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07-10-2006, 11:20 PM
This is a fanfic involving only 2 authors: me and my Master. The same
person will be my Jedi Master and control Darth Vader/the Dark Jedi
who take me on as a recruit. I won't say "apprentice", because after
all, Vader is the only Apprentice to Darth Sidious. I shall treat him so.

Starting Setting: The galaxy in Episode III, midway through the
movie, when Anakin is about to find out Palpatine's true identity

My Character: Tysy Dvukh, Jedi Padawan, average-ability Force user.
Does not have any special powers, except her thirst for both knowledge
and wisdom. Human female, blue eyes, fair skin, very short brown hair.
Wears a traditional Padawan robe. Unremarkable among her peers.

My Master/Vader: Must be philosophical and willing to put a bunch
of deep and meaningful dialogue in this story. Also must be good at
writing lightsaber duel scenes, if not all-out space wars. (A fantastic
description of the execution of Order 66 shall be included in this tale.)

Writing Sample: Write one paragraph (it can be a long paragraph)
about this statement:

"Master X listened with growing intensity to Senator Palpatine.
What was he thinking at that moment? Would he decide to turn?"

The best one will get to be my Master/Vader. You CAN control
my character if I don't write much to move the story along.

Thank you!

07-13-2006, 09:47 AM
So you're wanting a Sith Lord master for your character? I would be willing. Here's a sample post.

Darth Malak smiled maliciously as his master turned his back on him. Jumping suddenly, his lightsaber in hand, already springing to life, he attacked. Revan's force instincts allowed him to deflect the attack. "Malak," he gasped. "What are you doing!?"
"It's simple, my master. It is what all sith do. They become more powerful than their masters and turn on them. I have grown much stronger than you, as you just admitted. So, I am now going to--" He paused and a menacing look appeared on his face, "Destroy you."

That's not my best, not by far, but it's late and I'm rushed as i have to get to bed soon! :P Anyway, I'd be happy to help yuo out as a master! :)