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08-17-2006, 01:13 PM
{Short Fic} Survival of the Bombardment


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This is an idea I've had for a long time. I tried once before, but that was a great debacle. SO here we go once more. It's about how my favorite Taris Character{Zelka Forn} might have survived the bombardment of Taris. So here goes...

It was just like any other day on Taris, the sun was shining, the Sith were patrolling the streets, and no one suspected a thing. Zelka was in the the back room of his Medical Center, tending to the mortally wounded Republic Soldiers. He knew neither of them had a hope of survival, but at leat they wouldn't die in agony.

Leaving the Kolto Room, he once again began to work on duplicating the Rahkghoul Serum that those two Republic men had procured for him. He was curious as to how those two kind men had done it, but some questions were best left unasked.

No one on Taris suspected that Lord Malak was about to bombarded their city to rubble, but it was coming all the same. Zelka thought he heard soem strange noise, but he paid it no mind, untill the whole building began to shake. "What the Hell is going on" He wondered out loud, when he looked out the door, he saw hundreds of red lines streaking toward the city. " Siths Blood" He cursed " They've done it, the Sith are going to kill us all." His thoughts were interupted by a shell exploding by the crashed escape pod.

He quickly thoguht of the Rahkghoul Serum, If the city was destryoed, the survivors would need that medicine. He ran back into his lab and grabbd the vials of valuable medicine. As he ran back to his door way, he saw another shell explode only a few hundred meters of his medical center. "Gurney, watch out" He cried, but it was too late, as the floor fell away so did his assistant and many other items. He was expecting to die as yet another shell crashed down and more of the city cracked. He heard the Kolto Tanks explode with a crash and with a sick sense of dread he felt the floor beneath his feet give way as well.

Zelka was confused when he again had his sense return. He should be dead, but he didn't feel dead, though he couldn't move. He called out and he could hear voices. " Over here, I think I heard something" He heard a woman call out. " Hey, under here, I'm over here" He managed to yell. Soon the voices came closer. " Cad, grad that mining laser, lets get this guy out."

After what seemd an eternity, Zelka saw sunlight again and felt the breeze. He looked around, and saw the damage to the city, there was nothing left but dusty rubble. It would take years to rebuild, but at leat there were survivors, and that was a start. He felt in his pocket and was relieved to dicover that two of the three vials of Rahkghoul Serum were intact. At least there wouldn't be too amny causalties from Rahkghouls. Now to get some water and food.