View Full Version : [TSL]That G-Wing is too small!

07-06-2006, 06:24 AM
you couldn't possibly transport your whole party in that thing, yet on Onderon (after the ambush on Dxun) all of them are available. i'm thinking of a smart way to mod this, i wouldn't wanna lose all those chances for influence but putting a bigger shuttle in that hangar is not an option either, there's at least two movies showing the g-wing so i guess i'll just have to chose who's to come and who's to wait on Dxun :( any suggestions?

EDIT: if only that piece of junk wasn't in those movies… i was also thinking that if you can't change your party on Onderon there's no way to have some interactions such as that between Hanharr and HK-47 when you get ambushed by bounty hunters for the second time, nice that one :) then again you'd have to be able to remove Mandalore from the party to get it