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08-20-2006, 01:02 PM
Just went through the first few planets again, and decided I would take down a list of the things I would like to see fixed, so below are the "missing" small stuff that really should have been made.

If any of the following has already been done, please point me to the place for downloading it.


1. When using Luxa's Gamoreans to force Doton Het into giving up ownership of the slavegirl Ramana, or if you win her from him in a game of Pazaak, you will get an option that basicly tells her to get back to work, but when you go back to the canteen she will not give you her earnings, as she does if you never bring her back to her boyfriend.

2. When Enforcing for Luxa to get money from Opo Chano an option to simply beat him, without killing him, would be nice, after you win he will give you half the cash that he owes and e.g. promise to pay the rest the week after, you can then go back to Luxa and either give her the money and tell her the rest will follow, or lie and say he refused to pay, which results in Opo Chano being killed by the Gamorean thugs (is it possible to show that in a Cutscene?) and your player getting a nice DS earning.

3. After you have entered Lopak Slusks office and are done fighting there is a terminal with two camera options, one is an ithorian in a forcecage the other the receptionist at her desk, currently, the only thing that can be done is releasing the ithorian, an option under the cameras to overload the desk or cage resulting in the death of the persons would be nice, and you get to kill the receptionist without Kreia talking about phsycotic urges.

Underground Military Base.

1. Inside the Hanger, and in the Reactor Control Room, there are "deactivated telos military droid", an option to fix these, weapon, shield and all the usual and then engage them in patrol mode would be nice, the one in the hangar could walk in circles like the tank droid, the one in the reactor room should walk out of the room and head for the entrance to the sublevel.

2. If you when entering the hangar decide to walk around the shuttle and pass near the gates to the room where the "Tank Droid" is, a precognition should happen, allowing you to place mines in front of the door to aid in the killing of the droid (I always feel like Iīm cheating when I do stuff purely because I know whatīs gonna happen).

Goto's Yacht.

1. When first entering the yacht you can use the first terminal to blow up a power conduit in the interigation chamber, a prisoner or Interigator (or both) should be present in the chamber.
If the prisoner is outside the range of effect when the Power conduit blows two more options are necesarry.

A- "Overload forcecage" (DS player)
B- "shutdown forcecage" (LS player)

If you play as LS, one could put Lasavvou, the ithorian you helped leave Nar Shaddaa, into the prisoner cage.
(donīt know how complicated a check would be to actually make but something like "If Lasavvou Not On Nar Shaddaa Then Lasavvou in cage, Else -insert random alien-"


1. Using the terminal in the "Droid Bay" an option to hack the system and gain administor rights should be added, this will then allow you to blow up the power conduit in the "Power Relay Station", or if one turned right when entering the sublevel, the reverse should be valid for the terminal in the Power Relay Station (not much point though as there are no uglies around that terminal).

2. If you play DS and are helping Azkul, recruiting people for the Khoonda Militia should give you DS pointsm, you are after all sending them to their deaths.


I am planning on adding more later, but if anyone would be interested, have the time/abilities to do these changes it would be highly appreciated.

EDIT: Does anyone know if the above mentioned changes are included in the "Restoration Project" (cant remember the exact name right now) or should I perhaps suggest these on their forums as well?