands?

i guess so, but what good is a fic featuring a Jedi if there arent any duels? :D and Vader/Obi Wan has been done, right? so there should be a little variation. but i'll make sure this doesnt meddle with the storyline of ANH.
thanks for replying, Hall. just a question: is the grammar ok? :)

Jake is my first name

heh, what are the odds? :D

It is a bit obvious what my surname is

lemme guess...is it Ribbon? :D

Thanks for the comments all! :)

Diego Varen
07-08-2006, 05:43 AM
i guess so, but what got is a fic featuring a Jedi if there arent any duels? and Vader/Obi Wan has been done, right? so there should be a little variation. but i'll make sure this doesnt meddle with the storyline of ANH.

I agree with you RC. Fighting with Vader all the time would eventually get boring. I mean, that is why somebody invented the YV in the EU books (Though I've hardly read any of them).

07-08-2006, 06:05 AM
meh, i would have taken a thosand Vader duels to that crap :xp: the author of Vector Prime did a very vong thing killing Chewie :(
anyway, back on topic: i'll get up a little more wise-old-guys-discussion type chapter up next.

07-10-2006, 07:28 AM
“Strong in the Force, you say,” repeated Qui Gon’s spirit. “What’s his name?”

“Jake Ribbon was what he said.” Obi Wan replied. “Do you think I should train him?”

Just then, the form of Revan appeared and answered Obi Wan’s question.

“Since he knocked down that Dark Jedi without a bit a training, I think we can effectively say that he requires training.”

Obi Wan frowned, he hadn’t told anybody about the meeting with D’Haren.

“How did you know about the Dark Jedi?” he asked.

Revan smiled and simply said, “We are the Force, Obi Wan.”

“How do you think I should proceed?” Obi Wan asked the two Jedi Masters, unwilling to make the same mistakes he had with Anakin’s training. He wanted to make sure that Jake would not be misguided as Anakin had been. He would do his duty as a responsible Jedi Master by not only teaching the right thing, but by employing it too. Someday, he hoped, he would be able to turn his fallen student back to the light, instead of being doomed to darkness forever.

“I think we should get to know more about his inner qualities,” Revan said, and Qui Gon nodded his approval.

“Revan has spoken of a tried and tested way of confirming a Jedi’s instincts in his days, Obi Wan,” Qui Gon said. “You can imply it with young Jake and see what path he chooses.”

Obi Wan made a slight bow and said, “Yes Master.”
************************************************** **********************
Jake had always loved to play with machinery, and hence, when the Captain had made a general call for assistance with his astromech droid, he had practically tripped over himself to volunteer. Now he worked on re-wiring the memory core and power chamber with proper alignment. As he did so, Obi Wan came up behind him silently.

“Hello again, Jake,” he said.

The young teen was so startled; he squeezed the fingers holding the power chamber activation switch as he held the bare wire with the other hand. The resulting shock was enough to dizzy him as well as render his hairstyle as that of a crazed punk rocker.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Jake,” apologized Obi Wan as the former tried to smooth down his hair.

“Nah, that’s okay,” Jake replied. “I thought somebody was coming up behind me, but I was too busy with this.” He waved to the R4 unit that he was working on.

“I just came to tell you that we are ready to begin your training.” Obi Wan said.

“We?” Jake asked, curious. “Are there more Jedi Knights?”

“Well,” Obi Wan began. “Yes and no, young one. You’ll see them in due time.”

Jake nodded but didn’t say anything.

“You can come and meet me at the old ruins to the north when you are ready,” Obi Wan said.

“Okay, I’ll finish this up and be there,” Jake replied.

Obi Wan nodded and returned to the ancient Jedi Enclave as Jake finished up the R4’s circuitry and closed the panels to test it. He activated the droid and held his breath. The droid’s lights flashed for a full 5 seconds, then it beeped its thanks to Jake. The latter grinned and proceeded to take the droid back to its owner.
************************************************** **********************
Jake had never been to Dantooine before and was mystified by the quiet beauty of the planet. The wide open grasslands looked very soothing and exuded a dull peacefulness that caused Jake to want to drop in the tall grass and take a nap. But he kept walking to the ruined buildings far north, led by his curiosity and his excitement at being accepted for Jedi Training.
He made it to the ruins finally and looked around for Obi Wan. As he did so, the figures of Revan and Qui Gon materialized behind him.

“Obi Wan may be found inside, young one,” Revan said kindly.

Jake jumped a meter and whipped around, nerves almost at breaking point. When he saw that they were Force-spirits, he seemed to relax a little.

“You’ve heard of us, have you?” said Qui Gon with a smile and Jake nodded calmly.

“I’ve heard many stories that Jedi are able to return as ghosts to the real world,” he said.

“Well, they aren’t ghosts, per se,” came a voice behind him, and Obi Wan walked up next to him. “They are Force-spirits.”

Jake shrugged and Obi Wan proceeded to introduce them to each other.

“I think we’ll leave you to your training, Obi Wan,” said Qui Gon and Revan nodded. The two of them vanished and Obi Wan took Jake inside.

“Now the first thing we need to do, is determine your class,” Obi Wan said as they sat down on a pair of portable chairs.

“Class? You mean there are different sections in the Order?” Jake asked.

“Not in the Order,” Obi Wan replied. “But different types of Jedi. And we need to understand which class you are most suited to, so I’ll ask you a few questions, you must answer as you feel, don’t take too long to think about it.”

Jake nodded and Obi Wan proceeded to ask him the questions,

“Now then,” he began. “A woman and her child are beset by a group of desperate looking group of thugs. She cries to you for help. What do you do?”

Jake spent half a minute in thought, then replied, “Help them flee.”

Obi Wan nodded and continued, “You are in personal combat with a Sith Lord. There is a pause in your fight. What do you do?”

“Try to find a weakness in his technique.”

“You are the head of an Enclave on a contested world. The Sith and their minions are causing trouble on the planet. What do you do?”

“Hunt them down.”

“Last question: There is a locked door in front of you and your goal lies behind it. What do you do?”

“Try to pick the lock.”

Obi Wan nodded at Jake.

“By the answers you have given, I can successfully determine that you would be most suited as a Jedi Sentinel. A very rare class at that.”

“Thank you, Master,” said Jake. “But why is it a rare class?”

“There are actually three classes in the Jedi Order,” Obi Wan explained. “In recent years, that is to say, fifty to sixty years ago, the Jedi Sentinel class became harder to find. The other two classes, the Jedi Guardian and the Jedi Consular were of the extremes, you could say. Jedi Guardians focus more on combat techniques and fighting with a lightsaber than drawing on the Force. They are the first line of defense against any attack brought about on them. The Jedi Consular class, are exactly the opposite. They prefer to focus more on Force techniques and diplomatic solutions. They resort to a lightsaber only if the need arises, so they focus much lesser on personal combat.”

Jake nodded to say that he had understood up to this point.

“But the Jedi Sentinel class served as a balance between these two extremes,” Obi Wan continued. “They gave equal thought to the lightsaber as well as the Force. However, more Jedi preferred the path of the Jedi Guardian as the Sith began to rise in the old era. The remaining Jedi turned to the path of the Consular to use the Force as a chief means of defense. By the time the Clone Wars had begun, there were only one or two Sentinels in the Jedi Temple.”

“Is the path of the Sentinel difficult?” Jake asked.

“The path of the Jedi itself is difficult,” Obi Wan replied. “But compared to the other classes, yes, the Sentinel class is a difficult one as you are giving practice to your Force abilities as well as your lightsaber.”

Jake nodded.

“That reminds me,” Obi Wan said and took out a small book from his pocket. “You have to build your own lightsaber to be fully accepted as a Jedi Padawan.”

Jake accepted the book and opened it, flipping through the pages carefully.

“Do I have any other tests?” he asked.

“Yes,” Obi Wan replied. “You must memorize the Jedi Code and understand it fully. It is written on the first page of this book. I will give you a full day to learn and understand the code, and you can begin work on your lightsaber as soon as possible.”

“But I don’t have any of the parts required for it,” Jake said, looking through the parts list.

“I’m sure the Rebel engineers will have all you need,” Obi Wan replied as they stood and started making their way back. “Just tell them that I sent you.”

The two of them exited the Enclave and made the hike back to the base.

07-10-2006, 07:31 AM
phew, i'm surpassing my records every now and then :D this chapter was 1461 words, surpassing my 1205 words previous record :D.
hope you like it, there isn't much action, but it's mostly wise-talk and history lessons.

Diego Varen
07-10-2006, 10:48 AM
Good Chapter. Jake reminds me a little bit of Anakin and I don't mind a bit of history. Looking foward to more.

07-10-2006, 01:15 PM
Great chapter, RC. Was Anakin a Sentinel?

Diego Varen
07-10-2006, 02:04 PM
Great chapter, RC. Was Anakin a Sentinel?

I believe he was a Jedi Guardian.

07-10-2006, 02:49 PM
That makes sense.

07-10-2006, 03:33 PM
Great dialogues in this chapter RC, keep it up. I only hope (I just had to find some flaw ;) ) that you haven't introduced Revan only for appearance's sake, I hope he'll have a bigger purpose than just telling history.

07-10-2006, 07:05 PM
he'll guide and teach. that's all i'll say, though i think i've practically explained it here :D
thank you all!

@ Niner: Anakin was a Guardian, i believe. given his blue lightsaber and his ready for action instincts.

07-11-2006, 10:48 AM
“There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.”

Obi Wan listened intently to Jake’s recital of the millennia old Jedi code and nodded in a satisfied way.

“You have learned your studies well, Jake,” Obi Wan said. “But saying the words and understanding them are different altogether. So, answer true or false: An act of the Dark Side is justified if its overall result is one to strengthen the Light.”

Jake thought for a moment, then said, “False.”

“Why?” asked Obi Wan.

“Because an act of the Dark Side is evil, no matter what the end product be. It is not desirable to put oneself at risk by using the easy path of the Dark. Better is to think of a new way to achieve one’s goals.”

Obi Wan smiled and nodded.

“Excellent, Jake.” He congratulated. “You have understood the code fully. Now your last test is to construct your lightsaber. Only then will you be acknowledged as a member of the Jedi Order. What is your progress?”

“Like you said, Master,” Jake replied. “The Rebel engineers did provide me with parts and good tools, and I had memorized the Code in less than an hour, so I worked non-stop for the rest of the day and managed to complete 90% of it.”

“What is remaining?” Obi Wan asked.

“Apparently, a color crystal, two power crystals, tuning of the photoharmonics and encasing the circuitry in an outer shell. I’ve begun work on the shell, but I have no idea where to get a lightsaber crystal. Maybe I should make a synth-crystal?”

“No need, Jake,” said Obi Wan. He got up from the chair and walked to the chest of drawers in the corner of his quarters. He rummaged around in a small velvet bag and produced three crystals.

“Here are your crystals,” Obi Wan said. “How much time do you expect to take to finish it?”

“About two hours, Master,” the young boy replied.

“Fair enough,” said Obi Wan. “You can finish it up now and I’ll teach you some sparring after you’re done.”

Jake nodded and went to his room to finish up the lightsaber.

Obi Wan rose to leave the base. He was in the hangars when Dodonna came up to him.

“Obi Wan, feel like doing a mission, saving the Galaxy today?” he said half-jokingly. “It must be all in a day’s work for you.”

Obi Wan smiled.

“What is our target?”

“We have two, actually.” Dodonna said. “We need you to go on a diplomatic mission to Corellia to smooth down the rough edges.”

“What else?” Obi Wan asked.

“We’re sending a section of our fleet to Corellia. Local settlements have reported a sudden decrease in surface temperature and satellite recon scans show that the Imperials are harnessing the geothermal energy to power a factory of some type. Neutralizing it will be a key victory for the Rebel Alliance.”

“Who are you assigning for that?” Obi Wan asked.

“You can join the fray as soon as you are done on Corellia,” Dodonna replied. “But until then, we’re sending the best of our pilots because intelligence suggests that it may be a TIE Fighter plant.”

Obi Wan nodded and thought for a moment.

“Can you take an additional person along?” he asked.

“Depends,” Dodonna replied uncertainly. “Who have you got in mind?”

“Jake Ribbon,” Obi Wan said.

“You mean that young kid?” Dodonna asked incredulously. “You’re dooming and innocent teenager to death, Obi Wan!” he said.

“He’s no ordinary boy,” Obi Wan replied calmly. “Give him a fighter craft of his own and he’ll do the rest.”

“I won’t argue with a Jedi,” Dodonna said. “But please note that his death lies on your hands.”

“Agreed, Admiral,” Obi Wan said. “Provided there is one.”

Dodonna smiled weakly at that.

“We leave at 1800 hours.” He said, followed by a nod and him retreating to the Command Room.

07-11-2006, 10:51 AM
ok, that was a comparatively small chapter, but its a preparation for a couple of looong ones :D so worry not!

07-11-2006, 01:23 PM
Yes, here's your biggest criticizer, me( :) ), once again to comment on your latest work.

Let's begin. The latest chapter, as those before, shows your great writing skills, but unfortunately (don't be angry, I'm just trying to be constructive) lack of ideas. You've practically copy/pasted a dialogue from KoTOR, the one at the beginning, about the Jedi Code and about understanding it. The rest of the chapter is nicely done, but you should definitely avoid that kind of copy/pasting in the future. Try to be more original, after all it's your story, not a copy of somebody else's. :)

07-11-2006, 01:42 PM
thanks, igyman, and no, i'm not angry at all. i like a person who had constructive criticism rather than a person who closes his eyes and says "GOOD!" :D not that im saying that anyone is like that :)

as an explaination for the Code bit: the code would remain same, that much is obvious, so i couldn't do much about that, but if you'll notice the question after the code was said by Jake, you'll see that Obi Wan makes sure that Jake has understood the code. whereas in KotOR, the Jedi don't do this at all, they just close their eyes and say "GOOD!" :D
but in the sith academy, Uthar makes sure that you've understood it. and asks the PC a question similar to Obi Wan's. Obi Wan's question was thought up by me, so the only word-to-word copying is the code itself :)
anyway, you did take the time and give me feedback, and i'm very grateful. :)

any more please? :)

07-11-2006, 01:51 PM
No problem, you'll have the chance to return the favour, since I've decided to try to write a fanfic of my own, I'm currently writing chapter five and in a day or two, I'll start posting.

07-11-2006, 02:37 PM
looking forward to it. is there HK in it? :D

07-11-2006, 02:47 PM
Not yet, but who knows, if I can somehow put him to use in my story, I most certainly will.

Diego Varen
07-11-2006, 03:31 PM
Good Chapter, though it was quiet short. Also igyman, the Code needs to be learnt, otherwise how can he be a Jedi?

Anyway I'm looking foward to your Fic igyman (Which I'll read, if you can read mine, which are located in my Sig) and RC, I'm looking foward to the next Chapter.

Jae Onasi
07-12-2006, 12:00 AM
Pretty good, RC.
There were a couple of things that threw me off a bit. One was mentioning the hair that looked like 'a punk rocker's' Do they have punk rock in the SW universe? Personally, I hope not. :) The other thing I noticed was that Obi-wan didn't talk to Jake more before offering the training. I think he'd be more cautious and want to know the boy better before he took on another apprentice.
Obi-wan's failing in training wasn't because he told Anakin to do something that he wouldn't do himself. I think it was because he didn't deal with Anakin's strong feelings and pride.
I like a lot of the one-liners, and the Force spirits of Qui-Gon (one of my favs) and Revan are really cool. You have a good start on describing battle scenes, too. The story is interesting, and it'll be intriguing to see how Jake turns out.

07-12-2006, 05:04 AM
thanks a million, Jae :)
you are officially awarded 50+ cool points, and not just any! check your fic to find out :D

actually, Obi Wan sensed a lot of Force potential in Jake, thats why he took him for training. he will get to know the boy more as the fic progresses. like in TPM, Obi Wan took on Anakin for training even though he barely knew the boy, and by AotC, they were best friends. so these kind of things take time ;) thanks for replying, Jae. :)

and the punk rocker thing: while they might not be called the same thing, i noticed several guys with this hairstyle in the cantina that Anakin and Obi Wan go to in the beginning of AotC. ;)

07-12-2006, 09:57 AM
^I think that I remember them too.

Anyways, great chapter. It was very enjoyable to read. However, since everyone else made some point, I dug a little deeper to find this:

“We have two, actually.” Dodonna said. “We need you to go on a diplomatic mission to Corellia to smooth down the rough edges.”

“What else?” Obi Wan asked.

“We’re sending a section of our fleet to Rhen Var. Local settlements have reported a sudden decrease in surface temperature and satellite recon scans show that the Imperials are harnessing the geothermal energy to power a factory of some type. Neutralizing it will be a key victory for the Rebel Alliance.”

“Who are you assigning for that?” Obi Wan asked.

“You can join the fray as soon as you are done on Rhen Var,” Dodonna replied. “But until then, we’re sending the best of our pilots because intelligence suggests that it may be a TIE Fighter plant.”

I'm not sure about this, but when it says "'You can join the fray as soon as you are done on Rhen Var," should it be 'as soon as you are done on Corellia?'

07-12-2006, 12:04 PM
oh yeah! i was just thinking too fast, thanks, Niner. i'll correct that now

07-13-2006, 11:09 AM
“And this is the air-brake,” the starfighter Technician said, continuing his long ramble for what felt to Jake like 10 minutes. “In atmospheric combat, deploying it will cause flaps to open to slow your speed. In space, there will be retro rockets firing from several points in and around the nose cone.
“This is the throttle, pull up to-“

“Rise,” interrupted Jake. He had just about had it with this guy. “And push it down to descend, pull it left to roll left and pull it right to roll right.
“Push this button,” Jake indicated the laser cannon trigger set into the throttle, “to fire the cannons and push this button to fire the torpedoes.” Jake indicated another button set into the panel.

“Yes, umm…” the tech began, flustered. “It appears you know what to do, so I’ll leave you to it.”

‘Yes, please do,’ thought Jake with relief. He had read extensively about the Incom T-65 X-Wings while he was home on Corellia with his parents as a pastime.

His parents.

‘No,’ thought Jake, pushing the thought of the pair into the back of his head. He didn’t want to think about them now. “I've got to focus,” he said aloud and took a deep breath. When he let it out, he had calmed down a lot.

“Green Squadron, report in,” commanded a voice from his comm. unit. The unit numbers rose one by one, reported in by different voices, all touched with a hint of fear, gushing with confidence, and overflowing with cockiness. It seemed to be a trait in all fighter pilots, Jake thought. Finally, it was his turn,

“Green Nine, standing by,” he reported. The numbers rose up to twelve, then stopped.

Green Leader, a somewhat young man, commanded them to start their engines and wait for Dodonna’s signal. Green Lead was the type of person who Jake admired just because of his ability to lead. He seemed to know his work and was very patient in explaining to Jake the battle plans and some useful tactics to employ in the upcoming battle.

The X-Wing pilots in the hangar started their engines one by one, raising the noise to a deafening level that caused the non-essential personnel to retreat behind a sound-proof barrier and the technical staff to wear a muffler headpiece to block the brunt of the sound. At 190 decibels, the noise could only be reduced, not completely blocked. Still, the techs were happy with something on rather than nothing. Even Jake began to feel uneasy as the noise increased and vibrated its way through his helmet and into his eardrums, which were pounding away for dear life. He flipped a switch and the canopy hinged shut and Jake smiled quietly at the silence that greeted him.

Green Squadron’s twelve ships revved their engines in one of the many hangars on board the Relief. The fleet was comprised of several capital ships with the Relief leading the pack. They were about 300 klicks away from the ice covered planet of Rhen Var and the fleet was temporarily stationary, waiting for Dodonna’s signal to attack.

It came soon enough, though Jake thought that all his fuel must have gone just sitting there.

“All fighter Squadrons, move out!” Dodonna’s voice ordered through the comm.

“You heard the man,” said Green Leader and the X-Wings in the hargar slowly rose and exited the Hangar, making their way towards the icy planet of Rhen Var.

“All units form up,” ordered Green Lead and Jake nudged his ship into position. They made it into the atmosphere without incident, but that was when the fun started.

“Marks on your 10, Green Lead,” warned the Leader of Blue Squad. “Heads up.”

“Copy, Blue Lead. Green Squad, engage!”

The twelve ships peeled of from the main formation and began firing indiscriminately at the incoming TIE Fighters. But at around 5 kilometers between them, neither group was causing any damage to the other. However the other ships also began to face resistance by TIEs and the comm. was filled with war cries and warnings.

“Blue Ten, marks coming in at four!”

“I got them, they’re going down.”

“I’m hit!”

“Red Three, patch the leak and return to base.”

“I’m going down! Aaargh!”

“Gold Lead, marks on your nine!”

“Got them, thanks.”

“Green Nine, duet on your six! Move it!”

By this time, even Green Squadron had reached the group of TIEs and the air was filled with TIEs and X-Wings flying and juking here and there, Blasting each other out of the sky. It took a second for Jake to realize that the last warning was aimed at him. He deployed his rear scanner and sure enough, there were two TIEs on his tail.

“I copy, thanks.” He said through his comm, then opened his throttle wide. The TIEs did the same to match his speed and began firing at him. No matter what Jake did, he couldn’t shake them. He was twisting around and trying to figure out a plan when something he had once seen in a holovid hit him. He took a deep breath to calm himself, then let it out.
Jake flipped a switch and killed his engines, but at the speed he was traveling, it didn’t matter because his inertia kept him going. He rolled his craft to the left and pulled the control stick. With the completion of this, he was now flying backwards, facing the still-firing TIEs. He now had a clear line of fire, but his engines had to be on to use the cannons. He pushed another button to deploy the air-brake, but overrode the flaps to give him retro-rocket thrust. The retros in his nose cone fired and the X-Wing flew on backwards. Jake let the Force guide his hand and pulled the trigger. Deadly bolts of red laser speared the oncoming TIEs and they exploded. Jake’s first ever kills in real time combat. He disengaged the retro-rockets and brought the main engines back online. In two minutes, he was shooting TIEs by the handful.

“Green Squad, break off and follow me,” commanded Green Leader.

The comm. was filled with acknowledgements and the available ships of Green Squadron formed up behind their leader. They flew away from the intense dogfight but toward what, Jake did not know. They had flown only for a few minutes when a spiked black sphere dropped from above in the sky.

“Heads up,” warned Green Lead, but he did not know what it really was.

Jake felt something in the Force, something that didn’t feel right. The sphere was still a couple of meters above them when his eyes widened in shock at the realization.

“Break off!” he yelled into the comm, putting his X-Wing into a steep climb. The sphere was now amongst the rest of Green Squadron and its proximity sensors went off. The mine exploded, wiping out the whole of Green Squadron, except for Jake, who was now concentrating on righting his starfighter from the buffeting he had received by the shock waves of the explosion.

“All fighter groups, this is Green Nine,” Jake said into the comm. “Keep an eye out for proximity mines dropping from over head. Green Squadron had been wiped out.”

“Copy that, Green Nine,” replied Red Leader. “You can join Red Squad for the rest of the fight, head back.”

“On my way, sir,” Jake replied and headed back to the dogfight.

Jake wondered what was it that caused Green Leader to break off the attack and head for another objective. He searched his memory and didn’t remember hearing any order given by the Base. He was so stunned by the loss of his Squad mates and partners, that he failed to hear the quiet nudges of the Force that were telling him to look behind him.

Deadly lances of green energy raked Jake’s starfighter and two of his engines exploded. The other two flamed out and the X-Wing began to lose altitude. The two TIE fighters that had shot him followed in the wake of the craft, probably to make sure that Jake crashed, he thought.
Jake frantically tried to bring the engines back online, but they did not respond. Jake slammed a fist on the console and shouted at his R2 unit.

“R2, get those engines working again!”

He deployed both the airbrake flaps as well as the retro rockets. The flaps strained against the icy wind resistance and creaked threateningly but along with the retros, they slowed his descent somewhat. The R2 unit in the back of Jake’s fighter whistled non-stop as it worked on the remaining two engines of Jake’s fighter. It beeped at him to try again.

Jake flipped the switch and received a dull cough as a reply. He tried again and got the same response. By this time, the airbrake flaps were being severely strained. With one final metallic groan, the flaps fixed to his S-Foils snapped off. His speed now increased much more, with only a hint of resistance by the retro rockets. The R2 unit made one final adjustment and Jake flipped the switch again.

His remaining two engines roared to life and Jake leaned back on the throttle with all his strength, calling on the Force to aid him. Somehow, it seemed elusive of him, because he couldn’t concentrate, but suddenly, as if another pair of hands had grasped the stick, the X-Wing pulled out of its suicidal dive and brought the craft level. Jake’s anti-G couch prevented him from blacking out from the excessive G-Forces he had been experiencing. He did a quick check of his systems.

Two of his engines had been destroyed, but vital systems of the craft and the remaining two engines still functioned well enough. Only his starboard top engine and its diagonally opposite counterpart were functioning and to make matters worse, he had lost a lot of his fuel when the two dead engines exploded. He had to return to base and get a new ship ASAP. He pulled the X-Wing into a climb as gently as he could; to meet the TIEs that had tried to shoot him down. He switched to the guard channel and issued a distress call to the rest of the fighters, but he got no response.

“X-Wing pilot, stand down.” Was the order that came through. It wasn’t the voice of anybody he recognized and was very confused.

“X-Wing pilot, you are hereby a prisoner of the Empire. Any resistance or attempts to flee will be dealt with severely.” The voice continued.

Finally Jake realized what had happened: the guard channel had been compromised and the Rebels had switched to a different frequency.

“Alright,” Jake responded. He might have a better chance to get away if the TIEs weren’t bent on shooting him out of the sky. “I surrender,” he said.

“Good,” the Imperial pilot replied. One of the TIEs swooped down in front of Jake’s fighter and the other behind him.

“Follow me” the pilot ordered. “Do not deviate from your present course.”

Jake was tempted to unleash his blaster cannons and blow the TIE out of the air, but he remembered that there was another one behind him, and held his fire.

He followed the TIE to a hangar on the icy surface of Rhen Var. It seemed to be just an aerial reinforcement hangar, because there wasn’t any big building or anything of the sort nearby. The TIEs made him land and then flew off. A trio of Imperial Stormtroopers came up to the damaged X-Wing.

“Get out with your hands up.” The Stormtrooper ordered through a comlink.

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1950 words. nuff said :D

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Good chapter RC. It seemed like you wanted the battle to be quick, but you still described it well. :)

Diego Varen
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Good Chapter. The beginning reminded me of Anakin with the Pilot on TPM.

07-13-2006, 01:05 PM
Great action packed chapter, RC.

What? I bet you were expecting me to find something that's not quite there, well I'll have to disappoint you this time - this was one great chapter.

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thanks all! i really appreciate the comments!

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The beginning reminded me of Anakin with the Pilot on TPM.

Same here.

Great chapter, RC. You described the combat quite well. I wasn't expecting Jake to be captured.

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you won't expect the next chapter either :D
hows that for suspense? ;)
thank you all, i'll get the next chapter up soon.

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Jake flipped a switch and the canopy struggled against its battle damage to open. After a few seconds of strained whirring, it had opened far enough for Jake to comfortably get out. The Stormtrooper waiting outside motioned with his rifle, though he couldn’t see Jake clearly.

“Get out with your hands up.” He ordered.

Jake was making motions as to shut down several systems to stall and by himself some time to think. But as he fiddled around near the floor of the cockpit, his eye fell on the newly constructed lightsaber of his lying in the temporary storage pocket. He had placed it there when he got into the ship so that it wouldn’t interfere when he was flying the ship if it was attached to his belt. As he stared at it, he heard an echoic voice in his head:

“Use it, Jake,” the voice instructed. “I will help you. Pick it up.”

Jake slid his hand into the pocket and eased his weapon out of it. He frowned in concentration as he tried to figure out whose voice it was. It sounded incredibly familiar.

“Do not resist your instincts, Jake,” the voice said, and Jake nodded, though he doubted that the voice saw it.

Suddenly, he was filled with an urge to propel himself out of the cockpit as hard as he could with his feet. He didn’t resist. A second later, he gasped in the frigid winds of Rhen Var as he streaked out of the cockpit and landed gracefully on the hangar floor. He ignited his lightsaber and the sun-yellow blade flashed its way into existence. It had a very good balance and Jake felt as if it was an extended part of his body. He followed the nudges in the Force and brought his saber up in a ready stance.

By this time, the Stormtroopers had realized that this was no mere kid and was a danger to them and opened fire. Jake, now one with the Force, let it guide his hand and blocked all the bolts aimed at him. He jumped again and landed in front of one trooper. He sliced the blade diagonally upward, starting from his right. The blade sizzled as it superheated the frigid air with its high-energy blade. Jake found his mark and the trooper fell over with a smoking gash in his torso. Jake turned to the other two troopers and threw his lightsaber, guiding it with the Force. The spinning blade took off the heads of the remaining troopers in a smooth, clean sweep. Jake called his lightsaber back to himself and deactivated it. At the same time, he felt his grasp of the Force slowly slipping. He let it go, since there weren’t any more Imperials he had to deal with, and turned back to his ship to assess the damage.

It looked worse from the outside. The rear section of the craft was black with carbon scoring and a thick plume of black smoke rose up into the icy winds from his two destroyed engines. Rapid-cooled steam dripped from exposed overheated wires and coolant pipes. His fuel tank was leaking steadily and a reddish pool of fuel formed on the ground under the ship, vaguely forming an image of the ship bleeding its life out on the frozen hangar floor. He knew there was no possibility of him getting into space with the condition his craft was in now. The hull was breached in the rear section. In an atmosphere, it would be inconsequential, but in space, the vacuum would rip the weakened hull apart. He climbed back into the cockpit with a mountain climber’s disposition and retrieved his ration kit. He took his IFF code datapad and pulled a small latch set in the corner of the console. The R2 unit assigned to his ship popped out of his nook and was deposited on the ground by two strong mechanical arms. It beeped a question at Jake, who was now back on the ground.

“If you just asked why we’re not using the X-Wing, I guess you can see why for yourself.” Jake said. The R2 beeped again and rolled behind the now on-the-move Jake. The young boy made his way into the vast hangar bay and looked around. He was greeted by the sight of three TIE fighters. He sighed and made his way to a Fighter. He pushed up the R2 unit on the embarking ramp and shoved it behind the pilot’s seat, after which, he took a few minutes to familiarize himself with the controls, then began working on the IFF system of the craft.

IFF, or Identification Friend or Foe, codes were heavily encrypted codes that enabled factions to identify vessels as enemies or allies which helped avoid incidents of friendly-fire and spy work by the opposition. Each fighter craft of a particular faction had an IFF code databank that relayed its information to the flagship or ground base. Each pilot was also given an IFF emergency code, which was used when commandeering a different vehicle or starfighter and was deployed in the heat of battle so that their own guns wouldn’t target them. These codes was a notch under impossible to crack, but easy as sneezing to change, if you had basic knowledge of computer programming and engineering, and these skills were what Jake had in plenty.

He located the IFF databank and opened it up. He plugged a few leads to the TIE’s target acquisition system’s computer screen and proceeded to override the original codes and program in his emergency ones. Ten minutes later, he was bringing the TIE’s engines up to its signature high-pitched whine. He flipped the switch and the TIE’s repulsor engines fired up, raising it a few meters into the air. He increased the speed experimentally and the TIE responded. Once in the air, he gunned it to its top speed, which was not very much, but it would do until he could get to Dodonna’s flagship. The only problem now was that because of his IFF changes, the TIEs and Rebels might target him. The only thing to do was to warn the rest of the fighter force. He glanced down at his datapad and keyed it to show the five different back-up frequencies the Rebels used in case of a channel compromise. He tried the first three without any avail. The fourth one, however, filled his cockpit with the somewhat comforting cacophony of battle chatter. He toggled his comm switch.

“All units, this is Green Nine. My X-Wing had been gunned down and I have taken a TIE Fighter to get back to base. My IFF system has been engaged, so for the love of life, don’t shoot me!”

“Green Nine, this is Admiral Dodonna, head back to the flagship and take another X-Wing, if you really want to get back in the fight.”

“Copy that, Admiral,” said Jake, “Returning to base.”

He would have, if he had gotten the chance. His IFF system was his enemy indirectly. A trio of patrolling TIE Fighters spotted his signature as hostile, and opened fire.

“Aw, man!” said Jake aloud. “Don’t these guys ever lay off?”

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Another great one, RC. I tried my best, but I couldn't find anything I don't like in this one either. Keep it up.

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Heh, most of the time I comment that people aren't being descriptive enough. Yours does not have that problem at all. I feel like I'm in the middle of everything right along with Jake. You could try to make the fighter sequences a little longer--it cut out a little fast for my taste.
Occasionally, you describe a little too much--I don't need that many tech details of the retro-rockets vs. foils. When you were describing all the x-wings leaving the hanger, I loved 'hearing' the roar, but it would have been sufficient to tell me 'the sound pushed back the ground crews' or something like that. The extra details of the ground crews going behind sound baffles and the other ones still hearing everything even through earphone doesn't advance the story and actually distracted me from the moment of seeing the X-wings leave. That being said, I thought it was a cool image, and I see Jake's not going to have a dull moment. :)

07-24-2006, 01:29 AM
he's not indeed. thanks, Jae, i just used the sound bit as a kind of distraction for Jake himself, to get his mind off the upcoming battle and focus on the less important everyday things goings on around him. and the retros vs foils, well, i've always wanted to write an instance where some aerofoils pop off a ship, and i got the opportunity :D
Thanks for the comments, Jae. really appreciate it :)

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Jake twisted his TIE around in the icy atmosphere to the little ship’s limits. He juked and dived, barrel rolled and climbed, but the TIEs behind him were ever resilient and stuck to his tail. He was about to give up and call for help through his comm, when:


The mini shock-waves of the exploding TIE shook Jake’s stolen fighter hard and the young Jedi struggled to maintain control over the ship. He hadn’t realized how close the TIEs were until now. They had to be really close up to make his ship shake like that. He wondered why they hadn’t fired yet. They had stopped shooting at him a few seconds after the initial volley and were intent on chasing him around from then onwards.

The X-Wing fired again and another one of the two remaining TIEs blew up. The third realized that this was not his victory and rocketed away from the stolen TIE fighter and its X-Wing backup.

The X-Wing pilot didn’t say anything over the comm as they flew into the thick of the dogfight again. Jake took advantage of his ship and began blasting at the other TIEs that sped around in the winds. Since he had given the heads up over the comm, no rebel shots came his way. He hit a TIE with a well aimed shot, when a familiar voice crackled over the comm:

“Can we get to the ship now?” said the voice. “I hate flying.”

“Master Obi Wan!” said Jake. “You're back?”

“And already saving you from trouble,” came the reply.

Jake rolled his eyes and nudged his craft upwards.

“I need a proper ship,” he said. “Let’s go back.”
************************************************** **********************
By the time Jake had taken Obi Wan’s relinquished X-Wing and rejoined the intense fight in the skies of Rhen Var, the battle was almost won by the Rebels. The TIEs had lost a significant amount of their TIE reserves and the remaining were beginning to flee, with a couple of X-Wings sharp on their tails.

“Red Squadron, follow me to the shipyard,” Red Leader ordered through the comm. It took a few minutes for Jake to realize that he was now under Red Squad, so by the time he turned to follow Red Lead’s X-Wing, it was almost out of sight. Jake gunned his engines and caught up with the group, which had also taken losses.

“Maintain visual scanning,” Red Lead ordered. “Anti-aircraft turret emplacements active and a couple of missile launchers visible too, watch your backs and don’t do anything stupid.”

Jake followed the group, till he heard Red Lead shout a curse and an order through the comm.

“Chubba! TIEs, coming in hard at nine! Scatter!”

The remaining ships of Red Squadron spilt up like a poppy scattering its seeds and a mini-dogfight of their own began in the vicinity of the main TIE factory. Jake called upon the Force again and again, but the mysterious power suddenly seemed elusive of him again. It was as slippery as a Mon Calamari eel, causing Jake to loose his grip on it every time a TIE fired at him or shot up in front of him suddenly. He had had enough of it and went right for the hangar doors. There were a bunch of TIE Fighters inside and almost all of the available space was being crowded with flight crews, TIE Pilots and Stormtroopers. Jake pulled the trigger on his stick and beams of red lasers spewed from his wingtips, but they just vanished in a red puff of electricity just before the open hangar doors. Jake was perplexed, but Red Leader soon answered his dilemma.

“Green Nine, scout the area and knock out the shield generator if you want to get a clear shot into the hangar. It is shielded from the outside, so you won’t be able to get anything into it.”

“Copy, Red Lead,” acknowledged Jake. “But what does an Imperial shield generator look like?”

“Pretty much the same as a rebel counterpart,” came the reply.

“Which is?” pressed Jake.

“You don’t know at all? Okay. It looks like around four or five semicircles attached to the ground at its straight base and with a rod going through their centers. Take it out.”

Jake didn’t know whether Red Lead was joking or not, but they had a lot to lose in this battle and Red Lead wouldn’t send Jake to his doom just like that. Jake nodded to himself and pulled his fighter into the sky. He cruised at the slowest speed he could manage and called up his ground scanner. After a few minutes of staring at the display screen, he found it. It wasn’t exactly a series of semi-circles, but when viewed from above, 2D appearing items always looked like a line. He prepared his proton torpedoes and dived. The generator wasn’t unguarded. As he made his approach, a series of turbolaser batteries opened fire at his juking fighter. He might as well have put a bunch of flashy, blinky lights on his fighter craft and painted a bulls-eye on his nose cone, because the turbolaser gunners were either too addicted to caffeine, or they just liked the light show. Jake aimed his targeting recticle and took them out one by on without even using the Force. He was now within optimum firing range and tabbed his proton torpedoes to standby. He locked on to the generator and depressed the triangular red button on his control stick.
A pair of pink scintillating orbs rushed out of the torpedo tube and headed down the target lock to the generator. Jake pulled his stick diagonally to the left and raised his ship hastily in an unorthodox climb. He took a glance back; just in time to witness the spectacle.


“This is Red Leader, their shields are down! Repeat, their shields are down!”

“Get moving, Red Lead, knock out those TIEs,”

“Copy that, General. Red Squad, engage!”

“Wait a minute! No way!”

“What is it, Red Three?”

“I’m picking up five scout walkers in the hangar, moving outside.”

“Keep proton torpedoes on ready and fire once you get a target lock.”

“Incoming TIEs!”

“Where the heck did they come from?”

“Who cares? Blast them or be blasted.”

The comm charade kept going on and off, occasionally punctuated by a shout of joy or a filthy curse in Huttese. Jake gunned his engines to their maximum to get back to the fight. He was once again placed on his same attack vector as before, heading straight for the open hangar doors. He used his missile targeting system and got a lock on the leading two scout walkers as they came out. The red triangle went down again, urging the deadly torpedoes resting in the starfighter’s ordnance bay to move. They moved.

Two scout walkers blew up simultaneously. When the smoke and debris cleared, only two pairs of blackened chicken legs were left. Jake pulled up again and headed to the TIE Fighter showdown a bit higher to provide assistance. The other three walkers didn’t waste time, though. The gunners gave Jake the feeling that if he were in command of the Imperials on Rhen Var, he would have placed the gunners of the scout walkers in the turbolasers guarding the generator. The gunners were dead serious with their work, and sometimes, literally. Three alone had taken out four X-Wing fighters. Jake shuddered at the thought of what a whole force could do. He fired his cannons at the thick of the flight of TIEs indiscriminately, mentally chiding them for being so foolishly close. Several of the onrushing TIEs exploded, and the rest of the X-Wing pilots caught up on the idea. Red lasers flashed in the icy sky, ionizing the air and destroying TIEs occasionally. But word does get around. The TIEs started employing the same tactic against them.

“Damn core-rats,” mumbled Red Lead. “Not a hint of imagination. Squad, spread out.”

All the X-Wings in the combat fanned out and spread apart wide. The two factions were now racing at each other, exchanging deadly cannon blasts and curses, unheard to the other, though.

“Red Lead, the walkers are causing trouble. We can’t get a clear shot into the hangars and they’ve picked off two more X-Wings.”

That meant only two fighters were now engaging the ground forces and the grounded TIEs. Red Squad was down to 6 men, counting in Jake, and backup would come too late for the duet fighting the AT-STs.

“I’ll help them out,” offered Jake. “Permission to engage, commander?”

“Permission granted. The faster you take out that hangar, the faster we win this battle. Get going, soldier.”

Jake’s X-Wing broke off and left the formation heading towards the charging TIEs. The others were almost at the TIEs now. Jake took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. It worked, and for the second time, he felt himself fully manifested to the Force. Letting it guide his hand, he nudged his X-Wing close to the ground and lined up his sights. He depressed the trigger the moment he was in range. The walker in the center was not expecting the assault and exploded without managing a return shot. Jake quickly tabbed his proton torpedo stand-by and aimed again. This time, however, he didn’t aim using the computer. He dumb-fired the missiles in a straight line and monitored their movement with the Force. They appeared to be going wide to the walkers, so they were ignored. At the last second, though, Jake slapped the nose cones of both the missiles and their direction changed drastically. Twin explosions vibrated through the air and one of the remaining pilots let out a whoop.

“Red Seven and Twelve, take out that hangar,” said Jake. “I’m out of protons.”

The pair of pilots were happy to oblige, and fed the gigantic entrance with their entire payload, aiming for vital systems and grounded TIEs. In five minutes, the three X-Wings rose into the air triumphantly, leaving behind them, the smoldering wreckage of the former Imperial TIE plant.

“This is Admiral Dodonna, head back to base, all forces. Well done, I’ll see to it that you get a few days off,”

The comm relayed the pilots’ thanks and after-battle jokes. Jake was almost ecstatic and did a victory roll upon exiting the planet’s atmosphere. Maybe he was cut out to be a Jedi after all.

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there are two booms in there, don't get confused :D
enjoy, and please leave feedback.

Diego Varen
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An explosive Chapter, I must say. Great, looking foward to more. So are you writing this again, or will you be concentrating on HK?

07-24-2006, 04:19 AM
It took you some time, but the quality is as great as always.

07-24-2006, 04:28 AM
thanks guys, check out the HK fic, i updated that too. :)

07-24-2006, 08:58 AM
Great chapter, RC. You are very talented at writing space combat.

07-25-2006, 05:50 AM
thanks, i prefer flight combat to hand-to-hand. it's much cooler :D. and it also helps that the first SW game i got was Rogue Squadron. in planning through the next chapter, and it might be a little delayed, so dont worry.

07-29-2006, 11:58 AM
Jake ducked another side-swipe and stepped backward. His connection to the Force had strengthened much more with the helpful tips Obi Wan had taught him. He cleared his mind of all thought and focused on Obi Wan’s shimmering blue wand of energy. He swirled his yellow beam and heard it hum and buzz in the relatively silent, ancient training room. Obi Wan lunged; but Jake saw it coming and sidestepped, slapping Obi Wan’s blade out of he way. He then twisted around to build power into his arm and let loose a vicious backhand. Obi wan barely ducked in time, though, he didn’t waste the advantage. Jake’s wayward swing left his torso unguarded, and Obi Wan brought his saber down in a vertical chop. Jake, unable to bring his saber up in time, grabbed Obi Wan’s wrist instead. The Jedi Master wasn’t expecting that, and Jake pressed his opening. He lifted Obi Wan’s saber out of the way and braced his sword arm for a swing at Obi Wan’s waistline.

The warning came too late. Jake found himself falling. The entire thing might have taken just a second to an outsider, but to him, time was mired in a thick sludge. He hit the ground with a slowly resonating thud. When he looked up, however, he understood what had happened. Obi Wan had taught him to stretch time and had told him that he was to use this technique if he was falling; be it from a great height or from a gentle trip-up. His subconscious had reacted instinctively and he had used the technique in response to Obi Wan’s Force Push. Obi Wan’s blade was dropping down on him and picking up speed. Jake rolled to the side as real time was restored. He jumped up and switched his Lightsaber Form by changing his stance. He shifted from Shien to Makashi and waited for Obi wan to attack.

Jake made a mental to himself to always use this form. When Obi Wan’s attack came, Jake was effectively repelling him and launching his own attacks. All of his cuts, swipes and feints slid perfectly into each other and he was moving his lightsaber around in a fluid motion. Obi Wan was not the best in Makashi, but had taught Jake everything he knew about the Form and the youth was becoming quite adept at it. Obi wan was still the Jedi Master though. Jake twisted his lightsaber down at Obi Wan’s knees in a feint, then jerked his blade up at the Master’s torso, again a feint. He then swirled around, but when he had completed the full rotation, Obi Wan wasn’t there. He heard the hum of a lightsaber blade behind him and his thigh muscles suddenly cramped up.

They thumbed off their blades and Jake was trying to stretch out his painful muscles. Their lightsabers were set at a lower power setting to avoid any serious injuries, but the touch of the blade still caused the muscles to spasm and cramp uncontrollably.

“You did well, Jake,” congratulated Obi Wan. “This was your first real sparring match and you held your own for quite some time. Well done!”

“Thank you, Master,” said Jake, panting and bending over to touch his toes so as to stretch his thigh muscles.

They spent a few minutes in silence, restoring fluids and their breaths. After he had finished his bottle of water, though, Jake had a sudden doubt as to why the Force was so picky in the Battle of Rhen Var. The battle had taken place a full three days ago and Dodonna, true to his word, had given the pilots who were in the air that day a few days off. Obi Wan and Jake were back on Dantooine, proceeding with Jake’s training.

“Master,” began Jake. “I’d like to ask you something about the Force.”


“Does the Force have a mind of its own or something? Because when I was flying in that battle, I was only able to become attuned to it twice, no more.”

Obi Wan chuckled and began his explanation.

“The Force doesn’t have a mind of its own, no.” said Obi Wan. “The Force doesn’t need to think, only to reply to a call by a Force-user. Perhaps you didn’t cry out hard enough, or you were distracted when you called upon it.”

“No, I can be sure was wasn’t that distracted,” said Jake. “It would have come to me at least a bit, I’m sure.”

“No, young Jake,” said a voice next to him and both of them turned; to witness the Jedi Master Revan’s Force-spirit. “Your mind was not properly focused and you had not received enough training on the usage of the Force. Master Obi Wan has instructed you better now and you will find it easier. But in the battle, your two attunements with the Force was because of my help.”

Jake raised his left eyebrow.

“I was watching over you to make sure nothing happened to you, and to see that you did not feel any anger or hatred against your adversaries.”

“But I didn’t feel you around,” said Jake, clearly bewildered now. “Were you strengthening my concentration? Or were you there?”

“Yes, I was there,” said Revan patiently. “I was with you when you were using your blade. You remember the voice in your head? That was me.”

Jake understood everything now. The time when he had to pull his X-Wing out of it’s death plunge, Revan had grabbed the throttle through the Force and aided Jake, in addition to helping him use his lightsaber and also his double attunements with the Force.

“Thank you very much, Master” said Jake, meaning every word.

“You're welcome, young one,” said Revan with a slight smile and disappeared.

“That was really nice of him,” said Jake softly.

“Oh, that it was,” said Obi Wan, motioning to Jake to follow him back to the Rebel base.
************************************************** **********************
“Corellia has been secured and the Imperials aren’t exploiting the geothermal energy of Rhen Var,” said Dodonna. “If I didn’t know better, I’d have said we’re doing very well, but just as usual, something has come up.”

Jake groaned and Obi Wan shook his head.

“Again?” the Jedi Master asked.

“The Imperial forces have launched a twin-pronged attack on Celesti and Bardua, both on the opposite side of the Galaxy from each other. I’d like you to lead the forces against the Imperials above Celesti while I take the other force over to Bardua.”

“When will the fun ever stop?” said Jake with an amused tone to his voice.

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