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Good Sir Knight
07-28-2006, 12:48 AM
Perhaps it's not the admin himself really, rather the author of the mod who decides to give the mod far too much power than is needed....heck how about just a kick/ban GUI?.

Any way I realize that this has been discussed before but I haven't seen a thread on it in the near so I thought I might bring it up.

I don't necessarily want this conversation to turn into a negative experience rather somewhere to discuss how mods can suck.

I'll start with mine, (since it's obviously what this is all about)...

I entered the [LOL]HOMEBASE, a german server that I hadn't been to and I thought it might be ff/ffa.

you'll hear about GLADIATOR later...

I get in there and well yeah, it's a lame nf/so ffa_bespin map but I'm like well okay I'll just go in anyway.

My ping was bad enough, the motd of course had one thing to say: "Don't Lame" which I thought was the rules for everyone.

Judging by my 300 ping I decided that I wouldn't stay too long, I then had no real rational choice but to start 'laming' people.

Now I don't want to start bashing on honorz or there funny little rules, everyone knows I don't get into that. If they want to play with little rules on their server who am I to say.

Except on this server I couldn't even 'lame' people, something I've seen before but the admin and his little buddy could indeed 'lame' me if I tried. Thing is, you simply cannot kill someone that has his lightsaber off but the admin can.

When I say 'kill' I mean the very action of killing another player, not just a rule.

I think I touched their hearts though some choice words before I disconnected. :lol:

I've also come across some startling evidence of something I hadn't seen before. I'm not one to yell 'H4x..he hack me i mad!" but my information is coming from x-clan members so however likely that this is true, the server will remain anonymous.

They're running DC MOD and were(are) affording certain clan members a higher force level than the rest of the players on the server.

I took the time to look in the documentation and it's very possible >>

DC MOD 1.2 Documentation

amsetinfo /amsetinfo <player> <key> [value]

Makes you able to change or view a client's settings.
You'll be able to change their saber color (color1), their model (model), etc.
It's also possible to change force power settings, but that's mean, so I haven't included documentation for it.

Obviously I play alot of ff/ffa and it's amazing how many servers have these mods. You can change any property of any player with the above command.

You could script your own little power hierarchy. :worship: