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“You just don’t get it do you. To the rest of the galxy, Sith, Jedi, its all the same; just men and women with too much power..” - Aton Rand, SWKotOR 2, The Sith Lords.

“Nothing to fear but itself.”

Chapter 1- Slowly the darkness spreads.

“One must understand that it is not the fault of the beings that inhabit the galaxy. But the nature of the beings. Evil has a way of attaching itself to the week mided. The Jedi, although misunderstood, feared aqnd sometimes hated, exist to protect the weak from evil. For long periods of history, it was kept at bay, driven back, far into the unkown sections of the galaxy, yet no one, nor any arm, or weapon, can destroy evil; it is a presence, that seeps into the minds of those thirsty for power. It is what triggered the Mandalorian Wars. It is what triggered this Civil War. Not even the earliest historians could have predicted a rift, such as this, that would grow between force sensitives. However, power can corrupt any being, however wise.The Republic is slowly losing to these Sith, not just because of lack of resources or strength, but because the population no longer supports the Jedi. The people of the Republic feel that the Jedi have brought this war upon us.”
“That students is my lesson for today.”
Master Jeasn finished his lecture and watched his students depart. Telos had become a haven for refugees in this war. All of a sudden sirens started sounding. A whining sound that struck fear into the hearts of all Telos’ citizens. He ran out of the building and looked up into the sky. A fleet, made up of many hundreds of ships, could be seen moving towards Telos. All around the Jedi Master, people were running and screaming. Everyone was trying to find some sort of shelter from the iminent bombardment.
Then, the rain came; not regular rain, but rain carried on the wings of death. Lasers as thick as tree trunks began to smash into Telos’ surface, buildings shattered, people desentigrated in instants. Destruction and death were all around the master. The sith weapons pounded into the planets’ surface, causing huge crators to be formed. The master’s final thoughts were that of peace, as he became one with the force.
Buildings burned and laid in ruins, towers toppled, and the once proud Telos was now nothing more than a desolate ruin. Millions of lives had been lost, and the survivors were melted, as the lasers had super heated Telos’s atmosphere and turned into into acidic vapor. Mothers and shildren, soldiers and medics, all the survivors lay in pain, on the ruined roads, and slowly felt the skin drip from their faces.
Carth Onasi’s wife, Layla, was dying, her shildren lay around her, dead and bloody, infact, blood was everywhere. Her final moments were that of suffering, pain, and then.. blackness…

Chapter 2- The repurcussions.

“[STATIC] This is Coruscant military opperations, come in Telos control, do you read me, I repeat, come in Telos.”
“No answer, huh?” Carth stood behind his communications officer, look of worry on his face, “maybe there’s something wrone with the comm?”
“That’s impossible, sir, we have been receiving transmissions all day from the outlying systems. I’m afraid this doesn’t sound good for Telos”
“Could you describe the reports again, Leutenant?”
“Well sir, we ha reports of a Sith armada in the Telos sector, and all trade organizations, for example, Czerka, says they’ve lost contact with their business opperations there.”
Carth said nothing, he turned and walked to the bridge of the Republic Interceptor Class Vessel The Raven.
“Plot a course for Telos.”
“Sir?” The navigating officer replied.
“You heard me,” Carth said.
“But I don’t recall any ord-”
“I said do it!”
“Yes, sir.”
The Raven jumped into hyperspace, and seven hours later reached its destination.
“What the-” The navigator jumped in suprise, “maybe I miscalculated, this can’t be Telos..”
“It is Telos.”
“Sir! I’m picking up Sith Capital Class Vessels leaving the sector.”
“Track them! Make sure you know exactly where they end up.”
“Yes, sir.”
“My God… Telos,” Carth clenched his fists in anger.
“On second thought, engage vessels, launch all fighter compliments!”
“Sir, we’d be no ma-”
“Now!” The blood was boiling in Carth, all he saw was red.

Three of the Sith Capital Class Vessels entered hyperspace, along with the many smaler ships, but the last turned and began heading towards them.
“Sir, we’re receiving a transmission.”
“Patch it through,” Carth replied.

“Major Onasi, now? What a suprise.”
“Saul..” Carth muttered.
“I told you the republic didn’t stand a chance, and now lok what’s left of your homeworld..”
“You, how could you. Leutenant oppen fire, all battaries, and launch all fighters.”
“HAHA!” Saul’s laughter made Carth’s blood run hotter. “Do you honestly believe that you could even inflit the slightest harm on my ship? Men open fire”
The comm died, and all of a sudden the ship began to rock violently.
“Sir, are shields are taking heavy damage, and fighters are unable to lauch.”
“Well fire back!”

The battle raged, but although the Republic vessel managed to launch its fighters, it was no mach for the Sith ship. The shields of The Raven collapsed and multiple hull breaches occured. Carth, however intended to live to fight another day, so he did something he would regret for the rest of his life. He went to the hangar and took a fighter and returned to Coruscant. The Raven was torn appart and all its crew killed. Thus ended Carth’s military career as a Major, he was demoted to privatem, where he still achieved great success. Later on the Endar Spire he met a man who would allow Carh to regain his honor and rank. But that is another tail, and this does not venture there, instead we travel to another world, a world that brought about the end of the Mandalorian wars, a dead planet; Malachor V.

Chapter 3- The Preparations.

The storm raged on, a vortex that would forever consume Malachor V. The light shuttle touched down in a clearing that was free of jagged rocks. Darth Malak’s new apprentice, Darth Bandon, stepped out of the craft and onto the grey dust that was the surface of this dead world. He stood and looked at the zig zag peeks that faces him, and smiled.
Out of the shuttle two elite sith soldiers came; Bandon’s personal body guards. Then a final figure departed from the craft, Kreya. A mistress of the dark side, yet not a Sith Teacher, she was different, strange. More like a Sith Mercanary who only followed her own path, and served no other.
“This ancient structure willl do nicely,” Kreya broke the deathly silence, and the sound of her voice seemed to carry out for miles.
“Indeed,” Bandon replied, “a fitting place, however, it is in need of repairs, as my Master stated.”
“I will train my new apprentices here, they will learn strength, and power; I have great plans for some.”
“Cease your speeches, Malak only allowed you to accompany me so that you may aid in the construction planning.”
“Very well.”
The two Sith troopes stood, immobile.
“Come, we must return to my Lord and tell him how perfect a setting this would be.”

Saul Karath wtached the glow of hyperspace, as The Laviathan zoomed through it. He stood on the bridge; he was having regrets about what he had just done, he hoped he wouldn’t have to destroy another planet ever again.
“I sense you are disturbed,” Malaks metal tone bit into Saul’s skull.
“No, my Lord, it’s just…” Saul failed to end the sentence.
“Go on,” Malak was goading him now.
“Well millions of people..” Saul stuttered.
“Be mindful, Saul Karath, remorse is a sign of weakness, only a Jedi would show such emotions.”
“I would not know, my Lord, I can’t feel the force.”
“Remember, Admiral Karath, I will not allow weakness to serv in the Sith army, your predsesor showed such characteristics, and he paid the price.”
“I apologize, my Lord.”
Darth Malak retreated into the hull of the Sith ship, and Saul remained, however, his thoughts were still disquieted. \

As Malak walked through the long ,etal corridors a trooper aproached him and stated, “My Lord, your apprentice Darth Bandon has returned.”
“You are dismissed captain.”
Malak strolled to the elevator and took it down to the hangar, there Bandon was waitng for him. The apprentice bowed before his master, “M’Lord, the place is perfect, it eminates dark energy, and it looks like there will be much knowledge within its walls. Only a few minor repairs a needed to the structure.”
“Indeed.. call a council of all the Sith Lords, Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion and Darth Treya are needed.”
“Yes, my master.”

“Lords, as I am the supreme overlord of the Sith, do not forget that you do my bidding.”
“Dash-nah, in’yapussh,” Nihilus replied.
“Yes, it is true, Telos has been bombed to the ground.”
“Rash nah singah lushh, bingh lunya!”
“Nihilus, your hunger can wait, I am sure there are dozens of other worlds, might a suggest a Miraluka world, one that is strong in the force?”
Darth Nihilus nodded his head.
“Now, perhaps we can discuss the more serious matters; as you all know, the Sith have aquired a source of unlimitted power in the outer-rim, the location of the Star Forge I will not tell even to you, the Sith Lords. I will say however, that this wil boost our abbility to conquor new worlds…”

Chapter 4- It spreads


It was a mild day, but the sun occasionally beat down harder. Plord III was a democratic world, and had been a member of the republic for 200 years. The Republic had lately been using it as a military base and many thousands of soldiers were stationed there, along with seven capital class republic war ships, ten missile cruisers, eight interceptor class frigates and an entire battalion of star ships.

Varis Danahu, Green Squadron Leader, was patroling the outer sector of the system. He and his squad had almost finished the patrol.
“The is Green Leader, report in Green Squadron.”
All wings reported in as usual.
“Ok, head home greens.”
All of a sudden Varis’ radar screen lit up, from the corner red dots were appearing. As he watched more and more appeared.
“This is Green Leader to PLORD III control, do you coppy?” Varis shouted into his comm
“Reading you loud and clear Green leader.”
“We have incoming Sith war ships, loads of ‘em, detecting multiple Sith Capital Class vessels, and more keep on arriving.”
“Coppy that Green leader, sending reinforcements.”

The Republic Interceptor Vessel, The Eagle’s Pride, was docked at the Plord III orbital defense platform. Its commander, Captain Raanad, stood on the bridge. All fo a sudden the comm bleeped;
“This is the Sojurn, contacting all available Republic Ships. Massive Sith threat in sector seven, All available ships please move to intercept.”
Raanad complied with the orders, “Leutenant, undock the Eagles Pride and set a course for sector seven.

The battle commenced.
“This is Red Leader, ebgaging sith warship [STATIC] their shields are too strong!…”
The Sith ships pounded their way through the Republic space defenses and began a geosyincronice orbit.

Admiral Karath spoke through the comm, “Drop all assult pods!” All the Sith vessels began firing round pods at the planet’s surface.

On the capital city of Huul, citizens looked into the sky and saw the falling pods. Republic troops were already firing at them with AA Guns, but there were to many. The troops began to get into place for the oncoming assult. As the first pods hit, thuds could be heard throughout the city. Then the Sith began pooring out of the pods; foot soldiers, droids, technicians carrying with them heavy guns. Sirens were sounding throughout Huul, and people new the same was happening in other cities. Then the fighting began.

At first the Republic was efficient at keeping the Sith back. But they were hopelessly out-numbered. The Sith were able to establish a beach head in the main square, outside the capitol building. The heavy weapons were then able to be set up and the Republic forces began to be driven back.

Darth Nihilus’ shuttle touched down in the main square about two hours later. By now one fourth of the city had fallen to the Sith. The Dark Lord hopped onto a swoop and headed for the btalle line. Once there he ignited his light saber a charged the Republic soldiers. He drained the life from half the Republic line, the corpses falling, drained of life essence and the force. This only made the dark lord stronger as he sprayed lightning toward the remaining soldiers. As the Republic’s linemen burned and became smouldering corpses, the Sith pressed forward.

Captain Sulio led his squad of Republic commandos around behind the Sith line, and came up from behind. They brought their weapons to bear and fired into the back of the Sith. Many of the Sith soldiers fell as lasers passed through and super heated there organs. Darth Nihilus turned and headed for the commandos. He picked one up with the force, and crushed his head, peices of brain flying to the ground. The headless corpse fell, and Nihilus headed to the others. They fired at him, but to no effect. Darth Nihilus ignited his saber and slashed the arm off one commando. The man fell to the ground in pain, but he could still fire. Nihilus stepped on the mans chest and sent his foot through his torso. He then turned to Sulio and began to drain the life from him. Sulio thought fast and killed himself with his own blaster, rather than face the death that was to come. Suddenly, Darth Nihilus found himself sucking the void and dropped to his knees, the weakness spreading. He returned to his shuttle and blasted off from the planet’s surface, he docked onboard the Ravager and set a course to wonder the outter rim, now only to strike from the darknees, and never again risk open battle.


The days looked grim for the Republic indeed, the skies of many worlds would turn red in the years to come. No one yet knows who will come to save the Republic.

“I am somewhat of a patriot.” -GOTO

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