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07-06-2006, 05:02 PM
im a uni student, with about 2months of nothing to do, so decided i may as well make some use of my time and try and create some mods, but was wondering if i could have some pointers/tips/advice on how to start etc

ive been reading around the forums about the different stuff needed to mod, for example kotor tool, and the other tools. and editing scripts etc, but ive i wanted to do a variety of things, for example - why does goto look like the torture droid vader has in ANH?? that always bugged me, so how could you go about skinning him? or has it already been done? also if you wanted to add new areas to korriban, for example, was it marka ragnos's tomb that kreia said had a famed holycron, if i wanted to add a secret passage in somewhere, to a secret part of the tomb, could that be done? and then use some of the rooms and corridors from the ludo kresh tomb, for the secret bit? basically the reason to have the secret bit, would be to find the hidden sith holycron on lightsaber fighting, to increase the pc's lightsaber abilities.

any comments?

Emperor Devon
07-06-2006, 06:14 PM
so how could you go about skinning him?

Unless you have photoshop, you can't. If you do, extract Goto's skin using KotOR tool, (from ERFs/TexturePacks/swpc_tpa(or b or c)/P/P_Gt) and open it up with photoshop. From there, you can do what you want.

if i wanted to add a secret passage in somewhere, to a secret part of the tomb, could that be done?

It could be done. You would have to create a new module for Tulak Hord's tomb, and then make a way for your character to get there.

any comments?

I would recommend looking at the module creation tutorials, and learning a bit about dialogue editing (since you probably want your mod to have dialogue). To make your holocron mod, you'll need to download Fred Tetra's KotOR tool, as well as tk102's GFF editor and dialogue editor. You can find all these tools at StarWarsKnights.

Oh, and welcome to the forums, jonathan7! :)

07-06-2006, 09:38 PM
lol, cheers, ive hada look around the forums before... always interesting seeing everyones different ideas and thoughts

yeh ive got photoshop on my dads computer, ill try an persuade him he wants to help, as hes an amatuer photographer and pretty niffty at using photoshop ;-)

anyone got any suggestions on what a revamped goto should look like? could jus change the colours, or change wat he looks like completly.