View Full Version : would like help finishing a project o mine "TSL"

07-04-2006, 01:22 AM
The computer i normally use to mod is out of the picture for a while, so i was kind of wondering if someone could assist me on finishing this project? i started it a while ago, and just got around to trying to finish it. all i need to finish is texturing 3 objects(the entire project was 5 npcs each with coustom armor/lightsabers and items and souch all in a quest taking place on nar shaddah)I have my origional drawings and all of the files on the 3 items i need finished, which i can email anyone that needs them. i dont really NEED anyone to do this. im just trying to speed up the process since it will be a while until i get my other computer fixed. if you are interested in helping me, email me. it should be on this site by my username.