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Coruscant, the core of all planets politically. Its known that whoever controls Coruscant, usually controls everything. But I'm speaking of course politically. But what about the streets of coruscant or the people who know or care nothing of the higher class and its political agendas?

We are those people. Forced to live in the underbelly of the city where survival is not fighting a battle for new recourses from another planet or controlling the space highways. No... here it is about keeping your head down and trying to live unnoticed by the overlords of the street. Not many are that fortunate.

Gaias, a man known for many crimes, dark dealings, and heinous acts of so called mercy, controls the streets of coruscant. Not much is known of him except that his word is law, no matter what the coruscant police think they can do to prevent his reign.


You live here, know this world, and are apart of the battle that rages and reeks havoc in the underground. Whether your just an average joe tying to survive, a spice dealer, or even the police officer trying to right wrongs. You have been sucked into this hole along with everyone else.

The current battle:
Lately Gaias has been collecting a lot of debts owed to him. But its not credits he's after. People have been disappearing from the homes, cantinas, and right off the streets. Nobody is safe from his wrath. Now the question that is arising is... Who will be next? Where are the people? How can it be stopped?

Ok so heres a few rules.
Follow the rules of the forum.
Keep occ in this thread.
No god-moding or controlling of other characters unless permitted by the player.
Have fun yo! Its why we're doing this right?

Character profiles:
Physical description:
Mental description:

Heres my characters:
Name: Gaias
Species: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown:
Physical description: Unknown
Mental Description: Known for cruelty, callousness, and evil.
Gear: Unknown
Bio: Not much is known except that he rarely seen or heard of coming out publicly. Rumors say he was once a senator of the galactic republic. Some say he's an alien race that has yet to be named. All we really know is that he rules in the underground and keeps his subjects as he knows them, in check.

Name: ALhana Numia (Ana)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Physical Description: Medium height, dark hair, green eyes, lean build. Sports a green tank with tan pants, a black jacket with white and gray fur on the hood, black boots, black gloves.
Mental Description: Cheerful, Loving, well-tempered, and a little nave. She always tries to see the best in others.
Gear: Datapad, credit chip, a small hold out blaster that Roman forces her to carry.
Bio: Alhana was born rich and lived an elegant life in the upper city. Her father was a scientist and engineer who was famously credited with building weapons for the republic. When her father disappeared when she was 17, her mother murdered soon after. She was placed in the care of her aunt who ultimately stole Ana's fortune and cast her out of her house and from the only life she knew. Ana scrounged for shelter and housing for little under a week in the underground, until a Man named Roman (a known agent of Gaias) took pity and befriended her, giving her living quarters, and a steady job. The work wasn't fun, a bartender's life is never more than adequate but she was grateful all the same.
Currently she works at the Bar Stars Cantina.

Name: Roman
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Physical Description: Tall, muscular, Sandy short hair and blue eyes. Sports a black blazer, a navy shirt, black pants, black shoes .
Mental Description: Melancholic, easily angered, strong willed, and ambitious.
Gear: Heavy Blaster, Credit chip,
Bio: Not much is known about his past, but his present is well known. Hes an agent for gaias, a debt collector, and a paid muscle.
He befriended Ana while she stood outside a bakery, her face blatant with hunger. She stood there in her nice clothes, stained with the dirt from the streets. Her eyes captured him and he felt he must save her from the cold of the streets. Hes tried to protect her from knowledge of this dealings, but realizes she must know of his work from others on the streets. He hides the fact that he cares for her deeply. Roman knows that people after him would harm her if they knew how he felt.
Currently: hes dealing with trying to get a certain someone to pay his dews to his boss. This certain someone knows who they are.

ok now we'll start when at least 3 more people join. Maybe less if not a lot of people show interest. Any questions?

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No, no questions, wait yes! What era or age of Star Wars is this? Just so I know what I can put in my bio!

Name: Qu'zin
Species: Geonosian
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Physical description: Tall (7 FT.) and slightly more muscular than Geonosian look, except the tatoos on his thorax and head. Unlike the common Geonosian, he wears baggy tan slacks (or shorts) , and an untied dull gold silk cloak (or robe) with holes in the back where his wings stick out, and a special Geonosian design velvet-suade glove for his right hand (the fingers are cut off) . He's partially blind and wears Kel-Dor eye protection vents, because his damaged eyes are highly sensitive to the fumes and pollution of Coruscant.
Mental description: He's unstable, but virtuous, he's a cold thinker, yet extremely kind to those who can put up with him, he's depressed unless having a civil conversation, and is very wise because of his life experiences.
Gear:Sonic Blaster (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_sonic.htm), Light Repeating Blaster (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_repeab.htm), Ascension Gun (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_securi.htm), Gaderffii Stick (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_gaderf.htm), Geonosian Electropole (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_electr.htm) (pic says Gungan but mines Geo.), Bandoleer of Energy Balls (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_ball.htm), Salvaged Remote (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_remote.htm), Saber Dart Wrist Sleeve (http://massassi.yavin4.com/sw/g_saber.htm), Two Arena Champion Metal Wrist Bands-one Gold, one Platinum(the left wrist has the dart launcher [which is tight fitting] under the left band [which is pretty loose and wide fitted] ) , Two Arena Champion Metal Ankle Shakles-one Bronze, one Silver, a compact; 'Jurry-Rigged' Dtapad, and a 'self-made' trinket-mold-kit for making trinkets (and they work because he's skilled at what he does) to sell.
Bio: A extremely intellegent Geonosian, he was former Arena champion, until his sight started to fade, then he won another battle after 6 years of no winning. He realized he could still fight even with limited sight, but his revelation would not last, he was ordered to kill the combatant he faced, the fallen foe was a friend and worthy adversary he thought. His friend was the only other Geonosian warrior who didn't look down on him for being visually impaired. In that moment the common Geonosian instinct to obey the hierarchs was broken, and never returned. For his dissobedience his family was totally and utterly desimated, this is what caused his cold tactical thinking, and instability.
He soon traveled the causeways of space, learning a harsh lesson here, gaining then losing a lover there, becoming a frequent hired hand for his exceptional background and skill. But soon he learned to never trust anyone who hires muscle, even though he was muscle in the past. He soon came to Coruscant owing money, not knowing who was who, he asked Gaias for a loan, he got it. But then he owed money to him, and Gaias offered to hire him as a hand, but Qu'zin knew better. So far he's denied every offer, and foiled every capture attemt, and Gaias is starting to get....impatient with his actions.
He scrummages around the Coruscant underground and alleyways hoping to find a soul kind enough to give him board and food. His only companian is a remote he salvaged from a dumpster and fixed, he programmed it to speach Geonosian, small bits of basic to teach him how to speak basic, and Gungan for the pleasure of him speaking in his second known language for when he gets bored, asides from the common remote 'boops' and 'beeps'. He dubbed it Bue-Boe. His dream, though small and quaint, is to live simply, and to maybe become a butler for a nice couple, because he has learned that he likes serving and being in the service of kind people.

(Sorry for such a long description in almost every area!! :( It's a habit to let people know my characters in detail!! Again sorry! :( )

Jason Skywalker
07-26-2006, 07:29 PM
Name: Jason Skyrider
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Physical description: Tall, brown eyes, average build and height, short spiky black hair, black pants and jacket with a white shirt, grey gloves and black boots.
Mental description: Calm, cool, brave, courageous and smart.
Gear: Silver Amulet, DL-44 Heavy Blaster, Vidrosword and some Thermal Detonators.
Bio: Jason was just an ordinary guy trying to make a living in Coruscant. Until he started gambling that is. He owed a debt to Gaias and payed with the Silver Amulet that once belonged to his father, but stole it back. Gaias got mad and now he is "wanted". He also owns the HK-51 unit known to him as Reaper.

Name: Reaper, unit HK-51.
Species: Droid.
Gender: N/A.
Age: N/A.
Physical description: Like every HK units but with a black and orange frame.
Mental description: Crazy for battle and assassination, bloodluster but understands people's feelings.
Gear: Heavy Blaster Rifle, Reaper's Modified Blaster.
Bio: N/A.

Also, tell me if it's possible to have Reaper.

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Name: Shadow Gravemind
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Physical description: 7 ft. tall, Black hair with silver streaks, Green eyes, medium build, wears a black cloak, boots, and gloves.
Mental description: Somewhere between Calm and the patience to wait for the kill but is somewhat trigger-happy, smart, aware, and no tolerance for idiotic ideas.
Gear: Modified Stealth Generator, two Vibrodaggers, Prototype Rechargeable Shields, and Projectile Assault Rifle, Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Grenades, and a Hacking Data pad.
Bio: Nothing about his past is known, but its well known that he emphasizes guerrilla tactics by attacking Gaias's men, killing all of them, looting their corpses, and then vanishing without a trace. He, for some reason, prefers the use of projectile weapons over blaster weapons, thereby leaving a very bloody mark of recognition. Though his goal is commonly believed to help the oppressed people of the Under city, more observant people have noticed that rather than hit any thug who walks the streets, he hits more strategic targets like his agents, who might have connections with Gaias or other people closer to him.

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The era is set in Knights of the Old Republic. But the events taking place outside won't matter too much. It's probably set during or after KOTOR 1.

And reaper is fine.

I'll start the thread in a little bit since we have enough people.

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O.K., when are you gonna start the thread, I'm waiting....Or are you going to start it tomorrow! Just Curious!! :whtsmile:

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Name: Aveis Denariis
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Physical description: 6' 4", 220lbs. muscular, brown hair, blue eyes.
Mental description: Graduated top of his class but decided to help fight crime in the undercity.
Gear: Wears the typical Coruscant police blue armor, complete with Helmet and Targetting Visor, in spare time wears common popular clothing. Carries a Mandalorian repeating blaster rifle, an assassin pistol of Czerka make, and melee shields.
Bio: Brought up as an uper class citizen in the high reaches of Coruscant, very smart and resourseful. Decided he wasn't doing enough to help society so join the under city police department. Has been fighting crime lords ever since. However, his time in the under city has changed him, and he may occasianally be open to a bribe or two, and can be used to transport illegal material securly. If you want to move anything around, or obtain most illegal items, come to him.

Edit: It wasn't too late for me to join was it?

Edit 2: When does this start?

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Physical description:--Picutre-- (http://www.predalien.com/predalien-2.jpg)
Mental description:He act's on predatoral instincts. Basically he's a blood thirsty animals loose in a giantic feeding ground.
Gear: He can produce a natural cloaking field witch bests all that are currently aviable. A possible reason for him to captured and a possible plot/mission for later in the game :)
Bio: Solidus isn't the creatures accutall name. It has been nick-named this because he matches an old urban myth of a race of monsters that threatened the Republic when it first formed. It was brought here when a feighter transporting a ceature to the Czerka offices was attacked by Pirate. Solidus was that very creature and escaped before the ship blew up.

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Yeah what Jason said! Mutant said he'd start it soon....last night!! It's tomorrow and I dont see a new thread! I wanna start this because this looks like it would be a really good RP, if it'd ever get started! Oh well, patience is a virtue I guess! :) Mmmm!! Cookies!! *takes cookie* thanks Jason! :whtsmile: *eats cookie*. Yeah smsummers, listen to Jason, I've been busted for double posts, more than once!! Go check my threads and posts if you dont believe!! Or, better yet go ask RedHawke, he'll agree whole heartedly!!

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Yeah what Jason said! Mutant said he'd start it soon....last night!! It's tomorrow and I dont see a new thread! I wanna start this because this looks like it would be a really good RP, if it'd ever get started! Oh well, patience is a virtue I guess! :) Mmmm!! Cookies!! *takes cookie* thanks Jason! :whtsmile: *eats cookie*. Yeah smsummers, listen to Jason, I've been busted for double posts, more than once!! Go check my threads and posts if you dont believe!! Or, better yet go ask RedHawke, he'll agree whole heartedly!!

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Anyways, sorry it took a little longer than I said. I had some people surprise visit. So I started the thread. enjoy! I hope this goes well!

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Oi! I'm a girl!

Anyways, sorry it took a little longer than I said. I had some people surprise visit. So I started the thread. enjoy! I hope this goes well!

.... :drop2: your a Ga...ga...girl!!....aaaaaahhhhh!!!! I didn't know there'd be girls on this website when I joined!! why didn't anyone tell me!!!! :indif: lol! Just joking dont get freaked out, I'm nice :^: ! Sorry, I didnt know you were a girl, you didnt have a Avo yet so I couldn't tell! Your name sounded...guyish! Sorry again though! Most of the time you can tell people apart by their Avo's....or can you! :: O.K. I think that's all...I think?...um, well I guess I'll check out the other thread, and poke someone with a stick while I wait for a responce!! :) :stick: <--Poking Rexraptor2000 with stick...just kidding! lol!

Ryan S'vla
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Name: Ryan Lightbringer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Physical description: 6'1 long, brown eyes, good build and height, short black hair, brown pants, black re-enforced shirt and black boots.
Mental description: Cool, smart, strategist and cautious.
Gear: 2 Vidroblades and a Scout Blaster.
Bio: Ryan was a happy kid while living on Coruscant, but one day some guys were hired to destroy his father job. His father almost died during the fire that destroyed his father office, after this Ryan's father never could work again. Ryan knew that that was Gaias doing. From this day, Ryan did evrything to screw Gaias men and don't get caught.

08-06-2006, 04:39 PM
Welcome to the RP! As you can see, things have been a bit slow lately since the Thread Master disappeared, but hopfully she'll be back.

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Its been a while since I was on these forums, but I'd like to get into it again. Guys still open for a late member?

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It's the Thread Master's call. You won't really get lost if you read the RP thread itself.

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@Count, yeah just read the thread it's 'paused' right now until the thread master comes back, where ever she may be....
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Good. I was wondering what was going on.

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ill just put my characters then.

EDIT: Although the thread is paused, I think ill introduce my chars soon.

Name: Donovin Kazerak
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Physical description: Dressed usually in extravagant business attire, graying nicely combed hair, some wrinkles
Mental description: cunning businessman, intelligent, concerned with money, hardly raises his voice
Gear: Wealth, henchmen, vibrodagger, 1 blaster
Bio: Donovin Kazerak is a big time crimeboss and head of the Kazerak Family Crime Syndicate. He owns various casinos in the lower city including "The Golden Citadel" which is where Donovin can usually be found in his suite. Besides gambling, the Kazerak's also engage in spice dealing. They happen to be one of the largest spice suppliers on Corusant. To Donovin, if it isn't business it's wasting his time.

Name: Verudav Krelgun
Species: Human
Age: 33
Physical Description: 5' 11", nicely combed black hair, black business suite, muscular, pale skin, a red glowing cybernetic left eye
Mental Description: Ruthless, doesn't talk much, cunning, only does things if there is money in it.
Gear: Dual silver blasters, armblade, henchmen, snub nose enchani blaster on his ankle.
Bio: Verudav is the Chief Enforcer of Donovin and the Kazerak Family. Fought in the Mandalorian Wars on the Republic side. Has been working for the Kazerak Family ever since. Is usually accompanied by a squad of henchmen employed by the Kazerak Family. Though his skill with a blaster and Enchani Hand-to-hand combat is quite proficient.

EDIT: I didnt want to double post so...how do I go about contacting gaias?

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EDIT: I didnt want to double post so...how do I go about contacting gaias?

We'll find out when the thread master gets back. Master_Archon already sent a PM to RedHawkee to email the thread master so we should find out soon.