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07-23-2006, 05:16 PM
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

War! The galaxy struggles in the throes of battle between the
Republic and the Separatist Droid Army, led by GENERAL GRIEVOUS.
Even though Jedi Master OBI-WAN KENOBI and his apprentice,
PALPATINE from the grasp of COUNT DOOKU and Grievous,
more danger lies ahead.

TYSY DVUKH, a Jedi Padawan in training on Coruscant, suspects
there's more to this war and to her own destiny than meets the
eye. Her troubled mind disrupts her focus, and this worries her
Master. He wants to find out more about this threat. What lies
behind the calculations of General Grievous, and who is the
Sith Lord to whom he has pledged his service--Darth Sidious?


"One, two, three--six, four, two--nine, one, six--Sith spit!"

Tysy Dvukh, a Human Jedi Padawan in practice robes,
switched off her lightsaber while her chest heaved. Sweat
beaded on her face, and it was starting to drip. Her hair was
damp. Combat drills had always been hard for her, but this time
Tysy was faltering. Failing, as her Master would have said had
he been a Sith. Lucky he was not, or she would have been dead.

"I'm sorry, Master," she panted, out of breath. "I should have
concentrated harder." Tysy couldn't say any more than that,
bent over double with the effort of trying to beat her Master
and teacher at sparring. So far, all her efforts had been for
naught. Even without the bad dreams, and the fear in her mind.

"Padawan!" her Master told her. "Concentrate? You were
concentrating so hard that I thought your head was going to
explode! 'Six, four, two--nine, four, six'--that's the
proper combination of moves to block my attacks. You didn't
do that badly, Tysyacha. Give yourself more credit, and then
sparring will come easier to you." He gave her a kind smile.

Tysy sat down on the floor, defeated. "I don't know, Master.
Lately it seems my mind has been unfocused. Troubled. I don't
know if I'll ever make Jedi Knight this way, but I don't know what
to do. Jedi say fear is a path to the Dark Side, but how could
I become Dark if that's the very thing that I want to avoid?"

She looked up at the older man with sad and eager eyes.

Jason Skywalker
07-23-2006, 05:39 PM
Tysy with a brand new fic idea and a first good chapter. More i want for good it is.

Diego Varen
07-23-2006, 05:58 PM
I haven't read many of your Fics, Ty, but I will now. You are obessed with Tysy Dvukh (Then again, I am with the name Jaden). Anyway good opening and I'm looking foward to more.

07-23-2006, 06:11 PM
Thank you! Actually, I'm co-writing this with Yaggles (like Stephen
King and Peter Straub), and he's going to do the next part. Yarr! :)

Diego Varen
07-23-2006, 06:14 PM
Thank you! Actually, I'm co-writing this with Yaggles (like Stephen
King and Peter Straub), and he's going to do the next part. Yarr! :)

So that was why you were asking that question awhile ago. I did something like this with jedi_exile, but it didn't work out. I hope it works better for you both. I've found the Title a bit odd though. Is Ya---Yevo Russian or something (In one post you said Dvukh was Russian)?

07-23-2006, 06:42 PM
You got it. :)

Jae Onasi
07-23-2006, 11:22 PM
I like the description of your character--I felt out of breath right along with her. :)

07-24-2006, 03:02 AM
yeah, i liked the description put into the fic. good work. :)
BTW: Anakin is a Jedi Knight when he rescues palpy ;)

07-24-2006, 04:47 AM
Hey sorry I don't have time atm. I should have out a bit over the next few days! ;) Pleas ebe paitient!

07-24-2006, 06:13 PM
That's all right, Yaggles. I'll write the next few parts, including a
Senator Palpatine speech that he gives to the people of Coruscant. :)

07-24-2006, 11:04 PM
Tysy's Master took his Padawan's hand and sat down across
from her, his legs peacefully poised in a posture of meditation.
"Tell me, young one," he asked. "What's the matter? I sense
fear in you, and that's dangerous. It can paralyze you when
you need strength and courage the most. Fear that you do not
face is a barrier between you and what you can achieve through
the Force. If you tell me what's wrong, then perhaps I can help."

"I've been having bad dreams," confessed Tysy. "More often
than I used to, ever since this war with General Grievous has
been in full force. My nightmares are always about death. That
and betrayal. I see Jedi dying everywhere, all at once, by the
hands of the same people and droids they thought to be their allies."
She shook her head. "I'm so confused. What could this mean?"

"Hmm." Tysy's Master closed his eyes quickly, and then opened
them again. "Are you afraid you will be betrayed and die this way?"

Tysy swallowed hard. "Worse." She would have given her life,
even severed her connection to the Force, not to tell her Master
this. "Sometimes in my dreams, I do, but most of the time, I'm the
one doing the betraying. Doing the killing, that is, or watching
my fellow Jedi die. Fellow former Jedi. I'm sorry, Master."

"You are rightly wary of the Dark Side," he replied, taking both of Tysy's
hands in a reassuring gesture. "Such a nightmare, and your apprehension
about it, shows me that you want to avoid the trap that the power of
the Dark Side presents. Let the dream be an admonishment to you, and
when you awaken, thank the Force that as long as you're alive and a Jedi,
it will warn you about slipping away. Becoming seduced by the Dark Side."

Tysy stood up. "Thank you, Master. I shall leave you to your meditations."

Tysy's Master raised his hand in salute as his eager Padawan left.

Diego Varen
07-25-2006, 05:26 AM
Will Tysy join the Dark Side? Good Chapter, though a bit short.

Jason Skywalker
07-25-2006, 06:09 AM
Yeah, good one. Altough they don't have titles. :xp:

07-25-2006, 11:48 PM
Before Tysy returned to her chambers, she took a quick detour through
one of the hallways in the Jedi Temple. There was a hamper leaning
against one wall in which to deposit sweaty practice robes for the
housekeeping droids to launder. Not removing hers, but still being
watchful, Tysy took out the four that lay in there, cold and damp
around the armpit regions. Even the most peaceful of Jedi perspired!

She carried the uniforms back to her own chamber, where there stood
a sink and a refresher in one compartment. Filling the former with hot
water and cleansing fluid, she swirled the mix into a lather and dropped
the robes into it. To Tysy, it always seemed that the housekeeping droids
ripped the fabric of all the practice robes when they were doing laundry.
Granted, they were only training tunics, but no Jedi deserved to look
ragged, even when they were sparring. Tysy softly hummed a war ballad
while she worked. She did not hear her one of her fellow students come in.

"Ah, Syscha!" smirked the tall Padawan. "Washing practice robes again?"

Tysy blushed and whirled around. She didn't want Rodzina Dvyer', her
friend and mentor, to see her doing so. It was demeaning for a Jedi,
or at least that's what Rodzina thought. Such work was for droids,
and even though Tysy's combat skills were not the best, she was
no droid. No housekeeping droid, at least. Tysy rinsed her hands.

Rodzina's eyes twinkled with witty merriment. "Guess what? I
beat Master Odin at Form IV sparring again. How about you?"

The other Padawan shook her head. "No. I never do, Rodzina,
no matter what lightsaber form I try. It seems that even the
Shii-Cho, the simplest of the forms, is a tad beyond my reach."

"Nonsense. It's not a matter of your skills, or even clumsiness,
but the simple fact your Master chooses to ignore your aptitude
with the Force. He sees your weaknesses, but does not give you
full advice on how to compensate for them. How about you challenge
him to a Force duel? I'm sure you can at least corner him, if not
defeat him." The look on Rodzina's tanned face was one of practical

"I'll try, but Force duels are dangerous. The Force touches everything,
all of life, and I don't want to hurt my Master unintentionally."

Rodzina grinned. "Good girl. I would have worried about you if you had
agreed without thinking of that. Syscha, you're going to be great someday."

"Great? Only if I make Jedi Knight." She decided to tell Rodzina what
had been bothering her the most, besides bad dreams. "At this rate,
if I don't pass the Trials, I don't know if I ever will. What should I do?"
Tysy had returned to doing laundry, and the work helped her relax.
Helped her focus on what she could do instead of what she couldn't,
for a change. She was unprepared for what Rodzina said, and surprised.

"You were built for power. True power. Created that way. Stop
thinking about the Jedi Trials, and right now, focus on the Force.
It will not fail you, even when all the lightsaber forms that we Knights
use might. Close your eyes, and breathe in the peace. The serenity.
The power that lies in service, in yielding to the Force, to your
destiny. Think about how many lives you'll save just by listening
to your inner heart. By ignoring your failures, and knowing your
strengths. Now, do you feel better? If not--I am a Sith Lord!"

Tysy opened her eyes, suddenly and abruptly emptied of all anxiety.
It shocked her, how relieved Tysy felt. She turned to her friend.

"Thank you--Rodzina Dvyer'," she whispered. "Can I repay you? How?'

"No need. Or, if you really wish to make it up to me, put on your best
robe and come with me and all of the Jedi Masters to the Senate
chambers. Palpatine is going to make a speech about his capture
and captivity by General Grievous. And Count Dooku," she added,
"who's dead." Was that a tone of satisfaction in Rodzina's voice?

If so, well, who could blame her? Count Dooku had been a Sith.

"I will, for sure," said Tysy, "as soon as I finish washing these clothes."
She saw Rodzina wince and smile at the same time. "I know you don't
like me doing it, but those blasted housekeeping droids keep on ripping
the fabric!" Rodzina laughed, and then turned to leave the chamber.

"Power," she said. "Rembember that, my Syscha. It will guide you well."

Diego Varen
07-26-2006, 03:19 AM
Another good Chapter and it is at the reasonable length.

Jason Skywalker
07-26-2006, 06:24 AM
Yeah, i liked the conversation but the chapter was pratically it. :D

07-26-2006, 07:56 PM
Note: I've made a few changes to the story and the characters' ranks:

Tysy Dvukh is not a Youngling/Initiate, but rather a Padawan, 18 years old.

Rodzina Dvyer', her friend and mentor, is also a Padawan, 20 years old.

Only one of these two shall achieve the rank of Jedi Knight.

07-27-2006, 11:37 PM
Tonight was the night that Senator Palpatine was going to speak of his
captivity under General Grievous and Count Dooku. Tysy was excited, but
a little nervous as well. She would see her hero there in the Galactic Senate
chambers, and even though he would probably not see her in return, the
young Padawan still wanted to make a good impression. That meant dress
robes, styled hair, her best smile. Most of the Jedi Masters frowned upon
personal vanity, but this was no mere Jedi that had earned her admiration.

This was Anakin Skywalker, said to be the Chosen One by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

As Tysy stepped into the referesher to bathe, she considered her chances.
True, Anakin had noticed her, but only as one notices a fellow student in
the long and crowded hallways of the Jedi Temple. A slight grin, a nod,
a glance of acknowledgment. That was the most attention that young
Skywalker had paid to her, and even these small gestures were few
and far between. No matter. Even if he never saw her and noticed her
for who she truly was, Tysy knew Anakin had the same brotherly love
he had for all of his peers, the Knights and Padawans. That was enough.

Well, not nearly enough, but enough for Tysy to console herself a bit.

The droid-controlled refresher soaped her vigorously with cleansing fluid
and soothing but intense jets of hot water. Tysy giggled. How on earth
did these personal hygiene compartments seem to know just when someone
had been sparring for an hour straight with one of the more powerful Masters?

When she emerged, she dressed in a soft silver robe that was said to be
made of woven platinum. Tysy doubted it, for such things were far more
expensive than she could ever have afforded. Still, it was shiny enough
to be made out of the metal that it was rumored to be. She hoped she
wouldn't draw undue attention to herself. This was Palpatine's night.

Of course, any attention from Master Kenobi's apprentice would not be undue...

Rodzina Dvyer' stopped by Tysy's modestly-furnished chambers thirty
minutes before Chancellor Palpatine would present his speech to the Senate.
Her long dark hair, like a waterfall of black silk, was plaited into the elegant
traditional braid that most Padawans wore until they became proper Knights.
She wore a violet robe, long and elegant, making Tysy's seem rather gaudy.
However, the older girl did not reprimand the younger for her choice of dress.
On the contrary, her eyes twinkled with happy surprise. What a sight Tysy was!

"I've never seen you look that way, Tysyacha. You're advancing in the world!"

Tysy shrugged and grinned. "Some merchant told me this robe was made of
woven platinum. Probably ripped me off, but at least it shines like it's that way!"

Rodzina smiled. "Come. We should head for the Galactic Senate chambers
before Chancellor Palpatine's speech starts. Latecomers are frowned upon."

Tysy nodded, and the two girls set off in a small speeder away from the Temple.

After a few minutes of traveling and watching the city lights of Coruscant
whizz by as one glowing blur, Rodzina turned to her friend and protegee.

"That robe," she said. "Is it meant to impress one Anakin Skywalker, perhaps?"

Tysy grinned. "Yes!" Then she felt sad and guilty. Ashamed, and out of her
league. Rodzina could hide these things so well--her emotions and desires.
Why couldn't she? "I know he's well beyond my reach, Rodzina. But I can't help
it. He's my hero, and I wish he'd be the one for me. The one to love me."

Rodzina's dark eyes grew serious. "Such passion, if you act upon it, and if
young Skywalker agreed to it, could see you both expelled from the Order."

"I know." Tysy sighed, her chest heavy. Why had she worn that robe? It was
no secret, at least to Rodzina, that Tysy admired a Jedi Knight far above her
own circle. What was a secret, however, was the true intensity of Tysy's feelings.
It wasn't simply that she found it hard to hide them. It was that they seemed
to bleed through her, through her skin and her clothes and causing red stains,
until everyone around Tysy could see them. This made her feel unworthy
and embarrassed. How would she ever be a Knight if she couldn't restrain herself?

"We're here." Rodzina put a reassuring hand on Tysy's arm. "Don't worry.
All eyes will be on Palpatine, and none on you. Your secret's safe with me."

Tysy gave her friend a trusting nod. Where would she be without mentors like her?

Diego Varen
07-28-2006, 03:40 AM
Another good Chapter.

Jason Skywalker
07-28-2006, 06:05 AM
Yeah, meesa like it. Good to know she likes Anakin. Tysy-Padme catfight pehraps? :xp:

07-29-2006, 11:32 PM
((Sorry, Jason, but no. :) Tysy does not know that Anakin and Padme are
secretly married, or that Padme is pregnant. Our young Padawan is completely
out of the loop, as is the rest of the Jedi Order. So, no Tysy-Padme catfight. :D))


The Galactic Senate Chambers hummed with anticipation. Everyone present,
from the highest senators such as Padme Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo,
to the lowest ushers and custodians, were excited to hear the Chancellor.
Palpatine was not usually a man of few words anyway, but then again, who
else would be a prisoner of Grievous and Count Dooku and live to tell the tale?

Next to Palpatine stood Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in his finest dress robe
and his handsome young apprentice, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Tysy
felt her heart flutter. She had rarely seen Anakin look so magnificent,
so in his element, and so confident. She smiled at him from her humble
bottom-row seat next to Rodzina Dvyer' and their Masters, Ladno and Odin.

"Looking prepared tonight?" Rodzina asked with a sly wink. She didn't mean
Palpatine. Tysy answered with a chagrined smile. Keep quiet! she thought.

What she didn't tell Rodzina was that even from this distance, she sensed
an undercurrent of anxiety from Anakin through the Force. Anxiety, and
intense fear that made him feel ashamed. What was he keeping hidden?
Tysy wished she could reach out and embrace him, ask him what was wrong.

No time for that, because at that moment, Palpatine cleared his throat and began:

"Gurgle uk-uk hurkle gick oot erp blug."

What? Tysy checked her aural amplifier, the headset discreetly placed over
her ears so that she could hear Palpatine adequately in the Senate Chambers.
Then she laughed to herself. The headset's Translator function had been
previously set to a dialect that the Quarrens spoke. Of course! A minor
Quarren diplomat had given a speech yesterday, one that she had not gone to.

Tysy switched the Translator on the headset over to "Basic" and slipped the
headphones over her ears. Good thing she hadn't missed much--just small talk.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," said Palpatine, "of all races and species.
I am Palpatine, Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. As you may already know,
I have recently been a prisoner of this escalating war. Count Dooku and
General Grievous held me as a hostage. Had it not been for the heroic rescue
efforts of Master Kenobi and his apprentice, Knight Anakin Skywalker, I
would have been a casualty. One among hundreds of thousands. Droids
do not care how many sentients they kill in the course of their conquests,
and neither do Sith Lords. They will kill until they reach their goal--victory."

Someone applauded. Tysy cringed. Witless concessionaire, she thought.

"I was assured of victory, however, when Master Kenobi and Knight Skywalker
rescued me. There was a duel between the latter and Count Dooku, who had
turned to the Dark Side. At the end of it, young Skywalker was forced to
end Dooku's life in self-defense. He had no other choice. If he could have,
Count Dooku would have sliced young Skywalker in two with his gleaming
red lightsaber. He was dangerous--far too dangerous to be left alive."

Suddenly, Tysy saw Anakin turn. "If you please, Chancellor," he said modestly. Palpatine, however, gave him a look that said Please.
Silence for now.

"It is a tenet of the Jedi Code that Jedi do not kill unarmed prisoners who have
surrendered," continued Palpatine. "However, Count Dooku was armed, and he
certainly had not surrendered. The other unfortunate casualty of the duel was
Skywalker's arm, which has now been replaced by a prosthetic." Sympathetic
claps. This made Tysy admire Anakin even more now, brave facing such a loss.

As for the young Knight himself, he seemed calmer. The troubled look on his
face just one split second ago seemed to have disappeared for now.

"What was it like to be a prisoner?" said Palpatine. "As all prisoners of war do,
I feared for my life every day. Not only for my own life, but that of the galaxy
and the Jedi Order. If Grievous and Dooku would win, then all of life would be
condemned to death. In a cramped white cell, deprived of nourishment save
the most spoiled scraps and water, I meditated upon the meaning of their cause.

"What would it serve them, the droids to separate from the Republic, and
Count Dooku to conquer? Independence, I thought, was what the droids
would gain, but then I realized my naivete. Independence was not what
they sought. Grievous and his mechanical minions meant to destroy the
Republic, not to free themselves from it. As for Dooku--before his death,
his goal was for the Sith to rule. Not the Jedi and the Jedi Order. He
wished to put his own vision in place for the galaxy, dominated by the
compulsions and the energies of the Dark Side. I realized this, and I wept."

Murmurs. Palpatine, weeping? Tysy was touched to see such a man, so
strong in the Force, being able to admit his feelings. Even his "un-Jedi" ones.

"That is why we must win this war. We must conquer. Not out of fear, or revenge,
or a misguided lust for power. We must win for the galaxy's sake, and our own."

A standing ovation, and thunderous applause. Tysy stood as well, humbly
saluting the Chancellor. His speech had been short as speeches go, but brilliant.

It was only when she, Rodzina Dvyer', and their Masters were headed back
toward the Temple in a more leisurely speeder that Tysy realized something
had disappointed her about the evening.

Neither Master Kenobi nor Anakin had been given a chance to speak.

Diego Varen
07-30-2006, 03:56 AM
This is your best Chapter yet. You've captured Palpatine's personality perfectly. When is Yaggles going to write some?

Jason Skywalker
07-30-2006, 06:21 AM
When he haves the time, i think. Good one Tysy.

07-30-2006, 06:18 PM
Tysy had learned no life-changing new knowledge, experienced no
epiphanies, no revelations, since the evening of Palpatine's speech.
She should have, for perhaps they might have prepared her for
what would happen next: her own evaluation by Master Ladno.
Here, he would tell her if she had indeed passed the Jedi Trials
and would become a Knight. Tysy prayed to the Force it would be so.

In a perhaps unwise move, the young Padawan was evaluated together
with Master Odin and his own Padawan, her best friend Rodzina Dvyer'.

The two Masters stood calmly at the front of the Padawan Training Room
in the Jedi Temple, while Tysy and Rodzina knelt eagerly before them.

Tall Master Odin spoke first, a proud smile gracing his face. "Padawan
Dvyer', I am pleased to inform you that you have passed the Trial of Skill.
Your masterful use of Form IV, or Ataru, in your duel against Padawan
Jocin Truud, who had newly turned to the Dark Side, proves that you
are indeed a worthy opponent in battle. You are also wise enough to
have tried to turn Jocin back toward the ways of Light and Truth.
It is unfortunate that he chose to keep fighting you--hence his death."

Rodzina bowed her head solemnly, but she was still glad she had passed.

Then Master Ladno, shorter and more muscular, turned to Tysy.
"I am sorry," he began, "but you did not pass the Trial of Skill,
Padawan. In your duel with a manifestation of my own self had
I turned to the Dark Side, you revealed that your combat skills
are phenomenally poor. I know you tried your best, and like Padawan
Dvyer', you also tried to convince me to repent and turn back to the
Light. However, I also chose to keep fighting. Unlike Padawan Dvyer',
who won her duel, you did not. Padawan Dvukh, you have failed."

Tysy also bowed her head, humbly and sadly. What had she done wrong?

"You also did not prevail in the Trial of the Flesh," Master Ladno continued.
"I know your attachments to people, to things, to places, and to ideals
you cherish. You won't let them go. Witness your attraction to young
Skywalker." Tysy blushed, humiliated. Had she really been that obvious
in her seemingly-secret yearning for Anakin? "I am more disappointed
in you than I had been after your failure in the Trial of Skill. Have you
no self-restraint, Padawan Dvukh? No self-control? Again, you've failed."

Master Odin, looking uncomfortable, turned to Rodzina. "You have
mastered your emotions in this particular Trial," he told her, trying to
balance the pride he felt in his own Padawan with the sorrow he felt for
the other. "You love the same things as all sentients do, but you are
skilled enough in serenity, self-mastery, and the detachment of the
Jedi not to let these things control you. I commend you, Padawan Dvyer'."

Rodzina smiled and nodded, but her smile was pained. She felt over-praised.

"The Trial of Courage, you passed, though only barely," Odin said to Rodzina.
"The enemy you fought, an apprentice Sith, was superior to you, and only
with my assistance were you able to defeat her. However, you fought
with courage and steadfastness in the battle, and that is why I declare
you have triumphed in this test of bravery and valor. Congratulations."

Master Ladno shook his head. "You know how you fared, Padawan Dvukh,
in your own duel against a greater enemy, a droid loyal to General Grievous.
I also had to help you in this battle. You fought your hardest, but fear was
what clouded your mind, and not courage, Padawan. I do not need to say
if you passed the Trial of Courage or not. You and I both know the result."

Tysy wished that she could fall through a crack in the Training Room tiles.
How could she have missed so many opportunities, done so badly, failed
so miserably? With a compassionate gaze, Master Ladno turned to her
one last time. He hadn't meant to sound so harsh, but truth was truth.

"The only test that you passed, and with flying colors, my Padawan, is the
Trial of the Spirit. You told me the truth about your nightmares, and you
were humble and patient enough to realize that the Dark Side does tempt
you in your heart of hearts. You did not hide from this; you faced it. I cannot
make you a Knight, however. Padawan, you passed one test...out of four."

One test out of four! Chetvyort'! One quarter! The young girl felt
tears start to spring to her eyes, but she squinted them both shut tightly.

Master Odin, wanting to weep with Tysy but hiding his feelings, as was
appropriate for a Jedi, spoke to Rodzina Dvyer'. "Your future will be
different," he told his own Padawan. "With you shall come the power
and the responsibility of being a Jedi Knight. Your cause shall be ours,
and our strength shall be yours. Rise, Padawan Dvyer', and be proud."

Rodzina stood and bowed to her Master. Tysy did so as well, but
Master Ladno had sad news for her. No Padawan wanted to hear it.

"I can train you no longer," said Ladno. "Someone else will have to
take you on for further, and intense, remedial training. Farewell."

Ladno strode from the Training Room with a heavy conscience.

Master Odin trailed behind, ashamed of his rather brash and blunt colleague.

He called for Rodzina. "Padawan Dvyer'!," he said, his voice kind, not stern.

Rodzina, who was embracing the weeping Tysy, looked at her with the
most haunted dark brown eyes the galaxy had ever known. "I must go."

With a broken heart and spirit, the lesser Padawan knew she must as well.

Jason Skywalker
07-30-2006, 06:44 PM
Such a sad chapter. Poor Tysy. :(

07-30-2006, 09:53 PM
So am I to be the new master that makes her a knight?
I want to be less strict and more cool and stuff but not too lenient. So yeah sounds like fun. :)

07-30-2006, 10:44 PM
How does this sound?

You can be my new master, but you're also...Anakin Skywalker, who takes
me on as a "remedial student" because Master Kenobi thinks you can help me.
If you are Anakin, though, you haven't turned to the Dark Side yet.

Personally, I think it would be cool if you were Anakin/Vader and I was your
slave. :) We'd both continue writing Palpatine, if he ever says stuff (he will!)

What do you think? :)

07-30-2006, 11:38 PM
so wait... you want me to be anikan and for him to be your master? *shrug* that could work. :D

Jason Skywalker
07-31-2006, 05:45 AM
Exciting, it sounds. *coughkisscough*

Diego Varen
07-31-2006, 07:36 AM
Another good Chapter.

07-31-2006, 11:06 PM
So Rodzina was going to be Knighted, and Tysy, a mere Padawan, would
be cast down, sent to what Master Ladno had deemed "remedial training."

Sure enough, Tysy was very proud of her best friend and companion, but...

Remedial training was for eight-year-olds. Younglings. "Jedi Hopefuls",
as they were called. Tysy had never been so ashamed in all of her years at
the Jedi Temple. How could Master Ladno have thought so poorly of her?
Then she realized that the fault, of course, lay not in him but in herself.

If only she'd had more time to practice before her duel with Grievous' droid.

If only she'd not been so attached to Rodzina, to her Master, and to--Anakin.

If only she'd sensed that the Dark Side presence she fought was only an illusion...

If only, if only. Such musings did not bring her any comfort now. What
good were they, when all Tysy had to look forward to was a future full of
curious Younglings wondering why such a tall Jedi was in their class?

No. She would not go back. She would sever all ties to the Jedi, if not
the Force. What was it that happened to those who failed their training,
four thousand years ago? Ah. They were sent to the fields of the now-
extinct planet Telos to serve the galaxy, not as Jedi, but as farmers and
laborers. This made Tysy smile. Maybe I'm good for laundry after all.

She slipped her hand around the small dagger she always kept at her belt
for protection. It wasn't very sharp, but it was sharp enough to do the trick
she had in mind. One quick slash, and her Padawan's braid would be gone!

Tysy snuck through the currently-deserted hallways of the Jedi Temple
to one of the many Meditation Gardens. It was empty, like the yawning
corridors she had just passed through. Perfect! No one would see her.

She sat down on the ledge of a simple but graceful stone fountain, letting
the peace of its flowing waters trickle over her. She clutched her golden-
brown braid in her left hand, and unsheathed the dagger in her right. Now--

A sound suddenly startled her. Rustling, and footsteps. Her heart pounding,
Tysy gawked as she saw Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker himself approaching her!

"Ah--Knight Skywalker!" This greeting lay between a gasp and a squeal. "I
was just doing some meditations on self-defense with this humble knife, I hope
never to have to use it, but I wanted to give my bangs a trim!" Tysy joked.

The young Jedi Knight gave her a gentle look. He knew she wasn't joking.

It's true. It's true. It's true. It's true. Tysy willed Anakin to believe
this great fib through the Force. If she failed to do so, she was undone.

((Your turn, Yaggles! What does Anakin do? I can't wait to find out! :D))

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Good one again Tysy, very realistic and suspensefull.

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Hey sorry for the wait... ummm... yeah I'll have to use your character a little bit in order to make the chapter long enough. :)
Anakin knew that she wasn't just doing some meditations, but he decided he would leave it alone, for now. Shrugging, Anakin smiled and said, "Well, Tysy, I have been given an order by the Council to continue you training. You will be my, for a lack of a better term, remedial student. Does that sound good to you?"

Nodding quickly, Tysy exclaimed, "Oh of course. I would be honored to serve under you!"

Smiling and chuckling, "You won't be serving, but rather, learning. But as Master Kenobi always liked to tell me, the sooner we train, the easier the real action will be. So, shall we get on with it?"


They began with lightsaber practice, using a small round training droid, which fired small laser bolts at the trainee. Putting a blindfold on Tysy, Anakin activated the droid. "Ok, Tysy, reach out with the force. You cannot always rely on your eyes, hence the blindfold."

She ignited her bright blue lightsaber, the prominant color of most padawans and apprentices. Grimacing as one bolt after another sailed past her lightsaber, she turned off her saber and sat back, removing the blindfold. "Oh, I'm no good. I'll never get this down!" She sighed.

Ok, sorry but that's all I have the time for at the moment. I'll continue later and you can add in in between if you want! Sorry for the short chapter!

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Well, as you said, short and a little disapointing.

08-01-2006, 10:05 PM
Anakin Skywalker sat down beside the discouraged girl on the ledge of
the stone fountain. "It's all right. No one can deflect every single blaster
bolt that comes their way the first time, even without the blindfold and
in full mastery of the Force. Jedi aren't perfect, although I doubt Master
Ladno would tell you that." He felt pained at the sight of Tysy's sad look.

"You're afraid," Anakin continued, "and that's good. It means you're still
human, and in touch with your humanness in the heat of battle. Here is
where I disagree with Master Kenobi and with the rest of the Jedi Order.
The Masters tell us that "fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate
leads to suffering," and that is why they all consider fear a path to the
Dark Side. However, I've never believed it. I've come to use my fear."

"Why?" Tysy asked. "How on earth does fear make you strong?"

"You musn't just know that you're afraid, but accept it, and
be glad of it. Embrace this part of yourself warmly, because without it, you
wouldn't be all of who you are. You also wouldn't be very good in a fight."

"How's that?" Tysy was confused. She thought courage made one strong.

"Try again." Anakin offered her the blindfold. "This time, you'll do better.
I know you will, because this time, you've learned that you have one
person you can trust. One person who won't judge you because of the
tension and anxiety you feel. On the contrary--he will teach you how to
use it as your ally instead of fight it as your enemy. Let fear strengthen you."

"I'd like to." She trusted Anakin, but his words still made no sense. "How?"

Anakin blindfolded the hesitant Padawan, the braid still attached to her
worried head. "I'm going to start the combat droid again. Don't think about
how you'll do. The thing that you fear the most is failure, not death.
Failure--and being alone." Anakin held his breath. He'd said too much.

"How did you know that?" Tysy trembled, ashamed of herself. "I'm sorry."

"You have no need to apologize, Padawan. As far as how I know--in
many ways, you're like me." Young Skywalker nodded once and turned
to the idling practice droid. "You're young, you're eager, you long with
all your being to help save the galaxy. I do as well. There is nothing
of which I'm prouder than defeating Count Dooku, showing him that the
Light Side was stronger. Just relax, and let the Force guide your swings."

Letting herself go, welcoming her fear, Tysy swung her lighsaber five times.

Vwoom. Deflection! Vwoom. Deflection! Deflection!

Tysy yanked off the blindfold and deactivated her lightsaber, her soul
giddy with happiness. Anakin smiled at her, proud of her sincere efforts.

"Three out of five blaster bolts," he said. "Not bad. Want to know a secret?"

Tysy sat down on the edge of the fountain again. Anakin leaned in close.

"Fear is a gift that enhances our survival, not a weakness that must be
fought out. If none of us had fear, if we ran headlong into everything,
then none of us could have survived in this galaxy for very long. It's fear
that causes us to run away from a charging krayt dragon when we need to.
Without fear, we'd ignore warning signs that we're slipping to the Dark Side.
Even love has its fear--fear of loss. The Masters say that's a bad thing, but
what kind of a person are you if you're never afraid for the one you love?"

Tysy understood perfectly. "What if they were ever in danger?" she asked.

"Precisely my point. It's fear of losing those closest to me, the pain of having
lost my mother to Tusken raiders, that partly motivates me to do what I do.
Not out of revenge--anymore, but out of a desire to protect those I love now."

Tysy whispered, unable to bear her own heart anymore. "Do you love me?"

Anakin smiled gently. "There. You just welcomed your fear, and you used it.
I love you as I love a brother in arms, which is something not even most
Jedi share. They choose not to become attached. I see something in you,
however, that reminds me of someone. Someone I love, and whom I'm afraid for."

Tysy's heart rose and sank at the same time. Rose because of Anakin's most
obvious concern and respect for her, but sank because at that moment...

...she knew he loved someone else. A woman Tysy would most likely never equal.

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And cut! Good one Tysy, oh, if there was a catfight...Anyways, looking forward for the next.

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08-04-2006, 09:31 PM
Over a long stretch of weeks--which seemed to Tysy like only one day--
Anakin Skywalker trained her for the second time in the ways of the Jedi.

He showed Tysy how easy it was to become caught up in lightsaber
Forms and combat moves, forgetting that in the end, the Force was
your steadiest ally.

He showed her how meditation would truly guide her, how lifting
objects through the Force was not one-tenth as important as
letting the Force lift you.

He showed her that no matter how skilled you were, as either a Padawan,
Knight, or a Master, that the Dark Side could always claim you in its grasp.

And, at last, he showed Tysy that she was prepared for her final test.

Not any of the Jedi Trials--oh, no, she had gone through absolutely none
of those again since Anakin had been teaching her. The Jedi Trials, to
both Knight and Padawan, were dusty relics and tests that had worked
for countless other students, but not for those such as they. Not for
Tysy, because she had been so weak, and not for Anakin, either,
because he had been so incredibly strong. They were hungry for more.

"A duel." Anakin picked up a single-bladed red lightsaber that some
of the Jedi Masters had claimed from the corpse of a Dark Jedi.
"I propose a one-on-one confrontation, where you pretend that
I have indeed fallen to the Dark Side. Imagine that I'm Jocin Truud,
who succumbed because his lust for power overcame his desire to
help the galaxy. If you win, Padawan, I will make you a Knight."

Tysy bowed her head and nodded, hating to say this. "Yet you're not
a Master. You are my Master, indeed, young Skywalker, but
as far as I know, you are not as high as Master Kenobi or Master Yoda."

Anakin nodded. "I know." His voice was hard, determined. "Since that
speech of Chancellor Palpatine's, and for two weeks since I started
training you, I have been appointed to the Jedi Council. However,
Master Obi-Wan has said that I would not yet hold his rank."

Tysy was confused. "Why, Skywalker? I thought only Masters were allowed
on the Jedi Council. Mace Windu, and Kenobi, and the rest. Why not you?"

"They have their own agenda, their own plan," said Anakin carefully, "and
even though it's for the good of the galaxy, it does not involve me becoming
a Master. Obi-Wan says I must be patient. I'm trying, but it's hard."

"If we duel," Tysy said, "and you win, will that bring you closer?"

"It will make me stronger," he said, "and it will help me prove to Obi-Wan
that I am indeed ready to take on such a responsibility in the Jedi Order.
Of course, if you win," he smiled, his eyes twinkling merrily, "that means
that you'll finally become a Knight, and you and I will be the same rank."

"I'd love that," smiled Tysy, her voice playfully haughty. Then she turned
serious. "Let's duel, then--I with Form II, which you taught me when
you showed me how Count Dooku fought, and you with Form V--your
specialty." She paused for a moment. "I want you to try your best on me."

"Are you sure?" asked Anakin. "Count Dooku got extremely tired fighting me."

"I'm sure." His Padawan's voice was calm, resolved. "At, dva, tri!"

As soon as Tysy counted off, Anakin threw himself into the duel, his body
tensed with energy and the strength the Force gave him. So was Tysy's,
however, and the duel went on much longer than either Jedi expected.

Anakin, whose use of Form V was beginning to earn him great renown,
used his Force-enhanced might to "bully" Tysy, albeit slowly, backing
her into the corner of the Meditation Garden where they trained. She,
however, was no pushover, using the elegant and precise moves of
Makashi, or Form II Contention, to parry her teacher's attacks.

Anakin felt something well up from deep within his soul. In a quick
and decisive move, he caught his Padawan off guard, disarming and
flattening Tysy right on her back to the grass of the Garden. He placed
the red lightsaber he was using to one side of her neck, her own blue
one to the other. Supine, she breathed heavily, feeling the heat of both.

"This is how it ended, Tysyacha," Anakin rasped sadly. He felt the
same rush of power course through him that he had when he'd
cornered a Sith Lord the same way not so long ago. "The duel.
With Count Dooku, I mean. This is how I killed him--how he died."
Even through the searing light of both sabers, Tysy could see
the unhidden flow of tears staining her hero's sunburnt cheeks.

"It's not the Jedi way, but it's what I had to do. Chancellor
Palpatine said he was too dangerous to be left alive. That's
what he said in his speech. Count Dooku was an unarmed
prisoner. He had not surrendered, but I had won the duel.
He told me to kill him--Palpatine. I'm sorry, but it's true."

Tysy could feel tears staining her own face. "I yield."

Anakin turned the lightsabers off--both of them--and helped his
Padawan stand. They collapsed in each other's arms, sweating
and heaving with sorrow and spent energy. They knew each
other's secrets now--Anakin that Tysy more than admired him,
and Tysy that Anakin Skywalker had broken the code of the Jedi.

As it is with two souls and two people who share a bond beyond
that of conjugal love, both of them knew that they'd never tell.

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08-05-2006, 08:35 AM
Hey, Tysy... you seem to be doing great without me, as I can rarely put in maybe a few sentences. Would it be alright if you just took over? Sorry that my contribution was tiny and not really all that great. :/ I guess I'm just getting too busy with this and my other fanfic and personal life and such. Sorry!

Jae Onasi
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This is fascinating. The grammar and spelling looks good. The only issue I has was the masters assigning her to do remedial training with Anakin when they knew she had a crush on him. How both Anakin and Tysy deal with their feelings is very interesting, and I'm wondering if she'll stay on the light side when Anakin falls.

08-06-2006, 09:41 PM
((Note: This will be the last chapter I write in this story before I
head off to San Antonio for my first out-of-state business trip! I will be
back on August 11, so look for another Chapter on the 12th. In the
meantime, I'll be thinking about what to write then, because I don't! :D))


It had taken a little bit longer than usual for Rodzina Dvyer's formal Knighting
Ceremony to take place, what with the war going on and the machinations
of General Grievous. However, the Jedi Order was not an entity to slight
any of its new members, whether Padawan, Knight or Master. It would
give Rodzina her due, and Tysy, her boon companion, would gladly watch.

In these darker days of the Republic, the Grand Master of the Order was
Yoda, the feared opponent of Grievous and every Sith Lord in the galaxy.
Despite his reputation for keenness in battle and a deeper mastery of the
Force than anyone in the Jedi Order had ever known, Grand Master Yoda
was humble and wise. He knew that even he could be tempted, and that
he must always be on his guard against the Dark Side.

Yoda also knew that he was not above his Padawans or his Knights, and
that was why he strove to show each and every one the respect they
deserved. It was no different with Rodzina Dvyer', who would be honored
tonight. Grand Master Yoda did not know her even half as well as he
knew Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and yet he had heard of
the girl. She was the one who had defeated Grievous' droid, after all.

In the darkened Halls of Knighthood, in the midst of twelve senior Jedi
with their lightsabers all aglow, Rodzina knelt, proud and yet modest.
She waited for Grand Master Yoda to speak and pronounce her rank.

"Step forward, Padawan," commanded Yoda gently. The girl obeyed.
"Rodzina Dvyer', by the right of the Council, by the will of the Force,
dub thee I do, Jedi Knight of the Republic." He sliced off her black braid.

"Take up your lightsaber, Rodzina Dvyer', Jedi Knight," said
Council Member Mace Windu, "and may the Force be with you."
Rodzina took her blue-bladed saber and bowed to everyone present.

Rodzina smiled and nodded once to Yoda. She had waited long for
this moment and trained hard, and she was glad to be rewarded.

However, one more person was to be honored tonight, for someone had
finally triumphed. Someone who had been forsaken by her old Master,
recommended for remedial training fit for Younglings. Someone who,
viewed as weak and fearful by superiors, had now come into her own!

In the circle of twelve senior Jedi, two heralded Masters switched places
with two others. The replacements were none but Master Ladno, the man
who had failed Tysy once before, and Anakin Skywalker! Tysy held her
breath. Was this it? The dream she'd been denied, that she thought
she would never achieve? By what miracle could this be happening?

Grand Master Yoda folded his hands. He felt he should repeat his
greeting to the audience, and to the prospective Knight, once more.

"We are all Jedi," he said. "The Force speaks through us. Through our
actions, the Force proclaims itself and what is real. Today, we are
here to acknowledge what the Force has proclaimed." He closed his eyes.

Suddenly, Master Ladno interrupted. "By your leave, Grand Master," he said.

Yoda nodded, and Ladno turned to Tysy. Her heart clenched with fear.
Was her old Master about to banish her from the Hall of Knighthood, to
say that the honor she was about to receive was truly unwarranted?

On the contrary. Ladno turned to her, a placid gaze of wisdom on his face.

"Padawan Dvukh," he said. "It was I, along with Master Kenobi, who allowed
Knight Skywalker to train you in a remedial way. Both of us knew that you
more than admired this young apprentice of Obi-Wan, and we wanted to
make you work together so you would learn how to handle your feelings.

"You both did! Neither of you turned to the Dark Side, or gave in to base
passion. You've shown the honesty and respect that lies between two
true brothers in arms. You have finally passed the Trial of Flesh, Padawan!

"As for the Trials of Skill and Courage, you fought bravely and without anger
in your duel with young Skywalker. Even though you were afraid, you yearned
to test yourself against him. Not out of revenge, but out of admiration. I am
proud of you, Padawan Dvukh, and it is for this reason that Master Kenobi and
I agreed that you should be a Knight. Grand Master Yoda? Please continue."

"Step forward, Padawan," he commanded. Tysy, happy and excited
beyond belief, humbly obeyed. Was this really taking place, or a dream?
"Tysyacha Dvukh," he said, "by the right of the Council, by the will of
the Force, dub thee I do, Jedi Knight of the Republic." With one quick
stroke, Yoda slashed off Tysy's braid with his green lightsaber blade.

"Take up your lightsaber, Tysyacha Dvukh, Jedi Knight," said Master
Obi-Wan Kenobi. "And may the Force be with you." Unlike Rodzina,
Tysy's blade was green, that of a Consular. She smiled. It suited her.

At last! She was no longer a Padawan, of third rank, but a Knight of second!

Master Obi-Wan Kenobi smiled. He was very glad for this trembling young
girl, grown to Knighthood and greater strength and maturity through his
apprentice. As for Anakin--his chest swelled with kindred-spirit love and
pride. He wished his Padme could have seen this, what he'd done to help
the galaxy! One more Jedi Knight was one more to the rest of the people
in it, but to Anakin, Tysy was a treasure. A precious protegee. His.

As for Rodzina--she was furious. Furious that someone else, a weakling,
had dared to share her rank. Her honor. Her night. Even though it was Tysy
who had become a Knight, Rodzina didn't care, at least for the moment.

I liked you better when you were scrubbing my laundry, she thought.

08-06-2006, 10:43 PM
((OK, I fibbed. THIS is my last chapter before I go on the business trip.
I had to end something, the relationship between Rodzina and Tysy.
After all, a Dvukh can only call one person "#1"...Do svidanya!))


"Tysyacha Dvukh." A pause. "I challenge you to a duel."

Tysy whirled around in her chambers on the very afternoon after
she and her best friend had both been dubbed Knights. Rodzina's
voice sounded different now. Cold, challenging. Murderous, perhaps.

"A sparring duel?" Tysy smiled nervously and tried to change the
tone of the conversation. "Certainly. I need to hone my skills."

"Indeed you do," said Rodzina, her voice saturated with anger and
wounded pride. "I don't even know why Master Ladno had the gall
to say you were worthy to be a Knight, let alone make
you one. You're not fit for honor--only submission. Your training with
young Skywalker has strengthened you," she said. "Too much. I had
no idea you were going to be Knighted on the same evening as me,
and you stole the recognition only I deserved!"

"Ah, Rodzina!" Tysy's heart and stomach had fallen right into her feet.
She was fraught with pain. "I didn't mean to do that. Honestly, I didn't!"

"I know," said Knight Rodzina Dvyer', "although that doesn't excuse you.
I wish to see how good you are, and if you deserve your rank. If I find
that you do not, then I shall end your life. Don't be angry. I don't wish
to kill you, but if you prove that your power has exceeded mine, I shall
have to." Her lips curled into a sneer. "I defeated Grievous' droid,
not you! You couldn't even beat Skywalker in that 'training duel' that
you had!"

"Come with me to the Training Room," hissed Tysy, "and we'll settle this!"

However, as soon as they were both ready for their possible death-match.
Tysy wished she hadn't said it. This was her best friend, her mentor of
five-plus years who now wanted to duel her. Kill her, if she had to. A
heart-wrenching sorrow coursed through Tysy's whole body. She knelt.

"Please," she begged. "Let's not fight. Ty--moya' podruga, Rodzina!"

"I am your best friend?" the other Knight jeered. "Not anymore. Not since
your strength grew, since you forgot your true place within the Jedi Order.
Stand up, young Knight, and duel me, or I'll have to cut you down here!"

In a split second, Tysy threw herself into the heat of battle. Using Form
II and a bit of Form V that she had learned from Anakin, she parried and
blocked her former mentor's attacks as hard and as fast as she could.
Rodzina seemed surprised by how well Tysy fought, but she knew that
in the end, she would be better. She had always been better, even
when she was a Youngling. Who was this dvukh to challenge her?

All through the fight, though, something caught Rodzina off guard. For
every attack Tysy launched against her that landed, there was also a
sincere plea from her former best friend's heart that made her think.

"Let's both let go of our terrible anger, Rodzina. Please. I need you!"

"No one would want to see us like this. We're both Knights now.
The same! Can't you see?"

"I would gladly yield and be your slave, if you'd turn to the Light!"

The battle sharply paused. "Really?" asked Rodzina Dvyer', intrigued.

"Yes," cried Tysy, trying not to weep. "I would serve you, and call you
'Master.' Do your laundry, if you wished me to. I'd never spurn you, and
betrayal would be out of the question. In return, would you swear to
turn back to the Light Side and never break the Jedi Code again?
Go back to the ways of peace and self-mastery you had before?"

Rodzina smiled. "I would, but no. Your offer of servitude is sincere, but
it must come with no conditions on my part. Otherwise, we keep fighting."

"Halt, now!" Master Ladno suddenly burst into the training room.
"I've sensed everything through the Force, Jedi Knights Dvyer' and
Dvukh! You should both be exiled for your conduct one day after
the ceremony!"

"Shut up, fool." Rodzina advanced toward Tysy. With one quick
move, she caught the other girl in a hugely strong Force Push and
knocked her down. "Now," she said. "The power is mine, and the loss
of life yours. I've won!" Rodzina pressed her blue lightsaber up against
Tysy's quivering carotid artery.

At that moment, though, Master Ladno impaled Rodzina on his own green one.

The Jedi Knight crumpled to the floor dead, the same look of anger that
she'd had before still plastered on her face. Anger, a shattered ego, and
hatred. Most unexpectedly, and sadly, Rodzina had touched the Dark Side.

Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had also come to see what was wrong,
helped the shaking Tysy to stand and led her back to her own chambers.
He stayed with her and helped her regain peace, comforting her after
the betrayal by her best friend. He was glad Anakin had not been there.

After all, who knows what would have happened with him had Tysy--died?

Diego Varen
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Two good Chapters. I liked the Knight ceremony. Also, I've always wondered why you write everything that way.

08-07-2006, 05:33 AM
That was great... too bad Rodzina died, though. :/

Jason Skywalker
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So emotinal. Rodzyna's out and it's Tysy's time to shine!

08-12-2006, 11:13 PM
very very impressive Tysy...one of the best fics I've read since I joined this little community here.

08-13-2006, 10:16 PM
Master Obi-wan Kenobi decided that it would be best if both he and Anakin
had a second debriefing with Tysy. After her near-murder by her own mentor
and best friend, there were truths that all three of them were dying to learn.

"Why?" asked the least of them, the betrayed girl, her head bowed with grief.
"Not 'why did she betray me'? I know why Rodzina did what she did. I had
stolen her honor, in her eyes, and the only way she thought she could
regain it was to fight me. Duel me, yes, but why did she want to kill me?"

"She didn't." Anakin shook his head one-and-a-half times, a brief negation.
"She did believe, however, that by taking your life, she'd gain more power.
There's something that happens to a man--to a Jedi--when they make their first
kill. Once they've done that, they've conquered that fear within themselves."

"Fear of killing?" asked Tysy. "Or fear of the guilt and shame that comes after it?"

"Both," Anakin said. Sensing a silent admonishment from his Master, Anakin
swallowed hard. "You and I both know now what happened in my duel with
Count Dooku. I killed him unarmed, slicing his neck in half with two lightsabers
on each side of his reeling head. That's not what Chancellor Palpatine said
in his speech. I wanted to tell the truth, but he silenced me, and then, out
of my own cowardice and seeking to avoid punishment, I stayed silent."

"I truly can't imagine what you must have felt," Tysy said. "Your suffering..."

"Suffering is indeed what I felt," said the penitent Skywalker, "and regret.
Regret that I hadn't tried to convince Count Dooku to turn back to the Light
Side of the Force. I could have, and I wished to in the very core of my being
for more than a split second. Here is what happened, however--my mistake.

"With Palpatine pressuring me on the one hand, and my own conscience
screaming out for true justice on the other, I chose to yield to the man.
The man who'd hold me truly accountable for what I did, whether I killed
Count Dooku or not. The man who--would never forgive me otherwise."

"For making the wrong decision, in his opinion?" asked Tysy.

"Of course. I've seen it in the Chancellor: his unwavering stance, his deep
intolerance for failure. This does not mean, young Knight," countered Anakin,
"that Chancellor Palpatine is a bad man. That he's evil. He has the best
interests of the galaxy first and foremost as his goal, and that is the one
truth that I believe I know. About the Chancellor, I mean," he said quickly.

Obi-wan nodded and looked at Tysy. "I'd like to turn back to Rodzina.
She never realized, as you do, that for a Jedi humility and power go
hand in hand. They always should. Otherwise, one runs the risk of
falling into the same trap your best friend did. Your mentor. She
never said it, and neither did you, but an unspoken condition of
your friendship was that you and she would never be equals."

To counter Tysy's utterly crushed expression, Obi-wan continued:

"Rodzina tutored you--she loved you--because you were weaker.
More vulnerable, in her opinion. More in need of a teacher, and
that was the role that your best friend wanted so badly to play.
Unaware, of course, that you could also teach her. Do you see?"

"I see it--somewhat," choked Tysy, "but Rodzina also told me that I was
built for power. Created that way. What of that, Master Kenobi? Was she
lying to me? I didn't sense it, either through the Force or in my heart."

"She told you the truth, I think," answered Obi-wan, "but only with the
condition that your power would--and never should--equal or surpass hers.
You may have been built for power in her opinion, but so long as she was
always your mentor and tutor. Your friend, but as we all see now, true
friendship was not what existed between you two. I'm sorry, young one."

For some reason, Tysy didn't mind being called that instead of "Knight"
by Obi-Wan Kenobi. "Thank you, Master. Thank you both!" She smiled,
her tears now ones of relief instead of sadness and hurt. Anger, too.

Now she understood why Rodzina had truly betrayed her. It wasn't just
a case of so-called "stolen honor", but a lack of honor on her mentor's
part. A lack of true Jedihood, which Tysy had never suspected in so...

...strong a best friend.

08-13-2006, 10:33 PM
Midpoint Questions for my Readers

I have now reached the midpoint of Ya--Yevo', and I have
some questions I'd like you to help me answer. I truly appreciate
all of your input, for without it, I wouldn't have written half this
much!!! Please be honest with your answers. Best policy, always! :)

1. Have I stayed true to Anakin's, Obi-wan's, and Palpatine's characters
as shown in the Star Wars canon movies and books?

2. Is Tysy Dvukh too much of a "wuss" or an "emo kid" to be a good Jedi?
I know she cries a lot and is insecure and vulnerable, but I want to show
that she's not "uberstrong" like Luke and Han and Leia et al. In Tysy, I
want to show that even the most emotional of us can help the galaxy
and the Light Side. Would you rather have Rodzina as main char. instead?

3. What's your analysis of Tysy so far, besides the fact she's emotional?

4. Will Tysy stay Light after Anakin falls, or serve him when he's Darth Vader?
Honest prediction. What's the first fate for Tysy that comes to your head or gut?

5. What should I have next as a "plot turning point?" Pick 1 out of these 3:
--Tysy's first kill as a Jedi
--A conversation between Tysy and Palpatine, when she begins to see his side
--The part where Anakin falls/pledges himself to Palpatine. Tysy Force-feels it.

6. What's the best thing about this story? What draws you to it in the first place?

7. Lastly--is this fanfic as good as anything LucasLicensing has made into a
G-canon story or book? If not, what can I do to make it so it IS just as good?

Spasibo, (Thank you!),

08-13-2006, 11:47 PM
Tysy, I would say that yes you've stayed pretty true to the characters that you've used from the Star Wars universe. Palpatine's speech was something that I would consider near perfect.

I don't think that you character Tysy is at all too much of a "wuss" I actually like her. I think that her emotional side makes her more human and shows that like you said, not everyone is the strong hero type. Besides even Luke, Han, and Leia have their weaknesses.

Tysy seems to me like a classic underachiever. She has the ability to do great things, but she lacks some of the self confidence to use it. On the other hand, having her mentor and best friend turn on her would be enough to break some people, but so far Tysy seems to be getting through it.

It seems to me that if Tysy hasn't acted on her feelings for Anakin at this point I can't imagine why she'd turn and serve him. She tried to turn Rodzina back to the light, and I'd have to imagine she'd do the same with Anakin especially given her feelings for him. If anything I could see Tysy falling to Anakin's blade in the battle at the Jedi Temple.

In all honesty I would love to see you cover all three of the events you presented as options for your next plot turn. However, if I had to pick one I would say Tysy's first kill might make for an intriguing read as I think it would be interesting to see how she reacts.

I think the best thing about this story was that you write it in such a way that I want to find out what happens next. That's what keeps me coming back, I want to find out what happens to Tysy.

Finally, I think that what you've written is an intriguing and interesting story. I think it is as good if not better than anything I've read here so far and I wouldn't strive to compare yourself to the professional writers that write the Star Wars books as they have access to Lucasfilms and Star Wars resources that you couldn't possibly gain access to.

Diego Varen
08-14-2006, 03:31 AM
1. Have I stayed true to Anakin's, Obi-wan's, and Palpatine's characters
as shown in the Star Wars canon movies and books?

Yes. Palpatine was the best. His speech was something I'd expected to say.

2. Is Tysy Dvukh too much of a "wuss" or an "emo kid" to be a good Jedi?
I know she cries a lot and is insecure and vulnerable, but I want to show
that she's not "uberstrong" like Luke and Han and Leia et al. In Tysy, I
want to show that even the most emotional of us can help the galaxy
and the Light Side. Would you rather have Rodzina as main char. instead?

Keep Tysy as the main Character, but maybe make her a stronger person. But if you don't want her uber, just make her like the average Jedi.

3. What's your analysis of Tysy so far, besides the fact she's emotional?

A good Jedi who has been inspired by Anakin.

4. Will Tysy stay Light after Anakin falls, or serve him when he's Darth Vader?
Honest prediction. What's the first fate for Tysy that comes to your head or gut?

By the way the Fic has gone, I expect Tysy to fall to the Dark Side along with Anakin.

5. What should I have next as a "plot turning point?" Pick 1 out of these 3:
--Tysy's first kill as a Jedi
--A conversation between Tysy and Palpatine, when she begins to see his side
--The part where Anakin falls/pledges himself to Palpatine. Tysy Force-feels it.

A conversation between Tysy and Palpatine, when she begins to see his side and then she goes to kill Jedi on a certain Planet (Not Coruscant, if you want to stay true to the film).

6. What's the best thing about this story? What draws you to it in the first place?

Short and snappy. Not too long and the description is perfect.

7. Lastly--is this fanfic as good as anything LucasLicensing has made into a
G-canon story or book? If not, what can I do to make it so it IS just as good?

I quote Obi-Wan when I can only say possibly. Any good Fics on LF (Such as mine and many other peoples) are possible, but there is a good chance Lucas wouldn't look at them.

Keep it Tysy, this Fanfic is great. Maybe you could do an RP version of this too. I would gladly join.

Jason Skywalker
08-14-2006, 06:53 AM
Yeah, i liked the chapter and my opinion is basically Pottsie's. And i agree about joining. :D

08-14-2006, 08:27 PM
Sometimes, truth brings no healing. Truth brings no respite to the soul.
Sometimes, truth only brings pain, and pain is what Tysy felt. She wished
she could turn back time and arrange it so that she'd never met Rodzina Dvyer'.

Or met her, perhaps, but had been her teacher instead of her student.

Would Rodzina have betrayed her then? Knowing her nature--who could tell?

In the midst of Tysy's sorrow and heartbroken state, there came an odd visitor
to the Jedi Temple. An important one, who sought her out. Why? Perhaps he
had only been looking for Master Kenobi and his apprentice, the Chosen One,
Anakin Skywalker. Nevertheless, she was the first one whom Palpatine
saw. Tysy was hurrying off to one of the Meditation Gardens for a brief break
in her training. When she saw the Lord Chancellor, she stopped dead cold...

"Knight Dvukh," nodded Palpatine, a slight smile on his face. "Where are
you going so quickly and unceremoniously for a Jedi?" His eyes twinkled.

"Ehm...the Meditation Garden!" Tysy stammered. "The smallest one, my lord."

"Come," smiled the Chancellor. "You need not be so afraid of me. We'll
walk together to the Meditation Garden, for I've heard of you. Heard that
you were all but murdered by a very close friend who--betrayed you."

"Yes." Tysy nodded, biting her lower lip. "My mentor, Rodzina Dvyer'."

Palpatine knew that name well. A certain cruel young upstart who proved
that she could best Master Odin in Ataru lightsaber sparring. Twice. The
Chancellor was glad of her death. A fixed obstacle in his way that had
been removed, Rodzina would never turn. But this one...this beautiful Dvukh...

"Tell me," said Palpatine. "Did she let the passions of jealousy overcome her,
or was it always her nature to hate those who became stronger than she?"

Tysy shook her head. "I don't know. She never seemed that way, before
she turned against me. She always said I was built for power. Why? If she
didn't want me to gain it, or gain more than she had, why tell me that?"

"To challenge you." Palpatine slipped an aging hand upon Tysy's shoulder.
"To tease you, to test you, to dare you to become what she thought you
couldn't. Rodzina did not desire your welfare, young Knight. She only sought
to use you as a means to an end, that end being her own power and fame.
All of her teachings lead one to the Dark Side. I pray you don't follow them."

After a weighty pause, Tysy bowed her head. "Not anymore, Lord Chancellor."

"Good." They both had arrived in the Meditation Garden. "Let us reflect," he said.

After a few minutes, Palpatine opened his eyes and gently turned to the
neophyte before him. "Tysyacha Dvukh," he said, "during this trial of
suffering and pain, you have become wise. Wiser than Rodzina Dvyer,'
at least. That is why I have chosen you to undertake the mission that
was meant for her. Meant for her, I realize now, in error. Sometimes,
even the greatest leaders of the Senate make mistakes." He smiled modestly.

Tysy's heart beat faster. "What mission, Lord Chancellor?" She swallowed.

"Do you remember Jocin Truud, an unfortunate Padawan who had recently
turned to the Dark Side?" Tysy nodded. "Hence his death, sad though it
may be. "He had other followers and associates, those whom he called
his 'friends'. Jocin would have betrayed them all, if he'd had the chance."

Palpatine folded his hands and continued. "Jocin Truud's colleagues claim
to have repented and turned to the Light Side, but they have not. One of
them, a young lady named Jayla Maene, is even making speeches on
Dantooine. Fancies herself a Jedi politician, Jayla does, but she is not.
She is only a liar who claims that I do not have the best interests of the
galaxy as my only goal. She claims, Knight Dvukh, that I am a Sith Lord.
One by one, she is turning the farmers and laborers of Dantooine to her side."

"But that's treason!" Tysy cried. "She could be put to death for saying that!"

"And so she should be. Will you carry out this mission, Tysyacha? If you
go to Dantooine and apprehend her, I want her brought to me alive. She
must face the justice of the whole Galactic Senate, and not just myself.
After all, I am only one of hundreds. As for Jayla--hard labor or exile will
be her fate, if not outright execution. I hope for this last. Such poisonous
statements as Knight Maene makes must not be tolerated in Republic space."

Tysy nodded. "What if she won't come, my lord--won't surrender?"

Palpatine looked the young Jedi Knight square in the eye, and his eyes held
no malice, no deception. "Do what must be done, then--what Skywalker did."

Tysy shivered. "Yes, Lord Chancellor." She bowed and turned to leave the
Garden. "If I may--one more question." Deep breath. "Are you a Sith?"

Five. Four. Three. Two.


"Da, moya' dvukh," answered Palpatine, smiling gently. "Konyeshna."

As Palpatine left the Meditation Garden, however, Tysy had the
feeling that those last words were only in her mind. Figments of
her frightened and dark-secret-hungry imagination. At the same
time she'd doubted Palpatine, she'd doubted herself as well. Who
knew what was true in the galaxy anymore?

Had Palpatine actually said: "Yes, my second. Of course."?!

08-14-2006, 09:40 PM
Wow...very intriguing...I love the cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what Tysy does with this.

08-14-2006, 09:47 PM
So someone figured out Palpatine and he's having her killed... but he just told Tysy that he is Sith... I'm sorta confused... I dunno... I'm just tired. :D

Ummm good new chapter! :)

08-14-2006, 11:13 PM
Tysy boarded a shuttle to Dantooine the very next afternoon, conflicted.
If what she believed she had heard Palpatine say was true, that meant
she was on a possible mission of assassination. If, however, the Lord
Chancellor of the Galactic Senate was not a Sith Lord, then that
meant Jayla Maene was a traitor to the Republic and should be executed.

Or imprisoned or exiled. Jedi never killed unarmed prisoners, after all.

No other Jedi were with her on this mission, which made the young Knight
feel both apprehensive and proud. Apprehensive because Tysy had no
backup, no recourse or others to turn to if her arrest of Jayla did not
go as planned. However, she also felt proud because she was alone.
Chancellor Palpatine had entrusted her, and only her, with this task.
At last, she had been recognized as worthy, a Knight that could be trusted.

First, though, before arresting anyone, she would see what Jayla had to say.
Perhaps Palpatine was exaggerating, although Tysy wasn't inclined to think so.

As it turned out, Jayla Maene was speaking outside the ancient government
center of Khoonda, surrounded by merchants, farmers, maintenance workers,
and anyone who cared to hear her views on the Galactic Senate's leader.

"Can't you see it?" Jayla asked the crowd. Her red hair was almost as blazing
as Dantooine's sun, and her expression was no less fiery. No less intense.
"Chancellor Palpatine is misleading us. He is posing as a follower of Light
while leading us deeper into darkness every day! If you don't believe me,
good citizens of Dantooine, allow me to explain. I shall, and I shall do so fully.

"That speech of his on Coruscant--it was nothing but posturing, false humility.
He was manipulating Count Dooku and General Grievous all through his capture.
Remember and hear the smug confidence in his voice, and see the proud look
in his eyes! I believe it is he who is the mastermind behind this entire war into
which we're locked. Who else could it be? No other could be so cunning or cruel."

"Do you have proof, Knight Maene?" Stunned, Tysy recognized the voice that
spoke as her own. "If you do, show it now, or be prepared to answer us."

"I have no proof," said Jayla, "but merely what I sense through the Force. It
is not blind chance that has led me to say these things, or blind will, but
rather the will of the Force. How can I do anything but obey it, I ask you?"

"These Jedi," scoffed a machinist. "We don't feel the Force, and we can only
rely on what the Jedi tell us. What kind of a way is that to live, or to believe
that Chancellor Palpatine is a Sith Lord? I demand more proof than feelings!"

Some others agreed. Still others took Jayla's side, and the orator stood up tall.

"You'll see who Palpatine is when it is too late. Believe me now; I'm right. My
Masters say that I am one of the most powerful young Jedi that has ever
achieved the rank of Knighthood. I say Palpatine is Sith, and he should fall!"

Tysy strode forward boldly. This was her chance--her chance to serve justice.

"Knight Jayla Maene," she said firmly, hating to hear such words said about
the man who had been so kind to her. So wise. False posturing? Who was Jayla
to say, she who had never been in the clutches of Count Dooku or Grievous?
She who had no proof except the silent Force to verify her accusations?

"In the name of the Jedi Order and Lord Chancellor Palpatine, I, Jedi Knight
Tysyacha Dvukh, arrest you on suspicion of treason against the Republic."

"Arrest me?" asked Jayla, indignant. She looked quite a bit older than Tysy,
perhaps twenty-five or thirty. "If you come on the authority of Lord Chancellor
Palpatine, then you are the one who should be arrested, Knight Dvukh. I do
not recognize your authority, or his, as neither of you are proper Masters.
I will not be arrested on this false charge, because it is unjust. Stand down."

Tysy, feeling her spine turn cold and ramrod-stiff, stood her ground. "No.
If Palpatine is a Sith Lord, then the rest of the Senate will expose him in
due time and vindicate you. If not, then you really are a traitor, Knight."
She ignited her green saber. "Come with me quietly, or we shall fight."

"Fight?" Jayla's laugh rang out deep and timorous amid the serene landscape
of Dantooine. "Do you mean you wish to duel me? I can't believe it! You're a
Jedi Knight, and yet you'd be so foolish as not to believe me? Stand down,
Dvukh, lest I overcome you and accuse you of treason against the
Republic! We need not fight, unless you wish to serve at hard labor or
in exile." Nevertheless, Jayla Maene ignited her blue Guardian's saber.

Being accused of betrayal on her own part, after being thus betrayed
by her mentor, was more than Tysy could bear. Not by this hot-headed
schuttawho embodied what Rodzina would have been in five years!

With one passion-imbued Form V offensive attack, Tysy threw herself at
Jayla Maene and cut her down. One slash to the throat was all it took,
and the potential traitor was no more. As for Tysyacha, the victor...

"Chto delaya ya?" Tysy choked, realizing Jayla was indeed dead
and not unconscious. Not at all. "What have I done? If you were right,
and what you said was right...then I will gladly pay the price that's due.

"Twenty years in exile! Thirty! Forty! I'll take it! Even if--" and here her
body became wracked with sobs she was trying not to let the crowd hear--
"you were wrong, it was wrong of me...to kill you." She raised her head
and body up from where she had knelt over the dead Jedi orator.

She heard murmurs from the crowd. Then soft cheers, slowly building momentum.

"You did the right thing, Jedi," said a laborer, placing his hand over his heart.
"That girl was spouting treason, and she deserved the fate she got! Bravo!"

As soon as she heard more and more agree with this common man, the
young Knight stood up, trembling, and staggered to the shuttle on which
she came. She had done her duty and served the Lord Chancellor well,
without hesitation or bargaining attempts, but had she done what was
right? What was just? She felt dead inside as she departed.

Tysy felt that the void of space was the perfect place for her right then.


Student: Jedi Knight Tysyacha Dvukh
Subject: Killing Without Remorse
Grade: 2 (that's an "F" in the Russian grading system)

08-14-2006, 11:39 PM
Tysy is soooo stubborn. It is plain to see that Palpatine is the Sith Lord. I knew it before the second or third movies were out because of his voice and his nose protruding from his robes. But whatever... if you want Tysy to go DS then so be it. ;)

Diego Varen
08-15-2006, 04:23 AM
Good Chapters. We need a Female Sith. Looking foward to more.

Jason Skywalker
08-15-2006, 07:55 AM
I liked them both alot. Nice to see Tysy get her first kill. And she got a 2, eh? Fantastic for her. :D

08-15-2006, 10:57 PM
Wise men say that throughout the galaxy, good news travels fast,
and bad news even faster. Dantooine very soon found itself reeling
from the utter shock of having one Jedi Knight kill another outside
the outpost of Khoonda, which was said to be so very safe!...

The security guards outside rushed to tell the security guards inside.

The security guards inside rushed to tell their supervisors who were even
further inside, sequestered in their offices, unaware of the disturbance.

Once those supervisors heard, they rushed to tell their own supervisors,
who rushed straight to the Administrator, who rushed to the galactic intercom.

The message rushed out far and wide, loud and clear, to all the planets
within hearing distance of Dantooine. A Jedi Knight had broken the Code
to the highest degree. One Tysy Dvukh, or Tysyacha, as was her full name.

She had slain Jayla Maene, a Jedi Knight who certainly had radical ideas
as of late, but treasonous? Not necessarily. Others had called the Lord
Chancellor Palpatine "a Sith" before, but only in jest. It appeared to the
witnesses and hearers of Jayla's speech on Dantooine, however, that
Knight Maene had been serious. No wonder the accused had tried to
arrest her in the name of the Jedi Order. However, the sentence this
Tysyacha had meted out to Jayla Maene did not exactly fit the "crime..."

...except to Lord Chancellor Palpatine. Exactly twenty-four hours after
the killing, after Tysy had completed her mission, he summoned her again.

"You have done well, Knight Dvukh," he said, folding his hands. "Very well.
Better than I had expected, all things considered. It takes a special kind of
person, of Jedi, to take the life of a brother-in-arms in the name of justice.
Jayla Maene was a traitor. She sincerely believed that I was a Lord of the
Sith. That is what all the witnesses of her speech heard her say upon
Dantooine, and that is why I sent you to carry out what you did.

"Neither you nor I wanted Jayla to be killed. Corpses serve not justice,
except in cases where those corpses were slain in self-defense. As was
Jayla's. Certain Jedi Masters are convening now in the very same Hall of
Knighthood where you received your greatest honor, Grand Master Yoda
included. They wish you to face trial for your crime. Are you prepared?"

Tysy bowed her head. "No, my Lord Chancellor." She felt ashamed.

"I understand completely. Do not fear, young Knight. If you simply tell
the truth--that you defended yourself against Jayla, a traitorous attacker,
and slew her to save your own life, then no one will pass judgment on you."

"But, Lord Chancellor," countered Tysy, "I was the one who suggested
and started the duel between us. I was the true aggressor, not Jayla."

Palpatine smiled a wan half-smile. "Were you? Who resisted arrest when
you ordered Knight Maene to stand down? You were reasonable with this
traitor, this scum, when you tried to apprehend her. She was the one who
brought about her own fall through her arrogant stand. Do not forget that,
Tysyacha. You may have killed her, but you did it in hot blood, not cold.
I admire those who are passionate about ideals like truth and justice.

"Without passion, say the Sith, there could be no strength, no power,
and no victory. I serve the galaxy with my own life, and that is why
you had to take Jayla's. She saw only what she says the Force made her
see, but do not believe that. She had no proof--only vacuous feelings."

Palpatine turned one last time to Tysy. "Go now, Knight Dvukh. Face
your trial, and stand your ground. If you fall, if you do not, it will mean
imprisonment. Katorzhnie raboty, hard labor, perhaps. Exile, at the
very least. Your talents would be wasted, and your destiny tarnished. If
the galaxy loses you, then we will lose the war--and the Sith will conquer."

Tysy nodded, swallowed hard, and turned to leave. Was so much really
at stake? She was one of the weaker Jedi, only average at best, but

Was Palpatine right to place so much confidence in her after all?

08-15-2006, 11:21 PM
The trial sounds interesting... I can't wait! :)

Diego Varen
08-16-2006, 06:48 AM
The trial sounds interesting... I can't wait! :)

Me too. I hope this is our chance to see cameos of Yoda, Mace, Obi-Wan and more. Also, I hope Palpatine shows his true self soon. As I've said before, Palpatine is your second best Character.

Jason Skywalker
08-16-2006, 09:52 AM
Another good chapter. Would have been cool if Palpatine bursted in with his lightsaber and killed them all. :lol:

08-16-2006, 09:17 PM
Twelve somber Jedi Masters, their lightsabers gleaming, stood in a circle
spanning the center of the Hall of Knighthood. Among those present were:

Grand Master Yoda, positioned at the circle's pinnacle, presiding calmly.
Master Obi-wan Kenobi, to Yoda's right, his eyes clouded with sorrow.
Knight Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan's apprentice, desperate for answers.
Mace Windu, Practitioner of Form VII Vaapad, desiring that justice be done.
Master Ladno, who had rescued the accused Jedi he had once turned down.
Master Odin, Rodzina Dvyer's teacher, fearing the same fate for this defendant.

In the center of their circle stood one Tysy Dvukh, formally Tysyacha,
her head bowed, hands folded in front of her. Silence surrounded them all.

After a few brief minutes, Grand Master Yoda spoke. "Welcome, Jedi. Tonight
come we do not to initiate a Youngling into our Order. Nor do we dub a new
Knight. Here we are, at this moment in time, to see one of our own stand
accused. Master Windu, to proceed I allow you by the will of the Force."
Yoda nodded toward Mace, whose violet lightsaber shone uniquely.

"Jedi Knight Tysyacha Dvukh," he said. "You stand accused of the murder
of Knight Jayla Maene, as witnessed by the many sentients who heard her
speak. How do you answer this charge?" Mace Windu's eyes held no anger
or vindictiveness, only the wisdom of a fine juror and potential judge.

Tysy took a deep breath. "Vinovna," she confessed. "I'm guilty, Master."

"Do you wish to allocute?" asked Obi-wan Kenobi of the girl. "To explain your
position and your actions, why you did what you did, before we twelve pass
sentence upon you? It would be wise to tell us the truth, and nothing but
the truth, and to answer all of our questions. Otherwise, we'll deliberate now."

"I--I wish to allocute," Tysy said after a pause, her heart beating faster.
"If I may, Master, I'd like to reveal all of the circumstances, both seen
and unseen, behind my murder of Jayla. I swear upon the Force to tell
the truth." This was an irretractable vow, and as such, she proceeded.

"I was sent on a special solo mission to Dantooine by the Lord Chancellor
Palpatine," Tysy began meekly. "He said that he suspected Jayla Maene,
my fellow Jedi Knight and my victim, of treason against the Republic.
Specifically, the Chancellor informed me that Jayla claimed he was a
Lord of the Sith. You can certainly understand, good Masters, why I
didn't take this lightly. Nor did I believe the Chancellor to be lying to
me. He is, after all, the head of the Galactic Senate, an upright man."

Obi-wan nodded. "What was your solo mission exactly, Knight Dvukh?"

"To arrest Knight Maene if it turned out that she did indeed claim the
Chancellor to be a Sith Lord. I went to Dantooine, and there I witnessed
her giving a speech on the very public grounds of the government outpost
of Khoonda. If you have not heard other witnesses tell you so, the last
words that Jayla spoke before I tried to apprehend her were: 'I say
Palpatine is Sith, and he should fall!'" Murmurs came from the Masters.

"So you were sent out on an arrest mission, and instead you killed
the suspect?" Mace Windu frowned, confused. "Why, Knight Dvukh?"

"Knight Maene resisted arrest. Jayla would not stand down when I tried
to apprehend her in the name of the Jedi Order. I had told her of the
charge of treason, but she scoffed at it. She implied I was the one
who was the real traitor. I tried my very best to persuade her to
come with me peaceably and let the Senate's justice run its course.
She refused, and we both fought. We dueled. I won, and yet I lost."

"Won because you're still alive?" hissed Master Ladno, his voice furious.

"Yes, Master. I truly had lost, because I took Jayla's life and broke the Jedi
Code. I turned my back all the teachings that you Masters have tried so
hard to impart to me. I betrayed a colleague and a true sister-in-arms.
I have failed. I've failed you all, and now I'm willing to pay the price."

"Who started the duel?" asked Anakin, his voice insistent. "Who began it?"

"I did, and not she. Not Jayla, who perhaps sought to see if I'd let my
passions dictate my immediate actions. I did, and proved her very right
if this was actually the case. I had no right to duel--and to murder her."

"Right you are," said Master Odin, his body in a forward, interjecting pose.
"However, having been so soon betrayed by your mentor, my own student
Rodzina Dvyer', I can see and understand why you'd be angry at Jayla for
implying you were a traitor. Angry enough to fight, and to kill if you had to."

"But does that excuse her?" Master Ladno retorted. "Why, surely not!"

"Ladno, please." Obi-wan Kenobi silenced him. "Knight Dvukh has confessed,
and her testimony is fully consistent with that of all the other witnesses to
this crime. What more do you want of her, and of us? Come. Let's turn
to deliberations, and decide the matter of sentencing. We not only
want to be just, but also merciful, considering all circumstances that
were revealed here." Obi-Wan stepped back. "We are Jedi, after all."

"Let the defendant be guarded until we return," said Mace Windu,
beckoning the other eleven Masters to retire with him to the Hall
of Knighthood's private chambers. Tysy sat down, utterly exhausted.
Attack droids stationed themselves all around her, though there was
no real need. She would not have escaped, even if she could have.

When the twelve had reformed their circle, the attack droids helped
Tysy to stand. All ignited their lightsabers, and Mace Windu stepped
forward. "Do you have anything more to say," he asked, "before we
pronounce sentence?" He stood at attention, his lightsaber lit, prepared.

Tysy stood with the help of one of the attack droids. "Yes. Mne
ochen' zhal'," she replied. "I'm sorry, and sincerely regret what
I have done. I will accept this punishment gladly, and not with
scorn. Even if it's hard labor, I will work to serve the Light again."

"Very well." Mace Windu raised his blade. "Jedi Knight Tysyacha
Dvukh, by the authority of all Masters and the will of the Force,
you are hereby exiled, and a Jedi no longer. Surrender your saber."

Tysy humbly bowed her head and did as the Master of Vaapad commanded.

She left the Hall of Knighthood with a pained and heavy heart, but a
cleaner conscience. She had not tried to lie or to implicate anyone
other than herself and possibly Palpatine. Even though the Lord
Chancellor had been the one to send her on her murderous mission,
he had wanted Jayla Maene to be arrested and brought to trial as
she was, not killed.

Tysy had made the path of last resort her very passion-filled first option.

Exiled, she now knew the fullest debt of anyone who broke the Jedi Code.

08-16-2006, 11:44 PM
Very nice chapter... I guess she'll come back as a sith and stuff and try to kill everyone and then Palpatine will show his true colors and she will join him. :)

Diego Varen
08-17-2006, 05:10 AM
Yes Obi-Wan was in it. Anyway, it was a good Chapter, which reminded me of the Trial in TSL. I only hope Tysy can regain the power of the Force by joining Palpatine.

Jason Skywalker
08-17-2006, 06:10 AM
Oh she will, i'm guessing this was Tysy's plan all along! :xp: Now, good chapter, want to see more, it's getting interesting.

08-18-2006, 10:04 PM
Tatooine was the perfect place for a wanderer. Scorching hot, swept with deserts,
and barren of all life save the Jawas, Sand People, and the employees of the
Czerka Corporation. Most of them sweltered in the aromatically arid city of
Anchorhead, which wasn't very much of an "anchor" for anyone at all.
Except to keep them toiling like slaves in subsistence-wage jobs,
which was exactly the kind of work Tysy Dvukh was trying to obtain.

"Welcome to Czerka," said an official-looking young woman, standing a full
six feet tall, with olive skin and dark eyes. "Are you seeking employment?"

"Yes," said the exile. Tysy was clothed in a modest blue civilian's tunic
instead of the soft and prestigious Jedi Knight Robe she had once worn.
She carried no lightsaber, and there was no sign that she had ever been
a part of that great Order. So much the better, for the woman continued:

"Have you ever been a previous employee of the Czerka Corporation?"

"No," said Tysy.

"Do you have any family members, friends or relatives employed by Czerka?"

"No", replied the girl again. She started to feel embarrassed, "having no past."

"Do you have a resume or curriculum vitae?"

"Again, no."

"What managerial, executive, or financial officer positions have you worked in?"

"None, ma'am."

"Do you have any references that can prove your worthiness to work here?"

"No." Certainly not the Jedi, Tysy thought with a heavy heart.

"Excellent. You're hired. Your first job task will be--" and here she held up
a bucket full of cold soapy water and an all-purpose weatherproof scrub
brush in the corner of the main Czerka office--"the steps outside. They
haven't been cleaned lately, for our custodial staff turnover is quite high."

I bet."Uh--I forgot to mention I really have a quadrillion references!"

The woman smiled wryly. "Quadrillion, hmm? Nice try. If you work hard, you'll
move up quickly here. Otherwise, if you shirk this, we might shirk you."

Good point. "I'll get right to work," Tysy stammered, and headed outside.

As she diligently scrubbed the steps that were crusty with caked-on sand,
bird droppings, dead gnats and other bugs, she softly sung all of the long
fighting ballads she had learned in the Jedi Order to herself. Tysy knew
that the crowds walking past her were not listening, as absorbed in
their own loud conversations as they were. Suddenly, however...

"Excuse me, miss," peeped a Jawa male, holding a tiny black cube.
"This fell off of your belt. Forgive me for interrupting your duties."

"Thank you," said Tysy as the helpful extraterrestrial zipped away. Fell
off of my belt? she thought. I've never noticed this before.

She put it in her tunic pocket and vowed to examine it more after work.

08-19-2006, 12:31 AM
So...our heroine has fallen. Kind of reminds me of what Kreia said in KOTOR 2.."it is a quite thing to fall, but far more terrible to admit it."

Jae Onasi
08-19-2006, 01:09 AM
I got a kick out of the qualifications Czerka apparently feels is sufficient for work. :)

Diego Varen
08-19-2006, 01:37 AM
Good Chapter, although I don't think Czerka would still remain... Anyway I hope Palpatine finds Tysy and brings her to the dark side. We just have to find out.

Jason Skywalker
08-19-2006, 08:14 AM
Poor Tysy, has to scrub. Atleast it isn't in Telos like the real Tysy. :lol: Anyways, good chapter, i wonder what that cube is...a Sith Holocron?

08-19-2006, 02:50 PM
After a long and exhausting day of scrubbing the Czerka offices, Tysy
slipped into the refresher in her bare-bones room at the Anchorhead
Spaceport Inn. Ahh... She felt glad to get clean herself after
cleaning for seven hours. One might have thought she would have
been angry about having to do such work, but she was truly not.

I deserved what I got. Exile, and this, she thought penitently.

After she got out, Tysy wrapped herself in a sleeping robe and turned
to her nightstand. The glossy black cube, as tiny as a bauble on a
Czerka secretary's earring, intrigued her. She picked it up and held
it in her hand, twisting it around and manipulating it with her long
fingers. Suddenly, she heard a very small click, and then...

"Tysyacha?" a man's voice asked. It was very familiar, coming from a small
holoprojection whose source was locked inside the cube. "Are you there?"

Tysy couldn't believe her eyes or ears. "Knight Skywalker?!" She blinked twice.

"Yes, it's me. I couldn't believe what they did to you. The Jedi Masters,
I mean. Banished you, just like that, when at least Obi-wan knows what
I did to Count Dooku. How dare they, after all their talk about 'redemption'
and 'turning back to the Light'? It's only lip service. I realize that now."

Tysy gently shook her head. "That's not true, Anakin--er, Knight Skywalker.
I killed Jayla Maene. I provoked her into dueling me, all because she became
arrogant toward me and would not stand down when I ordered her to. I was
trying to arrest her, granted, but I shouldn't have become violent. I let my
anger control me and overcome me. That's why I struck her down, and
that's why the Jedi cast me out. They had every right, and I had none."

"I see your point," replied Anakin, "and it is a very valid one. However,
they should have at least considered that you were on a mission for Lord
Chancellor Palpatine. It seems that--and this goes no further--there is
a problem. The Chancellor thinks that the other Masters are planning to
betray him." He paused for a minute. "He wants me to find out if they do."

"Eto--uzhas'!" Tysy cried. "That's the worst kind of treason the Masters
could ever commit! Turning against the head of the Galactic Senate? They
all could die, and all because they made false assumptions! Anakin--!"
Here, she found she could not call him only by the prestigious title that
he deserved anymore. "What are you going to do? Who are you loyal to?"

"I don't know. At the moment, I'm trying very hard to play both sides
against the middle. Obi-wan and the rest want me to spy on the
Chancellor in order to find out if he's indeed a Sith Lord. To find out
if the Knight you killed had been correct. On the other hand, the
Chancellor wants me to investigate the other Masters, to find out
if they all plan to betray him and take over leadership of the Senate.

"It's a hard path I tread, Tysyacha, but not nearly half as hard as yours."

Tysy shook her head. "Nyet. Yours is harder. I suggest we help each
other out. Keep me posted on all these developments, and I'll tell you
what I would do if I were in your situation. Please know this, Anakin:
I'm your friend, and I've missed you every day since I've been gone.
Will you help me? Will you let me help you? I know that I'm not a Jedi
anymore, but..." She let the rest of her sentence trail off into silence.

Anakin smiled. "You're one of the only ones I've found I can really trust."

The holocron's image faded out. Tysy pressed the cube close to her heart.
I will help him, she thought, and together, we'll resolve this mess.

Diego Varen
08-19-2006, 03:00 PM
Good Chapter. I predict Anakin will soon to the dark side, along with Tysy. Looking foward to more.

08-19-2006, 07:21 PM
Well, we know Anakin's fate, unless Tysy is planning on rewriting Star Wars history, but our heroine's is a bit more clouded. Perhaps once Anakin falls he'll turn Tysy...at any rate..I'm loving this story, keep it up!

08-20-2006, 07:34 AM
Nice few chapters, but I can't go long reading something without action... could you make an action scene? Not that this is boring, but i like action more than cleaning. :)

Jae Onasi
08-20-2006, 06:58 PM
Palpatine's manipulations extend out a long way. I wonder if Tysy will be able to figure it out and find the light.

Jason Skywalker
08-20-2006, 07:09 PM
This is getting better and better by the minute! I hope Tysy gets a new lightsaber and hacks some heads off! :xp:

08-24-2006, 07:36 PM
What do you think of this idea?

I COULD have Tysy get exile + 2 years at hard labor for striking down
Jayla Maene in a rather "fatal" sort of way. Then, I could have her
get transferred as a mining-chain-gang laundress, with the rest of
her more hard-boiled crew, to the Mustafar system where...

...you guessed it! Tysy witnesses everything from Padme's choking
to the "Battle of the Heroes". What do you think? Otherwise, my
next chapter will be the fall of Anakin. Suggestions? I can't decide! ;)

Jason Skywalker
08-24-2006, 07:47 PM
I don't know Tysy, you do whatever is better, but perhaps the first idea could develope and Tysy would save Padme just in time and stop her from losing her will to live.

08-25-2006, 03:11 AM
I kinda like where you're headed now. I like the idea that there could have been someone that Anakin talked to besides Padme and Obi Wan

Diego Varen
08-25-2006, 06:53 AM
What do you think of this idea?

I COULD have Tysy get exile + 2 years at hard labor for striking down
Jayla Maene in a rather "fatal" sort of way. Then, I could have her
get transferred as a mining-chain-gang laundress, with the rest of
her more hard-boiled crew, to the Mustafar system where...

...you guessed it! Tysy witnesses everything from Padme's choking
to the "Battle of the Heroes". What do you think? Otherwise, my
next chapter will be the fall of Anakin. Suggestions? I can't decide! ;)

I like the first idea better. Hopefully the majority of people have seen Anakin's fall. Tysy should escape the crumbling facility as Anakin and Obi-Wan fight. It's your choice though.

08-27-2006, 09:40 PM
[Long scene. The fall of Anakin, and the agony of Tysy Dvukh.]

A dark truth had been revealed at last. Jayla Maene, whom the now-
exile Tysy Dvukh had slain, had been correct. Chancellor Palpatine was
a Sith Lord, and he was now due to pay the price. Master Mace Windu
would see to that. He along with three other Jedi strode into Palpatine's
office boldly. They had come to take the true Darth Sidious into custody.

Palpatine turned to them, his voice calm. "Master Windu," he began.
"I take it General Grievous has been destroyed then. I must say,
you're here sooner than expected. Careful, now, he thought.
Bide your time, for soon you will need all of your dark strength.

"In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic," declared Mace
firmly, "you are under arrest, Chancellor." Mace ignited his lightsaber.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

"The Senate will decide your fate."

Chancellor Palpatine, or Darth Sidious, snarled. "I am the Senate!"

"Not yet!" hissed Mace.

Chancellor Palpatine stood, brandished a red lightsaber from out of his cloak
sleeve, and spun toward the Jedi. One of the most powerful Jedi in combat,
the Master of Form VII Vaapad. What would triumph here--the Light or the
Darkness? "It's treason, then," drawled the Chancellor slowly, relishing the
sound of those three fatal words. Fatal for whom, however?

Palpatine cut down the three Jedi that had accompanied Master Windu
and then continued to duel his chief adversary. Hatred coursed through
his veins, and anger, and the proud belief that he had the advantage.
As for Mace, he only wanted justice, and this, the Jedi was sure, was
stronger than any dark power Palpatine could use to try and kill him.

Master Windu eventually smashed the pane of glass that constituted
the Chancellor's magnificent office window in the course of the duel.
Palpatine, seeing this as a chance for victory, forced his opponent
out onto the ledge of that window, twenty stories above the streets of
Coruscant. They grappled and wrestled, each trying to pin the other.

Suddenly, Anakin Skywalker burst in on the skirmish, his mouth agape.

"You are under arrest, my Lord!" shouted Mace to the disarmed Palpatine.

Palpatine, noticing Anakin, appealed to him. "Anakin!" he cried. "I told you
it would come to this. I was right. The Jedi are taking over!"

Mace countered with, "You old fool. The oppression of the Sith will never
return. Your plot to regain control of the Republic is over. You have lost."

Palpatine gritted his teeth. "No. No. You will DIE!"

With that, he shot a powerful Force Storm of lightning out of both of his
withered palms. However, all of these bolts were blocked by Mace Windu's
lightsaber. Could it hold the damage Palpatine was inflicting? For how long?

"He is a traitor, Anakin," continued Palpatine quickly to the young Knight.

Mace shook his head. "He's the traitor. Stop him!"

"Come to your senses, boy," reasoned the Chancellor. "The Jedi are in
revolt! They will betray you, just as they betrayed me."

Master Windu grunted with the effort of trying to keep Palpatine's Force
Storm at bay. It was strong, stronger than he ever expected it could be.

"You are not one of them, Anakin," begged Palpatine. "Don't let him kill me..."

Mace pushed against Palpatine with all of his might, groaning in pain.

"I am your pathway to power," the Chancellor said. "I have the power to
save the one you love! You must choose. You must stop him!"

"Don't listen to him, Anakin," snapped Mace. He was tired of this overdue fight.

Palpatine seemed on the verge of collapse or death. "Help me! Don't let him
kill me. I can't hold on any longer..." He moaned, his long fingers twisted
with the effort of trying to keep his Force Storm directed towards Mace.

The Jedi Master pushed the Sith Lord closer to the brink of the ledge.
As the Chancellor struggled to intensify his powers, his eyes took on
the sick glow of yellow jaundice. He was almost ready--now, wait a bit...

Again, he implored of Anakin Skywalker, "I can't. I give up. Help me!
I am weak...I am too weak. Don't kill me. I give up! I'm dying. I can't
hold on any longer!" He kept his eyes solely on the Knight, not the Master.

Mace Windu knew he'd had enough. "You Sith disease," he growled.
"I am going to end this once and for all."

Anakin, listening to his conscience and not wanting Palpatine to meet
the same fate as Count Dooku had, cried out, "You can't kill him, Master!
He must stand trial." This was what he had not said before--done before.

Mace did not agree. "He has too much control of the Senate and the
Courts. He is too dangerous to be kept alive."

"I'm too weak. Don't kill me. Please!" This from the suffering Lord Chancellor.

"It is not the Jedi way," Anakin told Mace, his voice firm in admonishment.

Master Windu, however, ignored him. Why spare this Dark Lord of the Sith?
He raised his saber to kill Palpatine, who was still cowering on the ledge.
"Please don't," said the black-robed Chancellor, his voice now a whimper.

Mace prepared to strike the final blow and end the threat of Darth Sidious.

"NO!" screamed Anakin. He rushed forward and severed Mace's arm, the
one that held the violet instrument of execution. Shocked, Master Windu
whirled around. This gave Palpatine the exact advantage he needed...

With one final burst of his Force Storm power, Palpatine engulfed the Jedi
Master's body in a sea of blue electrical flames. With a magnificent push
of the Force, the Chancellor threw Mace Windu over the ledge on which
he had been so precariously perched only moments ago. He had won!

"Power! Unlimited POWER!" he shrieked, consumed by wicked triumph.

Anakin couldn't believe it. Not so long ago, he had thought that this
man was a healer who knew the one way to cheat death. Did he still?
As he gazed at the former head of the Galactic Senate, all he saw now
was an ashen-gray mask of evil. Horror swept over Knight Skywalker.

"What have I done?" he asked, the guilt of his deed quickly stabbing him.

"You are fulfilling your destiny, Anakin," said the Sith Lord in a soothing tone.
"Become my apprentice. Learn to use the Dark Side of the Force!"

Anakin bowed his head. If Mace Windu's death would help to save Padme...
"I will do anything you ask," he said humbly, at once stronger and yet weaker.

"Good," said Palpatine.

"Just help me save Padme's life," begged young Skywalker. "I can't live
without her! I won't let her die. I want the power to stop death."

"To cheat death is a power only one has achieved," revealed Palpatine,
"but if we work together, I know we can discover the secret."

Anakin knelt before the Lord Chancellor, who would now be his Master.

"I pledge myself to your teachings," he vowed. "To the ways of the Sith."

Palpatine smiled. "Good, good. The Force is strong with you. A powerful
Sith you will become! Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth...Vader."

Anakin raised his head. He owed this man everything. "Thank you, my
Master." Through Palpatine, Anakin would save the one he loved from the
death he had dreamed about. The death that would now be averted.

"Rise, Darth Vader," commanded Palpatine, and he moved toward his desk.


Tysy Dvukh, still on Tatooine at the Anchorhead Spaceport Inn, clutched
her bedsheets. She screamed for five full seconds, her mind filled with terror.

Something evil had happened. Something unspeakable. Something...

...to Anakin?

She was sure of it. Else, why would her heart be pounding so, like it was
yearning to burst from her chest? She was sticky with hot night sweat,
the summer of this desert planet notwithstanding. Tysy gripped the
sheets between her fingers tighter and tighter until the feeling passed.

She'd leave immediately. Without delay. To her Anakin. He needed help!

"I'll save you," Tysy whispered to herself. "I'll save you, or I'll die!"

08-28-2006, 11:08 PM
I guess the question now is...who will save whom?

Exile: So I saved her (meaning Visas)?

Kreia: Salvation is a matter of perspective. ;)

Jae Onasi
08-28-2006, 11:46 PM
We'll just have to see, eh? :)

Nice job--I could see Tysy's anguish at Anakin's fall.

08-29-2006, 01:27 AM
I agree with Jae, a very accurate portrayal of an intense moment. Well done Tysy

08-29-2006, 08:50 PM
As Tysy sped on the fastest shuttle to Coruscant that she could find at
that early evening hour, Darth Sidious gave commands to his new student.

"Because the Council did not trust you, my young apprentice," he began
sternly, "I believe you are the only Jedi with no knowledge of this plot.
When the Jedi learn what has transpired here, they will kill us, along
with all the Senators." What other fate could there be for two Sith?

Anakin nodded. "I agree. The Jedi's next move will be against the Senate."

"Every single Jedi," explained Sidious, "including your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi,
is now an enemy of the Republic. You understand that, don't you?"

"I understand, Master," replied Anakin, though reluctant to accept it.

"We must move quickly. The Jedi are relentless. If they are not all destroyed,
it will be civil war without end. First, I want you to go the Jedi Temple.
We will catch them off-balance. Do what must be done, Lord Vader.
Do not hesitate; show no mercy. Only then will you be strong enough
with the Dark Side to save Padme." Sidious' tone was gravely serious.

"What about the other Jedi spread across the galaxy?" asked Anakin.

"Their betrayal will be dealt with," his Master reassured him. "After
you have killed all the Jedi in the Temple, go to the Mustafar system.
Wipe out Viceroy Gunray and all the other Separatist leaders. Once
more, the Sith will rule the galaxy, and we...shall have..peace." He smiled.

Anakin turned to leave and obey him, and soon he had reached his target--
the Jedi Temple. He led a battalion of Clone Troopers. Soon I will be
whole, he thought. Complete. Strong enough to save the one I love
at last. The Jedi could never, and would never, help us, so I must...

Anakin killed Shaak Ti and then moved quickly from the Jedi Temple hallway
into a room full of frightened and confused Younglings. One small boy spoke.

"Master Skywalker!" he cried, his voice worried. "There are too many of
them. What are we going to do?" So trusting, so admiring, was his tone.

Foolish children, thought Anakin bitterly. Strung along. Fooled
by the false teachings of the Jedi. If only they knew that true power
lies with the Sith: the power to love, the power to feel, the power to
create life and cheat death. Now, they will never know, due to me.

He gazed at the Younglings sternly and ignited his lightsaber. Why
should I spare them? he thought. Master Sidious wanted all of
the Jedi in the Temple killed, and if I let these children live, then I
won't be able to save the life of my own child. Of Padme! Whom do
I love more? Not these poor and innocent whelps. If I don't kill them,
my wife will die. I won't be able to rescue her from the death I fear.
Forward! He submerged himself in the Dark Side and finished his task.

Dashing out of the room, however, he noticed someone dashing in...

"Anakin!" a voice cried. A female voice, familiar but somehow not. "It
is I, Tysy Dvukh, the girl you once trained who is now exiled! I came
back to...help you..." Numb, she noticed the corpses--all Younglings.

"What do you wish to know?" asked Anakin softly. His heart stirred,
not with the marital love that he felt for Padme, but with a subtle
intensity that, in millenia past, might have signified a Force Bond.

"Who killed all these Jedi? These--children?" Tysy asked, her heart
stunned with sorrow and grief. "I can't imagine. Was it Grievous? Who?"

"I had to, Tysyacha," confessed Lord Vader. "For my wife, and my
unborn child. The Chancellor has taught me that the ways of the
Sith are the only ways to bypass death. The death she would've
suffered if I hadn't promised to learn his teaching. You understand,
don't you?" Anakin's yellow eyes glowed with something like regret.

"Tell me everything," Tysyacha choked, feeling like she'd been cut down.

"I am married to Senator Padme Amidala," Anakin began, "the former
Queen of Naboo. She is pregnant with my child. As of now, the Chancellor
of the Galactic Senate has revealed himself to be Darth Sidious, Lord of
the Sith. He has promised me that together, we will discover the secret
to defeat death and save my wife and child's lives. In return, I now serve
him, and my title is Darth Vader. I am no longer the Anakin you once knew."

"How--how could you believe a lie?" cried Tysy. "How could you have
sacrificed all these Younglings, and yourself, for a heartless Sith lie?"

"I speak the truth, Tysy," Anakin told her, and beckoned. "Come here."

Reluctantly, against her head's judgment but yielding to her heart,
Tysy stepped forward. Anakin wrapped her weak arms in his own
strong ones. She was trembling, but he--he was strong. Stronger
than ever. He sent a soft Force current running through the girl.

"I--I feel soothed," she said. "Relaxed. Calm. How could this be
happening if you've fallen to the Dark Side?! Ah, Anakin--"

"Shhh," said Lord Vader, closing his eyes. "It's all right. You are
healed now, the emotional wounds from your exile erased. We
will work together, as you said before, and save Padme and my
child. The Sith are evil, yes, but I will overthrow my Master and
rule the galaxy in the name of good! With Padme as my consort,
and you as my lieutenant-in-command, what suffering could there be?"

Tysy shook her head, feeling shell-shocked. "I don't know--"

"Come with me to the Mustafar System. There I will slay Viceroy Gunray
and all the Separatist Droids. This endless war will be over! You'll see."

"I'll come," she cried quickly, "but don't make me turn cruel and wicked!"

"Never," said Anakin firmly, but hoped that his Master would not kill her.
That he would make her see, and that at last, Tysyacha Dvukh would
be on his side. Not a Sith Lord, but a servant, devoted to the Dark Side

Jason Skywalker
08-29-2006, 09:16 PM
Cool, two good chapters that i liked, i'm seeing that Vader is possibly lying to her. We all need to witness your version of Mustafar. :D

Jae Onasi
08-29-2006, 10:27 PM
Very interesting to see how Anakin manipulates Tysy and makes something evil sound like he's doing something good.

08-30-2006, 09:20 PM
Mustafar. The very sound of that planet's name was the hiss of steam,
the flow of molten lava, and the roaring fires of perdition. Such a place
was where the Jedi feared to tread, and yet a Sith felt right at home.
A Sith such as the newly-dubbed Darth Vader, along with a confused
and frightened exile. Two alone in this forsaken world, in the galaxy.

"Stay with the ship," Anakin told Tysy firmly. His voice held no trace
of malice or superior haughtiness, however. He wished her to be safe.
Just as he wanted Padme and the baby she was carrying to be safe.
No more death should come but what has to, thought Lord Vader,
and in this case, the exile does not count. She is no longer a Jedi.
I want her to stand with me, just as I want Padme and my child to.

Tysy nodded. "R2-D2 will stay with you," Lord Vader reassured her.
However, as he exited the cockpit, the utility droid flew through it
with a happy beep. "Stay with the ship," Anakin commanded him,
R2-D2 did a disappointed and abrupt about-face, whirring back.

Vader raised the black hood on his cloak and stepped across a
walkway to Mustafar's main control center. Viceroy Nute Gunray
was waiting there, along with all of his mechanical minions.

"Welcome, Lord Vader," the Viceroy said as the former Anakin
Skywalker appeared in the doorway. "We've been expecting you."

Darth Sidious' apprentice, with fearless resolve, raised his hand and
sealed all of the exits to the control center shut through the Force.
The Separatist Droids glanced around in astonished bewilderment.
What was going on? Wasn't Lord Vader supposed to be on their side?

The young Sith Lord brandished his lightsaber and made quick work
of the Viceroy, Wat Tambor, Shu Mai, and the rest of the Separatists.
Now that the vile task was done, he could concentrate on returning
to Padme. And Tysy, who'd serve them both as rulers of the galaxy.

Lord Vader paused to meditate, waiting for a message from his Master.
It soon came. "Send a message to the ships of the Trade Federation,"
Sidious commanded. "Tell them the Separatist leaders have been wiped
out. Grievous and Dooku have been destroyed. All droid units must shut
down immediately." The holoprojection was insistent, and yet triumphant.

"Yes, my Lord," replied Vader. He then saw something amazing and
wonderful flash on his viewing screen--the arrival of his wife's ship.
He went out to meet her, ecstatic to tell her the life-changing news.

"Padme! I saw your ship..." began Lord Vader.

His pregnant bride could bear it no more. "Anakin!" she cried. They embraced.

"It's all right. You're safe now," he said. "What are you doing out here?"

"I was so worried about you. Obi-Wan told me terrible things!"

Vader's brow furrowed. "What things?"

"He said that you turned to the Dark Side--that you killed Younglings!"

"Obi-Wan is trying to turn you against me," Vader said matter-of-factly.

"He cares about us," said Padme, knowing Anakin's words couldn't be true.

"Us?!" Vader's heart leapt in fear and anger. What right had she to tell him?

"He knows," said Padme, her heart pained. "He wants to help you."

"Is Obi-Wan going to protect you?" asked Lord Vader. "He can't--he
can't help you. He's not strong enough." No Jedi would ever be.

"Anakin, all I want is your love."

"Love won't save you, Padme. Only my new powers can do that."

"At what cost?" Padme's heart sank. "You are a good person. Don't do this!"

"I won't lose you the way I lost my mother!" Vader cried. "I've become
more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of, and I've done it for
you. To protect you."

"Come away with me," begged Padme softly. "Help me raise our child.
Leave everything else behind while you still can."

"Don't you see?" asked Vader. His heart had not been so glad since he
had first wedded Padme in secret on that Naboo afternoon. "We don't
have to run away anymore! I have brought peace to the Republic. I
am more powerful than the Chancellor. I can overthrow him, and
together you and I can rule the galaxy. Make things the way we
want them to be!" He smiled. This was his vision, his new dream...

Padme was stunned. "I can't believe what I'm hearing. Obi-Wan was
right. You've changed!" Democracy? What was that to a new-born Sith?

"I don't want to hear any more about Obi-Wan," said Vader firmly. "The
Jedi turned against me. Don't you turn against me."

"I don't know you anymore." Tears sprung to Padme's eyes. "Anakin,
you're breaking my heart! I'll never stop loving you, but you're going
down a path I can't follow."

"Because of Obi-Wan?" asked Vader, saving his rage and vengeance for later.

"Because of what you've done! What you...plan to do. Stop. Stop now!
Come back! I love you." She raised her folded hands in front of her, a plea.

Lord Vader, at that moment, saw someone else emerge from Padme's vessel.
An enemy, a proud old fool, the Jedi who had once been his Master. "Liar!"

This slur was meant for Padme, who had turned around and seen Obi-Wan
Kenobi come down the ramp of her ship. "NO!" she cried. "Anakin, I swear, I--"

Padme clutched at her throat as Vader began to choke her through the Force.

"Let her go, Anakin." After Vader did not comply, Obi-Wan's tone turned
cold. "Let--her--go." Tersely, Vader loosened his Force Choke hold on Padme.

"You turned her against me," the former Anakin Skywalker hissed.

Master Kenobi would hear none of that. "You have done that yourself."

"You will not take her from me." Vader doffed his black Sith Apprentice cloak.

"Your anger and your lust for power have already done that!" replied Obi-Wan.

This was more than Vader could or would ever tolerate again. Soon he fiercely
locked his former Master into a grueling lightsaber duel among the volcanic
rivers of Mustafar. Hot and arduous, the battle was, infused with the heat
of Obi-Wan Kenobi's justly earned attacks and Darth Vader's vengeful rage.

As for Tysy, she had seen everything on the viewing screen in Lord Vader's
ship. Along with R2-D2, she rushed to the side of the unconscious Padme.

"Come on. I'm here! Stay with me," pleaded the exile as she tried to heal
Senator Amidala through the Force. This was to no avail at all, however.
Medically, the pregnant former Queen was fine. What else could be wrong?

"Don't give up," whispered Tysy, her hands pressed over Padme's heart.
Tears were flowing down her face, as easily as they had for the rest of
her life before this. "You're not dead yet. You're with child. Stay with
me and live! I love you as I would any friend in need, and much more.
Stay with--me--don't give up--please--!" No response from Padme
but that same deadly stillness and silence. What more could she do?

R2-D2 tried to drag Padme back to the ship, but another droid, this
time a gold protocol one, stuck his head out. "What are you doing?" he
asked R2. You're going to hurt her. Wait!" C-3PO hurried down the ramp.

Tysy Dvukh fled. Those droids certainly belonged to either Padme
or Obi-Wan, and if they belonged to the latter, their Master would
surely seek to punish her next. After all, she had come to
the Mustafar System with Anakin at his most urgent request.

More than that--she was on his side, and not on that of one of the Jedi
who had justly cast her from the Order. What compassion, what mercy,
what offer of redemption, would Obi-Wan Kenobi have for her now?

Jason Skywalker
08-31-2006, 06:47 AM
Well, Obi-Wan is a great guy and...oh wait, yeah, my comments. Really good chapter, one of your best! I like where this is going, keep it up!

Diego Varen
08-31-2006, 01:09 PM
Sorry I've been away. Three great Chapters Tysy. Like Jason said, your best.

09-01-2006, 09:22 AM
Great job. I like how you replay the movie events... it's so.... real. I can picture the movie in my mind as I read your chapters. Great job! :)

09-04-2006, 04:43 AM
Very nice Tysy, it's interesting to see the events of and following Anakin's turn from another point of view. Where will our heroine go now I wonder?

09-04-2006, 10:37 PM
Was this how an epic duel, a battle of wills between two heroes, was
supposed to end? Was this the will of the Force--to have Obi-Wan
Kenobi stand heartbroken but triumphant at last, and his apprentice to
lie sprawled on an igneous riverbank, a charred and twisted wreck?

If so, then perhaps the ancient Sith Lord Darth Traya had been correct.
The Force was like a mindless god, sacrificing thousands to suffering and
death in order to maintain some arbitrary measure of 'balance'. Perhaps
it was a cold, impersonal thing, controlling all while giving peace to none.

"I hate you!" shrieked Anakin, now Lord Vader, to Master Kenobi.
I hate you for ever doubting me, for denying my destiny. I hate
you for selfishly using me as a pawn in your scheme to expose my
new Master. I hate you for forcing me to remain subservient, when I
was created for true mastery. Most of all, I hate you for turning the
only one that I treasured against me. My Padme--my love, my life!

"You were my brother, Anakin," Obi-Wan said, heartbroken. "I loved you."

But you don't now, do you? I see through this lie of Jedi 'love.'

Suddenly, the hot winds of Mustafar tore Anakin's clothing off of him.
He burst into flames and began screaming, pain searing his body and soul.

Obi-Wan, horrified, could not watch. He sprinted back toward Padme's
ship. If he couldn't save Anakin, at least he might be able to save his wife...


A wet face, two soft hands, a cool touch. The exile. She had come to
save his life, despite his being a Sith. Despite having killed Younglings,
having succumbed to the Dark Side of his own free will. She was still
there, and she wanted to save his life. Vader felt hope stir within him.

"Anakin!" Tysy wept. "Lord Vader. I'm here, and I don't want you to die!"

These words brought him strength. Strength enough not to slip into sweet
unconsciousness aboard the rescue vessel Darth Sidious commanded. He
screamed as the medical droids tended to him, reveled in his agony. Had
it not been for the exile, or most of all for the thought of Padme, Vader
believed he would have lost the will to live. Even to serve his Master.

"Lord Vader, can you hear me?" asked Sidious, admiring the new form
of his apprentice. Mechanical, dark, and impervious to fleshly pain.

"Yes...my Master." Vader was slowly adjusting to his respirator. He
glanced around the room. "Where is Padme? Is she safe? Is she all
right?" Even then, in his darkest hour, his heart was with his bride.

Darth Sidious sidled in closer to him. "I'm afraid she died," he said. "It
seems that in your anger, you killed her." Such a beautiful, subtle lie.

Vader clenched his fists. A low groan emanated from his breathing
mask, and everything in the medical bay, including some of the droids,
began slowly to implode. "I couldn't have!" he roared. "She was alive!
I felt it! She was alive! It's impossible. NO!" Agony claimed him again.

He could not believe it. Padme-finished! Now he truly had nothing to live
for--nothing except for the downfall and destruction of those he hated.
Those who had betrayed him, who had left him with nothing. The Jedi.


The Jedi would perish, all of them, but for now Vader could only watch as
Lord Sidious turned to the girl. She, the only other one who wished to save
him. Tysyacha Dvukh--a Jedi, murderess, exile, now prisoner of the Sith.

"See what the Jedi have wrought?" asked Lord Sidious, gesturing to Vader.

"No," Tysy said softly, through tears. "I see only what you have wrought."

"Who was it that destroyed Anakin? That kept him weak, that kept him
from becoming the monumental bastion he was destined to become?"

"You did." She kept her voice barely above a whisper. "You turned him."

"Did I?" Sidious smiled. "Or had it always been there within him--the
simmering anger, the rage, the unquenchable arrogance? Surely you
would not have missed it. Have I misled you, Tysyacha? Or was it
always within you to serve the strong, not being meant for
the weak? Do you think I meant you to slave away all your days?"

"You have no plan for me," scoffed Tysy, smiling haughtily. "You
only mean to kill me, as I was once a Jedi and you hate them all."

"Exiles I spare," continued Sidious, "but only if they pledge to obey
me. Will you, and learn the true, unwavering teachings of the Sith?"

"NO!" This was a passionate scream. Tysy's throat grew raw with pain.

"One," said Sidious, counting down, and he levitated Tysy in the air
through his mastery of the Force. Very gently, Sidious squeezed, and
Tysyacha began to choke. "One is for you, standing alone. You cannot
hope to prevail against me, having weakened Force powers as an exile.

"Two," he continued, squeezing slightly, slightly harder, feeling
both glad and pained at his victim's suffering. "Two is for the greatest
Sith Lords in the history of the galaxy, Master and apprentice. You will
serve Anakin out of love, but me out of sheer will, the obedience that
comes from both cherishing and despising your true Master." He smiled.

"Three," Sidious growled, feeling the exile's resistance push against
his magnificent power. "Three is for three great lies the Jedi have
forced you to live under, and for three timeless truths that I shall
make you see." He raised her higher into the air, and Tysy gagged.

"Four!" Tysy felt her consciousness start to fade. "Four stands
for the four Jedi you so rightfully betrayed to save your life, exile.

You betrayed Master Ladno when you failed his righteous teaching.

You betrayed your friend Rodzina long before she turned on you.
You sought to become strong, which is what she wished you'd never be.

You betrayed Master Yoda, following passion instead of stoic Jedi ways.
And, lastly, you betrayed the one you killed--that dung heap Jayla Maene."

Sidious paused, his head high. "Do you see it? Speak your heart to Lord Vader!"

"Anakin!" Tysy gasped, flailing. "I'm going to die. If you wish to save me,
I will serve you. If you wish to kill me, I will die for you. If you wish to
teach me, I will learn from you. And if you wish to love me, I am yours!"

At that moment, Sidious cast her down, flinging her at Vader's feet.

He stepped forward and knelt down beside her, kissing her on the cheek.
"You are beautiful to me, exile," Sidious said. "Thank you for proving to
me, once and for all, that as long as I live, I would never...reach...five."

Vader, consumed with murderous anger, picked the girl up and stormed away.
Sidious would never touch her, never harm her, never break her will again.
She was his servant, and he loved her. That was all that mattered now.

As for Tysyacha--

She turned her face to Sidious and whispered, "Ya--yevo'." I am his.

Sidious, the Dark Lord, laughed and laughed. This was his greatest triumph.

Through being his, he thought, you are also mine, exile.

FINIS September 4, 2006

Diego Varen
09-05-2006, 08:19 AM
Strange, but here this Fic finished on the 5th September 2006. Must be a different time wherever you are.

Anyway, I just have several things to say. Sweet. Your best Chapter of the Fic. I liked seeing Tysy join the Dark Side. Will she be the Emperor's Hand like Mara Jade? If you're doing the Sequel, I'll gladly read it. Congrats.

Also, I have a final question. Will you put this in the Jedi Archives?

09-06-2006, 12:56 AM
The Jedi Archives is not accepting new posts, for some reason. Ratzy darn!

By the way, I want to roleplay the sequel to Ya--Yevo' out. If I go strictly
by the Episode IV script, I'll be left with a bunch of holes and gaps, as
Episode IV is primarily about Luke, Leia, Han, and the Rebels instead
of Darth Vader and Lord Sidious. Who's with me on this RPG of Ep. IV? ;)

09-06-2006, 01:08 AM
The Jedi Archives is not accepting new posts, for some reason. Ratzy darn!
You have read the thread for submissions (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=167872) to the Jedi Archives right? ;)

Diego Varen
09-06-2006, 01:28 AM
The Jedi Archives is not accepting new posts, for some reason. Ratzy darn!

By the way, I want to roleplay the sequel to Ya--Yevo' out. If I go strictly
by the Episode IV script, I'll be left with a bunch of holes and gaps, as
Episode IV is primarily about Luke, Leia, Han, and the Rebels instead
of Darth Vader and Lord Sidious. Who's with me on this RPG of Ep. IV? ;)

I will. I'll play as Luke.

09-06-2006, 01:34 AM
Coool! (Bet he'll totally hate Tysy, huh? :)

Jason Skywalker
09-06-2006, 06:41 AM
GREAT Chapter! Very SMRT! Way to go Tysy, now continue your TSL Project!

09-11-2006, 05:52 AM
Very well written Tysy, it was kind of sad to see Tysy so utterly broken in the end, but then I guess they can't all have happy endings now can they?

Bee Hoon
01-24-2007, 03:51 AM
It was a really good read... Poor Tysy! I guess it was inevitable though...