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08-26-2006, 07:44 AM
Hey all =)

Anyone here good with savegame editing? Heres my problem: When arriving to Korriban for the first time I get my Star Map Vision but when it loads me back in to the cockpit Bastila wont give her requisite "We had another Vision, go get the Map.. Im gonna stay in the ship cuz Sith will eat me" speech. She just stands there. I can converse with her fine.. talk about our pet gizka.. tongue wrestle in the cargo hold etc but she wont say a thing about being on Korriban. The game still wont let me take her outside on Korriban so thats still working too.

After *many* long hours of troubleshooting mods and even loaded the game up with an empty Override folder to see what would happen I have to admit Im stumped. Nothing Ive tried fixes it. Hence my conclusion whatever went wonky its in the save game itself that needs the repair. I searched through the saved variables inside the save game but Im a bit out of my element there. I found a few strings labeled things resembling Starmap and Vision but playing with those produced.. unexpected results. For instance unchecking korriban vision causes me to see the dantooine vision the next flight i take and warp me to the Jedi Enclave *boggle*

Anyways.. any suggestions of how to fix it? Or failing that anyone know a way to force that particular dialogue out of Bastilicious? I know its an incredibly minor thing and Im not going to sweat it if its a lost cause but since the good folk at Holowan tend to run quite a bit smarter than I on these things I figured itd be worth a shot.

My appreciation ahead of time for taking time out of ya'lls day for something so silly ;)

08-26-2006, 08:31 AM
There's a mod you need to get what you want.

Bastila on Korriban

Don't be surprised if this thread gets moved to Holowan Labs! :D