View Full Version : Need help with Outlaws crashes

07-10-2006, 09:39 PM
Figured I should post this here...

I've found virtually no support at all for this, but I dusted off my copy of outlaws today, reinstalled, applied all the patches plus the D3D patches. It plays fine, but if for whatsoever reason when I'm in the game a-shootin' and a-carousin' and I hit escape and fix options, save, load, or anything, when I get back to the game, it runs for about 1 minute then abruptly crashes to the desktop.

I'm running windows xp with a Geforce FX, 500+ MB of ram, etc etc. I have the video mode set to Direct3d hardware acceleration. I'm about to go mess around with the video modes since I think this might be it, but we'll see. I would appreciate any help at all with this issue.

Glad I found these forums, btw. Been wanting to talk to some Lucasarts philes ; )

EDIT: Just checked, and it is the video mode. Though I hate to play in crappy directdraw. Plus the screen flashes black with it every now and then. I don't suppose there's some .ini or .cfg file I can change to fix this thing, eh? : )