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Black Star
North Star Home

It is in the middle of the Clone Wars, as the Seperatists and the Republicans clash here and there, devastating and confusing planets all over the star wars galaxy. Almost all, except for the dying planet Iriena. The star it orbits is on the verge of being destroyed, and the habitants struggle to get off the planet before the destruction.

A Jedi Task force of a thousand, led by Jedi Master Rei Kotoo, sets off to the planet to evacuate the planet and bring the civilans to the safety of Coruscant. Their is a problem. Iriena is on the edge of Seperatist Territory, and a CIS fleet has been seen entering and not leaving an asteroid field not far away.

The Jedi Council denies to let the mission be canceled, claiming that a thousand Jedi would be much sufficient to take on some droids. Little did they know that a force of 20,000 droids were stationed there, preparing to slip through the Republic's defenses and launch an offensive against the heart of the Republic, Coruscant.

Now the Jedi go to Iriena, unsure of the dangers they face, and maybe travelling to their doom...


Part 1

Jedi Master Rei Kotoo walked through the halls of a Republic Class Star Destroyer, Nightstorm. Other Jedi bumped into him as he went on his way, not that they couldn't see or sense him, just the lack of room in the crowded corridors. Rei sighed as an elbow suddenly caught him in the chest. The Jedi responsible just said sorry and quickly was on his way. Rei sighed again.

After 10 minutes of struggling through, Rei found the bridge. On board stood Captain Jonoi, a fierce, no-nonsense man. With quick exaimanation Rei found all the bridge controls manned by that same, cloned Jango Fett. Rei had no problems with the ship under the command of clones, but Rei found that some Jedi had a bit of prejudice against them. Rei only shrugged when he heard of that. They were all part of the force, clone or not.

"Hello, General Kotoo, we were just about to get you on your comlink."

"You wouldn't, I turned it off. With a thousand Jedi under my control, I am called up quite a bit." Kia patted his comlink, which was turned off.

"Alright then General Kotoo, I'll get you a visual update." Jonoi nodded to a clone pilot, who loaded up the update on a holodisplay.

One Republic-Class Star Destroy with several ARC-170 squadrons circling around it headed to a location not displayed on the holodisplay. The clone pressed some other buttons, and a sphere took over. Captain Jonoi decided to brief Rei on it.

"This, sir, is Iriena." Details like oceans and continents and mountains started to form on the sphere. "It has three continents, with 11 oceans and thin, barely breathable air. The capital city is Nora Swri, also known as North Star in Basic. Your 100 men with you will land on the beach west of the city, while 5 other groups of 100 will land elsewhere around and in the city. The rest of the men will be spreading out to minor cities and towns to save as many people as we can."

Rei nodded, keeping his eyes on Iriena, as if it might launch planetary defenses on his body right then and there. "What of Seperatist Presence?"

Jonai kept his face straight, not allowing any emotions show. "Republic Intelligence shows that their will be some minor CIS presence along the cities and towns, which is why they are sending Jedi instead of just..." Jonai glanced at the clones on the controls. "Clone troopers. We should be there in 12 hours."

Rei let a small smirk out, which Jonai did not respond to. "I'm sure my men will be ready by then." Rei headed to the door, and felt hesitation behind him.

"Uhh, sir?"
"You have 6 days before the star, 'Black Star', explodes."

Rei let suprise realise from him for a fraction of a second, then just nodded toughly and walked out.

* * *

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Part 2

A thousand Jedi Knights and Masters descended from the heavens upon their shuttles.

Rei felt his heart thump faster and faster. What if the shuttle malfunctions? It rocking this many times can't be normal. Rei had to use a Jedi Calming technique several times to get himself under control. Rei still felt like he was going to vomit any second now.

After many minutes of Naseau later, Rei felt a small hissing sound as the repulsors took effect, lowering the shuttle safely to the ground. Rei groaned at the thud that did not help his stomach. Rei tried to recover and got out of his shuttle with the other Jedi.

Rei looked over to see 6 other shuttles landing, carrying the 100 Jedi under direct control of the Jedi Master. Rei smiled proudly, knowing he had long ago earned the trust of the Jedi, on the mission to Ari Carzima. Rei's eyes grew large as he felt the thin air taking effect on him. Rei breathed deep, slow breaths to get used to the little air of Iriena.

Rei saw a short purple-green alien come out of the entrance to Nora Swri, waving his small hands at Rei. The alien finally got close enough to make out the gruff, poor basic the small creature was saying.

"How dare... Come from the sky... Land on... 's soil."

Rei raised his hands, trying to calm the alien, persumedly Irienan. Rei almost laughed in his face, but kept his serious look and tone. "Excuse me, sir, but we are here to evacuate Iriena. I advise that you tell your leader to Evacuate Nora Swri as quickly as possible."

"What? Irienan no planet leave. Irienan Home, never leave."

Rei being as polite as possible, kneeled down to the Irienan's height, like man leaning down to talk to a child. "Sir, if you don't leave Iriena, you, and your home, will be destroyed."

"Yes, planet the destroy. Leave no. Iriena home." The alien said stubbornly, then walked back to the entrance. Rei and his 100 Jedi started to follow, but Rei motioned to them. "Wait here, set up the barracks."

Rei and the alien marched inside the city, which was packed. The city's buildings extending high into the sky, but not even close to compete with Coruscant. The city people, all Irienans, pushed and shoved, trying to get make a path for theirselves. Rei had no problem getting through, as he was much taller then the Irienans, and they had to move, or be shoved to the ground, where they would be trampeled.

After sometime walking through the cities, they came to a tall building with domes coming out in various directions. Native words were printed on the side, and Rei suddenly wish he had a translator droid with him. Rei's guide went into the building, and Rei followed.

The building was packed just as much as outside, and a spiralling staircase traced the side of the walls, up so high that blackness covered one's view, and Rei had to use force Sight. Rei suddenly realised that his friend had started to go up the staircase without him. Rei caught his presence in the force and quickly caught up to him.

After half an hour of climbing, Rei still couldn't see the top, and Rei had to ask. "Doesn't this building have turbolifts?"

The alien replied with a grunt, then spoke. "Irienans no need no 'lifts. Muscule leg strong, yes."

Rei only let out a small groan and continued climbing. Rei was exausted 3 hours later, when they reached the very top of the building, to a dome holding an office. A knock and a word in the native language, and the door opened. They entered.

A Irienan sat at the desk, and looked up, speaking in fluent Basic. "Yes?"

Rei skipped the introductions. "Your planet will be destroyed and you along with it if you do not abandon it. Your star, Black Star is what you call it, is about to explode. It is billions of years old. You need to evacuate..."

The Irienan only gave the same answer.

"No. North Star Home."

That was when a blasterbolt ripped through the Irienan's head.