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yes, you can close your long dropped jaw. it is finally here! the moment you've all been waiting for! yes, i can see the suspense in some of your faces, this is about our favourite KotOR character! now, calm down, don't jump around and get a seizure! (especially our 'older' members :p) this is your very own! (well, my very own) HK 47 FANFIC!
*thunderous applause*


okay, i'll give a more sane introduction. this is the story of HK-47, our favourite assassin droid from the KotOR series and it takes place after the battle of Koseyet. i did a check in Wookieepedia and noted that they used the "galaxy's guide to droids" and "SW Galaxies: trials of obi wan" as sources. i'm not very sure about Galaxies, but the "guide to droids" is an authentic source, so i used the info it gave and compiled my story. it is set 2.5 years ABY (after battle of yavin). The rebellion is very much existent and may play a minor part in the story, but the main character is HK himself. i think it is high time that we had our very own story about him.
© RC 1162 2006.

check here (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/HK-47#.22Retirement.22_on_Mustafar) for more info

07-22-2006, 11:56 AM

“I told you we should have never bothered coming here,” complained Dale. “There’s nothing here other than a bunch of destroyed droids and a whole lot of lava.”

“Why don’t you stop complaining and look at this from a different point of view?” his friend, Alan, said. “Haven't you heard of the Battle of Koseyet?”

The two men were smugglers, and had come to Mustafar on hearing about a source of treasure near the Koseyet mining camp. The Battle of Koseyet had taken place about a year ago and was fought between the locals and an army of assassin and combat droids built by the famed HK-47. The locals eventually won, of course and sought to destroy the leader of the army himself, but all they received was a message confirming that HK-47 was still functioning effectively and it gave the locals its admiration at being able to defeat its army. They also received a decorative hologram of the assassin droid and a plaque that read “Meatbag”. The droid had never been heard of since.

“Yeah, I know what it is,” said Dale in a bored voice as he followed his partner around the large igneous rock-formed valley, with two rivers of lava flowing on either side. Far enough to render the place safe to travel without a heat shield but close enough to make them sweat profusely anyway. He took a swig from a large bottle slung on his shoulder and kicked the destroyed remains of a unit from HK-47’s army. “So what treasure are we after anyway?” he continued.

“Isn't that what we came here to find out?” replied Alan. “The Hutt on Nar Shaddaa gave us this valley as the alleged area to locate the treasure.”

“Are you seriously going to give him 50% of what we find?” Dale asked.

“Yes, of what we find,” said Alan with a wry smile as they trudged along on the rocky terrain. “And as far as I know, the Hutt has no way of knowing how much we find.”

Dale grinned at that and took another sip of his water. He had sealed the bottle just in time, because the next second, he was falling onto the ground. He landed hard on the hot surface and the wind was knocked out of him. As he lay there, gasping for breath, Alan was inspecting what was now near Dale’s feet. The latter managed to get his breath back and sat up a bit, nursing his forearm, which he had hit hard on the ground, trying to cushion his fall.

“Maybe this can be used to our advantage,” said Alan, peering intently at the object.

“What is it?” asked Dale as he got to his knees and began examining the wreckage. It was a broken droid, just like the others, but this droid’s torso seemed relatively undamaged.

“This droid seems to be more undamaged than the others. We could probably take its memory core and try to find out about the treasure.” Alan said.

“Good idea, but I heard that the droids that fought in this battle had memory cores that had to be installed in another droid unit to be read or accessed,” said Dale. “We need another droid to get the info out of this.”

“We’ll take care of that later,” said Dale. “First things first, remove its memory core.”

Dale took out a small fusioncutter and a pressure screwdriver that he always carried and proceeded to remove the chest plate of the broken droid. After several minutes of cursing and banging, the plate was off and the two smugglers were staring at a mess of charred wires and circuit boards. They could see a hole in the back plate of the torso which suggested that a sniper shot had taken it out.

“I don’t have any hopes for the memory core if the internal assembly is so kaput,” said Dale. “But I’ll check anyway.”

He yanked out wires and circuits, searching for the rounded cuboid of a memory core. For the first few minutes, he had no luck. Then he spotted it: the core was wedged into the droid’s upper torso between its shoulders. Carefully, he pulled it off the leads and removed it from the droid body.

“Okay, now we need a droid to read the memory core,” said Dale.

“No problem,” said Alan. “We can use the C model droid that is taking care of the ship.”

“That droid?” said Dale with a laugh. “It doesn’t even belong to us. How can we get authorization to replace its memory core?”

“We do what we do best,” replied Alan with a grin as he started walking back to the docking bay.
************************************************** **********************
The space yacht streaked through hyperspace and Dale worked on replacing the memory core of the C-3PO model droid they had stolen from the docking bay on Mustafar.

“Are you sure that the docking bay guard won’t manage to put two and two together and get us effectively banned from setting foot on that planet again?” said Dale as he worked. Alan was lounging in a seat nearby and looked very relaxed.

“Calm down,” he said. “When we manage to locate the treasure, we’ll just buy them a new droid.”

“So, why are we going to Nar Shaddaa now?” Dale asked.

“I have an engineer pal who sells his services on the black market, very expensive fella.” Alan said. “But I managed to save his neck from the authorities once and ever since, he’s been giving me free services. I’d like to make a copy of the stuff in this droid’s memory core, just in case we need it later on.”

Dale nodded and continued his work. Fifteen minutes later, when Alan had fallen asleep on the chair with his feet on the table and balancing himself precariously on the two back legs of the chair, Dale announced his success triumphantly,

“Done it!” he shouted.


The shout had startled Dale’s napping partner and caused him to fall over backwards off the chair.

“I hate it when you do that,” said Alan as he pulled himself to his feet, rubbing the back of his head.

“Sorry about that,” said Dale as Alan took his seat. “But I finished the droid.”

“Good job,” congratulated Alan. “Switch it on, let’s see what happens.”

Dale flipped the power switch of the droid and stepped back. The servomotors of the droid whirred to life and its photoreceptors glowed brightly. With a grind of gears, it managed to sit upright, and then stood up.

“Query: Where am I, sentient?” it said.

Dale and Alan exchanged a small glance.

“We rescued your memory core from a pile of rubble on a distant planet, droid,” said Alan. “And now, if you would be so kind as to return the favour and provide us the information we need, we’d highly appreciate that.”

Diego Varen
07-22-2006, 12:32 PM
Great opening Chapter RC and I like the Title (Sounds HK-ish). HK will be funny as always (I hope) and I'm looking foward to the next Chapter. Also will you continue with the Galactic Conquest Trilogy?

Jason Skywalker
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Oh my god! A HK fic! I am so reading this! But i still ain't. :lol: I'll read it later, too busy.

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hehe, no problem, take your time.
@ Pottsie, yes, i'll do it like you :D two fics together. i hope i dont get confused now. :D

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Aahhh, so this continues on that HK's appearance in Galaxies? Well, you've got me interested.

07-22-2006, 01:06 PM
well, ive never played galaxies, per se. i just got the info from the link in my first post. it seems to be enough.
thanks for the interest. i knew you'd like it :D

07-22-2006, 01:11 PM
Neither did I, but there was a post here on the forums about his appearance there.

Jason Skywalker
07-22-2006, 01:15 PM
Liked the chapter. Dale and Alan don't know who they're messing with, and HK's in for a big surprise.

Diego Varen
07-22-2006, 01:34 PM
@ Pottsie, yes, i'll do it like you :D two fics together. i hope i dont get confused now. :D

Well I suppose you could delay the Galactic Conquest for awhile. I tried doing too many Fics at the same time and it wrecked my life. Well not really, just made writing alot harder.

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yeah, i know. i'm not really in the jig with GC right now, cant think straight, so i started this. Don't worry, that wont go forgotten. HK FANS HEAD HERE!!! :D

EDIT: next chapter, HK gets a surprise all right, but "deals" with it :D (pun totally intended :p)

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The restored droid looked down at itself and noticed its silver C-3PO model body.

“Statement: This is not the proper shell a droid of my build,” it said.

“Yeah, well, that’s all we could find,” said Alan. “Live with it.”

“Query: How would you like a profitable deal, sentient?” the droid asked after a few minutes. The two smugglers exchanged glances once again and looked back at the droid.

“What kind of deal?” asked Dale.

“Answer: One which will be very profitable to you, sentient. I believe I already mentioned that.”

“Okay, you’ve got our attention,” said Alan. “What are the terms?”

“Specifications: Build me my original body shell and I shall reward you sufficiently and also provide you with the information you seek.” The droid said.

“So, where is your bank account?” asked Dale.

“Statement: That is irrelevant,” replied the droid. “The deal will be observed, provided you keep up your end of the bargain.”

“Okay, tin can,” said Alan. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”
************************************************** **********************
Nar Shaddaa was the same as ever, gloomy skies with the occasional greasy drizzle of rain. There were no rules on this moon. It was a ‘hunt or be hunted’ type of place, and Alan and Dale were very proficient in the position of hunters. They took the droid to Alan’s engineer friend’s hideout. His name, it seemed, was Xan.
The door of Xan’s high-security warehouse creaked open and inside stood a small man, around his 40s, most probably.

“Xan, how’s life?” said Alan with a small smile and Dale nodded to the engineer.

“As interesting as a life can get on Nar Shaddaa,” replied Xan with a mirror of Alan’s smile. “Come on in.”

The trio walked into the huge warehouse and Xan shut the door and code-locked it behind him.

“So, what do you need, old friend?” asked Xan, coming up to the smugglers and their rescued droid. Alan explained all about how they had found the droid’s memory core and needed Xan to build a new body shell for it.

“We believe this droid has the information we need to locater the treasure,” said Alan. “But it says that we have to give it back its original body shell to do that.”

Xan looked at the protocol droid.

“I would be able to do it, but I need the blueprints of its original body shell.” Xan said.

“Statement: That is not a problem, sentient,” said the droid. “I have the blueprints stored in my memory banks. My manufacturer did so to help him out in case I had to be repaired in an emergency. I will need a pair of datacards.”

Xan took the droid to his workbench and gave it two datacards. The droid asked for its torso plate to be removed. Once done, it located a thin slot in his memory core that Dale and Alan had somehow missed. Inserting the datacards in succession into the slot, the droid downloaded all the plans onto them.

“Excellent,” said Xan, taking the cards. “I’ll be done in about a week.
************************************************** **********************
A week was a long time to be stuck on a backwater world like Nar Shaddaa, but Alan and Dale were used to this place and knew most of it like the back of their hands. They spent most of the time on Alan’s yacht and played Sabacc or Pazaak while the droid wandered around the ship, occasionally exchanging garble with the ship’s AI navi-computer. Finally the 168 hours of waiting were over and the group made their way back to Xan’s warehouse.

“It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen before,” the small engineer said, going up to a humanoid object covered with a white sheet. “I’ve run a Holo-Net search on this design but with no avail. It seems the design and make of this model is unique.”

Xan yanked the sheet to reveal a tall droid body shell. It was deactivated, but the exterior was clearly an amazing sight for both the smugglers and a source of personal pride for Xan at being able to build the unique design.

“I’ve made some upgrades and adjustments according to our latest technology and I can guarantee you that this droid is equipped with the finest of today’s technology.”

“So,” Alan said, staring at the droid body. “How much will it set us back?”

“At my calculations, a hundred and twenty-two thousand, four hundred and sixty-five credits for the material themselves, and a further two thousand credits for my services, but because you helped me out that time, I’ll cut it down to a thousand.”

“But you told me you would give me free services from then on!” complained Alan.

“Don’t kid yourself,” said Xan. “This thing really had me pulling some of the most dangerous strings ever. I think I deserve a pretty good amount for it, even if only this once.”

“Alright,” grumbled Alan. “We’ll see what we can do.”

Xan turned to the C-3PO model, which was silent all throughout the exchange.

“So, what do you think of it?” he asked the droid. “Is it to your specifications?”

“Observation: It appears you have changed my original paint scheme to black and rust red,” said the droid.

“Ah, yes,” said Xan. “I thought a black and red color scheme would look better on a frame like this. I’ve also updated your photoreceptors. They are now blue.”

“Request: I would like my memory core to be transferred now, sentient,” said the droid.

Xan nodded and got to work. He was finished in record time and activated the new droid. Its photoreceptors gleamed a bright blue and it suddenly had a menacing look about it with the black and red paint.

“Thank you for returning me to my original body, meatbags,” said the droid. “I suppose it is time for proper introductions. I am HK-47, a fully functional assassin droid hand-crafted originally by Darth Revan himself.”

All the three men in the warehouse widened their eyes in shock.

“You are the HK-47?” said Dale with fear evident in his voice. “The leader of the droid army on Mustafar?”

“Correct, meatbag. I was leading the droid troops against those who I believed had taken my original body from me. However, my troops were defeated, but I survived and escaped to one of my hideouts on Mustafar. I was going to eliminate a particular meatbag on one fateful day when I was hit by a sniper shot to my back. However, thanks to your assistance, I am now in proper working order.”

This clarification had a severe effect on the two smugglers. They brought their rifles up and, targeting lasers on HK, pulled the triggers. They failed to realize what was between the droid and themselves and the first volley hit Xan and dropped him in 2 seconds.

“Damn!” cursed Alan and he fired again at HK. However, the droid was ready this time and a semi-transparent reddish shield formed itself in a sphere around the droid. The laser bolts of Dale and Alan just bounced off the newly established shield. HK brought his mechanical right arm up and a panel opened up on his forearm. A small tube whirred into view and spat fire at the pair of smugglers. The flamethrower effectively set both Alan and Dale on fire, causing them to drop their blasters and run around in an excruciating hysteria, screaming and writhing, rolling on the ground, but the flames overcame them and they were nothing but charred corpses in the next few minutes.

“Stupid meatbags,” HK mumbled. He went up to Xan’s workbench and took the two datacards that contained his updated schematics. Inserting them in succession into a datapad, he quickly noted all the changes into his memory, and then took both the datacards in his metallic palm. Gears worked as HK’s palm closed into a hard, durasteel fist, effectively crushing the datacards to pieces. He opened his palm and let the splinters fall. Then he went up to the blasters that the smugglers had dropped and picked them up. Slinging both of them over his shoulder, he left the warehouse.

Diego Varen
07-22-2006, 02:12 PM
Another great Chapter. I wouldn't have given HK a new body, but I suppose it was for the best. I'm looking foward to more. Galactic Conquest Fics like yours aren't the type of Fics I write, so I might understand why you can't write anything else for the moment.

07-22-2006, 02:22 PM
Ah, things are starting to get interesting. I'm a little disapointed with a black frame, but it doesn't matter, because the rest looks good.
I was thinking of writing a fic called Masters of HK-47, but it would look too much like Jae's Adventures of Jolee Bindo, so I changed my mind.

Jason Skywalker
07-22-2006, 05:07 PM
A really good one, liked the way HK killed them. Pure HK-esque. But you seemed to forgot a thing. Or two. You forgot to put Query, Statement, etc in the last speech lines. Also, maybe he should have a Astromech Droid counterpart, if ya know what i'm saying. ;)

07-23-2006, 03:18 AM
i know about the query, statement and all the other things, they will be explained in the next chapter ;). he might not have an astromech droid counterpart, but he will meet someone else.

@ igyman: his frame is not totally black, it's black and rust red. i thought i would compromise :D

07-23-2006, 04:43 AM

A HK-fic! And a good one too! :D
*adds to must-read list*

07-23-2006, 11:23 AM
thanks, Ztalker. i hoped most of the forumites would like it :).
and FYI to all: i added a fic-image to the first chapter. check it out.

Jason Skywalker
07-23-2006, 12:01 PM
Not bad. Good for the fic though.

07-23-2006, 12:21 PM
i'll get the next chapter up in about an hour or two

07-23-2006, 12:58 PM
I just read the first two chapters and I find it to be particularly interesting. You have managaed to capture HK's murderous nature quite well though I hope to see some of the comedic versions. This looks like the makings of a good adventure. I see that you have spaced the dialogue and that's good. It's easier on the eyes. You did well at making indication of changes of scenery. Keep it up.

07-23-2006, 01:19 PM
Two words: Awe. Some. I can't wait for more. :D

07-23-2006, 02:35 PM
YAAAY! thanks a lot, JM12 and Hall. i aim to please :D
now if only the Chronicler herself would check this out, but i'm not forcing anyone.
sorry about the next chapter guys, but it'll be a bit delayed. i'm watching SmackDown :D

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A droid walking out alone on Nar Shaddaa is always bad news; for the droid, that is. HK was no different. Even the sight of the two blaster rifles slung on each shoulder of the restored assassin droid was not enough to scare away the most desperate types for money, hence, HK was in more than a few skirmishes with droid-nappers, as he would like to put it. After sticking the muzzle of his rifles into his umpteenth oppressor and pulling the trigger, he began to get annoyed. Then he stopped walking altogether.

Droids weren’t supposed to feel. They weren’t capable of feeling at all, and yet, here was HK, the galaxy’s most elite assassin droid, annoyance, and right now…confusion, HK recognized. He could not explain it; perhaps something had hit him in his never-ending encounters with salvagers. Feeling was entirely a new thing to him, and if he was programmed to shudder, he would have done so now. He suddenly had a thought and called up his updated plans. As his skimmed through the changes, another hopeful future-HK-owner came up behind him. HK’s droid sensors alerted him to the advance and the assassin droid turned around to face the attacker. It was a Rodian, a common alien species on the Smuggler’s Moon, secondly popular only to humans and Hutts.

“Go away, meatbag,” said HK and aimed the muzzles of his rifles at the Rodian. This was one of the cowardly types on whom intimidation worked wonders. The alien stumbled backwards and ran like heck away from HK. The droid, owing to his programming, felt that pulling the firing studs now and hearing the Rodian scream like his other oppressors would be a good comeback, but something in him stirred and he could not bring it upon himself to kill the alien. By now, his would-be target was already far away and HK dropped his arms to his sides again, totally at a loss, unable to explain why he, a sadistic, brutal and efficient killing machine, had failed to do what he did best. He returned to the skimming edits in his blueprints and programming, and got his answer. Had he been fitted with a jaw, it would have dropped two meters. He read Xan’s update note that was stored alongside the edited blueprints.

I have never come across a droid of this configuration before in the history of my engineering education and career. I have done extensive research on the Holo Net and have sufficient evidence that states that his droid was most probably a military unit present at the Battle of Koseyet on Mustafar. No doubt this is incredible news, as all the droids that played part in the battle were declared ‘damaged beyond repair’. I have finished the droid with a few upgrades from his older technology and placed all the best of each component in it. I have also resolved to use this model as my test subject for the “Droid Emotion Chip” that I have created. I have not recorded its installation location within the droid should this unit be captured or destroyed and somebody come across its memory core as my friends did. But owing to this chip, this droid is now fully capable of experiencing emotion at the same level as that of humans. This may be a pro or a con, depending on how the droid uses those emotions. I hope I’m around when this droid makes the news.
On a minor note, I have removed certain parts in its programming that required it to clarify the type of statement he was going to express.

HK was shocked, another new emotion that he had never experienced. And yet, due to the information stored in the Emotion Chip, he recognized it.

“Oh no!” HK said, distressed. “I’ve been meatbagized!”
************************************************** **********************
Eric Richard was also a frequent flyer to Nar Shaddaa, and in all his years of smuggling, he had never come across a droid standing all alone in the dark, seedy streets of the Smuggler’s Moon. Hence, when he came up to the black and red droid, holding a blaster rifle in each hand, staring out into open space, he was debating whether or not to shout at it to see if it was online. It was a silent night, so it was only natural that Eric nearly jumped out of his skin when the droid suddenly shouted in distress: something about a meatbag. No matter; he took a few steps backward and cautiously spoke.

“Excuse me?”

The droid turned its ice blue photoreceptors at him and they looked fearsome in the dark background.

“What do you want, meatbag?” it asked.

“Are you okay? Is your master around?” Eric asked quietly.

“Okay? Why yes, sentient, I am fine! I mean, I have just been reactivated to discover that I now possess the particulars of a meatbag! Would you like that?” the droid snapped.

“Calm down, droid,” said Eric. “What do you mean by ‘meatbag’?”

“I mean organic water-bodies such as yourself.”

“I see,” said Eric, undeterred. “Do you need help? Is your master around?”

“I am a fully independent droid now, meatbag,” said the droid and raised his blasters. “So don’t try to capture me like all the other idiots.”

“Easy there,” said Eric. “What are you going to do if you have human qualities and are independent?”

*For a meatbag, he caught on pretty quick*, thought HK.

“I was thinking of working as a mercenary, to do what I do best,” said the droid.

“Well,” said Eric. “I’m kind of a mercenary too. Do you want to join me?”

HK felt his emotion chip kicking in. He sort of admired this person. He had the definite coolness to his gait, but was resilient at the same time.

“Very well,” said HK. “I kind of like you anyway. What's your name?”

“I’m Eric Richard,” Eric replied and held out his hand. “Your model number?”

And he had that silly sense of humor too. HK took Eric’s hand and shok sharply twice. It was a curious incident, shaking hands with a droid.

“I am HK-47, professional assassin droid,” said HK. “I hope you’re not uncomfortable with that.”

Eric just chuckled and motioned for HK to follow him and they started walking.

“I’ve dealt with my fare share of assassins. Don’t worry about it.” He said.

Diego Varen
07-24-2006, 04:21 AM
Great Chapter. I like how you show HK's thoughts and feelings (Though he shouldn't have any, because he doesn't kill). Looking foward to more as always.

07-24-2006, 04:23 AM
:lol: meatbagized :lol:

Great stuff RC!

07-24-2006, 04:37 AM
thanks, guys. i tried really hard to make HK funny in that bit :D. glad to see i havent let you down :D.

Jason Skywalker
07-24-2006, 06:35 AM
Really cool chapter RC. That's pretty nasty at first, HK being meatbagized and no longer using Statement and Query, etc. I'm sure that will be good in the next chapters.

07-24-2006, 01:49 PM
I liked what happened to HK though I think it would have been much funnier if you left in the programming that indicates the type of statement. That's what makes it comical. HK being meatbagized :lol:
My version: Expletive: Dammit! I have been meatbagized!

07-25-2006, 05:52 AM
or it may have started with "Distress:" :D
thanks guys, next chapter will have a famous person from RotJ.

Diego Varen
07-25-2006, 05:54 AM
thanks guys, next chapter will have a famous person from RotJ.

Is it Luke?

07-25-2006, 06:05 AM
ah, well. the guy dies halfway through RotJ ;).
the person to come in my fic, that is. and he's not a human.

Diego Varen
07-25-2006, 06:12 AM
ah, well. the guy dies halfway through RotJ ;).
the person to come in my fic, that is. and he's not a human.

It must be a Droid then. R2-D2. And RC, you are joking about Luke's death aren't you?

07-25-2006, 07:33 AM
i was talking about the character's death, not luke's. i said that the person who is going to come in the next chapter will have died halfway through RotJ. i think we'd better lay off the guessing now, or a mod might swoop down on us.

07-25-2006, 07:36 AM
He wasn't talking about Luke. He was talking about the character that will appear in the fic, personally I think it's Yoda.

Jae Onasi
07-25-2006, 10:43 PM
“Oh no!” HK said, distressed. “I’ve been meatbagized!”

That was too funny.

I had a little bit of a tough time believing that the mercs 'forgot' about Xan when he was right in front of him, but that was the only thing that jumped out at me.

I thought the lines were funny and HK discovering he has feelings is an interesting twist.

07-26-2006, 05:24 AM
Thanks, Jae :)
The mercs didnt actually 'forget' that Xan was in the way, they just panicked and pulled the trigger. i mean, if you had a galaxy-wide famous assassin droid in front of you and you dont know it's intentions, anyone would do the same. poor Xan though.

07-26-2006, 04:06 PM
HK chided himself mentally for becoming so soft, but he couldn’t help it. He had never seen any ship as stunning as this other than the Ebon Hawk, which barely paralleled the beauty of the ship before him.

“My ship,” said Eric, more to show-off than anything else, because it was quite obvious that it was his. “The Scorcher. It’s a YT-2000 Corellian freighter.”

“I have never trained my photoreceptors on a ship for this much time before,” said HK with a tone of awe. “Is the interior as good?”

“Why don’t you find out?” said Eric with a grin, indicating the lowered ramp.

They made their way into the ship and Eric showed HK about the ship. As they entered the ramp, in front of HK was a closed door, and similarly, to his right and left there was a door each. All three were cramped tight. Eric opened the side doors and identified it to HK as the bunks. He shut them and opened the door right in front to reveal a ladder heading up into the ship. Eric went up without trouble. HK looked at the ladder for some time, wondering whether his body frame would allow for climbing structures.

He shrugged in a semi-robotic manner and closed his fingers around a rung. He brought his right foot up, and started climbing. HK had never done anything like that before and was significantly pleased when he reached the main deck. He stepped off the ladder and followed Eric to two huge compartments which were the ship’s cargo bays, both of which contained an airlock. To the right of the ladder, Eric introduced the lounge, the engine monitor and a pair of extra bunks.

Eric then led HK down the hall to the escape pod room, and further down to the cockpit. Everything was state-of-the-art and was no doubt very difficult to manage alone, unless one had incredible engineering skills. Eric apparently had, because HK spotted several non-YT components in the cockpit panels, indicating that Eric had carried out many modifications.

HK was led back to the central ladder and they climbed upward on last time to the upper deck. This was mostly a backup storage and construction and repair area. HK spotted a small R2 astromech droid in the repair room, no doubt to help Eric out in modifying the ship. Eric didn’t consider it much of a friend, though, because it was kept on standby. HK caught sight of a droid recharge station and a workbench in the same room and heaved a silent, droid-sigh of relief.

All this was not done in silence of course. HK constantly remarked on the beauty of the ship and the elegance of several rooms, especially the cockpit. He accessed his system diagnostics and they indicated that Xan, his rebuilder, had put in just enough power into the droid to keep him going for a few hours. His energy supply was running low.

“If you don’t mind, Eric,” began HK, laying down his blasters on the workbench. “Id like to spend some time recharging.”

“Okay,” said Eric. “You can stay for the duration of the trip if you want.”

“One more thing,” said HK. “Where are we going?”

“Tatooine. I have a shipment to deliver to Jabba the Hutt.”
************************************************** **********************
HK had not forgotten how horrid the planet could be. That was the only downside of his well-protected memory core. It remembered too many details. As he stepped out from the cool, climate controlled air of the Scorcher into the arid atmosphere of the desert covered Tatooine, Eric’s ship’s name took on a whole new meaning. The temperature of his chassis sky-rocketed within minutes and sand was already starting to get into his foot servomotors.

“Eric,” he began. “Couldn’t you have docked directly in this Jabba’s hangars?”

“The mud-worm doesn’t have a hangar fit for anything other than ground vehicles,” said Eric simply as they trudged through the small settlement of Mos Eisley.

*I really do like him now,* thought HK as he followed Eric into a speeder rental shop.

“Well,” began HK when Eric asked him what he thought of his selection. “At least you chose a closed-top speeder.”

The smuggler chuckled and they got into their rented speeder. Eric worked the controls like a pro and they shot out into the desert.
************************************************** **********************
<I had asked for 20 kilos, not 15!> whined Jabba the Hutt. HK had a very strong desire to shove his blaster down the fat slug’s throat and empty the power pack into the Hutt’s guts, but he held himself in check. There were many meatbags flanking the fat crime lord and it would become a problem if their boss was eliminated.

But HK could deal with that. He was thinking about his new blaster rifle. The one he’d constructed from scratch aboard the Scorcher. HK would not like to get any of the Hutt’s slime on that piece of delicate machinery. No, the rifle deserved much more. He held himself in check only out of caring for his blaster. And partly also for his new friend.

“You have a problem with that, you can talk to Garda,” said Eric, standing his ground bravely. “He has a far worse temper than you and I’d much rather keep him happy than you.”

<We had a deal and you broke it!> bellowed the Hutt in his native tongue. Jabba never did care about speaking anything else to his bounty hunters.

“No, Garda broke it. You should have contacted him and told him to give me 20 kilos of spice rather than 15,” said Eric calmly. “I thought you had that much common sense.”

<You should have told him that I sent you.>

“What? You think I’ve got your brain? That was the first thing I said to him. He’s not very afraid of you, I can say.”

The Hutt slumped in resignation, although it looked like he was compressing himself vertically and bloated out his sides much more.

<Very well. But I’ll pay you only 90% of the agreed sum.> said Jabba. Eric opened his mouth to protest, but Jabba cut him off.

<But, if you can deliver a few crates of contraband and explosives to Troka the Hutt on Onderon, then I’ll pay you fifteen thousand credits plus the 10% I cut you off.>

Eric appeared to think about it, then nodded.

“Fine, but if your friend cuts on his deal like you did, I’ll bring both of you to your senses the hard way.”

Eric apparently wasn’t afraid of Jabba like the others were. Jabba just laughed and waved.

<I’ll order my men to begin loading up your speeder.>

Eric nodded, then turned and walked off. HK followed him, but stopped short at the doorway to listen to what Jabba was now saying to his aide, Bib Fortuna.

<Load his speeder, all right,> said Jabba, only now he was speaking Ubese instead of Huttese. HK’s databanks allowed him to understand, though.

<But tell the troops in the hangar to blast the little runt. We’ll give the assignment to Boba instead,> indicating the Mandalorian mercenary, Boba Fett, who stood off to one side, talking to another bounty hunter.

<What about the droid?> Fortuna replied in an accented Ubese.

<Wipe its memory. We can use it for our own purposes.>

Fortuna nodded and took out a comlink to convey his boss’ orders. HK walked out of the room inconsequentially, but inside, his logic circuits worked furiously. He didn’t want Eric to be killed. No, he had become too much of HK’s friend to allow that to happen. And anyway, he couldn’t end up being ordered around by a slug like that! It was demeaning. As soon as HK was out of earshot and sight of everyone in Jabba’s throne room, HK broke into a gear-whirring metallic run to catch up with Eric. He caught sight of the man near the turbolift, waiting casually for HK to arrive.

“Where were you?” Eric asked as they got into the lift and he called up the hangar levels.

“No time to explain right now,” replied HK as he took his blaster rifle off safety. “Warm up your blaster and stay ready.”

One didn’t ignore warnings and stand around asking stupid questions if one was an experienced smuggler. Eric nodded and raised his blaster to a ready position, also removing the safety. While he clearly looked bewildered, he was totally alert when the turbolift doors hissed open and the shooting began.

Diego Varen
07-26-2006, 04:16 PM
HK climbing ladders eh? That's a new one. Another good Chapter and I liked the descriptions too.

07-26-2006, 05:50 PM
So Jabba was the RoTJ character you were talking about. Nice work.

Jason Skywalker
07-26-2006, 05:57 PM
Nice one. OMG, HK is feeling! You're really making this good. Also, what timeline is this? How much ABY?

Diego Varen
07-26-2006, 06:01 PM
Nice one. OMG, HK is feeling! You're really making this good. Also, what timeline is this? How much ABY?

Read the first post. It was 2.5 years ABY. Which means that this is set before TESB. Am I right RC? Halfway in between ANH and TESB, because TESB is five years after ANH.

07-26-2006, 08:05 PM
Nice Chapter. I am still getting used to the fact that HK doesn't do his Statement: ... thingy. That's what made him funny. Still his entanglement with Jabba the Hutt should be very interesting. By the way, Jabba speaks Huttese.

07-27-2006, 05:03 AM
i know, but he does know a couple other languages, including Basic. he spoke in ubese so that if Eric was listnening on, he wouldnt understand what was up.
thanks for the replys guys! :)

07-27-2006, 03:25 PM
Oh I see. Well I look forward to another round of HK and meatbags. BTW I have some new chapters up too.

08-07-2006, 02:56 AM
Stealth on Onderon was basically just hiding your face. Nobody bothered searching up the ship registries as Iziz had such a huge spaceport. HK-47 and Eric had snuck out of their ship after landing around midnight local time. So far, they had met with no problems. The locals were too busy with their own problems to give attention to a smuggler wrapped in a cloak and an unknown-configuration droid trudging along behind him at a safe distance. HK did get the occasionally glances, however, but the eyes watching him quickly went back to what they were doing.

Eric came up to the wall of Troka the Hutt’s building and leaned against it, waiting for HK. Once the latter showed up, Eric started on the topic of how to get in.

“You mean you didn’t have a plan?” said HK incredulously. “What were you doing on the ship?”

“Sleeping,” said Eric in a matter-of-fact tone. “Try using your scanners to locate a secret exit.”

“Secret exit?” mirrored HK. “What makes you think there’s a secret exit?”

“The owner of this building is a Hutt and the local government is not all that bad,” replied Eric.

“Ah,” said HK, understanding fully now and deploying his scanners. “I get it.”

The droid scanned the full face of the wall which he was facing right then, after which, he started moving along the wall, scanner working diligently.

“Yes, there it is,” he said after a few minutes at it and pointed at a blank section of wall that looked exactly the same as those around it.

“You got it?” asked Eric as he moved closer to examine the wall.

“No, I just spotted a womp rat,” said HK, his vocal tone thick with electronic sarcasm.

“Yeah, yeah. Where’s the door? I cant even spot the crease.”

HK came up to Eric and pointed his blaster rifle at the ground.

“The door is down there, not in the wall.”

“Can you get it open?” Eric asked.

“No, I cant. Maybe we should go back to the ship,” HK said, already moving up to the wall

Eric rolled his eyes as HK brought out a compact fusioncutter from a pouch he had slung across his torso and began to slice a subtle square into the wall face. Upon removing the plate, he was greeted by a mess of wires. HK was not deterred by the colourful display and proceeded to snip a few wires and reconnect them in different ways. Suddenly, the ground under them lurched and they dropped like stones.

For the first 100 meters, the platform seemed a fixed distance under them as they dropped into the ever-expanding chasm. Eventually, though, it slowed down a notch at a time and Eric and HK were able to put their feet on the dropping floor. Suddenly, it stopped as if it had hit a phirk wall and Eric felt his body telescope.

“I will blast that meatbag Hutt if any of my circuits are damaged,” mumbled HK as he tried to pick himself up. He did so with the help of his advanced programming and his new and supple joints.

“I’m gonna blast him anyway,” commented Eric cheerily as they stepped through into the dull basement. Or at least that was what Eric thought it was. He spotted a huge turbolift inside the room and went up to it. Thankfully, this one didn’t drop like a stone but rose, just quick enough.

“The Hutt sure likes turbolifts,” he commented as the turbolift slid up the shaft and stopped at the base floor. The pair of them got out into what looked like a lobby, as there was a Gran receptionist at a well worn desk seated beside a big door. Apparently he had been working a lot, for his attitude was edgy.

“What do you want?” he demanded.

“To see Troka the Hutt,” replied Eric. “I have a shipment for him.”

He indicated the parcel he was carrying.

“He’s busy right now. Come back later,” said the Gran in an irritated tone. That was all HK would take, however. He brought up his blaster, took the safety off and set it from ‘stun’ to ‘kill’.

“You have a choice, meatbag,” HK said, pointing his blaster at the Gran. “Either you open the door and remain in one piece, or we blast you and pass through the door anyway.”

All the three eyes of the Gran widened and he touched a button on his desk in alarm. Eric suspected that he was calling the guards, but instead, the big doors to the side of the Gran’s desk began to work its way open. As soon as it was wide enough, Eric walked into Troka the Hutt’s throne room, followed closely by HK.

<Ah, Eric Richard,> said the Hutt in greeting. <Why do you never check in at the front doors?>

“Didn’t feel like it,” said Eric with a shrug. He placed the parcel at the base of the Hutt’s repulsor-couch.

“Top grade plastic explosive, as promised,” said Eric. “Jabba promised me fifteen thousand credits.”

Troka called forward one of his guards and ordered him to check the parcel. For some reason, HK stiffened and his photoreceptors were trained on the parcel. The guard, a Gammorean, was not very bright and it took him four tries to get the corner of the parcel off. He pinched some of the explosive between his fingers and held it out to the Hutt. Troka was seemingly satisfied and told his aide to bring the payment.

<It’s a pity, though,> began the Hutt. <I’ll have to take the fifteen thousand back as soon as I hand it to you.>

“Keep dreaming, fatso,” said Eric lazily. The Hutt made his men bring their guns to bear with a sweeping motion of his thick arm.

<This is your payback for the insult, Richard,> said the Hutt, but Eric wasn’t deterred.

“Just one thing, though,” he said, as Troka’s aide came up to him and handed him a bag containing fifteen thousand credits. Eric pocketed it and continued talking.

“Can I know why you want to kill me?” he asked? “Is it because I insult you so much? Or is it because I steal all your ladies away?”

<Neither,> replied the Hutt. <I only really care about my business, and youre becoming too ‘loud’ with your deliveries.>

“Loud?” repeated Eric. “What's that supposed to mean?”

<It means you aren’t careful enough with your deliveries,> said Troka. <You somehow manage to tip off the cops and they swoop down here and take my money away. Because of you, Jabba and I lost two million credits in spice the last time.>

“Well,” said Eric. “It’s not my fault that you forgot to bribe the port officials.”

<Let’s assume it’s your fault, then,> said Troka. <Any last words?>

This time, HK kicked in.

“Yes, meatbag,” he began before Eric could reply. “Get a breath freshener. My olfactory circuits are going to overheat.”

The Hutt roared in anger and Eric and HK brought their blasters up to a ready position.

<KILL THEM!> the Hutt bellowed, and obediently, his guards started shooting streams of laserfire at Eric and his droid companion.

HK was proving to Eric more why he was the Galaxy’s most feared assassination droid. HK extended his arm and began firing the blaster single handedly. A normal person would miss an average of 4 shots out of 5 because of the natural recoil, but HK’s firm metallic fingers held the blaster in place and fired with incredible accuracy. He dropped four guards with four shots, the ones that were in front of the door. Without them, an escape route for them was cleared.

“Come on!” shouted Eric over the din of battle. He motioned at the door and broke into a run, blasting anybody that got in his path. HK dropped two more guards and ran behind Eric, with the remaining guards in steaming pursuit. Eric and HK ran into the emergency turbolift and slapped the basement button and they began to drop back to the secret exit. The moment they got out of the turbolift however, they were greeted by a pair of Gammorreans with vast waraxes. One took a swing at Eric, but the latter ducked and sent a stream of blaster fire into the Gammorrean’s abdomen. The fat creature dropped dead in a few seconds.

However, HK wasn’t as lucky as Eric. The Gammorrean’s axe caught HK’s left forearm and severed two wires, effectively dropping the arm dead.

“Damn you, meatbag,” said HK, bothered more about his arm than the looming pig-creature before him. HK’s right forearm panel slid open and he let loose a flamethrouwer volley. They could hear the painful shrieks and grunts of the Gammorrean as they made their way to the exit lift. As soon as they were on it, however, they realized it had no button to activate it. They tried speaking to it, looking around for wires and various other things. Finally, Eric jumped on the floor, hard, in frustration; and telescoped again as the exit lift zoomed up.

“It appears that the lift is activated by the Hutt’s body weight,” said HK. “Upon observation, I would assume his minimum weight was at least a hundred and five kilograms, which would require a force of one thousand and twenty-nine newtons on the floor.

Eric whistled.

“I put that much force on the floor?” he asked.

“With the help of the force my body was already exerting, Eric,” said HK.

The turbolift stopped and they wasted no time in making a beeline for the spaceport. Just as they reached the entrance, though, Eric stopped and looked back.

“Aww, man!” he moaned. “I forgot to blast the Hutt!”

“Don’t worry, Eric,” said HK. “I’ve got something better.”

He took a small remote out of his pouch and handed it to Eric. The latter spotted only one button on the device and pushed it without thinking. In the distance, where there was once Troka the Hutt’s palace, was now a raging fireball as the building blew up.

“No kidding,” said Eric, a lopsided grin on his face. “Where’d you put the bomb?”

“In the ‘goo’,” replied HK cheerfully as they made their way back to the Scorcher.

08-07-2006, 02:59 AM
sorry it took so much time, but since i'm doing two fics at once, i'm trying to go slow and steady so i dont die of mismanagement :p. enjoy!

Diego Varen
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Good Chapter RC, nice comeback. I like the new Avatar and Sig as well. Anyway, HK has really lost it.

"Maybe we should go back to the ship"

I hope he gets his old self back soon. Looking foward to more. Also I know how you feel about doing more than one Fic. That nearly ruined me, I hope it doesn't happen to you.

08-07-2006, 05:30 AM
Nice one, RC and a word of advice (this depends on how much time you have for it, though): I know I'm new to writing fanfics, but I find it's better to write the entire fic before you post chapters. You may want to finish at least one of them before you continue posting, if nothing else, you'll be able to concentrate on each of them more if you aren't writing them simultaneously, otherwise I guess it can get very confusing when you write. And you can always edit your next chapters before you post them, which I think is a lot easier if you've already written them, instead of instantly thinking of an altered story in your mind and putting it on virtual paper. :)

Jason Skywalker
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I really like that one. HK dropped the bomb! :xp:

And i agree with Pottsie, cool new av and sig.

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thanks fellas! :)
and i like the sig a lot myself :D

@ Pottsie: he was being sarcastic about that, as usual ;)

@ iggy: well, i have the story written in a short form (very, very short form) in a planning notebook that i keep. ever since i started using a notebook to plan out my fics, writing has been easy going for me, so i shouldnt have much of a problem, but i still write the two fics after at least a day's gap between the last chapter that i wrote, so that i don't confuse the plots and dialogues.

Jae Onasi
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"Yes meatbag...get a breath freshener..."
Too funny. It's a fun story to read.

@igyman--I actually got some really good ideas from people when I posted it a chapter at a time. I tried some different things based on some of those comments and they made it a better story. I couldn't write the whole thing and then post it--it'd be way too long for people to read all at one time and make comments.

08-07-2006, 12:56 PM
You, misunderstood me, Jae, I didn't mean post the entire fic at once, I meant write all the chapters somewhere before you post, that way you've already done most of your work and you only need to fine tune your remaining chapters based on the readers' comments on the first few posted chapters.

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LOL!! I was laughing when HK decided to spout his comment at the most inopportune moment. I actually got a few stares. Well I guess HK still has his sense of humor. I liked this entanglement and I am sure HK does as well since he gets to blast some meatbags in the process.

08-08-2006, 02:04 AM
thank you all! i'm still trying to make HK the classic comic relief of KotOR and i'd say i'm doing pretty well :D.
and remember when i said the Rebellion will play a minor part in this? well, make it major ;)

09-21-2006, 03:20 PM
Eric sat in the lounge aboard the Scorcher and contemplated his next move. As he sat there thinking, HK walked in, minus his customary blaster and plus a screwdriver. He sat down next to Eric and got to work on his left arm.

“So, what now?” HK asked as he carefully removed the panel and began replacing the severed wires. “Any plans for the future?”

Eric scoffed and leaned back in a relaxed pose, though he was still thinking hard.

“I doubt I can get good dough as a smuggler anymore,” he said. “Jabba used to tpay the highest. The other rates are so low, I might as well deliver them on foot.”

He fell silent for a while, then his face lit up as he remembered something.

“There’s one person I know,” he said, and looked up at HK to observe the droid distractedly. “He apparently helped in the destruction of the Death Star.”

HK paused and looked up, waiting.

“He was one of my teenage buddies, Han Solo,” Eric said, a fain smile on his face. “Apparently he’s with the Rebel Alliance now.”

“So you plan to join him?” HK asked as he finished connecting the last wire and started fusion-welding his damaged forearm plate.

“Not as active or deep in as he is, of course,” Eric said. “Maybe just as a shipper. They pay well and I'll be doing something worthwhile as well.”

“Whatever you say,” said HK skeptically. “Any idea where to start?”

“Han once gave me a holocomm unit,” Eric said vaguely. “He told me to leave him a message if I needed him. I doubt he still has it, but it’s our best bet to searching all the isolated planetary systems in the Galaxy.”
************************************************** **********************
Eric occasionally regretted that message he had left to Han and this was one of those moments. The icy winds of Hoth nipped at the exposed bits of his face, pinking the flesh. He sneezed violently and sniffed.

“I hate this place,” he muttered to HK, who was standing beside him and was covered in a thin layer of ice. “Did I mention that?”

HK sighed and electronic sigh and nodded.

“My memory banks recorded you saying that phrase one hundred and seventeen times since we landed here initially.”

Eric rolled his eyes and sneezed again.

“It was a rhetorical question.”

“And I gave you a rhetorical answer,” HK replied. “The actual figure is much larger.”

Eric chuckled. Or he might have even been shivering, you could never tell when someone was under that much clothing.

“Let’s go back inside,” he suggested, followed by another sneeze. “Before I catch a serious cold.”

They made their way inside to Eric’s ship and boarded the warm, temperature-manipulated vessel.

“Ahh, I love this warmth,” Eric exclaimed as he pulled off his various coats, thermals and other items of clothing.

Eric and HK had been working for the Rebel Alliance as cargo shippers for the past 6 months. They were making urgent deliveries to Hoth for supplies like construction materials, food, first aid, and so on, punctuated by the occasional race with Han’s Millennium Falcon, which both of them won in turns. Eric wasn’t a very big fan of the climate, but the finances were good and steady, so he decided to live with it. Just as he slumped on his couch and was about to switch on the HoloNet, an alarm blared through the large hangar. It was instantly annoying and irritated Eric, but he kept his calm realizing it was a Red Alert. He pulled his winter wear back on in a hurry and ran out, to see a group of suited up pilots in a circle around Princess Leia. Eric hurried over and listened to her briefing. Just as she was done and everyone dispersed, however, one of the Lieutenants came up to him and cleared his confusion.

“Sir, would you mind gunning for one of our snowspeeders?” he asked Eric. “We need one more man.”

“What’s going on?” Eric asked.

“The Imperials have attacked, sir, and they’ve landed five AT-ATs,”

09-21-2006, 03:22 PM
it's a bit shorter, as compared to my other chapters, but i had to get in gear. thankfully, winning two trophies motivated me enough :D. man, vacation kills!
anyway, please post your comments. enjoy! :)

Jason Skywalker
09-21-2006, 03:27 PM
Yeah, you didn't post a chapter in MONTHS! Anywho, good chapter, and nice seeing Eric saying the phrase about that amount of time. :D

Diego Varen
09-21-2006, 03:33 PM
Finally a Chapter. I swear HK himself was getting impatient. I'm looking foward to more. BTW, the Chapter was good.

09-21-2006, 03:48 PM
thanks fellas! i'll begin work on the next chapter on saturday.

09-21-2006, 04:12 PM
Ah, so the saga of the Statement/Query/etc prefix free version of HK-47 continues. :D Glad to see a new chapter. Keep it up.

09-22-2006, 11:26 AM
Stop teasing igyman. RC that was a good chapter. You give good descriptin as to the surroundings and what Eric is feeling in terms of being out of work and workng in a snow covered world. I still miss the prefixes on HK but a bigger question came to mind: What does C3PO think of the assassination droid? I would think HK and R2 would get along as much as HK and T3. Good job. I was wondering if you forgot about this fic.

09-23-2006, 06:05 AM
thanks guys. unfortunately, my brain had clogged up. i'm cleaning and getting abck to work now. :)

09-29-2006, 05:44 AM
“Don’t take your eyes off this screen,” instructed pilot Tycho Celchu, the Rebel Eric had been assigned to for this battle. “There’s an optic fiber mounted at the tip of your harpoon gun, so you’ll be seeing what it’s seeing. When I give the command, use it, whatever the purpose may be.”

Eric nodded once and moved the controls around to get a feel of them.

“I hear you, sir,” he said and buckled himself into his rear-facing gunner seat. Tycho nodded and did the same with his. In a few minutes, they were streaking through the frigid, buffeting winds of Hoth.

“Rogue Squadron,” a voice rang through the comm. “This is Commander Skywalker. I need half of you to tackle those walkers with me and the rest of you to take out all the AT-STs you encounter. You’ll find several to the two o’clock position.”

Tycho was an temporary inductee into Rogue Squardon for this fight and was also among the pilots that broke off and headed for the AT-ST forces harassing the escaping Rebels.

Tycho’s lasers fired in rapid fire mode and several AT-STs were destroyed before they knew what hit them. The survivors turned the chicken-shaped heads at the advancing Snowspeeders and a few of them managed some badly aimed shots before taking fatal blows from the Speeders’ cannons.

“These are too easy,” commented Eric. “Are you sure they aren’t diversions?”

In the next second, Tycho’s comm shouted out a piece of advise in Luke Skywalker’s voice.

“That armor is too strong for blasters,” Luke said. “Rogue Group, use your harpoons and tow cables, go for the legs. It’s the only gamble we’ve got.”

“You may be right,” Tycho said to Eric as he tore off his present course and spun around in a wide u-turn back toward the AT-AT vs Snowspeeder fracas.

Just as the duo caught sight of the first AT-AT’s hulking body frame, Wedge’s voice crackled over the comm,
“Cable out, let ‘er go!”

A second later, one of the five advancing walkers tripped. Tycho and Eric watched as the large terror-weapon of the Empire sank to its knees, then bodily to the ground, exposing it’s vulnerable neck. A pair of Snowspeeders swooped down and with a few well-placed shots, turned the downed behemoth into a pile of rubble. The comm was suddenly filled with whoops and war cries.

Eager to try out the new trick, several pilots went for the tactic. Many misaligned their shots, causing the harpoons to go wide. Several others were shot at. One lucky potshot from General Maxmillan Veers’ walker caught Hobbie’s snowspeeder and the fighter began to lurch out of control. Black smoke was trailing it and Hobbie seemed to be recklessly heading for the ‘head’ of said walker.

“What the heck is he doing?” said Eric, shocked.

“Eh, typical Hobbie,” said Tycho casually as he fired at the visor of one of the nearer AT-ATs. “Watch the finale.”

Eric kept his eyes glued to the front-view screen at his side and watched as, at the last possible moment, Hobbie’s canopy blasted open and a pair of T-47 Snowspeeder seats came flying out.

“That’s how he got his nickname,” explained Tycho as he brought the speeder down and headed for the legs of the walker.

“Ah, does that a lot, I guess,” Eric said, relieved that Hobbie at least knew what he was doing.

“Ready,” said Tycho suddenly, all business. Eric obeyed and vigilantly checked his scopes. “Activate harpoon!”

The leg of the AT-AT came into clear view and Eric pulled the trigger of his gun. The unit shuddered and a sharp, long harpoon shot out of the barrel, trailing a thick, strong cable made of titanium alloy. The speeder swerved as Tycho maneuvered the fighter in tight loops around the walkers’ legs.

“Cable out,” Tycho said and Eric cut the cord that was whipping out, winding around the walker’s legs. The gigantic machine took another step, and went crashing down as it’s comrade had a few minutes ago.

“Good shot, Eric,” congratulated Tycho.

Just as they were heading for another walker, General Rieekan issued an order through the comm.

“All non-Rogue Squadron pilots return to base and board the transports or use your ships immediately. The final stages of evac are in progress. Get going.”

“I guess that mean us,” Tycho said as he broke off the run and headed to base.

“Aww,” said Eric, feigning disappointment. “I was just getting started.”

“You still have time, hotshot,” Tycho said with a chuckle as he cut power to the engines and brought the speeder to rest in the freezing hangars of the Echo base. The pair got out of their fighter, shook hands with a parting farewell, and walked their respective ways.

09-29-2006, 05:46 AM
excuse the shortness again, but as i said earlier, i'm just getting back into the groove, and i've been suffering from cases of depression too, so, yeah.
HK isn't there in this chapter, but he'll be there in the next one. this was mostly flight combat and HK firing a harpoon would have looked lame.

Jason Skywalker
09-29-2006, 07:59 AM
Yeah, he would have simply get out of the Snowspeeder and shoot the heck out of the meatbags. :xp: Good chapter although.

09-29-2006, 01:04 PM
Good chapter. If you ask me, the length is good, it's not too short. Keep it up.

Diego Varen
09-29-2006, 01:57 PM
Good chapter. If you ask me, the length is good, it's not too short. Keep it up.

And it's not too long either. Good Chapter. I'm looking foward to more.

09-29-2006, 03:14 PM
thanks guys. the next chapter might take some time as my exams are coming up, so i may not be here often enough to check your fics that much either, just telling.

09-29-2006, 03:42 PM
That was nice. I like how you incorporated parts of ESB into your fic. You read my mind because I think the two-legged walkers looked like chickens. My brother calls them chicken legs. That goes to show you what we think. Good job but what of HK?

09-30-2006, 04:19 AM
he's in Echo Base. i decided to follow your advise and show him interacting with 3PO. i hope you enjoy it when it comes ;).

Diego Varen
12-05-2006, 02:05 PM
Sorry to resurrect an old Thread, but RC, are anymore Chapters going to be written for this or Galactic Conquest II?

12-06-2006, 11:03 AM
yes, its finally here. now, as a warning, let me tell you that this is the first time im writing since maybe...5 weeks, so please excuse any crappiness and i want everyone to be extra critical on this chapter to get my sorry writing a$$ back into shape. and take this as a gift to you , JM12, iggy and Pottsie :)


“Oh hello,” rattled a golden protocol droid as it approached HK. “Nice to see another droid here.”

“Then what do you call this R2 unit trailing behind you?” HK asked, in a mood for some fun. “A trash can on wheels?”

R2 beeped violently and rocked sideways.

“Shut up you silly little droid,” HK snapped.

“Really, there’s no need to be rude. We were just trying to be friends.” C-3PO complained.

“Really?” said HK, humoring the protocol droid. “Well, do you enjoy using one of these?” He held up his custom made blaster.

“Goodness me, no!” exclaimed 3PO in a shocked tone.

“Do you even know how to use it?” HK asked.

“I have never handled a weapon in my duration of service, and I certainly don’t plan to do so. I am a protocol droid with the primary purpose of human-cyborg relations. I speak in over…”

“Want to be friends? Learn to shoot meatbags.” HK interjected and walked away, mechanically chuckling to himself. He walked up the entry ramp of the Scorcher and climbed up to his workshop level and got to work on lubricating his ice covered joints.

“You certainly have a way with other droids,” came a voice from the main deck.

“What a prissy droid that was.” HK replied. “It's self-possessed protocol droids like them that give the whole droid community a bad name.”

“I’m not going to ask how,” Eric replied from below as the engines warmed up to prep for take-off. “Hold on tight.”

In three minutes, the ship’s computer listed all systems as go and the YT-2000 lifted out of the icy hangar and blasted into the air.

“Well, where to now?” HK asked as he marched into the cockpit where Eric was checking to see that no systems were affected by the climate on Hoth.

“Since I’m not an officer in their army, the Rebels decided not to make me privy to their newest hiding place. And knowing their taste, they probably might pick another extreme like Mustafar, or Tatooine. I’d like to die of a ripe old age, and not due to weather based causes.”

“So after six months of ‘worthwhile work’ as you put it, can we finally get back to blasting meatbags and giant slugs?” HK asked hopefully.

“Credits are the determinants, HK, not just target practice.” Eric said. “While I don’t consider myself a bad shot, I wouldn’t kill someone just for the fun of it.”

“You really disappoint me, Eric,” HK said, looking down and shaking his head. “I expected a great deal of brutality from you, seeing how you dealt with all the Hutts we met.”

Eric laughed and went back to his computer screens.

“Sometimes I can never tell if you’re serious or otherwise.” He retorted. “Anyway, you’re the assassination droid. What job would you suggest that’s high paying and yet you still get to kill ‘meatbags,’ as you put it?”

HK was silent for a few seconds, as if he was thinking, or, in his case, consulting databanks, and then replied,
“Bounty hunting.”

“What?” Eric looked up. “I’ll be eaten for breakfast by the likes of Boba Fett, Bossk and IG-88”

“Boba Fett is a Mandalorian, and the time I was created, the Mandalorians were the losers. I know what their weaknesses are, that will not be a problem. Bossk is a mere carnivore, throw a juicy bantha steak in his way and his target is forgotten. IG-88 is a primitive collection of metal and wires.” HK replied confidently.

“But I don’t know Fett’s weaknesses, I don’t have a juicy bantha steak, and IG-88 has killed a lot of civilians for a ‘pile of metal and wires’. Do you want me to commit suicide?”

“You forget that I am a top-of-the-line assassin droid, Eric. I enjoy the work, and you get the pay. Everyone wins.”

“Except for the poor fellow that gets into your targeting scope,” Eric mumbled thoughtfully. “All right, bounty hunting it is, but you do the hunting. I’ll just collect the bounties, I’d rather have a relatively clean conscience.”

“Ah. Humans have such weak staminas. Perhaps you should watch more gory holovids.”

“No thanks, I prefer to keep my meals in my stomach.” Eric replied.

“Tsk Tsk. All that potential, wasted.”

“You are one oddly amusing droid, HK.” Eric commented as he got up and headed to his bunks.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” HK replied as he prepared to power down in the cargo hold. He slung his blaster around his metal neck and with a final self-systems check, powered down to standby more, his ice-blue photoreceptors dimming gradually till the whole cargo hold was filled with darkness.

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It's... alive!! Seriously, I'm glad that this fic wasn't forgotten, but it was a long pause. As for the chapter (you said you wanted criticism), it was... *the moment of anxious anticipation* good. Not many things happened, but the dialogues were very nicely done. When it comes to spelling, I only noticed one tiny mistake - a missing apostrophe at the beginning of HK's comment on protocol droids (the one with self-obsessed in it).

12-06-2006, 01:43 PM
well, thats pretty well done for a comeback, i would say. thanks all! stay tuned.

12-06-2006, 06:21 PM
RC is alive again. Great chapter. That conversation with Goldenrod and R2 was amuzing though I think HK would have been better off calling R2 a bucket of bolts. Still glad to see that he kept the meatbag phrases. His logic concerning Mandalorians and humans is amusing. Glad you're back and keep at it.

12-07-2006, 09:47 AM
thanks, JM12, i'm working on the next chapter now. i'll just proof read it and post it maybe today evening or tomorrow morning.

12-07-2006, 01:34 PM
The Trandoshan looked unsatisfied as he sized up the person standing in front of him. He looked to be thinking, which was rare for his species. Tarrk was the officer in charge of getting new recruits for the League of Independent Bounty Hunters.

“You don’t look like bounty hunter material to me,” said the Trandoshan. “Maybe a desk job on Cosuscant will give you all the excitement you need.”

“Looks can be deceiving,” Eric growled, making his voice as deep as he could and scowling. “Give me a shot and I’ll prove it to you.”

“Besides,” chimed HK. “I am the most advanced piece of kit that a meatbag brain could develop. The two of us are an excellent team.”

“Whatever you say,” said Tarrk, still unconvinced. “I’ll hand you your first assignment, but first you need to place your thumbprint on a statement that absolves the LIBH of any harm you may come across.”

“Alright,” Eric agreed, and placed his thumb on the datapad that Tarrk handed to him, but not without carefully reading the fine print first.

“Okay, so here’s your first target: a Rodian named Fargo,” said the Trandoshan as he handed them a datapad with all the information they would need about the target’s lifestyle. “He owns a private AI software company on Corellia and lately he’s been sending artificially intelligent R2 units and other such models to us in an attempt to record our secrets to sell to the Bounty Hunters Guild: a rival community. Your mission is to take him out and wipe his personal computer of all plans, research files and anything related to the work of AI. Good luck.”

“Thank you,” replied Eric, taking the pad and glancing through it. “How do we contact you once the job is done?”

“Set your broadwave transmitter to the frequency listed in your pad and send four signals through that. Once done, somebody from our group will meet you here on Polis Massa. You will receive your payment once you give us a bit of proof of your kill.”

“Alright, we’ll set off now.” Eric said with a nod. Tarrk nodded back and walked off. Eric and HK did likewise towards their ship.
************************************************** **********************
Corellia was a very nice place to be in if you were interested in pleasure instead of business, but the Hunter Killer droid and his smuggler companion were now fixed on locating a certain Rodian named Fargo.

“So, where do you reckon we should start?” Eric asked HK as they walked through the urban streets.

“I need a computer terminal. Once I get my hands on one, nobody can hide from me,” replied HK.

“Trouble is, we can’t just walk into a HoloNet Café and hope to hack into the databases of private companies. We’ll be tracked in no time.”

“There are plenty of homes around here, I should believe?” HK suggested.

“I’m not gonna break into anyone’s house.”

“It’s the cheapest and easiest way of getting what we need. If we get traced, the person who lives there gets caught.”

“Yes, and we ruin the life of someone we don’t even know.”

“Life is like that. It’s a hunt or be hunted galaxy.”

“You must be getting some perverse pleasure in saying that, aren’t you?” Eric said as he looked around.

“As you say,” HK waved it away. “Shall I deploy my scanners and find a vacated spot?”

“Okay,” Eric finally agreed and watched as HK’s photoreceptors flashed alternatively between blue and green and the droid swiveled his head 180 degrees from right to left and back.

“There,” HK said, pointing around 145 degrees from his right. “As I understand, that’s an office building of a telemarketing company and they have the night off, so the security will be on relative minimum.”

“Okay, so we get in, get to a terminal, get what we need and get out.” Eric said. “And try to take as less time as you can.”

“That will depend on how fast we can get in and out as my skills on the computer terminal will get us through that in no time.”

“How modest,” Eric remarked as they approached the building under discussion. When they reached the door, however, the news was not very good.

“A numerical lock,” HK reported, staring at a keypad set into the wall, numbers glowing bright green through their translucent silicone covers. “I have no idea what the limit for these codes are and under those circumstances, there could be well over a billion possible codes.”

“Okay, so let’s try another building,” Eric said, starting to walk away.

“No other building in the immediate area is unoccupied,” HK reported. “And the sooner we get rid of the Rodian, the more we get paid.”

Eric sighed and came back up to the panel. Not taking his eyes off it, he brought out a small screwdriver from his survival belt and began work on removing the panel. Once done, he pulled it out to reveal the mess of multicolored wires snaking out of its rear face. With an expert disposition, he clipped a few wires with a small penknife. Stripping the plastic insulation from some, he crossed three pairs of different wires and the durasteel door calmly slid open.

“Hotwiring is the key to survival for a smuggler,” Eric commented as the pair made their way into the building. HK marched up to the security guard’s console and punched in some commands. Conversing with the computer via his input keys, HK’s mechanical fingers were almost a blur on the surface of the terminal. He accessed the city’s data files and searched for all information regarding a Rodian named Fargo. The system spent the next 0.15ths of a second scanning and displayed its results.

“We have a match,” HK announced. “Fargo Laquisst: Chairman and Owner of Elements Microsystems, specializing in AI technology. Apparently his office is just a twenty minute walk from here.”

“Alright,” Eric said. “Get the route and let’s move.”

20 minutes later they were staring up a tall building with a neon signboard in the front screaming ‘Elements Microsystems’.

“Time to get to work,” HK mumbled.

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Good chapter, and with a cliffhanger! I should try that. :D

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Hey RC. That was a good chapter. HK is putting to use his logic that it is to hunt or be hunted in the galaxy. You are either predator or prey. That bounty hunter guild thing was a nice touch.

12-07-2006, 06:07 PM
thanks JM :) the bounty hunter guild was inspired by the Bounty Hunter Wars series.

to all: i'm moving over the weekend to i don't know how often i'll be able to access the net, so if i can ill get up one more chapter tomorrow, otherwise i may get one up on tuesday or wednesday.

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It was late night so Eric did not expect anyone to be present in the EM office building at the time, but HK mildly surprised him by reporting that he scanned several sentients in the top levels of the buildings and one of them was a Rodian, located in the Chairman’s office. Needless to say, their target was close. Now Eric panted as he climbed up the stairwell of a neighboring building, struggling to keep up with the untiring assassin droid trumping up the stairs in front of him.

“Why didn’t we just take the turbolift?” Eric gasped, ready to kick himself for not asking this question earlier.

“If you had paid attention to the notices posted on the walls in the Ground Floor, you would know that this building is scheduled for demolition in 3 days. All power has been cut.” HK replied, not looking back.

Just then, Eric stumbled and barely managed to save himself from going over the rail and falling 35 stories by grabbing HK’s strong metal right arm.

“That explains the lack of light,” Eric muttered as HK helped him up and he regained his breath and balance.

“Shall we move?” HK suggested impatiently. Groaning, Eric yielded.

“What’s the rush? If he’s so busy he won’t leave his job behind and go home.”

HK did not reply to that and continued climbing. 15 stories later, Eric was in agony and felt blessed that they had reached the terrace of the building. He flopped on the ground, hyperventilating and grasping his cramping thighs.

“Here, let me help,” HK said and ejected a tiny syringe needle from his right index finger. Surgically inserting it into Eric’s elbow joint vein, he injected a solution into the latter’s bloodstream. Within 10 seconds, Eric’s muscles relaxed and he began to breathe a bit more properly. Getting to his feet, he thanked the droid.

“What was that?”

“Hyper-oxygenated blood plasma,” HK said. “Whoever heard of an assassin droid with medical supplies stored in it? But since it was there, I treated you.”

“Okay,” Eric said, stretching out his muscles. “Thank you. I’m just not used to such vigorous exercise.”

“Don’t mention it,” HK said as he surveyed the opposite building and looked for the best line of fire. He shifted positions along the waist-high wall till he was satisfied with his aiming. Going down on one knee, he began adding components to his custom blaster. He added an elongated firing chamber to the stock short one and screwed in a one inch long silencer to the end of that. He removed the scope and replaced it with an infra-red scope and swapped out his blaster pack to a more lethal projectile-laser based ammunition. Eric watched with wonder as his companion worked and finally set the sniper rifle on the edge and put his photoreceptors to the scope.

“You are a walking army, HK,” Eric commented as he crouched down to watch the droid’s handiwork.

“That statement is my pride and joy,” HK replied. “I strive to maintain it.”

“Well, you don’t need to try very hard,” Eric chuckled.

HK set his scope and brought the crosshairs on the blue-red-white-green-yellow infra red image of Fargo and held it to millimeter accuracy. His metal index finger snapped back and the blaster silently recoiled, a bright red bolt escaping without a sound from the end of the barrel. It pierced the glass window of the Rodian’s office, shattering it, and hit the Rodian dead center in the back of his head. The inertia of the projectile in the bolt’s core knocked him a meter forward and he ended up flipping forward over his desk to the floor, dead. Finally, HK zoomed in with his built-in scopes for telescopic vision and took a holograph of the scene in Fargo’s office.

“Another job well done,” HK remarked as he dismantled the extra components of his blaster and carefully put them away. “Now lets go haggle over our credits.”

“Haggle?” Eric echoed as they made their way down the stairwell again, though slowly this time. “Isn’t the price usually fixed?”

“It is,” HK admitted. “But a few hundred extra credits won’t harm anyone.”

“I don’t think they’ll be impressed enough with just one kill to hand us that much, HK,” Eric said skeptically.

“No, but a blaster in the face might prompt them enough.”

“Do you want this to be the shortest jobs of our career?”

“No, I was just joking. But persuasion might do the trick, and smugglers usually have a great skill in that.”

“Damn right we do,” Eric said, grinning.

The rest of the long journey down was spent in small talk and the trip to the spaceport was uneventful. Within 15 minutes of reaching the spaceport, they were off, back to Polis Massa.
************************************************** **********************
“So you say this is the legendary HK-47 unit that a Sith Lord of the Old Republic hand crafted,” said the figure across Tarrk the Trandoshan.

“Yes, there’s no doubt,” Tarrk grated back in his gravelly voice. “Its vocabulator has not been changed and we have been able to match its speech patterns with records we managed to dig up. In addition, it appears it’s body frame has been rebuilt. There are several minor structural differences in its frame and color scheme. But it’s as lethal as it has been rumored to be. It made very short work of Fargo Laquisst.”

“Hmm, this is very interesting,” the figure said. “No doubt we shall have nothing but profit with it serving in our Guild. Maybe I can even personalize it as my bodyguard.”

“The droid is largely independent, sir,” Tarrk replied. “The human it’s with is only its friend. It has been calibrated to feel emotions as well, or so I gather.”

“Nothing a memory wipe won’t handle,” the figure replied. “But what do you mean ‘emotions’?”

“With several slicers working together, I managed to retrieve a scrap on information from a private call its fabricator made to one of his acquaintances. It seems he developed an integrated circuit which would enable droids to feel as humans do.”

“Highly improbable,” the figure commented. “But interesting, nonetheless. Lets wait and see as the duo of man and machine climb our ranks.”

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12-09-2006, 11:02 AM
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12-09-2006, 02:20 PM
Very nice, RC. The assassination scene was done really well. The only thing I would have added would be an extension of HK's ''Don't mention it.'' comment. I would have added ''Really, don't. I have to maintain my reputation.'' or something like that. (feel free to use it, if you want.)

Jason Skywalker
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Great chapter man, just seemed a little fast.

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12-10-2006, 01:10 AM
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@ iggy: i made that line very short to somewhat highlight the fact that HK wanted to get underway with the assassination :)

12-11-2006, 12:47 PM
Nicely written. Somehow I get the feeling that HK isn't one for persuasion but you made that clear with the suggestion of the blaster to the face. A good read as always RC. Hope the move goes well.

12-20-2006, 03:58 AM
Eric came up the ramp of the Scorcher closely followed by HK. The former had his eyes glued to the screen of his datapad to review the amount that was being transferred to his account.

“Two thousand credits?! We go into all that trouble and only two thousand?” Eric exclaimed in shock.

“Two thousand is the advance amount, you nitwit.” HK said. “The main transaction will be in your current account, not savings.”

With a quick check, Eric confirmed HK’s statement with a sheepish grin at the droid.

“Humans,” HK mumbled exasperatedly.

“Ah well, seven thousand for the kill and two in advance. We’ve got nine grand to splurge. Any suggestions?”

“First off, you could get me to a body shop and get my frame repainted to a 100 percent rust red. I feel this black hides me too well in the night.”

“And…that’s a bad thing?” Eric asked.

“I prefer to see the look of shock and fear in my victims’ eyes as I proceed to eliminate them.”

“Okay…” Eric said. All this brutality unnerved him sometimes. Just then, they heard a loud crash from outside in the Polis Massa hangar. Grabbing a blaster pistol and tossing the datapad into one of the bunks on the lower ship level, Eric rushed down the ramp, beckoning to HK.

“What’s going on?” he demanded. As a reply, he spotted a hissing Electrostatic Charge Detonator, or ECD in military terms, flying towards them. The moment it landed, it detonated, expelling its payload of a couple thousand volts of static charge. The electricity coursed through Eric’s body and made his legs feel like jelly. Although ECDs were primarily anti-droid weapons and used in masses in the Clone Wars by the Republic Forces, a sentient being standing close enough to its detonation zone would also be very unwell for a short period of time.

Eric stumbled to the side of his ramp and brought his blaster to bear. Registering several beings with blasters pointed at him in his hazy vision, he proceeded to wildly swing his blaster about and fire erratically, relying on the Law of Averages to do some damage to at least some of those opposing him, at least till he got his legs back. He glanced at his right and his heart sunk to his boots. Next to him, HK was stationary, doubled over, with a thin black wisp of smoke escaping from his hip joint at the back. He had dropped his prized blaster when his fingers lost connection.

Scooping low, Eric tossed away his pistol and grabbed the blaster rifle. Setting it to rapid fire mode, he extended it one handed and listened to it roar as he pulled the trigger. He dimly wondered why the thugs after them weren’t shooting yet and jumped clear of the ramp. Rushing behind it for cover, he lined up the scope of the blaster with the nearest enemy.

“What the heck do you want?” Eric asked.

“The droid,” one of them replied. “Hand it over.”

“It’s not my property,” Eric said. “It follows me as a companion.

“Then we may take it without your permission.”

“When Tatooine freezes over, you lousy fierfek,” Eric said and began pulling off more accurately aimed bolts, dropping over half a dozen of them in 10 seconds. Suddenly, he spotted a pair of thermal detonators hanging from HK’s waist and they were just within reach. Stretching out while firing with his other hand, he snagged one of the silver spheres and set the timer for 5 seconds.

Engaging it, he flung it across the hangar. With and almighty boom, the rear of the hangar came crumbling down, exposing it to the void of space, since Polis Massa was an asteroid-planet with no atmosphere of its own. The air rushed out of the gaping hole in a hurry and Eric grabbed the side of the ramp to pull himself inside. Barely reaching the manual release button, he raised the ramp and slumped onto the deck, panting heavily and considering HK, wondering why these thugs had suddenly showed up for him.
************************************************** **********************
“Hmm, this smuggler has a lot more fight than we thought,” said the figure to Tarrk after the latter gave his report on the failed capture of HK-47. “But the droid does not live up to its name if it was disabled by a solitary ECD.”

“Needless to say, this experience would drive the human to upgrade his companion with protection against such weapons, especially now that he has credits to burn.” Tarrk said.

“Yes, the next time will be harder for our men, especially since that droid will be holding a grudge against his oppressors seeing as how easily it was taken out today.” The figure said. “And if it is true that it can feel, then I’d give it a very wide berth.”

“If I may, sir,” said Tarrk. “I propose we wait till the duo gets a firm foot in our organization. Once done, we could give them their targets in such a way that they would eventually have to split up, even if temporarily, to eliminate their targets.”

“How would that benefit us in any way other than them getting their jobs done quicker?” The figure asked skeptically.

“We could set up a well equipped ambush to wait for the droid at a position it will cross inevitably.”

The figure seemed to be thinking. None of the organization knew much about this mysterious leader of theirs. He wore a black flowing cloak and a large hood that covered the top half of his face. If Tarrk didn’t know better, he would have said that their boss looked like the Emperor himself. But that wasn’t true, not by a long shot.

“Well, the plan in itself is quite good,” he said finally. “But there are many variables to consider. This should be carried out very systematically for results.”

“No problem, sir,” Tarrk said. “A little lost time is nothing compared to an asset like that droid.”

“Agreed,” the figure said, nodding. “Alright, we’ll get to work on the plan soon. Go get some rest now, Tarrk. You’ve done a lot for today.”

“Yessir, thank you sir,” the Trandoshan replied and walked out of the figure’s office with a salute.

The figure stood up and pulled back his hood to reveal a young face. Physically untouched but mirroring a keen eye and a shrewd, cunning nature. It was a face not known to many. He pulled off his cloak to reveal a more distinctive armor: the green-toned, battle-scratched Mandalorian armor of Boba Fett. He opened a small door set into the wall and pressed the single button inside. His desk began to move, revealing a small flight of stairs and a souped up swoop resting at the bottom. In a few minutes, the most successful bounty hunter of the galaxy was snapping on his helmet and blasting off into the plain landscape of their base planet.

12-20-2006, 04:01 AM
there we go. an action packed chapter, although it's a bit fast-paced. hope you enjoy it! i'm still stuck with a 14 kbps connection, so i wont come on that often, but i've finished the next chapter and i'll post it tomorrow.

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Another good Chapter RC. HK really needs his old "Statement:" and "Query:" back. Will he ever get it back? Anyway I'm looking foward to more as always.

12-20-2006, 07:19 AM
Well, actually, in this story, i was hoping to give HK a more human-like feel. something like a cross between a Sith and a Jedi: one who likes to terminate meatbags but still has a feeling of attachment and friendliness to its companions. and the basic way to bring that out would be to make it speak as much humanlike as possible. although i have already planned this ending to go in conjunction with another series, which features the droid, made by another LF member. one thing was already taken care of in this chapter. i'll think about this when i propogate the last chap. thanks Pottsie!

Jason Skywalker
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Cool chapter, nice to see Boba Fett in it.

12-20-2006, 01:33 PM
Nicely done, RC. Your description makes the action sequence flow nicely into and out of the story. Good job. The dialogues were also good, the only thing I would change is HK's remark from ''Humans'' to ''Meatbags''.

12-22-2006, 06:27 AM
<I’ve heard of all forms of kidnapping,> said the Rodian mercenary in the trade language of Huttese, giving a nasal touch to the syllables due to his snout. <But droid-napping? That’s plain weird.>

“Or are you just scared?” Tarrk smirked.

<Look, kid,> began the Rodian. <I’d like to see you take out a full grown rancor on your own with only a carving knife at your disposal. Once you do that, I’ll consider you worthy enough to argue with.>

“Okay, so you killed a beast by fluke, I’m not impressed,” Tarrk waved it off. “But the fact of the matter is that Boss thinks you’re the best suited for this kind of operation, although some of us have second thoughts.”

<Fluke Schmuke. I took that thing down in a fair fight or my name’s not Weebo!>

“Okay then, what is it?”

<Shut up and give me the plan, will you?>

“Glad to see you're putting your pea-brain to use,” sneered Tarrk. “Now listen closely and I may be lucky enough to get through to you without having to repeat myself twice. Boss wants you to set up a fake bounty. Get it up on planet Armon, ‘cause the natural electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere may help in neutralizing our target. Make it seem that this bounty is extremely valuable and very bad news for the LIBH, but it should have a pair of sub-targets or something.”

<Sub-targets? What do you mean?> Weebo asked, confused.

“What do you think it means? I want you to make them split up so that we can take the droid with least disturbances.”

<How the heck will I do that?>

“You're asking me? I thought you were the tactician. Boss just asked me to outline what he had in mind to you, not to assist you in making traps.”

<Proves how indispensable to the League you are.>

“Get a working plan and then we’ll have a go at each other,” Tarrk said. “You have your assignment. Boss wants you to think it through this time, NO screw ups, or it’s your head.”

<I’d like to see him try,> Weebo sneered.

“So would I, honestly speaking,” Tarrk said. “And I, for one, have no doubt he’ll rip your guts out in a jiffy. Get to work.”

And with that, the Trandoshan turned his back on Weebo and walked off.
************************************************** **********************
“I’ve heard of all forms of kidnapping,” said Eric as he monitored the power gauge plugged into HK’s terminal. “But droid-napping? That’s plain stupidity.”

“Are you saying acquiring a droid of my skills is stupidity?” HK asked, sounding insulted.

“No, I’m saying arranging a huge welcoming party just to get a droid is stupidity.”

“So you agree.”

“Okay, then, forget I said anything.” Eric rolled his eyes. “How’s that EMP shield I got you doing? Your droid personality melding with it?”

“Depends, Eric,” HK said, examining his newly painted rusty red frame. “Does the shield like blasting meatbags?”

“Umm, HK,” Eric said, unsure whether to laugh or to be concerned for his companion’s logic circuits. “It’s a shield.”

HK remained silent and continued his examination with feigned interest. Eric took the hint and left it at that, peering once again at the gauge.

“Well, your system functions seem to be returning to normal now,” he reported. “Your primary actuator took a hit though.”

“WHAT!?” HK was on his feet in a jiffy. “Tell me you're joking, please, Eric.”

“Relax, HK, it’s only temporary. Once your secondary backup drives kick in, it’ll be recalibrated and restored to normal.”

“And how long will that take?” HK asked, giving the impression of a highly pissed droid willing to snap anyone’s neck in two if the answer did not agree with him.

“Two hours and forty-three minutes,” Eric read out of the power gauge. “And that’s lesser than the flight time to Corellia, you’ll still have time to practice, if that’s what you want.”

HK gave a melodramatic sigh and hung his head. “Why me?” he moped.

“Oh, can it, HK.” Eric said, slapping the droid on its back and descending down the central ladder to the main deck and his bunks. “Just be happy you didn’t get the whole thing screwed.”

“Well, when you put it that way,” HK said perked up. He got up and made his way to the droid repair station where he plugged himself in for a energy re-boost and powered down after a post-activity systems check.
************************************************** **********************
The pair of man and machine walked leisurely along the Corellian walkway. Eric was splurging happily and HK watched, noting down the changes a bunch of credits could do to the average human. HK’s curiosity got the best of him when he saw Eric paying 750 credits for a high-tech wristwatch.

“Isn't that a particularly large amount to spend on a mere timepiece?” HK asked.

“On a mere timepiece, yes,” Eric replied, strapping the device around his wrist and admiring it from all angles. “But not on a multi-function wrist computer.”

“A digital timepiece,” HK said disapprovingly.

“No. Let me show you.”

Eric tapped the wrist computer twice and a holographic cylinder appeared around his left arm. It constantly rotated at a slow pace and consisted of many panels, program accessories, computer access code storage and a slicing assistant. As it rotated, the panels and buttons constantly switched places to bring forth a HoloNet access portal, an emergency military-grade comlink, a holocomm and also several emergency stims and energy boosts stored in the watch’s base. As HK peered at the flashing halo of lights, absorbing the sheer ingenuity of the maker of this device, Eric pulled out his comm. And programmed the transponder code into his wristcomm. Once done, he handed the comm over to HK.

“Keep this with you,” he said, holding out the small device. “In case we get separated.”

HK accepted it and placed it within a small storage capsule built into his upper arm.

Just as Eric decided to call it a day and return to his home on the planet, his new wristcomm beeped and Tarrk’s gruff voice patched through.

“Richard. You have another assignment. Details will be patched through in a secure file. Open it up with your datapad. Tarrk out.”

Eric sighed as he watched the progress of the file transfer.

“Just when I thought I could take a nice nap once again.”

“Cheer up, Eric,” HK said, cocking his rifle. “We can put others to sleep instead. Permanently.”

12-22-2006, 06:30 AM
there we go. enough to keep you on your feet for a while. i hope you like it! and i want more comments this time :xp:

Jason Skywalker
12-22-2006, 08:09 AM
Ah, nice chapter RC, liked that part where Weebo says droid-napping is stupid and then after that part is over, Eric says the same. :lol:

Also, i believe it is HoloNet, not NoloNet. ;)

Diego Varen
12-22-2006, 08:24 AM
Ah, nice chapter RC, liked that part where Weebo says droid-napping is stupid and then after that part is over, Eric says the same. :lol:

Also, i believe it is HoloNet, not NoloNet. ;)

NoloNet :lol:. Another good Chapter as always and HK's new personality is starting to grow on me.

12-22-2006, 09:15 AM
ehehe oops :D in a hurry, H looks a tiny bit like N, and they're situated very close ;) thanks guys! appreciate it. :)

Diego Varen
12-22-2006, 09:19 AM
ehehe oops :D in a hurry, H looks a tiny bit like N, and they're situated very close ;) thanks guys! appreciate it. :)

No problem RC. We Forumites are always glad to help. Also, RC, when you do return to work on Galactic Conquest II, will you still do Galactic Conquest III? Anyway, I'm looking foward to the next Chapter. Have you planned how long this Fic will be?

12-22-2006, 09:28 AM
although i haven't planned out the next set of chapters, i'm hoping to make this quite long. as in a medium length novel :D. ok, maybe not that much, but pretty long.

GC2, well, believe it or not, i actually forgot where i left off! :D i have to read up what i wrote uptil now and then plan the next few chapters. but i'll work on that. keep your eyes open ;)

12-22-2006, 01:05 PM
Wow. I'm off for a few days and RC comes out of the blue with a holiday treat: two chapters. Your flow is very good though I am in agreement with you on eleven being a bit fast paced. I suggest watching movies with gun fights and the like. Gives ideas for body movements and the like. HK says words like nitwit? Heck I would have thought he'd give a more colorful description like stupid meatbag or something. That's your call however and I'd still read it.

As to the length, if Heart of Deception is any indication of how my mind works, then you'll see that you are in line for a novel. Probably more along the lines of John Jakes in terms of length. :lol:

12-22-2006, 01:24 PM
Very nicely done, RC. A very comical chapter and yet it had a good plot development.

12-23-2006, 12:12 AM
thanks guys!

@JM: hopefully i can get some pocket money by publishing this :D

Jason Skywalker
12-23-2006, 07:12 AM
You can't, i believe. You have terms copyrighted by LucasArts. ;)

12-23-2006, 10:44 AM
:¬: i was joking, besides, even if i did publish it, why would anyone buy it when they could read it for free here? ;)

Jason Skywalker
12-23-2006, 11:16 AM
The dreadful ansiation? :D

Renegade Puma
12-23-2006, 11:31 AM
Great story RC. Althoug I miss HK's "statement" and "Query". Still, funny stuff man. Keep up the great work.

12-24-2006, 12:31 AM
w00t! thanks RP!
yeah, his 'statement' stuff was important, but like i said, i wanted to give him a more human feel.
@JM12: i just noticed the 'stupid meatbag' suggestion you said. while that is pure HK, Eric is still his friend, so HK would refrain from using more colourful descriptions ;)

02-08-2007, 10:25 AM
“Mafis Dion and Kist Dion,” Eric read out from the datapad as their ship hurtled through Hyperspace. “Twileks on Tatooine. It seems they’re in charge of a droid manufacturing company called Synapsis Circuits and are on the verge of unveiling a new type of combat-slicer droid.”

“So, what does this pair have to do with the Guild?” HK asked as he carefully cleaned the blast chamber of his rifle.

“The Guild was hired by someone who wished to remain anonymous: another droid manufacturing company, no-doubt.”

“Ah, that means all meatbags are not soft as I think,” HK said. “This type of backstabbing is exactly what I wish I saw more in life.”

“Can a droid refer to its duration of service as ‘life’, HK?” Eric asked, quizzically.

“Dammit man! I have an emotion chip in my head; do you really think I can help it?” HK burst out.

“Whoa, whoa, cool your servos HK, it was just a curious question,” Eric said, noticing that the emotion chip wasn’t exactly a big hit with HK. “Do you have a plan?”

“I would suggest just dropping a baradium bomb on them from the air, but I don’t think we have much of that lying around.” HK said. “It depends on where and how they are situated.”

Eric glanced at the datapad and replied, “Unfortunately for your baradium bomb suggestion, HK, they have separate offices with a good five-thousand kilometers between them.”

“Blast! Leave it to targets like these to make our jobs hard for us,” HK said. “Well, Eric, I’ll leave this choice up to you: do we go for efficiency or for caution?

“Caution, definitely,” Eric replied.

“Very well, we’ll keep together and take out each target together,” HK said.

“What did the other option offer?” Eric asked.

“We split up and take out each target individually, reducing the time we spend on them.” HK replied.

“Maybe we should go for that,” Eric suggested.

“It isn’t the cautious method, Eric. Do you really want to go for it?”

“Sure. I’d rather not spend that much time on that Force-forsaken planet.” Eric said. “We both can take care of ourselves, and you have a comlink. If I need any help, I’ll call you.”

“All right, very good, Eric. I’m rather pleased that you’re beginning to see the merits of efficiency. I do believe my personality has been rubbed off on you.”

“Don’t remind me,” Eric replied, rolling his eyes.
************************************************** **********************
Eric and HK walked down the loading ramp into the arid atmosphere of Tatooine, the heat of the twin suns leeching moisture from Eric’s skin and from HK’s lubricants the moment their feet touched the sandy ground of the Anchorhead Spaceport. Paying the docking fee to the waiting customs guard, the pair of them made their way to a transport rental shop situated opposite the cantina. After haggling over the price, Eric was now in temporary possession of a swoop and a speeder bike.

As the ragged shop owner took them out to see their vehicles, the sound of a fight made them look over at the cantina. The door hissed open and a heavily wrapped figure trading blows with a drunk human hit the dust through the doorway. Eric started towards them to help out, but the other patrons were already pulling the drunk man off the other person. In that instant, the person’s facial wrappings dropped off. Ducking low, he retrieved them and hastily pressed them to his face. Waving a hand to thanks his rescuers, he walked off in the direction of the spaceport. HK held the being in his sights until he disappeared from sight around a corner. That face looked very familiar…

Finally at the vehicles commissioned by Eric, the pair inspected the machines and satisfied, ignited their engines and, following their respective maps, blasted off into the Eastern Dune Sea.

“Good luck, HK.” Eric called over his wristcomm, straining to be heard over the whistling winds. “Happy hunting. Call me if you finish early.”

“Certainly, Eric,” HK replied. “Good luck to you too.”
************************************************** **********************
Tarrk shuffled hurriedly through the alleyway, searching in his pockets for his comlink. Pulling the device out, he commed his boss to report on proceedings.

“They’ve fallen for it, sir,” he reported. “They’ve split up and are both walking into traps.”

“Very good. Once you get the droid, fix it with a restraining bolt and wipe its memory,” Fett replied.

“Understood sir, but what about its companion?”

“I’m sure the Sarlacc is quite starved, Tarrk.” Fett replied.

“Will do sir. Tarrk out.”
************************************************** **********************
Sneaking past sensor sweeps and security droids, Eric made his way to a control console to shut down the system so as to get his job done quickly. Getting to it with no difficulty, he calmed down a bit. Hefting his new blaster rifle to support it on his shoulder, he reached for the keypad to begin his slicing routine: just another day at work for the smuggler. But he hadn’t counted on there being a blaster pressed to his back a second later.

“Turn around very slowly,” a gruff voice said. “And keep your hands where they are.”

Obeying, Eric turned around to face his oppressor.

“Drop the blaster.”

The hardware dropped to the ground and Eric raised his hands to keep them in plain sight. As he did so, he took a glance at the weapon the other was holding.

“Is that a DC-Seventeen?” Eric asked, his eyes not moving off the blaster.

“Yes. And it’s got enough punch to blow you to rags, so move.” And with that, Eric got a hard shove and was forced to start walking down a corridor to a destination unknown.

“Are you kidding?” Eric said, trying to keep the man off guard. “That thing’s two decades old. It’s ancient compared to a nifty E-Eleven.”

“Keep flapping that tongue and you’ll see just how effective this ‘ancient’ thing is. Shut up and keep moving.”

“You know,” Eric continued. “If you want, I can get you a nice MerrSonn Plex Repeater for a very affordable price. I hear it’s all the rage among the Imperial Commando forces.”

“Shut up!” the man shouted. At that instant, Eric whirled, raising his right foot, and kicked the blaster rifle cleanly out of the man’s hands. He followed it up with a furious left handed punch right to the guard’s nose. He heard a bone crack and saw a spurt of red shooting out of the man’s nostrils. Wasting no time, he pressed his advantage and caught the guard in a choke-hold, cutting off the oxygen to his brain. Ten seconds later, the man was unconscious, with the bleeding in his nose stifled with a patch of cloth which Eric had placed. Moving back to the console, he made short work of the slicing he had meant to do. Once done, he ducked down to retrieve his blaster and quietly made his way to the main office.

02-08-2007, 10:27 AM
i didnt have a stable connection for a whole and when i saw the CEC back, my jaw dropped out. i have lots to catch up on :D
well, enjoy.

Diego Varen
02-08-2007, 11:53 AM
Nice to see you back RC and you've come back with a Chapter. A good one at that. Looking foward to more and I hope you'll stay.

Jason Skywalker
02-08-2007, 02:19 PM
Well, that was an interesting chapter to say the least. I wonder who that guy HK thought familiar is...

02-08-2007, 02:51 PM
You're back in action RC! The CEC has been busy since I have been tormentin Topsite with my new pet Kujo, the killer pencil. :lol:

Anyway critique time!

*clears throat*

First off, you still are following the guidleines you set for yourself in the previous chapters. You have a nice flow and you use line breaks to signify the change in scene. The first part of the conversation where HK and Eric were discussing options is interesting and slightly funny.

“I would suggest just dropping a baradium bomb on them from the air, but I don’t think we have much of that lying around.” HK said. “It depends on where and how they are situated.”
This comment however kind had me wishing HK would have said it differently. I still miss the fact that he doesn't say Statement before anything else. I think that was what added to the humor of the character. As to this line, I was thinking: 'A baradium bomb from the air would provided for maxium termination. Those squishy parts common to meatbags will splatter in a radius that would exemplfy the beauty of such work provided the target is placed together.'
For some reason that would have fit much better but it is hard for me to see it because I like HK from KOTOR. Still it is your fic to work however you want.

The last part where the trap was set for the both of them was a nice touch. I like the fact that the baddies think they have the advantage of separating them but I get the feeling HK will prove to be more than a match than they anticipated. You have a nice cliffhanger at the end which leaves room for possibilities. Overall you did a good job on this chapter. I look forward to seeing more chapters posted. If you don't, the flying manuscript and Kujo will be after you :D

02-09-2007, 11:58 AM
@JM: :rofl:
man you really know how to HK those lines :D. you don't mind helping me out with a few when i need it right?
i'll try to get a up a new chappie, but my annuals are comin up, so i may not come on much again. :(

02-09-2007, 01:50 PM
I finally got myself enough time to take a good look at the new chapter and I liked it. You are successfully managing to keep this fic interesting, RC. HK, though different without his 'Statement' and other prefixes still sounds very believable. Keep up the good work.

02-10-2007, 01:55 AM
RC: I would help you any way I can. My qualifications are listed on the Beta Reader thread in the Resource Center thread. I like HK very much and like to see his capabilities brought to full justice.

04-27-2007, 08:29 AM
BOOM! Here comes another.
What? You forgot about this already?

HK had never particularly seen such an empty building before. Security was absolutely lax and he had no trouble making his was steadily to what was supposed to be the main office of Mafis Dion. Not without reason, this worried him more than he would have been if there had been a small army waiting, partly because there was something fishy going on, but mostly because his blaster had been silent for a long time and he wanted it to roar.

Walking down the corridor which held at its end HK’s destination, HK’s enhanced sensors picked up a sizable reception committee in the room, one of them kneeling…and with a sensor signature that matched Eric’s. Deciding that this wasn’t a time for mowing down the opposition with randomly sprayed blaster bolts, HK entered the room with his blaster ready and personal shield activated.

None of the expected blaster fire came, but HK kept his shield up regardless. He looked around and noted 6 armed men wearing the insignia of the Guild and a hooded figure standing in the middle of the room, clearly the leader of this group. Next to him, on his knees, was a trussed up Eric.

“Welcome, HK-47,” the hooded figure said, folding back his hood. “Say hello to your friend.”

HK eyed the armor suit that the person was wearing. According to his databanks, this person was definitely not Boba Fett. HK thought he had a right to know that and told him so.

“Did Boba Fett lend you that armor suit? Or did you steal it?” HK asked the impostor.

“I am Boba Fett,” he replied, cocking his head slightly to one side.

“My databanks hold the complete meatbag details of every important person in the Galaxy. Your pathetically deformed figure does not match the parameters in any way.”

“Okay, you win then,” the impostor said. “And you need to watch your mouth.”

“Vocal processors.” HK corrected. “I fail to understand how even protocol droids can put up with meatbag incompetence.”

The impostor removed his helmet and revealed a sun-tanned face very much different from that of Boba Fett’s, but not many would know since only a handful of beings knew what the real bounty hunter looked like under the helmet.

“I’m Dillan Mach, Leader of your Guild.” He said. “I’ve seen the quality of work you do and I think you’d fare better at my right hand rather than as the property of some neophyte bounty hunter.”

“HK doesn’t belong to me,” Eric piped in. “He’s an independent droid.”

“True, but that can change,” said Mach. “What say you, HK-47?”

“I’d say the organ you call your brain has suffered a massive overload.” HK replied. “Now release Eric. I’m just spoiling to shoot someone as it is.”

“Very well,” Mach said in mock resignation. He pulled out a blaster pistol and checked its charge. “I see there is no other way.”

He put the pistol to Eric’s head and looked at HK. “I’m not one for threats, but I’m a man who recognizes an opportunity, and I’m not letting that go. Surrender or he dies.”

HK stared at Eric, who was the first meatbag HK came to look upon as a friend. They had made a good team, but the Catch 22 situation here was going to break that up. Well, HK thought, better if both of us are functional rather than one free and one terminated.

“I surrender.” HK said, lowering his blaster. Eric just goggled at him in shock and Mach’s face took on a smug look.

“HK are you crazy?” Eric shouted. “You’re an assassination droid for crying out loud, pull the trigger and blast these morons!”

Mach, clearly not intending on losing HK to the brainwashing of his friend, pushed the business end of the blaster harder into Eric’s temple, shutting up the latter. He snapped his fingers at one of his cronies and the man stepped forward to place a restraining bolt on HK’s metal torso.

“You’ll excuse me for not wanting to take chances.” Mach said to HK.

“HK, use the damn blaster!” Eric shouted again, taking a risk, which soon proved to be fatal. Clearly not a very tolerant man, Mach took a step forward, aimed the pistol squarely at Eric’s chest and made it do its job. A flash later, Eric’s body slumped to the floor.

HK scrutinized the lifeless body of Eric with a new kind of emotion rising in him. His databanks called it…rage. He grasped the handle of his blaster tighter and looked up back at Mach, who was now busy giving orders to his men. He reached up to the restraining bolt attached to him but it restricted the motion of his arms. He couldn’t lift his palms above his waist. But HK wasn’t deterred. Rerouting more power to his arms, he wrestled with the mechanical restrictions of the bolt and with a bunch of grinding, he managed to get a good grip on the bolt. With one last burst of power, he pulled it out and looked back up. Mach and his men were looking at him with more fear now.

HK crumpled the comparatively fragile bolt in his hand and dropped it to the ground. Hefting his blaster, he said,
“Assassination Protocols activated. Target: Dillan Mach.”

Mach’s eyes went wide and he took a running dive and landed behind a desk just in time. He overturned it and crouched underneath to provide him cover as the rest of his men started firing at HK. The bolts bounced of HK’s reactivated shield and the droid got down to doing what he did best. He downed the 6 men in as many seconds and turned to face Mach. The latter recognized a hopeless cause and prepared to dive out of a nearby window. Just as HK got his shot off, Mach was out of the window and on his way to the sandy ground below.

HK tracked him through the window as he fell and pulled off a pair of shots which went wide. Mach landed hard, but being cushioned by the sand, he recovered quickly and got to his feet and ran. HK shot again, but in vain. The bounty hunter was out of range. Not wasting any more time, HK walked back to Eric’s body, picked it up and slung it over his shoulder and left, intent on completing his mission.

Diego Varen
04-27-2007, 12:12 PM
Eric is dead? Oh well, at least HK wants revenge and I'm looking foward to more.

04-27-2007, 12:44 PM
I expected more shock :xp:. What, is everyone bored of this already?

04-29-2007, 06:13 AM
I was wondering when you were going to continue on with this. Great chapter, RC!

Jason Skywalker
04-29-2007, 07:15 AM
I don't think he's dead. But great emotion-filled chapter. I can't wait for HK to kill him. He's relentless with the Assassination Protocols activated. :xp:

04-30-2007, 07:00 AM
Oh he's dead alright, he ain't like Tara ;). Next chapter is in the works. As always, heh.

Jason Skywalker
04-30-2007, 08:16 AM

Who's Tara?

Anyways, glad to know.

05-07-2007, 01:28 PM
OMIGOSH! Eric's dead! Was that shocking, or should I try harder?

A great episode, RC. Thanks for notifying me, or I would have missed it for sure. :) I like the biting humour that is HK.

05-08-2007, 01:32 PM
Thanks man. I thought maybe I overdid the HK lines in this chapter. 15 is in the works, (for real. i swear!) and i might post it soon. (as in, in a few days).

05-08-2007, 02:32 PM
I can't believe I didn't see this sooner! And holy hell what a twist. I never expected Eric to get killed off. Now I am very interested in what happens next.