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08-05-2006, 10:20 PM
Hi i just bouth this game and I am new to the multiplayer experience, this question may seem really dumd and I am sure it has been asked before, but I really want to know. I;m asking simply, how do you start a multiplayer game how do you join one, do you need to join a clan or can you just play. I click on multiplayer and go to join a game but no one is ther, what do I have to do? Please help, any info would be really great, thanks!

08-06-2006, 07:39 AM
click refresh
and get new server list

if that doesnt work open up the console (to do that press and hole shift + the button to the left of the number one it looks like a squiggly line its called a tilde. after the console is up type /connect g then go back and see if there are servers