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08-24-2006, 08:53 PM
It is hard to court and marry an Italian lady. That's what my friend learned when her Italian fiancée and him got married two years ago. It was very hard because there were lots of people to consider and to think about.

For the two of them, getting married is just simple as changing your outfit, but to the lady's family, marriage is a very significant subject. There are times where the two got into quarrel because the lady's parents had previously objected to their wedding. Imagine, my buddy and his family had to provide something first for them. I tell you, Italian wedding is very prehistoric and odd when you compare it with American marriage. It's very hard that there are times couple would want to stick to what relationship they have at present than get married.

However that's how Italian culture and custom go and we have to understand them. If not for the love and real feelings of my buddy, they would not have get married yet. However, as the saying goes, real love conquers all. For all guys out there, be careful when choosing the lady that you are going to marry because getting married especially when the lady is an Italian takes a lot of patience.


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