View Full Version : Found a lunge bug in Enhanced

08-20-2006, 07:44 PM
I have the sad duty of reporting a bug in the lunges. Since this involves the lunge hitting a second time on the recoil, hopefully all that time we spent fixing the other anim problems will make this an easy fix.

Me and Max were at the code server and he noticed how some of my lunges did a ton of damage. So we decided to test it and found that some lunges from up close do double damage because of the recoil hitting a second time. This mostly happens close, when players are backing up, or in another animation which makes it fairly common during combat.

I'm also starting to agree with jacks old idea about making a slight cool down time between lunges, maybe 2 seconds or so should be enough. Max did 4 lunges in a row on me very quickly and killed me when testing the first time (mostly because at least two of them hit twice). I had to tell himn to do one at a time the next time for the test, but it demonstrated how fast you can do those in a row up close. The bug I mentioned above is the biggest worry, but we might consider this again as well if its not enough.