View Full Version : EMI launcher: game ok, but cutscene in top left screen

08-14-2006, 11:49 AM

i have an ASUS notebook widescreen with ATI video card (1280x768) and i try to play EMI - italian patched version; the game of course run at 640x480 in the center of the screen - i don't use the option to stretch images.

so i try to use EMI launcher set at 1024x768 and all's well, but one problem: videos/cutscenes are placed in the top left corner of the screen at 640x480 resolution and moreover they plays with the last "ingame image" as a background....

is there the possibility to center also the video or this is a known problem?

i forgot: i can't try to use openGL, 'cause the original launcher crashes when i try to change the 3D settings of the game...
is there a trigger i can use (i mean, monkey.exe -xyz) to test openGL?

-sorry for my bad english...

many thanks,


08-17-2006, 08:56 AM
Its been a long time since I tried it, but as far as I remember it the cutscenes problem is known. There isnt anything you can do to fix it.