View Full Version : Two headed monster (DarkJedi appearance)

06-25-2006, 07:16 AM
Hi! I would like my new NPC to have variations of a reskinned DarkJedi (K1) replace one of his armor classes. I edited rows modelc and texc with N_DarkJediM. This gives the NPC the appearance I want when any armor of that type is applied. How do I make my (normalhead) invisible/disappear while this armor type is equipped? The head clips through the hooded DarkjediM model and while ghoulishly inspiring in an Underverse sort of way and potentially useful it doesn't work for this character. Thanks for reading, Ob1

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06-25-2006, 10:50 PM
Unfortunately it will do that, and the only way around it is to not place NPC models that are one piece in your PC's body model slots, see the Dark jedi model is one model whereas the PC's appearance is comprised of your head model placed upon various body models.

You will likely need to use the item disguise property on a robe/armor/clothes uti set to the appearance of the Dark Jedi Model instead, that way the head won't clip. ;)