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08-18-2006, 07:36 AM
Hey all :D


Ive been thinking and Mission Vao Doesnt really get any proper items in Kotor I (apart from RH's Make Mission a Jedi Mod) But I Mean Items for her on Taris, Like Her Armour, Blaster, Sword, Headset, Belt ect. She really doesnt get any items at all on Taris apart from ''Missions Vibroblade'' So Could Anyone Make some Missions Items (Below ive Described them) and Loot them Say In The Sewers In Zaalbars Footlocker or Another Footlocker by it Saying ''Missions Items'' and Put These Items in them, or You Can just make them up by yourself and not follow these :)

Mission Vao's Armour

Defence Bonus: 6
Armour Profiency: Light
Bonus Skills: 4+ Demolitions 4+ PC Use


This is Mission Vao's Armour Given To Her By Her Brother Before He Left Taris. This Armour is Fairly Strong and Good Use For Combat. The Armour Is Abviously Made From Fur and Leather Making It A Good Armour For Local Thugs.

Maybe a Fur Kinda Texture for it (Tiger Skin for Example)


Missions Blaster Rifle

Damage : 1-10
Critical Bonous 1x8
And any other Basic Bonouses


This is Missions Blaster Rifle. Its Fairly Strong with a Metal Outing for Strong Grip and is Good for a Basic Fight Agaisnt Local Thugs.

Texture: Normal Blaster Rifle


Missions Headprotector

Recistent Against Stun 25%
Recistent Against Burn 25%
Recistent Against Electricity 25%
Defence Bonus: 2


This is Missions Headprotector. This Protects the Eyes and Cheeks From Blaster Bolts and Sword Attacks. The Strong Metal Red Line Across The Eyes can Resist Fire Electricity and Stun Attacks.

Texture: Just make it look like a Verpine Headband


Missions Belt

Skill Bonus +2 Demolitions
Skill Bonus +4 Security


This is Missions Belt Given to her by Zaalbar When They First Met. Its Fairly Strong and Gives Some Strong Skill Bonuses.

Texture: N/A

Wow, That took a while to type lol.

I Think These Should be Found in Zaalbars Footlocker in Sewers or in a New Footlocker by Zaalbars.


Ive Requested These Because im no Ace Modder at all and doubt i could do these perfectly. But i am going to try and do this aswell but any help and tips would be greatly apprecieated. :) Yes this does look like a Readme but i did lines to make it more understandable. :D

And Dont forget, Im Trying to Do this mod aswell i just requested it for some help, because im no ace Modder ^^ The Main thing i need help with is How to create Items, so Before i get help with that, im gonna be edditing items to them

Lit Ridl
08-19-2006, 05:25 AM
May you give more deatail descriptions of those items(Ex: what armor? heavy? light? medium?)?
And what PC use means?

I think that you may need this tutorial (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=124284&page=1&pp=40).

08-19-2006, 06:03 AM
Thanks for tutorial Lit and not sure what u mean by PC Uses but ive given on armour Light ect