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((Go to BBB: Recruitment! it will explain and say some things you might want to hear, for those of you who actually read this thread, not this sentence!!))
(I know you people are viewing my thread please it's not that bad! please make a character sheet so we can get this RP rolling, I'm not the kind of person to wait a month for six people to make character sheets! But....if I have to I will. :( )
(this is my first RP in a long while so please be kind patient and merciful!)

The BloodBandBrothers is an elite Republic Empire Squad Fleet that
consists of most of the fleet now, and has all the Important or leader
characters at the head of the fleet, they're like Rouge Squadron but
they consist of the whole fleet and every one in it they are all brothers,
through the blood they shed for eachother and those who have fallen,
they wear armbands to remind themselves of this and wont stop untill
their goal is met, Freedom!

In a alternate universe things are different,totally and uterlly different, with any combonation of possibilities. In this universe the Rebellion is...evil, as the story goes during the Clone Wars the republic was actually losing, the Emporer chose in his final manipulation to use the stronger of the two armies, the CIS which ultimetely becomes the Rebellion, was chosen over the Republic. But the final stroke was not done, in his evil plannings he created the clones for one purpose not even the CIS could acomplish, the total destruction of the Jedi Order! He activated order 66 in that time most to all Jedi were killed. But out of the ashes of legend comes a mysterious new jedi, a long forgotten tale among the Jedi Order, forgotten after the days of the new old Jedi Order (the order was set up by the Exiles companions) , after the death of the last new jedi in the old Jedi Order, after the death of head Jedi Consular Mira.
The first Grey Jedi, an old and omonous jedi, he came from the regions beyond the outer regions. His purpose unknown, he ends up overriding the clones programing through techniques so old in the Force that they dont even have names any more. And soon he convinces them to join with him in gathering what jedi they didn't kill and fighting this 'New Emporer'. Thus abating the chaos that would have ensued due to the clones lack of leadership. He eventually finds the broken and tattered body of Anakin on Corusant in a black market medbay set up by a few surviving jedi healers. He's there because in his battle with Tyranus he fails to win, proving to the Emporer that Tyranus will make a better apprentice. But Obi-Wan becomes concious soon after just in time to save Anakin and fend off Tyranus. Though Tyranus isn't dead, he retreats from battle, and what happens after, well you can guess.
With what little supplies the medbay has, the Gray Jedi uses healing capabilities not seen in a millenia, and soon a new Anakin is born. He swears fealty to the Grey Jedi and is dubbed Vader, meaning father, for he will hunt down the remaining jedi. Not to kill them but to gather them and be the father for a new jedi era. Clad in a grey, white and silver life support (basically the same suit in the movies except with the colors I just mentioned) suit he follows the Grey Jedi to the jedi temple to talk to one of the few surviving masters, Mace Windu.
Soon after seven years of battle there is silence, the Republic Empire, as it is now called, is in hiding in a nebula outside of the outerrim systems. The leaders being Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Yoda, Vader and the First Grey Jedi, along with a rather ragtag group of jedi knights, padawans, force healers, untrained force sensitives, intraining force sensitives and and a small group of Matukei they found on a planet in the nebula that decided to help them. The Emporer has taken seat on Corusant and the New Rebel Confederacy, as they are called, is scouring the galaxy for the Republic Empire. The soldiers of the Fleet consist of thousands of Clone War veteran clones outfitted in their common yet old clone armor, and just as many volunteer soldiers out fitted in the new 'Imperial Armor' developed by black market Trandoshian armor and weapon smiths sympathetic to their cause. The Fleet is a mix of Old Republic era ships and New Empire vessels. But as in the movie the New Rebel Confederancy has a 100 to 1 odds when it comes to men and ships.
This takes place in a battle at the edge of the nebula, the two fleets clash (not the entire Rebel Fleet is there just 'a' fleet of the fleet, get it, no, too bad) and depending on the decisions of people who come to this RP the battle can turn either way, but no matter what the fleet ends up on the Moon of Endor where their allies the Ewoks are there to help them set up a base of operations. Another thing Luke is too young to be in this, he's been hidden by the King of Alderan, like Leia but different, Leia is under the care of Vader and the jedi and soldiers of the fleet because she's being trained. Luke isn't in this because he's being trained seperately by his care taker who is an experienced jedi knight (now the rank of master). Oh yeah, the Death Star was made early, very early by the Emporer! And it isn't the same grey Death Star either, it was sorta tannish and was of Mon Calamari design. And the battle of Endor is like the battle of hoth, which is where we're trying to end up in this RP so, yeah.
That's all I can think of at the moment for the story line, except that Padme dies different so she's not in this either, she killed by an assassin on Kamino (she's on Kamino because that was the nearest friendly planet when she went into labor) , why? you ask because the Emporer saw the potential still in Vader to be of great use to the dark side. So he sent an assassin to kill and anger Vader enough to turn, but with the birth of his three children, that's right I said three, he (Vader) has found peace and swears to Padme in her dying gasps to train and raise the children in all the right ways so they wont stray into evil. The third is with Luke he's named after his father, there happy!

O.K., sorry that was so long but I have had this idea for a long time and never got around to typing it as a fanfic or just a story in general. Now there's some rules, no changing where we are in the game unless an important event happens, I need 5 main characters plus two optional, if you want to be an optional main character then ask and I'll think if I really need them. I'm one of the main characters so that cuts the game down to 4, the others are Vader, the Matukei Leader, Huntsman Kadash (he's the newly appointed clone commando trainer, he is one if you want to know!) , and Thor Trooper zz95202 (Thor Troopers are like Imperial Royal Guard Except slitely different training and their suits are a dull gold and they are larger in number, zz95202 is the Thor Trooper Alpha Soldier, meaning he's their combat leader, he's also an 'unofficial friend' of Leia's, she's seven she makes friends with who she wants to, and she likes Thor 'asspecially lots', he's called Thor because that's his squad name and the Thor Troopers were named after him, since he is Alpha Soldier you know!). The 2 optional main characters are Leia and ARC Trooper Omega (he's head trainer of the ARC troopers, plain and simple, and he has slight command over a part of the Fleet, about 10 ships). Warning if you want to be Vader or Thor you're going to have to manage pretending you're with Leia alot, unless someone becomes her then that person has mostly free range of her. Thank You for you're patience, oh one other thing, no one can be Obi, Yoda or Mace, and I'll start when I have at the least six people, not including me, the most I'll except is ten, Thank You again.

Copywright 2006 by Master_Archon

no one is allowed permission to use any of my ideas (just out of respect) unless they ask or are given permission ahead of time or they helped in someway, like editing or giving important info.-i.e.-RH & RR2000 & D_L
Thank You :)

Type this in for the info of character:
if jedi type character;
Political Favor: (in this war people favor four main political statusses;Democratic, Monarchy, Republic, and Free Trade, non of these effect game but for the confliction of your homeplanet's government:as in you can like a different Government than your homeplanets')
(if force user; Lightsaber type, Color, Force powers:max 6, and Jedi rank i.e.- Knight,Master, Sith apprentice, Matukei weopon master ect.)
Weapon:max 4
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
If soldier type:
Political Favor:
Weapon:max 4
Soldier type: (this one is for main characters as well, who aren't force users)
Soldier affiliation: (this one is for main characters as well, who aren't force users)(Example;Clone Veteran, Imperial Volunteer, Rebel Guerilla Trooper: If you want to be on the opposite side, Super Battle Droid Cyborg:you can't be a droid and you have to be at least halfway living so I made, um, them)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
The rest is up to you O.K. now my turn
this can be an example of sorts:
Name: Master Cyphon
Position: Republic Empire Fleet an Army Leader
Faction: Republic Empire
Political Favor: Good Monarchies
Homeplanet: unrecorded homeplanet;Tatoine,Official homeplanet;Kiithnam beyond the unknown regions in a neighboring galaxy
Rank: Fleet Commander General
Weapon: Double Shafted/Bladed chain lightsaber with lightsaber deflective microvibrobladed chain attaching the two blades (it's one weapon though), Black with redmarbled swirls(not swirly swirls but more like marble swirls)-lightsaber with a cilinder shaft no buttons or extentions, it activates through the force and has two seemlessly attached spheres on each end, it's single bladed though, a bright silver lighsaber with a rectangular shaft but no edges and the same marble swirls except with light blue and the shaft is almost like a gel, and two four sided pyramids (not literal pyramids) on each end and one is open where the blade comes out, and the last weapon is a simple double bladed lightsaber.(Sorry for the long drawn out explanation, yours does not have to be that long, but the First Grey Jedi's lightsabers are unique and had to be shown as different from common sabers, sorry again.)
Lightsaber type: already explained types to the Tee
Light saber color: chain saber; silver,black redmarble saber; red, silver bluemarbled saber; cyan, doublebladed lightsaber; purple
Force powers: Ancient Force Heal, Ancient Mind Conversion(it's called conversion because all it does is severely amplify a persons charisma/leading ability it dosnt mess with the mind much)Force Crush, Force Choke, Force Lightning, Ancient Beast Tame
Jedi rank: Grey Master
Hair Color: Blond,with grey and white roots
Eye Color: unknown, the force is so present and he is so old (His physical appearance is around 26 though) his eyes are luminescent and even change colors, but most of the time he makes them ice blue or grey through little mind preversions.
Height: 7 feet tall only two inches shorter than vader
Bio: Too long to explain, all I can say is that he was and is the First Gray Jedi and once followed Revan to fight the true sith and other heroes of old as well.

This was a bit long but it was nessesary, you can if you want put extra info like Age, Weight, or species, by the way my character is human just to clear that up. Please when I ask for a pause it means I can't be on anymore and I want to be on for a while to help in progressing the RP, so when I ask for a pause it means that I'm getting off and when I unpause (most likely the next day) it means I'm back and you can come back on, but if you really wish to go on with the RP then please respect me and my character. Thank You! So now I'll wait and say have fun, and if you think I forgot to mention any thing in Character creation or the story please tell me Thanx!

Edit: sorry for the smiley faces, didn't know that would happen!

Just an FYI, this happens when you don't put spaces after a colon : if you immediately put a parenthesis ( instead of a space you get this smily :(. I also fixed a stretching issue with your post. Party on! ;) -RH

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oh, I might not be on so just type your character info and check back later I'll tell you when I'm back as I said and I might get back on tomorrow or any day for that matter, just be patient and check back every day at intervals that way you can be apart of the action! I might leave soon so you won't see or here from me until either much later or tomorrow sorry but that's life ya'll check back so we can get the ball roling, hhmm, that's it!

Edit: Well....um I'll check back later tonight or tomorrow probably be back on tomorrow at noon, eastern time. Uh well hope you people will like my RP,if you ever get on that is, uh well you'll know when I'm back on. Thanks to anyone willing to wait, and to those of you who put in a character.

07-21-2006, 06:08 PM
Name:John Ranger
Position:Vistor/ Merciant
Faction:Republic Empire/Neutral
Political Favor:Who lets him sells his goods
Weapon:Heavy Repeater (http://www.jediknightii.net/graphx/weapons/wea_repeater.jpg)
Golan Arms FC-1 (http://www.jediknightii.net/graphx/weapons/wea_golan.jpg)
Sonic Blaster (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_sonic.htm)
DC-15 Clone Blaster Rifle (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_dc15r.htm)
Soldier type: Scoundral
Super Battle Droid Cyborg:R2-D2
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Also brown
Age: 32
Bio: A travelling merciant who ship was attacked by Conferderacy Rebels while travelling through the Nebula, even though he was able to destroy the ships his feighter, The Regnar, was greatly damaged. He was then picked up by Republican ships and he agreed to help them untill he was needed to go.

Since the his an alternate universe, I hope you guys dont mind me having R2-D2, if you (Master_Archon) do just tell me and I'll edit.

07-22-2006, 08:37 AM
no I dont mind (if you have R2 D2, and for Political Affil. I think you want Free Trade, hehe but it's ok hope you check back, oh one more thing is your Soldier Affiliation-Super Battle Droid Cyborg?or some thing else?), oh and I'm back and still waiting hope you check back steven and who ever edited my thread, thank you a million I hope who ever did will come and be apart of this RP, so now I'll wait, again! Hoped you liked my story steven, and anyone else, sorry it was so long though, but I had to get some ground work layed so people would understand this is a totally different universe, I hope more come! Please come people I've been waiting since yesterday :(

I think I forgot to mention I'm recruiting people to type in character sheets at BBB: Recruitment!

07-23-2006, 07:49 AM
Name: Anakin Skywalker AKA Vader
Position: One of the leaders of the Republic Empire
Faction: Republic Empire
Political Favor: Democratic
Homeplanet: Tatooine
Rank: Jedi Master
Lightsaber type: Dual lightsabers (one in each hand)
Color: Blue and Green
Force powers:Force Wave, Force Storm, Stasis Field, Force Crush, Force Heal, Force Speed
Weapon: Lightsabers, Thermal Detonators, Blaster Pistol
Hair Color: no hair
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 2.02 meters (in armor)
Bio: Check it (http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/anakinskywalker/index.html)

07-23-2006, 08:58 AM
Sweetness! I love you RC 1162!!!! Not literaly, but thank you for joining my RP!! um, though I did change where I wanted the character sheets put, but that dosnt matter, Thank You now we can start or wait for more people to join, your choose!

07-23-2006, 11:28 AM
youre welcome, Master Archon. i'm bored without anything much to do, so i thought i'd give this a try :).
BTW: youre a guy, right?

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I'm not quite sure what BTW stands for, but I'm pretty sure it's not good! Oh, eerrmm, of course I'm a guy, I was just excited about someone finally joining. (If that's what you were talking about?)[and no I'm not "attracted" to other men!] :(
Why'd you wanna know if I was a guy?

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Btw means By the Way, just thought I'd tell you and ask 'When are we going to start this?'

07-23-2006, 04:53 PM
If you want to start the RP we could start it now if you wanted. But I'm trying to help someone get a sheet sarted and if you are patient enough we can wait for him, it wont take much longer! (wow I thought I was a little impatient, I see I'm not the only one! lol! :) )

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I'm not impatient, just curious. If I was impatient I'd be posting every five minutes alot like you did :)

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haha, very funny :whtsmile: I didnt post 'that' much, and besides I'm just on for longer periods of time than other people which means I can post more! :)

Char Ell
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@ steven and RC 1162 - If y'all wouldn't mind, please post your character sheets in the BBB: Recruitment thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=167920). I would appreciate it so I have only one point of reference. :)

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Yes please you two I've been meaning to tell you to copy and paste then post your character sheets on BBB: Recruitment there's also some info you might or might not want to hear on there if you haven't checked it out already!

(how do you put website and thread links in your text? I haven't been able to figure that out!? :( )

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You put the [ at the begining, put a website link URL between the = and the third to last ]. Then you put something like Band of Blood Brothers RP inbetween the ][. And you get this.
Band of Blood Brothers RP Recruitment (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=167920&page=1&pp=10) (This is linked to the Recruitment section.)

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??that was a little confusing for my tastes?? But thanks anyways! I'll try my best to figure it out!! :)

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??that was a little confusing for my tastes?? But thanks anyways! I'll try my best to figure it out!! :)

I'll try and do it better.

First, copy this Thread's (Or the Recruitment one's) Address located in the top left hand corner and copy and past it. Put an [ url=pasted address here]Whatever you want to put here[ /url].

When doing this, make sure the url isn't spaced.

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I have a question, is everyone else having difficulty navigating the site or even trying to get on for that matter? I am and I wanted to know if it was the site having problems or just me? I dont need to worry about this computer being slow!!

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@Master_Archon: Sorry for it being complicated. Look at Pottsie's.
@Pottsie: I believe URL has to be capitalized, but that was better than mine.

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One little question! why are you advertising my Recruitment thread at the bottum of your signature? I dont mind, I'm just curious!?

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Uh? Pardon me for asking this people, as Forum RP-ing is a little alien to me, but isn't all this talk of links and sigs and stuff off-topic and far better suited to PM's?

Also planning, character stats and stuff should go on in the BBB recruitment and planning thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=167920), shouldn't it?

Isn't this an RP thread? Isn't this supposed to be posts RP-ing the planned storyline?

I'm just a little confused here because it is hard to discern a story going on here. :confused:

So back on-topic folks. ;)

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Aye Aye Capin! :whtsmile: We'll do that! We'll start discussing this stuff on the BBB: Recruitment thread (or better yet PM's are good! :) ) .

Hear that people, no more posting here till we're all ready to start! (which should be soon! most likely after the site is fixed or whatever's wrong goes away!)

Just one more off topic question! :) And it's for you RedHawke!! What's going on with the site? Or do you not know! :whtsmile: Ugh! That is off topic as well. Don't worry it's just some temporary problems. The staff is working on it and everything should be back to normal soon - d3

07-28-2006, 12:47 PM
Star Wars
Band of Blood Brothers
"Damage Report!" Cyphon yelled into the comm system, as an Enforcer Class Star Destroyer ignited into a ball of flame, taking one of it's V-2 class Star Destroyer frigate guard with it, just outside the main viewport, the other just barely pulling out!
A staticy hoarse voice could be heard through the comm, "the 'Injustice' is down! It took the 'Perrywinkle' with it!"

"How's the 'Charred'?" Cyphon asked in a concerned voice.

"She's scathed but alive" the hoarse captain said.

"Pull her around on the 'Dyeheart's' wing, we'll send a DX-9 Repair Transport out to fix her" Cyphon said turning to look out the left side of the viewport, across the vast space could be seen Vader's Flagship, an Interdictor Class Star Destroyer named 'Enforcer'. Currently it was engaging in combat with two Trade Federation Battle Cruisers, and it was down to a small contingent of fighter support, and it's last Wambat Class Escort Frigate.

"Draw power to areas where the shields are taking the most hits!" he said quickly. "Put the rest of the power to engines, and take the 'Dyeheart' in over the 'Enforcer' " Cyphon said in return to his first comment.

The Tyrant Class Star Destroyer groaned under it's own starting momentum, then lurched forward and started to turn towards the 'Enforcer'.

"Vader come in....we're coming in for support, hold on!" he said concentrating on the battle looming closer. "Make your shots concentrated, we dont need any stray fire hitting our belly!" Cyphon exclaimed into the comm system.

((Oh, RC 1162 your Flagship dosnt have to be what I said (it's class) or what I called it (it's name) , I'm gonna put a post up on BBB: Recruitment! to allow people to choose either their flagship or fighter/freighter/corvette! So stay tuned!! :) ))

07-29-2006, 05:59 AM
"Copy that, Master," acknowledged Vader over the comm and turned to his bridge crew.

"We have backup coming in, do not target it."

The Enforcer rocked as something exploded somewhere in the ship.

"What was that?" Vader demanded.

"Sir, we've lost all our propulsion units, our engines have lost power. The generators have been knocked out," said a clone officer seated at his post

"Can she still make the jump into Hyperspace?" Vader asked.

"If we can get the engines online for at least five minutes, then yes," the clone replied.

"Very well," said Vader. "For now, reroute all power to be split equally amongst the guns and the shields. We do not need internal lighting for now."

The officer nodded and rerouted all available power. The shields were strengthened suddenly and the bridge was plunged into darkness as the lights went out. Only the officers' consoles provided some light.

"Tell the Matador to concentrate all it's fire on the port Federation cruiser." ordered Vader and the comm officer relayed his command.

*Come on, Master Cyphon,* thought Vader to himself. *We don't have much time.*

((ps: the Matador is the name of the Enforcer's escort ship. and Master Archon, i'd like my flagship to be named just "Enforcer". please leave out the "1"))

07-29-2006, 06:22 AM
John made his way to the bridge of the Enforcer during the attack.

"Tell the Matador to concentrate all it's fire on the port Federation cruiser." he heard ordered Vader and watched the comm officer relayed his command.

"Vader, my ship my be damaged but it's it cargo is intact. And inside my cargo hull I have verious weaponary, weaponary I can easily turn into a bomb that'll at least disable the ship if you can find a way of getting the bomb into the ship," John suggest, stumbling over to Vader as the ship began to rock due to the attack.

07-29-2006, 08:22 AM
General Shadow Gravemind stood on the deck of his Imperial I-class Star Destroyer flag ship The Avenger as he gave orders.

"Sir! Dual Heavy Turbolasers 3-5 are down and so is one of the deflecter shield generators!" a crewman shouted from his station.

"Reroute power from all unnessisary systems to power the the shields, turrets, and engines. What is the statis of The Enforcer and The Dyeheart?" he asked.

"The Enforcer's engines are down and they are facing two Trade Federation Battle Cruisers. The Dyeheart is on a course to assist, Sir!"

This battle was not looking good. He already had lost both his escort frigates, and his captain for the flagship had bought the farm in the last battle.

"Bring us on a course for the starboard side of one of those two battle cruisers. Prepare the 127th legion for boarding action. Open fire on its Heavy Turbolaser batteries with our own when in range. And alert The Enforcer and The Dyeheart of our intentions."

"Yes, Sir!"

Shadow then left the bridge to prepare. He was going to join his troops, where he would be more useful since he had a Double-Bladed Lightsaber. As he passed a barracks, even though he couldn't see they're faces, he could tell they were smiling. This was going to be fun.

07-29-2006, 10:02 AM
As the 'Dyeheart' groaned to a halt there came a sudden vibration, then 'Boom', the ship went rocking like a babies cradle.

""Alert, Alert, we have Cyborg units on deck 'C', repel crews X and III, prepare for anti-boarding action!" came a female comm officers voice over the intercomm.

"What the fierfek! Boarders! How'd a boarding party get on board!?" said Cyphon in frustration.

"A severely damaged techno-union shuttle was following in our sensor wake, it launched boarding torps and all it's escape pods into us, we didnt notice it till it's engines failed and it exploded from it's own damage sir!!" exclaimed the sensors officer.

"Bring all anti-boarding groups in sections 'C' through 'H' to all possible boarding areas and all known boarding areas. I want to make sure that those cyborgs have to go through an army just to reach the next section. I dont want them getting to the upper dorms section." he said in quick succession.

"Why sir?" asked one of the more new and curious deck guards. "I promised the leader of the Matukai, that I'd keep his people safe, and some are aboard this ship." he said pondering for a moment, "and there's some on Vader's, and Shadow's, and just about every Flagship in the fleet!" he said after some thinking.

The 'Dyeheart' loomed over the 'Enforcer' moving in towards the port Battlecruiser. "Bring power from all areas! the only thing I want working is secondary life support and section 'C's power! Put all power to the belly guns!" as he liked to call them.

'Thoom' 'Thoom' 'Thoom', went a volley of every gun on the under side of the of the ship, the lasers three times as thick as the normal battery shots.

"She's lisping under the fire" said Cyphon, excited at seeing the combined fire power of the 'Dyeheart' and 'Enforcer' crushing the Trade Federation Battlecruiser. Then out of nowhere the cruiser went black as space and it's guns fell silent, while huge streeks of electricity went across it's hull.

"What in the Force happened?" asked Cyphon in surprise. "Sensors picked up an object heading for the cruiser, out of the 'Enforcer's' hangar. We thought it was just space debrie or trash, from what we could tell it went inside of the cruiser and made an EMP blast powerful enough to knock it out!" said the sensors officer excitedly.

"Then let's not waste the oportunity!" said Cyphon with a rye smile and turning the comm to Vaders ship, "Vader whatever you did it worked! Open full fire power on the cruiser!" he said thinking for a second, "and that's an order!" he said jokingly. Turning to the smirking command deck crew, he smiled and said "you heard me, open fire! Full power!"

After only two minutes of crushing power from the two ships and their Frigate Escort, the cruiser erupted into a ball of flame!

"That's for the 'Injustice' shouted the captain of the 'Charred' through the inter-comm.

"And the 'Perrywinkle' " shouted the captain of the 'Grek'or', an Acclamaitor Class Clone Assault Frigate Escort for the 'Dyeheart'.

"And the 'Enforcer's' Ex-Frigate the 'Death Bringer'!" shouted the captain of the 'Grek'or's' sister ship the 'Mollusk'.

"HA HA!" laughed Cyphon exuberently, "we're not out of the water yet friends!" Cyphon exclaimed looking at the other enemy cruiser on the star board side of the 'Enforcer'." "Sensors, scan the enemy cruiser!" said Cyphon in a look of deep concentration. "Yes sir!" said the officer typing into his command console, "Sir! there are boarders from the 'Avenger' on the cruiser!"

"As I thought. Vader do not open fire on the enemy cruiser! Put your power to shields, and send out boarding parties, copy, over!" Cyphon told Vader, looking to his power and distributions officer at his command console. "You heard me put power from guns to shields this time!" "Already have sir." said the officer smiling.

"You guys know me so well." said Cyphon smirking at his chuckling command crew.

"Prepare Blood Platoon Zeta and Gamma for boarding actions, and give me some time....I want to have some....fun!" Cyphon said in a sinister voice.

"Sir one problem! The boarders aren't budging, they're holed up in pockets in section 'C', we can't flush them out!" said the status officer.

"Then send in the plumbers, bring in Dark Trooper Squadron 'Pi', hehehe, that'll flush'em out!" said Cyphon with a dark smile on his face while leaving the command deck to go to the Lambda Shuttle in the hangar bay, that was preparing for boarding actions.

"Dark Trooper Squadron 'Pi'?" said the second mate to the, now in controle, first mate, "aren't they the ones who blew up that Mon Calamari Battle Cruiser at the battle of sector Delta from the inside, barely making it out in time?" said the second mate questioningly. "Yes, yes they are" said the first mate regretfully, "but he knows what's best....I hope!" said the first officer turning to the view port ready to give orders.

"Sa, Blood Platoons, Zeta and Gamma are ready for boarding, wot wot!" said the lead boarding officer, an experienced high ranking storm trooper. "Good! Good, I'm ready too, let's go say hi to Shadow and the gang....maybe knock some cyborg heads off while we're at it....an explosive tea party of sorts!" said Cyphon smiling at his old friend. "I'll bring the crumpits, sa" said the old officer in his common serious way.

"Hehe, come you old duffer, let's go have some fun....like the good old days!" said Cyphon turning and walking towards the waiting shuttle. "Right behind you sa, hope those ill-disiplined ruffian's of Shadow's hasn't killed everything yet, I want to blast some riff-raff cyborgs of my own, wot wot!" the old storm trooper said following in step behind Cyphon.

The shuttle lifted off, cruising out of the hangar, dozens of other boarding craft behind them, while groups of ARC-170's from Vader's fighter squadron, and Tie Defenders from Cyphon's escort squadron, made defensive positions around them!

07-29-2006, 10:30 AM
Vader turned to John, and replied to his suggestion.

"No, John," he said. "It's not wise to leave the ship right now, besides, the Dyehard is backing us up."

The ship rocked again and Vader had begun to get annoyed with all the rocking his ship was recieving as the Dyehard prepared for their assault.

"Transfer all turbolaser power to the EMP cannon," he ordered. A few seconds later, the bright blue pulsating orb of EMP energy knocked out the port enemy cruiser and Vader smiled under his mask.

"Vader whatever you did it worked! Open full fire power on the cruiser!" came Cyphon's voice over the comm.

"Already doing, Master," replied Vader as he motioned to his relieved bridge crew. The Dyehard and the Enforcer continued to pound at the dead cruiser. Two minutes of sustained fire and the cruiser blew up, and the comm was filled with dedications.

"As I thought. Vader do not open fire on the enemy cruiser! Put your power to shields, and send out boarding parties, copy, over!" said Cyphon over the comm suddenly.

"Copy that, Master," said Vader. He turned to his operations assistant.

"Give the order to Clone Commando Squads Delta and Omega to prepare for boarding," said Vader to his ops assistant and the latter nodded.

Five minutes later, Delta and Omega Squads and Vader himself were in a Lambda-class shuttle on their way to the enemy cruiser, escorted by five ARC-170 fighters.

07-29-2006, 11:19 AM
"Sir! The Dyeheart and The Enforcer have defeated the other ship and are sending boarding craft to aid us." A young Clone Marine shouted.

"Alright everybody!" Shadow shouted into the com to all the troopers on the ship. "Our friends Breath Mint and Cranky Old Bastard are coming for a visit. But since you know how they love to hog the tea and the crumpets, lets clean this ship out spotless before they arrive!" There was laughing on the com from the troops fighting.

"Alpha squad! Progress report!" Shadow said over the com.

"General Grievous is momentarily off the radar, but we'll find him and avenge Beta squad." reported the squad leader, Pecker. Odd, but that's what his squad calls him.

General Grievous had ambushed Beta squad while they were taking the bridge and killed them. Taking that off his mind, he diced the droids in his path on his way to the engine room with both his dual sabers. He always felt a sense of exhilaration when wielding both at once.

"Sir! We're in position to meet the boarding parties." a trooper said over the com.

"Good. Tell them Grievous is here. Make sure you give them napkins too. They have terrible manners." Shadow said, receiving a chuckle.

07-29-2006, 12:49 PM
'Scree' 'Scree', went the shuttle alarms, "What the fandangle is going on, wot" asked old Brutas, which was the old storm troopers name.

"Incoming enemy fire, it's coming from enemy tri-drone fighters" said the copilot in shock.

"Hail Vader, tell him to get into formation, with his escort too, pull landers in the center, Arc-170's inbetween and Tie Defenders on the outside, tell the Defenders to activate the box shields!" he told the copilot.

Soon the ships were in a sphere formation and the Tie Defenders, which had little boxes attached to the ship hulls, extended high tension durosteel cords attached to the boxes, and soon the formation was surrouned by a large moving sphere shield.

"Hail the 'Charred', 'Grek'or', 'Mollusk', and the 'Matador', tell them to bring up our rear, and engage the remaining enemy fighters and prevent any escape pods from slipping through, before our capitals can beam them in!" said Cyphon once more to the copilot.

soon the landers had a straight path for the enemy cruiser, the shield was deactivated and the ARC-170's and Tie Defenders veared off, going back to assisst the Frigates in destroying the enemy fighters.

"[static]....friends Breath Mint and Cranky Old....[static]....are...." could be heard over the boarding frequency. "Who's he calling old....I'll teach him a thing or two, wot hhmph!" Brutas said airily, "Hear that Vader he said you have fresh breath....haha....better prepare for a rude welcome" said Cyphon, over the shuttle comms, to Vader.

"Hewo!" said a small voice to the right of Cyphon, in shock all the soldiers on board, including Cyphon and both pilots, turned to see a small girl, around the age of seven, sitting in one of, what used to be, an empty seat. "Heehee, you guys are funny!" the girl said, a thump could be heard and felt and some curses coming from one of the neighboring shuttles pilots through the comm, the pilot of the shuttle they were in finally getting back into reality after he was sidetracked by the girl suddenly appearring on his ship.

"Uuuuuhhhh....what....holy....how'd you get in here Leia!?" Cyphon finally said after the great shock, "I was playing on this ship and got sleepy, so I took a nap under this seat, silly!" Leia said in response, smiling. Cyphon's jaw dropped as he went into the realization that he almost could've gotten Vader's daughter killed. "Master Windu says not to stare, or let your mouth hang open" said Leia giggling. Some of the younger soldiers coming into Cyphon's realization fainted, Leia giggled again.

"Vader's not going to be happy about this!" Cyphon said as the shuttle touched down in the hangar, "We're going to see daddy, yaa!" said Leia excitedly.

07-29-2006, 12:58 PM
Vader walked down the ramp, followed by his Commando escorts as his shuttle landed beside Cyphon's.

"Daddeeeee!" came a sqeal from Cyphon's shuttle and Vader turned to see a small girl running at him, top speed. She jumped into his arms and Vader looked at Cyphon.

"Hello, Leia," he said to the young child, totally surprised. He turned to Cyphon.

"How the heck did she get here?" he whispered.

07-29-2006, 01:42 PM
With a sheepish look Cyphon said, "She was playing aboard the shuttle when she fell asleep under a seat and woke up around the time we were landing, you know when we collided with the other shuttle, yeah that's around the time we noticed her."

With a look of sincere apology Cyphon turned to watch as a Lander Shuttle hovered in the hangar, letting out a rack of four AT-PT's and another, farther down letting out four AT-RT's.

"Well..." turning back towards Vader, "what's the battle plan? How are we going to take the rest of the ship?" he said trying to get Vader's mind off of what happened.

In the background there was much noice and clanging, as the soldiers, from all walks of life, set up command posts, pill boxes, and supply depots, in the large hangar. AT-PT's and AT-RT's could be heard walking around, some crouching down to go into hallways, to clear out areas where cyborgs were still holding out. Cyphon glanced at a Clone Marine and a Thor Trooper as they walked by, they were argueing over what card game is better, pazak or sabok. Cyphon turned to see a huge AT-AT Barge land, and racks of Dark Trooper Exo-suits unfold, while the men who pilot them, came streaming out of passenger compartments in the barge. Hopping into the suits and getting into formations with AT-PT's and RT's, to clear out larger, more heavily defended hallways. "Well...defense perameters are set...how do we take the rest?" Cyphon repeated with a smile of aproval at the quick work of the boarding-men, and a few women, who had done so well.

07-29-2006, 05:18 PM
"Sir! They have landed and our troops are going to redevous with them." a Clone marine told Shadow.

"Good. Have the commander of that platoon tell them to take the security control room located in the center of the ship. That should help us in keeping track of our troops and maybe catch Grievous." Shadow said as he cut down another droid.

They were in the Engine room and were shutting off the engines with their engineer so the driods couldn't jump with them aboard.

"Sir! We're run low on ammo." a marine shouted out.

"Then hold this room while I clear the corridor they are come through." Shadow said and ran foreward into the corridor. It was packed, but the didn't have a clear line of fire and he was up close. Not good when your opponent has two dual lightsabers.

What added to the confusion was that he used force wave in the corridor, throwing them back and kept using it until he reached the next door, in which he shut. He then ran back and sealed the door the the engine room. He then deactivated his lightsabers and got out his modified ARC Rocket launcher, which allowed him to rapid fire rather than fire, reload, and fire again.

"Tell Breath Mint to get his Commandos to help Alpha squad." Shadow said.

"Yes, Sir!"

Char Ell
07-30-2006, 02:39 AM
The Matukai ships, Evincer and Shryken, dropped out of hyperspace within 150 kilometers of the battle area. Felix Intos, onboard Evincer, waited for the sensor officer to make her initial scan and report of the situation, hoping that the ships he brought in response to the priority 1 message from Dyeheart weren't too late. Felix had been using his Matukai fleet, if it could be called that, to scout surrounding systems for needed resources when the call from the fleet flagship came through with the urgent order to return at best speed.

"Chieftain, initial scans show Enforcer has sustained significant damage and boarding actions are taking place. It appears only one enemy cruiser is intact. Fighters from our allied ships are engaging enemy fighters."

Felix felt the tension drain from him with the realization that none of their allied ships were lost and most, if not all, of his people should be safe. "Signal Blade Squadron and Shryken: proceed with attack plan Bwo!" Felix barked to the comm officer. "General Quarters!"

Evincer's squadron of nine T-120 C-Wing fighters had commenced launching as soon as their home ship had dropped from hyperspace and were already in full deployment, streaking towards the fierce dogfights between the enemy and their brother squadrons. Felix knew that Blade Squadron in conjunction with Shryken, a Corellian DP-20 gunship, could handle six times their number in enemy fighters. The Matukai may not have been able to bring as much in the way of combat assets to the fleet as the other groups but what assets they had were highly effective.

As Felix watched Blade Squadron and Shryken accelerate away from his slower Marauder-class corvette, Evincer took a course towards the enemy capital ships. Felix keyed his comm to the gunnery circuit. "Gunners remember! Target any weaponry that is active or even powered up! We want to capture any enemy ships if we can. Weaponry is your primary target, engines your secondary."

07-30-2006, 04:04 AM
An officer came up to Vader and relayed Shadow's request to him.

"So where is Alpha Squad?" asked Vader. "Ask him that and come back, and tell him that I'll make sure he gets into an armor like this if he keeps it up with the 'Breath Mint' stuff."

Vader turned to Cyphon.

"We need the ship's schematics before we can get any plan of action considered."

07-30-2006, 07:14 AM
"Sir! He wants to know Alpha squads location." the officer said.

"They haven't already taken the security room like I said too! The're getting lazy. Hand Breath Mint these ship schematics that we took from the bridge, and then have Alpha squad report in their location over a secure com channel." Shadow ordered.

"Yes, Sir! He also said that he'll make sure that you get into an amor like his if you keep it up with the 'Breath Mint stuff'." the officer said and was off.

The droids had broken though the doors and again he was dicing them like they were going out of bussines.

"How's the progress on those engines?" Shadow asked the engineer.

"Almost done... There!" the engineer said and the sound of the power for the engines going out could be heard. All of a sudden, the droids stopped turned around, and ran into the hallway.

"I think our friends are going to have a lot of company very soon. Has the officer arrvied at Breath Mints location yet?" he asked.

"Almost." the engineer replied.

"When he arrives, have him tell Breath Mint that he's going to have a very big welcome party from our friends the tinnies." Shadow said.

"In the meantime, we'll head there ourselves." Shadow said and was off with his Clones behind him.

07-30-2006, 09:12 AM
The officer came up to Vader and handed him the ship's schematics and left without a word. A few minutes later, Alpha Squad reported in over the comm and ave them the lock on their position.

"Very well," Vader said to his two Commando Squads. "You have their location, move out."

"Yes, sir." replied Niner, leader of Omega, and Boss, leader of Delta. They formed up and move to a turbolift to help out Alpha.

Vader got out his dual lightsabers and followed after Shadow, beckoning to Cyphon.

"Come on," he said. "Let's teach the kid how the Masters do things."

07-30-2006, 03:33 PM
"Love to!" said Cyphon in response to Vader.

"Uh, sir, sir!" said one of the Storm Troopers excitedly.

"What is it?" said Cyphon turning to face the soldier.

"Uuhh, what's it mean when the green and yellow lights blink?" asked the soldier anxiously.

"Usually it means that there's incoming friendies, why?" ask Cyphon Intrigued.

"Well....they're blinking sir" said the soldier in a scared voice. For the first time Cyphon noticed small yellow and green lights going off in various places.

Quickly opening a comm link to the 'Charred' Cyphon said as quickly as he could, "captain open a gap link to the 'Dyeheart'!" "Yes sir," came the reply from the 'Charred', " 'Dyeheart' what are long range sensors picking up?" asked Cyphon anxiously.

"Sensors are picking up capital ship class, mass signatures! They've made a perameter around the nebula, and are moving in at top speed. But thats not all sir!" said the first mate quickly in response. "We're picking up huge amounts of hyperspace signatures! It looks like a hundred!!" said the first mate in fear.

"Relay this to all ships, pull in all ships or fighters without hyperspace capabilities, I want everyone out of here! That's an order of the highest command!! Dont worry we'll turn the engines back on! I dont care where you jump to, just as long as you get out of here, and meet at the rendevous point, got that!" Cyphon said that while turning back to Vader grim faced. Turning to Brutas he said, "Tell all ships on board to not leave the hangar to go back to the capitals" Brutas nodded and turned to go do what he was asked.

Turning now to a Dark Trooper that had been standing idle he said, "you, go with all speed to General Shadow, tell him to get back to the engine room and get the hyperspace engines running, I wanna jump as soon as possible!" The DT snapped to attention quickly, then using propulsion jets, went skidding off at top speed to do his bidding.

By that time all but the Matukai ships had left, there were no enemies to be seen for miles into space, not even fighters, they had been wiped clean. Looking to a comm officer he said, "tell Felix if he wants to stick around then he better be ready to jump when we do." The officer saluted and ran off to a small comm station. "Where's that merchiant we picked up, Vader? I have something useful in mind that he can do to pay us back!" said Cyphon looking around. Then out of the hangar stasis field small anomolies could be seen off in the distance of space, everyone near a viewport or area looking out into space, turned to witness what happened next! ships, not just a small fleet or even a big fleet, but hundreds, huge clusters of ships coming out of hyperspace. Cyphon only got to 172 and lost track, there were so many, and even after those, many more were still coming in out of hyperspace. But the one that caught Cyphons attention the most was a ship he hadnt seen before, a huge Mon Calamari design war ship, it was a little longer than a Super Star Destroyer, but even still, this convinced Cyphon that the Emporer was tired of games, and really wanted them dead! This time not only young soldiers passed out, but quite a few battle harden veterans too, many started puking, others started crying for everything and everyone-the most could be heard was that they wanted their moms, even clones who didnt have moms, cryed for their moms-and alot got on the ground and started praying to, God, The Force, and any other entity that would listen. Even Cyphon had a time holding his lunch in, it was utter chaos for a good solid 30 minutes until some officers and a few jedi started rallying the soldiers. The only good thing was that they had jumped a long way away, and would take awhile to get to their position.

Finally Cyphon said in a quiet voice, "well, this could be it...."

07-30-2006, 06:55 PM
Shadow went skidding to a halt as a Dark Trooper flew up to him and said "Sir! Master Cyphon wants you to get back to the engine room and reactivate the engine! Hundreds of capital ships are enroute to destroy us." The troopers looked genuinly afraid.

"Troops!" Shadow yelled over the com as he started to run back to the engine room. "We've got an unussually large guest list comeing to dinner. But since we can't jump since hyperspace right now, I'm going to reactivate the engine. If you are not currently busy right now blowing up a droids head off right now, haul your ass down to the engine room and us some cover! Also, don't let me catch you making a scene about dying or anything or else your going to have to clean all the floors of this ship with a tooth brush, without the help of those cleaning droids. Now move it out!"

Troops started to join him as he ran down the corridors. The droids, who apparently learned about the ships, were also trying to get there. Shadow was slicing and dicing all the droids that stood in their way.

On the last corridor, the droids were waiting and as soon Shadow and his men came in range, fired. Shadow was able to deflect most of them, but a few got through and hit his men, but it did not diminish their charge. The hallway was practically made of blaster fire, going both ways. When Shadow was in range, he used force wave to knock out the first line and creating confusion in the second. Then they collided.

They didn't stop, whatever droid wasn't shot was trampled as they made their way into the engine room. Shadow and his personal engineer made their way to the control consle, where he began to interface with the controls while Shadow gave him cover with his two double bladed lightsabers.

"Sir! The ships are begining to open fire." a clone yelled over the firing. The entire ship rocked.

"Sir! Engines are online! Where too?!" the engineer asked.

Shadow pushed him aside, entered the coordinates and pressed the initiate button. "Hyperspace innitiating." the computer said in a female voice said over the speakers. And then the ship entered hyperspace.

07-31-2006, 10:34 AM
'Boooom' went the ship as the first wave of enemies came, the ship rocked and bucked like a dieing animal. Then the most glorious sound was heard, the sound of the Trade Federation Battle Cruiser, or Droid Control Ship, for technical terms, engines coming on line. Soldiers through out the ship cheered, and many started running to manually controled gun turrets, to open fire on the enemy ships for the little amount of time they were still there. Cyphon noticed Felix jump only two seconds before they did, and in the same direction. At least Cyphon knew they wouldnt be alone and abandoned in the middle of space. Then the werring of the hyperspace engine could be heard, them, 'Foom', a crack like thunder, and they were in hyperspace. Cyphon pondered, and wondered....where would they come out?

((I thought of something funny, a little off topic, but funny. What if we came out of hyperspace near Halo....lol...seriously, you guys think that'd be cool! I dont know exactly why I thought of that, but I did, and I think that'd be an interesting twist to the storyline....what do you guys think!?))

07-31-2006, 11:30 AM
"Ahh, well," said Vader. "Maybe I can dismantle the tinnies next time.'

Then he jerked upright. The Enforcer! Its engines had been deactivated. He opened a comm channel and called in it.

"Enforcer crew, are you recieveing?" he asked.

"Recieveing, sir," replied an officer and Vader heaved a sigh of relief. "We managed to get all power to the engines and bring them back online and we are in hyperspace right now."

"Good," said Vader. "Call me when you reach your destination."

"Yes sir," replied the officer. "Enforcer out."

07-31-2006, 01:49 PM
Shadow looked at the carnage around him. Bodies everywhere, both human and droid. It had been a suicide charge, but it had been neccesary, so their lives were spent, not wasted, right? To tell the truth, he himself wasn't so sure where he set their course. It was the only one he could remember amist the battle so it was the one he put.

"Sir! The ship is almost clear. We just need to flush the droids out of the dormitorys, the reactor rooms, and the security section and the ship is ours. The Commandos reported in and said the General Greivous escaped in a pod before we jumped." an officer told him.

"How is The Avenger?" Shadow asked.

"It successfully jumped in hyperspace, Sir!" he answered.

"Get a cleanup crew up here on the double." Shadow said and leaned against the wall, overseeing the cleanup crew that came a few minutes later, making sure that the bodies would be laid to rest.

07-31-2006, 04:14 PM
Cyphon blew a sigh of relief, they were o.k., for now. Turning to a Thor Trooper that walked up he said, "yes? What is it?" The soldier replied, "AT-PT group-IV has successfully taken the security section."

"Did I order them to move out of the security perameter?" Cyphon asked, "no sir, they reported they found a large diplomatic prisoner group held hostage, they couldnt afford to waste time, so they cleared the security section out, they have freed the prisoners, and taken some of their own."

"hhmm, good, send a soldier group down there to secure the enemy prisoners and check for injuries on the diplomats" Cyphon said, the soldier soluted and walked off.

Turning to an engineer that had been hacking into a nearby computer, Cyphon asked, "What's the situation on how long we'll be in hyperspace?" The engineer turned and replied, "we'll probably be in hyperspace for about....two and a half to three days."

Cyphon asked, "can we drop out?" The engineer said, "we reactivated the engines so abruptly, that if we dropped out of hyperspace now we'd probably lose random systems, that meens we have a large risk of losing life support."

Cyphon turned to a Clone Jet Trooper and said, "relay this message to all personel, 'get comfey we're gonna be here awhile' " the trooper nodded and trotted off. *hhmm, three days of hyperspace travel...we'll be way out of range for any kind of radio contact....hope we come out in a known system* thought Cyphon to himself.

"Jaken, Vok, report in" said Cyphon, first looking to his left, then his right. Out of nowhere two Shadow Troopers dropped out of an almost infalible stealth. They carried two small imperial side-arm blasters each, and a belt of thermal detanators, and in their hands they carried two and a half meter long lightsaber staffs, the bottum having a large ring on one end, and the top, where the blade came out-which are one and a half lightsaber blade legnths long. The only difference that could be seen, at the moment, were the insignias that were on both sides of their helmets-left and right side, not front and back. Jaken had two lightsabers crossed, behind the New Imperial Symbol. Vok had a double bladed lightsaber, active, behind the Old Republic Symbol. The other difference between them that could not be seen at the moment, was, that they have different blade colors. Jaken's color viridian, Vok's bronze. They came to the front of Cyphon and stood to attention. "Go to Shadow, ask him if any areas need taking, if he's going to one, offer him help" said Cyphon, both bowed in common force user respect-even if they were artificially endowed with it. Cyphon didnt believe in selecting random non-force users to become Shadow Troopers, he went through a tedious proccess of finding force adepts that did not have full connections to the force, but that were stronger in the force than common people. He would first train them to the extent they could go in force training, without the suits and force gems, then after they proved they were ready, he would dub them with the suits and gems and then train them with those, until they become as accomplished as real jedi. Jaken and Vok were the best Shadow Trooper students Cyphon has had so far, they are twins, and they strove to surpass other jedi who looked at them as cripples in the force, and they did surpass most jedi, the only jedi stronger than them are the masters and a couple other jedi. They are the ones who, by surpassing almost all other jedi, stopped others from thinking that Shadow Troopers are just crippled jedi, and caused jedi to look on Shadow Troopers as equals, and to respect them. Jaken and Vok, if not given orders, are always on the left and right hand sides of Cyphon, for they swore to stick with the one who found them so long ago, and told them they could learn to use the force, even if they were incapable of learning how to use it all the way. Cyphon watched them use force speed, running together in unison. Cyphon turned now to Leia, who was back on the ground and practicing shien lightsaber form, with her little training lightsaber.

"Well lets go check out the dorms, see if there's a room you like!" said Cyphon taking her hand. "Okay!" came the reply.

As Cyphon was walking away, he motioned to Vader with a signal he had used before, meening, 'I'll take care of this, go kill some droids'. Cyphon looked back to Leia with a smile, and asked, "you hungry?"

07-31-2006, 07:02 PM
Out of the corridor came two Shadow Troopers, Jaken and Vok he could tell from their symbols, and walked over too him. "We would like to know if you need any help taking the areas that are still under droid control, and how we might offer our services." Jaken said.

"I was about to lead four platoons in taking the reactor rooms, so while I'm at it, both of you can lead five platoons in taking the dormitorys for our troops to sleep."

They both looked at eachother and Vok asked "The dormitorys are not clear? Master Cyphon was on his way there with Leia."

"You better radio in and tell him it's not clear, or else he'll be walking into into one hell of a party. And why the hell did Vader bring her into a live fire battle now? I thought we agreed I'd show her into battle when she was 15?" Shadow asked. But they weren't listening because they were radioing to Cyphon. "When your done, the platoons will be waiting down that corridor." Shadow said pointing to a corridor, then headed to meet his platoons to take the reactor rooms.

07-31-2006, 08:10 PM
"Sir! The Shadow Troopers are on their way with the platoons to take the dormitorys!" a marine yelled over the chaos that ensued in the in the reator rooms. The droids had dug their metal heels into the ground hard and dared them to come and try to flush them out. Instead they grenaded them, and then charged.

"Good! I'm going to have a long talk with the person who told me there were no cyborgs in here!" Shadow yelled back. They had successfully taken three of the five rooms, but there were more causualties then Shadow liked due to bad intel.

"Room 4 secured!" a clone said over the com. They had attacked from two angles and Room 5 was putting up the most resistence.

"You would think that they would be idiots with their commander." Shadow remarked as he cut down another cyborg.

Suddenly, more troopers came out of nowhere and they overwelmed the room. "See that you finished with your party in Room Four." Shadow said smiling to the new troopers.

"Sir! The other platoons are engaging the enemy. Should we join them?" an old trooper asked.

"Sure. And while we're there, we might take the liberty of choosing our rooms first." Shadow said. They immeadiatly started to run and Shadow was ahead of them.

07-31-2006, 08:13 PM
Things weren't looking good! Cyphon had walked into a group of cyborgs, not the old super battle droids that the group had been encountering on the ship so far, but big, nasty, merciless, half...whatever species agreed to be a cyborg, half robot, and above all, smart! Cyphon had not wasted time, he shielded Leia, pulling out and activating all his sabers, he ran into an empty dorm and threw his lightsabers out the door, locking it behind him. He got on the bed and went into a deep concentration, outside could be heard the lightsabers, all four, moving and striking enemies down, masterless.

"Master....master...are you there? Copy!" Came Vok's voice over the comm.

"Hewo" said Leia into the comm, which she had picked up.

"Hello? Who is this?" came the confused voice.

"This is Leia, silly!" she giggled.

"Is Master Cyphon O.K.?" asked Vok.

"Yeah, he's meditating right now, so bye bye!" said Leia as she tried to turn the comlink off, but accidentally switched it to Shadow's frequency.

"No! dont turn...." came the last few words of Vok before Leia switched channels.

Leia getting bored pretty quick, started messing with the comm, and pretending she was a soldier, she imitated many of the clones she had heard on battle frequencies over the last few years.

"Bwue squad go weft, affa squad aport in, Shabow wats your stasiz, emeny dwoids coming up da mibble" she said, unaware of the chaos she was creating with Shadow's group. Many of the clones thought it was an officer with a weird lisp giving orders, a small group went left while Shadow was going to the dormatories, alpha squad reported into Shadow when he didn't ask. "Hold your gwound, destwoyers incoming" said Leia, all the soldiers stopping behind Shadow, looking around like a bunch of wide eyed kath hounds. Then something happened that caused serious chaos, she started singing, many men thought it was some trick of the enemy, contacting them to cause confusion, and many men left, trying to find the enemy. Others, thinking that the ship had been taken, and that they weren't told, thought it was a music disc playing for a celebration and many of the men started, doing things like dancing, singing along, and pretending their weapons were instruments.

07-31-2006, 08:28 PM
Havoc ensued while a voice that could only be Leia's gave false orders over his frequency! "Leia! Get the hell off the com! All you troops are taking orders from a girl, so stop your lollygagging and get your ass down the dormitorys! Ignoring any girl-playing-soldier comments! And if I catch you dancing, what a Sith lord can do to you will be sweet sweet mercy, compared to what I'm going to do to you!" That was enough to most, if not all of the soldiers, even ones who weren't in his group, to get running to the dormatories. Shadow murmured curses that would have made a rancor blush.

07-31-2006, 08:42 PM
Hearing the angry voice of Shadow, Leia started crying, it could be heard over the comm frequency, many of the men started grumbling under their helmets about how Leia's just a kid and didnt know any better, though they didnt say it within any close distance of Shadow. Cyphon still lay in a state of concentration, not knowing what had been going on in the outside world. The only words that Shadow heard were, "she's a pretty darn good singer, for a little girl!" All the soldiers nodded to the comment, and put in quick comments of their own, before Shadow got any angrier.

07-31-2006, 09:06 PM
Furious was not the state of Shadow's emotions right now. Furious for a Jedi was when you could take down a whole cyborg platoon with your bare hands and not break a sweat. Astranomicly pissed off for a Jedi, was when you could take down a Dark Trooper Phase 4 with your bare hands and not break a sweat. The little snipit comments about his outburst that made Leia cry did not help things.

A little girl that didn't know any better he knew they were thinking. Even younglings wouldn't have commited a mistake like that! And she was being trained by the head Jedi Masters! She could have gotten his troops killed. There was no garentee that they had killed of all the droids in the ship yet, even though they hadn't seen any rouges yet. They would need to conduct a thourogh seach of the ship to make certain of that.

So when they finally reached the dormatories where masterless lightsabers were fighting cyborgs, Shadow was all in with both his double bladed lightsaber fully activated.

08-01-2006, 05:45 AM
Vader opened his comlink and spoke to Leia in a stern voice.

"Leia, havent I told you it is dangerous to give out orders just as you feel like it?" The crying stopped and Leia was silent. "Good girl," Vader said. "Now give the comlink to Master Cyphon."

Leia did so.

Vader nodded once to himself and headed to the turbolift to join Shadow's attack force on the dormitory and ignited his blades as he dropped. The doors whirred open and Vader stepped out just in time to see Shadow walk into the dorm with his blades ignited. Vader flourished his own and followed the man.

08-01-2006, 07:31 AM
Shadow heard lightsabers ignite behind him as he began to slow his run into a walk as he walked into the dorms. The droids that weren't being cut down by the masterless lightsabers started to fire at Shadow. He deflected them all back at thier owners and then used force wave as Vader joined the battle.

08-01-2006, 08:27 AM
Vader let loose a Force Storm, unimpressed by the resistance offered by the droids and decimated the remainder of the droids.

"Well, that was easy," he commented and deactivated his blades.

He turned to Shadow.

"So, what do you plan to do now?"

08-01-2006, 08:52 AM
"First, to have the troops conduct a thourogh search of the ship to make sure there are no rouges. Second, to try and find out where I sent us. And last, to apologize to Leia for yelling at her. It was wrong of me to get angry like that." Shadow replied deactivating his own lightsaber. He had cooled down, but the anger still was fresh in his mind.

08-01-2006, 09:16 AM
"Well, thats nice," said Vader as he motioned to the door so that they could get started with the search. "But there is some fault on her side. I'll talk to her later."

08-01-2006, 09:37 AM
"Troops! I want a full search of the ship conducted and I wanted it done half an hour ago! Split into patrols of twelve men and shoot anything that's made of metal or is half metal." Shadow said over the com. Then he went over to the room that Cyphon and Leia were in and knocked. "It's safe to come out now." he said.

08-01-2006, 11:12 AM
Before any man could move to go follow Shadow's orders there was a sound of marching that could be heard through the corridor. A force of cyborgs 250 strong came trudging down the hall, all of the clones stopped and readied for battle. Once every cyborg was in the hall they compacted in the middle sending wave after wave of men. On the other side of the hallway, Jaken and Vok came in, right before them and their men got to the droids they stopped, eight DT Phase-1's got out in front, they activated their wrist shields and charged! The first group of cyborgs was knocked over by the DT's shields and then they were trampled, the second group was quickly hacked to pieces. Then Jaken and Vok activated their sabers and gave a battle cry that all of their men took up as well, and then they charged! But because of the cyborgs formation, it was hard to break through, even lightsabers couldn't brake through very well.

As the battle raged outside Cyphon came out of his concentrated look, got up, and went into another dorm room, the sabers outside dropped to the floor. Cyphon kept going down the rooms, until he couldn't hear much blaster fire. He then turned and opened the door to the outside hallway! When it slid open he found himself in the middle of the cyborg formation, an area not resieving much blaster fire. The first thing he did, was reach out and use force crush on two of the nearest cyborgs heads. When the cyborgs noticed him they turned, many would think what he was doing was suicide, but he had different plans!

In around three seconds his demeaner changed. His eyes turned black, pure utter black, no pupil, no white, just black! And in his eyes could be seen hundreds of little specs of light, showing the age, experience, and wisdom that had so long been hidden from normal eyes. His face wrinkled, and became haggered, his hair wilted, and his hands became thin and gaunt. He looked as an old man, and there was a reddish aura about him, it was cold, harsh, and full of darkness.

Do to his change there was a pause in the battle. The cyborgs were stunned, and in many, they felt something that had so long been forgotten to them, fear. But this still did not stop them, three fired, one shot missing, one shot hitting his left leg, and the other hitting his right shoulder. His face contorted into a look of pain, but only for a moment. The battle started going again, but before it got to far, he lifted his hand, and said, "HALT!! You foul minions of the Emporer!!" After he said halt, a pulse of force energy could be felt by all, force users, and non-force users alike, it knocked the cyborgs to the ground, the DT's on their backs, and the clones on their rears. Jaken and Vok were able to resist more, but were still knocked to a kneeling position.

The cyborgs started to get up, but Cyphon lifted his other hand, and said in an even sterner voice, "I Damand Respect! I not only Demand Respect! I Command IT!!" From saying the final it, another pulse came out, knocking the cyborgs back down, and many of the clones flat on their backs. The cyborgs hesitated, then Cyphon changed again, his hands, and hair turned back to normal. His face cleared of all wrinkles, he started to smile a bit, and his voice became soft, and the aura changed to a pale gold, it was warm, comforting, and full of peace! He lowered his arms, and said, "come, friends, why did you do this to yourselves? Your commanders have abandoned you, the Emporer...never really cared for you!" he said this with a soft voice, yet it echoed and stirred the ship. "Think...think deep beyond your programming, back to the days you said you hated and wished to get away from....yet you trully loved them!" he said, "remember the days when laughter came easily, and were not hidden by robotic programming." "Think deep within you....do you really want to die for someone who promised immortality, but all he gave you was an unthinking mind." At this Cyphon paused, then said, "What Say You!!"

Most of the cyborgs had gotten up by now, many hesitated, others had their blasters up, but were still thinking. Some started to twitch, from them digging into their hidden memories, others had already dug, and were thinking, staring at the floor. Then they started to talk, first in binary, then the more they spoke the more they changed. Then they spoke in basic to eachother, but it was the common droning robotic voice. Then, slowly, but surely, they changed, they spoke in normal dialects, slowly coming out of their robotic voices. Many who had normal organic eyes had a light in them, they started to shift, and ponder. And then something happened that shocked everyone...they smiled, they smirked at eachother, then to the amazment of all...they started to laugh! Some even cryed, the clones, so shocked didnt know what to do! Then, they stopped, and their faces softened and became straight once more. They all turned and stared at Cyphon, one cyborg stepped forward, there was total silence, no one made a noise, but then something happened that made everone's jaw drop. The cyborg grabbed Cyphons hand, and started shaking it, and said, "thank you." Cyphon smiled, and in a weak voice said, "your welcome." The cyborg smiled, Cyphon smiled back, then the cyborgs got into a line of two by two's and started marching to the brig, singing old marching songs, long hidden in the back of their memories. The clones stood stunned, watching the cyborgs go willingly to the brig, one clone said he counted 120 cyborgs!

Cyphon smiled at his shocked companions, then fell forward, and passed out from his injuries! And so they witnessed Force Conversion for the second time, in the age of the Emporer!

08-01-2006, 02:21 PM
Shadow was one of the first to snap out of it. He looked around at the stunned clones and said "Well? What are you waiting for? This isn't the first time you've seen it. Get Cyphon to the medical wing!" he ordered and the troops rushed to do what he told them. He then got on the com and said to every trooper on the ship "Troops! The droids are now friendly due to that conversion trick that Cyphon pulled off. So do not open fire when a droids army passes by you!" Shadow then turned to the door and opened it to find Leia.

"Sorry for yelling at you Leia. Will you forgive me?" Shadow asked.

08-01-2006, 03:47 PM
Leia looked up, puffy eyed, with tears still running down her cheeks, she was sitting in a corner, the commlink lay on the ground, where she had been listening to the battle. She looked at the floor when Shadow came in, she mumbled, "It's okay, I'm sorry too."

Jaken and Vok came in behind Shadow, first they looked to Leia, then they turned back to Shadow. Since they had nothing more to do, they hung around Shadow for orders, or just to follow him, since Cyphon was passed out.

Brutas came up behind them some time later and asked Shadow, "Sa, the diplomats wish to speak with you...and who are you calling old!" he said indignently, after remembering what Shadow had said about him.

08-01-2006, 03:56 PM
Shadow turned to Jaken and Vok and said "Go make sure that this ship is still throughly searched because there were plenty of non-cyborg droids when we came on." they both nodded and left. Shadow then turn to Brutas and said with smile "Actually, I was referring to Cyphon when I said that. And please take me to the diplomats."

08-01-2006, 04:07 PM
"Right this way, sa" said Brutas motioning down the hall. They went down the hall, then down another, and down a couple of other halls, until they reached a conference room, the door was shut, representing privacy was needed. There stood two Dark Troopers P-2's on either side of the door, they snapped to attention when Brutas and Shadow came near. Brutas took off his helmet, he wasnt anything anyone expected him to be. He was a Kel-Dor, round and wrinkled with age, bareing many scars, but full of fight, with a fire in his eyes, he sighed, motioning to the door, "they're waiting in there sa, hm, wot wot, hm, I think they were expecting Cyphon though. You'll have to be on extra good behavier, you young rip" he said, waiting patiently for Shadow to go in.

08-01-2006, 04:18 PM
When Shadow walked into the room, he felt like he was walking into a minefield. Being a Jedi and a General, he knew how to handle diplomatic problems. But when you walk into a room full of diplomats that had just been freed, you won't exactly get a warm welcome, especially if it wasn't the person that they were expecting. So Shadow started off to quell any questions about Cyphon. "If you were expecting Master Cyphon, he has been incapacitated for the time being, but I will answer your questions."

08-01-2006, 04:32 PM
Most of the Diplomats were females, seeing as the role of diplomat is something that women are good at aspiring to.((that's a complament for all you ladies out there! :D)) But this made things quite a bit worse, because they were, well...filthy, tired, and hadnt eaten in days. There were about twenty diplomats, each from a different planet, and something that not many expected, but there were about ten famous people as well, singers, dancers, holo-movie stars. They all turned to Shadow, a little disapointed, some of the female stars eyeing him like a piece of meat. One of the friendlier diplomats came forward, she was a 5' 11" Twi'lek, she was young, and represented Ryloth. Offering Shadow her hand, though she was more affraid of him than some of the other diplomats, because she was new to this career and hadnt met a jedi before, and the rumors the Emporer spread about the First Gray Jedi and his followers, wasnt exactly plesent. "Hello, j-j-jedi!" she stammered in a weak voice.

08-01-2006, 04:39 PM
Shadow smiled a warmly and shook her hand. Then he turned to a trooper and said "Why haven't these people been fed yet? Get these people some food and I wanted it done ten minutes ago." The trooper left and Shadow turned back to the Twi'lek. "Why are you afraid? All the droids on this ship have been eliminated and the cyborgs are on our side now since Master Cyphon persuaded them with Force Conversion, the same thing he used with the clones. And my name is Shadow." Shadow said.

08-01-2006, 04:47 PM
"Y-y-y-your a jedi, there, well, n-n-not kind to aliens, at least that's what the Emporer says!" The twi'lek said, still scared and shy. One of the movie stars walked forward, he was a 6' tall Rodian, and he was in his late forties, but looked good for his age. "Haha, child, worry not, I have met many jedi, they are the kindest people you could meet!" he said this with a smile on his face. But this didnt reassure the young diplomat very well. The rodian said hello to Shadow and stepped back, letting the young twi'lek who was still very afraid, take care of the talking, seeing as how rodian arent too articulate in most cases.

08-01-2006, 05:07 PM
"Well, to push rumors aside, the Jedi are normally peace loving... police men you could say. Except they're not corrupt like some police men, exercise diplomacy, are excellent fighters incase situations go bad, and do not harm anyone if they don't have too. There is thing thing called the Force that runs through all living beings and some are born with the ability to control it and can be trained to control it properly. From the force is where a Jedi draws his strength. Unfortonatly, there are two sides, a light side and a dark side. The dark side believes that if you are weak, then you die. It believes in controling the force, rather than letting flow through you like the Jedi. The people who embrace this are called Sith. Emporer Palpitine is a Sith Lord who overthrew the Republic by influencing the senetors with the Dark side, and starting the Clone Wars to give complete emergancy powers to him. The Clones, were bred early on as part of Palpatines plan to overthrow the Republic. The Order that deemed Jedi traitors to the Republic and to be exterminated was called Order 66. Killed practically all the Jedi, only a few surviving. Then Master Cyphon came and used force conversion to... change the clones minds, making them our main troops. Of course, since we can't take the emporer's droid army on directly, we've had to emphasize gorilla tactics. But to put it simply, we are the good guys and the droids are the bad guys." Shadow said. The diplomats looked like they were having a hard time taking it in.

08-01-2006, 06:05 PM
The twi'lek relaxed a little, she smiled and said, "well....Shadow, my name's Sashei Loruun, I'm a diplomat from Ryloth. The rest of us were suspected disidents" she finally said. The others made their introductions, and the discussions commensed.

08-01-2006, 06:15 PM
The food came and the diplomats looked like they really needed it. "I'm surprised that you all are still alive. Starvation isn't exaclty what diplomats are trained for." Shadow said as they ate.

08-01-2006, 06:30 PM
One of the the other diplomats spoke up, "yes, but the will to live is stronger than, starvation." Sashei spoke, "and what are your hobbies, Mr.Shadow? What do you like to do in your spare time, while your not fighting wars!?" Some of the other diplomats had settled down after they had eaten, and were intrigued to hear what Shadow had to say. They listened and discussed issues with him, but they held back questions, specifically meant for Cyphon. After the talks were done, many of the diplomats, and famous people started having more, casual conversations with Shadow. Sashei asked, "So when are we going to get to see our rooms?" She smiled at Shadow, Sashei was beginning to find the jedi and their ways interesting, and she wanted to know more.

08-01-2006, 06:33 PM
"So, what do you want to know first? What I do on my free time or where your rooms are? I can talk about my free time on the way to the dorms. And my last name is Gravemind." Shadow asked.

08-01-2006, 06:46 PM
Sashei smiled, "yes lets talk on the way to the dorms, I'm feeling tired." Many of the others agreed, one of the diplomats stood up and opened the door, "lead the way General" said the diplomat, the other diplomats got up, and bowed, as is the custom with diplomats, as a show of respect. The famous people thanked Shadow in a different way, the males shook his hand, one by one, while the females hugged him, as is common with famous people.

08-01-2006, 07:11 PM
As Shadow led the way he talked about his hobbies. "Well, I like to be with my troops in whatever they're doing. So during the seven years of silence, it was mostly hard exercises and then doing something fun afterwards, like playing a game of tag DC-15 style with the stun on. Please note that I was 17 years old at the begining of these seven years. On my time without my troops, I like to read, shoot at the shooting range, sparr with the other Jedi, meditate on why I have to meditate when sleeping is better." This recieved a chuckle from the troops passing by and some of the diplomats.

"I occasionally write just for the sake of writing, whatever it might be. What I love to do the most though is watch the young troops and the younglings as they train." Shadow said.

08-01-2006, 07:26 PM
The diplomats were intrigued by Shadow, Sashei was the most intent listener, finding that the more she listened about the jedi, the more she liked what she heard, and in the back of her thoughts, envied the jedi, and wished to be one of them. "So, we're going to be on this ship...three, days, maybe more afterwards, depending on where we end up. I hope to learn more about you, and the other jedi, Mr.Gravemind!" said Sashei with a smile on her face, she seemed to always be smiling, at this she bowed low to Shadow, for the lower you bowed, the more respect you were showing, and she turned and went into her dorm. The other people did the latter and left Shadow to enter their dorms, the last person in the hall with him was the rodian, he smiled and said, "I got an idea awhile back, since we'll be here so long, I thought that maybe me and the others, you know, the singers and all. I thought we could throw a party, or a celebration, for the soldiers and other young people...it's the least we could do to pay you back, and it would boost morale for the troops. You know it's tough in war, so how bout letting the soldiers relax, kick back a little....come on whatta ya say!?"

08-01-2006, 07:43 PM
"I think that's a great idea. I'll talk to Master Cyphon about it when he wakes up and see what he thinks. Until then, you get yourself some sleep. All of you look like you could use it." Shadow said patting the Rodian on the back and left. The ship was mostly quite now, as most, if not all, of the troopers were sleeping at this hour. He headed down to the engine room, where he would sleep.

When he got there, it was spotless clean in contrast to earlier in the day. He also saw that some other clones were there sleeping, not because there were not enough room in the dorms, but because they wanted to be in the presance in the place of their fallan brothers. He understood. He wanted to be in the presance of his fallan troops. He chose a spot and fell asleep.

08-01-2006, 08:02 PM
Cyphon twisted, and turned, and jerked in bed, his dreams filling with horrid visions of desacrated corpses, defiled graves, bodies of ones he had known through out this war. He saw Vader, Shadow, Leia, Jaken, Vok, and Brutas, he also saw a figure, though less known to him than the others, it was the merchiant, John, he saw, Thor, and Kadesh, and many more. Then he looked and saw that they were gone, taken from him, he was in an empty wasteland! "AAAHHH!!!!" he came screaming out of sleep, 'huff' 'huff', he was panting, and had broken out in cold sweats, his face was worn and tired, pondering a moment on his dream, he said, "so is the life of those who see no end."

Though he was still weak, and in pain, Cyphon got up to go wonder the ship. In lonelyness and tiredness, he trudged, looking in on sleeping people, avoiding those still awake, and thinking on his dream, he sobbed, and weeped, for he knew things, things that made him feel lonely, and ostrisized, among the ones he knew, and called friends!

08-01-2006, 09:27 PM
"We cannot be defeated. The ones before could not defeat us.
The ones after them could not defeat us. How can you hope to defeat
us when those before could not, even in their minds? We plauge your
mind till your grave and then we steal your flesh and blood and mind.
We will keep coming until all is ours and nothing is left.
Ridding the galaxy of false promises and this so called 'Force'."

Shadow woke up recodenizing that cold voice. It still chilled him to this day. He checked his Chronometer and it said two o' clock. He tried to fall back to sleep but he couldn't so he relieved the clone outside on sentry duty. The clone was asleep within seconds of laying down. Shadow's mind wandered about the day's events and how they could have been or how he could have done better. "The past is the past. If your dead troops saw you like this they would laugh themselves dead," an old clone once said to him once when there had been an accident and some of his troops had gotten killed.

So Shadow decided to focus on how he could improve his tactics, rather than morn for the dead. He felt better thinking about that. The rest of the shift went uneventful and he was soon relieved, and he fell asleep within seconds.

08-01-2006, 09:59 PM
Soon it was 6:00, and the daily routines had started. Cyphon who had recovered from his dream, lay in the med-bay, using Ancient Force Heal to quicken the healing proccess. He opened his eyes to see a twi'lek standing over him. "Hello!?" he said, a little stunned, and confused, she responded, "Hi, you wouldnt happen to know where Mr.Gravemind is, would you?" "No...not that I can think of..." he said weakly, "Oh, thank you anyways!" said the twi'lek.

"Your welcome!" he said as she walked away. "Masta Cyphon!!!!" came the yell, Cyphon quickly became alert, thinking, *Oh no, oh no, they didnt...they wouldnt...they couldnt, they would!!* he jerked around, to his horror, he saw her! A huge built nurse, she was human, though only 6' tall, which is smaller than Cyphon, she was still imposing, her name...Volka. She was feared, and respected by all men, she had the stregnth of two wookies some men said, and Cyphon knew first hand how strong she really was, and two wookies is nothing!! Ignoring all pain Cyphon bolted, heading for the only place he knew might be a good one to hide...the engine room! As he ran he could hear her behind him, she was built like an ox, clever as a fox, keen eyed as a hawk, and the most scary thing of all...as fast as a rabit! Cyphon saw her behind him and put on an extra burst of speed, men diving into hiding places when they saw Volka! Cyphon thought to himself as he ran, *being chased, by a Bear...nothing, chased by an angry Gundark...scary, chased by a 80 year old Crate Dragon...horrifying, being chased by Volka...only God can help you there!!!!*

08-01-2006, 10:08 PM
When Shadow heard that voice and he knew exactily what it belonged to. And he knew exactily where the person that... thing was chasing would try to hide. The men had heard it too and were nevous. "Okay whatever you say troops, you were just here sleeping when Master Cyphon ran through here and went on a loop to the bridge through that corridor." He said pointing to another corridor. They nodded and got into sleeping positions, while Shadow did that as well. And they waited for The Thing to come.

08-01-2006, 10:21 PM
"Hi Shadow, bye Shadow!" said Cyphon as he ran by, he knew that his ploy would work. He stopped before he got to the end of the engine block, turned and opened a ventilation shaft. He quickly jumped in and closed it behind him heading for the brig! He knew that Volka thought he was going to the engine room, and he knew that Shadow would tell her he was heading in the bridges direction, and he also knew that he had left Shadow to the rath of...her! He knew that she would know Shadow's lieing, and that is where he would be able to escape! Because he knew that she would tear the engine room apart, and that when she was finished she would be out of ideas, and she would lash out at the nearest people. When Cyphon got midway he stopped, he then sent his every thought to contacting Shadow, first he said he was sorry! Then he told him to run like no man has ever ran before!! Cyphon could only hope that Shadow would understand the little pulses of the force he was sending toward him.

08-01-2006, 10:29 PM
Shadow felt it and knew he was incredibly close to The Thing's wrath. He also felt the pulse. "Run like you've never ran before!" he shouted instantly and ran using force speed to head to the hanger. He'd rather be running from a monster in a large space than a close space. The troopers got the hint instantly and ran like there was no tomorrow as The Thing got there.

08-02-2006, 02:30 AM
Vader had spent the night in the room Leia and Master Cyphon were hiding in through the battle in the hallways. He got up and glanced at his chronometer. 6 AM. He shook the sleep out of his head and glanced at his daughter, who was sleeping soundly on another bed. He smiled under his mask and left the room. As he got into the halleway, he heard the sound of someone shouting, it was Shadow.

Run like you've never ran before!

Only Volka could scare him like that. Vader got into the hallway calmly and followed Shadow's group into the hangars slowly, unafraid of Volka.

08-02-2006, 06:59 AM
As Shadow's group arrived in the hanger, he realized that they weren't being followed, and let out a sigh of relief, as did the other troops. The hanger was mostly empty because, well, who uses a hanger in hyperspace? There were a few personal, but none really.

"Alright. Since we've had our mourning run, let's head to the chow hall." Shadow said.

"Amen to that." said one of the clones. And they headed down to eat.

08-02-2006, 11:31 AM
Cyphon emerged in the brig, hopping out of the ventilation system, he looked around the hallway filled with cyborgs, cleaning the area. He waved said hello, and left. He felt better after that little run, then he bumped into a rodian, "Hello, sorry, I'm looking for a Master Cyphon, have you seen him?" said the rodian.

"Yes, I'm master Cyphon!" he replied.

"Oh, good I have a proposition for you!" said the happy rodian.

They talked about the celebration for an hour, three hours later from there, they were setting up a stage in the hangar. And to keep it a surprise, all personel were not allowed into the hangar. Cyphon had gotten dressed, collected his sabers, got a release form from the med-bay, and headed for the mess hall, "hhmm, I missed breakfast! I'll have to fill the space in with lunch!" he said laughing to himself.

08-02-2006, 08:13 PM
After eating breakfast, Shadow headed down to the Galactic map room to try and figure out where they were going. When he got there, he found that it was empty. He got the coordinates from the computer and started to look for it on the map. When he found it, he was confused.

"That's odd, I don't ever remember going to that area of the Unknown Regions." Shadow murmured to himself as he touched the point with his finger. It was was surrounded by stars, but it had been supossedly stated that the planets that orbited them were uninhabitable.

The map magnified and it showed a system with with a medium sized sun, and five systems, each one a gas giant. The one they were heading to was the smallest blue giant on the the edge of the system.

It looked familiar, but he quite couldn't place his finger on it, mentally of course. he was there for a long time looking at it and by the time he realized what time it was, it was already lunchtime.

So he decided to look at it a bit later and go get lunch.

08-10-2006, 02:43 AM
It was lunchtime and Vader decided to go find Shadow to figure out how to locate themselves. He went to the lunchroom and spotted Shadow at a table and went up to him.

"So, figured out where we are now?" asked Vader. "You could use some of the astromech droids to calculate our coordinates, you know."

((sorry i took so long, guys))

08-10-2006, 07:55 AM
"I don't know how far along we are yet, but I do know where we are going. It's an uninhabitable system in the Unknown Regions. We'll be coming out of hyperspace over a blue gas giant on the edge of the system. It wouldn't do much good to learn where we are anyways seeing as if we drop out, we could loose life support." Shadow said, having barely picked at his food.

08-10-2006, 10:20 AM
Cyphon had been in the galley (cafateria) ever since Shadow came in. He walked up and heard what was said, and commented, "Blue gas giant...on the edge of a system....hhmm" Cyphon looked at the floor with a distant gaze.

"Shadow, could you do me a favor?" Cyphon asked, looking up, "and I need to talk to you Vader...if you have the time."

08-10-2006, 05:28 PM
"Sure Cyphon." Shadow replied.

08-10-2006, 06:44 PM
"Excellent, I need you to scan in the deeper regions of the system, about a couple thousand lightyears out, towards the middle of the far regions! Use astromech droids like Vader said, if you have to...just transfer the file to me on what you find. I've got a pretty good idea where we are, and dont need any explanations on what the area looks like. Go to it when you have the time." Said Cyphon with a smile, while turning back towards Vader.

08-10-2006, 06:55 PM
Shadow got up, his food untouched, got a droid from matinance, and went to the map room. People were starting to come and do their daily duties, greeting him with salutes and such. When he reached the room, the droid told him it would take about a half an hour to do the scan, and so he decided to take a nap.

08-13-2006, 05:34 AM
"What do you need?" Vader asked Cyphon.

08-21-2006, 12:36 PM
Edit: ((I'll post soon but I dont have the time guys, sorry!))-This is no longer true!

Cyphon looked to Vader, "I need to tell you something..." he said, his voice trailing off.

After he had told him his dark thoughts on where they were headed, Cyphon went to the Dorms, to check on, and talk to the Diplomats. Cyphon had told Vader that where he thought they were going, should be kept a secret, until they had proof of where they were headed, exactly. He didnt want the men more nervous than they already were. And he had told Vader a few tidbits, and secrets of what the place was, or at least what he knew. He hoped Vader could help him in the deciding what they should do, when the time came, when they came out of hyperspace.

The day went by uneventful, the stage, and decorations were set up in the main hangarbay, and the men went off to sleeping. Cyphon sat talking to the rodian for hours, till finally, close to mourning he went to his room, the next day slipping in.

08-29-2006, 01:48 PM
Shadow had long ago sent the results to Cyphon and gone to sleep.

Now he was dreaming that he was a child again, on a ship with a lot of people, all happy and smiling. Then there was an alarm and people shouting. There was the sudden shake as the ship entered hyperspace, but there were other people on the ship now. They had blasters and were shooting everyone in sight. Shadow was picked up by someone, though he couldn't get a good look at her, and taken into a hold. He remembered that hours later the door began to turn red and was blown open, the shards killing many of the people in the hold and killing the woman holding him, her corpse saving him.

They started to file in and Shadow hid in a container. The people shot anyone they found and began to looking in the containers. The ship dropped out of hyperspace just before they were about to find Shadow and they left. About an hour later, there was an explosion and some screaming. Shadow heard a screech/roar and he dared to peek outside the container to look. What he saw would give him nightmares. It was a mutilated creature, skin decaying with a yellowish color and had tentacles sprouting out of its left hand standing just outside the room in the hallway. The thing that made it worse was, even though it was mutilated and decaying, it looked like a person, with the head dangling by a piece of flesh. Unfortunately, he couldn't control his stomach and threw up. The creature noticed him. The creature leaped and Shadow got out of the container, barely avoiding getting hit by the creature who crashed into the container. Shadow scrambled out into the corridor to find the both ways of it were infested with the things. He turned around to find the one behind him closing in also. Suddenly a bunch of yellow rings formed materialized out of nowhere and when they dissipated, a lot of floating machines were in their places. And then the opened fire with their yellow lasers, followed by the gagging smell of burning flesh. He felt something hit his head hard and he passed out into darkness.

Shadow woke up breathing hard. A few clones were looking at him and one of them asked "Are you alright, Sir? You were moving a lot in your sleep and hit a few of us hard."

"I'm fine. It was just a dream. And I apologize for hitting a few of you. Now go to sleep. We're going to be halfway through our journey tomorrow." Shadow replied, not entirely sure about the fine part himself.

"Yes, Sir." the clone said and they all went to sleep.

Shadow stayed up for a moment and whispered to himself "That is over now Shadow. Forget." He then went back to sleep, peaceful, for now.

09-08-2006, 06:41 PM
Jynn leaned back in the pilot's seat of the Ion Storm. As she watched the stars streak past her window, her thoughts drifted into the past.

In the beginning, everything had seemed so clear. It was her destiny to be trained by Kai Lin, to meet Kante Rhun, to tangle with Xendek. And the war had seemed just as clear. The Republic had been fighting the Separatists for good reasons. Even the corruption growing in the Senate was easy to see.

But something changed. The balance of power shifted. The Separatists had become stronger than anyone could have imagined. Then came the massive attack on the Jedi. Almost no one had seen it coming. Kante Rhun was dead - just like Kai Lin - just like the younglings thought to be safe in the Temple.

The things that should have lasted forever were gone.

Nothing was clear anymore.

09-09-2006, 09:25 AM
Cyphon awoke, getting out of his bed, he headed to the galley. Men were either waking up, or eating, so he got his food. It was a special treat, a buffet of cullanary food from one of the stars, who was a famous cook. After eating he headed to his room to get dressed, but was stopped by the twi'lek from earlier.

"Hello, um, can you point me to the cafateria? I'm lost..." she asked Cyphon.

"Head down the hall, the door I came out of a ways back is the galley" he said pointing the way.

"Thank you!" she said while walking away. Cyphon stared at her as she walked away, an expression of wonder, and concentration on his face. "Ah, I see..." he mumbled to himself as he walked to his room.

Around an hour after lunch a female voice came over the comm system, "all personel, everyone, please come to the main hangar, that is all!" The voice said excitedly. Cyphon smiled to himself as soldiers, and other personel, went jogging, running, or walking to the hangar. Cyphon followed, and watched as, in surprise, the men saw, and heard the show stage. So another day went by, with the men feeling happy, and free spirited, which hadn't been for a long time. Cyphon watched, as they enjoyed the day, and watched as it continued into the night. After awhile, the show was done, and the men went to the dorms, and the final day of their journey in hyperspace, came crashing in.

((Sorry, but I'm trying to speed things up to the moment we come out of hyperspace. Dont need this thread to get boring! ;P ))

09-11-2006, 12:06 AM
The Force called to her again, stronger than it ever had before. Jynn shrugged her shoulders in resignation and decided to listen for once. Closing her eyes, she drifted off into meditation. A while later, she blinked, looked around, and began studying her star charts.

"Not so very far away," Jynn murmured. She punched a series of coordinates into her nav computer.

The Ion Storm leapt into hyperspace.

09-11-2006, 09:15 AM
It was around mid-day of the third, and final day in hyperspace. Cyphon had been in his room all day, meditating, and reaching deep in to space, trying to feel the area in which they would come out. But something drew his attention away, it was a concentrated escence of the force, though faint, it was there. This made him worried, so he delved deeper, trying to draw on this small blip of the force, that was so far away. He prodded it, testing it, trying to draw it just a little closer, so he could tell what it was. Then it jumped, it leapt from his field of sense, he was surprised, he started to expand his thoughts out in all directions to find it. He felt it, but could not pinpoint it, it felt closer, and getting closer as he thought, but before he could find it, he found something else. He concentrated on the new entity, it was out there, yet it was not through the force he felt it, almost, a pure absense of the force, something he hadn't felt since the Exile, from so long ago. Then, he felt what he was looking for in the first place, the forboding thing that had so prominently plagued his thoughts.

He came out of his meditation, with a look of worry on his face, he decided not to jump to conclusions. He looked over at his message system on his datapad, there was a message, several hours old. It was the report that he asked Shadow to send to him, about the deep space scans. He looked them over, his face turning from a face of worry, to a face of anxiety, and fear. There, right where he thought it to be, was the deeper system, with it's third planet, the only inhabitable one in that sytem of nine planets. Gaia, or Terraferma, as what it's technical name was, was the last thing he wanted to see. He only hoped that they came out near the edge of the outer systems in that area, and he hoped that they didn't run into what he feared the most!

Opening his door he trudged down the hall, passing all in his path, knocking any over that got in his way. He trudged up to the head engineer, a top graduate of one of the best engineering schools in the galaxy.

"Tell me! When exactly are we coming out of hyperspace?" asked Cyphon hastily.

"Um...at around 04:00...PM time sir" said the engineer looking up, a little confused. Cyphon looked around impatiently, "oh, one more thing sir! I was able to pinpoint our exit vector to the tee!" said the engineer excitedly.

"How?" asked Cyphon. "Since we're so close to our exit, I was able to use some old techniques to find our exact exit point" said the head engineer in response.

"Go on" said Cyphon. "We'll be coming out on the far side of a gas giant, it's got a strange satellite, or moon of some sort that orbits it. My statisics could even detect other more reasonably shaped moons orbit it as well, along with, what looks to be an asteroid that orits the gas giant, right next to the strange satellite moon." Cyphon looked even more worried an anxious than before. He looked down at the engineer and said, "contact all high ranking people, and all sector heads in the area, call a meeting basically!" The head engineer got up, saluted and trotted off to do his bidding. Cyphon headed to the meeting room that Shadow had talked to the diplomats in.

09-11-2006, 04:32 PM
Shadow now did not look like a General or Jedi, but like a Drill Sergeant. He was wearing camo cloths and a green cap, barking out orders and drilling troops hard. Some were cursing to themselves and some were just trying to finsih the impossible time limits that Shadow set for them. Shadow had woken them up at three in the morning chronometer time and was drilling them along with some other sergeants. Anyone who wasn't a drill sergeant or a general and was seen by the sergenants was being drilled, some diplomats included.

When a messenger came and told him about the meeting, he turned around and said to all of those in the hanger "Half Hour Break!" Quite a few of them sighed in relief and then Shadow left to the meeting.

When he got there he found that a few where already there, including Cyphon, and he asked "What's this meeting about? I still have two more hours to drill them."

09-11-2006, 04:55 PM
"Drilling will have to wait, this meeting is for everyone with high enough rank or importance, once Vader gets here, along with a few others, then we'll start!" said Cyphon in response to Shadow's comment.

((One of you guys could post! I wanna get us out of hyperspace! I'm just trying to explain where we're going! Are you alive Rexraptor2000, RC_1162? Are you planning on posting again? Anyone? Dark_Lady? Hello?))

09-15-2006, 07:25 PM
((I'm alive and here. I'm just waiting to get out of hyperspace, not much I can do until then. And I'm supposed to get out of hyperspace after you guys, right? Can't you just say that "the meeting started after Vader arrived" or something? Vader doesn't actually have to do anything right now, does he? Please let me out of hyperspace!!! Please!!!))

09-16-2006, 09:03 AM
((Well RC-1162 is Vader, but I guess I'll have to use my TM prowess to get us out of hyperspace!))

Cyphon looked at Vader as he entered the room, Cyphon nodded at him, and he took a seat. "O.K., everyone is here, so lets get started. For one, we're coming out in an unknown system, near a gas giant, and an unknown satellite moon. I know from ages past, when I was very young, and not considered 'dead', which technically what I should be." he said laughing lightly. "That this 'moon', is not what it seems, now I'm not going to say what it is, but when we get there, we can only stop for a short time, but only to get supplies then. Does everyone understand? Good, meeting ajourned." Everyone got up and started leaving, talking to eachother as they went.

Many hours later, the ship's engines could be heard gurgling, and straining, as they finally came to rest after three days of sustained hyperspace. Then they hummed loudly to a nice halt, and were quiet, all except for the sound of steam rising as the engines cooled. Cyphon was on the bridge, which had been nicely set back up, and a small crew of people were at the various stations throughout the ship. Cyphon sighed as he looked out at the enormous gas giant, luckily the 'moon' wasn't in view. Then the sensors officer called out, "hyperspace exit detected." Cyphon said, "it must be Felix and the Matukai" said Cyphon with look of question.

"No sir, from what we can tell, they came out of hyperspace a day before we did, it's also too small to be one of ours" said the crewman in response. Cyphon stared out across the vast expanse of space, trying to see what this mystery 'ship' was.

09-16-2006, 03:25 PM
Jynn studied the planet carefully. It was a large gas giant, obviously uninhabitable to most, if not all, life forms.

Well, she thought in exasperation, this was a huge waste of time and fuel.

She started inputting coordinates into the ship's nav computer, preparing to make another hyperspace jump, when a few sensors lit up and words began flashing on the screen.


Jynn canceled her current heading and checked her radar. A Trade Federation Droid Control Ship had just dropped out of hyperspace.

"Lovely," she muttered. She felt something - no, somebody, bending his attention on her, somebody who was very strong in the Force. "Oh..." she said. "It was you."

Well, she thought, if he's strong in the Force, I should be able to communicate with him. She concentrated, trying her best to send a message to him.

"And who exactly are you?"

09-16-2006, 05:41 PM
((Actually, now it's just one Trade Federation Droid Control ship. We captured it, so, yeah.))

Cyphon felt small blips in the force hit him, he could easily tell it was coming from the ship that they had just seen off the stern of the ship.

"And who exactly are you?" came the message.

"I am Cyphon Destan, or Master Cyphon, the first grey jedi...who may you be?" he sent in reply, easily using the force to comunicate.

"Sir, we've finally activated regular engines, we're closing in on the ship. What should we do sir? We dont have many guns on this ship, they were all mostly shot off" said the low ranking officer that was controlling the menuvering and space movments console.

"Stop at around 100 ft. from the ship, that may be close, but at least if this person is an ally, enemy, or otherwise, we can use fear tactics to keep them at bay" said Cyphon in response.

09-16-2006, 06:22 PM
"I am Jynn," she sent in reply, "one of the last of the Jedi Order." She watched as the Droid Control Ship approached steadily. "Incidentally," she said, "You might want to back off a little. You might have the best pilots in the world flying that thing, but a hundred feet is nothing one way or the other for a ship that size, and I would prefer to avoid a collision."

"Also," she said, with growing suspicion, "how exactly does a Jedi of any kind come to align himself with the Rebel Confederacy?"

09-16-2006, 08:55 PM
"Pull back two hundred feet" said Cyphon to the maneuverings officers.

"One of the last of the Jedi Order? Strangely enough, that's not true. You see there are over 100 surviving jedi, though most are knights, saddly, very few masters, and padawans survived, while there ranks are bolstered even more, due to force adepts we've picked up. Vader, will be the father of the New Jedi Order, as I have ordained him" he said explaining the situation with the jedi to her through the normal force manner.

"As for us being on a Rebel Confederacy vessel, that's because we were in a battle three days ago, and we took boarding actions against this ship, and thus captured it" he said this through the comm this time to her ship, so as to make things easier on the both of them. "If you dont mind, we're going to tractor you in. It's a ways out from the known galaxy, and I doubt even you know what's in the dark vastnesses of space beyond the known galaxy" he said to her.

09-16-2006, 09:20 PM
"There are over one hundred Jedi remaining, right," Jynn responded over the comm. "Unfortunately, that's a lot less than there used to be. If we were a separate species, we would certainly be listed as highly endangered." She sighed.

"I don't mind if you tractor me in, although I usually prefer landing under my own power. And, by the way, who exactly is this 'Vader' character you mentioned?"

09-18-2006, 09:18 AM
"Vader, is Anakin Skywalker" Cyphon said to the stranger. "If you wish to land on your own power, then fine. Just dont try any funny business, or we will be forced to ram your ship" he said to her. "Corpral, inform me if you see anything, funny outside the ship" he said to the low ranking officer standing a short distance from him.

"Yes sir, I'll do that sir" said the Corpral. (I know Corprals aren't really officers, but by George I'm making this one an officer!) Cyphon turned and walked off the bridge, and headed for the hangar bay, passing by Shadow he said, "follow me, we have visitors to welcome." Soon they arrived at their destination.

09-18-2006, 10:04 AM
Anakin Skywalker? she thought. Interesting choice for "father" of the Jedi Order.

Jynn executed a perfect precision landing in the hangar bay, checked her lightsaber, just in case, and stepped out of the ship. Two men stood waiting.

Well, she thought, I don't sense any imminent danger from them.

"Computer, initiate lockdown procedure," she said into her com-link. The door of her ship closed behind her and locked.

"Greetings," she said to Cyphon, extending her hand.

09-18-2006, 10:49 AM
Cyphon saw the young lady come out of the vessel, someone he really wasn't expecting to see. But showed no surprise either way.

"Greetings," she said to Cyphon, extending her hand.

He looked down on this strong but small figure of a woman, he lifted his hand, and grasped hers. He almost felt he would envelop her hand in his, he gripped firm, but kindly, and then let go. "I am Master Cyphon Destan, the first grey jedi, and this is my cohort, Master Shadow Gravemind, former jedi knight" he said introducing Shadow and himself. "Welcome aboard, we hope your allegiance is with us, and that you enjoy your stay" he said smiling. "Now tell me, what brings you to this forsaken place?" he asked her.

09-19-2006, 03:05 PM
"You brought me here... at least, I think it was you," Jynn said. "I felt something drawing me to this place a while ago. As for my allegiance, we'll see. I don't just fly around the galaxy pledging myself to other people's causes."

She looked around the hangar for a moment. "Nice to meet you, Shadow," she said politely, then, turning back to Cyphon, "I sense a great number of Jedi. Who exactly do you have here?"

09-19-2006, 03:30 PM
"We have about twenty-five Jedi aboard, not counting us or the force adapts Cyphon has trained." Shadow said answering her question. Shadow was a bit curious about the force drawn subject, but he didn't press it. If anything, this area of space felt devoid of the force. Shadow was a bit on edge at the feeling since they had dropped out of hyperspace. Not because of the empty feeling itself, but because it felt familiar.

09-19-2006, 04:52 PM
"Well, that's quite a few Jedi," Jynn said. Shadow looked slightly tense, probably for the same reason she was. "Doesn't it feel a little strange around here?"

09-19-2006, 08:44 PM
Cyphon turned to Shadow, "you feel it too, its very familiar to me as well" he said, sensing Shadows more inner workings. Cyphon turned back to Jynn, "yes, I drew you...I felt you, from a long distance away....you are strong....very strong....I wanted to see, and know who you were. So I reached out...you are like someone I know...you are like me..." he said this auspiciously. "You walk the path I once did...and still do...you are very untamed in your skills though....I know this is an on the spot question, considering I just met you. But I think it's time I took up another grey apprentice...the grey jedi order has been gone too long...would you be willing to have me train you...teach you the ways of the grey jedi?" He asked her stern faced, and serious. "You dont have to answer that now...just think on it...I would greatly appreciate it" he said smiling. "Now, come, let us show you around" he said motioning for them to get moving.

09-21-2006, 09:53 AM
Jynn was slightly surprised by Cyphon's offer. How does he know about me? she mused. Oh well. Time enough to figure that out later.

She followed Cyphon and Shadow out of the hangar.

09-21-2006, 10:14 AM
They went around the ship for awhile, showing her all the rooms and such, and eventually ended up on the bridge. "Well, that's the end of the tour...hope you enjoy your stay" said Cyphon smiling.

"Sir! You might want to see this!" said one of the men at their stations. Cyphon walked over to the station, his eyes widened, his pupils shrank, and his hair stood on end.

Cyphon trotted to the main viewport, "Oh...NO!" He said this, his words seeming to get caught in his throut.

(Mens chorus in the background-:lol:-little humor for you Rex!) There, coming around the gas giant, was the thing Cyphon feared the most...an enormous ring-world, with a ship graveyard orbiting it, came slowly around the planet. Cyphon turned to Shadow, a look of fear, that almost seemed to be a look of pain was on his face.

"I feared this would happen..." Cyphon said, in an almost trance-like state.

09-21-2006, 01:53 PM
((Wait a minute... is it... This should be interesting.))

"Oh... No!" Cyphon gasped. He turned slowly and looked at Shadow, a devestated look on his face. "I feared this would happen..." he said.

"You feared what would happen?" Jynn asked, cutting his thoughts off abruptly. "If you're afraid of this place, then why exactly did you come here when there are thousands of perfectly normal and safe (depending on your definition) places to travel in this galaxy alone?"

09-21-2006, 04:07 PM
Shadow didn't notice Cyphon's and Jynn's comments as a wave of memories stone walled him at the site of the ring world. He remembered now- The Jedi had wiped his memory because... They were damaging his mind. The memories were to much for him mind to handle. They didn't want Shadow to get hurt, so they removed his knowledge of his past. Why though? Sure, it might've- Wait.

The memories of his last time here, as it turns out he was, began to pour through and he felt himself wrench at what he saw. The dreams he had been having he just assumed were nightmares and always told himself to forget them when they ended... they were real. These incidents seemed to be enough to damage someone's mind, but not quite enough to- Wait, what was he seeing now? The memories had ended at the end of his time here and now he was seeing things that couldn't be his own memories.

His heart felt heavy at what he saw next. He saw... children taken from their homes and made into the ultimate soldiers, an atrocity committed as he saw a defenseless planet's surface turned to glass and he knew that there were millions of people on its surface. It was the first of many. And it was at the hands of the ships that now hung dead in the massive ship graveyard in the thousands.

He saw dozens of planets suffer the same fate as their defenders could not hold against the invaders. He saw a campaign from the defenders to retake the first planet lost succeed, but they outnumbered the invader fleet three to one and they lost two thirds of their own fleet. It was a morale campaign of sorts and the losses were never disclosed.

Even the ultimate soldiers could not turn the tide of the war. They were only useful on the ground, not in space where the real fate determining battles were going on. Then he saw a battle in which they actually defended the planet, but the invaders weren't trying to take the planet. They were trying to get something off it, and they might have succeeded, depending on how you looked at it.

Then later, the biggest defender stronghold with 8 giant projectile cannons and 100 to 150 ships was attack by a fleet of invader ships with over 300 ships, with more coming. The defenders fought valiantly, and so did the ultimate soldiers on the ground, but they were ultimately wiped out, save for one ship that made a random jump to try and lead the invaders from the planet, so that another system with their homeworld nearby wouldn't be discovered. It carried the last ultimate soldier. And they came across another ringworld like the one Shadow was now staring at. Though it was a bit smaller than this one, it was about the size of Coruscant.

After being a set of objectives and missions, including being betrayed by the monitor of the ring and discovering its purpose, the ultimate soldier destroyed the ring. He returned to the homeworld and was awarded, while the invader in charge of keeping the ring safe was punished and given a chance to redeem himself.

After another turn of events, with the homeworld being invaded and an uprising within the invaders, they both ended up on the ringworld on which Shadow had been and was at again. Then he saw the death of an invader religious leader, the betrayal of the second chanced invader, the Gravemind speaking to the soldier and invader about the rings purpose, them both being sent to stop the ring from being used, and the prevention of the ring being activated by the invader along with the help of a defender.

This is why the Jedi had wiped his mind. It was too much for a child to handle, and the memories were put into his mind. He felt more, but they weren't ready to come yet. He could only say one word at the moment.


09-21-2006, 08:21 PM
Jynn stood silently, looking through the viewport at the ring-planet, and waiting for Cyphon's reply. She could sense the turmoil in Shadow's mind as he stood behind her, and she wondered what could be causing him so much inner pain. Suddenly he spoke, just a single word, but a word that evidently held great meaning for him.


I wonder what that means, Jynn thought. She stared again through the viewport, trying to fathom the strange planet and the Jedi's even stranger reactions to it.

09-21-2006, 10:14 PM
((Dont go rushing too far ahead of yourself Rexraptor2000, remember, this is an infinite universe, Halo's history isn't quite the same, its going to be a little...different, but only a little :) ))

"You feared what would happen?" Jynn asked, cutting his thoughts off abruptly. "If you're afraid of this place, then why exactly did you come here when there are thousands of perfectly normal and safe (depending on your definition) places to travel in this galaxy alone?"

"We couldn't help it! We were forced to jump, and couldn't come out for three days, our course led us here!" Said Cyphon, waving his hand toward the scene. "Do you think I wanted this? I didn't, and I never do!" Cyphon said, barely holding back his anger, which was alot considering he hadn't released his anger in a long, long time.

Cyphon calmed, he looked over at Jynn, "sorry, I haven't felt this way in a very long time" he said weakly. "I...we, fear this place because it holds secrets, dark secrets, but they are not secrets of the dark side. Oh no, this place, at least what dwells in this place, is absolutely devoid of the force, so devoid, it's almost an opposite version of the force..." Cyphon said staring into Jynn's eyes, his eyes filtering between colors.

"This place is...tainted...and should be, and should have been left to sit here...but...something tells me we were meant to come here..." Cyphon said, a look of curiosity, and concentration coming on to his face. "Yes...and I believe you are also a key to all this...I felt you for a reason...I brought you for my own curiosity...but maybe there are deeper forces behind your coming...and our coming to this place as well," said Cyphon staring hard into Jynn's face, almost seeming as if he were trying to find something in the depths of her mind, or concious being.

"Shadow, this place may be a place of horror for the both of us...but we must...explore this place, and with the help of Jynn, we can do that. Her ignorance of this place may be our salvation and redemption. It could also be a way for us to put bygones behind us...once...and for all" said Cyphon looking at Shadow. He walked up next to Shadow so only he could hear, "I feel your trouble with this place...I've felt something hidden in you for a long time...I only hope you can overcome whatever has ressurected, and help us do what we must do...I know what you're thinking, 'how does he know of my troubles with this place?' I've known something dark was hidden in your past since the moment I met you...the jedi aren't as good at hiding secrets, as they once were...I only hope your willing to face your past...for all our sakes," said Cyphon, his face emotionless.

Turning to an officer he said, "take us in orbit around the ship graveyard, we need to get a closer look at those ships before we land on the planet." "Halo...I thought I'd never have to lay eyes on such a place ever again," said Cyphon sadly as the grone of the ships engines could be heard taking them forward.

09-22-2006, 09:48 PM
"If we have the time Cyphon, I would like to vist the remains of a Republic cargo ship in the graveyard and board it alone. I have something I need to see on there. It should have an emergancy transponder signal coming from it, rendering it easy to find." Shadow stated.

09-23-2006, 09:26 AM
"No need to use the transponder" said Cyphon craning his neck and looking downward out of the viewport. "It's right there," pointed Cyphon at the Republic Cargo Ship floating at the edge of the Graveyard. The ship they were on coming to a halt at the edge of the Graveyard, the vastness was more fathomable, and all anyone could say was, it was huge! Thousands of ships lay in orbit around the giant ring.

"Do what you must Shadow, for now I will take some troops, and explore one of those ships," said Cyphon to Shadow. Turning to Jynn he asked, "would you like to come with me, as I said we need you for this, it would also keep you from boredom, please, aid us in this endevore."

09-24-2006, 09:32 PM
"I would be honored to come with you," Jynn replied, "and also very glad of the opportunity to be 'kept from boredom.'" She smiled to keep her growing apprehension from showing in her face. "Things have been a little slow lately."

09-25-2006, 09:11 AM
"Good, come with me" he said with a smile, and turning to leave. Suddenly he stopped and paused in thought for a moment, then turning back to Shadow he said, "may you put your past behind you, and 'May the Force be with You'" he said with an emotionless face, then turned back to walk off the bridge.

Soon they had entered the hangar where two Imperial Lander Shuttles, a Lambda Shuttle, and a Trade Federation Droid Lander stood ready to depart. Cyphon trotted up to Brutas and bowed his head in hello, and asked, "are the troops ready to depart?"

"Yes, ripe as rain they are, wot" said the old storm trooper.

"Good," said Cyphon in response. Then, signaling with his hand, Jaken and Vok appeared from their cloaking, "All of you are coming right? Good, glad you're willing," said Cyphon to the three, "oh, and someone will be joining us; gentlemen, this is Jedi Knight, Jynn, we found her not too long ago" said Cyphon introducing Jynn to them. They all bowed in a respectful hello.

"Well, good, another Jedi to bolster the ranks, hope we get to keep her, seeing she's a stray and all," said Brutas with some dry humor, and a little chuckle on his part.

"She's not a dog Brutas, she can make her own decisions, and she at least has manners, unlike you," said Cyphon in her defense, this recieved an indignent humph from Brutas, but he quickly got over it. Jaken and Vok didn't say anything, but Vok started figiting, and Jaken nudged him with his elbow, but Vok just turned quickly and disapeared onto the Lambda: Jaken looked down and shook his head, then walked up the ramp after Vok.

"Haha, don't worry about Vok, he gets nervous around women, Jaken keeps trying to get him out of his shell, but he always dissapears when Jaken trys to get him to talk," said Cyphon to Jynn. "Come, let's get a move on," he said to Jynn and Brutas, as they walked up the ramp.

09-25-2006, 01:36 PM
Jynn followed Cyphon up the ramp, half-smiling at Brutas.

"So I'm a stray Jedi, eh?" she said. "Can I consider the fact that you wanted to keep me a compliment?"

09-26-2006, 08:22 AM
Brutas stood up straight, and puffed out his chest, "wot, yes, a compliment indeed, quite right, wot!" Said Brutas, with an air of pride on his look. Cyphon just smiled and shook his head, many of the soldiers on the shuttle would get up and bow their heads in hello when Jynn would pass, many started figiting and fumbling with their rifles.

"Don't worry, they look scared, but they're more nervous of you than anything else," said Cyphon explaining the men's strange actions. Cyphon motioned to a seat where Jynn could sit, and headed up to the cockpit. He nodded to the copilot, then turning to the pilot he asked, "are the men on the other ships ready?" The pilot nodded. "Good, tell them to follow tooth-sweet, and get into formation when clear of the ship," Cyphon ordered the pilot to tell the other ships.

Soon the Lambda Shuttle was lifting from the hangarbay floor, and heading outside into the ravaged, metal-covered vastness of the ship graveyard. The other three vessels soon followed, and entered into a loose formation, as they headed for a large alien vessel closest to the Trade Federation ship, some distance above the sundered Republic Cargo Vessel that Shadow was headed to.

09-26-2006, 04:09 PM
"May you put your past behind you, and 'May the Force be with You'." He said with an emotionless face, then turned back to walk off the bridge.

When you think the past is behind you, it always appears in front of you when it shouldn't, Shadow thought as he left the bridge also and headed for the hanger on the other side of the ship. When he reached it, he boarded an old clone gunship from the beginning of the Clone Wars. He fitted on a vacuum suit, since no ship in the massive graveyard had life support anymore, and neither did the cargo ship.

He then got into the cockpit and flew the gunship out of the hanger. He then headed for the cargo ship. After reaching the cargo ship, he had to blow open the hanger bay doors due to them being closed down. After landing in it, he exited the gunship and headed for the bridge.

09-26-2006, 07:38 PM
Jynn sat still, with no sign of her inner turmoil showing, beyond the fact that her left hand fidgeted with her lightsaber at her side - fingers alternately stroking the smooth metal, flowing along the curves, tracing the simple ornamentation on the hilt, then grasping it firmly as though an enemy had somehow materialized on the ship.

Her eyes slowly defocused as she drifted into recollection. It had all been so perfect back then... never mind the occasional political struggle or brush with Xendek's allies. But before that, ah, that had been the ideal life. Back when she used to have speeder races with Kai Lin, never mind the fact that she never won, back when they used to spar with light staffs, back when she had beaten him for the first time, before she had ever understood the purpose of the duels, when she still wondered about his odd methods...

"No, no," said Kai Lin, with a genial laugh. "You hold it this way, always at the base of the staff, always."

"But why, exactly?"

"Because... because holding it in the middle is a bad habit to get into... trust me."

"I don't get it."

"You will," he had said. "You will someday."

She still wished she hadn't gotten it, wished she had never understood, wished there had never been a need to. But there had been.

"You could have told me you were a Jedi," she whispered inaudibly. "I wouldn't have cared. It wouldn't have made a difference. Just because you thought you failed before..."

She snapped back to reality as they approached the ship, releasing her lightsaber from the iron grip with which she had been holding it. She was doing it again... heading straight for what everyone seemed to think was certain trouble - voluntarily. Sighing, she looked around the room at the faces of the soldiers.

I have a bad feeling about this...

09-27-2006, 05:01 PM
Cyphon sat staring at the men, wall, basically anything, but when his gaze became fixed on Jynn he could sense something, something troubling her, or causing her a light sense of grief. He wasn't sure what though, so he forgot about it for the moment; turning he saw the ship approach the open hangar of the alien vessel.

With a light hiss the Lambda Shuttle (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw_img/acgshut.htm) touched down smoothly on the hangar floor. A short section over, in the same hangar, but different loading section, landed one of the Lander Crafts (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw_img/acgland.htm) shortly there after. One hangar over the other Lander Craft set down, while the Trade Fed. Lander (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw_img/acgdrop.htm) set down in a larger, more open spaced hangar.

Cyphon got up and pulled a latch overhead, a bulky, but light fit pressure suit came out of a compartment overhead. Cyphon pulled it down and quickly slipped it on over his clothes; looking over he motioned for Jynn to do the same, while the other troopers just put their helmets on, because they were wearing specialized pressure armor, bulkier than normal armor, but smaller than most pressure suits. Cyphon slipped his lightsabers in small compartments on his suit, and nodded for Jynn to do the same. Cyphon then put his helmet on, and grabbed an oversized blaster rifle from a rack on the wall; he waited for Jynn to get her helmet on and said through the comm, "lightsabers are of little use in the vacuum of space, even though they're usable, we wouldn't be capable of properly wielding them; so get a blaster off the wall, or if you have your own blaster, use it."

Soon the ramp opened and the air could be felt getting sucked out. The men trotted down the ramp, and Cyphon followed after; many of the men from the other ships had congregated within the area, nearly a hundred soldiers, not counting personnel, were there. The pilot from the Shuttle walked up to the edge of the ramp and set down a large turret, he got behind it and stood there, while the copilot wielded the controls to the Shuttles frontal ball turrets, they knew better than to be caught unprepared for conflict, just incase. An engineer ran up the ramp and mounted the turret, while the pilot went back up front to use the controls for the Lambdas rear turret, thus ensuring double the protection from the rear.

Cyphon signaled for the men to get quiet, then spoke, "you all know what to do, spread throughout the ship, locate key systems, and positions, and hold them, until personnel can start scanning and repairing. Main objective: Find life support, and power systems. Good luck everyone." Cyphon turned to Jynn, "you ready?" He asked.

09-27-2006, 06:07 PM
Jynn checked her blaster and hefted it to test the weight.

"As ready as you are," she replied.

09-27-2006, 10:18 PM
It was dark inside the cargo ship, with the exception of Shadow's flashlight providing some illumination. There were signs of battle, scorch marks on the walls and sharpel embedded in the walls. All of the doors were either blown open or already open without conflict. There were no bodies, although there were burnt piles of ash, but plenty of wreckage from machines that Shadow remembered all to well. On the way to the bridge, he stopped in the dorms. He stood in the middle of the hallway for a moment, remembering his times here as a child.

Keep on moving Shadow, he thought to himself. He was about to continue on when he remembered that the room to his left was his room. That was an interesting coincidence. There are rarely coincidences in the force, Shadow had once been told. But what about a place devoid of the force?

He had to pry the door open to get into his room, and found that it was exactly the way he had left it. There were a few toys, holodisks lying about, a dejarek set lying turned over. Shadow was messy when he was young, as most kids are. He went over to his desk, where there was still some unfinished homework, and opened a secret slot which contained a single holodisk.

He activated it and saw a holoimage appear of himself as a child talking. There was no sound in space, so he could not hear the holodisk, but he knew what it was most likely about. It was most likely about how homework was boring, and how he wanted to feel solid ground beneath his feet again. Shadow smiled to himself. It was as if he was looking at a different person, considering that was before he had been at Halo and had his memory wiped afterwards. After about ten minutes of listening to it, he turned it off so he could listen to the rest later.

He left the dorms and finally arrived at the bridge. He went the control console and beneath it, opened a hatch with a bunch of switches and wires in it. These types of ships had an emergency generator in the bow of the ship incase the main core was taken offline, so that life support could still function.

He began to activate the generator with his new knowledge that his father had taught him.

09-28-2006, 09:56 AM
"As ready as you are," she replied.

Cyphon nodded, which was difficult in the tight round helmeted suit. He lifted the blaster, and took about two minutes to tinker with the rifle, to set it to his liking. He motioned with his hand for them to move out.

Around eight clone marines, four Imperial marines, Brutas, and the Shadow Trooper twins; Jaken, and Vok, followed after Cyphon into a small corridor. The other soldiers went off in their own groups.

The corridor was simple, small, and desolate; many panels had been blown off the wall, wires, and cables could be seen from the cealing, like an enormous beast had been dissembouled, and it's organs hung from it. Cyphon bounded forward, the lack of gravity making him come close to hitting his head on the roof. After some time of navigating the corridors, they came out in a brig-like area, though no doors could be seen, they could tell this was the detention area.

Cyphon walked forward, looking around, he signaled that it was safe. "Sir, power system found, personel are already here, power will be on soon, what should we do?" Came the voice through the comm to Cyphon. "Hold position, get power online" said Cyphon in response.

As Cyphon finished talking, he saw something in one of the detention rooms. Trotting over he stared down at a strange sight. "Jynn, get over here," he said through his comm to Jynn.

09-28-2006, 10:24 AM
Jynn walked swiftly over and stood next to Cyphon.


09-28-2006, 10:44 AM
"Look," said Cyphon pointing; on the floor lay a corpse, a strange alien figure, huddled in the corner, tall, multy jawed creature. It's armor still well intact, showing the beautiful blue sheened armor, though it had slight hints of age, such as underlying rust.

"What do you make of that?" Asked Cyphon.

09-28-2006, 04:14 PM
Jynn knelt slowly beside the body and ran her gloved hand over the armor, examining it thoroughly, then turned the body slightly to get a better look at the creature.

"I don't know," she said. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before."

09-28-2006, 04:52 PM
Cyphon knelt down beside her and did likewise. "It's not any known species, that's for sure" he said, while thrusting two of his figures into a hole in it's side. Retracting his fingures, and wiping them off, he put his hand on it's head, and concentrated. "It's only 12 years old, this battle...this graveyard, happened rescently," he said taking his hand off the corpses head.

Then a noice could be heard, and lights started flickering on. But something a little unexpected happened, the cell's 'door' reactivated, and it wasn't a door. It was a wall of plasma energy, that switched on, trapping Cyphon and Jynn inside, the really sad thing was, the door interfeared with comm systems, the worst thing was...the men that had been following Cyphon had left to explore a neighboring detention block very far down the hall. "Oh...this isn't good," said Cyphon, realizing the full perspective of what just happened.

09-28-2006, 05:33 PM
((If you're talking about when my character was here, that was 19 years ago. If not, then I'm not sure what you're talking about.))

Shadow grunted in approval as the emergancy generator activated and screens began to flicker on in the bridge. He felt gravity settle in and air blow through the vents with the lights flickering on. He waited for a moment for the life support screen to confirm that it was safe to breath the air and then took off his helmet.

The air tasted odd, but the air filters on this vessel were much older than any of the new vessels today. He looked out of the view port at the vessel that Cyphon and Jynn had went to and saw that lights were flickering on all over its surface.

Not good, Shadow thought. Shadow remembered being on one of these vessels once, and he was running for his life during that time.

Have to make sure the vessel is clean so the Flood doesn't escape, Shadow thought and put his helmet back on. He could come back later, but right now that vessel couldn't jump into slipspace until it was clean of the Flood. He went back to the hanger and flew out of the ship. He then went to the Covenant ship and landed in the hanger, to be greeted by a clone.

"Sir! We were not expecting you, Sir." the clone said looking a bit confused as Shadow exited the gunship.

"Where are Cyphon and Jynn?" Shadow asked.

"They headed down that corridor." The clone said pointing towards the entrance of a hallway across the hanger. "If you'd like, I can send some clones with you to find them as they have n-"

"I'll be fine trooper." Shadow said cutting him off. Shadow definatly knew the corridors of this ship. He headed down the hallways and corridors in search of Jynn and Cyphon.

09-28-2006, 06:06 PM
((As I have previously posted, dont get ahead of yourself Rex, the Flood, have little way of gaining access to ships this far out from the center of the graveyard, and most of the bodies the flood use as host would have already bloated, and blown up, thus making it impossible for them to pilot any ships that far out; I'm pretty sure that the Flood cant survive in the vacuum of space either, no parasite could, unless I'm wrong. Second, the 'war' happened six years AFTER your ship was attacked by the Flood, so how would you know what the interior of a covenant ship is like? Third, how do you know what the Flood's name is, you haven't heard their name mentioned before, have you? See, this is what I was saying, history of Star Wars and Halo are mixed, making the history of Halo, quite a bit different, so dont get too far ahead in your asumptions; plus I had a purpose behind being trapped in the detention cell. So please, I ask you with kindness, to slow down, and try to change your above post, please! See nineteen years is too long, I wanted there to be...no, I cant tell, that would be ruining the surprise for you Rex, and everyone else! So just wait will you!!!))

Cyphon had been sitting down, just letting his mind wonder, hoping they would be aided soon. ((and not by Rex!!)) "So, what do you think of our situation, Jynn? You think we'll die of some cause or another in this cell?" He said this to tease Jynn a bit, so as to lighten the mood, or at least cause her to get in a mood of her own and either: chew him out, or have her get frustrated, or have her get scared, mad, or just have her talk, because he felt anxious, and wished to have something to sate his growing apprehension, and lack of contact, because it had been three hours, and Jynn hadn't said anything, which made Cyphon nervous, because he didn't know if she had a fear of enclosed spaces, or being trapped with the opposite gender, which is one of his small fears now come true; and he didn't want her going insane and killing him, or have her go into a breakdown, because he didn't know how much torment she's gone through, and he didn't want that torment being unleashed on him.

All this passed through Cyphon's mind, which made him realize; the combonation of his fear come true, and the lack of talk, and the enclosed space with a dead body were getting to him, and he needed some interaction, or just plain action, or HE would be the one going insane! Cyphon sighed, and glanced at the meter for air on his suit: 45%, that's what the meter read, and that also proved one of the reasons for his twisting mind.

09-28-2006, 06:16 PM
"Well," Jynn said, "at least someone found the power switch." She clicked several buttons on her comm again, but only static came through.

"Sithspawn," she muttered between her teeth. "Well," looking around, "I'm sure we can find a way out of here somehow. Whatever this cell was built to hold, I doubt it was tested on Jedi." She laughed mirthlessly. "Who am I kidding?"

She started pacing up and down the room.

09-28-2006, 06:27 PM
((I suppose this is what happens when not enough infromation is exchanged so that the other doesn't mess each other up. I had thought that the war had happened a few hundred thousand years before since Cyphon is so old. I had a little side story involving 2401 Peninant Tanget, but I suppose that most likely won't happen. I won't get ahead of myself again.))

09-28-2006, 07:14 PM
((It's okay dude, you can still have your 'side story', just a little later, actually, a bit later, but not too much later, you understand? But it's okay, I can understand getting a bit too caried away with a subject you like so much :D !!))

Cyphon watched Jynn pace until he couldn't take it anymore, getting up he grabbed her shoulders and shook her a bit, "STOP, AH! I already have problems with being in situations like this..." Cyphon calmed down a bit, "see...I...have...a...fear...of...um...never mind," he sighed at last. "Grrr! AAHH!!" Cyphon lifted his blaster rifle and started opening fire on the plasma shielding. Most of the shots just got absorbed, but some bounced off, and started ricocheting off the walls. Cyphon turned and pulled Jynn down, and covered her, shielding her, one shot hit the plasma shielding again, and dissapated, while one shot hit Cyphon in the side, and the last hitting him in the back. Cyphon got up groggily, and staggered, and said, "sorry...for..." and at that Cyphon passed out, the air in his pressure suit could be heard hissing out of the holes made by the blaster shots.

09-28-2006, 07:57 PM
((Hundreds of years old and still throwing tantrums, eh?))

Cyphon dragged Jynn to the ground as blaster bolts ricocheted off the walls.
"No!" she gasped as he tried to shield her with his body. "Bad idea..." She felt Cyphon's body jerk twice as he was hit. He got up, mumbled a vague apology, then fell to the ground.

Oh no oh no, she thought, pressing her hands over the holes in his uniform in an attempt to stop the bleeding and loss of air, which was vitally important considering their position. Kriffing hell, couldn't they have gotten the life support to work while they were locking us in? Glancing at Cyphon's suit readouts, she noticed that the air meter had dropped to a dangerously low level.

She closed her eyes and breathed steadily, trying to stabilize Cyphon's condition with the Force, but the art of healing had never been something she was proficient at. Must be why they always die, she thought despairingly. Everybody always dies.

Focusing, but with rapidly waning concentration, she sent a desperate message through the Force to anyone who happened to be listening.

Somebody get the hell over here!

09-28-2006, 08:20 PM
Cyphon floated in the empty uncociousness of his mind, then he realized something odd, from the outside world, one last waning memory, in space...air doesn't hiss when it comes out...because you cant hear in space! Jynn...dont worry about the....air....' he sent this message with the last of his concious being.

((No one save us, this is an important moment! Got that! I'll post that moment later though, I'm being rushed right now.))

Edit: - ((You guys realize I cant post that moment without one of you posting first, I can't double post you know! I said dont save us, I didn't say don't post at all. Sheesh. :lol: ))

09-29-2006, 10:56 AM
((Sorry. I thought you were going to edit your post or something. I know you don't hear noise in a vaccuum, Jynn is just panicking. [Although, this is Star Wars. I seem to remember the Death Star making a great deal of noise when it exploded... lol.]))

Jynn...dont worry about the....air.... Jynn heard Cyphon's message and relaxed slightly, her panicked mind slowly calming down. She checked the readout on her suit.

"Oh good, we can breathe in here." She checked Cyphon again. Still, if his air ran out, the suit itself would end up suffocating him. She checked the atmosphere one last time, and removed his helmet.

((You told me not to worry about the air, so it's your fault if something awful happens now. Actually, I'll just edit it if you want me to.))

09-29-2006, 04:54 PM
((Hundreds of years old and still throwing tantrums, eh?))

((You wanna explain your meaning!?))

Cyphon felt no more from the outside world, and he hoped in his unconcious being, that if Jynn was uncapable of saving him, that he hoped he'd join those who had gone before in the Force.

In the outside world something odd happened, a dark figure could be seen standing outside the plasma shielding, staring at Jynn and Cyphon. Then it scampered off, towards the front of the detention block, and up onto a platform with a flickering holopanel, and pressed a holo switch on the screen. Soon the shielding dissapated, and the room was open to the outside once again. The room seemed to be empty, as if no one had been there, then from around the corner popped a small creature, short in stature (http://www.the-junkyard.net/users/wiredfilms/E3/grunt.jpg), and wearing a strange tank on it's back. It stood there, studying Jynn, it seemed unsure, but not afraid, and held a strange, purple colored (http://www.tgsn.co.uk/needler.JPG) device in it's hand.

09-29-2006, 05:14 PM
((OK, Cyphon just grabbed Jynn by the shoulders, shook her, and then started firing his blaster into the plasma wall, even though he knew it would be futile. Tantrum. I wasn't referring to you personally.))

Jynn turned her head and glanced at the creature, then looked back at Cyphon. She wasn't sure how extensive the damage was, but his bleeding had stopped at least. She stood slowly, picking up her blaster from the floor beside Cyphon, just in case, and turned to face the strange alien.

"Who are you?" she asked in a non-threatening tone. Although she wasn't certain if the alien understood Basic, she was willing to at least make a stab at communication. She reached out with the Force towards the creature and tried to make it understand.

I don't want to harm you...

Jason Skywalker
09-29-2006, 05:33 PM
A orange-hued Jedi Starfighter known as "The Avenger" was being flewn by a lone Jedi, Alex Skyrider, and his droid, R3-T5. He had previously survived Order 66, and know was more mature, and knew he couldn't take on the Empire alone. Suddenly, he noticed a ship on his radar, and by the readings, it looked like it was in trouble.

"R3, plot a course to that ship, i want to see what's up."

09-29-2006, 06:00 PM
"Yipe," went the creature when Jynn spoke, looking as if he had been shocked for a moment. The creature was unsure of Jynn, and though he showed no signs of it, he was rather scared of her due to her wearing a big bulky suit of armor, and the sound of her voice going through the helmet was different from her normal voice. After awhile the creature held the device up at Jynn, and collecting it's bravery, approached slowly, making a noice that sounded like growling; trying to intimidate her, though it sounded more funny than threatening. He stopped at around two feet from her, he stood even shorter than Jynn; around 4 ft. in heighth, and seemed to be sniffing her, "you enemy?" It finally said.

09-29-2006, 06:15 PM
"No," Jynn replied. "I'm not an enemy. But my friend has been... badly injured," she continued, bending over Cyphon and examining him for any signs of change in his condition. "Is there any way you could help me bring him back to our ship so he can get medical attention?"

She wasn't sure if she could trust this creature, but it hadn't made any hostile moves, other than aiming what she was supposed was some kind of weapon towards her, and she could hardly blame any living being for practicing basic caution. Besides, with the way things had turned out, she really had no other choice.

09-30-2006, 03:32 PM
The small alien looked over at Cyphon when she mentioned him, and walked over to him, looking him over. "He hurt?" It asked, as if unsure of what she said. "You take scary helmet off, me help," it said, glaring up at Jynn, unsure about who was under the large suit. "Throw down weapons too," it said after studying the large 'stick' in her hands, finally figuring out what it was.

09-30-2006, 03:44 PM
Jynn sighed. She had a feeling she might regret this, but there was nothing else she could do in the situation. She put the blaster carefully down and took off her helmet, pushing a strand of hair that had escaped its fastening back from her face.

"There," she said, slightly annoyed but not letting it show in her voice. "Are you happy now?"

09-30-2006, 03:50 PM
The small alien put his weapon at his side and grabbed the blaster rifle, then fumbling with it for a moment he figured out how to hold it. At this he scuried off and outside the room without a word.

Cyphon groaned, then turning in his unconcious state, he let out a horrible screem of pain, and lay still. His face contorted with pain, and his mind filled with horrid dreams.

09-30-2006, 03:58 PM
Jynn muttered a curse under her breath, then turned to Cyphon as he screamed, and knelt down beside him.

"Shh," she whispered softly. She took her gloves off and ran her hand over his forehead. "It's alright."

He's not doing too well, she thought. And not just physically. She winced as his emotions came over her like a flood.

09-30-2006, 04:09 PM
Ten minutes later the small alien came back, and he wasn't carrying the blaster rifle anymore, he seemed much more happy, and hyper than before. "Me can help now, me can help!" He said to Jynn.

09-30-2006, 04:13 PM
"Good," Jynn said, a little relieved that he hadn't just run off. "We need to try to get him back to our ship, but I'm not sure how. Is there anything on this ship we could move him with?" She didn't want to carry Cyphon that far, since that would most likely seriously traumatize his condition.

09-30-2006, 04:38 PM
"Me no have anything to carry him on, me do have Jhon," he said happily. Then from around the corner came another alien, but different; taller, thinner, more muscular build, and the most promonent, a split, or multy jaw (http://www.xboxgazette.com/i/pic_halo_elite.jpg). He was obviously the same species as the dead alien they had found, but his armor was more well kept, and was soot black. He stood only just a little taller than Cyphon, around 7' 2 or 3", and held the blaster rifle, at his side was a blue device (http://media.teamxbox.com/dailyposts/halo2bios/30plasmarifle.jpg), obviously a weapon, like what the small one carried, but different.

"Humans! Ah, Geag, you said nothing of humans," he said to the little alien.

"You never ask," it replied earnestly. The big one, obviously named Jhon, just shook his head.

"Yet more, it's a female, what trouble you bring Geag. But, it is unarmed, and the war is over, there is no point in killing them," it said studying Jynn from the entrance of the cell. Then looking over he saw Cyphon's blaster rifler laying next to him, "Geag, grab that!" He exclaimed, the little alien reacting with surprising reflexes.

Jhon studied Cyphon, not noticing his wounds; turning his attention from Jynn to Cyphon, and back over a couple times, seeing Jynn so close to Cyphon, and stroking his forehead, he said, "Come Geag, you were mistaken, they are not hurt; it is obvious they are in their mating cycle," he said, not knowing too much on human anatomy, this was the only thing he could assume from what he saw. Turning, they started to leave.

09-30-2006, 04:47 PM
"Wait a minute!" Jynn shouted. "The hell are you talking about?" She almost started laughing at the aliens strange misconception. Dropping her voice to a more normal tone, she continued. "He really is hurt, and we are not... in our 'mating cycle.' I'm just trying to calm him down so he doesn't injure himself further by moving again."

There was a war? she thought in minor confusion. I never heard of it. Oh well. It doesn't matter right now.

09-30-2006, 05:07 PM
Jhon halted, turning he stared more carefully at Cyphon, then a look of embaressment came across his face, "oh, I see, sorry, my eyes aren't what they used to be..." he scratched the back of his head. Walking forward, he kneeled by Cyphon and studied his wounds, "these ARE bad...what did you do? Shoot him? Was he making unwanted advances on you?" He asked with a look of caution towards Jynn. "Geag, get Ulgoy," he said to the small alien. Geag scurried off to do his bidding.

Moments later a Geag came back, behind him came an enormous creature (http://www.joyridestudios.com/images/halo2/6_hunter.jpg), bigger than Jhon. It looked at Jynn and spoke at her in an unitelligable tongue, that sounded more like gurgling, and growling. Jhon looked up, "Ulgoy, carry him, but gently, he's severely injured," exclaimed Jhon. Ulgoy complied without care, lifting Cyphon with much more gentality than could be expected of such a large and clumsy creature.

Jhon, still crouching, turned to Jynn, "are you injured? If you need someone to carry you I can," he said, getting up after he said this, towering over Jynn. "But if you're fine, then follow us," he said emotionless, though his face showed he was tired, and with more careful examination, you could see he was old, yet proud, carrying himself in a manner of someone of high authority, and yet sorrow untold could be seen in his eyes. He took a small step toward Jynn, and acted as if he were about to pick her up, considering she didn't respond to his question immediately, he assumed she was injured.

09-30-2006, 05:13 PM
"No," Jynn replied. "I'm not injured." She stood quickly and followed them, trying to steady Cyphon with the Force as much as possible.

09-30-2006, 05:15 PM
((When can my character get back in?))

09-30-2006, 05:29 PM
Jhon lead the way, taking them down many corridors, until they reached a small room, with a table in the middle, Jhon told Ulgoy to set Cyphon down on it. Jhon motioned for Jynn to leave, while pulling down a strange intrument, most likely for medical purposes. Ulgoy walked towards Jynn speaking to her in his strange tongue. "Ulgoy say leave, we distract Jhon, this..." Geag searched for the word, "...delykit operation, yeah that it. No worry about friend, Jhon take good care of him, and if you lonely, me be your friend," he said, his brow rinkled into what could be told as a smile, since his mouth was covered with his breath mask, it was the only way you really could tell. Geag grabbed Jynn by the hand and lead her out the door, Ulgoy following after, "come, me take you to where we stay, you can have food, and rest, me can tell you tired," he said, his brow wrinkling even more with happyness, him being happy to have a new, self-proclaimed, friend in twelve years.

Edit: - ((When can my character get back in?))

((Whenever you feel like, I'm not stopping you, I just was introducing, SOME, of the main characters for the surviving Covenant. How they survived on THAT ship, will be explained later. I would think you would be happy to have surviving Covenant, I dont know about you, but I like the Covenant, at least the Elites, Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters. So post whenever you feel like it, it's okay, just because me and DL are holding a bit of a one-on-one conversation doesn't mean no one else can post. - You people are funny - :lol: ))

09-30-2006, 05:36 PM
Jynn followed reluctantly as Geag led her through the door. The aliens had given her no cause to distrust them, but she didn't want to leave Cyphon alone in a place that affected him so strangely. "Why can't I stay?" she asked. "I'll be quiet." She understood their not wanting to be distracted during an operation, but she wouldn't get in their way, and it wasn't as if she couldn't keep silent.

Jason Skywalker
09-30-2006, 05:44 PM
The interceptor continued it's route until it had finally reached it. Alex turned on his station to see if he could contact them.

"Hello, anyone there?"

09-30-2006, 05:47 PM
Geag got sad real fast at Jynn's question, "you no want to go with Geag?" Geag's emmenation of happyness started seaping away. "You want with other friend? Geag unnerstan, you go back if you want, me no stop you," at this Geag let go of her hand and turned and started walking away, staring at the floor, saddness welling up in him.

"Me unnerstan perfekly, you no like Geag, but Geag okay with that..." he said quietly, barely audible, trailing off at the end. Ulgoy, grunted, walking behind Geag he looked down on the little fellow, and spoke to him, apparently trying to cheer him up.

Jason Skywalker
09-30-2006, 05:52 PM
"Hello, is anyone there!?"

There was no response.

"R3, i'm going to close us in, enter the ship please."

The droid answered with some whistles, which said yes. He spun around and to his left, and closed in. He then docked on the top of the freighter, and let go of his astromech droid.

09-30-2006, 05:55 PM
"No, no," Jynn said, walking after him and looking into his eyes. "It's not like that. I like you just fine, but I can't just leave my friend in there when he's injured. If you were hurt, I'd want to stay with you. Understand? I can come with you later." She searched around in her mind for something to clarify her point. "See, he's not from this place, so if he wakes up and I'm not around, he might get worried, and then he'd be sad too, because I just left him for no reason while he was unconscious."

Jason Skywalker
09-30-2006, 06:09 PM
The droid got out of the interceptor and ignited his jets. There seemed now way in, except for a ventilation tube which he entered, and when entered the ship, made contact with it as he crashed. The droid swore in his language of beeps, whistles and such.

09-30-2006, 06:11 PM
Geag pondered this for a moment, then nodded, his smiling brow returning, "it okay, me unnerstan now, me would stay with you, if you hurt, so me go now, and you go see friend," he said waving as he went. Ulgoy, uttered more words to her, but they seemed to be friendly ones.

Meanwhile, Jhon began his operations, Cyphon squirmed, seeing as there was no drugs, or any other form of relaxant around. He continued, ignoring his state, only stopping when he saw Cyphon was in too much pain, and would continue after he subsided.

((Jason, where are you at the moment? If you're trying to make contact with us, that's a little impossible right now, if you're responding to Shadow's old cargo ship's transponder, well I dont know if Rex is there anymore or not.))

Jason Skywalker
09-30-2006, 06:13 PM
((Alex is trying to contact them, but he sent R3, who is, right now on the ship.))

09-30-2006, 06:24 PM
Jynn reached out to Cyphon through the Force. This was something she had never tried before, but she had always been very adept at sensing people's feelings, and she figured if she tried hard enough, maybe she could channel some of Cyphon's pain through herself and take it away from him. She winced as Jhon continued his operation.

Okay, she thought, so it's working.

She closed her eyes and tried not to scream.

09-30-2006, 06:28 PM
After two long hours of excrusiating operation, and pain, Jhon finished, Cyphon now lay on back, almost sleeping, rather than unconcious. Strangely enough, Geag and Ulgoy reappeared, only ten minutes after the operation, as if they knew when Jhon would finish.

((Jason you realize we're right next to Halo, and that we, me and DL, are on a Covenant ship.))

Jason Skywalker
09-30-2006, 06:48 PM
((Jason you realize we're right next to Halo, and that we, me and DL, are on a Covenant ship.))

((No. Sithspit. I guess that means R3 is in either an unknown ship, or the Halo?))

09-30-2006, 06:48 PM
Jynn sighed in relief and opened her eyes. Standing up weakly, she smiled at Geag and Ulgoy.

"How did you know he was finished?" she asked.

09-30-2006, 08:52 PM
Shadow was lost. He must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because now he couldn't find his way back and for some reason the radio wasn't working. He was just getting more and more lost over time as he advanced. There was a strong signal with the other clones, so when he started to get lost, he headed for those signals. It turns out the signal was from what look like an old store room. All it had were tanks full of methane and some odd looking weapons. The signal disappeared after he entered the room.

The only good news was that there was air and gravity, because he had been running low on air during his time lost. He still left the suit on though, incase he came to a portion of the mauled ship that didn't have air and gravity. He had left the store room, but left marks along the corridors he went through so he could find his way back. One of the bad things about this area being devoid of the force was that the force being used here had no range either.

One of his views on the force was that it was like water. If you remain still, nothing is heard or felt. If you lightly splash it, those close enough will hear it and feel it. If you forcibly splash it, those far away will hear it and feel it. This area, however, had no force, so you practically had to be right next to a force user to feel or hear them, or anyone for the matter.

He sighed as he came to a dead end, again. He turned around to retrace his steps but found that the door had shut. He immediately gripped his lightsaber incase anything was in here. He didn't know if the Flood could survive in space. He carefully tried to pry the door open with his hands, but it wouldn't budge.

He briefly considered using his lightsaber, but decided against it. If he didn't have to use it, he wouldn't. He decided to try to go around. And that failed also. He had lost all bearings. That didn't help when he had to go through an area with no lighting.

You are an idiot Shadow, he thought to himself as he made his way through the cables the littered the corridor. The flashlight could only show so much.

The darkness kept reminding Shadow's last time at Halo, and the memories that it kept reminding Shadow of was not pretty either. The cold reminded him of the emptiness he had felt after the incident.

He looked out to his left and saw the emptiness of space since this portion of the ship was mauled. He stuck to the ship and went through another door, this corridor lit this time. The voices still rang in his head, two specific voices in particular, one telling him things in a dark, riddle like form, while the other spoke in an artificial, intellectual fashion. They both wanted him to do something for them, and they weren't going to stop.

He gripped his head and dropped on one knee for a moment before getting back up and moving on. It was a moment before he got on his knees and finally decided to try and take a short nap to get his mind off of things. He nestled himself in some wires and drifted off to sleep, hoping that he would sleep well. This was not the case.

09-30-2006, 08:57 PM
Geag looked at Jynn a little surprised at her question, "Jhon always take this long on baddly hurt people, he very fast, but very, VERY good," he exclaimed with pride. But indeed, Jhon was very good, and very fast, obviously he has had to do this many times before. In most medical procedures, that did not use the force as an aid, they usually took five to six hours, two hours, and doing a good job, was extremely good.

Ulgoy grabbed Geag, and set the little guy on his shoulder, Geag looked over at Cyphon, then back to Jynn, "you come with us now? Your friend better!" He asked happily.

09-30-2006, 09:13 PM
"I guess so," said Jynn. She turned to Cyphon and sent him a message through the Force.

Don't worry, I'll be back. Hopefully he would register it when he awoke. She turned back to Jhon and smiled at him.

"Thank you," she said. "You have my eternal gratitude."

"So where are we going?" she asked Geag.

09-30-2006, 09:35 PM
Jhon did what passed as smile for his species, and motioned for them to go. Before Geag could answer Jynn's question though, Ulgoy, a little over excited, grabbed Jynn, hoisted her up, propped her in a sitting position on his shoulder, and charged out of the room, and down the corridor.

"Ahhaha! Me haven't seen Ulgoy this happy in years!" Exclaimed Geag in his high pitched tone, happy as Ulgoy. Geag remembered Jynn's question, and answered, "we go to engine section, that where we live...live for longg time....use engine as atmofear generador, we live long time in there....Jhon says five human years we in there...with no way out for long time..." as Geag had been saying this he seemed to get sadder and sadder, and a flood of memories could be seen pouring through his mind, in his eyes. He got quiet, and even Ulgoy slowed down, tears could be seen welling up in his small pudgy face.

"Me lose many friends...back then...." he whispered to himself. "You ever lose any friends?" He asked her quietly, the tears now running down his face, not daring to look at her while he asked her the question. At this point Ulgoy had slowed down to a slow and steady trot, for he seemed to be remembering things too, though he had no eyes, or face to show his sorrow.

09-30-2006, 10:10 PM
Jynn nodded sadly.

"Yes, I've lost friends," she said. "Lots of them." She bit her lip and closed her eyes, but she didn't cry. She had never cried since the day Kai Lin was murdered.

The twin suns were dropping towards Tatooine's horizon, casting her shadow onto the sand, a mockery of a girl on a speeder lengthened and distorted almost beyond recognition. She flew slowly in the general direction of the house, kilometers away and undiscernible in the distance. That was when the wave hit her, shaking her through and through.

"Kai Lin?" she gasped. "The hell just happened?" She gunned the engine and flew towards the house at blinding speed. As she approached, a figure on a similar bike sped off into the distance. Dismounting at the back door, she flung it open and stepped inside.

Kai Lin lay on the floor, gasping for breath.

"Who, what... what happened?" Jynn asked, kneeling beside him and raising his head.

"What happened," Kai Lin said, a touch of his dry humor apparent even in his dying breath, "is I'm about to make a premature and unscheduled departure."

"No you're not," she said. "Everything's going to be fine. You'll see." Everything had to be fine. She couldn't imagine living any other way. But everything wasn't.

She closed her eyes sadly, a single tear burning its way down her cheek. Running out of the house, she watched the figure of the murderer recede into the distance.

"Like hell you're going to get away," she spat, jumping onto her own speeder and following.

She caught up to him with little difficulty, at the bottom of a narrow canyon. He obviously wasn't expecting anyone to follow him. One glance into his eyes and she knew her suspicions were right. Reaching for her belt, she realized she had left her blaster back at the house. Without a word, she twisted her speeder suddenly to the right, trying to slam him into the canyon wall. He dropped back almost as if he had known what she was going to do.

The next thing Jynn knew, her speeder's course had changed dramatically, hurtling straight towards a rocky outcropping. She cut the engine, activated the brakes, and jumped off at the last moment. The bike exploded in a brilliant flash as she crashed into the sand, digging a furrow as she skidded through. She stood up and yanked her goggles off, watching the murderer disappear into the distance, then started running.

Of course, the person on foot will never catch up to the one with the speeder... but minor difficulties had never stopped her. Her lungs were burning and her throat was as dry as straight alcohol when she pounded into the spaceport - just in time to see him fly away.

Ever since then, she had dismissed crying as a waste of time and following someone wthout a weapon as incredibly stupid.

((Sorry about the very very long post))

09-30-2006, 10:34 PM
((No problem, I like em long.))

Geag looked at Jynn, and saw she was holding something back, "why you no cry? It lets the mind rest..." he said to her, a strangeness growing in his voice. "Crying is expression of loss, and helps heal the broken heart..." he said to her, more tears coming out of his eyes. "If you have known loss, then crying, not for sadness, but for honoring, and remembering..." at this the strangeness in his voice became known, it was wisdom, proud, and unlooked for wisdom, "come new friend, let us honor our fallen together..." he said, though these last few words seemed simple, a great weight went with them, and they showed Geag's unseen wisdom, his age, and his true self; though he was a species much less intelligent than others, he had something that surrpassed all intelligence, and that was the knowledge of loss, which is greater than any knowledge that any super sentiant being could hope to have. At these words the very air seemed to change, and a mood which was apparent through out the ship could be felt.

Geag bowed his head and closed his eyes, letting the tears run down his small cheeks. Ulgoy now had slowed to a shuffle, and he too bowed his head, and though no tears fell, he felt just as much sorrow, and showed it through a strange chant, though no noice was made, they could feel him vibrating, as he hummed inaudibly. At this, all was silent, except the pitter patter of tears striking the metal floor, and the sound of silence, and sorrow.

((Sorry for the over-dramatic moment, just wanted to set a bit of a mood (and make your character cry! Muahahah!) ))

09-30-2006, 10:46 PM
((You're gonna make me cry lol. Not really. But this is going to be great in the fic. How did you like the prologue that I PMed you?))

Jynn looked on in sadness for a moment, remembering all the Jedi they had lost, then buried her face in her hands and started shaking as the mental barriers she had built in her mind collapsed into ruins.

09-30-2006, 11:31 PM
You must do this, Reclaimer. If you don't, then the Flood will take your vessel and spread. There is no choice, you must follow containment protocole and activate the ring.

Those before knew the consequences. They had lost all, but you have not. Do not make the error they made, or all will perish as they did before. The voices increased and Shadow couldn't wake up. He saw many different scenes from his memories, and they were all painful. He never cried though.

Yoda had told him that the expression of emotions was not good, especially grief and anger. Mourning and anger lead to making the wrong decisions. He had learned from a clone commander that mourning for his men was wrong because they did not wish to be mourned. They had died doing what they were born to do, and they couldn't have for anything better than to fill their lifes purpose. It would be disrespectful to do that.

He wanted to cry quite a few times, but always shoved it back. He now felt a wave of emotion released and instantly woke up. He didn't know what it was, but he could follow it. He got up from his position and followed it. It was very close.

10-02-2006, 09:10 AM
A strangeness had settled in Cyphon's unknowing mind, a feeling of someone talking, but he could not here it, not yet. But the nightmare that had plagued him his whole, neverending, life, had come back, only worse! Something had invaded his dreams, and the picture of corpses was gone, in their place was emptyness, nothing, but in the distance he could see them, alive, or were they? But before his horrid nightmare could be fullfilled, he woke up, in an empty room, on a table. "Jynn?" He questioned the dark air, "hello?" He asked the walls it seemed. Then from the door infront of him came a tall alien, Cyphon raised an eyebrow.

"Hello, human," it said in it's old, yet proud, deep voice. "Hello..." said Cyphon, as if he knew that this alien was of no threat to him. So they talked to eachother, wondering the halls towards the dwelling place Geag had been taking Jynn, discussing things, only leaders could talk about.

10-02-2006, 10:03 AM
Jynn looked up as she felt Cyphon's approach. Concentrating on her emotions, she calmed herself down.

"Wow, he's up already," she said. "Jhon must really be good."

(Gotta go, sorry. I have schoolwork. I'll probably be back in about 7-8 hours.))

10-02-2006, 10:30 AM
Cyphon rounded the corner and came upon Jynn, and the other two. He stopped and studied each one, first Geag, then Ulgoy, and finally his gaze rested on Jynn. Cyphon grinned at Jynn, he saw she had been crying, and it looked funny the way she was perched on Ulgoy's shoulder. He let out a weak chuckle and walked over to Ulgoy's side, and looked up at Jynn, "well hello there, you look like you've been having fun," he said with a friendly, but weak smile. "You like it up there? Or would you like to come down and say hi to me, seeing as I am the recovering patient?" He teased, with a look of jesting on his face.

10-02-2006, 10:32 AM
Jynn slipped off of Ulgoy's shoulder with a grin.

"Glad to see you up and about," she said.

((Bye now))

10-02-2006, 10:45 AM
((It's okay, I understand, I've gotta go soon too! And Bye!))

Cyphon looked carefully at Jynn, then turned to Jhon, "she dosn't look in pain?" Jhon just looked at the ceiling with a sheepish look, "I said she, was in pain, during the operation, she looked like she was in a world of torment," he said, and walked out of the hall, Geag and Ulgoy following. Cyphon looked at them leave with an arched eyebrow, 'oh great! Jhon has my robe and shirt too!' he thought after feeling a cold blast of air hit his bandaged chest. Turning back to Jynn he asked, "world of torment?" He asked with an even higher arched eyebrow, and a look of concern, and curiousity on his face.

10-02-2006, 03:30 PM
The emotion had stopped, but Shadow was still able to follow to where it came from. The emotion wave had stopped the voices temporarily for some odd reason and allowed him to wake up, but now they were pressing in his head again, painfully. He was tempted to stop again, but he decided against it.

He now heard other voices nearby and headed towards them. They were getting louder to the oint where he should have been able to here them, but they were drowned out by the other voices in his head, getting more painful.

He walked in right after Cyphon had asked about the world of torment, but he couldn't hear the words and just stood staring at them through his helmets visor. The voices in his head were getting louder and much more painful.

10-02-2006, 06:41 PM
"Oh, that," Jynn said. "Nothing. I tried... never mind. It's done now."

Shadow walked in and stood staring at them.

"Shadow?" Jynn said. "I thought you were on the other ship." He didn't answer. "Shadow? What's wrong?"

10-02-2006, 10:18 PM
Shadow only saw Jynn's lips moving as she talked. The voices got louder and more painful as they filled Shadow's skull. They said things, things that Shadow couldn't tell wheither or not were true. They were argueing, one droning on about protocal and the other about the mistakes of the past. He tried to block them out, but they came back harder and more painful.

"Can you help?" Shadow managed to get out. He couldn't even hear himself.

10-02-2006, 11:19 PM
"Can I help what?" Jynn said. He still didn't seem to be able to hear her, so she tried using the Force to communicate with him.

What's wrong?, she managed to ask, before the wave reached her through the Force link - two voices, speaking in normal tones, but so loud all the same.

"Frak," she muttered, staggering backwards as they slammed into her head.

Can you hear me? she shouted through the Force. The hell happened to you?

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 04:17 AM
The droid, R3-T5 couln't find people of sorts, the ship was dark, and he could not guide himself. He started sliding faster and faster, and crashed into a woman. The droid fell to the ground, his circuits confused.

10-03-2006, 08:14 AM
Cyphon was more confused than ever, Shadow wasn't responding, Jynn spoke of voices, and then a droid comes out of a hole in the ceiling and crahes into Jynn, Cyphon wouldn't be surprised, with the luck they were having, if Jynn was unconcious from the impact.

Cyphon acted as fast as his recovering limbs could carry him, quickly slipping Shadow's helmet off, he lay his hands on his forehead, making a connection through the force.

Walking through Shadow's cluttered mind he heard the chaotic voices, they must have been the ones he heard in his own nightmarish dream. "Shadow, fight them, if you hear them, they can hear you, debate them, you are stronger, you are a Jedi, a master of the force! Fight them," he exclaimed this with a tremendous shout in Shadow's mind, and soon he could hold the connection no longer, what happened with Shadow after, he had no control over; he only hoped he would take his advice.

Cyphon felt even more drained now, and he stumbled over to Jynn, looking down on her, "are you okay?" He mumbled weakly, hoping she was concious.

10-03-2006, 10:08 AM
Jynn sat up dizzily.

"I'm fine," she said, tilting the astromech droid back to an upright position. "I wonder where he came from."

10-03-2006, 10:44 AM
"I don't know," said Cyphon, holding his head in his hand. "Hey, little guy, where you from?" He asked the droid stumbling a bit, barely able to hold himself up, as he felt more and more energy sapping from his body.

10-03-2006, 01:06 PM
Jynn gripped Cyphon's shoulder, holding him as steady as she could.

"You don't look too good," she said. "You need to take it easy for a little while."

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 02:04 PM
"Greetings," The droid whistled, "My Master is in a Jedi Starfighter on the top of this ship and right now. He wanted to know what's going on, and sent me."

10-03-2006, 02:07 PM
"Ummm," Jynn said, after the droid had finished chirping its message. "Okay. This is the one and only time a protocol droid would come in handy. I get the part where someone sent you, though. Is there any way we can communicate with your master?"

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 02:25 PM
"That was what my Master was trying to do in the first place," The droid beeped.

10-03-2006, 02:32 PM
"Can he hear me?"

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 02:41 PM
"I don't know. He didn't hear anything at first, but due to him being a Jedi, i guess he can hear you through that thing you call "The Force," R3 booped.

10-03-2006, 02:49 PM
Jynn couldn't understand the droid's beeps and whistles, but she could feel the presence of another Jedi nearby. She reached out to him through the Force.

Hello, she said. Who are you?

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 03:04 PM
Alex was startled, but imediatly calmed down and reached out through the Force.

Greetings. I am Alex Skyrider, Jedi Knight. I assume you're one as well, Alex told her.

10-03-2006, 03:13 PM
In a manner of speaking, Jynn replied. Your droid and I 'bumped into each other' a little while ago, and since I can't really understand what he's saying, I decided to talk to you. What brings you here?

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 03:21 PM
The usual "lost in hyperspace" history would be a good answer.

10-03-2006, 03:23 PM
Well, that's not too uncommon, I suppose. Do you mind coming down here? I hate to ask, but I've got a friend down here that just had surgery done on him trying to walk around, and another friend who's being 'attacked' by these annoying voices in his head. I could use a bit of help.

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 03:36 PM
Sure. Altough, i noted hours ago the loading ramp was closed, so, how do i get in?

10-03-2006, 03:42 PM
I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, she said. We landed in a hangar. You should be able to get in the same way.

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 03:49 PM
Strange. From up here, i didn't see nothing. Oh well, Alex said as he flew "Force Avenger" to the ground, and jumped out of the cockpit, and entered the ship.

10-03-2006, 03:51 PM
Jynn stood next to Cyphon and waited for the other Jedi to show up, keeping the Force connection open so he could follow it.

10-03-2006, 03:56 PM
"Jynn, dont hold connections through the force too long," said Cyphon weakly, "As I said, this place has an absence of the force, not only an absence, almost an opposite version...." He took a breath. "This place will not only drain physical energy when you're using any force technique for an elongated period of time, but force energy as well...until you have no feeling of the force....then you'll have to medatate and rest a long time before you regain that force energy...so I implore you, keep this as short as possible, or we'll all be unconcious," he said at last, relaxing a bit and putting more of his weight on Jynn.

"Sorry" he muttered in her ear, realising she was having a bit of a time holding him up.

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 03:56 PM
"Smart," Alex whispered as he ran, following the woman's Force connection. He soon arrived at the place.

"So, what's wrong?"

10-03-2006, 04:19 PM
"Not so smart, actually," Jynn said. She felt - frozen inside all of a sudden. "Anyway, I'm glad you're here. What's wrong is Cyphon's injured, and Shadow - the guy standing over there paying no attention to you - is, well, having mental problems."

10-03-2006, 06:15 PM
"Leave Shadow be," said Cyphon, looking over at him. "He's got to fight his own demons...as I said," he said this looking back to Jynn, his face stern, showing he didn't want her interfering with Shadow's problems, whether they be here-and-now, or ressurecting problems from the past.

At the clunking of the droid falling from the ceiling, Jhon, Geag, and Ulgoy had come back, to see what the matter was. Jhon came around the corner, just as Alex came running down the hall. Jhon thinking he was threatening Jynn and Cyphon pulled the blue device from his side and said, "hold human, or I will open your skull! What are your intentions?" He asked standing infront of Jynn and Cyphon.

Cyphon couldn't, or wouldn't say anything at the moment, because he too had lost too much of the force, and that, combined with his lack of physical energy, caused him to fall into a comatose state. Thus Cyphon was nothing more than a semi-concious piece of luggage Jynn had to bare, unable to say anything in the defense of the newcomer.

((Rex, you intend on responding to my PM? You're taking quite a bit of time to respond - :lol: ))

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 06:18 PM
"Wow wow wow, i'm friend, alright? I'm friend of her and him, i was about to heal him," He said, his arms up and then pointing to Cyphon.

10-03-2006, 06:36 PM
Jhon lowered the device, it couldn't be denied to be a weapon. "Heal him? He's fine, healing wise, he needs rest though," said Jhon looking back at Cyphon, then turning to Jynn, he raised his head in a backwards nod, indicating 'hello'. Then Jhon noticed Shadow, and walked over to him. Jhon stared Shadow square in the eyes, studying them carefully.

Jason Skywalker
10-03-2006, 06:39 PM
"Well, i don't want to contrarize you, but she didn't say the same."

10-03-2006, 06:44 PM
Jhon glanced at Alex for a second, "he's had surgery, he's fine, he was injured, is what she should have said. But as I said, he's weak from the operation, he needs rest; she probably wanted you to help carry him to a place of rest," he said still staring at Shadow. "I'll lead the way...when the time comes," he said.

10-03-2006, 07:11 PM
Shadow had heard Jynn and Cyphon, and tried to fight the voices. The force did nothing to them though, as it just seemingly passed through them as though it didn't exist. He was losing strength until he realized that the force was of no use here simply because it did not exist here. It never had existed here.

Do not listen to the Flood Intelligance Form Reclaimer. You must activate the ring if we are to stop the Flood.

Arrogant machine! We have all suffered from the progress of infinity, yet you remain untouched. We have seen life, where all you see is machine and death.

This is irrellivant Flood Intelligance Form. Your kind must not be allowed to spread again. The Reclaimer must activate the ring.

And why the one with no beginning, no end, no purpose?

That is classified to only myself Flood Intelligence Form.

Get out of my head! Shadow shouted in his mind to the two bickering sides, temporarily stunning them. Before they could make a comeback, Shadow continued.

I will never activate this ring, and I will never allow the Flood to escape this ring! You two treat life as either something to be consumed or to be removed for containment purposes. I will not allow you in my head any longer!

Reclaimer, you must choose. There will be-


Listen to what we-


Very well, Reclaimer. But remember this; you will have to choose during your time here. I can only hope it does not result in the release of the Flood.

And when you do, you will be alone.

Out! Shadow shouted in his mind again, feeling them leave his mind. He sighed, feeling drained, and found himself looking into the eyes of an alien, along with a few other people and aliens in the room.

"It's getting a bit crowded in here." Shadow stated picking up his helmet that had been thrown on the floor. He tucked it under his arm and, seeing Jynn holding Cyphon up, asked "What happened to Cyphon?"

10-04-2006, 08:49 AM
"He's drained of energy...this place will do that to you," said Jhon in response to Shadow's question. "This place is filled with death, it causes the sapping of mind and body...but we have learned to fight it," he said motioning to Geag and Ulgoy.

Then Jhon moved away towards Cyphon and examined him more closely. "His injuries are healing at a signifigant rate...but...his side wound has reopened," Jhon glared up at Jynn when he said this, indicating that she reopened his wound because she had been holding him up wrong. "But...it's only minorly torn, it should heal on it's own; he is in a coma though...and it seems to be getting worse, he could become too comatose and slip into neurologically unstable state...I estimate if he doesn't get better treatment, and put into more calming, less stressful surroundings...he has a chance of dieing in the next twenty four hours," said Jhon at last, no emotion or concern on his face, showing how hardened he had become over the years.

Jhon stood up and stared at Jynn, "my, your friend seems to be the lucky one lately," he said, with a look of suspision on his face. Jhon was about to lead the way to the hangar when he stopped and realised something, "um, was that large group of armored humans with you?" He asked them, a small look of concern growing on his face.

10-04-2006, 08:57 PM
((You were reffering only to Cyphon about the snapping of the mind and body thing, right? Because I had something different in mind for my character about the voices.))

"They are with us. We might run into a patrol or two of them since Cyphon most likely dispersed them thoughout the ship also." Shadow replied. He walked over to Jynn and took Cyphon, holding him the right way. "I'll carry this old baggage for you Jynn."

He then turn to Jhon and said trying to be humorous "Lead the way. Can't have this old guy dieing on me when he still owes me credits from our last pazzak game." Shadow felt better, but he still felt a bit shaken.

10-05-2006, 08:42 AM
((Jhon wasn't reffering to the voices at all....I dont know where you got that from.))

"Don't count your luck," said Jhon, "those men of yours left, we were watching them, when they started scambling into those ships, and just...left," he glanced over his shoulder at them when he said this. "They were yelling at eachother about a fire onboard," he said, pondering for a moment. "Whatever that means," he said shrugging.

"Come, we'll take him to the engine room, where we live," said Jhon, turning back, and walking down the hall. Geag walked up to Jynn's side, and asked, "you done with making friends out of thin air?" He said jokingly. Then he lifted up the heavy blaster rifle he had taken earlier from her, "me brought it back, me trust you now, besides, it yours anyways," he said, his brow wrinkling into a smile as he struggled to lift it higher so she could take it from him.

10-05-2006, 01:42 PM
Jynn smiled as she took the blaster back.

"Thanks," she said. Then, turning to Jhon as they walked, "They left? Because of a fire? That doesn't make much sense."

Jason Skywalker
10-05-2006, 01:46 PM
"So...you still need me for anything?"

10-06-2006, 09:19 AM
"They left? Because of a fire? That doesn't make much sense."

"Don't ask me, ask them, they're the ones who left, fire on a ship can be a dangerous thing though," said Jhon in response to her qeustions.

After turning many corners they found that indeed the ship was abandoned, and disturbingly empty. Then they came to a section of the ship that was blown out, and it could be seen through a plasma shield. The section was missing, scaffolding sticking out of where it used to be, the plating of the ship still holding in place in some spots over nothing. Looking out, you could see the vastness of space, and up above a ways you could see the ship, and indeed it was on fire, the whole port side was billowing, and ejecting smoke, fire could be seen licking out of open vents in the side; if you looked carefully, you could see scrambling figures in the hangar, attempting to put the fires out.

Jhon didn't let them look for long, before he was leading the way again. "Come, only a little farther, then we'll be in the engine room, where we can rest, and formulate a plan of action," he said to them. He looked over his shoulder at them, "which one of you is next in command? Is it you girl?" He asked Jynn.

10-08-2006, 08:16 PM
"No," she said. "Shadow's next in command."

10-09-2006, 08:47 PM
"Well, technically, Vader's next in command, but since he's not here, I'm in command." Shadow said as they trudged along.

10-09-2006, 09:29 PM
"Ah," said Jhon in response, just nodding and thinking. Then Ulgoy, with impatience that had grown in him, did something rather, uncalled for. He snatched Cyphon from Shadow's grasp, and set him on the ground, then he took Jynn and quickly put her on his shoulder, then did likewise with Shadow, which showed the his true stregth, considering Shadow was a big guy. Then he grabbed Alex, and slung him in an awkward piggyback position, then he lifted Cyphon off the floor, again showing his strength. At this Geag hopped onto the only spot left, his leg, he latched on, and held for dear life. And at this Ulgoy charged at surprising speed for someone of his size, and the amount he carried.

Jhon just looked after them, "dont wait up for me, I'll be there when I get there," he said waving after them. Then he looked down at the little astromech that was whirring and booping next to him. "Well, you're like no AI human construct I've seen," he said to it.

Geag, was surprisingly happy with his position, and was laughing like a madman as they went charging down the halls and corridors. Surprisingly enough, Ulgoy handled Cyphon very well, even while he was running. "Ahahaha! You look like you enjoying this big man," he said to the shocked and wide eyed Shadow.

10-09-2006, 09:38 PM
"There are only two other times when I've been picked up by something bigger than myself. The first time I don't want to go into, but the second time I was nearly eaten by a Rancor." Shadow said as he gripped onto Ulgoy tighter. "But I don't think your friend has the same intentions, so I'll enjoy myself."

10-18-2006, 09:08 AM
After awhile Ulgoy came to a stop, and came to rest in a large room, filled with all kinds of strange panels, box things, portable control panel things, and weapon holders. There were different sections, with makeshift walls, showing that each one of these 'rooms', or cells, were where they lived. Geag hopped off Ulgoy's foot, and scampered over to a large machine connected to one of the engine ports. He pressed some buttons and checked some readings.

Ulgoy walked over to a makeshift bed with strange padding, and set Cyphon down. Then he let down each person on him consecutively. Then he remained standing for a bit, then sat on the floor, watching the humans around him. Geag came back to them and said, "this where we live, it our home for long time, me show you around, while we wait for Jhon, okey dokey?" He said cheerfully.

10-18-2006, 06:02 PM
"Okay," said Jynn with a smile.

10-20-2006, 09:51 AM
Geag's brow wrinkled in happiness, and he took Jynn by the wrist and started showing her around, beckoning the others to follow.

Soon Jhon came walking into the room, his mind seemed occupied by many thoughts. He went to Cyphon and started checking him again, getting up he let out the slightest hint of a smile. Turning to the group of humans he said, "he's better now that he's in a less stressful environment, if any of you are carrying medicine, then I suggest giving it to him, it will help relieve stress even more, and help heal his body, giving him a better chance to survive."

Jhon went over to a table-like apperatus, that protruded from the ground, it had several panels, and what looked to be projectors, but they weren't on. He beckoned Shadow to come over, and stand at the other end, opposite him.

10-21-2006, 12:47 PM
Shadow strod over to the opposite side of the apperatus Jhon was standing at and asked "What is this?"

10-22-2006, 01:20 PM
Zeryl came out of hyperspace near the "gas giant".

He was sent out here to find a Jedi named Alex that had lost himself in Hyperspace. He only had a small freighter named "Death Warden" but it was well equiped to resist a heavy battle.

But then he saw a Trade Federation Control Ship in a ship graveyard near Halo, the dreaded planet he only had heard tales of, but he was still curious has to know what it was doing there.

A message came through from the ship and a clone appeared on the screen "Who are you and what is your business here?" questioned the clone "I ask the questions around here. What in hell are you troopers doing here?!"
"We were attacked by the Rebel Confederacy and were forced to take this ship to escape. Master Cyphon is our commander he currently isnt here." said he trooper in an hypnotised voice.
Master Cyphon? This his getting better... He tought. " Where is he?" demanded Zeryl "He's on one of the wrecked ships investigating." answered the trooper still hypnotised giving him the coordinates. Then thats where i'm going.

He arrived at the ship and landed without bothering to see if he could answer. If "Gran master" Cyphon was here then that foolish Alex wouldn't be far.

10-22-2006, 01:58 PM
Jhon glanced at the apperatus and responded, "it's just a statis projector, maintenance crews used to use them to monitor the engine's statis."

"That is not why I brought you to this; you are the leader are you not," he said, but continued without waiting for a response. "We've been stuck here a long time, and though there's a small chance, there's still a chance of other survivors on the other ships. Along with the fact that the holy city, High Charity, has been...corrupted, we must take it back, then get supplies from the ring world, Halo, we had many supplies sent down there, and they're probably still there," he said, explaining his motives.

"You and I must work together to formulate a plan, some insent of action, since your leader is, comatose," he said, glancing at Cyphon. "What say you human, will you help us, and discuss a plan of action?" He asked Shadow.

10-22-2006, 02:17 PM
Shadow was nervous at the prospect of going back onto the ringworld. Just the thought of it gave shivers down his spine. But he knew that the ship they came in on would need repairs that could not be accopmlished with the current parts they have. So his dread of the ringworld could be pushed aside for that, but he still had to ask something, not that it would influence his decion, but he still had to know. "Are the Flood and Sentinals on them?"

10-22-2006, 02:25 PM
Jhon jerked upright at the mention of the Flood, "...the Flood...is what infests the holy city, but as for Halo, they're either gone, or only in parasite form," he said quietly. "Their combat forms...could not have sustained this long, and they are most likely nothing but hibernating bugs right now," he said with a slight shudder. "The Sentinels, the holy guardians of the ring, they are...well, they're there, where they are, I know not," he said concentrating in thought.

10-22-2006, 02:40 PM
Shadow shuddered and said "We will assist you in retrieving anyone that may still be alive and getting supplies. Now as for your question earlier, I can help heal him with the Force and I do carry three spare Bacta packs on me."

10-22-2006, 02:50 PM
Darth Zeryl ran down the corridors following Cyphon's weak Force trail. He reached a door and sensed he was just behind it. Zeryl opened the door and ran in and ignited his sabers when he saw the creatures that surrounded the jedis.

10-25-2006, 07:15 PM
The Flood? Jynn thought. I wonder what that is. And whatever it was, nobody seemed happy about it. As she turned to ask, a powerful man burst in, igniting twin lightsabers perfectly matched. The light from the blades swirled in different shades of crimson.

Jynn's eyes narrowed and flashed green, her hands gripping her lightsaber as her own silver blade shimmered into existence. Only one word passed through her mind. Sith... She leaped across the distance between them and slashed at him without a second thought.

10-25-2006, 07:37 PM
At the man's rude entrance to the room Jhon jerked up to his full height, towering even over Shadow. Jhon himself pulled out a strange handle, holding it lengthwise, he flung his arm at his side, giving out a battle cry, the handle errupting into a strange blade (http://halo.wikia.com/images/4/45/H2PSword.jpg) type weapon. He saw Jynn going straight for an attack, so he did what he thought was best, and aided her by jumping in as well, though he didn't have the force, he was still able to launch himself at the man from the table-like-apperture, sending him across the distance between himself and the man. He went for a piercing throttle to the neck, while he saw Jynn slash at the man from a certain angle, their blades converging towards the man simaltaniously.

Ulgoy crouched ready in the background of the soon coming fight, ready to come in fighting if things went ill for Jynn or Jhon. Geag, though he was of a cowardly race, he only let out a yelp at the newcomer, but stood his ground, drawing his weapon, he also waited to see if things would go against Jynn and Jhon.

((Thanx D_L, I'm sorry about earlier, I just get really ticked when people just do certain things that...nag me, ugh *shudders*.))

10-25-2006, 08:57 PM
Shadow, who was stunned for a moment at the manís entry, instantly recognized the Sith Lord after he ignited his sabers. Unfortunately, he could not stop Jynn and Jhon from activating their weapons and lunging at him. On one had, the Sith destroyed what life he had developed as a Jedi. On the other hand, that was in the past and this Sith was an ally.

I'm defiantly not going to be very popular for this, he thought grimly. He immediately sent out a powerful force wave to knock them off their feet, followed by a force pull to tear their weapons out of their hands towards himself.

Then he shouted before they could retaliate "Stand down and listen. He is an ally."

10-25-2006, 11:23 PM
As Jynn's blade arced towards the Sith, she was knocked off her feet by an unexpected attack from the side. The Force wave slammed her to the ground, disorienting her slightly...

"You are so dreadfully easy to sneak up on," Xendek said mockingly as she sprawled on the floor. He stratched out his hand, and her lightsaber went sailing into his grasp. He turned it over, examining it carefully.

"Still using this?" he said disdainfully. "I'm surprised you managed to keep it this long. That's another thing, by the way. You really do need to keep a better hold on your weapon, don't you know?" He flourished his scarlet blade, smiling triumphantly as she backed towards the wall.

A better hold on your weapon...

Jynn's fingers tightened around the hilt of her lightsaber as it was Force pulled. She didn't hold her ground, but she didn't lose her weapon, either. As she was yanked along with it, she twisted her body sideways, and waited for the opportune moment to lay her opponent flat on the ground with a high kick. She tensed her muscles in preparation - and stopped, deactivating her lightsaber.

"Shadow?" she said. "The frak was that abou- wait." She blinked as the full import of his words swept over her. "Ally? The frak is that about?" Her lips curled in a near snarl. She tried not to judge beings before she knew them, but Sith were bad news all around. Apparently the Republic Empire wasn't as straightforward as it appeared.

Jason Skywalker
10-26-2006, 04:49 AM
Alex quickly ignited his Lightsaber as his yellow blade came up, along with the orange glow around it. He recognized the man who appeared to be a Sith.

"Zeryl," Alex exclaimed, "It's been a long time now. I thought i had killed you when i used the Force as my ally to push you over the cliff. It doesn't seem the case."

"Why are you here, Sith? Our main preocupation is the Rebel Confederacy, but now we seem to have more things in our hands, than to deal with you. What is exactly your business here, anyway?"

10-26-2006, 06:36 AM
"Idiot. Your masters send me out here to look for you, they told me you got lost and were important to the war effort. Personnaly, I'd rather kill you for what you did to me but now I'm on your side... for now..." he answered looking at him disgusted.

He turned his attention to the Jedis and aliens on the floor.

"A bit jumpy aren't we?" he asked them "I'm sorry if I've stratled you, and thank you Master Shadow."

He switched off his lightsabers realising they were allies. "You, Skyrider! I'm only here to pick you up..." suddenly his com started beeping and a droid came up saying that the power was down and they couldn't go anywhere.

"What?! That's just great! No power! Looks like I'm gonna be stuck with you for some time." he mumbled.

10-26-2006, 06:59 AM
"Doesn't really surprise me, since allies have been dropping out of the sky recently, Velrogh." Shadow replied.

Then he turned to address Jynn. "I don't like Sith anymore than you do. But when your outnumbered 20 to 1, you tend to take the allies you can, even if they are the opposite of your own code."

10-26-2006, 09:12 AM
Jhon got up, he had been flung to the floor, a rather embarassing thing for him. He looked over at the man, then over to Shadow, "you had no right to do that, even if he was an ally. Beyond that, I don't know what you did, or how you did it, but if you do it again, you won't like the outcome," threatened Jhon, walking up to Shadow, and ripping his weapon from his grasp.

Jhon walked over to Cyphon, studying his condition, "he's healing remarkably well, he's very healthy," he said. Turning back to the others he gave a scowl, "now I remember why I dont trust humans," he said contemptuously, the fresh relationship between the covenant and the jedi stressing due to Shadow's actions. Jhon looked down at the handle of his weapon and studied it, making sure it wasn't tampered with.

Two hours later: Deep in Cyphon's comatose mind, memories, dreams, nightmares, images of recent events flooded his mind, but in the background came the constant rumbling chant of some unknown being, it grew into a pitch that outdid the torrent of thoughts in his mind. It seemed to be a backwards verse, from some forgotten, dark hym. Cyphon burst out of his comatose state, after the chanting had grown to an unbearable level. He looked around, his friends were there, along with the aliens, and some new comers. But from what he could tell they had all gone to sleep, the aliens in their little cell rooms, his friends spralled across the room in different places.

He mumbled to himself, "good to see you guys too, couldn't wait for me to wake up could you?" He scratched the back of his head, then a cold blast of air hit him, "sheesh, no one could put my robe over me or something?" He questioned the air. 'Alone, as always...guess that's my lot in life,' he thought to himself, his face growing sad. He got up, moving with an uncanny stealth, he searched the room until he found his upper garments. He slipped on his upper leather-like shirt, then put his robes on, looking around the room he saw no one awake, so he decided to explore the old covenant vessel. He slipped out of the room, after locating his lightsabers, and the blaster rifle he had brought with him when he was in the pressure suit.

((Sorry for pushing the story ahead a bit, but I wanted to have Cyphon come out of his coma, but not too early, so I had to do what I had to do, hope you guys understand. :) ))

10-26-2006, 05:49 PM
((Oh, I understand. If more TMs were like you, fewer of these RPs would die out.))

Jynn lay on the floor, her head turned sideways resting on her arms, and tried to get some rest as the others seemed to be doing. Unfortunately, she couldn't sleep with thoughts of recent events running through her mind.

The Republic allied with a Sith... She closed her eyes and tried to will herself to sleep. Should never have happened, can't they remember? It was the Sith who destroyed the Jedi, the Sith who brought the Republic to the brink of extermination. The story hadn't even made it into the history holos yet, and already they had forgotten.

Distracted by her thoughts, she didn't notice as Cyphon awoke and walked about the room. Finally pushing the thoughts from her mind, she opened her eyes as the sound of quiet footsteps faded into the distance. Pushing herself up onto her knees, she looked around. Cyphon had disappeared, along with his weapons.

"Crazy," she muttered. "Didn't even bother to wake us up, eh?" She pushed a lock of hair from her forehead and shrugged. If he wanted to go wandering around by himself, that was his business. She sat cross-legged on the floor, any chance of sleep long gone, and stared at the Sith with her chin in her hands.

Something is just wrong about this whole idea...

Jason Skywalker
10-27-2006, 04:20 AM
Alex was resting on his dormitory, sitting, his legs crossed, eyes closed, and full body numb, he wasn't moving no limb. He was meditating. That was one of the few things Alex liked, since this period wasn't exactly great, what with the Rebel Crisis, and the Jedi Order getting her numbers thinned, and now with this "Flood" and such, it was being an even worse situation.

His eyes suddenly burst opened, He has awaken, Alex thought. He slowly got up and out of his meditation, and followed the great trail of the Force. He was a little bit far in order to meditate well as he was doing until Cyphon had awoke.

He walked a bit, noticing Jynn, Shadow and Zeryl. The monsters, he assumed them to be somewhere safe or so, and continued. The halls of the old covenant ship where dark and wet, and then he finally reunited with his lone astromech droid, R3-T5.

"Hey there R3," Alex said, happily, "Glad i found you. I'm looking for Master Cyphon, want to come?"

R3 beeped in affirmation and happiness as Alex smiled. The two walked for a little more while until he found who he was looking for. The man turned around.

"Master Cyphon," Alex greeted Cyphon, bowing.

10-27-2006, 05:55 AM
Zeryl wasn't sleeping, since the betrayal that he wouldn't sleep. The tought that if he did someone would stab him with a lightsaber was too strong.

I'm going to have my revenge he tought and when I'm finished those Jedis will be next...

He turned around and saw the women, the one they called Jynn looking at him carefully.

"You don't trust me, hey? Smart, I don't trust you and your friends either." he said to her. Seems that nobody can sleep here except those aliens... he realised remembering that Skyrider and Cyphon had gone for a walk.

He sat back against the wall his hands on his knees.

He smiled.

"I was there, at the temple, when the Speratists gave the massive attack on the Jedis, that was before I joined you. Those weak Jedis didn't know what hit them before it was too late..." He said to her "I remember killing one that gave quite a fight, what was his name...? Oh, yeah, it was Kanthe Rhun."

10-27-2006, 10:41 AM
((Oh, I understand. If more TMs were like you, fewer of these RPs would die out.))

((I don't know if you're complimenting me or insulting me, but okay?))

Cyphon turned to the young man who stood behind him. Cyphon nodded at him, smiling faintly. "Yes? What is it you want?" Asked Cyphon, not too sure why this boy had followed him for no conspicuous reason. He studied him, he hadn't seen him before, obviously came out of space like Jynn had, but he seemed different, as all being do in the force.

10-27-2006, 01:10 PM
((Oh, Shadow's not going to like this. He's gonna have his hands full. And MA, I was complimenting you. I mean, you kept this thread going when we had only three people.))

The Sith leaned back against the wall with his hands on his knees, smiling.

"I was there, at the temple, when the Seperatists gave the massive attack on the Jedis, that was before I joined you," he said. "Those weak Jedi didn't know what hit them before it was too late..."

Jynn stared back at him, her eyes narrowing. How can he talk so casually about murdering hundreds of innocent people, many of whom didn't even stand a chance? But she made no move, just sat there with her jaw clenched and her fingers playing nervously about the hilt of her lightsaber.

"I remember killing one that gave quite a fight, what was his name...? Oh, yeah, it was Kante Rhun."

Jynn exploded into action, her saber igniting in a flash of white light.

Jason Skywalker
10-27-2006, 02:15 PM
Alex quickly heard the sound of a Lightsaber igniting, and was afflicted. He immediatly pulled his Lightsaber from his belt with the Force and ignited his Bronze blade.

"I'm sorry Master Cyphon, i will be right back," He said, rushing to where the sound had been more easily heard. When he reached there, he saw Jynn with her Lightsaber ignited.

"Jynn, no!" Alex shouted, jumping and flipping in mid-air, his Lightsaber clashing with hers, "He's not worth it, whatever he said, it's not worth it."