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08-09-2006, 03:56 AM
Basicly what I plan to do is make new lightsabers and not simply replace old sabers. Also I plan to make them avaible in very certain spots depending on the nature I give them. They will also have very special hilts for light and dark side and class they are meant for. They will have bonus feats and stats depending on the class they where meant for. So If someone could help me with moddeling and how to do place them in certain areas I want them to or good tools to do it and tutorials on how to do it I would greatly appreciatte(sp?) it. School is coming up for me soon so I may not get to this for awhile. Also thinking of doing new robes also for classes designs and everything. This would probably be for both but I may start with the first game because there are only three classes to do unless I decide it wouldnt hurt to have the prestige ones in there too.
Elite Jedi sentinel lightsaber
Restricted to sentinel
restricted to light side
Intellence +5
computer use +5
demolition +5
Stealth +5
Persuasion +5
security +5
Repair +5
treat injury +5
this lightsaber was specificly craftide(sp?) for sentinel's
Elite Jedi guardian lightsaber
restricted to guardians
restricted to light side
strength +8
constitution +5
bonus feat: two-weapon fighting
bonus feat: improved two-weapon fighting
bonus feat: master two-weapon fighting
bonus feat: flurry
bonus feat: improved flurry
bonus feat: master flurry
bonus feat: critical attack
bonus feat: improved critical attack
bonus feat: master critical attack
bonus feat: power attack
bonus feat: improved power attack
bonus feat: master power attack
Elite Jedi consular lightsaber
restricted to consular
restricted to light side
Wisdom +10
Charisma +8
regenerate force 5
bonus feat: dueling
bonus feat: improved dueling
bonus feat: master dueling
thats it for now and I wasnt sure what else to do for the consular lightsaber. If you get any ideas on what to do to improve on these mail me or post here. I got some rough drawings done on the hilts. For the sentinel I had the upper part resemble a top part of a rench(sp?) and upper part was yellow and the bottom is brown with a design like darth vaders. I wasnt sure how to approach the consular design but I decided to go with a curved and the slanted part has the same design as the sentinels and the rest is green except for the button to ignite it which is red. I'm still thinking on guardian but I thought like a sword and shield on the hilt. Thats about it for now.
Edit: I just setup an accaunt in filefront so look there for a release there in a couple of weeks because I may scrap trying to do remodduling the lightsaber hilts and robes until I know how to do it propurly(sp?). I finished with the guardian lightsaber and will work on the others and the robes soon. I finished the sentinel and gona be away for a few days so production will be slow. I need some help though i'm trying to figure out how to get the lightsabers into the training computer I know its possible to put items in it because someone already did it. So please tell me how to do it please.

08-09-2006, 04:19 AM
Just an FYI, you can't create new Force using classes in either game.

As far as pointing you to a tutorial, we have 4 locked sub forums above with quite a few tutorials, as well as links to the tools you will need. ;)

08-09-2006, 04:29 AM
Well I cant find these DLGEdit and Dialogue.tlk and NWN Editor. Also I came to a problem when using gmax with the lightsaber guide I coulndt do this chose extrude modifier in the long drop down list and below in the extrude modifier parameters set it to 2 cm or so just to make your 2d shape in to 3d. Now with it still selected right click and chose convert to editable mesh or editable poly .. now in the Editable mesh or poly modifier stack. Anyways like I said I'll probably wont be able to do much but write somethings down on what they might have and suchs and a simply drawing. Unless someone can do the moduling for me its gona take some time to get that part down. I wasnt planning on put classes in either game.