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Hey, this is my first fan fic. I usually write poems and short stories (I prefer to call them flashes)…anyway, it will be weird the first time you'll read it so I want you to be patient until I write enough…as the title reviled, this story takes place after KotOR II directly…the Exile is a female, Revan is a male, both are lightsiders… the true sith are the enemy and you are going to know their very philosophies and doctrines (in my point of view offcourse)…so, hope you'll enjoy it…



…she put her right hand on the front glass. Silver filled her lenient hazel eyes. In spite of all of the pains and struggles that she's endured during this journey and what affection it left on both, her soul and her body…she still cant think of anything in this wide dark deep universe…nothing but him…his black eyes and soft dark hair…thinking to herself if there is an escape from this…fear…regret…loneliness…usually in this cases of inconsistent confusion, she used to remember the code…there is no emotion there is peace…but for some reason…these words seemed so hollow, meaningless…transparent as her own soul used to be in the presence of his gentle and labyrinthine mind…people were always clear for her…their thoughts, action, and emotion she could predict…but not his…for decades she lived in constant doubt of everyone's feelings toward her…her ability to create bounds was the main reason why she's never trusted a creature in her life…but now she trusts…she feels…and for the first time she is certain of something happening around her…the only question is "why?" …why he is doing this?...she cant find any logical reason for his action…why?...why?...why?...this question is tormenting her already anxious mind…she can hear the voices of her companions…but she cant understand a word they have uttered…like she is no longer here…with them…she is with him…and she can feel herself connected with him…for a while she felt happy...now she can be fully certain…she can know the answer of her question…why? She asked…why are you doing this my love?... she felt his palm moving over her short blond hair to caress her cheeks and sending shiver all down her spine…and she saw his smile…his peaceful smile…the thing that she can only react to with another smile…an angelique smile…he used to tell her…not with words off course for he speaks rarely…but with his eyes…she waited for an answer…any answer…even a cruel one…and at last the answer came…from all of the others, only thou should know…he said…but why?...she asked again…her tears fell over her cheeks only to be wiped away by his telekinesis hand…and the answer came quickly this time…as quick as the lightening…as hard as a silent stones of Malachor itself…for we do not make our destiny, our destiny make us…and she trembled…this answer was cruel…its cruelty lies in its accuracy…she has learned this from her past journeys…she saw him smiling at her…and she heard his last words…don’t cry Elireena, my love…this was as inevitable as our love…suddenly load voices spread through the atmospheres of the universe declaring the explosion of the last of the invaders ships…but she remained silent…his hands are no longer feeling her soft skin…his voice cannot be heard for now…and then she realized…he is gone…she let go of a sad sigh…and fell into the ground…even though she uttered no words…her soul screamed in agony…why?!!!!....

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Chapter 1

In A Pale Moon's Shadow

three years earlier...

the room was dark and cold. The emptiness within has transformed the place into an old deserted tomb drowned out of life if it was not for the lights of the stars of the firmament that send its dim lights through the glass dome to enlighten the sacred illustrations of gold and silver engraved on the grey ground beneath. Silence concealed the clear thoughts of the mysterious man sitting in the middle of a triangle surrounded by a small circle crossing its three angles. His lenient eyes are somehow healing from a terrible pain…

Yet a hooded man appeared from the holocorn before him. He wore a full black robe that conceals his body from the shoulders down to his very feet.

"Why comest thou hither? Tell me!!" the mysterious man ordered, still no movement though.

"Pardon me master for interrupting your meditation….but I have good news for you.” the hooded man responded using a cold low voice.


“Yes master…we have detected the Ebon Hawk, and we have sent our ships to strike it down…" he continued ”...our sources tell that the Exile is the ship’s captain, and this means that…”

“I know what this means Koniah!!!” he interrupted him keeping his low tone.

“Oh!!! My lord I…”

“The force is everywhere Koniah and its slaves are good listeners.” He interrupted him again.

"True my lord…forgive my ignorance"

"forgiveness hath been given…dismissed"

“As you command my lord.”

Soon the holocorn disappeared as the closed-eyes thinker meditates in silence. He knows that there are things that were hidden from him. Koniah have not said the whole truth. He did not speak about the “traitor” and he gave him not any further information about the “Exiled Jedi”. “What hast thee hiddenest from us ,oh watchful one!!!”, He thought , “how clear art thee yet how blind art we!!!”…The mysterious man stood and gazed at the firmament; he let out a sigh…

and in my deepest hour of darkness
To thee I shall turn my face
The stars that shine in blissfulness
They will shine for me through time and space…through time and space

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Chapter 2:

The Exile:

…deep in the outer rim flowed the Ebon Hawk. Among the unknown regions its pilot began to feel tired. The leather and comfortable seats started to feel somehow annoying for her. She put the auto-pilot on and rested her head on the second pilot seat, the one Atton used to set in. and she thought…"he was cute, a little bit annoying, but still he was cute"…and then she smiled…she mentioned him using the word "was" though he choused to stay with her in her new adventure. She should use "is" instead of "was" but then, why she used the past tense?…she thought. Maybe its because she wanted him to belong to the past just like everyone else…Visas, Mandalore, Briana, and…Darth Traya. She let out of a sigh. She never wanted to remember Traya. Their relationship was definitely a strange one…through time, Kreia transformed from a mentor into an enemy…"not a typical relationship I guess"…she said to comfort herself as she used to do in hard times. She stretched her already tired legs and felt the rest and she liked this feeling. She hasn’t got some rest from a long time, since the battle of Malachor. Suddenly, her body shivered when she remembered this name. her experience in Malachor was horrible. She can go back in time and remember its exact details…the Mandalorian fleet was on verge of defeat after the great explosion which destroyed many of republic ships along with the enemy ships. Few are those who questioned Revan's tactics in this battle. For some, as for Revan, victory was the goal no matter how big were the loses. For her, the loses mattered a lot. They came for her saying that they must retreat and that any thought of a counter attack is but a lunatic suicide but she ordered them to attack…her hunger for victory was as much as Revan's. however, the result was horrible. she didn’t know that while ordering her soldier she was creating bonds with them using her force abilities…"those cursed bonds" she muttered…after the succession of Revan's plan. She suffered all of the pains every single soldier felt before his death. Her hands, legs, belly, face and almost every part from her body felt a horrible pain until she couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly she felt numb and fell unconscious on the ground below. The thing that was revealed at last by the now-dead Jedi Masters as a disconnection to the force. The thing that made her a wound in the force as Kreia once told her…She felt waves of tiredness overwhelming her body and she thoughts of sleeping for a while and thus she closed her eyes and surrendered herself to sleeping…

"how beautiful this view is!!!"

she heard a sound. Her curiosity urged her to open her eyes. It was Atton and he was setting beside her piloting the Ebon Hawk…

"I didn’t expect the outer rim to be charming like this: many stars with various colors…how beautiful!!!" he said without even glancing at her.

She smiled then she put her hands behind her head...

"I wanted to take you to your bed but you looked so tired and…and I didn’t wanted to wake you up" Atton spoke. Not looking at her again…

she sat normally on her seat and moved it to look strait ahead…

"well then… Thank you anyway" she answered while smiling.

"you are welcome…" he said, then he remembered that she answered with a strange tone and it came to his mind that she was smiling thus he looked at her and his expectations were true…

"and may I know why are you smiling?" he said seriously

"hmmmm…nothing important really" she answered, and without giving him much time to respond she continued…"…I was sleeping and you said that the view is beautiful so I thought you were referring to me…that’s all…"

"what??!!" he shouted "I have to tell you my lady that you are very arrogant and this is not a Jedi act I guess…" he said

"lying is not a Jedi act too…padowan!!!" she said teasing him. He was a good Jedi in fact and she knew that calling him a padowan will tease him more…

"what did you said?!!!" he asked as he began to lose his temper.

"don’t lose your temper my young padowan…you should know how to control your anger and most of the thing you should admit that you cannot resist my attraction…" she said and quickly she closed her mouth trying to keep out from laughing.

me attracted to you!!!" he wondered "Elireena!!! This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard from you since that when you said that Kreia is a good person…" he halted for a while. He knew he shouldn’t mention that name in front of her again. He knew how sad she felt when she was betrayed by Kreia and for a while he regrets his action, the thing he rarely does.

she was in fact sad but she didn’t wanted to make him feel that he was wrong...still she began to enjoy teasing him and a new idea came into her mind but before she could transformed it into an action she lost control and started to laugh…soon Atton joined her and they both laughed aloud…then he looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. He felt a strong desire toward her and she was wondering if he is up to do something and she thought that if he wanted to act she will stop him because she cares for him and she know deep in her heart that this might not be a true love or attraction or anything else but merely the bond's effect. These long moments of silence was disturbed by the sound of communication received alert. Atton pressed the button while still looking at Elireena who's no longer looking at him…

"identify yourself stranger…you are within the Government of Kalahan System…if no respond received within 2 minutes your ship will be destroyed…"

"aaaaaa…the same old "get down we wanted to talk to you" violent version" Atton said and then he pressed the red button next to the one he pressed first…

"this is the Ebon Hawk…I am Atton and with me there is Elireena…we want no harm and will be glad to accept your hospitality…" he talked to the other side

"wait…" the sound answered, and after a short time the respond came "very well then Ebon Hawk…you can land here"

"thank you for your approval" Atton answered.
he stared at the Exile and felt her somehow disturbed.

"what?!! Is there something wrong?" he asked "do you think I shouldn’t have tell them the name of our ship?"

"don’t know" she answered quicly "I feel a strong disturbance in the force…don’t know why, but I feel it and its strong."

Atton sighed. Although be became a Jedi, still he didn’t understand the disturbance feelings.

"anyway…we told them we will land and I guess that we must land now before they change their minds and start to shoot us insanely…" he said and piloted the ship into the green planet of Kalahan. Elireena was a bit worried and as they get closer to the planet ahead she felt the disturbance ever stronger…

"I have a very bad feelings about this…"

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Pretty good Korfredonn.

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Chapter 3:

The Reverent…



“there, at the sunrise… How beautiful!!! I never knew how it feels to watch the sunrise...”

"...some one told me one day that to watch a beautiful sunrise with your beloved is something worth to live for..."

"hmmm...do you think its true?"

"yes...i do!!"

"I love you Revan..."

"I love you too..."

the young man was awaken. His body sweated. Being hunted by the memories of the past is not easy to handle, especially those that are happy moments. It is harder to lose our beautiful memories than to lose the sorowful ones. The sound of Malak’s last words still echoing in his ears “You will forever stand alone.” … "it is hard also to be Revan!!!" he thought and a smile fought its way through his serious and concerned face features. "Where are you now Bastila??!!!" he yearned for his past moments with her. He began to get used to have these visions about his past though it is hard to live with such visions for a normal being. But not for Revan. for him these flashbacks began to represent an ordinary,and sometimes necesarry, daily habits just like eating and drinking. These things have become a sign of living for him. Something that kept his connection with the Force, or at least a kept him convinced that he is still connected to the force...

"warning!!! Warning!!! All units get ready...strange fighters are entering the area!!! Repeat: strange fighters are entering the area!!!"

Revan got his clothes on and ran quickly to the main hall. Prince Maglor sat upon his throne directing the battle above in the sky. He was wearing a blue robe holding his golden staff in his hands while the Jewiel of the Kalahanian Throne shown through the darkness of his long black hair.

"what is the situation your highness?" Revan asked

"a ship has asked for our permission to land on our territory and right after we accepted its request three strange fighters came from out of nowhere!!!"

"what is the ship's na..."

"the Ebon Hawk" he interrupted him, "...a name you are familiar with, Kun-Karath"

he gazed at Revan with wonder. He knows his real name but he was bounded with an oath sworn to keep Revan's true identity from other people. His tired eyes reflected this heavy burden he had buried deep inside of him for a long time. The old Prince know well that its his last days and soon his son Curufin will take his place and he didnt want to lose the very thing he had fought for all his life to keep, his people's respect. But now everything seems to be on the verge of the final falling. If the hidden enemy who attacked the Ebon Hawk was the same enemy of Revan, then it will not take a long time till he will find himself forced to reveal Kun-Karath's true identity as the hero and the villain once known as Revan. He understands Revan but how could he convince his people to understand this man? How could he avoid the total destruction from both the inside and the outside? ...this would be easier if Revan was not cursed in the outerrim. Many believe that his rightful birthplace is somewhere in the outerrim and the fact that Revan had led the republic in the Mandalorian Wars and in result had brought destruction to some places in this void, many suggested that he had harmed his own planet in order to achieve glory and power, and even more than that: some people may call him a "traitor"...

"who's piloting the ship?" Revan asked

"a guy called Atton, he speaks with us, and a girl called Elireena." The communicator answered

having not noticed these names Revan walked toward Maglor and whispered in his ear "can i do something for help?"

"all batteries are ready your highness" one of the officers interrupted

"good, fire at my order"

"yes sir!!!"

"I can help." Revan insisted

Maglor moved his sight to look at Revan and he answered him

"no!!! Stay out of troubles...our defences are enough to halt the invaders"

Revan nodded in acceptance. Though he wanted to help for he feels that this is all his fault and he should take his responsibilities and help his troubled friend but there is nothing he can do, nothing but remain silence...

(meanwhile at the Ebon Hawk)

"Atton look out!!!" the Exiled Elireena shouted as she saw three fighters unleashing their loads unto them.

"damn!!! We're hit!!!" said Atton "where the hell they came from!!! Oh, we're hit again!!"

"well then try to avoid the shoots!" she said in mockery

"...and what do you think i am trying to do!!! ewoooo" he screamed as the fighters did their job well for the third time.

"it seems like you're trying to catch the missiles not avoiding them!!!" she mocked again but with anger now.

"...stop criticising me and do something that helps..." Atton responded seriously "...shoot these fighters Elireena!!!" he ordered

feeling ashamed for focusing on the negatives, she went up to the shooting champer without saying a word. She grasped the controller and whispered while closing her eyes...

"may the force be with us now..."

the Ebon Hawk's generated shield was weakened by the fighters hits and Atton was having a hard time trying to defend his ship. Suddenly an enemy ship was hit and the reason was Elireena's great skills in aiming, the thing that gives Atton hope again and this time he was doing well avoiding the ships missiles one after another and it looks like the tidings of the battle has been changed and he felt that it was Elireena's battle meditation's force ability that made these changes possible. Another ship was hit and in a short time it was blown up by a laser shoot unleashed by a grand laser cannon of the Kalahanian military base...

"this is it. we're going to survive just like everytime..."

he yield in happiness, but right after that, the remaining two fighters attacked the Ebon Hawk massively unleashing dozens of laser rockets and bombs and the damages were critical.

"what are you doing Elireena?! Shoot them down, shoot them down!!!" Atton yield via his communicator but no answer came from the other side.

"Elireena! Answer me...are you alright??" he asked as fear over her has filled his heart with wariness but still no answer.

"Elireena, Elireena...answer you damned exile!!! This is no time for your jok.."

the ship was hit again the event that made Atton reorganize his priorities and search for a place to land the ship in safety.

"here is Atton again...cover me...i-i have to land...i-i cant fly any longer...cover my landing, repeat, cover my landing..."

now the respond came quickly and it was even more furious as the strong armed base attacked the ships again and forced them to escape as fast as they could while Atton hardly landed his ship closed to the base.

"another happy landing!!!"

he uttered then it came into his mind that Elireena might be wounded thus he ran out of his champer quickly and reached for The Exile, but soon he realized that his concerns were true as he saw the Exile nearly dead...

"Elireena!!! Can you hear me?!!" he shouted "Exile!!!" he shouted again, and again but she didnt make a move. Three men came from the base and one of held the shocked Atton from the hand while the remaining two took The Exile to receive the appropriate medical treatment...

"do not worry sir she's alive, our doctors will try their best to heal her"

the words of the Kalahanian Officer calmed Atton who responded

"thank you officer"

"come with me sir!!! We'll check if you're hurt"

"yes...yes...i'll go with you"

he responded keeping his eyes focused on Elireena hoping to see some signs of life on her pale face and when his heart grew hopeless he turned his back and went with the officer only to hear The Exile moaning. He gazed again at her and he saw her eyes trying to breath the shining light of the sun standing at the heart of the sky...

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You have a nice story going.

A word on italics--it's used to indicate something a character is thinking, not what the character is saying. For dialogue, just use normal text with quote marks. Double check your grammar. Some of the sentences get a little long, and I had a little trouble following the correct sequence of thoughts sometimes.

I like some of the imagery you create with your words. :)

Diego Varen
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You have a nice story going.

A word on italics--it's used to indicate something a character is thinking, not what the character is saying. For dialogue, just use normal text with quote marks. Double check your grammar. Some of the sentences get a little long, and I had a little trouble following the correct sequence of thoughts sometimes.

I like some of the imagery you create with your words. :)

I agree with Jae here. Good though. I look foward to more.

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thank you both for your ideas. i'll take them in consideration in the after posts coz i dont have time to correct the previous ones. i'm hardly finding time for writing...anyway, thanks again and i'm looking farward for another posts of yours.

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(here's the fourth chapter of this long story...i know it's been a long time since i've posted...however, i'll try to post here more frequent.)

Chapter 4:

Searching for answers

Two hours have past while Atton was waiting in some medical room. The sound of the strange fighters echoed in his mind while fear of losing Elireena was digging deep inside his soul. He could see her bright smile enlightening the darkness of his past memories...How could she change his life??....How could she touch his very heart??...and then a painful thought stroke his tearful mind..."Am i like them?!! All those men who were fallen slaves for her undified power of affection?!! Those who would give anything just to see her again, if only for another second?!!" he thought for a while then his heart cursed his mind for these dark and evil thoughts

"Elireena is good...she knows of her gift but she’s using it for good…she can simply drive you mad but she didn’t”

“…she didn’t?!! What should you call your current situation then?!!! Tell me Atton, what it could be if not total madness!!! “

“Stop it stupid!!! Its not the appropriate time for such inner conflict….now I have to focus on her safety…Oh, how I wish to be with her now…”

Being busy with his self-conversations, the poor and the confused Atton didn’t hear the voice that called upon him constantly. Even though the speaker was right in front of him calling him...”sir…sir”

“…oh, what?!!” he finally heard “…what do you want…o, is she alright?! Elireena, is she ok?!?” he asked furiously shaking the officer standing before him.

“ye—yess—sir…could you please let go of me!!”

Realizing his foolish action, Atton quickly got his hands off the officer…

“I’m sorry…it—its …I just…I’m worried about her…” he bowed his head down feeling ashamed for he couldn’t produce a single meaningful word…

“Its ok sir, I understand…however, your companion is quite ok. She had several wounds but she was…well, miraculously healed…”

“c-can I see her?” the now happy Atton asked

“I’m afraid not sir. She still in a coma now, besides she needs some rest as the medicals said”

“In a coma?”

“Yes sir, but I can assure you that she’s fine, and soon she’ll awake”

“Oh, I see…” he sat again “thanks…” he continued

“Sir…his highness demanded to see you if you’re fine. And I can tell that you are so…”

“Take me to him” Atton interrupted

“Yes sir…” the officer answered. A mixed feeling of confusion and anger dwelt within him every time he was interrupted by Atton. Nevertheless he stayed calm and continued “sure…follow me sir.”

The two then left the room to enter the first room on the right after passing through long metal-made corridors. Atton noticed dust covering the spaces between the roof tunnels, the thing that made him believe that this base is an underground base.

“What was the name of this planet again?” Atton asked

“Excuse me sir?!!” the officer questioned.

“The system…the planet…what was the name of this system?” Atton rearranged his thoughts.

“Kalahan sir…” answered the officer.

“..And where exactly does this planet exist?”

“I am sorry sir, but I’m not allowed to give you more information.” Responded the officer keeping his eyes straight forward ignoring Atton who was walking beside him.

“Uncomfortable silence” he muttered as the sound of their feet hitting the metallic ground adown echoed loader and loader within his ears, tormenting his aimless soul...

“Anything wrong sir?” the officer asked

“mmm…no…no…I didn’t say a thing!!!”

The officer gazed at Atton in wonder, however, he chooses to ignore him and say: “we’ve reached the chamber sir…Prince Maglor is waiting for you.”

“Thank you officer” Atton walked into the room while the officer bowed in respect and then he dismissed. Having been stunned by the extraordinary glamorous decoration of the throne room, Atton didn’t realize that Maglor wasn’t alone.

“Welcome in Kalahan” Maglor said “we’re truly pleased that you have landed safely…”

“Well, I wouldn’t call that landing a safe one!!” Atton responded sarcastically

“Don’t worry about your ship we have the finest engineers in the outerrim…and if you’re talking about your comrade…I hope Yeban has reported to you that she’ll be all right.”


"yes...the officer who brought you here"

Maglor said as he smiled at Atton who didn’t move a finger. Then he turned and walked toward a rounded table where the other two men were sitting. “Follow me mr.Atton.” he called and Atton followed him without saying a word and then the two sat on that table. Atton studied the two very well; the first one was of a blond hair and white skin. His eyes were blue like Maglor but he looks many years younger than him. The other one had a long black hair and dark brown eyes. Atton felt the force is flowing strongly within this man.

“may I introduce you to my son Curufin…” and he pointed at the blond man “…and Kun-Karath…” and he pointed at the black-haired man “..a friend and a man of great assistance”.

“Nice to meet you both” Atton nodded his head.

“well, Mr.Atton…from your clothing I would say you are a republican!!” Maglor concluded

“that depends on how do you define republican” Atton dodged the question with mockery.

“sure!!!” Maglor smiled and glanced at Revan who was busy analyzing the new Ebon Hawk pilot “…allow me then to reorganize my question…from where did you come?”

“the republic.”

“good!!” he smiled till his teeth were shown “…but may I ask, what would force a republican to visit the outerrim?”

“…we’ve lost our way” Atton answered quickly and without thinking, then he realized that his answer wasn’t reasonable enough. And he wished if Elireena was here with him, she would’ve dealt with such situation perfectly.

“Very well…” the comfortable look at Maglor’s face changed into a serious one “look Mr.Atton, I am not interrogating you…your ship has been attacked by an unknown enemy. I need to know the reason behind this attack…”

“Believe me your highness, I don’t know more than you do”

“We believe you Atton…” Revan interrupted “…if you told us the real reason behind your surprising visit we might be able to clear the fog in front of our eyes.” And he waved his hand using force mind trick.

“I-I….I told you we’ve lost our way…we didn’t want to land on your planet but the fighters came out ex nihilo and forced us to go down.”

“what about your ship?” Revan asked

“what do you mean?”

“where did you get this ship?”

“from a space station…however this aint my ship…they say it belonged to Revan.”


"yeah, belogned!! past tence..."

“who said so?”

“everyone we’ve encountered in our way”

“…and now it belongs to your comrade?”


“who’s he?”

“actually, he is a she…”

“who’s she then?”

“why don’t you ask her?!!!”

“she’s not available now”

“well, then ask her when she’s available!!!” Atton shouted as he punched the table angrily. Curufin then decided to calm the atmosphere “hey…Kun-Karath didn’t attempt to be aggressive…he’s just curious like you and me…” he glance at Revan and nodded his head, then he continued “I think our guest here is in deep need for a rest” he stood and put his hand on Atton’s shoulders and then he said “lets go and find you a place to rest your head in.” and he took him out of the room…

“He’s not telling the truth” Revan said to Maglor.

“Clearly...” Maglor answered “but I think he’s a good man”

“He is a Jedi…not well trained yet…but he’s a Jedi and he resisted my mind trick.”

“Are you referring that those fighters came for who he is not for what he came for?”

“I’m referring that this could be possible…however, I am more interested in the other pilot.”

“You mean the girl…why?”

“I’m not sure yet…but I have a strong feeling that the Ebon Hawk new owner has much to tell.”

(Meanwhile in the upper level of the base. Curufin was leading Atton to his room…)

“you hated him didn’t you?” Curufin asked suddenly


“Kun-Karath…you hated him?”

“mmm…to speak the truth, he talks too much.”

“yes I know that…since he came here, my father paid much attention to him…frankly I don’t know why...”

Atton gazed at Curufin. He looked like a heart-broken son and he sympathized with him.

“So he’s not from Kalahan?”

“No he’s not. He came three years ago from the republic just like you. Some of our soldiers found him lying unconsciously on the ground near wreckages of a star ship. They brought him here and now he’s my father’s counselor.” He said kept his eyes focused on the ground.

“well, I see…but why would your father trust a stranger so quickly?”

“I don’t know…there is something weird about this guy. I don’t know what it is but I’ll find out someday.”

“yes…I’ve noticed that too…he’s incredibly strong with the force.”

“indeed…speaking of the force…you are too strong in the force and from the lightsaber we’ve found in your ship I can tell that you’re one of two…a Jedi or a Sith.”

“DAMN!!! I forgot my lightsaber in the ship” he thought. “mmm…well, actually I’m a Jedi.”

“that’s better…for if you’re a Sith then we could be in a trouble here” and the two shared a short laugh together. ”does that apply also on your companion?” Curufin asked.

“not exactly…”

“what do you mean?”

“I mean…she is a Jedi but she is different.”

“how different?...like Revan for example?”

“no…she’s not like Revan…she’s more complicated…mmm…yes…yes somehow like Revan.”

“in spite I didn’t fully understand I will leave you now as we’ve reached your room…we will have more conversations later...it was nice talking with you.” A slight smile painted over Curufin’s face.

“same’s here…” Atton responded and turned quickly to the room in front then he turned back and called at Curufin “I have a request your highness…”

”Say it!”

“I need you to inform me of any changes in Elireena’s situation”

“Elireena?!!” he thought “yes sure…I will”

“Thank you your highne…”

“Curufin…call me Curufin” he interrupted him.

Atton nodded in acceptance and then he entered the room. Meanwhile, Curufin hastened toward his chamber and yielded at the guards “prevent any Kalahanian from entering my chamber…I’m tired and I need some rest.”

“What if Lady Jalika wanted to come in?” one of the guards whispered

“I said no one…not even my father!!!” he said angrily

“Aye your highness…” the terrified guard answered.

He reached for a communication tool hidden behind the closet and after clicking some buttons a figure appeared on the screen…

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Chapter 5:

Temporary Peace


A strange yet a familiar sound echoed in the empty halls of Elreena’s soul.

“Awaken Exile…”

The sound called again, now becoming more familiar…

“Awaken, Awaken,
All have been mistaken,
Ye who slumbered in sleep,
For a secret still hidden so deep…”

Elireena began to feel uncomfortable in her coma as the voice transformed into various voices, and these voices shifted their tone to a higher one…from whispering to shouting then to screaming aloud…


Elireena finally awakened. A lump in her throat prevents her from screaming though she opened her mouth and shout. A medic near her noticed that she was suffering and that she wanted to shout but no sound could escape her dry throat. He brought her some water and came close to help her drinking. She leaned on his left shoulder like a frightened dear that asks for his mother’s protection and she drank the whole cup.

“Thank you…” a soft whispered finally found its way to the space outside. The medic didn’t respond due to his shock.

“Where am I?” she asked, finding her normal tone.

“In Kalahan…” the medic answered.

“Oh…I remembered…” she concluded. Recent past events quickly and massively invaded her mind as she recalled all what happened in few countless seconds. And then a thought came into her mind prevailing on all other thoughts dwelling inside her mind…

“Atton!!! Where is he?!!” she asked furiously. The medic stood silenced having no clue of what she was talking about…”my companion…the pilot of the ship. Where is he?!!” she persisted.

“oh…that man...” he recalled “…he is in his room now…Prince Maglor ordered that a room must be prepared for him to rest in…there is another one for you too milady.”

“I-I need to see him…” she said and quickly she jumped out of the bed and ran toward the door ignoring the medic’s callings. But then she stopped realizing why he was calling out for her. She was wearing only her underwear. Her hastening prevents her from heeding the medic’s voice. Her embarrassment manifested into a red blushes all over her soft pale cheeks, and she couldn’t resist the smile that shoved its way through her angelic face features. She turned back looking down to avoid more embarrassment and glanced at the medic who was holding her once-dirty now-clean robes and gave them to her. She nodded her head and hastened toward the booth to put her clothes on.

Several minutes later, Elireena got out fully clothed this time. She moved gently toward the medic and spoke in a whispering like: “could you please just tell me where I can find this room? Or, maybe show me the way?”. The medic looked at the beautiful figure standing before him. He saw her pale green eyes glittering like those of a lone snow wolf. Those eyes reflect the inner sadness of their owner, the agony in which her dying cold heart lives within…

“I-I cannot leave my place milady…” he answered while his eyes were fixed on hers. She, one the other side, wanted to use her force persuasion not only to get what she want, but also to make sure that the last attack hasn’t affected her powers. When you lose your powers once, you’ll always be afraid of losing them once again.

“Well at lease you can tell me where it is?!” she said, changing her mind.

“I’ll be glad to do it milady” he answered while he was smiling. She smiled back at him as he was starring still at her eyes, and by time she felt like she isn’t able to smile any longer as the situation became uncomfortable. “so?!!” She said as she held her arms slightly from her sides and moved them backward to put them at her back.

“Oh, excuse me milady…I-I just got a little dizzy and…mm..” he said slowly and confused at the same time. Realizing his confusion, Elireena smiled again in an attempt to soften the air around and then she spoke:”it’s ok…”

“...mmm, here!!” he said suddenly pointing his finger at a red rectangle on a figure which seemed to be a map, of the base probably. “Here is your room milady” and then he delivered her the e-map.

“Thank you…” she said keeping her charming smile. The confused medic nodded rapidly in a crazy-like movement, the thing that forced her to let out a low laugh but quickly she shut her mouth using her palm and got out of the medical center…


The insidious, quiet and dark sound echoed in her ears once again. But she stopped and stared behind her, left then right but none she could fined. And she stood in silence for more than a minute, and she closed her eyes trying to clear her mind so she can wash this voice away. And finally she did. Her mind was as clear as her silver lightsaber crystal, and the voice was vanished. She opened her eyes as a smile of trust reformed her face features only to make it prettier. Then she walked slowly holding the map the medic has given her and she starred at the red rectangle, and it grew bigger as she gazed at it, and it came closer and closer to her and suddenly it manifested as the dark-red core of Malachor and then the voice came back storming as loud as it could have pierced her ears making her deaf. But she put her hands over her ears, closing them and ran as fast as she can toward the location pointed in the map as the voice continued to chant in wizardry…



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Chapter 6:

Synchronized conversations

Conversation number one:

“Lord Tranka…everything went as you’ve predicted…The Exile came to us with her own feet.”

“Good…we’ve made it the half way but the other half is still ahead.”

“Yes my Lord…and her companion will be serving us as a useful tool.”

“Atton will be our gate to the heart of The Exile…drive him to the point then get rid of him…he’s nothing of our concerns.”

“As you command my lord”

“The counsel has placed his trust strongly in you…you have been well trained Arcanos…be prepared for the big event.”

“Aye my lord…I promise you I won’t fail.”

“Actions not words Lord Arcanos, and remember, our revenge should be swift and lethal.”

“Aye my lord...”


Conversation number two:

“…have you seen the girl?”

“Not yet, but the medics has reported that even though her wounds were deadly, she has miraculously healed.”

“I see…she’s a Jedi then?”

“we have no evidence yet. I’ve given my orders to start searching the ship…”

“…and did they find anything?”

“nothing have been reported yet, which is I’m concerned about…”


“any ideas Revan?”

“today…I felt this strange disturbance in the force, then the Ebon Hawk has shown, then its pilots were attacked by anonymous invaders, and now you’ve talked about the possibility of them being force users…I find this unusual gathering of coincidences is strange somehow…”

“does the Ebon Hawk have things to do with this feeling?”

“its not about the Ebon Hawk your majesty…it’s all about the new owner…”


Conversation number three:

“…so like I said, the Prince’s son, Prince Curufin knows that we are Jedi and he was glad when he knew so…what I’m saying is that we are in peace here…”

“In peace?!! We’ve been attacked since the very moment we reached Kalahan!”

“…and I think that this attack has something to do with that mysterious man.”

“What mysterious man?”

“His name is Kun-Karath. Curufin told me that darkness surrounds that guy.”

“And what do you think about this?”

“Well, he is annoying. Once he saw me he started to interrogate me furiously!!”

“Sure he will. Don’t forget Atton, we’re but strangers.”

“I know that!!! But this guy seems like he has a former contact with our ship: the Ebon Hawk.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, whatever we’re going to face in this journey, this man will have a great deal in deciding the tidings of the upcoming wars.”

“hmmm…this seems a bit wise. I’d like to meet this man…however, right now I’m more concerned of something else.”

“What?!! What thing?”

“Something is wrong Atton, I can feel it”

“Well, sure there will be something wrong!!! Don’t tell me that you haven’t expected this since we are in the unknown regions!”

“Sure silly!! I’m not saying that our journey into the unknown will be peaceful…i-it-its…j..”

“It’s just what?”

“Well if you can stop yourself from interrupting me you would’ve known what’s going on inside my mind!!”

“Still the same. You cannot be changed cant you?! Even if you haven’t seen me for..hmm, lets say, 20 minutes, you still cant keep your self from being angry at me…”

“You have to practice your persuasion powers on somebody else young apprentice!!!”

“I am a Jedi Knight…and I wasn’t trying to persuade you of something. Don’t say this word again.”

“Which one? Do u mean “APPRENTICE”?”

“You’ve said it again…you will REGRET this EXILE”

“Really?!! And how you will make me regret my sayings…by persuading me of regretting?”

“ahhhhhhh!!! You just can’t stop!!! I’m leaving”

“Hey, comeback…I was just teasing you. Atton comeback!!! Oh, how many times I should do this!!! Comeback Atton. You idiot!!!”

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Chapter 7:

Gathering of Forsaken Souls

“How dare you servant?!! I am your mistress!!! When Curufin know about this he’ll teach you a lesson!!!” a dark hair lady shouted at the officer guarding Curufin’s chamber.

“But my lady it’s his highness’s orders!!” the afraid officer responded confusedly. Jalika examined the man standing in front of her carefully as fire was storming out from her eyes to lick his heart in pain, and he feels like she is going to kill him or at least beat him. Everyone in Kalahan knew of her high temper and of her arrogance and malice. And he moved backward slowly and looked around to find none of his companions, and he shivered and feels like its going to be the end for him.

“Open up!!!” she screamed again. But right after she finished her statement the chamber’s door was opened and Curufin came out and said:”I told him not to let anyone in…” he moved his sight to focus on the officer who was shivering still:” get back to your work officer…” and he responded “ye-yes my lord”and quickly he ran away muttering like a crazy person…

“See? You have to punish him!!! He cursed me!!! I know that. He cursed me!!” Jalika turned back to her old mode.

“Easy…” Curufin put his hand around her neck her “…he was just doing his job”

“You ordered him to prevent me from going into your chamber?!!” she said as she pulled back.

“Yes. However, surely this excluded you from the list” he said then he grasped her hand and pulled her back into him and kissed her. She smiled back at him but then she said softly: “are you hiding secrets from me my lord?” and a moment of silence passed by before Curufin could found a suitable answer for her question…”secrets!!! I have no secrets to hide from you my love.”

“Oh, really?! How come you’ve ordered your soldiers not to let anyone pass?” she urged again.

“We won’t get back to this again…” he said angrily “…I was tired and I wanted to have some rest!!!”
“ok, ok!!! I’m sorry if I disturbed you my lord” and she smiled.

“No you haven’t…” he answered “now lets get in, I missed you like hell!!!” and then they entered the chamber together…

Meanwhile, and in some place in the upper level of the underground base, Elireena were getting frustrated with running in search for Atton. Thus she decided to halt her search and get back to her room to get some rest, but was suddenly frozen once she heard a familiar voice calling from behind. And she turned back as the voice draw nearer and she saw a face from the past. His long black hair, brunet skin, and the defying look of his hazel eyes remind her of Revan, yet this man looked so different. But she watched him carefully trying to identify him as he was approaching nigh…

“Greetings…I’m Kun-Karath. Prince’s Maglor’s consultant.” He said gently as he stood before her holding out his hand for the blond woman to shake.

Elireena stood silenced, overwhelmed by the familiar figure that stood before her. She wanted to shake his hands then she realized that her hand is somehow wet thus she pulled it back and dried it using her dark-olive trouser then she shaked his hands saying: “hello, I-I’m Elireena…”

“Elireena?” Revan thought, “then it’s her, but what is she doing here in the unknown regions?!”

“…we’re thankful for your help...” she broke the silence “…we couldn’t have survived without your aiding…”

“I’m sure you’d have…” he disagreed gently “you have the fastest ship in the universe!!” he declared. In fact this was an attempt to test Elireena’s motivations that drove her to Kalahan.

“Well, it was proved not to be fast enough, was it?!!” she dodge the test perfectly.

“It depends on the pilot!” he said in mockery.

“…Atton is a good pilot…the problem is that we’d been taken by surprise” she justified, then she recalled her last conversation with her companion and she concluded “Atton was right. This man is annoying!!! He cannot be Revan”

“you’re right about this part…” he pulled back from his offensive attitude and he continued “…but may I know how did you get this ship?”

“from a space station.” She responded “I can’t explain how. Crossed destinies perhaps, perhaps its the will of the force that brought this ship to us”

“…and it could be the will of the force that brought you here too?!!”

“It could be!!!” she took as few steps backwards trying to escape the conversation which she began to feel uncomfortable with “however, it’s the result that matters not the reasons behind this result.”

“yes sure” he agreed “nevertheless, I can assure you that our finest engineers are working hard to fix your ship so you can be able to return to the republic”

“we are thankful again my lord…” she nodded, then she turned back and walked toward her room. She can feel him standing still behind her and that feeling troubled her mind, and she thought of returning to him and telling him her thoughts about him explicitly, but she stood when she heard his voice again…

“do you know Revan?” he asked

“Revan!! Sure…everybody knows Revan!!” she answered, her eyes were blinking rapidly.

“I mean, have you ever met Revan?” he wanted to make sure if she has recognized him or not.

She tried to come out with an answer quickly but her focus was disturbed by a feeling that a danger is drawing nigh and in minutes a strong blast in the left wall separated between the two Jedi and left them both lying unconscious on the ground surrounded by tongues of fire…

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================================================== ========

Chapter 8

Enter Lord Tranka

Elireena awakened suddenly to find her self lying on the ground. She tried to wash her face but something grasped her hands strongly preventing her from moving them. Soon, she realized that she was tied up with metal chains. She can hear the engines roaring from afar yet she couldn’t see a thing…

“What is this place?” she thought, and then she heard the sound of various voices coming from the east side of the room’s border, but she couldn’t recognize the language the talkers were speaking even though the voices were growing loader as the speakers approached the room. The door was opened, the lights were on, and a man clothed in a black and gold robe stood before Elireena. Her heart started to beat faster as her throat felt so dry. Her attention was dragged toward her right side when she heard a moan coming from there. And she found Kun-Karath tied up like her trying to awake from his slumber. And she remembered that they were both together when the explosion occurred, then she thought that this explosion was caused by some kind of invasion, and that these invaders might be the ones behind the attack on the Ebon Hawk. She gazed again at Kun-Karath who was fully awakened for now, and he looked back at her then at the mysterious man standing before him and he said: “who are you?!!”

“As I have expected...you haven’t fully remembered…” the mysterious man said dimly “…however, you are here for a reason and that reason is to remember…”

“To remember what!?” the surprised Kun-Karath shouted. He has been through similar conversation before and it didn’t end well.

“To remember your story. why you have been through all this and why you are here…” responded the cloaked man using the same cold and low voice, and then he moved his sight to gaze at Elireena and he continued “…strange are, the ways of the force…you came to reunite and I have found you both. Both for the same yet the unknown reason…really strange”

“What are you talking about!?” Elireena yelled “and who the hell are you?!”

“I am Tranka’ari. The leading member of the order of the nine, the leaders of what you call…the True Sith!!! ”

“The True Sith!!!” Elireena was taken by surprise. She was supposed to search for the True Sith Empire not the opposite.

“And what do you want from us?” Kun-Karath interrogated as usual.

“I think I should ask you this question. You are the one who had entered our territory without a permission”

“We were in Kalahan and as far as I know this is not your territory” Kun-Karath responded aggressively, but the Sith Lord remained as calm as he was before when he said: “then you know nothing of what you’d known before…Revan!!!”

“Revan?!” two surprises in less than two minutes were enough to make Elireena lose her temper “…you knew me and then you didn’t tell me…why Revan?! Why?” she said angrily. She began to sweat and she was eager to hear an answer from Revan who nodded in shame and spoke: “I had to know who our enemies are…more importantly; I had to know why you’re here”

“I came in search for you that’s why? Kreia told me tha..”

“Kriea?!” Revan iterrupted

“Yes, you’re master”

“I know who’s Kreia, but how did you meet her?”

“She came to me…I don’t know, I can’t explain” said the confused Exile

“Kriea is insane! you shouldn’t have listened to her”

“You shouldn’t have gone alone!”

As the tension grow, Lord Tranka decided to cut this little conversation off…

“Kreia was telling the truth in fact…from her point of view at least…” he continued “…now as both of you are here, there you shall learn of the whole truth”

“You’re a sith lord. Your words will be nothing more than lies”

Elireena interrupted Tranka who did nothing but moving a few steps forward and said as he gazed at her:

“it seems that you know too little Exile…however, if we assume that you’re right then still I know of no reason why I shouldn’t tell you the truth simply because you are about to die” no smile, no frown, the cold low-voiced Sith Lord uncloaked himself to reveal his red skinned face and fearsome full-white eyes and began to talk:

“First of all, Exile, you should know that we, the True Sith, are the real and pure Sith species not those who were evolved from the breeding of the Dark Jedi Knights who invaded Ziost with certain category of our people. Thus we, unlike other Sith you’ve met, are no darksiders nor lightaiders as the Jedi are…we are similar to what was called in the republic…the Grey Jedi Knights…although this name “Jedi” is not preferred here. Still it’s the only way we can describe our philosophy to make it understandable for you…hence, not Jedi nor Dark Jedi, we are neither of these. We are Sith”

“Like Kreia!” Elireena concluded

“Exactly!” Tranka responded “…in fact Kreia was one of us, though a breeded one, just like Revan once was…”


Revan yelled and gazed furiously at Tranka who remained calm. Meanwhile, Elireena started to have a headache as she felt lost and confused and that the room began to become smaller and smaller to suffocate her till death and finally she said furiously:

“stop speaking riddles…I need to know the truth or else I’ll crash your organs and make them blow inside your pathetic red-colored body”

Now, Tranka smiled and nodded then he said: “The lady protests too much, methinks. A Sith you’ll become if you didn’t control your emotions…is that what they teach you?” he said in mockery as he raised his head.

The Sith Lord was right, and that made Elireena even angrier, but she remembered the code and tried to focus on the moment, and then she swallowed her anger softly but demanded surely: “the truth…”

Tranka nodded in acceptance “…we were hidden for a long period of time. King Dara, was the first to rule after a series of civil wars began after the death of our legendary king, Adas The Black… Since then, and While the republic moved from a war toward another, we were building our empire in Sirion, the same place you call the unknown regions…”

“Adas The Black?!!” Revan thought, then he began to remember few things that were forgotten “…he’s the one who defeated the Rakatan Empire in Korriban, but eventually died because of this…”

“True…” Tranka commented “…regardless of ancient history. Our story begins with the golden age of our empire when we decided to have revenge over those who enslaved us as well as those who send them to our planet. A perfect plan was obtained to achieve such a great goal: we had to make war to weaken the strong Jedi and the tool for this was ready…”

“The Mandalorians…” Elireena concluded

“…furious warriors, ambitious warlords, high military technology, the Mandalorians presented the most suitable enemy of the republic in the absence of the Sith…still, we had to find a way to force the Jedi to enter the war and there came one of our finest strategists and one of the most powerful True Sith Lords…there came Revan…”

“I remember now that Kreia has said that Revan was born in the Outer Regions…so it was well planned! Revan was meant to urge the Jedi to join him in war and surely the counsel will refuse his urge and thus the Jedi will be separated again…”

“…and the Sith who once were hiding shall expose themselves again…I remember now!!!” Revan said as he began to recall many things about his mysterious past.

Tranka smiled as he felt glorious after describing the True Sith plan…

“See how the truth is clear…cause and effect, as simple as that…Revan was the cause of the war and the effect was the weakening of the Jedi…we have calculated every possibility; Revan’s uprising, the last battle of Malachor, all was monitored and controlled even the discovering of the Star Forge…”

Revan was totally confused by now. As he remembered the truth, he realized now that he was a tool more than an instrument to achieve revenge. On the other hand, Elireena began to feel helpless. She wanted revenge from those who’d betrayed her, even from Revan himself…

“…cause and effect, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, that is the law…”

Tranka said. Then he began to laugh gently and then he continued:

“…ironically, we have forgotten one cause and thus we’ve missed its effect…Revan, we have forgotten that with his knowledge and with his ever growing powers, Revan presents the main failure factor of our plan…he was a hero inside our territories and outside it, and people began to elevate him to a godlike status…something known here as the Sith’ari. And that made Revan over proud of himself and thus he decided to conquer our empire with his new found infinite fleet…”

“In order to make the Sith stronger…” Revan interrupted

“The Sith not the republic?!!! But Kriea said that he wanted to conquer the republic in order to make it stronger to face the threat of the Sith Empire…” she wondered, but the Sith Lord continued:

“Please!! This old woman cannot see beyond her own choices so how could she learn of the ambiguity surrounding others choices!…he wanted to fulfill the prophecy of the Sith’ari, and in order to do this he needed to unleash an attack against the republic to destroy the Jedi. He knew that the Jedi are no match for us and thus their existence will send his strategic plan into oblivion….from the effect of our cause there sprang another cause who’s effect was the destruction of our empire…huh…strange is the will of the force I say…”

“But his plan was invoked after Malak suddenly decided to betray his master” Elireena said

“I wouldn’t say suddenly…it was all planned…” Revan said, his feelings were like that mixed of anger and regret…

“Everything happens for a reason…causality… Revan forgot that transforming his soldiers into Dark Jedi will only give him a short time to finish his long term plan…soon one of his apprentices will feel stronger and he’ll betray him and that man was Malak…the effect of Revan’s cause worked reversely and that cost him his identity…see?!! This is the major flaw in the Dark Jedi dogma, he who believe that he’s the strongest must rule…belief, like many other fluctuated terms, depends on our point of views. Hence it was so easy to convince an arrogant Sith Lord like Malak that he is the strongest…The play has been performed; applaud!”

Revan nodded in defeat. He wanted some answers but he never expected such heavy and hard answers like these. He let out of a heavy sigh and then he uttered: “I should have listened to her. I should have listened to Kreia…she told me that it’s all about my army not about me and that I cannot conquer the galaxy myself…she knew what is going to happen….she knew it all…”

“True…” Trank’ari spoken in a low and serious voice, “…but then you can see that the ability of observation Kreia had had is irrelevant. If you had listened to her you wouldn’t have fall and this will bring a question upon her foreseeing powers…thus the only way to appreciate this power is to ignore it and that just doesn’t make any sense for the time will come when you will regret your ignorance…”

“If I have listened to her I wouldn’t be here. None of these would have happened and you Tranka…you would be dead by now.” Revan said angrily

“But you haven’t…and now you’re here and I’m alive…I say it’s your fault Revan…it’s all your fault. Now excuse me for I have to go. It was a pleasure to see you both…” he smiled “…especially in this situation” then he walked toward the door, but before he could leave the room Elireena yelled:

“What about me?! Why have you sent Kreia to train me…”

“all what happened with you was the effect of what Revan’s caused: you were supposed to kill the new Sith and then get killed by Kreia…however it looks like that even though we’ve realized your potential, we were unable to imagine the full picture…” the Sith Lord answered

“Then it’s all your fault. You have caused all of this!!” she responded

“You and Revan were the ones who destroyed Malachor V, you’re the ones who decided to strike the Mandalorians back. You have committed all these murders…”

“We were but a tool in the hands of the true criminal.” She said as tears of anger filled her eyes.

“True…you were the dagger and we were the holder. However the holder cannot kill without the dagger as well as the dagger cannot kill without the holder. It’s a circle of interrelated actions and reactions that caused this mass effect. but then, though unjustly, who blames the dagger?!!” said then he opened the door and exited the room leaving the two Jedi wondering while bonded in chains. And Revan screamed in agony…

“I am sorry, forgive me…”