View Full Version : What equipment do you use the most on TSL?

07-05-2006, 06:37 PM
What equipment (robes, bands, gloves, lightsabers and their colors) are your favorite?

I usually star off w/ the Padawan Robe and 2 vibroblades (or a dual sword) in the beginning on Peragus and Telos, then when my character starts learning more feats and force powers switch to the Jedi Robe and either upgrade the vibroblades or switch to vibrosword, then when I build my first lighstaber I use a viridian, cyan or yellow single/dual saber depending on the starting class and give the character the Jedi Knight Robe, and finally also depending on the prestige class (I usually go for Jedi Weapon Master or Watchman) I equip either the Jedi Master Robe or on of those armors that dont nullify force powers and of course 2 single-bladed sabers normally green and blue. This way the character progresses through the game and doesnt look always the same ;) (dont really use gloves or bands)

07-05-2006, 09:03 PM
I have a modded personal headset that is somewhat overpowered (hey, my jedi master/watchman wants to force jump, too). I like the improved automation gloves, the skills d-package, and the tech specialist belt, because I'm a do-it-yourself kind of girl. I'm not too choosy on my robes, I usually just want something that looks good - Shem's Prequel-Style robes mod offers a great deep brown Exile Jedi robes that I use. Ossus Keeper robes are pretty darned nice when you get them. But I also am fond of the Grey Jedi robes.

Shem's Prequel Style robes:

In the rare cases that I use armor, I go for the Echani Shield Suit, but that's just for fashion, running around Onderon, etc.

My dual sabers are usually violet, but sometimes I'll go for silver or blue (and sometimes a double-blade, especially when I'm low on crystals/upgrades), and my fave upgrades are barab-ore ingot or hurrikaine (if I can find either one) and upari crystal, ultimate diatium energy cell, pontite lens, and expert fencing emitter.

When I don't have my lightsaber (gasp!), I use a plain old quarterstaff or geonosian electro-staff, because I like how the poles retract into the hilt. Like a fake double-bladed lightsaber, I guess, heh.

Oh, and I *love* a pair of Zabrak Heavy Blasters, with the best targeting scope, rylith power cell, and beam splitter that I can craft. I think I use my blasters more than my lightsabers.

The brown, gold, and violet color combo is just very attractive on my female PCs. That's very important!

I only played one male PC so far and like Shem's Exile Sith robe (black), an orange or cyan double-bladed lightsaber, and the rest of the stuff I already mentioned. If he has to wear armor, it's the Corellian Powersuit (or the Iotran Braceman armor, I just realized it looks pretty similar and is actually better on stats).

07-06-2006, 01:20 PM
I use two heavily upgraded Watchman blasters. With level 3 power blast they can really tear through things. I beat Sion at the end of the game with them (that took awhile). I go for skills packages and interface bands too. In terms of armor I just go for whatever is the best I can use at the time (Unless it is really ugly). If I am useing force powers I wear the best Jedi armor I can find (It gennerally looks really stupid on the male characters though. I mean a skirt?)