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I was in the mood to write a fan fic about a LSM Revan and a LSF Exile. In this story the two team join forces to fight against the invisible threat; The True Sith. The Story starts off with Mira on a Republic ship on the border between Republic space and the Outer Rim...

On the border of the Unknown Regions, a Republic cruiser drifts in space, on the ship a Jedi Knight by the name of Mira was transferred by the Jedi council, ordered her to carry out a mission to watch for any suspicious activity in the Unknown Regions. Since everyone was expecting an attack by an invisible enemy, the Republic kept around the clock watch from inside the cruiser in case any thing catastrophe happened.

On the second deck, Mira watched out the window, she gazed out at the distant stars, there were so many of them, and every one of them would have either primitive or advanced civilizations. The view was truly magnificent, letting her mind wonder she thought back to the days with the Jedi Exile, the very day when she first met her, when a Jedi Master named Zez-Kai Ell hired her to protect the Jedi Exile from GO-TO. Not every thing had gone into plan; she ended following Alex Onana’s crew to rescue her from GO-TO’s ship; and after the rescue attempt was successful Alex Onasa, brought herself and her back to Nar Shadda to show her the ways of the Force; little did she know that she had the potential to become a Jedi until Alex Onasa showed her how to listen to the Force; and that was when every thing changed for her. After connecting to the Force, she volunteered to help her new friend and Master seek out the Jedi Masters. Strange as it seemed; she felt connected to the Jedi Exile; she was willing to give up every thing for her new friend and she simply did not understand why, it was as if she new Alex Onasa all her life. Mira remembered over-hearing a conversation between a strange old lady and Alex Onasa that she was able to create strange Force bonds simply with out her knowing it; but Mira only took their private little conversation as hobble wash. Then when Alex had completed her mission in locating all the Jedi Masters and defeating Darth Nilihis, they had to go to Malachor V to track down a Sith Lord named Darth Traya to defeat her. From what Alex Onasa had told them after she returned from a battle with Darth Traya, she told all of them that she had an important mission she had to go on; a mission where she couldn’t take her friends.

Alex where are you? She thought.

Mira had not seen her former crew mates since she departed from Dantooine. After Alex left from Malachor V, which was destroyed by Bao-Durs remote. She and her friends were rescued by a Republic cruiser and taken to Dantooine for refuge where surviving Jedi sensed her and her friends as Force sensitive; they trained her and the others as Jedi until they were ready. The new Jedi Master consisted of Jolee Bindo, and a more experienced Jedi Master Atris, and a more younger Jedi Master in training was a very exceptional Jedi and skilled in Battle Meditation; was Bastila Shan. As young as she was, she was the one that rescued Revan and destroyed the Star Forge.

Mira sighed, a lot had happened in the past year since Alex left. She was now responsible for her first mission and she would see it to the finish. Tired, Mira turned on her heels and headed for the elevator that would take her to her quarters; she decided that she would turn in for the night….

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It took me ages to write this, if you enjoyed this Fan Fic, please feel free to leave any contructive feedback. Any Advice would help me improve greatly...


Late evening, in his quarters Atton Rand meditated; the new Jedi Masters instructed for him to learn to meditate so it would soothe his inner turmoil. Over the past year the young Jedi struggled with his new training as he missed his one true love; Alex Onasa. It had struck him hard when his Master and lover ordered him to remain behind simply because she couldn’t allow anyone to follow her. As much as he protested, his argument didn’t get him any where; his last encounter with Alex Onasa was when she kissed him goodbye, and he helplessly watched his lover walk out of his life and simply promised that she will return; with an old friend.

Recently, Atton took the training harder then most; even on some days, Mical his friend tried to cheer him up, it didn’t seem to work no matter how hard he tried. As much as Mical tried to share his pain with him; and explaining how much he was missing Alex as well; only made his Journey as a Jedi harder; but he swore an oath to the Jedi no matter how hard the path was; for Alex. To this day, he remembered when Bastila Shan trained with him; helped him with his training and willingly gave up her free time to aide him so he could become more attuned to the Force; Bastila sensed great potential in the young man; but there was something else that she picked up; something slightly familiar. That night, Atton remembered when Bastila decided to have a private chat with him to find out why he was so distant; it was the night when he told her that he was in love with the Jedi Exile and that he to was the one taking the responsibility; after the startling conversation he realized that Bastila had sensed the same thing he was going through as her; that he and her had both missing lovers…

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Feel free to leave any contructive feedback.

“Remember your training,” Jolee Bindo instructed his Padawans who were training under him. Recently the old Jedi Master, who has only been on the new Jedi council for about eight long months, was recently promoted to Jedi Master by Atris; who by afar was the most experienced Jedi Master around who survived since the Mandalorians Wars. Nearby, In the newly constructed Jedi enclave; Master Atris watched as the newly Jedi Padawans were partnered in groups and were training in the ways of the Force. For eight months, things had taken changed dramatically, since the deaths of Master Vrook, Master Kavar, and Master Zez-Kai Ell. When she sensed the deaths of her three long time comrades; as experienced as she was in the Force, she experienced grief and disbelief that they were killed by a former council member. But as the months went by she managed to cope with her pain and to move on; to think of the future of the new Jedi Order and where it was going. She wouldn’t repeat her mistakes from the past. Atris, now taking responsibility for the whole Jedi order; and now again; one of the highest ranking positions in the Order; with Jolee Bindo next, followed by Acting Jedi Master Bastila Shan. Atris knew Jolee would help Bastila with her Masterhood and willingly give her free advice when she needed it; she knew that the two were close; and in this kind of situation all life needed friendship to survive. Atris walked over to Jolee and spoke with the old man.

“Master Bindo, may I have a word with you please?” she asked.

“Yes Master Atris? What can I do for you today?” he asked,

“I need you to prepare for a council meeting, it is important that we gather together with the senior members of the council and the Jedi,” Atris replied.

“Yes I think I can arrange that,”

“Good, because it’s advisable that we discuss where we are heading,” she replied. “Its vital that some of the Jedi who are staying here, should attend this important meeting as well,” she explained, as she turned her head to watch one of the Padawans train with their lightsaber techniques.

“Understood, I shall go and see if I can find Bastila and arrange it with her,” Jolee replied.

“See that you do please, once you have the council members together, please come and see me in my council chambers,”

She turned on her heels and headed out of the Jedi hall; Jolee watch her leave, after she was out of sight he turned back to watch his young Padawan’s.

“Alright young ones, trainings finished,” he clapped his hands. “Go and play until I call for you,” he ordered.

“Yes Master Bindo,” the Padawans gave the old Jedi Master a respectful bow and they all ran out of the training hall together, leaving the Old man by himself. It had been a long day. He turned on his heel and went to see if he could find Bastila…..

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The Outer Rim.

A young woman in her late twenties sat on the floor with her knees up against her with her arms wrapped around her legs. She has been a prisoner to the Sith since she was captured by them a few weeks ago. Across from her cell; was another dungeon with another person also the prisoner of the Sith. Her companion was another very well known Jedi. The young woman lifted her head up and gazed towards the other cell; where the person she had been hunting for was found; but he was a casualty by been tortured and brutally mistreated by her enemies. It was a risk she took for the Jedi by willingly going into the Unknown Regions to search for Revan. For two long weeks Alex Onasa did not receive any thing to eat, and barely managed to survive without food; enough was enough, she had to come up with an escape plan to get away from this horrid miserable place before she would die herself; but she couldn’t let that happen because there were people back in the Republic who were depending on her to bring herself and Revan back alive. Alex groaned as she slowly got up off the floor and walked over to the Force field that was keeping her in and gazed into the other dark cell.

“Revan,” she whispered his name gently. “Revan? Are you alright? We can’t stay here you know, we have to escape from here; you know that you have people who care about you back home,” she replied, gently.

A groan came from the other cell across from her. She wasn’t sure if Revan had the strength to answer. But she knew that Revan was strong and he would do any thing to answer her.

“You’re right Alex,” A painful whisper was heard from in the other cell. A grunt could be heard; as Alex saw Revan crawl on his belly to get to the force field that was also holding him in. Alex saw Revan, he looked like he was in pain and needed medical attention and only barely managed to survive by calling upon the Force to keep him alive.

“Are you hurt?” Alex asked, concerned.

“Yes…” he grunted, “My ribs I think are broken,” Revan replied, painfully.

“They tortured you didn’t they?” she asked,

“Yes they did, and if we don’t escape from here…they will do it again to me until I die, and once…I am gone they will do it to you,” Revan whispered weakly.

“Alright give me a second Revan, I have an escape plan, we have to get you out of here and back to the Republic,” she replied, concerned. Alex went over to the hidden control panel that was hidden from normal prisoners. What the Sith didn’t realize was that Alex was watching them while one of the guards processed some access codes to open the force field for them and she barely managed to remember the pass codes. She tapped the panel where the control centre was and it opened and revealed a series of alien numbers, punching in the code she thought was right; seconds later nothing happened.

“Blast!” Alex swore to herself.

Across from the cell, alarmed at Alex response, he weakly gazed into Alexs cell and wondered if she was alright.

“Alex? Are you alright? What are you doing?” Revan asked, weakly.

“I’m getting myself out of here, I have a little trick up my sleeve, I watched one of the guards punch in some sort of code to deactivate this blasted force field, but it seems I have punched in the wrong code,”

“Try again, Alex. Let the Force guide you,” Revan ordered her.

Alex did what Revan told her to do and kept her self calm, reached out to the force, and decided again to have another attempt at getting the pass code correct. Jabbing her finger at the buttons she thought will open the force field. Seconds later, she waited and looked at the Force field, this time the force field started to flicker

“Revan, its working!” she whispered in amazement.


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Hope you enjoy the up date.

UPDAED August 16TH 2006

Bastila was meditating in her private quarters. She was required to meditate every day to help her ease her pain. Thinking back to the day when she was with Revan searching for the Star Maps when he didn’t know of his true identity, that’s when her love for him became strong, and she remembered that she couldn’t seem to control her feelings around him, and she only covered up her true feelings for him by lecturing him with the natures of the Dark Side, That day when Malak had turned her to the Dark Side, and Revan had successfully redeemed her back to the light side, from the bond of love they both shared for each other . Her thoughts were interrupted when there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” she replied, as she still remained in her kneeling position on the floor.

The door behind her opened to reveal Atton, for a moment, he saw Bastila knelt on the floor in meditation pose; not wanting to disturb her, he felt obligated to turn around and leave when Bastila stopped him.

“Please don’t go Atton,” Bastila pleaded softly,

Atton froze, and then slowly turn around to look at Bastila, showing admiration in his eyes towards his friend. There was a long silence between the two as Atton stood there and waited patiently for Bastila to finish her Meditation. It was five minutes later when Bastila finally got up onto her knees and turn to face Atton.

“Thank you for your patience,” She slightly bowed her head to say thank you as she lifted her eyes to meet Attons.

“Your welcome,” he returned the bow.

“So how can I help you?” She asked.

“I wanted to say thank you for letting me speak openly to you the other day,” he replied, gratefully.

“Its okay Atton,” she gave him a slight smile. “I understand your situation and what you’re going through, I know it’s hard,” she replied.

There was a long pause between the two, they both stood there trying to find what else to say to each other. Atton then had another question he wanted answered.

“Bastila,” he said her name awkwardly, “Do you think Revan and Alex will return?” he asked, uncomfortably, feeling a lump in his throat as he asked the question.

“I don’t know Atton, I hope they do, I really miss Revan, it’s been six and a half years since I saw him,” she replied sadly.

“You don’t think your Force bond with Revan could find them do you?”

“I haven’t felt him through the Force, it’s like its still there but something has blocked my telepathic link to him, I’ve tried to reach him over the years but I wasn’t successful,”

“Oh I’m sorry,” he apologized, as he felt a little guilty for bringing the subject of Revan and the Exile up.

“Keep trying won’t you?” he prompted.

“I won’t rest until they’re both found, Atton,” she said, formerly. “And I have a responsibility,”

Before Atton could respond, there was a knock the door.

“Come in,” Bastila called as she shifted her eyes from Atton to see Jolee entering.

“Hi, I hope I wasn’t interrupting any thing,” Jolee replied as he went to join his friends.

“No you weren’t Jolee, close friends are always welcome,” Bastila replied with a smile.

“I really hate intruding, but Atris requires both of your attendance,” The old Jedi Master replied. “The matter is quite urgent,”

“Right…” Atton nodded.

“Okay,” Bastila nodded. “Let’s go and see what she wants,” Bastila said as she headed for the door with Atton and Jolee following closely behind her.


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Well, you've made a good start, but I'm a bit confused as to how many other Jedi are on the Jedi 'Council' as you mentioned that the only Masters training the new arrivals are Jolee, Atris, and Bastila. Besides a few fragmented sentences here and there, the storyline is alright so far. :) Keep writing!

Joss Kanubi
08-15-2006, 06:12 PM
Tt is a good story so far, I would like to see more, keep up the good work