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08-09-2006, 09:18 AM
I have tried everything to make this jedi, but the lightsaber just wont show up :(.

here are the textures of the guy:
main: http://www.freewebs.com/rcduggan/rep%5Finf%5Faminius.tga


if anyone could find the time to make a jedi with those skins, that'd be great. I honestly worked so hard on it, but I couldn't get it to work.

08-09-2006, 12:51 PM
those links dont work for me, and how do you make the guy? i mean i cant even get to step 3 lol

08-09-2006, 01:41 PM
you need a TGa viewer for the links to work, and to make a Jedi just follow the documentation that came with the mod tools

08-09-2006, 03:17 PM
I put your skin on the "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker" mesh.
But as you can see it doesn't fit too well, i'm going to have to change the mesh to another one.
The only way i could get your skin to work was to reconvert it using Photoshop, the game engine is very picky when it comes to .tga's
Even some of the GIMP tga's don't work, i've had to reconvert all GIMP made tga's to get them working.


08-09-2006, 05:56 PM
heh heh Ace, that looks really funny. Tell me if you get any better results on a different mesh

EDIT: Also, anybody know how to get Vehicle Spawn points working? mine don't :(

08-09-2006, 07:02 PM
Here's the tutorial that i used when i was trying to figure out how to add vehicles, it's about adding an AT-ST, but you can use this for any vehicle you want.
If your not adding a walker then you don't have to edit the "walker" parts in the LUA.

Adding walkers:

IŽll explain it with the example of an AT-ST because there is one additional step needed to let a walker spawn.

Open ZE and load your .wld file then click on object edit mode
Then pick the "com_item_vehiclespawn" from data_ABC/common/odf folder and place it in your world.
Then switch from place to select and select your new vehicle spawn.
Then a set of options will appear to the right of your screen called "Object instance".
In the ControlZone field enter the name of the CP(cp3,cp4...etc) in which you want the AT-ST to be controlled by.
Then assign your vehicle spawn to either "team" 1 or 2, in this example it would be team 1.

-- Empire Attacking (attacker is always #1)
local ALL = 2
local IMP = 1
-- These variables do not change
local ATT = 1
local DEF = 2

These lines define IMP as attacker.

Go back to zeroeditor and select your vehicle spawn.
In the popup thing on the right hand side called "object instance" you do the following thing.
You have to enter "imp_walk_atst" in the field ClassImpATK;
this means that an ATST is spawning for the Empire if it is the attacking team (which it is by default) and if it is in possession of the control zone (CP).
If you wanted to let an AT ST spawn for the Rebels you would have to enter "imp_walk_atst" in the field ClassAllDEF.

Now go back to your ABCg_con.lua and add the line
"imp_walk_atst" to to your imp.lvl lines.

It should like like this:
"imp_walk_atst", <------------------add this line(don't forget the comma)
"imp_fly_destroyer_dome" )

Where it says...

-- Level Stats
ClearWalkers() <----------------------------------------------uncommented
AddWalkerType(0, 0) -- special -> droidekas
AddWalkerType(1, 0) -- 1x2 (1 pair of legs) <===AT-ST,AT-RT
AddWalkerType(2, 0) -- 2x2 (2 pairs of legs) <===AT-AT,Spiderwalker
AddWalkerType(3, 0) -- 3x2 (3 pairs of legs) <==ATTE

... you have to change the line
AddWalkerType(1, 0) -- 1x2 (1 pair of legs)
AddWalkerType(1, 1) -- 1x2 (1 pair of legs)
depending on how many walkers you want to have on your map.
The first value within the brackets defines the number of leg pairs, the second value the amount of walkers of such type.
Thus the line
AddWalkerType(0, 0) -- special is for three legged droideka, the amount of them is 0 because we donŽt have any droidekas in GCW.

AddWalkerType(1, 0) -- 1x2 (1 pair of legs) is for AT ST and AT RT

AddWalkerType(2, 0) -- 2x2 (2 pairs of legs) is for AT AT and Spider Droid

AddWalkerType(3, 0) -- 3x2 (3 pairs of legs) is for AT TE

Also make sure that ClearWalkers() is not commented out like this
-- ClearWalkers().
In this case you have to remove the --

So with one AT ST to spawn the whole block should look like this:

-- Level Stats
AddWalkerType(0, 0) -- special -> droidekas
AddWalkerType(1, 1) -- 1x2 (1 pair of legs)
AddWalkerType(2, 0) -- 2x2 (2 pairs of legs)
AddWalkerType(3, 0) -- 3x2 (3 pairs of legs)

This should do it and you may save your world aswell as the lua, munge and when you run the map an AT ST should spawn at your CP for the Empire.

If you want Hover vehicles to spawn simply set a certain PoolSize for Hover in the ...

SetMemoryPoolSize("Aimer", 75)
SetMemoryPoolSize("AmmoCounter", weaponCnt)
SetMemoryPoolSize("BaseHint", 1024)
SetMemoryPoolSize("EnergyBar", weaponCnt)
SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityCloth", 32)
SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityFlyer", 32)
SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityHover", 32)
SetMemoryPoolSize("EntityLight", 200)....

.... lines in your ABCg_con.lua

For Clone Wars you have to do the same in the ABCc_con.lua.

In case of a command vehicle like an AT-AT or ATTE you have to add this line:
SetMemoryPoolSize("CommandWalker", 1)

Vehicle information can be found in BF2modtools\assets\sides\cis,rep,imp,all......etc.
Vehical spawn item can be found in:
BF2_ModTools\data_ABC\Common\odfs\com _item_vehicle_spawn.odf

08-09-2006, 08:45 PM
um, I did all those things, but it didn't work. I am trying to add an ATTE. Is there something I need to add for that?