View Full Version : Your Full Throttle PocketPC experience!

07-01-2006, 11:30 AM
Well, as ScummVM is available for PocketPC as well, there's some kind of 'rebirth' of FT.
[Check ScummVM.org for their PPC version. I recommend 0.8.2 as 0.9.0 still has some glitches (with sound decoding...) ===> game crashes... Both with original installed-from-disc files and them being Scumm-encoded also]
I've enjoyed playing FT on my PC in those late nineties very much =^.^= And now, after a freaking lot of years getting by... FT on PPC is one of the best nostalgias there are.
To the flaws at first. Well, the worst uncomfortable thing are the bike battles and the survival race. The 'Win-the-fight' button helps a lot, because controlling is freaking tough for me. :smash: And I'll bow to the person who did it through the survival race on a PocketPC...
Everything else's fine! And... well, the graphics on a QVGA 320x240 screen look just awesome! Zooming effect is almost not noticeable and the 3d renders look perfect as well. And, in my view, it's much easier to play on a small screen not having to turn your head all the time XD PPC screens rule!
[Pity the game's short, though. Where is the continuation, I ask! (Yeah, I know there won't be any... *sob*...)]
So I recommend playing FT on a PPC if possible. :king1:
[Aah! There's a Rip robot looking in my window! :sithk: That robot at Todd's must be a Ripburger robot! XD Let's sign the petition! Nah, just kidding. Kill me =^.^=]

Who else's played FT on a Pocket?