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07-23-2006, 01:53 AM
I edited the onderon commoner clothing to create a new jedi style robe.
I got the .mdl, .mdx, .tga done. I even made a new icon to the damned thing.

But now I cant seem to get it into the game without replacing the onderon clothing.

I tried making a robe uti, but I couldn't understand where the new robe model name would go...(I named the mdl and mdx to gkrobe.mdl and gkrobe.mdx). Also no custom item even appeared on kse after with this new uti.
I managed to create uti's for masks and sabers, but it refuses to work with robes.

I searched the forum, but couldn't find info that would guide me through this. Id appreciate help.


07-23-2006, 05:16 AM
To make your new robe appear using your new model you will have to have the appearance.2da file point to it. An easy way to do it would be replace a robe style you arent using or dislike (or for blokes the non used dancers outfit slot).

You will need to put gkrobe in both the model% and tex% (if your texture is named gkrobe01 and not the base name of the file you edited) places so the game knows to use that model and not the base one. (% being the letter of the robe etc you are replacing). If you replaced the apprentice robes the uti files will already point tot he correct model (the uti files use the model variation letter/number rather then the model name itself) You could try renaming the robe to what the name of what robe ever you are replacing so you don't have to do any appearance.2da file modifying.

If you are wanting to make your own special robe "KillerWave's Robe of Doooom!" for instance you will need to extract a uti file for a robe, modify the description amd names, resref and tag to what ever you want and change the texture number to point at your texture.

Of course if you replace the apprentice robes you will need several skin tga files or all the other textures will be screwed up on the model and only your texture will look good.

07-24-2006, 09:56 AM
Thanks, there is a pic of the result:


Btw: the hood is just a retextured hood from avol's mod.