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07-05-2006, 10:24 AM
Im a little confused where i shall place this problem, prehaps its just my bad memory holds a key in this problem? but im wery unsure here

im re-playing Rebells campaign. Mission 2 Interpreting the network

First, I get in objective that this mission is activated, but if i remember right it shall flash "red in circles" above planet Wayland..an then i shall just be able to drag whatever forces(including R2 C3PO) but instead i get a another mission this time when i attack Wayland.and no red flash around the planet either?? and there is no breafing and ingame-movies any longer when i start the landwar( wich i think it where before),and the landscpae look different seens the last time i played this mission, and it seem that it can't be a terminal at this map, Still i have attacked right planet..i have the droids with me allso)
i see 2 possibilities here
perhaps this is simple, i have done some amateur misstake and forgott somethin how i did before?. ore there is a another bugg in this game that prevent me from entering this misson correct?

Cause my second problem is. in the galaxy map when i drag my forces to exctley Wayland..instead of starting the land battle..my computer allways frezzing(and i must kill the procees) but only when attacking this planet(so no overall graphical problems)
only one time the frezze did go away and the mission launced- and it was ththat time i noticed that this whas not the old mission 2. insatead a simple coinquer battle, therefore i suspect some bugg..that the "invasion red flash""" now suddenley freezing (never happend before) and then launch wrong mission?
i have patch 1.04

07-06-2006, 03:12 AM
You might want to check http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=165098 - as there are known issues involving previous saved games and patch 1.04.

Since you are on mission 2, it might be worth restarting the campaign and playing it out with 1.04 and I am sure all will be well.