View Full Version : Must... Vent... Frustration!

09-05-2006, 04:53 PM
Alright, my house has been an absolute mess all summer due to expansion construction. For the most part, that was fine by me, except that my dad wanted to do a lot of the work himself, such as the siding.

Meanwhile, at the very beginning of the summer, we have a power pack crisis in my computer. So naturally, we go to Fry's to get a new one.

While there, we figured out that it wasn't the power pack, but the built-in fan of the CPU case that was the issue. So the employee directs us towards the CPU box section. I saw one that reminded me of Darth Vader ;), and brought it home, put everything together, and then... ZAP.

My powerpack burned out, and I've been without a computer the entire summer, forced to help my dad with the construction work. Before I forget, my father is a complete arsehole towards me and my computer "obsession," and realising how big of a project he took on this summer, ended up getting my help, however unwillingly. I highly suspect sabotage here! :firemad:

No Battlefront, No KotOR, no JK, no LSW... :( It's been terrible. My only escape is here on Lucasforums, using his computer, ironically.