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Diego Varen
08-03-2006, 06:10 PM
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Saying goodbye is a hard thing for many to do. Especially when they are close friends or if they are deeply in love with each other. Sometimes, they promise that they will see each other again. However this isn’t always the case. Sometimes they may never return. This is a small account of the redeemed Jedi, Revan, before he left for the Unknown Regions over four thousand years ago. This is indeed ancient history of the Jedi. - Luke Skywalker

Revan was sitting in the cockpit of the Ebon Hawk, looking over the rebuilding Planet of Taris. He thought about the recurring nightmare he was having every night. A nightmare about the true enemy. The True Sith. Revan had believed them to have died a long time ago. But these nightmares were a sign. A sign of something bad that would happen in the future. He knew he had to leave, but how would he tell the love of his life? Bastila Shan. She was another Jedi that Revan had travelled with to destroy the Star Forge and over the time they spent together, they found themselves deeply in love. Revan knew that he needed to go to the Unknown Regions, but what would Bastila say. Would she fear for his safety? Would she want to go with him? Would she prevent him from going? Revan could only find out by telling her. He got up and decided to find Bastila.

Bastila was mediating in the port dormitory. She had no idea that Revan was watching her.

“Bastila.” He said.

Bastila immediately leapt from her position of mediating and immediately stood up, accidentally hitting the ceiling above. Revan heard her whisper ouch and she rubbed the spot where she had hit the ceiling. She then remembered Revan and turned to him.

“How can I help?” She asked.

Revan laughed.

“You say that every time I need help,” Revan told her, “But seriously, there is something I must tell you.”

Revan remained silent. Bastila wondered what was wrong.

“Revan?” She asked.

“There is something I must tell you,” Revan started, “And I don’t think you’ll like it.”

“Please tell me Revan.” Bastila told him.

Revan sighed. How to break the news? Should he build up to it or just say it straight away.

“Bastila, the nightmares I’ve been having have gotten increasingly worse over the year.” He told her.

“So…” Bastila asked, trying not to be rude.

“So this means I’m going to leave.” Revan told her.

Bastila looked shocked.

“What?” She asked, “Why?”

“These nightmares are about the True Sith,” Revan told her, “They are a threat to the Republic and I must protect them.”

“What why you?” Bastila asked.

“The Force has told me.” Revan told her.

Revan turned to leave. Before he left, he told Bastila one last thing.

“This is all I will say on the subject.”

The next day, Revan said farewell to Bastila and the Republic Admiral, Carth Onasi. Revan knew that he might never see them again, but the Galaxy was under threat. It was time for Revan to fight the True Sith.

The End