View Full Version : New Force Powers

08-22-2006, 06:46 PM
I was wondering if anyone (ie Redhawke) could make me a force power that attacks the heart like a heart attack force power. There would be 3 levels. Level 1: Heart Jolt - Causes up to 15 damage (you can aqcuire this force power from start of game), Level 2: Heart Attack - Causes up to 30 damage ( you can aqcuire this at level 9), Level 3: Cardiac Arrest - Causes all NPC's upto the vitality level of 60 to die instantly all above take 60 damage (you can aqcuire this at level 12). Anyone who makes this gets credit for making it and I get credit for the idea. So if, for example Redhawke makes it, you would say cred to Redhawke for creating it and cred to DarkLordDeagle for the idea. Thanks in advance.