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This fanfic takes place some time after the fall of Malak and the story depicts Revan as a lightside male.. This story mainly follows Carth and his adventure directly after Revan leaves him and his companions...

The Second Crusade
Part 1 - Hands of the Enemy

"Where am I?" Carth whispered to himself as he opened his eyes.
It had seemed like forever since he last opened them. As his eyes adjusted to the light he caught the glimpse of a figure in shimmering armor to his left, dragging him along.
"A Sith!" Carth thought to himself. But why was he being dragged by Sith?

All around him, Carth saw Sith Troopers Dark Jedi walking around freely.. It was some sort of base. The majority of the buildings were either chrome colored or black and pretty civilized.. at least as civilized as a Sith base can be.

Carth tried to move his hands but they felt lifeless and heavy.. and his eyesight faded in and out. From what he could see of the planet around him it was mainly forest. Almost like a more advanced version of Kayshyyk.

Carth shuffled through his thoughts; trying to make sense of what he was seeing. But nothing made sense. All he could remember was seeing the Ebon Hawk drift away into the horizon as him and his companions watched their leader, Revan, abandon them. Could they have been found by Sith? Were his friends still alive? These thoughts frightened Carth. But his thoughts were soon interrupted by a soft voice. Filled with pain, yet satisfied..

"Throw him in with the others.." the voice said.

And the next thing Carth knew he was being hurled into some sort of underground cell..


The pale light of the moon shined down onto the lucsious forests of Tandra. The sky was nearly cloudless and the stars, beautiful. Any person would have been grateful to have seen such a beautiful sight.. But not Severus.

The Sith Master gazed out the window pondering his next move. His bald round head lit up from the light to the point where it almost glowed. His hands at his side he drifted into a state of meditation. He spread out his mind feeling the cold metal walls all around him in his temple.

It was a large temple of ancient Sith design.. much like the ones he had seen on Malachor.. The room was dark and quite large.. And all around the room giant stone support beams held it together..

Severus' meditation didn't last long..it was soon interrupted by a voice on the other side of the room..

"Alright, I got you your Jedi and your Republic hero.. But the mandalorian is mine; he's worth quite alot to a client of mine." the voice said.
Severus turned to see a mid sized woman with a blaster gripped firmly in her right hand.
"I am more interested in the jedi Revan.. did you find any trace of him or his ship?" Severus asked.
"No, just his companions." the woman said.
Severus stared at the woman and read her up and down. She was much stronger than she appeared.
"After analyzing all options I have come to the decision that I will keep the mandalorian in exchange for your failure of capturing Revan.." Severus stated.
"That wasn't part of the deal!" the girl shouted, obviously angered. "I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved with Sith.."
The girl then did something not even Severus expected. She raised her blaster firmly and spun quickly dealing with any guards who posed a threat. She then spun back around aiming the blaster at Severus..
"Alright now I'm gonna walk out of here with my prisoner or I'll cause hell.. I might not be much of a match for dark jedi but I could wipe out half your army if you threw it at me!" the woman yelled..
Severus laughed and grinned at the girl.
"Foolish bounty hunter.." he said.
Before the girl could act her blaster was flying through the air and into the hands of Darth Severus. Soon after, a group of a Sith guards charged into the room.
"Take her away; lock her with the others.." Severus said..

Mira turned and struggled but was eventually knocked down and dragged out of the temple chamber..


"Are you alright?" said Bastilla..

"Ahh, finally.. A familiar voice." Carth replied.

Carth rubbed his eyes hoping to wipe off the disorientation. He looked around seeing a cold damp cell that was all dark except for the strokes of light coming through the bars at the top of the cell..

"How we doin?" Carth asked.

"Oh, we're doing great!" said a voice from the shadows..

"Jolee," Carth yelled, "just as sarcastic as always I see.."

"Until the day I die.." Jolee said laughing..

Carth looked around looking for more familar faces.. Jolee was just as grumpy as always even in the most hideous situations.. He sat rubbing his beard pondering the situation..

To the right of Jolee sat Canderous.. The tall bulk Mandalorian that had saved Carth many of times..

And to Carth's left sat Bastilla.. huddled in the corner, she sat, obviously depressed over Revan's leave.. Carth felt bad as well but tried to hide his feelings.. "We could sure use Revan right now.." Carth thought to himself..

"Jolee, Canderous, and Bastilla!" Carth yelled, "where's Mission and Zaalbar? And Juhani?"

Bastilla sighed, "We don't know.. I hope they're alright."

Carth stood up bumping his head on the roof of the cell.. Not realizing how small the cell was..

"We decided it's best that we don't stand up.." Canderous said mockingly

Carth sat back down in pain.. his head felt graugy and out of it.

"Why do I feel so disoriented?" Carth asked..

As Carth made himself comfortable he noticed a red haired girl sitting in the dark corner of the cell..

"Don't worry.. it's just a tranq dart.. The feeling should wear off in a hour or so.. It's best if you don't hit your head." the girl said.

"Who are you and how do you know all that?" Carth asked

"The names Mira.. and let's just say I know what I'm talking about.." Mira stated.

"How the hell did we get here?" Carth questioned.

"We don't know.." Canderous said

"It's some kind of Sith base..but the planet is so unfamilar.. We must be in uncharted space.. There's no mention of this planet in Jedi Archives." Bastilla stated.

"If we based all knowledge off what the 'Jedi Archives' know I doubt we'd have ever left Kashyyk!" Jolee mocked

"Can't you or Jolee use the force to break us out?" Carth asked

"And then what? Fight off waves and waves of Sith troopers with our looks?" Jolee asked

"Well we can't just stay here.." Carth said

"Don't worry.. once my client realizes what's going on here I don't think this place will be 'uncharted' for long.." Mira mocked

"Client? What are you talking about?" Canderous asked

"I'll tell you once we're out of here..but for now let me think of a way 'we' can get out of this.." Mira said..

Carth noticed the strange tone in which Mira emphasized the word 'we' but he knew that she may be of some use to them.. Whether she could be trusted or not..


And there's plenty more of that to come if you like it.. Leave comments please! I WANT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!

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Very very very very good. Just one question. You said Revan is LS... why did he abandon them if he's a good guy?

07-19-2006, 10:46 PM
Thank you for kind words. Well I probably shouldn't have used the word 'abandoned.' That might get confusing. But in KOTOR 2 you hear from many sources that somewhere in between Kotor 1 and 2, Revan all of a sudden packs his things and leaves for the unknown regions leaving the majority of his companions behind whether he's light side or dark side..
Well here's another chapter to get the story moving a little further..

The dark office/bridge of the Exchange flagship, the Goliath, was filled with silence and anxiety.. Gavin had expected the bounty hunter to return by now.. Something was wrong..

Gavin sat in his chair at his desk twirling a blaster in front of him.. He was lost in thought and stared out in a daze.. But his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of Tavos walking in to the room..

"Gavin, I have some bad news.." said Tavos, head muscle for a branch of the Exchange..

"What is it now?" Gavin, the deranged crime boss asks..

"We've recieved a transmission from our bounty hunter.. Turns out she thought it would make her job easier if she made a deal with a Sith Lord.." Tavos said

"This is expected..I send her on a simple mission and this is what happens..Let me guess, the sith changed the deal..and now she, along with her target, is captured?" Gavin said confidently..

"Yes Gavin.. the transmission came from a small planet on the very edge of the outer rim.." Tavos said

Gavin eyes grew smaller by the second feeling anger swelling within him..

All of a sudden he darted up slamming his fist down onto his desk.. He then looked up and stared Tavos directly in the eyes that sent a shiver down Tavos' spine..

"That Mandalorian is the reason my father is dead.. I want him captured immediately. Set course for that planet, Tavos.. I vow to kill this Canderous Ordo before he slips through the fingers of the Exchange yet again.." Gavin said menacingly

"Of course, Gavin.." Tavos said, "You may also be interested in an offer that we have just recently recieved...."


Carth turned his head to avoid the loud noise of sith guards stepping over the cell.. It was late and everyone was fast asleep.. Almost everyone.

"Can't sleep?" Carth asked

"I just can't figure out why he left..what could be so important?" Bastilla whispered, staring into thin air..

"Well I-"

Before Carth could finish he was interruped by a voice on the other side of the cell..

"- If I know anything about men.. Then he's probably scared of commitment.. What else would drive him into the unknown regions? That's suicide.." Mira stated

"You're not helping!" Carth yelled

"Well I just don't think she should be taking advice from a man who probably hasn't had a woman since the Great Hyperspace War.." Mira mocked

"I've had plenty of women!" Carth yelled defensively

Mira smiled and looked Carth up and down..

"For a man who bottles up his emotions you sure are easy to read.." Mira mocked

"Stop arguing!" Bastilla yelled.. "Let's all just get some sleep.."

Carth laid his head back against the cold metal wall behind him..

Carth looked around the cell and saw Jolee asleep in Canderous' lap.. Carth laughed and looked up to see a wide eyed Canderous with an annoyed look on his face

Carth turned and scooted as low to the ground as he could..and hesitantly drifted off to sleep..


Carth awoke to the sight of Canderous and Jolee in pain..Holding their hands on the top of their heads..

"Why are you guys-" Carth started to say.. But was interrupted by the sound of a large explosion in the distance..It startled Carth and he lept up, banging his head on the roof..

"That's why!" Jolee said mocking Carth..

"Well thanks for the forewarning!" Carth yelled holding his hand on his head.

"Can't let you have all the breaks, kid.." Jolee mocked

"What's going on!?" Carth asked

"I told you they'd come.." Mira said.. "Although I wasn't expecting them to bring a fleet of Exchange fighters.."

"A fleet of Exchange fighters? What are you talking about?" Canderous asked

Just then a large hole was blown in the side of their cell sending Mira and Carth flying to the other side..

"Ah, finally.. A way out.." Bastilla stated

One by one they moved through the hole until it was Carth's turn.. He lept through only to look up and see a massive battle taking place all around them between Sith and Exchange fighters..

In the sky there were hundreds of ships.. Of the Sith and of the Exchange doing battle over the small planet of Tandra.. At the center of the Exchange fleet was the Goliath.. Gavin Kang's flagship..

"Cmon! Let's move!" Canderous screamed

The group made it's away across the tattered battlefield. Carth picked up a blaster rifle off the ground while Bastilla picked up a pistol..

"Hah, blasters?" Jolee yelled as he used the force to push back a group of Sith soldiers..

"Cmon we have to get moving!" shouted Canderous

"Always on the move.." Jolee mocked

The group sprinted through the base taking down enemy after enemy.. Dodging Sith fire left and right..

"Look! There's the hangar.." Bastilla yelled, "We can steal one of those freighters!"

"Alright, let's get moving everybody!" Carth yelled

"Wait! Where's Canderous and Mira?" Jolee asked

Bastilla turned to look behind her only to see no trace of Canderous or Mira..they had disappeared.. or gotten separated..

Just then a large explosion sent a neary by Sith squad hurling over the groups head..

"There's no time.. We have to get off this planet!" Bastilla yelled

And the group now reduced to three took off running towards the hangar.. Dodging shot after shot from blaster rifles they eventually reached a small 6 man freighter and quickly dispatched the current owners..

The freighter was a small rounded sleek ship with a turret mounted on top.. it was an older model than the Ebon Hawk but still just as good for evasive manuevers..

"Can you fly this thing!?" Bastilla asked

"If I can't then this is gonna be one lousy escape!" Carth yelled..

After sitting down and strapping themselves in the engines roared and Bastilla, Carth, and Jolee took off into the sky to where the massive battle was taking place..

"I hope Canderous and Mira are alright!" yelled Carth

"We have bigger problems!" said Jolee directing the republic heros attention towards a group of Sith fighters heading towards them..

"Quick! Evasive manuevers!" yelled Carth spinning the ship around


Mira awoke on the Exchange flagship, the Goliath.. Lying next to Canderous.
She quickly stood up and saw that she was in Gavin's personal office.. With Gavin sitting in a chair at the end of the room watching the battle below from a window..

"Good.. Gavin.. Here he is.. I got you your mandalorian.." Mira said confidently

"I'm afraid the plan has changed Mira.. You failed me once.." Gavin stated.. "And although I wouldn't normally pull something like this.. I've recieved an offer for *your* capture as well.."

"My...my capture!?" Mira said shockingly

"Hanharr.. you can come in now.." Gavin said

Without pause the door behind Mira rocketed open, revealing the face of Hanharr.. The wookie who had been chasing her for as long as she could remember.

"Gavin, you have got to be kidding me.." Mira yelled, "I'm the best bounty hunter in this galaxy and you would trade in my services for this beast!?"

"It's simple logistics, Mira.. You must understand.." Gavin said..

Hanharr grabbed Mira by the arm and began dragging her out of the office..

"You'll regret this!" Mira yelled

Mira nearly cried as she was being dragged by Hanharr down the dark corridors of Gavin Kang's flagship.. They had reached a small a room and Hanharr paused to enter a code into the door panel..

"I don't know what your planning Hanharr.." Mira said, "But it isn't worth it! Please don't do this..I saved you once but I won't do so again.. Don't make me kill you Hanharr.."

Hanharr growled something that seemed to be a laugh and threw her to the ground in the room.. And he laid her blaster down right beside her head.. He was challenging her..

"You'll regret that Hanharr.." Mira said..

Mira jumped to her feet blaster in hand firing several shots at Hanharr.. He pulled a bowcaster off his back and began shooting back..After a while of shooting, Hanharr edged forward.. Mira stepped back to hold her ground but realized that the engine cooling fan was behind her.. Hanharr had walked her into a trap..

"You can't win Hanharr..killing me won't make you feel any better!"

Hanharr charged forward lauching himself into a frenzy.. Mira dodged back and forth avoiding the wookie's rampage..She eventually dodged Hanharr enough to wear she was able to roll to the other side.. Forcing Hanharr closer to the engine cooling fan.. She then began shooting randomly in Hanharr's direction maniacally.. There was so much smoke in front of her she couldn't tell if Hanharr was there.. So she stopped to pause for a second and found herself pinned onto the floor being choked by the crazed beast.. She gasped and tried to fire a few shots into Hanharr's stomach but she no longer held the blaster in hand..Just as she thought all was lost she remembered the knife that Hanharr kept on the back of his belt.. As Hanharr whelped and squeezed with all his anger and might he felt a sharp pain in his back.. Mira had stabbed him.. He stood up, astonished.. and felt his belt realizing that he no longer had his knife..But he was missing something else too.. Just then he looked up seeing a thermal detonator flying past his head and towards the fan.. Before he could react a massive explosion roared behind him sending him and Mira flying across the room and out the door...


Canderous awoke to the view of a familar man.. likely around the age of 20-25. He was twirling a blaster on his desk..

"Ah, you're awake.." Gavin said

"Davik!?" Canderous asked confused

"Close.. Resemblance is amazing isn't it?" Gavin said

Canderous looked around the room and felt for his blaster..it wasn't there..

"..Who are you?" Canderous asked still puzzled

"..I guess the only way someone could look this much like another person is if perhaps they were related..perhaps..father and son.." Gavin said angrily

"Gavin!?" Canderous yelled, "I thought you had died on Taris!"

"You know betraying my father was the biggest mistake you ever made Canderous..and now you'll pay for it." Gavin said with an evil look in his eye

Gavin holds the blaster up towards Canderous..

"Ya know I once looked up to you Canderous..Gavin said calmly

"I had no choice, Gavin!" Canderous yelled, "I would have died if I hadn't got off that planet.."

"So you left my father to die as the Sith destroyed the city.." Gavin said

"I'm sorry, Gavin.." Canderous started.. "But that doesn't mean you have to kill me.. I'm good muscle.. I can help you.."

"I'm afraid it's too late for that, Canderous.." Gavin said.. "Time to die.."

Gavin pulled the blaster into the air and aimed at Canderous' head.. He sat and smiled prepared to pull the trigger.. But before he could fire the blaster was shot out of his hands and onto the ground..

Gavin smiled and looked up to see a face he wasn't suprised to see..
"You always were a good shot Mira." Gavin said as Mira walked into the room blaster aimed at Gavin..

"You always were a good shot, Mira.." the crime boss said..

"If I don't get my pay then you don't get the target.." Mira said

"And what makes you so sure that you can escape this ship alive Mira?" Gavin asked

"If my calculations are correct.." Mira stated, "then any second now a crazed wookie named Hanharr is going to storm into this room firing hundreds of bolts from his bowcaster likely killing everybody in the room unless of course someone in the room was smart enough to predict it.."

Before Mira could even fully finish her sentence Hanharr charged into the room guns blazing just as she predicted..
Hanharr was in such a fury he shot at any figure he saw in the room.. Just as he stopped and the smoke cleared all he saw was Gavin ducked down onto the floor and an open door to the left where Mira and Canderous had gone..


Well there's the second chapter.. I hope the storyline has become more clear now.. CRITICISM PLEASE

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Here's another addition to the story.. The ideas are just flowing right now..


The Second Crusade
Part 2 - No Stranger to Rough Landings

"Incoming Sith fighters!" yelled Bastilla from the cockpit of the freighter, "Jolee get to the gun!"

"Humph, Jolee do this.. Jolee do that.. doesn't anyone have respect for their elders anymore!?" Jolee yelled heading towards the turret.

Carth and Bastilla swerved the ship left and right and upside down pulling manuevers back and forth and dodging Sith fire..

"There are too many Exchange ships up there! I don't know how we can get past them!" Carth yelled

"Wait a minute..what's that!?" Bastilla asked directing Carth's attention to the Exchange flagship..

"I don't know," Carth started.. "wait a minute..that looks like Canderous..and Mira!"

Bastilla flipped several switches and began turning the ship..

"Jolee! Keep those fighters off our tail!" Bastilla yelled

"What are we doing?" Carth asked

Bastilla turned.. "We're going to pick them up.."


Mira fumbled back and forth trying to scale her way down the side of Gavin Kang's flagship..

"You said this ship was low enough to scale off of!" Canderous yelled hanging close above her..

"I never said that! I just said it would be a good idea if it was!" Mira yelled

"Oh well nice going bounty hunter" Canderous said mockingly

The two hung so high off the ground they could feel the wind trying to peel them off the ship..

"And what do we do if the ship takes off into space!?" Canderous asks

"Don't worry.. If I know Hanharr he'll want to leave his mark on this ship.. He'll likely disable the couplings in the main engine.. sending this thing crashing down.. Allowing us to make a swift jump for it!" Mira yelled

"He's done this before!?" Canderous questioned

"Once or twice!" replied Mira..

"Any minute now the ship will-"

Before Mira could finish her sentence she heard crashing of claws gripping above her..she looked up and around Canderous to see Hanharr scaling the ship after them..

"Wait to go! Now look what you've done!" shouted Canderous after seeing Hanharr

Mira looked down seeing a small freighter hovering below them..With a quick glance she catches the eye of familar faces in the cockpit..

"Ok Canderous.. take this knife.." Mira yelled handing Canderous a knife..

"Okay now what?" Canderous asked

"Now cut the rope.." Mira stated

"WHAT!?" Canderous yelled, "Are you insane that'll kill us both!"

"Trust me," Mira said, "cut the rope!"

Reluctantly Canderous reaches up for the rope and slices it in two sending himself and Mira flying towards the ground.. With a quick thud they stopped falling.. Canderous turned to see a small hatch open at the end of the ship they had landed on and he dragged the unconscious Mira and himself into the freighter..


"Alright, they're in!" Bastilla yelled

"Look! There! A break in the formation of the Exchange ships!" Carth shouted

"That's our only chance!" yelled Canderous sprinting to the cockpit, "Go!"

The small ship took off like a bolt of lightning flying through the massive battle above the planet... Barely dodging and slipping through the Sith and Exchange ships they managed to escape..

Once they reached space they decided it was safe to let down their guard.. They let the ship drift into space on auto pilot and turned to face Canderous and Jolee.. Who were hovering above an unconscious Mira..

"What were you doing up there!?" Carth asked looking at Canderous

"It's quite the long story.." Canderous said sarcastically.. "More importantly..our friend, Mira, here hasn't been entirely honest."

"What do you mean?" Bastilla asked

"Turns out she is the mastermind behind all this.. She was hired by Gavin Kang.. The son of the Exchange crime boss we killed on Taris.. He hired her to find me." Canderous paused..as if trying to make sense of the situation in his head.. "And she thought it would be easier to find me with the help of the Sith.. so she made a deal with them to capture us.. The Sith changed the deal as expected and locked her up with us.."

"I never did trust that one!" Jolee yelled

"What happened to you after we escaped?" Carth asked

"I woke up a bit later in a room with Gavin Kang..he was about to kill me when Mira barged into ranting about some wookie..the next thing I knew we were being chased by a wookie and she figured that scaling down the side of the ship was a good plan.." said Canderous

"Tie her up.. we can question her more we she awakens.." Bastilla said


Carth and Bastilla sat in the cockpit after tieing up Mira while Jolee and Canderous slept in the quarters in the back of the ship..

"Why did Revan leave us..?" Bastilla asked.. clearly depressed..

"I don't know Bastilla.." Carth started.. "But I'm sure he had good reasons.. he wouldn't have just left for nothing.."

Bastilla turned to Carth revealing to him a slight hint of tears forming in her eyes..

Carth reached out and hugged Bastilla..

"All I know, Bastilla.." said Carth, "is that Revan told me to keep the Republic safe.. I dont know what he meant.. And if those Sith were as organized and powerful as we saw.. then they are a threat to the Republic.."

Bastilla shrugged as if trying to convince herself that she approved of Carth changing the subject to the current struggles.. Although it was all so important she couldn't take her mind off Revan..

"I'm going to go to my quarters.." said Bastilla, "I need some rest.."

Bastilla turned and walked down the hallway from the cockpit passing the unconscious Mira tied up in the corner..


Mira awakens several hours later only to find herself tied to a chair near the cockpit of a small unfamilar freighter....She hears chatter in the background so she closes her eyes to pretend she isn't awake to overhear the conversaton..

"- just don't know what we can do, Carth.." said Bastilla

"I've already sent a message to the Republic about all this.. I hope they receive it and come to our aid.. The ship won't last much longer with all the damage it's taken.."

Mira's eavesdropping is interrupted by Canderous..

"Ahh, awake are we?" he said..

"What are you gonna do now? Kill me? After I saved you!" Mira asked

"No," Carth said, "We just want some answers.."

"Only if you untie me first.." Mira said

"I'm afraid we can't do that for now, Mira.. Who knows what you might do.." Carth said

"You're a fool.." said Mira, "'I've been betrayed by two clients today and not to mention I have a crazed wookie after me.. I need you all just as much as you need me.."

"And why would we need 'you'?" Bastilla asked

"Because I'm the only one here who knows whos hunting you..And I'm the only one here who knows this part of the galaxy like the back of my hand..." Mira says sternly

"Alright, you tell us who's hunting us first.. Then we'll untie you.." Carth said

"Alright, fair enough.. First off the man chasing Canderous is an exchange boss..probably one of the biggest ones in the galaxy next to Goto.. And as for the rest of you.. You're wanted by some Sith Lord.. Darth Severus I think his name was.. Although he seemed more intent on capturing Revan..You were just a bonus perk, I think.." Mira said.. "But after that whole turn of events he's not gonna give up chasing you.."

"Who's Darth Severus.. I've never heard of him before?" Bastilla asks

"From what I know he's one of the largest remaining Sith Lords in the galaxy and commands a pretty large armada.. When I first talked to him he kept uttering something about continuing Malak's crusade.. That's why he's training Sith just off the outer rim.. I think he's planning for another war.." said Mira

"The Republic can't take another war.." Carth said

"Neither can the Jedi.." Bastilla added

"We have to stop him.. somehow.." Carth said, "Look Jolee, Canderous.. you've done your duties.. you can leave now if you wish.."

"And just let the Sith conquer the galaxy?!" Jolee yelled, "I think not..Although my adventuring days are nearly over.. I think I can handle a few more!"

"What about you Canderous?" Carth asked

"After this I had always planned to follow Revan..I have nowhere else to go.. With Revan gone I'll admit I feel like leaving.. But this exchange boss that's after me is putting you in danger.. And Revan wouldn't want that.. I'll stay with you until this is settled.." said Canderous

"Alright Mira..we can untie you now.." Carth said

Carth stepped forward to untie Mira but before he could reach her she stood up by herself..

"Impressive," said Jolee, "I like it!"

"You could have escaped this entire time.." Bastilla started.. "Why did you wait until we were ready to untie you?"

"Because if I had gotten up early you would have pulled a weapon on me.. You can't be the best bounty hunter in the galaxy without putting your own life before anything else.." Mira laughed

"Well good for you.." Carth said

"So now what?" Bastilla asked

Mira stepped up to the galaxy map..

"The closest planet to us is Haven IV.. It should be a good place to get the ship repaired..But I can't guarantee that it'll keep us hidden from the Sith or the Exchange..But it's all we've got.." Mira said

"Then we better get going.." Bastilla said

"The ship is too damaged.. this is gonna be quite a landing!" Mira yelled

"Don't worry, Mira!" said Carth, "We're no stranger to rough landings.."


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Sounds good. :D Are you going to explain why Revan up and left abruptly during your story? :D That'll be interesting.

Anyways, it's a pretty good story; keep it up! :)