View Full Version : Need art(ist) for Aayla Secura project

08-13-2006, 01:45 PM
I've just started learning and experimenting with modding, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get (or provide me with) a good texture for Aayla Secura's outfit. The ones based off the twilek assassin dont look enough like it. Also, I was just playing around with the .tga's myself, and I was wondering... is it possible to make asymetrical designs?

lord ignarn
08-13-2006, 02:25 PM
Wellcome to the forums w4rd0g, I donīt think you can do asymetrical faces, at least I havenīt seen none of them, but the outfits can be done symetrical and asymetrical. By the way, there are (or were) lots of mods with Aayla Secura or Mission (blue Tīwilek from k1) as PCīs, maybe youīll want to download nay of them to try your mod.

As PcGamemods is still broken I donīt know where can be those mods, look at the Thread named "Where can I find mods?" in "The Upper Taris City Emporium" to start looking for.

Good luck with the mod!!

08-14-2006, 07:31 AM
I've seen just the opposite... I've seen skins for heads that have one eye... scars... etc etc... but I can't figure out how to possible make an asymmetrical skin for Aayla Secura's clothes. After reading more and more on the subject, I've determined it doesnt help that I dont have Gmax or 3dsmax or any experience with either. *sigh* I guess I'll stick to playing with Aayla Secura's head (...man that sounds creepy).

Anyway, for anyone who's interested... I was immediately inspired to make an ambitious mod that includes Aayla Secura as a PC and possibly include Commander Bly (her trusted comrade-in-arms until that fateful day on Felucia) as a recruitable NPC. Just an idea that I'd like to see happen... but unfortunately I do not have the skills or the time to do it myself.