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Edit: I can't believe it's been three years since I wrote this, but I have edited and rewritten several portions of this story and have begun posting what will be it's final form -JA

There is no emotion; there is peace
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge
There is no passion; there is serenity
there is no death; there is the Force.

The words rolled softly through Alaura's consciousness as she sat cross legged on the stone floor of her chamber. As she meditated on these words that defined her life she felt very much centered within herself. Alaura had been at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV since Master Skywalker first began accepting students. Shortly after she completed her training he had asked her to remain at the academy as an instructor. Currently, she taught basic lightsaber technique to new students.

Instructor was not Alaura's only function the the academy. She also served as an emissary and a scout of sorts for the Jedi Council. She investigated anything the Council deemed necessary including any significant disturbances in the Force as well as recruiting new students for training. She was the eyes and ears for the Council to all the happenings in the Republic. Now as she began coming out of her morning meditation she felt the presence the preceded the arrival of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Alaura rose as Master Skywalker walked through the open door of her chamber.

"Good morning Master Bedel."

"To you as well Master," Alaura replied smiling at the elder Jedi.

"To what to I owe this vist?"

"Tell me Alaura, how is your current class progressing?"

"Very well Master, they are quick studies. Young Kira Fen is particularly adept, she will be a fine swordsman."

"I'm glad to hear that. I came to tell you that I would like Master Katarn to take over for you beginning today. The Council wishes to speak with you."

As you wish Master, when am I to appear?"

"In an hour's time. In the Council Chamber."

"As you say Master, I'll be there."

The Jedi Master nodded his approval and left Alaura alone in her chamber. After he had gone Alaura contemplated what the Council could possibly want that they would excuse here from her teaching. They normally did not give her assignments until she was between classes. She pulled her black cloak from its place on the wall and put it on. She had several things to accomplish before her meeting with the Council.

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Your very good. were is the rest of it? I can't wait to see it. keep up the good work. :giggle1:

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Thank you, the rest is on paper, and on the way. I'm kind of editing on the fly, and I don't have it sectioned into chapters so I wanted to get some reaction before I posted more.

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I love it, I total understand that editing on the fly. . .thats the story of my career.

Anyway. . .

can you read my, and tell me what you think. it isn't finished but you can be as brutally honest as you want to be.

Like I said, keep up the good work.

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*Author's Note: I have taken some creative liscense with several charcters from the EU. I hope this doesn't upset anyone too much, but I welcome and constructive criticism.*

The Jedi Council chamber at the Yavin IV academy was set up in one of the many empty spaces of the ancient Massassi temple which housed the facility. It was from this very temple, in fact, that the Rebel Alliance had launched their attack against the first Death Star. It was their first major victory over the Empire, and the battle that had established Luke Skywalker as a hero.

As Alaura entered the chamber the Council was already assembled. Master Skywalker, Mara Jade, and Kyle Katarn were present and respresented holographically from Coruscant were Leia Organa Solo, Kyp Durron, Corran Horn, and the historian Tionne. It was Master Skywalker who addressed her first.

"Alaura, we have called you here because we have and assignment that requires your immediate attention."

"What is it that you would have me do Master?"

The Council has felt a significant disturbance in the Force. I will let Mara explain further."

Mara Jade rose from her spot and punched a few commands into a computer terminal. The computer responded by displaying the image of a planet that Alaura recognized as Dantooine.

"As you know Alaura, this is Dantooine. For decades it has been home to farming colonies. At one time, Dantooine also housed a Jedi Enclave. It was destroyed during the Jedi Civil War. At some point the enclave was rebuilt and destroyed again by Darth Vader during the Great Jedi Purge. Recently, coupled with the disturbance we've felt in the Force, reports have come from Dantooine of strange happenings. Farmers have gone missing without a trace. Dantooine's governor has requested the Republic send assistance, and Chancellor Solo has asked the Jedi for help."

The Council is sending you to Dantooine Alaura," Luke said speaking again,
"Meet with the governor there, and determine the nature of the problems on the planet."

"I understand Master. May I use the Dawn's Glory for this assignment?"

"Yes, you may take your ship and May the Force be with you."

Alaura turned and departed the council chamber, her black robe trailing behind her.

Back inside the council chamber, the Jedi Masters were still assembled and were discussing what Alaura's trip to Dantooine might hold.

"There have been many powerful Jedi to pass through the old enclave on Dantooine," Tionne stated "The ruins may still be in touch with the Force and their spirits may roam there. Perhaps we should have given her more insight.”

"Can she handle it Luke?" asked Leia

"I feel we were right in sending Master Bedel," he replied "She will pass whatever trials are set before her."

"I hope you're right."


Several hours later, Alaura had a bright smile painted on her face as she entered the Academy hangar and gazed upon her ship sitting in its customary spot. The Dawn's Glory was similar in both type and build to Han Solo's infamous Millennium Falcon. She was a light freighter that Alaura had acquired some years prior to coming to the academy, but she was slightly smaller than General Solo's ship. Like the Falcon, however, the Glory had been heavily modified from its original Corellian design. With her modified engines the Glory could match the Falcon in speed and was perhaps even slightly more nimble. The ship also boasted military grade defensive shields as well as two quad turbolasers mounted on either side.

Alaura was particularly proud of the fact that she had installed several of the modifications herself. Several of the Jedi Masters had questioned Alaura about the necessity of such equipment, but Master Skywalker had quickly come to her defense citing the dangers which existed in the missions she was asked to undertake. Alaura suspected that she perhaps reminded her master of his old friend General Solo, or perhaps a younger version of himself.

As she approached her beloved ship Alaura noticed someone standing at the bottom of the loading ramp. As she moved closer she recognized the figure immediately, it was Kyle Katarn.

"Master Katarn, I didn't expect to find you here, what can I do for you?"

"Look kid, just call me Kyle, you know I don't like that Master stuff, " he responded gruffly then his tone softened, "Look Alaura, you're one of the best students and instructors we've seen come through here. We, I, wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"I will be cautious Kyle, I always am."

"It's more than that Alaura. Something about this mission they've given you isn't right. I can't explain it, call it a hunch, so I have something for you."

For the first time since their conversation started Alaura noticed Master Katarn was holding something in his hands. To Alaura it looked like some sort of jumpsuit, but she wasn't sure.

"What is it?"

"It's a combat suit. It has been reinforced, and is made of fiber mesh. Your robe will fit over it easily and it will protect you a hell of a lot better than your tunic."

"There's something you're not telling me."

"You're good kid, I got this from Mara, with Luke's blessing. She said it saved her more than once."

Alaura had heard more than one tale of Mara Jade's exploits before she joined the Jedi, and after as well.

"Thank you Kyle, I appreciate your concern."

She accepted the gift from the elder Jedi and tucked it under one arm.

"Just come back in one piece kid."

With that parting comment, Kyle left her and Alaura walked up the loading ramp of her ship. Onboard, she found the Glory's astromech droid R2-D5 hard at work. D5, as Alaura usually called him, stayed with the ship when it was docked in the hangar. The little droid beeped and bleeped a greeting at Alaura as she entered the ship.

"Hello to you too D5. Is the ship ready to go?"

D5 whirred and beeped an affirmative answer.

"Good, we'll be departing shortly."

The droid bleeped again this time with a question.

"To Dantooine D5."

He whirred again and then went about his business teding to the Glory's systems. Alaura settled herself in to the cockpit and began her preflight checklist.

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Both Chapters are good. Nobody cares about using EU Characters, everyone always uses them. Even me.

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Very good, an enjoyable read, i little editing would make it better. Just some Puncuation and stuff :D as i said, very good
Keep it up!

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Thank you. I'm aware of the punctuation...difficulties...it's one of my weaknesses as a writer :)

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yeah, ive got the same mistake most of the time, when im writing The Second Coming Of Evil, i have to go over it like 5 - 6 times before i fix all the spelling and stuff lol ...

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A major part of my problem is that my story isn't on my computer. I'm typing from what I've handwritten in a notebook.

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What you should do is, type it all up in MWord first then do grammer and spell checks, then Correct what should be corrected, it helps tremendously

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thanks for the suggestion, I may do that for the next installment

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Good Chapter.

06-21-2006, 11:43 AM
I was thinking maybe it was too short...opinions?

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Good Chapter

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I like it. With some tinkering, it would be better--I don't mean that it's bad--in that it would look better. When I wrote my first fic, I had the same problem that you have (punctuation). You'll get better the more you write. I'll keep checking on this one :)

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Thanks, 707, I understand what you mean. I think that I'm perhaps my harshest critic. I'm just happy to see that someone likes it :) It's encouragement to keep going :)

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Good Chapter, though this was the shortest. Perhaps you could make all three Chapters one large Chapter.

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The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine was a mere shadow of its former self. Once, it had seen many students traverse its hallowed halls. Many of these students went on to be great Jedi with names like Bastila Shan, Vrook, Vandar, Revan, and Malak. It was there where the one known as The Exile had realized her true purpose, and where she helped to rebuild the Jedi Order from its own ashes.

Now it sat lifeless, a forgotten relic of the past. Its upper level was crumbled and broken, and its lower level hidden from the ages by overgrown plant life. It was an empty shell, empty except for her. She called the devastated halls her home, and the stood watch over her treasure. The small animals and the few machines that still clung to life were here friends, and the ghosts of the place her enemies. The spirits called to her, and plagued her dreams. Despite them though, she stayed, for this place was her home.


"Yavin Four control this Dawn's Glory requesting departure clearance"

"Dawn's Glory, you are clear to depart at your leisure. May the Force Be With You Master Bedel."

With that reply from the the academy's control center Alaura activated the repulsor lifts on the Glory and spun the ship on her axis. She engaged the main drive and pushed the ship out of the hangar rushing toward the space above Yavin IV. As the ship entered orbit Alaura programmed the hyperspace route to Dantooine into the Glory's nav computer.

The Glory's hyperdrive responded by beginning its ignition sequence and rocketing the ship into hyperspace. The trip to Dantooine from Yavin IV would take several hours, and Alaura left the autopilot in command and retired to the ship's common area and sank into a deep meditation.

Alaura drifted back to consciousness only when she felt the Glory's hyperdrive disengage. She returned to the cockpit and recognized the lush topography of Dantooine looming ahead of her. As she settled back into the pilot's chair for her approach to the planet the ship's proximity alarm went off. Quickly she checked the sensors and saw there were two ships closing fast on her position. The computer identified them as Republic X-Wing fighters, and then the ship's comm system announced an incoming transmission.

"Unidentified freighter, this is Commander Aris of the Galactic Republic,
Please state your destination."

Alaura was quick to reply to the commander's challenge.

"Commander, this is Master Alaura Bedel from the Jedi Academy. I am bound for Dantooine's surface and the Khoonda Spaceport. I am transmitting my I.D. signature now."

"I.D. signature received and confirmed. You may proceed Master Bedel May the Force be with you."

Having passed the commander's brief inspection Alaura pushed the throttle forward and the Glory raced forward closing the distance to Dantooine. As she drew closer she contacted the Khoonda Spaceport and received her docking clearance and bay assingment.

Dantooine, Alaura knew from her mission briefing, was primarily an agricultural planet. There was an abundance of farms and farming colonies. Thousands of years ago, almost all the settlements had bordered around the Jedi Enclave which offered protection and sanctuary for the colonists. The Khoonda Spaceport had been born from one such settlement. It had developed over the years into one of Dantooine's only urban centers and the seat of the planet's current government. Alaura only hoped she would be able to conduct her investigation without too much distraction. She knew there were still remnants of the Empire operating in this area of the galaxy which explained the Republic fleet in orbit though she didn't expect any Imperial interference.

Alaura easily guided the Glory into her assigned docking bay, and as she did she could clearly sense the disturbance in the Force the Council had told her about. She contemplated for a moment as to its source before stepping back into the common room and slipping into the black combat suit that Kyle Katarn had given her. It fit her quite well, and she never realized how close in body type she was to Mara Jade. She admired it only for a moment and scolded herself for for even that brief moment of vanity. She pulled her robe back on and drew the hood up before lowering the Glory's boarding ramp.

Walking down the ramp Alaura approached what appeared to be two uniformed security officers. They weren't Republic troops so Alaura assumed them to be of Dantooine's own militia force. Both were about the same height, but one of them was clearly in charge. He was several years senior with graying hair and looked to her as if he had seen many battles. Alaura surmised he was most likely a veteran of the Galactic Civil War. He addressed her as she approached.

"I am Captain Kam Roen Chief of Security for the Khoonda Spaceport, you are from the Jedi Academy?"

Alaura bowed slightly as she replied,

"I am Master Alaura Bedel. The Jedi Council has sent me on behalf of the Republic."

"Governor Adare has been anxiously awaiting your arrival Master Jedi. She has directed us to escort you to the capital building immediately, we have a speeder waiting."

"Very good Captain, I shall follow you."

The speeder trip to the governing seat of Dantooine was uneventful. Khoonda was small as far as spaceports went, but nonetheless there was plenty of activity. Storefronts advertised their wares, and the market area was full of Republic troops on shore leave spending their hard earned credits.

The capital building itself was larger than most of the others in the government district. Banners bearing both the Republic and planetary seals flew side by side and lined the walkway that ran up to the doors. Alaura followed the two security officers as they made their way to the entrance. Once inside they led her down a long corridor which was decorated with items from Dantooine's past. Alaura noted in particular a holo of the Jedi Enclave with a plaque describing how the Jedi were instrumental in protecting Khoonda from a mercenary attack shortly after the Jedi Civil War. The walk ended in front of an ornately decorated door which no doubt led to the governor's office.

"The governor is expecting you Master Jedi."

"Thank you Captain."

Alaura stepped past the two men and the door slid open before her. The office she entered did not reflect at all the door that led to it. It was very modest and furnished only sparsely with a small couch, a desk, and several chairs. Behind the desk sat a middle-aged human woman. Her black hair showed only hints of greay, and her facial features appeared only slightly weathered by the stress of her job. She looked up from her work as Alaura entered. Alaura lowered the hood of her robe as she approached the desk.

"Welcome to Khoonda and to Dantooine young Master Jedi. I'm Governor Alia Adare."

"I am Master Alaura Bedel. I come on behalf of the Jedi Council and ChancellorLeia Organa.”

"I am pleased that the Republic has responded so quickly to my request for aid."

"The Republic and the Jedi Council are concerned about what has been happening here. The Council has felt a significant disturbance in the Force they believe to be centered on Dantooine."

"I will admit that I do not know much about such things, but what I do know is that several weeks ago one of the farmers on the outskirts of the city vanished, and then a few days ago a second man disappeared. My security forces can find no trace of either man and even Admiral Onasi's troops could not help. In addition to that there have been strange noises heard in the vicinity of the ruins of the Enclave."

"Strange sounds? Such as?"

"Moans, screams, bangs. Sometimes loud, other times quiet and distant. Some even believe the ruins are haunted if you believe in such things."

"There is no death, there is only the Force Governor. I will investigate the ruins, uncover the mystery there and look into the disappearance of your citizens. I do however, require transportation if you have it."

"Of course. I will order Captain Roen to provide a speeder for your use."

"Thank you. I would depart as soon as possible."

"You may pick up the speeder from security headquarters. The captain will take you there."

"Thank you again governor. I will report my findings soon."

"The Jedi have never failed Khoonda Master Bedel. I would expect no less from you."

"I will do my best to honor those who came before me."

Alaura bowed and exited the governor's office and found Captain Roen waiting for her outside.

"The Governor has directed me to escort you to HQ and to provide you with a speeder. I cannot however, accompany you on your investigation."

"It is best I go alone anyway Captain. I sense what I find may only be dealt with by a Jedi."

The captain turned without another word and began to lead the way back to the speeder. During the transit to the security building Alaura thought again about what she felt as she landed. It was much more than a mere disturbance in the Force. To her it had almost felt like the winds of a storm. It was stronger than anything she had ever felt from any Force Sensitive being she had ever encountered. It was almost like a wild, untamed well of Force potential that would have overwhelmed her were she not a Jedi Master herself. Alaura knew she had to determine the source of the phenomenon, if such power could be made to serve the dark side, the consequences could be devastating to the entire galaxy. Her thoughts were interrupted as the speeder began to slow to a stop. Alaura could see they had entered what appeared to be a vehicle garage.

"There are four speeders here which you may choose from Master Jedi. This one is due for maintenance and must be returned to the garage."

"Thank you Captain. May the Force Be With You."

"I fear you my need it more than I."

"I hope you're wrong Captain."

Alaura exited the speeder and began examining the others in the garage. As she watched the captain leave she found it odd to find a Force Sensitive serving as a soldier. The security chief was older and surely had to know of his potential. Though he was not the source of the disturbance she felt, she made a note to ask him of it at another time.

Alaura selected the speeder from the ones remaining which appeared to be in the best repair. She powered it up, eased it out of its berth, and pushed the throttled ahead. The speeder responded and carried her into the city streets.

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Good Chapter JediAthos. Have you decided a Title for this Fanfic yet?

06-26-2006, 10:38 PM
I have a couple working titles, and I'm working to make sure they're not being used by someone else. So, hopefully soon!

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I like the overall story, and I think you have a good start.
I like it when your character interacts with other characters and you tell things with dialogue instead of narration. Not that it's boring by any means, but the times when you have Alaura talking with other people, she seems to come to life more for me.

I like the spellchecker on MS Word, but the grammar checker stinks, especially if you have a lot of dialogue lines that are technically fragments (but are OK to use in fiction writing). I end up ignoring the grammar checker more in my fic than I do accept the changes.

06-27-2006, 08:51 AM
Thanks Jae! I know I'm bad on the spelling...I was rereading my update from yesterday and caught more errors than I would have liked to have found. It means a lot that people are enjoying this..I've never really submitted anything I've written for public viewing before so I was a bit nervous as to what kind of feedback I'd get.

Jae Onasi
06-27-2006, 09:18 AM
Thanks Jae! I know I'm bad on the spelling...I was rereading my update from yesterday and caught more errors than I would have liked to have found. It means a lot that people are enjoying this..I've never really submitted anything I've written for public viewing before so I was a bit nervous as to what kind of feedback I'd get.

I know exactly how you feel....

I catch some errors (and repetitive word use in particular--a problem for me) when I read the chapter out loud to my son. I don't know if reading it out loud slows down my reading speed or if it's actually hearing it out loud that lets me catch those things, but it helps me, anyway.
The spelling's not much of an issue--all of us misspell or more often mistype. The spellchecker catches my typos very nicely. :)

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Bareth felt it, a ripple in the Force that he almost missed due to the overwhelming power coming from the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. That ripple could only mean one thing; there was a Jedi on Dantooine. From what he could discern, the Jedi was a powerful one but he was certain that no mere Jedi could best him in combat. The power of the dark side flowed through him and he knew it was superior to anything a Jedi could summon.

He decided he would allow the Jedi to discover whatever the ruined enclave kept secret. Then he would destroy him and take whatever it was to his master. Finding the source of the power, and killing a Jedi would surely earn him a most generous reward.


As Alaura brought the speeder to a stop she could feel the wave in the Force even more. The Jedi Enclave was certainly the cause of what the Council felt. As she looked over the destroyed structure Alaura couldn’t imagine how any being could be living there. She knew from the archive records she examined that there was a sublevel that was most likely still intact and that was where she would begin her investigation.

Alaura approached the courtyard she saw her first obstacle. A pack of Kath Hounds had taken up residence in the area outside where records indicated the entrance to the sublevel was. She evaluated her options and chose to attempt to calm the animals, allowing her to pass, rather than slaughtering them. Alaura closed her eyes and stretched out with the Force. She focused on the largest of the animals, no doubt the pack leader: I mean you no harm…I will not disturb your pack.

Alaura felt a wave of peace wash over the great animal. Satisfied that she had indeed soothed the beast she opened her eyes and saw the pack resting peacefully. She moved forward and passed among the hounds without as much as a growl coming from them. She approached the sublevel entrance and saw that it had been covered with dense growth. It was impossible to tell if the mechanisms necessary to open the door even functioned. Focusing on the Force once more the Jedi Master extended her hand out toward the door. Slowly the growth began to give way and the door opened for perhaps the first time in at least sixty years, maybe longer.

Alaura stepped through the opening and walked down the ramp that led to the interior of the sublevel. At its foot was an interior door that was free from growth and which whooshed open at her approach. She found it almost amazing that technology that old still operated, but considered that the source of the disturbance in the Force could also be responsible for the functionality of the door.

As she stepped inside the Enclave Alaura could feel the full power of the wave in the Force. Whatever the source was, it was incredibly powerful. She also noted that some of the emergency lighting was still functioning, but otherwise the Enclave was dark. Alaura knew she could use this to her advantage especially if whatever was down her didn’t want to be found.

Alaura began moving through the halls of the place. She explored the first few rooms and found nothing but dust and dirt. As she explored deeper, she could feel the essence of the place. It had not lost its connection to the Force or the Jedi that once occupied its halls. Many of them had indeed been powerful for the ruins to remain such a focus of the Force. Alaura moved through room after room of the deserted halls. She could still feel the source of the disturbance, but whatever it was, it was well hidden. She also sensed something else….something on the exterior of her perception, but she put it aside as she focused even more on her search.

Finally, Alaura stopped in front of a sealed door. She could feel the Force emanating from the other side and thought that perhaps her search had ended. She examined the door and its lock. It was an older lock to be sure, and Alaura knew that her meager slicing skills would do no good. She reached inside her robe, found one of the two lightsabers hanging on her belt, drew the weapon, and ignited it. She stepped back slightly from the door and thrust the familiar purple blade into the steel. The glowing weapon cut through the locking mechanism easily and in a matter of seconds Alaura had the door sliding open. She was nowhere near prepared for what was hiding on the other side.


Jade wasn't sure how she knew, but there was another person in her home. She could feel the intruder, and knew that they were searching. She didn’t know what they were searching for; she only knew that she could not let them find her secret. She would have to stop them and force the intruder to leave by whatever means necessary.

Diego Varen
06-28-2006, 12:41 PM
Good Chapter JediAthos.

07-01-2006, 11:24 AM
The door opened and Alaura saw why the Force had been emanating so strongly from the room. It was a Jedi archive. Several Jedi holocrons lined the wall and inactive library terminals sat on either side of the room. Alaura knew enough about holocrons to know that she had just made a tremendous discovery. She surmised that these holocrons contained records of the Enclave and who knew what other teachings and stories of the Jedi who taught and were trained there. She stepped inside the room to examine it more closely. As she entered she heard the familiar snap-hiss of a lightsaber switching on behind her. She suddenly had a very bad feeling.

“Don’t move intruder, or I will cut you down. Turn around, slowly.”

The voice belonged to a female and Alaura couldn’t figure out how her adversary had managed to sneak up on her, but she could definitely feel the Force radiating from the woman. This person was what she had been seeking; she was the source of the disturbance in the Force and Alaura knew she had to deal with this situation delicately.

Alaura turned around as she had instructed, but certainly not as her opponent expected. She whirled around quickly and sent a wave of Force energy out at her would be attacker. The woman was knocked out into the hallway and the lightsaber that had been in her hand skittered on the stone floor away from her. Using a cross-draw technique Alaura pulled both her dual lightsabers from her belt snapping them on. Their violet blades added light to the darkened passageway as she closed the distance between herself and the assailant quickly. She lowered one of her weapons inches from the young woman’s throat.

“Do not move, and do not attempt to attack me again or it will be the last mistake you ever make.”

“Killing her would be extremely ill-advised”

Alaura spun around and dropped into a combat stance expecting to find another opponent. What she found instead was the apparition of a woman bathed in an aura Alaura knew was the Force. She had read about such apparitions or “Force ghosts” during her training. She examined the features of the woman as she approached and suddenly Alaura recognized her from a holo she’d seen.

“You are Bastila Shan,” she stated as lowered her lightsabers switching them off.

“Yes, in life that was my name, and you are?”

“I am Alaura Bedel. I serve the Jedi Council and the Galactic Republic.”

“I already suspected you were Jedi. I would not be speaking with you if you were not trained in the ways of the Force.”

“Why are you speaking to me? Why are you here?”

“I have been here for sometime, the enclave was once my home and my spirit is tied to this place through the Force. I felt the presence of that one behind you, but I could not make contact with her despite my best efforts.”

“But the Force is so strong with her”

“Yes, but strength is of no use without control. You on the other hand are quite powerful. Perhaps that is why you are here?”

“The Jedi Council sent me.”

“To investigate a disturbance in the Force?”


“It is good you have come Jedi. That one needs the guidance of a Jedi Master. Do you have any idea who she is?”

“I do not.”

“She is a direct descendant of the Jedi known as The Exile.”

“How could you possibly know that? There are no records in the Jedi Archive of The Exile after the second destruction of Malachor Five.”

“The Exile rebuilt the Jedi Order after Malachor. What you could not know nor will any archive record show is that The Exile bore a child. She married another Jedi named Atton Rand. Their marriage resulted in the bloodline that continued until the birth of that one.”

“How did she come to be here?”

“I do not know. I know nothing of her before I detected her presence here through the Force.”

“What is it you would have me do then?” Alaura inquired.

“Take her away from this place. There are those that would seek to corrupt her. The longer she remains in the Enclave the more danger she is in. Dark forces are nearby do you not feel them?”
Alaura refocused herself and reached out with the Force. She probed its currents as if testing the water of a pool. There…she felt it, a dark presence in the Force, only someone trained in the dark side would project such a presence.

“Yes, I feel it, very close.”

“Yes, but not inside the enclave, waiting in ambush perhaps.”

“I will do as you ask,” Alaura replied “I will take here from here to the Council.”

“Good, take her then, and leave here, but be on your guard Jedi. May the Force be with you.”

“Thank you”

“No, thank you. By taking her in you have done more than you may ever know.”

The apparition wavered and then faded away, and Alaura turned to regard the young woman who she could now see was no more than 18 years old. She had mid length dark brown hair that was pulled back behind her, and brown eyes. She was still recovering from the Force push Alaura had used on her and was just now rising from the floor.

“Are you alright?”

“I-I think so.”

“I apologize for attacking you, but you left me no alternative.”

“I know, but I thought you were here to loot the library.”

“So you know what it is then?”

“Not really, but something told me that it was special in some way.”

“And the lightsaber?”

“A family heirloom. Given to me by my mother before she died. You carry two of them…are you a Jedi?”

“Yes, my name is Master Alaura Bedel.”

“I’m Jade, Jade Rand.”

“Jade, I can’t explain right now, but I need you to come with me.”

“Come with you? I haven't left here in two years.”

“I need you to leave now. You are not safe here.”

“What about the library?”

“I will contact the Jedi. They will send someone for the holocrons.”

“Can I retrieve the lightsaber? It has been in my family for a long time.”

Alaura stretched out here hand toward where the lightsaber lay and the weapon rattled on the stone floor before rising and floating smoothly into her hand. She handed it to Jade.

“Just don’t attack me anymore”

Jade smiled. “You got it, and thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s get going.”

Alaura set a rapid pace back through the halls of the sublevel with Jade trailing close behind her. As they moved she contemplated her conversation with Bastila and wondered what could possibly make Jade so special. Alaura could feel the young woman’s power but beyond that she as unsure. The pair finally came to the door that led out of the Enclave and Alaura led Jade up the ramp and immediately knew something was wrong. She could no longer feel the pack of Kath Hounds she had passed on the way in. They were dead. What she could feel was the dark presence the apparition of Bastila had warned her about. As she stepped out into the light of Dantooine’s afternoon sun she understood why. Standing in the courtyard was a man wrapped in black robes with a lightsaber hanging from his belt. His head was covered by a hood and his face by a mask.

“Stop there Jedi.”

“Who are you?”

“Who I am does not matter. My master has a great interest in the girl. Step aside and I will let you live.”

“You are a fool if you think I will allow you anywhere near her.”

“Quite the contrary Jedi, it is you who are foolish to challenge me, and it will cost you your life!”

He drew his lightsaber and lit it. The blade glowed a menacing red, the mark of a dark Jedi. Alaura wasn’t about to let him gain the advantage. She summoned the Force to her and leapt into the air. As she came down in front of him her lightsabers were out, and she attacked swinging at both his left side and then right arm. He blocked both blows with surprising quickness and launched a quick flurry of strikes which Alaura deflected easily. She countered slicing low at his right leg and he brought his saber down to block. As he did Alaura swung the saber in her right hand across her body cleanly severing his hand at the wrist. He howled in pain and fell to his knees holding the cauterized wound. Alaura held a lightsaber to his throat.

“You are defeated, now tell me why your want the girl?”

“Are you deaf Jedi, My master wants her for his own ends.”

“Who is your master?”

“You’ll get no information from me Jedi. You’ll have to kill me”

“I can arrange that.”

“You won’t kill me. You pathetic Jedi don’t kill defenseless opponents.”

“Perhaps, but I’m sure Dantooine’s security forces would like to interrogate you. Get up, you are under arrest.”

“I don’t serve you Jedi.”

“Very well, have it your way.”

Alaura switched off both her sabers and returned them to her belt.

“You’re letting me go?! Ha! You are weak!”

Alaura pushed her robe back and drew a small blaster pistol from a concealed holster on her right thigh. She leveled it at the man.

“I said nothing about letting you go.”

She pulled the trigger and a blue bolt shot from the blaster striking the man in the chest. He slumped forward to the ground as Alaura holstered the weapon. She then turned to check on Jade whose mouth was agape in surprise.

“You killed him!”

Alaura flashed a small smile at her

“No, he was right. Jedi do not kill in cold blood. My blaster is set to stun. He will live, but will have a nasty headache when he comes around. If you’ll give me a hand we can load him into the speeder and transport him to Khoonda. I suspect they will find he is behind the deaths of the farmers I was asked to investigate.”

Jade nodded and Alaura grabbed the man under the arms. Jade picked up his legs and the two carried the man to the waiting speeder.

The trip back to Khoonda was made in silence. Alaura could feel the confusion that washed over Jade and believed it was best to let the young woman settle her thoughts. Alaura did note that Jade was strikingly beautiful. Her eyes matched her hair in color and tone but they held a youthfulness that Alaura had seen in the eyes of many of her young students.

The Force radiated from her, and if she was indeed the descendant of The Exile then she would no doubt make a powerful Jedi. Perhaps, Alaura thought, even more powerful than Master Skywalker. She keept such observations to herself however, as the girl’s future was clouded, and she would have to choose her own path.

Diego Varen
07-01-2006, 12:45 PM
Descendant of the Exile? Interesting...

07-01-2006, 01:29 PM
Yup...it was an idea I toyed with for awhile before I started writing. I just hope I can do it right :)

07-04-2006, 02:16 PM
Alaura eased the speeder back into the vehicle garage at Khoonda’s security HQ and she noticed that Captain Roen and a small contingent of security troops were waiting for her. As she exited the speeder they approached and the captain addressed her.

“I’m relieved to find you uninjured Master Jedi. We received reports of a battle near the ruins from one of the farmers.”

“I thank you for your concern Captain. I did run into some trouble but nothing I couldn’t handle. The battle you heard about has resulted in a prisoner, could I trouble you for some assistance?”

“Certainly,” He motioned to two of his men, “Kristo, Wren, assist Master Bedel with whatever she needs.”

The two security officers nodded and stepped forward awaiting orders.

“We will need to detain this man,” Alaura said gesturing to the body in the speeder, “And I will need access to a communications system to contact the Academy.”

“My men will detain your prisoner, and I can take you to our command center. From there you can contact whomever you wish.”

“Thank you Captain. Your men should exercise caution with the prisoner. He is an instrument of the dark side.”

“You heard the lady, watch him good men.”

Roen, Alaura, and Jade left the security officers with the dark Jedi and the speeder. They moved through the passageways of the headquarters until they came to the nerve center of Khoonda’s security force. Alaura accessed their holotransmitter and was able to raise Master Katarn.

“Alaura! It’s good to see you kid. Luke felt darkness in the Force and we feared you may be in danger.”

“I am fine Kyle, though I do have quite a story to tell. Is Master Skywalker there?”

As she asked the question Luke stepped into view of the holotransmitter.

“I am here.”

Alaura proceeded to relate everything she had experienced at the enclave including her encounter with Bastila Shan and her duel with the dark Jedi. When she was finished Luke closed his eyes in thought before responding.

“You have done well Alaura. I believe you should return to the academy and bring your new companion with you if she wishes. Do not force her Alaura; she has no doubt been through much. Also, see if you can get Admiral Onasi to send some troops to secure the enclave until Master Tionne and her padawan Lista can arrive to take charge of the contents of the archive.”

“I will do as you ask Master, Bedel out.”

Alaura terminated the transmission and turned to Jade who had been standing behind her.

“Master Skywalker is right. I cannot force you to leave Dantooine if you wish to stay, but I do fear for your safety. The dark Jedi I fought must have a master, and once his master learns of his failure I fear whoever it is will come for you.”

“I-I want to come with you,” Jade replied her voice wavering slightly “My father always told me there were great Jedi in our family, and my mother gave me the lightsaber before she died. I want to know more about the Jedi, and more about my ancestors.”

“Very well. We should speak with Governor Adare before we depart, and I need to contact Admiral Onasi as well.”

They found Governor Adare in her office where Alaura had left her several hours prior.

“Welcome back Master Bedel. Captain Roen has informed me of what transpired at the Enclave and of the prisoner you brought him. It is true? Is he a Sith?”

“Yes Governor, I’m afraid so. I am planning to ask Admiral Onasi to take possession of the prisoner.”

“And what of my missing citizens?”

“I believe you will find that the Sith is responsible for their deaths. I am sorry I could not do more.”

“It is not your fault, you could not have known. Did you find what you were seeking in the ruins?”

“I did, and much more. Master Skywalker is sending Master Tionne and her padawan to take possession of the items I uncovered. I would appreciate if knowledge of their existence did not become public.”

“I will honor your request, and before you go I have something for you. It has been in my family for generations, and I remembered it only after you departed for the Enclave. I believe it once belonged to a Jedi.”

The governor produced a holocube from a locked drawer in her desk. Alaura took it and placed in a pouch on her belt.

“Thank you Governor. I will examine it when I have the opportunity. I should be going now.”

“Thank you again for all your help. May the Force be with you.”

Alaura bowed slightly and motioned for Jade to follow her as she departed the governor’s office. The girl remained silent as they rode with two security officers back to the spaceport where the Glory was docked. When they reached the ship Alaura nodded her thanks to the security officers and Jade followed her aboard.

“This is your ship?” she asked.

“Yes, it was mine several years before I became a Jedi. It’s called the Dawn’s Glory, and she’s one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.”

Just then D-5 came rolling our of the engine compartment and beeped a question at Alaura.

“Yes, D-5, this is Jade. She’s a friend.”

The droid beeped, and whirred before turning and heading back to the engine room. Alaura smiled as she turned back to Jade.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just protective.”

For the first time the girl actually smiled back

“I understand. My father had an R2 unit too. He used to follow me around and shock anyone who got too close to me.”

Alaura laughed as she settled into the pilot’s chair, and began warming up the Glory’s systems.

“Where are you from Jade? Were you born on Dantooine?”

“I was born on Corellia, right after the first Death Star was destroyed.”

“How did you end up here?”

“My family moved from Corellia when my father died,” She paused as she recalled what was obviously a painful memory, “He was working for the Rebel Alliance, spying on the Corellian governor when he was caught. The Emperor ordered him executed. The Alliance moved my mother and I otherwise we might have been killed too.”

“What happened to your mother?”

“She died two years ago, none of the doctors could tell me why. I think it was because she couldn’t stand to live without my father. Shortly after that I was out walking and stumbled on the Enclave. I was alone with nowhere to go. Something told me there was something special about the place, I never really undersood it until I found the library room. I didn’t really know what it was but I felt something inside me telling me I should stay, and so I did…until you came.”

“I believe the Force guided you to the Enclave Jade, and compelled you to stay there. The Force flows strongly through you Jade, even though you don’t know how to use it. When we arrive at the academy, I’m sure Master Skywalker will have many questions for you, and you will be able to ask questions of him.”

Alaura was silent as she finished the preflight checks and received her departure clearance from the Khoonda docking authority. Then, she lifted the Glory out of the hanger, engaged the main engines, and pushed the ship into space. Next, she opened a channel to the Republic fleet.

“Republic flagship this is Dawn’s Glory.”

“Dawn’s Glory this is the Republic flagship Vanguard. How can we assist you?”

“I need to speak with Admiral Onasi, at his convenience of course.”

“The admiral has been expecting your call Master Jedi. You may approach and use docking bay two.”

“Acknowledged Vanguard, Dawn’s Glory out.”

Alaura expertly guided the Glory past the frigates and corvettes that escorted the fleet and approached the three Mon Calamari capital ships. The Mon Cal cruisers were some of the finest ships in the galaxy and the backbone of the Republic fleet.

“They’re huge,” Jade exclaimed.

“Yes, they are the largest ships in the Republic fleet.”

“I’ve never seen anything like them. This is the first time I’ve been in space since my mother and I left Corellia.”

The Glory set down easily in the docking bay of the Vanguard and Alaura lowered the boarding ramp. Jade followed her out and into the hangar where a Republic commander was waiting for them.

“Welcome aboard the Vanguard Master Bedel. I am Commander Orin, the admiral’s Chief of Staff.”

“Is the admiral prepared to receive us?”

“Both of you?”

“Yes Commander, my companion will be joining us.”

“Of course, follow me.”

Jade trailed after Alaura as she followed Commander Orin through the passageways of the warship. They passed by various soldiers on their way to and from duty, and they received more than a few stares. The commander had apparently taken notice of the looks and offered an explanation.

“I must apologize for the crew Master Jedi. It isn’t every day with have a Jedi on board.”

“No apology is necessary Commander. Most of the worlds I have traveled to have only heard of Jedi from history recordings. I am used to it.”

The commander walked down two more corridors before finally entering a large briefing room. Admiral Aron Onasi was a tall man, whom Alaura guessed to be roughly forty standard years old. His black hair was cut short in true military fashion, and his uniform was sharply pressed and creased.

“Welcome aboard the Vanguard Master Jedi. What can I help you with?”

“I come with a request Admiral.”


“Yes, the Khoonda security force is holding a prisoner, a dark Jedi. I would ask that you take custody of him. Their facilities could not possibly hold him.”

“A dark Jedi? On Dantooine?”

“I’m afraid so Admiral. I battled him near the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. He is wounded but would still pose a more than formidable threat to Khoonda’s meager security force.”

“I understand. I will detail a contingent of soldiers to take custody of the prisoner, and now I have a question for you.”

“Of course Admiral.”

“I have received a request from Luke Skywalker himself to guard the ruins you spoke of. What is so damn important down there?”

“A Jedi archive Admiral. We need to ensure that it remains intact until Master Tionne arrives to secure it.”

“Very well, I will send some men down to secure it.”

“I thank you Admiral. I will take my leave now if you no longer require my presence.”

Onasi nodded “May the Force be with you.”

The Chief of Staff led them back to the Glory and Alaura guided the ship out of the Vanguard's hangar bay and then steered them clear of the Republic fleet. She programmed the return trip to Yavin IV, engaged the hyperdrive and turned to Jade.

"The trip to Yavin Four will take some time. I think we should examine the holocube the governor gave me."

The pair left the cockpit and proceeded to the control room. At its center sat the Glory's library computer. Alaura extracted the holocube from the pouch on her belt and placed it in a reader on the computer's control panel. The computer hummmed and displayed the image of a human woman in Jedi robes who looked very much like Jade. Then, she began to speak...

“I am making this recording for the historic record and leaving it in the care of Governor Tarena Adare. My name is Laren Tir, and I am the one the Jedi refer to as The Exile. I am preparing to leave Dantooine, which has been my home for the last several years, possibly for the last time. The Jedi Order has seen a new day through the works of the Jedi that I have trained. The old masters are gone, destroyed by Darth Traya, but the Enclave here is filled with students including my own son. Recently a dark presence has clouded the Force and I cannot allow it to continue. As much as I did not want it to, the prophecy of Darth Traya has come true. I must leave all that I care about to track the darkness to its source and destroy it. The archive at the Enclave will retain the chronicles of the Order as it continues to grow and the archive on Telos must remain hidden, known only to those of us that have seen it. If I fail in my quest, the Sith may return and the Republic will be crushed. If I succeed I will return, and the Telos academy will be reopened as Atris had planned. May the Force be with us all.,,”

The image faded away and the holoprojector shut down.

07-04-2006, 11:34 PM
I like it. Very in depth and exciting. a little bit of probem with spelling, but other than that. Great.
Really looking forward to seeing more.

07-15-2006, 12:07 PM
“The Exile was courageous,” Alaura said “She left to face the darkness alone, and it appears that what Bastila told me was true.”

“Who?” Jade asked

“An ancient Jedi Master that I encountered on Dantooine, she told me you were a descended from the woman in the recording. Your father was right about the Jedi in your family. I wonder how old the lightsaber you have is.”

“I don’t know, all my mother ever told me was that it was a family heirloom.”

“Something else The Exile mentioned troubles me…she made mention of an archive on Telos, but I know of no such archive ever existing.”

“Could the records have been lost?”

“Perhaps..Master Tionne and Master Skywalker would know more. I must meditate on The Exile’s words, perhaps the Force will show me something I am overlooking.”


“Yes, it is how a Jedi centers herself in the Force. You may join me if you like, I could show you.”

“I’d like that.”

“Very well, there are still several hours until we reach Yavin. The quiet reflection may give us some guidance. Sit with me Jade.”

The girl joined her on the floor of the compartment.

“Jedi meditation is both peaceful and healing for the body and the mind. It allows a Jedi to become one with the Force. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Let the Force flow through you Jade, it is there and I know you can feel it. It exists even in the darkness of space. Let the emotion of today fall away and peace replace it. Focus on these words Jade, the Code of the Jedi. There is no emotion, there is peace; There is no ignorance, there is knowledge; There is no passion, there is serenity; There is no chaos, there is harmony; There is no death, there is the Force.”

The pair settled into their meditation and the Dawn’s Glory continued its journey to Yavin IV.


The wind swept the dusty surface of the planet, and its sun beat down upon the barren land. The place was devoid of all life, except for them. The pair dwelt in the ruins of a forgotten outpost, abandoned by the galaxy long ago.

“Bareth has failed Master.”

“I am aware of his failure, he was bested by a Jedi, a powerful one at that.”

“So then what we were seeking is now in the hand of the Jedi. How will we retrieve it.?”

“We will let the Jedi uncover what we wish to know. They will lead us to our prize. I have foreseen it. We will possess the teachings of Revan, and we will return the Empire to its rightful place of power.”


Alaura broke her meditation as she felt the Glory come out of hyperspace. She returned to the cockpit and contacted the Academy.

“Yavin Four control this is the Dawn’s Glory.”

“Dawn’s Glory, Yavin Control. You are clear to land at the Academy. Welcome back Master Bedel.”

Alaura guided the ship through the planet’s upper atmosphere and brought her easily into the Academy’s hangar. Jade joined her as she lowered the ship’s boarding ramp.

“What will happen now Alaura?”

“Master Skywalker will no doubt want to meet with you. Beyond that I can’t say.”

“I’m kind of scared.”

“You have no reason to be afraid, this is the safest place in the galaxy. We should go now, Master Skywalker will be waiting.”

Alaura led the way down the ramp and saw that she was correct. Waiting in the hangar was Luke Skywalker.

“Alaura, welcome back. It’s good to see you.”

“And you as well Master.”

Skywalker turned to Jade and regarded her for a moment before speaking.

“You must be Jade, welcome to Yavin Four. I am Luke Skywalker.”

“I know,” Jade responded more than a little tentatively.

“I sense your trepidation Jade, but surely you can feel you are in no danger here.”

“I know, it’s just that I’ve never been off Dantooine.”

“She was born on Corellia Master,” Alaura added.

“That is General Solo’s home system as well. Perhaps you willbe able to meet him sometime. He brings the Falcon here once in awhile.”

“The Millennium Falcon?”

“Yes, that’s Han’s ship.”

“My father used to tell me stories about that ship. He said it was the fastest he’d ever seen.”

“Your father knew Han then?”

“Well, he worked for the Alliance. He was a spy.”

“Interesting. We have much to discuss you and I, but that can wait. We will get you settled into the guest quarters, and then perhaps we can talk. Will you see to that Master Bedel.”

“I will Master.”

“Very good. Please come see me in my chambers once you are done.”

“Yes Master.” Alaura turned to Jade, “Follow me, and we’ll get you set up.”

After she ensured that Jade had everything she needed Alaura joined Luke in his chamber. He was meditating but looked up as she entered.

“The Force is strong in your new friend Alaura. Stronger than any I have Felt in some time.”

“Bastila said she is descended from The Exile.”

“Yes, you mentioned your encounter with Master Shan. Do you have any idea why she chose to commune with you?”

“She said because she was unable to commune with Jade.”

“It is true that Jade most likely would not be receptive to Bastila’s attempt to reach her, does Jade know about any of this.”

“At least to the point that several of her ancestors were powerful Jedi.”

“You mentioned a holo of The Exile.”

“I have it here Master,” Alaura replied producing it, “would you like to view it?”

Luke nodded and Alaura inserted the holocube into the terminal that was in the room. After they had viewed the recording Luke turned to her.

“The archive on Telos should be uncovered, but I would like to speak with Jade before we continue.”

“I will bring her Master.”

Alaura found Jade in the quarters she had been given, the girl was meditating as Alaura had instructed her on the trip from Dantooine.

“Jade, I apologize for interrupting, Master Skywalker wishes to see you.”

“I was wondering what was taking so long.” Jade replied smiling. “Lead on.”

As they made their way back to Luke, Alaura noticed Jade had a different aura about her. She no longer seemed as fearful as she had when they arrived at the Academy. She seemed almost at peace.

“You have centered yourself Jade. You are much calmer than before.”

“Yeah, I feel much better. The meditation technique you taught me really helped.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

“I want to become a Jedi Alaura, like you, like The Exile.”

“I would like to see that happen, and you should mention that to Master Skywalker. He will decide if you will be trained, but I hope he agrees. I think you could be a great Jedi one day.”

They arrived back at Luke’s chamber and Alaura turned to Jade.

“You will meet with Master Skywalker alone. I will be in the library.”

Jade nodded and entered Skywalker’s chamber. Alaura found her way to the academy’s library to research the Telos academy and The Exile.

07-30-2006, 03:27 PM
The Imperial Star Destroyer Annihilator and her support ships were some of the last of the Empire’s assets in the Outer Rim. Admiral Wynton Rice knew that the bastion of power he once served with pride was crumbling and was all but dead. Emperor Palpatine was gone, killed by Darth Vader, and the Imperial Navy was on the run. His battle group was one of 5 that he knew of in the Rim and he had not heard from any of the others for months.

So, with hesitation, he decided to follow the woman that had appeared virtually out of nowhere several months ago. She called herself Darth Malice and proclaimed herself the successor to the Emperor’s throne. Rice had seen what Darth Vader could do with the Force, and if this woman was what she claimed to be, he certainly was not going to argue with her. She had instructed him to position his ships in orbit of Dxun, one of the moons of Onderon, and wait further instructions. She had said the Rebels would never look for his ships here and so far she had been right.

Rice figured the Rebels were occupied maintaining their hold on the Core Worlds, but he also knew that several Rebel ships had been assigned to hunt down the remnants of the Imperial Fleet. Rice figured if the Rebels ever found him he would most likely be outnumbered and outgunned anyway. It was for that reason that he found the message that Captain Veridan, the Annihilator’s operational commander, had brought him very disturbing.

“Are you that message is genuine Captain?”

“Yes Admiral, we are to depart Dxun at once and proceed to Korriban. We will take on a passenger there and receive further orders.”

“We will be completely exposed. Has she gone mad? If the Rebels detect us...”

“We likely won’t live long enough to tell anyone Sir.”

Veridan was right, and Rice knew it. If he followed Darth Malice’s orders and took his ships to Korriban they would be only a sector away from the Yavin system where the Rebels had a strong presence. If they were detected a Rebel fleet would track them down and crush them.

“Shall I order all ships to prepare for departure Sir?”

Rice thought about the question. If he moved and was caught they would be captured or killed. If he didn’t move, and this woman was she claimed to be he might die anyway.

“Yes Captain, issue orders to the fleet. We will depart for Korriban within the hour.”

“Aye Sir.”

The Captain saluted and when Rice reciprocated he turned and left Rice alone in his quarters.


Alaura was still in the academy library when Master Skywalker tracked her down. Sensing his approach, she looked up from her data pad.

“Master, how did your discussion with Jade go?”

“Very well, she is a bright young woman. She has expressed an interest in training here. You have left a very strong impression on her Alaura, and she admires you greatly. I believe you should take Jade as your apprentice.”

Alaura was slightly shocked at this revelation from her Master.

“I’ve never had an apprentice before, how will I know what and how to teach her?”

“Alaura, you were not granted the title of Master lightly. In your time here you have left your imprint on many students. Your skill with a lightsaber is unmatched, and whether you believe it or not your knowledge of the Force rivals any of the Council members.”

“Thank you for the kind words Master.”

“They are more than words Alaura, and deep inside you know it. Take Jade in, instruct here in the ways of the Jedi. Use your own knowledge, and the knowledge of the other Masters. If Jade remains untrained, she could fall to the dark side and could very well become another version of my father.”

“I will not allow that to happen, I will train her Master.”

“I expected you would. She is strong in the Force, and will learn quickly. I will convene the Council to decide what we should do about this archive that may exist on Telos. Good luck Alaura, and May the Force be with you.”

As Master Skywalker departed Alaura tried to gather her thoughts. Her master obviously thought much of her if he felt she could train Jade as well as the other masters. She knew that her title of Master was not merely a title. She decided it was time to seek out her new apprentice and begin her lessons.


Captain Veridan walked up beside Admiral Rice on the Annihilator’s bridge.

“We are clear of Dxun Sir. We are ready to depart on your orders.”

“Very well Captain, order the hyperspace jump.”

“Yes Sir.”

Veridan turned and nodded to the ship’s comm officer who signaled the Annihilator’s support ships. With that signal the battle group leapt into hyperspace bound for whatever awaited them on Korriban.


Alaura found Jade in her room stowing the clothes the academy’s quartermaster had given her. She looked up as Alaura entered.

“Master Skywalker has told me that you intend to stay.”

“Yes, I want to learn to use the Force. I want to be a Jedi.”

“Master Skywalker said as much, and I have glad that you have made that choice. Master Skywalker has also asked me to take you as my apprentice.”

Jade smiled at the thought, “He did? What did you tell him?”

“I have agreed to train you in the ways of the Jedi. You must know though that the path you have chosen is not and easy one. A Jedi’s life is sacrifice.”

“I understand Master.”

“It is important that you do. It is also important that you know that I am not only your teacher, I am your friend. The other masters are your friends. Seek us out if you have trouble. Your life has been full of much hardship, but there is not a Jedi here who cannot relate in some way. Holding your feelings inside will only make them fester and turn you into a tool of the dark side. Let that be your first lesson.”

“I understand and I trust you Alaura. I am ready to learn what you have to teach me.”

“Good, we will begin tomorrow. The past couple days have been trying for both of us. We need to rest and replenish our energy. I will meet you in the academy library in the morning. There your lessons will begin. Sleep well, good night.”

“Good night master.”

The morning light on Yavin IV saw both master and apprentice in the library of the Jedi Academy. Alaura had discarded the combat suit Kyle had given her in favor of her own black tunic, robe, and dark brown pants. Jade had donned a more traditional lighter brown robe, white tunic, and pants, the clothes of a Jedi Padawan.

“The Jedi Code is more than just words. It is what defines a Jedi’s life and her actions. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. One of the most important things a Jedi can do, Jade, is to surround herself with knowledge. The computer terminals here can access most of the Jedi archives. Your charge is to absorb as much of that knowledge as possible. You will spend at least one hour every day studying the archives and the history of the Jedi and of the Republic. Understand the teachings of the old masters and why they failed. Study the fall and redemption of Revan, the fall of Exar Kun and of Ulic Quel Droma. More recently study the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. Only through knowledge of the past can we avoid repeating it.”

“I understand Master.”

“Good, I will check in on you later and we will work on some Force techniques.”

Alaura left her young apprentice to her studying. She wanted to speak with Master Katarn about which direction she should take Jade’s training.


Admiral Rice had scarcely ordered his battle group out of hyperspace when they received a hail from Korriban.

“Admiral, we have received a message from Darth Malice.”

“Let’s have it.”

“She sends that there will be a shuttle arriving shortly carrying her apprentice Darth Ragnos. She directs that we receive him and follow his instructions.”

“Very well, I will meet Lord Ragnos in the shuttle bay. Detail a contingent of stormtroopers to meet me there.”

“Yes Admiral.”

Rice proceeded from the bridge and took the turbolift to the hangar deck of the Star Destroyer. He arrived in the shuttle bay just in time for the shuttle’s ramp to lower. The squad of stormtroopers was already in position with four troopers on each side of the ramp as it came down. From the shuttle interior came a man in jet black garments with his head and face shrouded by the hood of his equally black robe. Rice could see his eyes which almost seemed to glow yellow and the skin of his hands was an unhuman shade of gray. He stopped in front of Rice and the Imperial admiral was more afraid than he had been of anything in his entire life.

“My master sends her regards Admiral Rice. I am Darth Ragnos. I serve my master as you do. She bids that you provide me quarters until she deems otherwise.”

“Of course my Lord. Do you require anything else?”

“Only that I am not to be disturbed.”

“Yes my Lord.” he turned to the senior stormtrooper, “escort Lord Ragnos to the V.I.P quarters at once.”

“Yes Sir,” the trooper replied saluting.

Rice almost shuddered as he watched the dark lord follow the stormtroopers out of the hangar bay.

Alaura retrieved Jade from the library and had her now in the courtyard of the massive Massasai Temple. She was teaching her some of the more basic Force techniques such as push, pull, and jump. Jade was proving to be a quick study just as Master Skywalker had predicted. She had quickly mastered the push and pull techniques and the Alaura had discovered her to be quite agile when teaching her how to control her jumps. Alaura smiled at her as she completed a front flip over an obstacle.

“Very impressive Jade. You’re learning quickly.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Now, this next technique is slightly more difficult.” She pointed to a large rock, “I want you to concentrate, and move that rock across the courtyard. You already know the basics, now put them together.”

Jade stood next to Alaura and closed her eyes. She stretched her hand out toward the rock, and very slowly it began to lift off the ground. Then, it dropped and Jade’s eyes opened.

“It’s too big Master.”

Alaura shook her head, “No, forget about the size. Size does not matter when it comes to the Force. Now, try again.”

Jade’s eyes closed again, and her hand stretched out. The rock rose until it was several inches off the ground. Then, very slowly it began to move across the courtyard. After a couple of minutes Jade had moved it and set it down again. She opened her eyes and smiled triumphantly.

“Good,” Alaura said “Now move it back.”

Jade looked her for a moment and then did as she was instructed returning the rock to its original spot.

“Excellent,” Alaura praised, “that’s enough for today, but before I release you, a quick quiz…There is no emotion…”

“There is peace.”

“Good. there is no ignorance”

“There is knowledge.”

“There is no passion.”

“There is serenity.”

“There is no death.”

“There is the Force.”

“Excellent Jade. I have one more question for you to think about tonight. Explain to me why your ancestor, The Exile, was sentenced as she was. You’ve seen the record of her trial; now tell me why the old masters did what they did. I will expect your answer before we begin our sparring session tomorrow. You are dismissed.”

08-07-2006, 07:28 AM
Another great chapter, i hope you continue this. :D

08-07-2006, 01:54 PM
Thank you...as long as I know someone is reading it I'll continue to post. The great majority of the story is actually written. It's simply a matter of a little revision and posting it here.

08-13-2006, 04:52 AM
The following morning, the two met in the academy courtyard. Alaura had with her the vibroswords they would be using for practice. She handed one to Jade and then questioned her.

“Have you thought about my question?”

“I have Master. Knowing what the Exile was, I believe the old masters exiled her because they did not understand her, and also partly because they were afraid of what they would find if they attempted to do so.”

“Very good Jade. The events that followed the Exile’s return and the attempt of the old masters to sever her from the Force proves that they did not understand what she was or why she carried with her the burden that she did. Now we will work on some combat forms. Stand in front of me and mirror my actions.”

Jade did as she was instructed and Alaura began to move through the most basic lightsaber form, Shii-Cho. Jade picked up almost immediately and was soon mimicking Alaura’s every move. The master nodded her approval.

“Good, let’s try something a bit more difficult now.”

Alaura initiated the second form, Makashi. Again, Jade picked up on the stances of the form almost immediately, and Alaura could not help but be impressed. No student she had taught had picked up the first two forms so quickly.

“Since you seem to be able to have picked up the form movements we will try some low speed sparring.”

Alaura adopted the first form, and began to step Jade through the movements. While her movements were slightly jerky she was able to move to each position without thinking. Alaura repeated it two more times until Jade was nearly perfect.

“Now, the entire first form and transition to the second.”

Alaura moved, and Jade mirrored. She transitioned so smoothly into the second form that Alaura decided to pick up the pace.

“Begin again, half speed.”

On and on they went until they were at full speed with vibroswords clanging together and making quite a racket in the courtyard. So much so that it drew several of the other students out to watch them, and even Kyle Katarn joined the crowd. As they finished one of their many repetitions Alaura stopped her. Much to the surprise of both of them applause broke out from the crowd of onlookers. Alaura made a motion and dismissed the pack of students leaving only Kyle Katarn. Alaura turned to Jade.

“Why don’t you get cleaned up and resume your studies in the library. I will meet with you later.”

“Yes Master.” The girl bowed and left the courtyard leaving the two Jedi masters.

“The kid is good,” Kyle commented.

“Yes, she is. She learns almost faster than I can teach.”

“There’s still plenty for her to learn. This Jedi stuff doesn’t come easy for anyone.”

Alaura laughed. “Tell her that!”

That brought a smile to Kyle’s face. “Fast learner or not that was quite a display you two put on.”

“Thank you, I could not have asked for a better student than Jade.”

“She has a pretty good teacher too.”

“Thank you Kyle. That means a great deal to me coming from you.”

“No sweat. Keep it up. I’ll catch ya later.”

With that he walked away. Alaura smiled to herself, despite his gruff exterior Kyle Katarn had a good heart. She respected the elder Jedi and welcomed his input, and the compliments he’d given her were indeed high praise. She collected the vibroswords and headed off to return them to the armory before cleaning up and meeting Jade in the library.

When she found her apprentice again Jade had a stack of data pads in front of her again. The girl had absorbed decades of Republic and Jedi history in just a couple of days. Clearly her intellect was on just as high a level as her other skills, and her mastery of the basic Force techniques was beyond anything Alaura had ever seen. Jade looked up from her reading as Alaura approached her.

“That was quite a show you put on back there Jade.”

“Thank you Master. I don’t really understand how I picked up those forms so quickly.”

“I think it is a direct result of your strong connection to the Force. It allows you to learn on a much faster scale than any normal apprentice. Still, even though you are doing well you should not be too proud of your accomplishments. Pride can lead to dark thoughts.”

“I understand. So, what’s next?”

“I think that you should spend some time studying lightsaber design. I have no doubt that you will be constructing your own very soon. You may keep your family heirloom of course, but every Jedi constructs her own lightsaber. It becomes part of her and serves as a test of her skills.”

Jade nodded, “where can I find the information?”

Alaura extracted a small holocube from a pouch on her belt.

“This holocube contains the information you need. Later today Master Horn will work with you on a few more advanced Force techniques. He will meet you in three hours. You may study as you wish to for that time. I will be around the academy should you need me.”

Jaded nodded and went back to reading the data pad in her hand. Alaura turned and left, her robe trailing behind her.


The remainder of Jade’s first week of training went nearly as well as the first two days. She continued to absorb her lessons on an unbelievable level, and had surpassed some students that had been at the academy for months. At the end of that week, Alaura met with Master Skywalker to update him on her progress. Alaura found the Jedi master in his quarters.

“Master Bedel, please come in.”

“I have come to update you on Jade’s progress Master.”

“I have heard that her training goes quite well. Kyle told me about your sparring session in the courtyard.”

“She is amazing Master. In one week she has surpassed padawans that have been here for several months. I have never encountered a student as strong as Jade. It won’t be long before I’ll have nothing left to teach her.”

“A Jedi learns all her life Alaura. You know that as well as I, but you are correct about your apprentice. She is very powerful, and I believe that whomever the master of the dark Jedi you met on Dantooine is will not stop looking for her. They will try to corrupt her, turn into a weapon against us as the Emperor turned my father.”

“I will not allow that to happen.”

“The choice ultimately will not be yours Alaura. Just as Obi-Wan Kenobi could not save my father from himself. Continue Jade’s training. When you feel she is ready you may take her through the trials and submit her to the council for evaluation.”

“Yes Master.”

Alaura bowed and left Skywalker’s quarters.


As Alaura continued Jade’s lessons she continued to be amazed by how fast the girl learned. Jade had mastered many of the more complicated Force techniques in days instead of weeks. She honed her lightsaber skills until she was nearly as fast as Alaura. Alaura couldn’t help but wonder if this is what the Exile had been like, a force among Jedi, nearly unstoppable.

By the end of their second week together Jade was sparring with Kyle’s padawans and she was winning. She had gathered all of the parts necessary to build her own lightsaber with the exception of a focusing crystal. Master Skywalker and some of the other masters had gathered crystals from several places in the galaxy and brought them to Yavin IV. They had also rigged one of the other temples with several obstacles for the students to pass. They required not only use of the Force, but also intelligence, and physical ability. Alaura had selected a focusing crystal for Jade, silver, one of the more rare crystals. She placed it in the temple as Jade’s reward if she passed the trials which Alaura had no doubt that she would do.

At the end of Jade’s third week of training Alaura summoned her apprentice to meet her outside the temple of trials.

“Good morning Jade.”

“Good morning Master. What do you have for me today? More sparring?”

Alaura frowned at Jade, “You should be proud of your progress Jade but arrogance does not suit you and it can lead you to dark places.”

“I apologize Master.”

“It’s okay, I am only reminding you of that which you already know. That said, I have a different task for you today. Today you face the trials that are set before every apprentice. Inside this temple are several obstacles that you must overcome. They will test your knowledge of the Force, your intelligence, and you physical ability. Should you overcome them, at the top of the temple, is the last part you require for your lightsaber the focusing crystal.”

“I see.”

“You must undertake these trials alone. Only through the Force can you succeed.”

“I understand Master.”

“Good, I will wait for your return here.”

Alaura watched as Jade entered the temple and faded from her sight. As she disappeared Master Skywalker walked up next to Alaura.

“You believe she is ready Alaura?”

“Yes Master, more than ready. I believe she will succeed.”

“She is powerful, and while her training has moved quickly I sense balance within her. The Council has decided to send you and your apprentice to Telos to uncover whatever remains of the hidden academy there if anything at all.”

Alaura turned to face her Master and friend.

“Has Master Tionne returned from Dantooine? There may be information in the Enclave’s records that could help us.”

“Tionne is at the temple on Coruscant. She is archiving the information there.”

“That is where we will begin then.”

“I agree Alaura and I believe when Jade emerges she will be ready to face the Council.”

Alaura nodded in agreement, “After she has assembled her lightsaber of course.”

“Of course,” he replied with a smile.


Jade entered the temple, and she could feel the Force resonating from the structure. She was surprised at its strength as old as the structure was. As she peered ahead of her she could see three paths. One led to the upper levels of the temple, the second led to the east wing, and the third branched off to the west.

Jade closed her eyes and focused on the Force as Alaura had taught her. As she felt the currents of the Force she was bid toward the upper level. She opened her eyes and started forward. She felt it before she saw it and then it was too late. The floor opened beneath her and she fell down into the pit landing with a grunt.

“Nice job Jade,” she muttered, “You’ve barely entered the place and you’re already on your backside.”

She summoned the Force to her and leapt up out of the pit. Having recovered from that minor setback Jade moved carefully across the room toward the path leading up. As she reached the alcove which lead to a ramp she could see that it was obscured. A heavy pillar had fallen, or more likely was placed across it. Jade took a deep breath and stretched out with the Force. The pillar rumbled, but didn’t move. She refocused her energy and tried again. This time the pillar rumbled and slowly lifted up. Like the rock in the courtyard Jade moved it out of the way and leaned it against the opposite wall. As she moved up the ramp toward the second level she located another trip wire, and avoided it painfully remembering her last experience.

On the second level was a long corridor at the end of which Jade could see a door. Jade knew that the corridor had to have some sort of trap, or more likely more than one. As she stepped into the passage way the ceiling opened up and three pendulums dropped down attached to which were razor sharp blades. They swung back and forth ominously threatening to slice anything that came near them.

“Interesting,” Jade said aloud “Primitive, but effective.”

After watching the deadly pendulums for several minutes Jade believed she had detected a pattern she could exploit, but only if she moved quickly. She stepped back and summoned the Force to her. Then she bolted forward. Her legs felt lighter than air, and she moved with the speed of a malraas dodging between the pendulums as they swung. When she was beyond them she approached the door, and it wouldn’t budge.

Jade looked for a locking mechanism, but could find none. She stepped back and examined the door again but could find now way to open it. She reached out with the Force and concentrated on the door. Slowly it slid away and revealed the ramp up to the third level. She cautiously walked through the doorway and it was good thing because as she did the section of the ramp ahead of her crumbled and fell away.

She leapt across the gap created by the crumbling stone and landed safely on the other side. She followed the ramp up to the third level without incident, and she entered the expansive room that made up the level she suddenly felt strange. The Force was incredibly strong in this room, even though it appeared empty. She could see the next path up, the one she knew must lead to the final level of the temple and the crystal for her lightsaber. As she began to move across the room a voice called to her.

“Jade, my only child.”

08-25-2006, 02:57 AM
The voice had come from behind her, and it was a voice that Jade knew. She turned around and saw a form walking toward her. The apparition was bathed in a soft blue glow and Jade immediately recognized the man.


“Yes Jade, it’s me.”


“Think about what you know.”

“This could only be possible through the Force.”

Her father nodded “The Force is very strong in our family as you know from your own experience.”

“But you were not a Jedi.”

“No, but one does not need to be a Jedi to feel the Force. Your presence and the strength of the Force in this temple were enough to draw me here.”

“I have never heard of such a thing happening, except to very powerful Masters.”

“I assure you daughter, it is me. In death I became part of the Force even though I was never trained to focus it as you have been. Search your feelings, you know I speak the truth.”

Jade studied the apparition and she reached out with the Force. She could find no darkness or deception as she did so. Though she didn’t understand it, this really was her father standing before her.

“Father, I’ve missed you.”

“As I have you daughter. I am sorry that I left you, but I see you wear Jedi robes”

“I never blamed you father, I blamed the Empire, I still do.”

“Do not let your feelings cloud your judgment Jade. Remember what the Jedi have taught you. It has been too long since there has been a Jedi in our family. You should continue on now, your objective waits for you.”

“I wish I didn’t have to lose you again Father.”

“I am not lost Jade. As long as the Force travels with you, so do I. Now go daughter, and finish what you came to do.”

Jade watched as the image of her father faded away. Filled with a renewed sense of purpose she made her way up to the top level of the temple. The room itself comprised the entire level, and guarding a solitary pedestal were three droids. Jade examined them puzzled, and began to approach the pedestal. She noticed that each droid held a blaster rifle right about the time they started firing.

Jade rolled to one side as the blasts impacted on the stone floor kicking up dust and fragments. She tried to think fast and remember how Alaura had taught her to disable machinery with the Force. It was one of the one lessons she had learned but wasn’t particularly good at. She ducked another blaster shot and rolled forward and decided that she’d had just about enough. Dodging another shot she leapt in the air and landed behind the droids. Before they could turn around she reached out with the Force and pushed the one on her left into the wall shattering it. The two remaining raised their rifles and Jade pushed them straight back and they crashed into the stone floor and shattered as the first one had. She approached the pedestal where she reached out and picked up the silver crystal sitting on it.

“You’ve done well Jade, though most students just disable the droids.”

Jade looked up and Alaura stepped into the room.

“I’m sorry Master.”

“No, you improvised and used the Force to pass the trial. We can replace the droids, they were old anyway.”

“Alaura, on the third level, I saw my Father, through the Force.”

Alaura nodded “That room is very strong in the Force. It holds a different experience for each student. Come we should return to the academy.”

The pair returned left the temple and returned to the academy where they found Luke Skywalker waiting for them.

“Welcome back. Alaura was your padawan successful?”

“Yes Master, Jade completed her trials successfully and has retrieved the focusing crystal for her lightsaber.”

“Excellent. You may begin assembling your lightsaber then, and present it to Alaura when you have finished.”

Jade nodded, and left the two Jedi Masters standing together.

“I’m proud of you Alaura. You have taught Jade well. Once her lightsaber has been assembled she can appear before the council.”

“Thank you for the compliment Master.”

“You’re welcome, when she has finished, please come see me. We will travel to Coruscant together.”

Alaura bowed slightly, “Yes Master.”


“What is your bidding Master?”

“Lord Ragnos, instruct Admiral Rice to take his ships to the Telos system. I have forseen that the Jedi will travel there though why is unknown to me.”

“I will do as you command Master, but the admiral will no doubt object. Traveling to Telos will leave his fleet exposed to the Rebels.”

“Persuade him my apprentice. Use whatever means you feel necessary. We must discover why the Jedi are interested in the planet.”

“I will make the admiral see your point of view Master.”

“I have no doubt that you will”

The Sith Lord rose from his knees, drew the hood of his robe over his head and left his quarters bound for the star destroyer’s bridge.

Jae Onasi
08-25-2006, 03:15 AM
My goodness, I go away from this thread for a little while and I come back to tons of chapters. Cool! Story is coming along quite nicely.

For the latest--I have some of the same issues with my action sequences. My beta-reader told me it was because my sentences during those sequences were too long. Yours aren't as long as mine can get (because I'm wordy! :D ), but I thought the length might have slowed things down a bit. She suggested shortening them up a lot--do lots of short sentences with a lot of active/action verbs instead of longer ones. You don't want them all the same length, of course, but it moves the action along faster. So I thought I'd share her tip with you.

The force father showing up was an interesting part of the trial, and it was nice to see Jade being successful at becoming a Jedi.

08-25-2006, 04:53 AM
Thank you for the input. What did you think of the trials sequence as a whole?

09-11-2006, 09:42 PM
Ow!” Jade exclaimed for about the 30th time in the last hour.

Assembling a lightsaber was not nearly as easy as Master Skywalker’s instructions had made it seem to be. She had gotten the majority of the components into the hilt, but the focusing crystal was giving her fits. It had taken her the better part of two days to get this far and all she had to do was get this damn crystal in place and her lightsaber should work. She tried again to set the crystal, and was delighted to see it settle into place, and stay this time. Elated she closed up the hilt, now for the test. Jade picked the lightsaber up off the workbench, stood back, and hit the power switch. The blade ignited illuminating the room with silver light. Jade swung it a few times and tested the weight. It felt good, like it was an extension of her arm. She switched it off and left the workshop in search of her master.

“Take the fleet to Telos? That is madness! Surely Lord Ragnos you realize we will be completely exposed to the Rebels!”

“That is irrelevant admiral. It is not your place to question my master’s orders.”

“Your master,” Rice replied angrily, “will get me killed and my fleet destroyed!”

“I find your lack of faith disturbing Admiral Rice.”

The Sith lord stretched out his hand toward Rice lifted the admiral up by the throat with the Force.

“You will do as you are ordered Admiral Rice, or I will replace you with someone who will.”

He released the officer who fell to the deck of the warship, and without another word he turned and left the bridge. Admiral Rice rose holding his throat and turned to Captain Veridan.

“Do as he says,” Rice rasped “Order the fleet to lay in a course for Telos. Make the hyperspace jump as soon as they are ready.”

Alaura was back in the academy library when Jade found her. She sensed the girl coming and looked up from her data pad.

“So, you are still alive,” Alaura greeted her smiling.

“You doubted me?” Jade replied

“I was beginning to wonder.”

Jade’s response was to pull the lightsaber from her belt and ignited it. Alaura stood and examined the weapon. She put her hand out, and Jade handed the blade over to her master. Alaura stood back went through several movements of the Shii-Cho form. The weapon felt balanced and she was instantly proud of her apprentice.

“A very nice job Jade. I’m very impressed.”

“Thank you Master,” the girl replied bowing.

Alaura switched off the blade and handed it back to Jade and she clipped it back on her belt.

“We should go find Master Skywalker, he will want to leave for Coruscant as soon as possible.”

Jade nodded, and fell into step with her master. The two Jedi found Luke Skywalker in the meditation chamber of the academy.

“Jade, I see you have completed your lightsaber,” he said in greeting.

“Yes Master.”

“Good, then your training is complete. Is she ready to go before the council Master Bedel?”

“Yes Master, she is.”

“Then we will leave for Coruscant in the morning. I will meet the both of you at the Dawn’s Glory.”

“Yes Master.” The two Jedi replied in unison. Alaura then turned to her apprentice.

“Come with me Jade, we’ll end the day with some lightsaber sparring so you can get used to your new one.”


Admiral Aron Onasi did not like what he was hearing.

“You’re sure he’s gone Colonel?”

“Yes Admiral, and he managed to steal one of Khoonda’s interplanetary shuttles.”

“We didn’t detect anything leaving the system, so where is he?”

“I don’t know Sir, but he’s gone.”

“Okay Colonel, bring your men back to the ship.”

“Yes Sir, out.”

Onasi closed the comm channel and immediately opened another one.

“Jedi Academy, Yavin IV.”


Alaura and Jade met Luke in the hangar at morning light.

“Good morning Master Bedel, good morning Jade.”

“Good morning Master,” the two Jedi replied in unison.

“I would have boarded the Glory Alaura, but I was afraid your security system might be active.”

“Master you know I don’t..” Alaura trailed off as she realized that her master was merely teasing her.

The elder Jedi master smiled and Alaura felt her face flush as she smiled back at him. The trio walked up the boarding ramp and Alaura raised it behind them. R2-D5 greeted them as the boarding ramp closed.

“Beep, beep, bleep dreet?”

“To Coruscant D5.” Alaura replied to the little droid.

“Beep beep!” D5 responded before turning and heading back for the ship’s engine room.

“How do you understand him Master?” Jade asked.

“I think it comes from all the time I’ve spent with him. There isn’t much to do when you’re in hyperspace by yourself.”

The group entered the Glory’s cockpit and Alaura turned to Luke.

“Master, would you like to fly her?”

“I would be honored Alaura.”

Skywalker settled into the pilot’s chair and Alaura the co-pilot station. Jade took the third seat, and watched as the two experienced pilots began preparing the ship for takeoff. Alaura had been trying to teach her a how to fly ships in addition to all her Jedi training and she was slowly starting to pick it up. She had to admit that the Force helped her a bit as well. With the pre-flight complete Luke lifted the Glory out of the hangar bay and the ship’s ion engines pushed her into space.


The trip to Coruscant was uneventful and Luke guided the Dawn’s Glory into the hangar at the Jedi Temple with ease. A couple hours later Alaura and Jade were standing in front of the fully assembled Jedi Council. Master Skywalker began the session and addressed them first.

“In the past month, I have watched the two of you together. I have seen you train, and study. You are truly master and apprentice, and I see the bond that has formed between you. Jade, you have embraced the ways of the Jedi faster than any student that I have ever seen and you have much to be proud of.”

“But you should be mindful of your pride,” Mara Jade cautioned. “Do not let it turn to arrogance, or it may take you down a path you will not be able to turn away from.”

“Mara is right” Kyle Katarn interjected. “The dark side is out there kid, and it will consume you if you give it a chance.”

Luke nodded. “You are a Jedi Jade and a student no longer, but just because you are not a student does not mean that you can no longer learn. Listen to your master and continue to learn from her. Know that you are never alone in anything you face. The Force is your ally, and it will guide you. Listen to it, and you will always find the true path. Now, on to the assignment that you and Alaura will undertake. The Council has decided that the two of you will travel to Telos and attempt to uncover the archive that the Exile spoke of in her recording.”

“Be aware Master Bedel,” said Leia Organa, “There is only a small Republic garrison on Telos and most likely they will not be able to give you much support should you run into difficulty.”

“Leia’s right,” Katarn said. “You two will be on your own.”

“We understand the risks Master Katarn,” said Alaura speaking for the first time, “and we are prepared to face them.”

“Be that as it may Alaura, the fewer people that know where you are headed, the better. You may depart when you are ready. May the Force be with you.”

Both Jedi bowed and headed out of the council chamber. As the door whooshed closed behind them Jade turned to her master.

“What now?”

“Now we go see Lista in the temple archive. We need to try and find a clue as to where on Telos we need to start looking.”

“The Exile was not exactly specific was she.”

“No, she was not. Hopefully there will be further mention of the academy in the archives from Dantooine.”

They found Master Tionne’s apprentice, Lista busy in the Jedi archives categorizing the items recovered from Dantooine. She looked up as they approached.

“Welcome Master Bedel, what can I do for you?”

“Have you had a chance to review the information from Dantooine?”

“Very little of it Master Bedel, and an even smaller portion has been sorted and categorized.”

“Can you tell me if there was any mention of Telos in any of what you’ve examined?”

“I don’t believe so. I can search for you, but it will take some time.”

“I understand, Jade and I are departing for Telos tomorrow. The trip will take us two days in hyperspace.”

“I will begin searching immediately Master and contact you if I find anything.”

“Thank you Lista.”

Jade followed Alaura as the pair left the archive.


Luke Skywalker frowned as he listened to the message coming over the holotransmitter.

“Are you certain Admiral Onasi?”

“Unfortunately yes Master Skywalker.”

“That is unfortunate Admiral. Thank you for informing me.”

“You’re welcome, I thought it best to let you know as soon as I could.”

“You were right to do so. Thank you again, Skywalker out.”

The image of Aron Onasi faded and Luke made another call.

“General Wedge Antilles, Republic Fleet headquarters.”

Jade was cold…she could feel an icy wind whipping through her robes and she drew them around her for protection. As she looked around, she saw that she was standing on what appeared to be a snow covered mesa. She had no idea where she was, but something told her that she should know……

Jade woke with a start, and opened her eyes. She blinked several times and realized she was still in the Jedi temple on Coruscant, and not standing on the snow covered mesa. Still, she could not shake the image in her dream. It had been as if she was standing there and she could still feel the cold wind. She climbed off the cot, dressed, and drew her robe around her. Then, she set out to find Master Skywalker.

The hologram of Wedge Antilles shook his head.

“I’m sorry Luke old friend. We just don’t have the resources to spare to Telos. There are still Remnant ships out there and our hold in certain sectors is still shaky. Without some better reason, I can’t divert any ships there.”

“I understand Wedge, but I had to ask.”

“It’s okay, I understand your position, and I wish I could help.”

“Hopefully there won’t be any problems.”

“I hope so too. May the Force be with you my friend.”

“You too Wedge. Skywalker out.”

It was not often Luke had the desire to have the Republic military check up on his Jedi, and Alaura was certainly more than capable, but he couldn’t help shake the feeling that there was something waiting for Alaura and Jade on Telos. His thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind him.

“Pardon me, Master Skywalker.”

Luke turned and saw Jade standing at the entrance to his quarters.

“Yes Jade, what is it?”

“I had a very strange dream, and was wondering if I could have your insight.”

“Of course, tell me about it.”

“I was standing on what looked like a mesa, but it was covered with snow and ice.The wind was blowing and it was freezing cold. When I woke up I still felt like I was right there.”

Luke thought about what the young Jedi had told him before responding.

“It sounds to me like you have experienced a Force vision Jade.”

“A vision?”

“Yes, shown to you by the Force. Considering your strength I am not surprised. Did you recognize the location at all?”

“No, I’ve never seen it before, but something inside me tells me that I should know what it is.”

Luke turned to his computer terminal and entered a few commands. The computer responded with an image of a planet.

“This is Telos, and it is as I suspected. The planet has a sizable polar region.”

“Do you think my vision is a clue to the location of the academy?”

“Perhaps. It is at least somewhere to start looking.”

“Thank you for your help Master.”

“Anytime,” Skywalker replied with a smile.

“I should get some sleep now.”

“Of course.”

Luke watched the girl go and thought that perhaps his feelings of dread were misplaced after all.

09-22-2006, 01:11 AM
The Annihilator and her support ships dropped out of hyperspace at the edge of the Telos system.

“We’ve arrived in the Telos system Admiral,” Captain Veridan reported.

“Very good Captain, we will do as Lord Malice has instructed. Set up the interdictor field.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Has there been any indication from Telos that they are aware of our presence?”

“No Admiral, none. It is possible that we are beyond the range of their planetary sensors.”

“You fools underestimate the dark side’s power,” Darth Ragnos interjected coming up behind them. “It is I who shields your ships from detection. They will not see you until I wish it. Only when we have sprung my Master’s trap on the Jedi will anyone know you exist, and when we do Admiral, they must be taken alive.”

“As you command Lord Ragnos.”

Jade joined Alaura in the temple hangar at first light and related to her master the previous night’s events.

“It appears the Force has chosen to guide us on our journey.”

“Master Skywalker said as much.”

“Perhaps now we can help Lista refine her search of the archive.”

Alaura extracted her comm. link from her belt and contacted the Jedi Archive.

“Master Bedel to Padawan Lista.”

“I am here Master Bedel”

“How is your search of the archives going?”

“Several mentions of Telos,” the apprentice historian replied, “but no mention of any academy ever being there.”

“I have some new information for you Lista. Concentrate on any mention of the polar region of Telos.”

“I will narrow my search appropriately Master and get back to you as soon as I can.”

“Jade and I will be departing shortly so you will have to contact us on the Glory.”

“Yes Master Bedel, Lista out.”

Alaura replaced the comm. link and turned to face her apprentice.

“Okay, that’s done, let’s go load up the ship.”

“Right behind you Master.”

The two Jedi walked side by side to where the Dawn’s Glory sat and started loading the supply crates that Alaura had requested as they discussed their pending mission to Telos. As they were finishing up Luke Skywalker joined them.

“How are your preparations going Alaura?”

“We’re ready to go Master.”

“Good. Be careful Alaura, I sense a growing darkness over this mission.”

“I am always careful Master.”

Luke didn’t reply, but instead turned to Jade.

“Jade, trust in Alaura, and remember what she has taught you.”

“Yes Master, as if she’d let me forget.”

Luke smiled at the girl as Alaura frowned at her apprentice.

“You can still learn much from her Jade. Good luck to you both and we’ll be waiting to hear from you. May the Force be with you.”

Skywalker departed and the pair boarded the Glory taking up their positions in the ship’s cockpit. Alaura verified their departure clearance while Jade ran checks on the ship’s systems.

“All systems are green Master.”

Alaura nodded, “Time to get going then.”

She activated the Glory’s repulsors and guided the ship out of the hangar. Once they were clear of Coruscant’s space lanes she looked at Jade.

“Want to take her to hyperspace?”


Jade entered the hyperspace coordinates for Telos and then reached for the Glory’s hyperdrive controls. The hyperdrive responded and pushed the ship into hyperspace. Alaura smiled over at Jade,

“I’ll make a pilot out of you yet.”


Bareth knelt before his master knowing that he was completely at the mercy of the Dark Lord.

“I have failed Master, and for that I accept your punishment.”

“You have indeed failed Bareth, but Lord Malice has said that the failing was not all yours, but part hers for underestimating the Jedi. She has given me permission to spare you this time. You will get your chance to avenge the loss of your limb.”

“The Jedi was powerful Master, but the strength of the girl was beyond words.”

“The girl is the key apprentice. If she can be turned, not even the Jedi will be able to stop us. They will both be within our reach. I can feel them approaching. We will capture them, break them, and turn them both.”

“What if they will not be turned Master?”

“Then they will both die. Rise apprentice and prepare yourself for your revenge.”

Hyperspace travel being the monotonous experience that it was, Jade and Alaura found different ways to occupy their time. They sparred, meditated, and Alaura related to her apprentice some of the things she had experienced since becoming a Jedi. They received a call from the Jedi Archives late in the first day.

“I’m sorry Master Bedel, but I can find no mention of an academy on Telos anywhere in the archive including the data that came from Datooine,” the hologram of Lista stated.

“It’s okay Lista,” Alaura replied, “thank you for searching for me and express my thanks to Master Tionne as well.”

“I will do so. Lista out.”

Alaura turned to Jade.

“No mention of any academy on Telos.”

“I heard, so where do we start?”

“I don’t know, perhaps the government on Telos will have some sort of historical record that we can examine.”

Mid-way through their second day of travel the computer signaled their approach to the Telos system. Then, everything went wrong. The Glory shook, rattled, and dropped violently out of hyperspace. The ship’s alarm shrieked loudly.

“Jade, check our systems what happened?!”

“Hyperdrive is offline, shields offline, proton torpedo launcher offline, the nav computer is down…..we’ve lost half our systems!”

As Alaura tried to bring the Glory back to life, her proximity alarm blared.

“Two ships…Imperial frigates Master, closing fast!”

Alaura suddenly realized what was happening, and she didn't like it one bit.

“That was an interdictor field we hit, they don’t want to attack us, they want to capture us. We may not be able to fight them, but we can still outrun them, hang on!”

Alaura engaged the Glory’s main engine and shoved the throttle forward. The ship responded immediately and Alaura pointed her at Telos hoping she could outrun the Imperials ships and land safely on the surface. Then the shooting started….


On board the Imperial interdictor frigate Vindicator, Captain Gan Martec gave the order.

“Fire on that ship, Lieutenant. Cripple them, do not destroy them. Our orders are to capture the Jedi alive.”

“Yes Sir,” his weapons officer responded.

After a few moments of spraying turbolaser fire at the target Martec realized the smaller ship was incredibly nimble and the he could see its pilot was not going to give up. Martec turned to his executive officer Commander Ras.

“Commander, dispatch the T.I.E. fighters.”

“Yes Sir.”


“T.I.E. fighters Master!”

“Not good.” Alaura responded to Jade’s report willing the Glory to go faster.

As if in response, the T.I.E’s began firing at the Glory and scored hits almost immediately.

“They’ve hit engine one Master!”

“Hang on Jade, this is gonna be a rough ride.”

Alaura pointed the ship toward the polar region of Telos as shots from the fighters continued to rock the ship.

“They want to cripple us. We don’t have any shields. If they wanted us dead we’d be space dust,” Alaura stated as Jade finally silenced the Glory’s alarm. Another shot hit home and the Glory shook violently.

“That was engine two Master, thrusters and repulsors are offline!”

“We’re going in hard! I’m going to try and put us down somewhere in the polar region. Hang on!”

Alaura fought the Glory for control as the ship angled downward entering the Telos atmosphere. She worked the helm controls even as the ship’s computer fought her for control. They plummeted down and impacted hard on the surface of a large mesa. The ship’s underside scraped on the surface and Jade and Alaura were thrown from their chairs. R2-D5 was flung forward from the engine compartment and into the control room wall. The little droid’s power core was all but destroyed causing him to shut down.

The ship was silent for several hours and Alaura was the first to regain consciousness.

“Ughh,” she groaned as she lifted herself up off the deck. She immediately went to check on Jade who was also slowly coming around.

“Are you okay Jade?”

“Ohh…my head,” she moaned as she willed herself into a sitting position.

Alaura laid her hand on Jade and focused what energy she could muster on easing the girl’s injuries. Jade looked up at her,

“That feels better..thanks.”

“We need to figure out where we are. I have no doubt the Remnant will come after us once they realize we are here.”


“Where are they?” Captain Martec asked.

“They’ve crashed on the surface Sir. Our fighters didn’t dare follow them into the atmosphere,” Commander Ras replied.

“Very well, get me Admiral Rice.”

“Yes Sir.”


Darth Ragnos was standing next to Rice on the bridge when the Vindicator’s message came in.

“Are the Jedi still alive captain,” he asked.

“I don’t know my Lord. Their ship has crashed on the surface of Telos, somewhere in the planet’s polar region.”

“It is unfortunate you could not tractor them in as planned captain.”

“We did not plan on them attempting to escape once the interdictor field shut down most of their systems.”

“Indeed, it is of no consequence. I will send my apprentice with a squad of stormtroopers down to the planet. He will locate the Jedi. Return your ship to the fleet Captain Martec.”

“Yes, Lord Ragnos, Vindicator out.”

10-04-2006, 11:29 PM
My fic hasn't been updated in awhile due in part to the birth of my new daughter Blair on October 1st! She weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 20.5in long. Hopefully once mommy baby and I get settled I'll be able to start updates again. Thanks to all who have read my work up to this point!

10-11-2006, 03:44 AM
Alaura and Jade sifted through the wreckage of the Dawn’s Glory. Alaura could see from the extensive damage that her beloved ship would never fly again. She had destroyed the ship’s nav computer and downloaded the ship’s log onto her data pad, and now she and Jade had a bigger problem of getting off Telos.

“What do we do now Master?”

“Now we have to find a way out of here. The Remnant wouldn’t dare risk sending T.I.E fighters to look for us, but they will most likely send a shuttle down. We should see if we can locate the hidden academy. We will be able to seek shelter there until we can figure out how to get off this rock.”

“I am sorry about the Glory Master.”

“It’s not your fault Jade, but I am going to miss her.”

“What about D5?”

“The little guy might be done for. His power core is pretty badly damaged.”

“Still it could be repaired, or replaced.”

“Perhaps, if we can locate the academy, we can come back and get him. We might as well get started.”

They moved back through the wreckage and stepped out onto the windswept mesa. Alaura scanned the surface and noted the remains of what looked to have been four towers before Jade interrupted her thoughts

“Master, this is the mesa from my vision.”

“Are you certain Jade?”

“I feel it Master, it is the same.”

“Then the academy may be close by.”

They both scanned the surface and Jade suddenly pointed.

“There Master! About thirty yards to the left.”

Alaura shifted her gaze to where her young apprentice was pointing and made out a small snow and ice covered archway.

“Good eyes Jade that must be the entrance to the academy.”

“I agree Master; it appears to be a very clever way to hide an academy.”

“Indeed, let’s check it out.”

Alaura took the lead as they made their way to where the archway stood. The door in the arch obviously hadn’t been used in who knows how long, and it was encrusted with ice. Still, the door tried to slide open as Alaura approached, but froze half way and would go no further.

“I think we can squeeze through,” Alaura remarked

“After you Master.”

Alaura smiled and with Jade right behind her pushed herself through the door and into whatever waited them beyond.


Alaura was not anywhere near prepared for what they found after the turbolift which, unlike the door, still worked descended into the mesa. As her eyes adjusted to the dim, but functioning lighting she gasped softly.

“I believe we have found the hidden academy Jade.”

“Looks like it. What do you think this room was for?”

“I don’t know a receiving room perhaps, or a training room, but I feel something dark here. Something is not as it seems.”

“I feel it also, dark but not completely evil.”

“We should explore cautiously, somehow there is still power here, we may be able to find a transmitter.”

Again the master took the lead as they moved through the exit of the entrance room and onto a walkway. They crossed the walkway and entered the next chamber where yet another surprise awaited.

“This..this is a council chamber.”

“It looks just like the one on Coruscant Master.”

“Yes, it is interesting that little has changed in the design since the time of the Exile.”

“The dark presence we felt….”

“Seems stronger here,” Alaura finished “We should keep moving.”

As they crossed the council chamber and prepared to exit the room voice stopped them in their tracks.

“Who are you? Why have you come to this place?”

Both Jedi whirled in unison and ignited their lightsabers adding more light to the dim room. Standing before them was a woman bathed in a glow they both knew could only come from the Force. Her expression softened as she looked at their weapons.

“You are Jedi.”

“We are. I am Master Alaura Bedel, and this is my apprentice Jade.”

“It has been many years since Jedi walked these halls.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Atris, and at one time I was the chronicler of the Jedi and mistress of this academy.”

“Why build an academy here?”

“It was hidden, like the enclave on Dantooine. It was constructed during the Jedi Civil War to preserve Jedi teachings and artifacts from the Sith as Revan and Malak sought to eradicate them.”

“So you are the one the Exile spoke of in her recording,” Jade stated speaking for the first time.

“The Exile? What do you know of the Exile?” Atris questioned

“I am her direct descendant.”

Atris moved closer to Jade, “Yes, I see her in your features. She was a powerful Jedi. You mentioned a recording, is that how you found this place?”

“She merely mentioned an academy here in a holocube we located on Dantooine.”

“Dantooine, that was the last time I saw her, she left everything behind and never returned.”

“You never found out where she traveled?” Alaura questioned.

“No, I did not. Tell me, why are you here?”

“We wish to uncover the Jedi teachings and artifacts here.”

“They are stored in the archive room , but be aware that they are not the only things stored there. There are Sith teachings there as well.”

“Sith teachings?”

“Yes, in my dark days, before I was saved by the Exile, I gathered Sith teachings here and absorbed their knowledge. They contributed to my fall.”

“Why were they not destroyed?”

“I have no answer to give you. I returned here one last time before I became one with the Force, and it was merely to activate the nanobot preservation program stored in the computer. That program has kept the academy up.”

“I understand.” Alaura said and Jade interjected before she could speak again

“Master..do you feel that?”

“I do, it is the same presence I felt on Dantooine. It appears our friend escaped Khoonda.”

“I can no longer remain here,” Atris told her “You may explore if you wish, but be mindful of what you find.”

With those words Atris spirit wavered and faded from sight leaving Jade and Alaura alone.

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Oh, I am so sorry I missed your great news until now--I've been sick for the past week and somehow didn't catch it until today.

I started a thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=171502) over in Ahto so we can all congratulate you properly there. :)

And I'm dying to know how you managed to get such a good chapter out so quickly after her birth--after having 2 of my own kids, I know how much sleep you're not getting. :D

Very exciting news--congratulations!!

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Thank you for starting that thread Jae...and in answer to your question the chapter was already written...all I had to do was sit at work and type it out. :)

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“So, what do we do now Master?”

“I think we should explore while we still can. Our enemy is getting closer, and we should see if we can at least find what we came for before we have to defend ourselves.”

“Lead the way.”

Alaura moved out of the council chamber and on to the next walkway with Jade behind her. Once they discovered it was safe they quickly moved to the door to the archive. Again to Alaura’s surprise the ancient door slid open revealing the dimly lit archive inside. Holocrons lined the walls and Alaura could see a faint red glow coming from what must have been the Sith holocrons.

“The Force is strong here Master, but at the same time it feels faint.”

“Yes, I would say that time has taken its toll on the archive Jade. This is a great discovery, but I’m unsure as to what we are going to do with it. We still don’t have a way off Telos.”

“And I believe our enemy has found us Master.”

“Yes, I feel it. Let’s go greet him.”

They left the archive and made their way to the council chamber. Alaura could feel the proximity of the dark side and then she saw them, stormtroopers. She stopped Jade.

“Remnant troops,” she whispered.

“How many?”

“I count ten.”

“Piece of cake.”

Alaura smiled at her young apprentice.

“Should we go get them?” she asked

“No, let them come to us.”

The two Jedi watched patiently as the stormtroopers made their way across the walkway that separated the entrance chamber from the council chamber. As the first two troopers approached the entrance to the council chamber Alaura nodded at Jade and in mirrored actions both drew their lightsabers and ambushed the helpless stormtroopers.

The Jedi’s purple and silver blades flashed as they deflected the few blaster shots the troops managed to get off and then cut them down almost methodically. As the last one fell a voice called out to them.

“Very impressive Jedi.”

The owner of the voice stepped into view and Alaura instantly recognized him as the man she had battled back on Dantooine.

“Now let’s see how you do against the power of the dark side.”

“You couldn’t defeat one Jedi, Sith. How do you expect to defeat two,” Alaura asked.

“With the full power of the dark side as my ally I am stronger than any Jedi.”

With that he attacked immediately going after Alaura, and she met him head on with her two blades. Jade summoned the Force to her and leapt into the air landing behind the dark Jedi. The Sith fended off flurry after flurry from both master and apprentice, but Alaura could tell he was beginning to tire dark side or not.

“You are outnumbered Sith, surrender.” Alaura said as she parried a thrust.

“Never!” Came the arrogant reply as he attacked again.

The battle moved into the council chamber and despite the fact that he was clearly over matched the dark Jedi continued to oppose Alaura and Jade. Finally, he made a mistake. He launched a fierce attack directed at Jade and overextended his defense so that when she countered she was unable to fend her off. Her lightsaber pierced his chest and when she drew it back he fell to the cold steel floor. Both Jedi extinguished their weapons and Alaura praised her apprentice

“Well done Jade!”

“Thank you Master, but I don’t understand..Why did he continue to fight us when it was clear that he would not win?”

“Such is the arrogance of the dark side Jade. Its followers often believe so strongly in their own power that they lose sight of what is in front of them. Come, we need to try and find a way out of here.”


In the great meditation chamber of the Jedi academy on Yavin IV Luke Skywalker opened his eyes and rose to greet Leia Organa Solo as his sister entered.

“Has there been any word from Master Bedel and her apprentice”

“No, and I’m beginning to worry. I have felt a darkness in the Force. I am afraid they may be in danger.”

“Maybe they are simply unable to contact us.”

“Perhaps, but I can’t dismiss the dark presence I feel. Something or someone is out there.”

“I know, I feel it too, but Alaura can take care of herself.”

“It is not Alaura I fear for.”

“I hope for their sakes, that you're wrong then.”

“Me too Leia.”

As Leia left the meditation chamber Luke decided that he could no longer stand idly by and wait to hear from Alaura. If the Republic could not spare any ships to Telos then perhaps he could call on an old friend for help. Luke left the chamber and made his way to his office and opened a communications channel.

“Han..I need a favor.”


From his quarters on the Annihilator Darth Ragnos addressed his master.

“Master, Bareth has failed, and paid with his life.”

“I am already aware Lord Ragnos, I have felt it.”

“In his failure I have failed you Master, I am at your mercy.”

“No, his failure is not yours apprentice. Bareth was arrogant, and should not have challenged the Jedi.”

“Then the girl?”

“Is a Jedi, but she may be of no consequence. I believe that now that we have located the archive on Telos the old Sith teachings may be within our reach.”

“As you say my Master.”


They had completely explored what appeared to be some sort of training area and living quarters, but Alaura and Jade had come up empty handed. Now they were standing in what appeared to be a central control room and Alaura was working with the academy’s computer.

“There is power here, but the computer access is heavily encrypted.”

“Is there anything I can do to help Master?”

“Not really…this code is ancient…got it!”

“Is there anything else helpful in there?”

“Not much,” Alaura replied turning back to the computer. “Training routines, day to day operations, and there's a map of the facility. Wait here’s some sort of log entry. It was made by Atris. I’m playing it back.”

The computer took a few seconds, but then a holographic image of Atris appeared in front of them and she began speaking.

“This entry will be the last entry that I make in this record. I am making it in hopes that it will be found someday. I have returned here to Telos for the last time. The academy built here will not reopen as I had hoped. I have had no contact with the Exile in several months. I found no trace of the Exile when I arrived and no record of where she had gone. I do no know if I will ever see her again. I am activating the nanobot preservation program stored in the computer to preserve the ship and the academy until the Exile or I direct it otherwise. Should you find this recording Laren, know that I truly care for and admire you. You saved me when I had fallen, and that is a debt that I can never repay.”

With those final words the entry ended and the image of Atris faded.

“It appears that we still have no way of getting off of Telos Master.

“So it seems, perhaps we should see if we can get the communications system working.”

Alaura led Jade through several doors and into what appeared to be the hangar control room. A quick search of the room uncovered nothing unusual and they examined the control panels.

“These appear to simply be the hangar controls Master.”

“Yes, let's check the facility map again and see if it will give us an indication of where the communications array is.”

They left the control room walked back to where they had been previously, and Alaura had the computer pull up the map again.

“I don't see any flashing lights pointing out communications Master,” Jade remarked

“No, but I wonder if I could use this terminal to access the array.”

“What about the Empire Master? Wouldn't they intercept any transmission we sent?”

“We may have to take that chance Jade, the Glory isn't going anywhere and we don't have another way off this rock. Maybe we can contact the Republic garrison, and have them send help.”

Jae Onasi
10-29-2006, 10:04 PM
Are they going to do anything with the holocrons and thwart the ambitions of the Sith Lord? I'd probably want to take them with me to take to Luke, but that's just me. :)

10-30-2006, 12:09 AM
Another great working chapter. Wonder the droids will do, if they are re-activated ... Nice work, and waiting for next chapter :D

12-04-2006, 05:34 PM
The Millennium Falcon slipped out of hyperspace and Han checked his scope looking for anything that might indicate the location of the Jedi that Luke had asked he and Chewie to find. If it had been anyone other than Luke he might have said no, but he owed his brother-in-law many times over and was more than willing to do him this favor. As he looked at the Falcon's sensors Chewie roared an alarm.

“Imperial ships? How many?”

Han did not like Chewbacca's response “Great, just great. Okay, switch to the alternate transponder and let's hope they don't identify us.”


Aboard the Star Destroyer Annihilator the ship’s tactical officer addressed Admiral Rice.

“Sir, there is a freighter entering the system.”

“Is it registered?”

“Yes Sir, it's registered as the Solo Venture out of Kuat.”

“Find out their destination and scan for cargo.”

“Aye Sir.”

The lieutenant activated the ship's communications array.

“Solo Venture, this is the Star Destroyer Annihilator, please state your destination and cargo.”

“Damn,” Han muttered. He had been hoping the Imperials would leave them alone, but he was prepared for this too.

“Annihilator this is Solo Venture bound for Telos Four spaceport to pickup a cargo of droid parts for Dantooine.”

After receiving freighter's response the young officer turned to his captain.

“No cargo aboard Sir, the ship has several nonstandard modifications but that isn't uncommon with freighter captains. The captain claims he's picking up a shipment on the planet.”

Rice contemplated having the freighter boarded, but he decided that he didn't have the time to deal with some lowlife freighter captain. The Jedi were a much higher priority lest he incur the wrath of Darth Ragnos.

“Let them pass Lieutenant, we don't have time to worry about a tramp freighter.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Solo Venture,” he said into his headset “You may proceed, Annihilator out.”

Han breathed a sigh of relief and shoved the Falcon to full throttle guiding it towards Telos. As they entered the atmosphere of Telos Han set the sensors to scan for any distress beacons.

“Chewie, are you picking up any distress calls?”

The big Wookie growled a negative and Han wasn't sure what to do next. He just hoped he found the Jedi before somebody less friendly did.


It had taken Alaura the better part of an hour to use the computer panel to gain access to the communications system of the academy. When she finally did it the computer was telling her the system didn't have any power to it.

“No power..”

“What Master?” Jade asked having not heard Alaura's remark.

“The communications array doesn't have any power to it.”

“Can we fix it?”

“Not from here, according to the computer the array is installed on top of the south tower.”

“So much for that idea,” Jade said sullenly

“We're not done yet, maybe the Glory can help us one last time.”

“What do you mean Master?”

“If there is any power left in the Glory we might be able to rig up some kind of beacon.”

“Into the cold then?”

Alaura nodded “Let's go.”

They made their way back to the lift that had brought them into the academy and thankfully it ascended back up to the surface without any trouble. They made their way back to the wreckage of Alaura's much lamented ship and climbed inside. They made their way to the engine room and Alaura began examining the main power conduits.

“It looks like there might be some juice left in here,” she said “Let's go back to the cockpit and try and get the distress beacon to work.”

Jade crawled through the wreck after her Master and they maneuvered to the ship's cockpit where Alaura checked the computer.

“Okay, activating distress beacon.”

Much to Alaura's surprise the Glory's distress beacon actually acitivated and began transmitting it's automated distress call.

“How long do you think it will last Master?”

“A couple of hours maybe,” Alaura replied “If someone doesn't find us by then we'll have to come up with something else.”


Han was banking the Falcon over one of Telos forests when the ship's sensors began picking up the beacon.

“Chewie do you hear that? See if you can pinpoint it.”

Chewie roared softly and manipulated the sensor controls. He grunted at Han when he believed he'd adjusted the sensors properly.

“That's it,” Solo replied “that's gotta be them. Punch in those commlink frequencies Luke gave us.”

Chewbacca nodded at Han when he was finished, and Solo activated the Falcon's comm array.

“Millennium Falcon to Master Bedel, do you read me”

Alaura and Jade were huddled in the hull of the Dawn's Glory trying to keep warm when Alaura's commlink suddenly came alive.

“I repeat this is the Millennium Falcon to Master Bedel, do you read. Come in Jedi Master Bedel.”

“Master, is that what I think it is?” Jade asked

“The cavalry,” Alaura replied with a smile before extracting the commlink from her belt.

“Millenium Falcon this is Master Bedel, I hear you.”

“Alaura this is Han Solo, I'm glad we found you.”

“Not as half as glad as we are General Solo, can you zero in on our location?”

“Chewie is working on it now, what happened down there?”

“The Imperial frigates on the outskirts of the system shot up my ship, she's pretty much done for.”

“Yeah, I ran into your friends,” Solo replied sarcastically “Fortunately the Falcon's fake transponder fooled them. We've got your location Alaura, we'll be there in a few minutes, Solo out.”

Alaura replaced the commlink and turned to her apprentice.

“Let's go meet our rescuer Jade.”

Alaura and Jade left the Dawn's Glory and made their way back out onto the cold, snow swept, mesa surface. Alaura scanned the sky and soon picked out a white dot that gradually became larger until the Millenium Falcon swooped over their heads pulled up and sank her landing struts into the snowy surface. The ship's loading ramp was coming down as Alaura and Jade walked up and they were greeted by Han Solo himself.

“General Solo it sure is good to see you,” Alaura said

“Ah enough with that general stuff, call me Han, and if you'll just get aboard we can get off this rock.”

“We can't leave just yet,” Alaura told him “There is a collection of Jedi artifacts inside the academy that we need to return to Yavin.”

Solo grimaced not wanting to linger any longer than they had to in case the Imperials came looking for them.

“Alright, but let's do it quickly, I told the Star Destroyer up there I was picking up a shipment anyway.”

It took them several trips, but they loaded the artifacts and holocrons into the Falcon's cargo hold and retrieved R2-D5 from the wreckage of the Glory. Then, Alaura gave one last parting glance at her ship and followed Jade up the loading ramp of the Falcon.

“Alright, we're outta here,” Solo said

12-18-2006, 08:34 PM
The Millennium Falcon's engines roared to life and the ship lifted off the surface of the mesa and blasted into the Telos sky. As they entered orbit they were accosted again by the Imperial ships.

“Solo Venture, this is Star Destroyer Annihilator, heave to and prepare to be boarded for inspection.” came the matter of fact demand over the speaker.

“Annihilator, this is Solo Venture,” Han replied “Not on your best day, Solo Venture out.”

Han smiled as he turned to Alaura “They're not gonna like that, you two better get to the guns.”

Alaura nodded and she and Jade ran to the Falcon's turrets and Solo's voice came over their headsets as they settled in.

“T.I.E fighters coming in, point two three.”

“We see them Han,” Alaura replied “Let's get them Jade.”

Jade and Alaura opened fire on the Imperial fighters from the Falcon's gun turrets. Han shoved the Falcon's throttle to full as Chewbacca made entered the hyperspace calculations for the jump to Yavin.

“Chewie that Star Destroyer is trying to get us in weapons range, it's time to get out of here.”

Alaura blasted two fighters as Jade hit a third and Solo's voice came to them again “Hang on back there, we're making the jump to hyperspace.”

The Falcon's hyperdrive activated and the ship flashed into hyperspace leaving the Imperial ships shooting at air.

Darth Ragnos knelt before the holographic image of his master and delivered a message he hoped wouldn't be his last.

“The Jedi have escaped my grasp Master.”

“That is unfortunate my apprentice, but nothing has changed. The teachings of the ancient Sith are the key to restoring our Empire to its rightful ruling place. We have the resources; we will take them from the Jedi and crush them in one blow. Return to Korriban, and we will plan our strike against the Jedi.”

“Yes Master, I shall do so at once.”

“See that you do so quickly, the Jedi will no doubt alert the Republic to the presence of your fleet.”

“As you command my Master.”


Once the Falcon was in hyperspace Jade and Alaura left the the gun turrets and joined Han and Chewie in the cockpit.

“That was a close call,” Jade commented

Han Solo flashed his famous smile at the girl

“Chewie and I have gotten out of closer. Remind me to tell you about our escape from Mos Eisley sometime.”

“Will the Falcon's communications system allow me to contact the Academy?” Alaura asked

“Sure,” he replied “Just access the engineering station in the main hold, you can call Luke from there.”

Alaura nodded and motioned for Jade to follow her. The two Jedi made their way to the Falcon's hold and Alaura set about accessing the ship's communications system. She secured a channel to the Jedi Academy and was greeted by Luke Skywalker himself.

“Alaura, are you alright?”

“Yes Master, we're fine. We ran into an Imperial interdictor field and they shot the Glory to pieces. We crash landed on Telos, but thankfully we found the hidden academy and then General Solo found us.”

“I'm glad that Han and Chewie found you,” Skywalker replied and Alaura could hear the relief in his voice. “I was very concerned about you both, but we can talk more when you get back to the academy. I will see you then, Skywalker out.”


Admiral Rice was completely beside himself. There were now three battle groups in orbit around Korriban, and he was sure that any minute Rebel ships would drop out of hyperspace and start blasting away at them. He had no idea what Darth Malice was planning, and he also hoped Darth Ragnos couldn’t read his thoughts, the Sith had nearly killed him once and Rice had no desire to repeat the experience. The Annihilator’s communications officer interrupted his thoughts.

“Admiral, a transmission from Korriban, it’s her. It’s coded private Sir.”

“I will take it in my quarters.”

“Yes Sir.”

It didn’t long for Rice to reach his quarters where he activated his viewer. The holotransmitter beeped and the image of o Darth Malice, dressed in black and a hood drawn over her head, appeared.

“Admirals of the Imperial Navy hear me. You no doubt have been wondering why you are here, perhaps even questioning my orders amongst yourselves. Wonder no longer. I, Darth Malice, am Dark Lord of the Sith and I will bring our Empire back to its rightful place of rule in this galaxy. Too long since the death of our emperor have we cowered from the Republic and their Jedi. Using the combined might of your ships we will strike at the Republic and the Jedi and bring them all to their knees. You will remain in orbit and await my instructions, and in one day we will strike. The Republic will not stand a chance.”

The image faded and Rice could only ponder what the Sith Lord had in store for the Republic.


Admiral Kila Prieto stood on the bridge of the Mon Calamari Starcruiser Dauntless and looked out at the stars of the Telos system.

“Status report,” she ordered.

“The fleet is deployed Admiral and all X-Wing flights have reported in. Sensors show no sign of any Remnant ships,” replied Andar, the ship’s Mon Calamari captain.

“Have the whole system scanned Captain. Those Imperial womp rats could be hiding out there.”

“Yes Admiral.”


Wedge Antilles found himself standing in front of Chancellor Leia Organa for the second time in as many days. Ever since the two Jedi returned from Telos both Leia and Luke had been on edge. He had no idea why, but he was pretty sure he didn’t want to know.

“Wedge has there been any work from Telos?”

“At last report the Dauntless initial scans found no trace of any Remnant ships near Telos.”

“Who’s in command out there Wedge?”

“Kila Prieto, she’s one of my best Leia.”

“Yes, I know Kila, and I know if there’s anything out there she’ll find it. I’m sorry to pull you away from your duties.”

“What’s this about Leia? You wouldn’t have ordered me to send an entire strike force to Telos just for a couple of frigates. What’s goin on?”

Leia sighed deeply before replying.

“Luke believes that the frigates were part of a larger fleet and the fleet may be led by Sith.”

“Sith? Like Vader?”

“Yes, but Luke fears they may worse than our father.”

“Worse than Vader? I’m sorry I asked.”


“This is quite a find Alaura.” Luke stated as he examined the items she and Jade had recovered from Telos, “All of these items are ancient, and you said that the spirit of Atris told you that she gathered these items?”

“Yes Master, she said during her years as historian she gathered then to protect them from Darth Malak.”

“What about the Sith items?”

“She only said that she went through some dark times and that they contributed to her fall, but the Exile saved her.”

“Very interesting, we will keep these items here at the academy until Master Tionne can travel from Coruscant and transfer them to the archive there.”

“What do you think is happening here Master?” Alaura asked the elder Jedi.

“I believe we are dealing with at least one Sith Lord, but what his or her ambition is I do not know. I suspect that whoever it is may have also discovered what was in the Telos archive and you arrived before they did. We need to discover what we are up against Alaura, before it is too late.”

Aurora Starfire
12-19-2006, 11:11 PM
Hi there, just wanted to say I love what you've written so far. Keep up the good work!

12-20-2006, 08:53 PM
thank you very much for the compliment :)

12-26-2006, 02:42 PM
“Damn,” Kila Prieto muttered under her breath.

She was examining the latest system scan reports and there was absolutely no sign of any Imperial ships anywhere. The Dauntless had been at it for two days and found absolutely nothing in the Telos system.

“Captain Andar, call back the fighters. We’re going home.”

“Yes Sir.”

Kila sat back in her command chair. She wished they had found something, anything, General Antilles would not have ordered her out here without a reason, but the system scans were clean and the X-Wing flights had made no contact with any enemy vessels. She sighed softly and pushed away any thought she had of staying any longer.


Standing on the bridge of his ship, staring out at Korriban, Admiral Rice couldn’t help but wonder what Darth Malice had planned for the Jedi and the Republic. Her apprentice had been holed up in his quarters for two days and she had not communicated again since her broadcast announcement.

“Admiral Rice, there is a shuttle signaling us, it is her. She wants to come aboard.”

Rice turned to face the ship’s communications officer, “Direct Lord Malice to the docking bay and alert Lord Ragnos.”

“Yes Sir.”

Rice left the bridge on the ship’s elevator and headed for the main docking bay. He arrived just as the shuttle’s loading ramp was lowering. Darth Ragnos was already waiting and Rice walked up beside him and stood at attention. Two squads of stormtroopers stood on either side of the ramp and came to inspection arms as she descended.

The hood of her black cloak covered her face and her black robe ran head to toe. She moved passed the stormtroopers and Ragnos kneeled as she approached. Rice followed suit so as not to incur the wrath of either Sith. Malice stopped in front of them.

“Rise apprentice and you as well Admiral.”

“Welcome aboard the Annihilator Lord Malice.”

“Thank you Admiral Rice. Are your ships ready?”

“Yes Lord Malice, at your command.”

“Good. We will crush the Jedi and with them the Republic. The Empire will rule again. Come Admiral, we have much to discuss.”


The images that came to Jade were blurry at first, but as she meditated and focused on the Force they began to clear. She could see the surface of Yavin IV and the academy. Then she saw the fire began to rain down. Blast after blast struck the ancient temple and flames began to burst from it. Pieces of the stone temple crumbled away, and then she saw the ships above the planet and the images of a hooded figure. She probed through the Force, trying to see further, but darkness swirled in around the images. Jade opened her eyes and got up. She had to alert Master Skywalker and Alaura.


“You see Admiral; my plan is simplistic in nature yet just as deadly.”

“I see my Lord, but if we attack Onderon, wouldn’t the Republic be able to trap us?”

“The Republic has no forces on Onderon or in the sector, and Onderon is not our true target but merely a distraction to draw the Republic defenses away from Yavin Four. Then we will swoop in and crush the Jedi with one blow.”

“Why are the Jedi so important Lord Malice?”

“Because you fool, the Jedi are at the heart of this new Republic. They prop it up and are a symbol of everything it holds dear. If we crush them, the Republic will fall at our feet.”

“Forgive me my Lord, for questioning you.”

“Of course Admiral, You cannot be held responsible for your ignorance.”

Malice kept to herself the Sith teachings she was hoping to recover from the Jedi Academy.


“Jade, are you certain of what you have seen?”

“Yes Master Skywalker, the academy is their target.”

“I have to contact General Antilles, and Leia. If we cannot get a defensive fleet to Yavin in time, your vision may come true.”

Skywalker left the room, and Jade questioned her Master,

“Now what do we do?”

“Now Jade, we wait.”


The Imperial Star Destroyer Firehawk dropped out of hyperspace and it was not alone. The ship was accompanied by the Star Destroyer Vengeance, and 12 cruisers and frigates. As they drew near to Onderon, squadrons of T.I.E fighters and bombers poured from the large ships. The people of Onderon had no hint of the impending doom in the space above their planet. Many were still sleeping in their beds when the guns of the Star Destroyers opened up on their homes.

Jae Onasi
12-28-2006, 12:28 AM
That's just a wicked feint. :)
I liked your recent chapters much.

12-29-2006, 01:07 PM
Standing on the bridge of his ship, staring out at Korriban, Admiral Rice couldn’t help but wonder what Darth Malice had planned for the Jedi and the Republic. Her apprentice had been holed up in his quarters for two days and she had not communicated again since her broadcast announcement.

“Admiral Rice, there is a shuttle signaling us, it is her. She wants to come aboard.”

Rice turned to face the ship’s communications officer, “Direct Lord Malice to the docking bay and alert Lord Ragnos.”

“Yes Sir.”

Rice left the bridge on the ship’s elevator and headed for the main docking bay. He arrived just as the shuttle’s loading ramp was lowering. Darth Ragnos was already waiting and Rice walked up beside him and stood at attention. Two squads of stormtroopers stood on either side of the ramp and came to inspection arms as she descended.

The hood of her black cloak covered her face and her black robe ran head to toe. She moved passed the stormtroopers and Ragnos kneeled as she approached. Rice followed suit so as not to incur the wrath of either Sith. Malice stopped in front of them.

“Rise apprentice and you as well Admiral.”

“Welcome aboard the Annihilator Lord Malice.”

“Thank you Admiral Rice. Are your ships ready?”

“Yes Lord Malice, at your command.”

“Good. We will crush the Jedi and with them the Republic. The Empire will rule again. Come Admiral, we have much to discuss.”


“You see Admiral; my plan is simplistic in nature yet just as deadly.”

“I see my Lord, but if we attack Onderon, wouldn’t the Republic be able to trap us?”

“The Republic has no forces on Onderon or in the sector, and Onderon is not our true target but merely a distraction to draw the Republic defenses away from Yavin Four. Then we will swoop in and crush the Jedi with one blow.”

“Why are the Jedi so important Lord Malice?”

“Because you fool, the Jedi are at the heart of this new Republic. They prop it up and are a symbol of everything it holds dear. If we crush them, the Republic will fall at our feet.”

“Forgive me my Lord, for questioning you.”

“Of course Admiral, You cannot be held responsible for your ignorance.”

Malice kept to herself the Sith teachings she was hoping to recover from the Jedi Academy.


Alaura and Jade had traveled to Coruscant the previous day at Master Skywalker’s request to assist Master Tionne in transporting the artifacts recovered from Telos to the Jedi Temple. They had used one of the Academy’s transports and both master and apprentice were in the archive when they were met by one of Alaura’s former students, Kira Fenn.

“Master Bedel, you must come quickly!”

“Slow down Kira, what’s wrong?”

“Master Skywalker sent me to find you, Onderon is under attack!!”

“What?! Let’s go Kira!”

The three Jedi broke into a jog as Kira led the way back to the doors of the Jedi Council chamber.

“Thank you Kira.”

Alaura and Jade moved passed the young Jedi and through the doors of the council chamber. Master Skywalker, and the rest of the council were assembled. All eyes turned toward the new arrivals as the doors closed behind them.

“Welcome Master Bedel.”

“Kira told me the news. It is it true? are we certain?”

Skywalker nodded grimly, “I’m afraid so. Onderon’s distress calls have just begun coming in.”

“I don’t believe this attack is what it seems,” Jade said speaking up.

“What do you mean young one?” Master Tionne asked.

“My vision, I believe this attack is a distraction to draw our attention away from the true target.”

The archivist looked somewhat confused and Alaura briefly explained to her what Jade had seen in her vision. She nodded after Alaura was finished.

“It is very possible that this attack on Onderon is a feint,” Luke said, “but Leia and Wedge have already ordered our closest fleet to Onderon to turn away the Remnant ships. It is the same fleet that was meant to protect the academy. Alaura, take Jade and wait for me at the transport. I will talk to Leia and see what can be done to protect the Academy.”

Alaura nodded and she and Jade left the chamber headed for the temple’s hangar.


“We’re approaching the Onderon system Admiral.”

“Take us out of hyperspace, order all ships to engage, fire at will.”

Aron Onasi sat back in his command chair as fleet began to engage the Imperial ships in the space above Onderon. He was confident his three Mon Cal cruisers, their support ships, and X-Wing squadrons were more than a match for the small enemy force.

What he was unsure of was how much damage the hutt slugs had done to defenseless Onderon. Unfortunately the planet had not been deemed strategically important enough for the Republic to station neither a fleet nor a garrison in the sector. Aron was certain they were regretting that decision now.


The Dauntless had only been back in her home system of Corellia for a few hours when General Antilles order came in. Kila had to have the general repeat it twice before she believed it. Onderon attacked, Yavin IV on the target list and hers was the closest command to the Jedi Academy.

“Captain, call back the CAP X-Wings. We depart for Yavin Four as soon as they’re aboard.”

Yes Admiral.”

“Recover those fighters quickly Captain, the Republic needs us.”

“Yes Sir.”


The transport dropped out of hyperspace and was immediately accosted by X-Wing fighters.

“Transport entering the Yavin sector, identify yourself.”

Alaura looked out the view port and recognized the markings on the X-Wings, they were Rogue Squadron fighters.

“This is the transport Anakin returning to the academy. We are transmitting our I.D signature now.”

“Identity confirmed. You may proceed.”


“What is the progress report from Onderon Admiral Rice?”

“Admiral Kreal reports that he has lost 4 of his support cruisers and that the Vengeance is disabled. He says the Rebels have him outnumbered my Lord Malice.”

“Admiral Keral is no longer our concern, he has served his purpose. He will retreat or surrender, if he does not he will be destroyed. Order the hyperspace jump to Yavin. The time for our attack has come.”

“As you command Lord Malice.”


After Alaura put the transport down in the academy hangar, Master Skywalker left for the control center and Kyle Katarn sought her out.

“Alaura, I know Rogue Squadron is in orbit, and we heard about the attack on Onderon. What in the name of the galaxy are we dealing with?”

“An unknown number of Imperial ships and at least one Sith Lord.”

“A Sith Lord?!”

“Yes, the academy is their target.”

“Do we know where they’re coming from?”

“No, but we believe Onderon to be a distraction to draw the Republic’s attention away from the academy.”

“Looks like all we can do is wait.”

“Yes, and that is the worst part.”


“Admiral Onasi, the lead Star Destroyer is signaling its surrender.”

“Very good Lieutenant Lien, send orders for them to lower their shields and prepare to receive boarders.”

“Aye Sir.”

Aron still didn’t understand what would possess the Remnant to attack Onderon. It just didn’t make any sense to him. He shook his head as the boarding shuttles began to leave the hangar and streak toward the crippled Star Destroyers.

“Lieutenant Lien, put me through to Coruscant.”

“Yes Sir.”

It took a moment, but eventually the holographic image of General Antilles appeared.

“What to you have to report Admiral Onasi?”

“The last of the Remnant ships has surrendered Sir. We’re mopping up here.”

“That’s good to hear, I want you to send some men to the surface to assess the damage.”

“Yes Sir, I will do that as soon as the Star Destroyers are under our control.”

“Very good. One last thing Admiral, I need you to dispatch one of your Mon Cal cruisers to Yavin Four immediately. We’re in for more trouble.”

“Understood Sir, Onasi out.”

Aron pondered the general’s order. Trouble? On Yavin IV? The only thing there was the Jedi Academy. Oh well, his was not to question.

“Mister Lien, send orders to the Alderaan that she is to get underway immediately for Yavin Four, General Antilles orders.”

“Yes Sir.”

The admiral sat back in his command chair and hoped that the damage to Onderon was not extensive though he feared the worst.

01-02-2007, 02:15 PM
Three Star Destroyers and their 20 support ships dropped out of hyperspace and loomed over Yavin IV. It wasn’t long until they opened fire, but not on the planet. They were shooting at the X-Wing fighters of Rogue Squadron.

“This is Rogue Leader to all wings: Engage, fire at will!”

Luke, Alaura, Jade, and Kyle Katarn stood in the command center of the academy. They all listened as the Rogues engaged the Remnant ships.

“They will buy us time, but they are outnumbered,” Luke stated.

“I agree Luke,” Kyle said “I just hope the fleet gets here in time.”

Alaura said nothing, but her mind was whirling. She could feel the dark presence of the Sith Lord and she knew the other Jedi in the room could as well. She also felt something else, a familiar ripple in the Force, but she couldn’t place it. Jade, could not remain silent and as Alaura was thinking she spoke up.

“Master Skywalker, the Sith Lord is with them.”

“I know Jade; I feel the darkness as well.”

“Shouldn’t we do something? Shouldn’t we try to get to him?”

“Look at the odds kid,” Kyle said “No one is getting that close.”

As they spoke Alaura realized what had to be done if the academy was to survive.

“Master, let me go. The Sith Lord is the key to their attack. If he can be stopped….”

“Look Alaura,” Kyle interrupted her “like I told the kid, look as the odds.”

“No,” Luke said abruptly “Alaura is correct. The Sith must be destroyed.”

“Luke, you’ve got to be kidding!”

“Master, let me go,” Alaura implored “I can board the ship and confront him.”

“Luke you can’t seriously be considering this,” Kyle said incredulously

Luke said nothing for a long moment as he contemplated the situation they were in.

“Go Master Bedel.”

Alaura turned to leave, but Jade grabbed her arm

“Master, if you’re going so am I.”

“No Jade, you are not ready for this.”

“Master, I am strong enough, and you will need help.”

As much as Alaura didn’t want to admit that Jade was right, she was. Her apprentice was powerful, and Alaura knew that any help she could get she would need.

“Let’s go Jade, there’s no time to waste.”

The pair, master and apprentice, left the room leaving Kyle and Luke alone. As they disappeared down the corridor Kyle turned to his friend.

“I hope you know what you’re doing.”


Darth Malice stood next to Admiral Rice on the bridge of the Annihilator. They observed as the X-Wing fighters darted between the large ships easily avoiding the clumsy turbolaser cannons.

“I have seen enough Admiral, deploy what T.I.E. fighters we have and move us into position to fire on the planet.”

“Yes Lord Malice.”

The fighters poured from the Imperial ships and Malice took note of two fighters rising from Yavin. She felt the ripple in the Force and turned to her apprentice standing behind her.

“The Jedi think they can thwart our advance, go and show them the power of the Sith.”

“I will destroy them my Master.”


The two A-wing fighters fired again blasting another T.I.E. fighter as the ships streaked toward the lead Star Destroyer. There was a determined silence between Alaura and Jade as they approached the massive capital ship.

“Okay Jade,” Alaura said “I know you're new at this, but use the Force, and follow my lead.”

“I'm right behind you Master.”

Alaura lined her fighter up with the docking bay of the lead Star Destroyer and pushed the fighter to full speed to avoid the incoming fire from the destroyer's defensive guns. Jade mimicked her master's actions adjusting her controls and matching the speed of the other fighter. The Star Destroyer loomed in front of them, and Alaura slowed her approach only slightly and fired at the shield generator over the hangar bay. The shield dropped but the ship's bay doors began to close and Alaura shoved her throttle to full again.

“Okay Jade, here we go, full throttle!”

Alaura's fighter entered the destroyer's open hangar and she cut the engines and engaged the fighters braking thrusters. At the same time she popped the ship's canopy which blasted clear of the fighter and using the Force she leapt from the craft. As she landed she checked on her apprentice to see Jade's fighter screeching across the hangar bay coming coasting to a stop toward the far side of the bay. Her apprentice was out of the fighter quickly and joined her as stormtroopers began pouring into the hangar.
The Jedi lit their lightsabers and waded into the stormtroopers working in concert to take down their more numerous enemies.


Outside the space battle was raging and Rogue Squadron was not faring well. Even though the Star Destroyers were not carrying their full complement of fighters the Rogues were still vastly outnumbered. If help didn’t arrive soon, there wasn’t going to be anything left to save. Still, the elite pilots had managed to down several of the smaller cruisers but they could not prevent the move the larger ships were making to get in range of Yavin IV.


Aurora Starfire
01-02-2007, 03:10 PM
Oh, no! It's over! But you ended it well. The only serious error I found was this: "He was brother witch" should be changed to this: "He was my brother, witch"
A sequel, please? ;)

01-02-2007, 03:24 PM
Ahh..you're correct, I missed that in my editing. Thanks!

Jae Onasi
01-10-2007, 05:45 PM
I enjoyed the ending for sure. I love seeing the good guys win in the end.

I was wondering where your struggles had been, but I caught a couple things that would make it even better.

I caught a couple spelling/comma usage things, but no biggie (since we all do that to some degree or another. :D )

Alaura barely heard the girl’s question as she struggled to keep her emotions under control. She had not seen this man in almost 15 years, not since her parents were killed by the Imperial stormtroopers and she was placed in the custody of her grandparents. She closed her eyes and focused on the Force gaining enough composure to answer Jade.

I can see what Alaura's doing there, but I'd like to get a better sense of what she's really feeling. Is her stomach in knots? Does she have to breathe in and out slowly to regain control or do something else? What's running through her head when she realizes it's her brother? What's runningthrough Koren's mind? He has to fight his sister--did he feel any kind of emotion or conflict?

Alaura charged and went on the offensive again. Ragnos was quick in both attack and defense, but as they dueled Alaura began to notice he attacked with so much rage he often overextended himself and had to recover quickly when she countered. Alaura dropped her offense completely and assumed a defensive stance turning away the aggressive strikes of Ragnos with both of her blades. Several minutes passed and Alaura could tell the Sith Lord was beginning to tire. Still, he launched yet another attack, but this when Alaura defended she went back on the offensive using the Force to guide her strikes she began an overhead attack with her left hand and as Ragnos turned her strike away she swung at his saber hilt with her right blade and sliced it in half. Then using her momentum she thrust forward with her left blade and pierced the Sith’s chest. He fell to the ground and did not move again.

I can tell you what the issue is here because I had the exact same issue with mine, and Jiara pointed it out for me. The fight scene is a little flat, not because there's not much going on, because there is some great action there. However, we're not seeing the characters' reactions to the actions. I had to learn how to do this, and it's challenging sometimes!
What are Alaura and Jade feeling with each blow? Do they flinch as the heat of Koren's blade nearly grazes them? Do they have to struggle to block one of his blows? How does it feel when the blade plunges into Koren? Do any of their blows have any physical effects on Koren, like do any of them rock him back? What do you mean by Koren overextending? His arm? His whole body? Do the Jedi nearly get him at some point and it makes him really mad? How did Alaura know he was tiring? What signs did he give? Were his blows less forceful? Did she see it in his eyes?
You're not doing anything wrong per se, but I think if you add some of these details in, you'll like it even better.

“Master Bedel, are you injured?”

“I will be okay Master Skywalker.”

“Yeah, after a trip to the infirmary and a soak in some bacta,” Kyle interjected.

“That will not be necessary Kyle.”

“The hell it isn’t.”

“Perhaps Master Katarn is right Alaura. Jade, escort your master to the infirmary and ensure that she gets there.”

I had a tough time with this only because I kept thinking "Shouldn't these guys be helping Jade get Alaura to the infirmary??? Or healing her or something?" Luke's dialog seems just a little stilted and in the other conversations. In the movies he's a little more relaxed. I know he's very serious about being a Jedi, but he does have his moments of humor and caring/concern. I did love Kyle's quips. You did a nice job making him just a bit ornery. :)

I did enjoy this fic very much and hope you'll put a copy into the archives. I just wish I'd been able to give you more attention on it, but I had a serious attack of Real Life in November/December and couldn't do much of anything.

01-10-2010, 11:06 PM
A/N: While the ending to this story has not changed there have been major changes to several parts in the middle that made the story a bit longer. Those who've read it feel free to reread if you like :) Those who haven't I'd love to hear input as I'll be looking to post the finished version in the archives soon.

Yet another stormtrooper fell to the lightsabers of the two Jedi as they pushed their way toward the Star Destroyers bridge. Jade, Alaura noted, was faring very well and her skill at turning away blaster shots with her blade was developing nicely. The Jedi were almost methodical and the stormtroopers stood little chance. At one point Jade called out to her master,

“That’s twelve!”

“That is hardly appropriate for a Jedi Jade,” Alaura scolded her apprentice, “besides I’ve got fifteen!”

Jade smiled at her master to which Alaura responded with a wink. Keeping count of her kills was something she knew she probably shouldn’t do, but she couldn’t help it. She knew starfighter pilots did it, but she had never heard of a Jedi doing so.

The pair pressed on taking the elevator up to the destroyer's command deck. As they entered the passageway leading to the bridge they stopped. There was not a squad of stormtroopers waiting for them as they expected, but a solitary figure. He was covered by a black robe and hood, and he addressed them as they approached. So, this was the familiar wave Alaura had felt in the Force. She still could not figure out where she had felt it before.

“It is impressive that you have managed to get this far Jedi, but not unexpected. My master has told me of the power she felt from you apprentice, and you Jedi Master, I knew that you would fair well. Now we shall see how you handle a true Dark Lord of the Sith!”

He threw off his robe and revealed his face for the first time. His hair was dark brown, but his face was hideous shade of gray and his had an angry yellow glow to them. Alaura recoiled in horror realizing now why the presence this Sith generated was so familiar. Jade saw and felt the emotion her master displayed and questioned the elder Jedi.

“Master, what is it?”

Alaura barely heard the girl’s question as she struggled to keep her emotions under control. She had not seen this man in almost 15 years, not since her parents were killed by the Imperial stormtroopers and she was placed in the custody of her grandparents. She closed her eyes and focused on the Force gaining enough composure to answer Jade.

“I-I know this man.”

“Know him? How?”

“Of course she knows me,” the Sith interrupted, “Tell your apprentice who I am Alaura.”

“He is my brother Jade. By the Force Koren, what have you done to yourself?”

“That name means nothing to me. Lord Malice has christened me Darth Ragnos after one of the most powerful Dark Lords to ever live, and what I have done my dear sister is unlock true power through the teachings of Lord Malice.”

“Malice, is that your master’s name? You were always impressionable Koren; now look at where you are. You’ve become everything our father fought against.”

“Our father was weak! Just as weak as everyone else who serves your pathetic Republic.”

“You cannot mean that, father loved us, protected us, and died for us.”

“He did nothing but hold us back, Lord Malice has shown me the truth.”

“Enough! Stand aside Koren. I am here for your master; I have no wish to fight you.”

“You will fight sister, you will fight or you and your apprentice will die!”

With that final threat he extracted his lightsaber and switched it on. The left side lit first and then the right becoming a deadly twin bladed weapon. Jade, trying to push back her fear, and sensing her master’s hesitation looked to Alaura for guidance.

“Master, you are conflicted, I feel it.”

Alaura focused on the currents of the Force and strengthened her resolve. She could not believe that standing in front of her was her own brother, a Sith. She was devastated and desperately tried to find some way she could avoid the end she knew this meeting was coming to.

“Please Koren, do not do this,” she pleaded with him “Join me, let me help you.”

“Help?,” he spat “I don't want any help you offer sister. I am a Dark Lord of the Sith, and now you feel my power.”

“Then you are truly dead Koren.” Alaura replied before addressing Jade “Come Jade, we will do what must be done. This monster is my brother no longer, he is truly a Sith, twisted and evil.”

“Attack me then Alaura,” the Ragnos sneered “and know the power of the dark side of the Force.”

Alaura focused on pushing away the pain she felt for her brother, and regarded her young apprentice.

“Remember what I have taught you Jade. Keep your guard up, analyze and look for an opening.”

Jade nodded, and then it began. Master and apprentice closed the distance to the Sith Lord and Alaura attacked first. Her identical violet blades met fiercely by the menacing red ones of the man who was once her brother. Alaura felt a stinging inside as she their blades clashed wondering what her parents would say to her now. Jade followed her master into battle making her attack from the Sith’s opposite side. Ragnos turned away their attacks with incredible quickness and launched his own strike swinging low at Alaura who jumped up and back landing on her feet. Now the Dark Lord turned on Jade and pressed the younger Jedi. She blocked and parried, but Ragnos was strong and drove her back toward the bulkhead of the ship. Alaura rejoined the battle and the two Jedi fought side by side. Lightsabers flashed and sparked as the battle raged.

It was young Jade who got to the Sith Lord first. With the Force guiding her she exploited a hole in his defense and slashed his right arm. He let out an angry growl and using his rage let go a wave of Force energy directed entirely at Jade. The girl flew back, smashed into the bulkhead, and crumpled to the deck.

“Jade!” Alaura exclaimed.

The girl did not respond, and Ragnos laughed sinisterly.

“Now it is just you and I dear sister.”

While Alaura was concerned about Jade she could feel life within her apprentice. She knew she would be okay and leveled her gaze at Koren.

“You will regret that.”

“Oh I doubt it.”

Alaura charged and went on the offensive again. Ragnos was quick in both attack and defense, but as they dueled Alaura began to notice he attacked with so much rage he often overextended himself and had to recover quickly when she countered. Alaura dropped her offense completely and assumed a defensive stance turning away the aggressive strikes of Ragnos with both of her blades. Several minutes passed and Alaura could tell the Sith Lord was beginning to tire. Still, he launched yet another attack, but this when Alaura defended she went back on the offensive using the Force to guide her strikes she began an overhead attack with her left hand and as Ragnos turned her strike away she swung at his saber hilt with her right blade and sliced it in half. Then using her momentum she thrust forward with her left blade and pierced the Sith’s chest.

Anguish filled Alaura as she retracted her lightsaber and watched the Sith fall to the ground. She had just killed her only brother. Something somewhere inside her said that she should have done more, she should have looked for her brother after she joined the Jedi. Maybe if she had found him before this Sith Lord she could have saved him. She had to shake off the regret though as she ran to check on Jade who was still recovering from her meeting with the bulkhead of the Star Destroyer.

“uhh…” she groaned as she started to sit up.

“Jade, are you alright.”

“I have a terrible headache.”

“Relax; concentrate on the healing techniques I showed you.”

The girl closed her eyes and sat there for a long moment before they fluttered open again.

“How do you feel?”

“Better,” she replied standing up. She looked over to where the Sith Lord lay.

“I’m sorry Master.”

“Do not be Jade; my brother vanished long ago, consumed by the Dark Side.”

“Still it must be sad to lose your brother.”

Her apprentice was too perceptive for her own good. Alaura knew Jade could feel her sadness. She truly had not wanted to kill Koren, but he had left her with no choice. Still, she wondered if her parents would have understood. Brushing aside such thoughts she nodded at Jade,

“It does sadden part of me that I could not save him, turn him back, but perhaps in his death some part of him will be redeemed. Come on, let’s get Malice.”


Even as the Jedi were confronting Darth Ragnos help was beginning to arrive for the beleaguered Rogue Squadron. The Dauntless and her strike group dropped out of hyperspace into the middle of the battle over Yavin Four. Kila rose from her chair and looked out of the view port.

“This is Admiral Prieto to strike group, all ships engage. Take down those Star Destroyers.”

The response to her orders was the firing of the Dauntless turbolasers. A verbal reply came from Rogue Squadron,

“Dauntless, this is Rogue Leader, boy are we glad to see you!”

“Rogue Leader, this is Admiral Prieto, you’ve done your part get out of there.”

“No can do Admiral, we’re not leaving this party until it’s over. Rogue Leader out.”

Kila could only smile and shake her head. It appeared that Rogue Squadron’s reputation had no chance of being marred today.


The doors to the bridge of the Star Destroyer parted and Alaura and Jade charged in. Admiral Rice turned as they entered. He could see that Darth Malice had not reacted to the entrance of the Jedi, and so he did the only thing he could do.

“Guards, take them.”

The stormtroopers on the bridge moved and both Jedi reacted. Lightsabers flashed as they dispatched the troops and turned again on the admiral.

“My Lord Malice, we have a complication.”

The hooded figure turned and regarded Alaura and Jade whose lightsabers provided illumination to the dimly lit bridge.

“I have been aware of them since they boarded your ship Admiral. So, Jedi, you have managed to defeat Lord Ragnos. It saddens me to lose such a talented apprentice, he had so much potential.”

“He was my brother witch,” Alaura nearly growled. She felt her anger beginning to rise and Jade could feel it as well.

“Master, do not let her bait you.”

Darth Malice laughed evilly, “Wise words from someone so young, and so strong in the Force. Perhaps you would like to be my next apprentice young Jedi? Think of the power you could have. You could surpass even the power of the Emperor and rule this galaxy with an iron fist.”

“Not on your best day,” Jade countered.

“Then perhaps your destiny is to die here,” Malice sneered.

Alaura never had a chance to react. The powerful burst of Force lightning struck her cleanly in the chest knocking her backwards and to the deck of the ship. Jade rushed to her side the Sith Lord only laughed.

“You Jedi are pathetic; I am not surprised the Emperor was able to crush you so easily. What will you do now apprentice? Your master cannot help you. You cannot defeat me, so join me and end the violence that rages outside.”

Jade stood and glared at the woman as her anger flared.

“You will pay for that.”

“Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you Jedi. I feel your anger, use it, and embrace the Dark Side of the Force.”

Jade tried to focus as Alaura had taught her, but the pain she felt for her injured master welled within her. She lit her lightsaber and leapt toward Malice. The Sith brought her own weapon up seemingly out of nowhere and turned Jade aside using the Force to push her away. Jade was back on her feet instantly, and attacked again launching a combination of quick strikes but Malice matched her blow for blow. She then landed a vicious kick that sent Jade sprawling backward. Her lightsaber shut off as she hit the steel deck.

“You cannot defeat me Jedi. I am stronger than you can possibly imagine. I will break you and then you will join me, or I will end you.”

The pain Jade felt in her chest would not subside no matter how hard she tried to push it away. Her emotions swirled in her mind and she could not focus on the Force. She knew Darth Malice was coming after maybe it would be easier to just give in to the Sith. Suddenly out of nowhere she heard a voice in her mind,

“Get up daughter, your time to die will come, but it is not today.”

“Father?” Jade whispered.

“Get up Jade, you can defeat her.”

“She’s so strong, so powerful.” Jade murmured

“Do not doubt yourself, use the Force. Remember what your master taught you. You have much life left to live daughter, and remember I am always with you.”


The voice said no more and Jade looked up. Malice was striding toward her. Jade stood and closed her eyes. The currents of the Force washed over her, and her fear flowed away. She held her hand out and her lightsaber jumped to her, the silver blade coming back to life.

“Defiant, even to the last. I will enjoy this young Jedi.”

Malice brought her saber up, and Jade opened her mind to the Force as she blocked the woman’s attack. Then she launched one of her own swinging her blade right, left and low. Malice blocked and Jade spun slicing at the head of the Dark Lord. The Sith blocked again and lunged at her chest. Jade parried her strike and brought her own saber back around slicing through Malice’s wrist. Malice’s scream echoed through the bridge of the Star Destroyer and she fell to her knees. As she did Jade placed her blade at the woman’s throat.

“You are beaten.”

“Kill me then Jedi, and be done with it. Take my life, and then take my place.”

“Jade, do not listen to her.”

The new voice belonged to Alaura who had risen from where she was laying and was walking toward Jade. The girl turned to look at her master and Malice did not hesitate, she swung her legs out and kicked at Jade’s knocking her back to the deck. Her hand reached for her lightsaber, but it never reached her. When the Sith Lord reacted so did Alaura. Using the Force to guide it she threw one of her violet blades toward Malice and it decapitated the Dark Lord at the neck. Her head fell and rolled to one side and her body dropped to the floor as the lightsaber returned gracefully to Alaura’s hand. The Jedi Master reached her apprentice and pulled her up off the deck.

“Thank you Master.”

“You are welcome. I am proud of you Jade, you fought well today.”

“Not well enough, Malice almost killed me.”

“But she did not, and with time you will learn to let small distractions go.”

Alaura turned toward a cowering Admiral Rice.

“Call your ships off Admiral, and order them to surrender.”

He looked at another officer, “Do as she says.”

“Yes Admiral.”


The Alderaan arrived as the Imperial ships were announcing their surrender. She teamed with the Dauntless and accepted the surrender of the Star Destroyers. Other Jedi from the academy traveled to the ships and took custody of the officers to be taken to the academy until transports could arrive to deliver them to Coruscant for interrogation. Alaura and Jade took an Imperial shuttle back to the surface of Yavin Four where Luke and Kyle Katarn were waiting for them in the hangar. Jade helped her Master who was still feeling the effects of Darth Malice’s Force lightning attack down the loading ramp. Luke and Kyle, seeing that Alaura was injured immediately moved to help Jade with her master.

“I will be okay Master Skywalker.” Alaura said as they draped her arms across their shoulders.

“Yeah, after a trip to the infirmary and a soak in some bacta,” Kyle interjected.

“That will not be necessary Kyle.”

“The hell it isn’t.”

“Master Katarn is right Alaura. Kyle and I will help Jade escort you to the infirmary.”

Alaura was in no condition to argue with Luke and the group made their way slowly to the Academy's infirmary. The medical technicians took over immediately when they arrived and as Alaura was being lowered in to the bacta tank Kyle addressed the lead technician.

“How long will she be under?”

“At least eight or nine hours Sir, she suffered some pretty intense electrical shocks.”

Kyle turned to Luke, “Force lightning.”

Skywalker only nodded knowing all too well what that particular instrument of the Dark Side could do. Jade confirmed Kyle’s statement,

“Darth Malice attacked her before she could react Master.”

“We will wait for Master Bedel to awaken, Jade...”

“I’m staying here Master, I won’t leave Alaura.”

Skywalker nodded “I will not force you to, but please try to rest as well, we will speak to you later.”

Jade kept her vigil next to Alaura’s bacta tank after the elder Jedi left. Despite her best efforts she could not help but allow the exhaustion from the day’s events to set in and she fell asleep in her chair. She only awoke when the on duty medical technician shook her.

“Ma’am, I’m getting ready to wake her.”

Jade opened her eyes, and blinked several times to focus on his face.

“Thank you.”

Jade watched as the technician injected the revival drugs into the tank’s line. Alaura’s eyes fluttered open and the technician and Jade helped the Jedi Master out of the tank, and to one of the infirmary’s beds.

“Ugh, I hate that smell,” Alaura complained.

“Jedi Master or not, you needed it.”

“I suppose I did.”

As they talked Master Skywalker came into the infirmary and approached them.

“The technician told me you were awake Alaura. How do you feel?”

“Much better Master, thank you.”

“Do you feel up to relating the events that took place on the Annihilator?”

Alaura nodded, and she told Luke the sequence of events from the time they landed all the way through their duels with the two Sith. Skywalker listened intently, and responded only after she was finished.

“It is not easy to find out that a member of one’s own family is capable of so much evil Alaura”

“No, it is not, but I can only hope that in the end Koren was redeemed in some small way.”

“Perhaps later I will share with you the things that I learned from my experience with my father.”

“I would like that Master.”

The elder Jedi turned to Jade, “It sounds as though you handled yourself well Jade. You faced the embodiment of the Dark Side with courage and resisted her attempts to turn you to her cause.”

“I had help Master, I-I heard my father’s voice in my mind at my weakest moment.”

“The Force works differently through everyone Jade,” Skywalker responded “There were many times where I heard Obi-Wan’s voice through it guiding my actions. We will all travel to Coruscant together to brief the Chancellor and the rest of the Council when Alaura is ready. Until then, I encourage both of you to rest, you’ve certainly earned it.”


The trip to Courscant was a whirlwind of briefings for Jade and Alaura. From speaking with all the members of the Jedi Council to Chancellor Organa and various military leaders, they must have told the story about the events leading up to and including the Second Battle of Yavin IV twenty times. Both of them were relieved when they finally returned to the Academy. Life slowly returned to normal, but before she could move on Alaura had one final task to accomplish.

So, now, in the presence of only Luke Skywalker and Jade, Alaura touched a torch to the funeral pyre that held her brother’s body. Tears streamed down her face as the smoke and flames rose into the Yavin nighttime sky. Even through her sadness, Alaura still felt that the saga was finally at its end.

“May the Force be with you Koren, wherever you are.”

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