View Full Version : "animsounds.cfg" won't play sound!

The Matrix
08-29-2006, 08:36 PM
Hi folks!

In hopes there might still be some JO-fans around here, I'm posting this because for the first time ever since I got JO, I have no idea what could be causing my problem, nor how to possibly solve it.

Here we go:
I've got the following in my animsounds.cfg for kyle ( i. e. models/players/kyle/animsounds.cfg ):
BOTH_A5_TR_BL 2 sound/weapons/saber/_saberhup%d.wav 1 3 0
BOTH_A5_TL_BR 2 sound/weapons/saber/_saberhup%d.wav 1 1 0 //FIX THESE!
BOTH_A5_BR_TL 2 sound/weapons/saber/_saberhup%d.wav 2 2 0 //FIX THESE!
Whereas the first statement ( plus all the rest in animsounds.cfg that I didn't copy in here ) works just fine the latter two (a5_tl_br and a5_br_tl) don't. In the game, the sounds will sometimes randomly play and sometimes won't and sometimes even play twice when infact the animation only ran once. I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this since literally _every_ other animation sequence works!

Any help is much appreciated...