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Lord Konohomaru
07-11-2006, 01:28 PM
This is my new fanfic of my rp char Onri Konohomaru AKA Lord Konohomaru. Please know that this is a brief oversight of his current life and i will create more that will be of his individual adventures. Hope you like it, I would really like some reviews on it so if anyone can please rate it. Thank You and enjoy.

The Life of Onri Konohomaru/Lord Konohomaru

Chapter I The Jedi Acadamy

Lord Konohomaru was born on the harsh desert planet of Tatooine. Yet he did not live there. The day he was born, he was taken to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Normally he would not be taken for a while longer but the Council did not feel it was safe leaving someone of this much power with his family, who were not at all force sensitive.

You see Onri Konohomaru had incredible force control at birth. The day he was born, he used his power to enhance his strength and balance, and thanks to that he walked alone on the day he was born. Also, the day he was born, all of the force sensitive, felt a very great disterbance in the force.

The Jedi Council were very concered about Onri. They felt he was going to fall to the dark side at a very young age and become a very powerful dark jedi. But they felt they could keep him on the path of the light. They thought if they started his training at a very young age he wouldn't stray. So he was taken as a baby to Dantooine, and there he was kept so his natural use of the force could be monatored, and so they could see even now if he was falling to the dark side.


Years later, at the age of five, Onri started his training. His use of the force was incredable, he could easily win any battle with his bare hands and his use of the force. But this is not the jedi way. He was then taught the ways of the jedi, taught to only use his strength and weapons when nessicary, and to when all possible solve his problems without violence, with his mental weapons, not his physical ones.

He started to train more in combat at the age of seven, in which he dominated all his sparing partners with great excellence and grace. He was on the road to being a great jedi. Onri did not use brute force or rage to fight any more either, he defeated most of his sparing partners minds with the use of the force to predict their movements and struck with the utmost accuracy.

They started intence training of force use with Onri at age eight. He greatly excelled there, more than he excelled in combat. He soon learned may techniques to avoid the use of a weapon, and ways to persuade his enimies to give up. He also learned many combat techniques to stun, push, and block his enimies. And of course he learned many healing and self improving tactis as well.

He became a Padawan at age ten. And soon after he was taken under a Master and became an Apprentice, where he learned very quikly. He became a Master at age 20, yet took no apprentices.


Later that year, Onri began his fall to the dark side. He soon began to disrespect the council and their wishes. He refused to take any apprentices, and disrespected his fellow jedi. He began to believe he was the best, that all others were just useless pawns. Then he fell. Onri Konohomaru, for no reason at all, had slaughtered many Dantooinian citizens. No jedi were harmed, but many farmers fell to his horrible rath.

Onri then stole one of the jedi's ships, and fled the world of Dantooine, and went to Korriban, where he wanted to begin his new life, as a sith...

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A few typos here and there, but overall pretty good :) I'm assuming this is mainly the backstory of Onri right?

Lord Konohomaru
07-11-2006, 07:18 PM
Yea this is a overview there will be many numerous more explained editions of his adventures, and this will have other chapters too, it's not quite finished.

Lord Konohomaru
07-11-2006, 10:16 PM
Chapter II Arrival On Korriban and Becoming the Sith Lord

After Onri fled Dantooine, he left for the sith world of Korriban, where he knew there was a Sith Acadamy. He felt he was ment to go there and become a Sith Lord. So as he flew his stolen ship to Korriban, he thought about the numerous possibilities of being a sith. Even before he became a sith, he started to become one with the great power of the dark side.


As Onri arrived on Korriban, he was greeted by an attacking party of sith, because he was flying a republic starship. But as he stepped out, they saw the hatred in him, and the uncontrollable anger. The sith immediately backed off.

"Hello, you must be a fallen jedi!" a Dark Jedi on the attack squad said to Onri

"Why yes I am, and I am capable of destroying you and the rest of this lousy attack squad, so you best stay out of my way!" replied Onri.

"What did you say to me?"

"I said im going to hack your useless heads off with my lightsaber you buffoons!"

"BRING IT!!!" said the squad in unison.

The sith attack squad came at Onri with a mix of rage and fear. Onri stood there without emotion. Then as the sith drew close, Onri unclipped his currently blue lightsaber and with a flash of rage and anger he slashed at the whole squad as he predicted their movements and extended his lightsaber with the use of the force. In seconds the sith fell to the ground looking unharmed. But seconds later, their heads flew off without spilling a drop of blood. He then took their lightsabers and went back into his temperary ship, to mount them in his trophy room he had made on the way.

On the way to his trophie room he had discovered a secret compartment. He looked inside, and much to his surprise, he found a blood-colored lightsaber crystal. He inspected it carefully, then inserted it carfully into his lightsaber. He was amazed as he turned it on, it wuz a deep blood-red color, and it was incredibly more powerful. He was already amazing in battle, but this... this would be his tool to becoming a Sith Lord.

As Onri entered the acadamy he was confronted by a guard.

"State your business!"

"I'm here to get accepted into the Sith Acadamy."

"First you must prove you worth, by fighting me!"

"No problem."

Onri impulsively used Force Choke and didn't let go...

"Go... In... You... Have... Passed... The... First... Test..."

Onri dropped the sith guard and continued inside. Once inside he was confronted by a dark jedi seeming of adiquitte power. The dark jedi tried to stand in his way. In a flash of red Onri drew his lightsaber and killed the sith instantly. Onri then continued, finally sensing a great force sensitive being of equal or more power than him nearby. He continued and saw who the being was. There before him, stood the sith Master, Master Uther. He then apprenticed under Uther directly for a short while for he had on his own almost become a full sith, all that was left was to learn the sith code, learn a few powers unknown to him, and pass the test.

A week later, he had taken the test and passed, advancing into the sith army. He was immediately drafted as a general. Over the years, he then assasinated his commanding officers one by one, until he has reached the highest rank possible, other than a Sith Lord. Then, he confronted the Sith Lord of his army.

"So, you wish to challenge me?" the Sith Lord said.

"Yes, and I shall destroy you, you useless pig!" Onri replied.

"So shall we see who is stronger? Onri Konohomaru?"

"Yes, we shall see who should be the rightful owner of the title of a Sith Lord!"

The battle began. Onri tried to use Force Storm on the Sith Lord. He suceeded. The Sith Lord was stunned at the power of Onri's Force Storm.

"You are truely powerful, young one."

The battle raged on. The Sith Lord lunged forward with his lightsaber in hand. Onri used the force to penetrate his enimies mind and predict his movements, and see his memories (a new trick Onri had learned for Uther).

"So my Sith Lord, your wife left you for some Twi'lek scum... How tragic..." Onri spat over the sound of clashing lightsabers with a smirk.

Onri was angering his enimie, making his movements less precise. He read what the Sith Lord's next moves would be he used a force aided jump seconds before the Sith Lord could execute a very strong Force Push, as Onri read he would. Onri then threw his lightsaber away from the Sith Lord confusing him, for the Sith Lord had not yet figured out that Onri could read his mind. The Sith Lord ran left swiftly, but not swiftly enough. The Sith Lord was stunned, but only for a split second, as his head had been severed from his body. Little did the Sith Lord know, Onri had predicted his percise movement, and his lightsabers trejectory, throwing his lightsaber so it would cleanly sever the Sith Lord's head on the way back to Onri's hand. Onri had slain the powerful Sith Lord, and for the first time, spoke his name.

"Alatharm... Why did you have to become the Sith Lord... I admired you even before I was a jedi... For this fall... No, this rise to the dark side was not sudden... It was premeditated... I wanted to join you in the ranks of the sith... I don't know why the jedi didn't sense my darkness... They are just weak-minded fools... But Alatharm... Why... Why did you have to die... Why did you make me kill you... Alatharm..."

Lord Konohomaru
07-11-2006, 10:25 PM
I am changing the focus of this fanfic. It was originally going to be just an overview of his life, but I decided to just do that for his jedi days because they are not very important. But the rest will be more drawn out like chapter two which is about average in length but doesn't cover that much time.