View Full Version : Request: Battle Meditation Re-write

08-19-2006, 12:13 PM
Hi, I'm new to the forums so I apologize beforehand if I am doing anything wrong.

Background for this idea: I have always thought that the Battle Meditation abilities in Star Wars Kotor 2 were not true to the Star Wars mythos, mainly because they are instant use powers and do not require any actual "meditation". What I would like, is for a talented scripter to do a complete redo of this ability (if this is possible at all). Here are some of the things I would like the ability to do:

- First off, activating it should have the character kneel down in the meditation position used by Visas and Kreia. It would also be nice if the blue sparks were coming out of the character like Bastila in Kotor 1, but this is optional.
- For the boosts, I was thinking somewhere along the lines of, for the first rank: +10 to all saves, +2 to all attributes; for the second rank: +20 to all saves, +4 to all attributes; for the third rank: +30 to all saves, +6 to all attributes; (These would affect all of your party members), and the opposite for the enemies. (-10 to saves, -2 to attributes, etc.) This way, the power is actually pretty powerful and useful, unlike how it is now. I don't think there should be a saving throw for the power, but I think that bosses should be unaffected.
- The catch would be that the character using the power is temporarily out of your control. You may not move, attack, or use any items with him/her. This is supposed to be an all-encompassing power and take all of the character's concentration to use. If you want to stop using the power, then you would use it again, and it would cancel itself. I also think that if the caster takes any damage, the power should be automatically canceled. Consequently, if the power is canceled I would like if the buffs were immediately removed. In this way, your players only get the bonuses if the power is currently being used.
- Finally, I think that only Jedi Consulars / Jedi Masters / Sith Lords should be able to get this power.
- It just occurred to me that if Kreia or the Exile uses this power, then it would effectively put both party members out of commision temporarily. It would be nice if this was not affected by the Force Chain feat.

Anyway, I think that pretty much sums it up. I hope all of this is actually possible to do because in its current state, I think Battle Meditation is fake and useless. Thanks.