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Lord Konohomaru
07-12-2006, 12:02 AM
This is after KotOR 1. Dantooine and the Jedi Enclave was rebuilt. Now there is another assault on the new enclave, needs members. Put stats like this:
Political Group:
Favorite Weapon:
Short Bio:

Heres mine:
Name: Ahald Uchar
Alignment: Lightside
Political Group: Jedi
Profession: Jedi
Rank: Master
Favorite Weapon: Purple Lightsaber
Short Bio: Was born and raised on Dantooine. Adopted by Jedi. Became Jedi Master

Darth Nexus
07-12-2006, 04:37 PM
I'm in. Are we allowed to have Soldiers?

Name: Aaron Ulich
Alignment: Lightside
Political Group: Republic
Profession: Soldier
Rank: Captain
Favorite Weapon: Republic Blaster Pistol
Short Bio: Born on Coruscant. Grew up as a Soldier. Promoted to Captain and sent to defend Dantooine.

Name: Jake QelDroma
Alignment: Lightside
Political Group: Jedi
Profession: Jedi
Rank: Knight
Favorite Weapon: Orange Lightsaber
Short Bio: Born on Coruscant. Sent to Dantooine after acheiving Knighthood one year ago.

Lord Konohomaru
07-12-2006, 05:03 PM
Yes, you can have anything you want.

Jason Skywalker
07-12-2006, 05:14 PM
Name: Yaden
Alignment: Lightside
Political Group: Jedi
Profession: Jedi
Rank: Master
Favorite Weapon: Emerald green lightsaber.
Short Bio: A Jedi that lived 1000 years and trained many succesfull Jedi. He is the brother of Vandar.

Lord Konohomaru
07-12-2006, 05:33 PM
To all we are being attacked by the sith and thier armies so you know. Also Jake QelDroma do you wish to become my apprentice?

Darth Nexus
07-12-2006, 05:53 PM
Yes and me and Captain Aaron Ulich are on our way, Master.

07-14-2006, 04:26 PM
Ok, I don't like using the char sheet, and you can still get all the information out of mine.

Name: Kialo Respar
Nickname: Kia
Species: Human
Rank: Jedi Padawan (No Master)
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Coreilla
Age: 11
Allignment: Light
Weapons/Equipment: Green Lightsaber with attachments. Has a green lightsaber like most, but the bottom of the hilt is curved, and has a seperate switch that turns a lightwhip on and off. Blaster Pistol, Knife
Ship: Modified Firespray

Height: I don't know what the height is of a boy like this
Weight: 69
Hair Color/Style/Texture: Black, Short
Eye Color/Shape: Green
Identifying Marks: None, Updated: Little scars creeping up his arm
Skin Tone: Tanned
Build: Skinny
Clothing: Youngling Robes

Personality: Kia is only 11 years old and does not understand many things, such as the dark and light sides of the force. He doesn't even understand the force, and questions it. Kia belives himself to become the best Jedi and will be a famous hero in history. He always wants to go and fight, though he doesn't realise what the danger is of doing so. Kia is always happy and always smiling, and finds everything funny. You can hardly ever catch him being serious.
Skills: Force Heal, Questioning People to the point of annoyance

Father: Nolan Respar = On Naboo
Mother: Felless Respar = On Naboo
Sister: April Respar = On Naboo

Bio: Kia was born on Coreillia with his mother and father, and his 27-year-old Sister.

(Before Kia's birth)

Felless and Nolan Respar lived happily there, intill the Imperials started to get into things. They realised Nolan Respar had strong connections with the Galactic Alliance, and seized him, taking him away. Felless Respar didn't have any money, as Nolan had the good job of making ships. 7 monthes after Nolan Respar had been taken away, Felless lost her home and eventually the poor job she had taken. She wandered alone in the streets, begging for food.
Finally a Ship-maker named Vwash took her in. Vwash was kind to her and feed her and gave her her own warm bed to sleep in. Felless lived for 4 years like this, and gave up hope on her husband every coming back.

Felless, over time, got a good enough job to satisfiy her, and soon after she got her own place again. Felless lived happily, making friends with her neighbours and having fun when she wasn't working. But one night while she was sleeping, the door opened and in stepped Nolan Respar, his face bruised and cut, and his clothes torn apart. He explained that the Imperials had interrogated him over and over, almost enough to bring him to insanity, intill he was finally released. Felless forgave him and they got together again, living happily once more. But once again the Imperials were bothering them, claiming Nolan was still giving information to the GA, and they started watching the couple. Nolan and Felless tried ignoring them, and was distracted when Felless was pregnant.

Felless had their child and named her April. April grew up and wanted to be a senator, and left to Naboo. She came back very often, and one night she came back and announced she was getting married. Felless and Nolan were suprised, but decided it was the right time for her.

Then when Felless and Nolan decided that another baby wasn't possible, Felless became pregnant again. Felless had a boy and named him Kialo, just called Kia. They raised him intill he was 2 and a half and then he was taken where he was to be trained as a Jedi Knight. Felless, Nolan and April were proud and let him go after some hesitation.

(Updated Part )

When Kialo was 5, he disappeared. He disappeared from the Jedi Temple randomly, and their was noone who made an effort to look for him, as Kia was not well known. Where Kia actually went, was completely offworld. Kia went to Dathomir, where he decided to train, and become stronger, and return to the Order when he could actually be of use. Kia arrived at Dathomir with no clue to what it was like, as he had just choose a planet that he found the most exicting when he looked in the Temple's archives. Kia arrived at Dathomir, and had been greeted by a wild rancor. Kia's first instinct was to run, but then thought that it would be better to fight, if he was ever going to get stronger. Seconds after Kia thought this, the rancor swooped Kia's small body up and started crushing Kia's ribs. Kia screamed in pain, and after moments of struggling, he ignited his lightsaber and sliced off the upper head. Kia dropped to the ground, screaming in pain, and since then learned not to have anything to do with the Rancors intill he was oldier.

Kia made himself a home in a cave on a cliff, away from the swamps of his new world. He made a door and learned how to get food from the native animals, and to make the swamp water drinkable. Kia had only been there for 3 monthes before he sensed something. After a while of trying to find out what it was, the door burst open, and there stood a nightsister, a force-sensitive witch. Kia ignited his lightsaber, and a response of force lightning shot out at him. Kia held his own, pushing back the lightning with his lightsaber. The witch backed off and gave Kia time to attack. Kia launched himself at the witch with incredible force, and got locked in a duel against the witch. They fought for an hour, then finally Kia got her unguarded and sliced her diaganolly across the chest, leaving her in two pieces.

Kia realised what he had done, and blocked the door with a massive boulder. Kia lived on the food he had gotten for 3 days, intill the boulder suddenly flew apart, revealing 3 witches on the other side. They all shot force-lightning at him, and Kia couldn't block it all, and Kia was hit by the lightning. He screamed in pain and felt his body be torn by the force of it all. After 10 seconds of being shocked, Threw his lightsaber at the witches, who were standing side by side. The witches saw it coming and moved to duck, but they were too late. The lightsaber sliced through their bodies with ease, and they fell down, motionless.

After that, the nightsisters seemed to leave him alone. Kia learned he had great strength, even at his age. So he set out into the swamps again, hopping through the trees, finding and killing rancors. At first he only won by luck, which resulted in the cuts on his arm, which later turned to scars. Kia learned to live in the jungle, to move like the jungle. This strengthened him over time, and Kia soon killed rancors with ease. He fought for years, fighting as many creatures as he could find and as many at one time. He became stronger and stronger in the force, and soon the jungle was no challange. He moved across the world of Dathomir, where he could hopefully find a male and a female together, as that was probally the only time he could find two rancors together and fight them both. He found them, and killed them both swiftly. He did this for 6 years, becoming stronger and stronger intill he decided when he was eleven, to go back to the Temple and Jedi.

07-14-2006, 07:31 PM
What kind of species are allowed? I suppose things like a TaunTaun Sith Lord may be a bit too alternative, or a rancor ninja.

Think things like a Squib Thief/Infiltrator would be reasonable?

Lord Konohomaru
07-14-2006, 11:58 PM
Yes, but no nonintellingent species please. Oh, did I mention that Ahald is a blue twi'lik? As for you, Shadda, your character sounds by his bio to be wither dark side or falling to the dark side, not to mention it is not possible to be a padawan at the age of 5 and you must be accepted by a master's apprentice to become a padawan, and if you completed your training with your master, then you would be a jedi knight instead of a padawan. Sorry for all the negative stuff, but I'm trying to make my rp logical atleast.

07-15-2006, 10:25 PM
Name: Shadow Gravemind (Rumored to have made it up on the freighter when picked up)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: Light
Political Group: Jedi
Profession: Jedi
Rank: Knight
Favorite Weapon: Two Green Double-Bladed Lightsabers (Has tried with partial success with two at once, though mostly just one at a time), Rocket Launcher (Don't ask), and a salvaged Sith sniper rifle.
Short Bio: Unknown as to actual origin. Was discovered by the Jedi as a young child in a freighter that had been presumably raided by pirates, but refused to talk about the incident when they discovered no one on board and the escape pods still in their bays, along with cargo still in the hold. Larger than most standing at seven feet tall, Color changing eyes (Mostly blue for calm), a medium build, and black hair with silver streaks. If you ask his fellow knights, they would say that he could be called 'lone wolf' of the order and is more aggressive when it comes to fighting. He is the only one who has even developed at least a primative techniqe for wielding two Double Lightsabers at once, though it still needs quite a bit refining, and has not taken much intreast from the masters, who gave up on the idea long ago deming it immpossible and to aggressive. Prefers to operate alone traveling the galaxy and does not hold the masters at a very high reguard for not aiding the Republic in the Mandalorian Wars, but still shows them respect. He was trained on Corosaunt under Jedi master Sajet Demar until knighthood. Never talks about his past before the order, either not remembering from the years gone by or just does not want to talk about it. Prefers powerful weapons just in case. Wears regular knight robes and was stopping by Dantooine to stock up on supplys for his ship The Remembrance, and to medditate in its calm enviorment.