View Full Version : Exploding Corpse

07-08-2006, 10:04 AM
At random times I have noticed that (in Siege Mode only, have not seen in other modes) when laying Trip mines Or Detpacks instead of spawing the Trip/Detpack model on the ground it will spawn a model for one of the classes currently in play in the same pose*. The "new" model is still treated as an active Detpack or Tripmine.

I have done it little when I do it, but when playing with Bots in Siege the Light Side Jedi Demo on the Korr. map does it much more frequently than I do.

I first noticed this awhile ago when I set a tripmine and out comes a body. After that I started noticing it more, once I knew what to look for.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I have sent RazorAce some screenshots of this appearing in game.

*The Pose the "corpse" strike is generally the same and appears to be 1/2 buried in the ground, either the legs sticking out or more generally the torso with the arms in some pose. Note the bodies are not flat on the surface the Det/Trip is laid on to, they stick out.