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Unit 351
08-14-2006, 02:54 PM
This stage is the hardest stage for me to conquers as the empire, so on mulitplayer I came up with a strategy.

1.)Defend command post #3 (on the frontlines) against the rebel invasion from both corridors.
2.)If you live, then immediately respawn at CP #1 and get into that rebel AAC.
3.)Go to the Rebel's main command post, CP#6. Capture that.
4.)Then Immediately respawn at CP#3, fight your way to their CP#4.
5.)Once captured, respawn at CP#6 and fight your way to CP#5.
6.)At this point, the rebels will have captured at least CP#4 and CP#3, so respawn at CP#2 and fight them.
7.)when you die, respawn at CP#5. Continue this until they have only one command post.
8.)Once they are surrounded, they will be massacred.

Now, this strategy can easily be countered, but if you're playing as empire with a whole bunch of your buddies. Implement it and crush your rebellious foes.

1 _________ 6

..2 _______5

...3 ____ 4


Unit 351
08-14-2006, 02:54 PM
Oh yeah, more strategies will come. (Title is decieving)