View Full Version : Trouble getting a Custom NPC to have a character dialoge

09-05-2006, 08:17 PM
I have created my own character known as Locker Man as my first mod. However I am not satisfied with just having a recruitable character. I also wish to give him his very own quest. The character is completely functional in every single way combat wise. The problem is I can't even get him to talk about anything when he is clicked even though in the Overdrive folder I put in my dialoge file lockerman_talktest.dlg

I used the creature editor that comes with KOTORtool to attempt to give him this dialog whenever he is clicked on. I typed in the converstation line of the creature editor lockerman_talktest without the .dlg extension. Even then he will not talk. I orginally extracted the template of a Hidden Bek when I was starting out and have editied it since then so I have no clue if that has anything to do with it.

I compared Locker Man to other NPCs in both utc and dlg files. The regular NPCs seem to share the scripts of k_hen_(action)x. Locker Man who orginally was the template for the Hidden Beks has the scripts of k_def_(action)x. I have no clue if chaning the name of the scripts will change anything. I am just afraid of changing the name of the scripts because of the warning that pops up saying that my modified script will be used instead of the global one,and I fear that the Hidden Bek templates will all be like Locker Man.

09-05-2006, 08:29 PM
The problem is: I can't even get him to talk about anything when he is clicked, even though I put in my dialoge file lockerman_talktest.dlg in the Override folder.

The filename of your dialog file is too long. A ResRef (filename without extension) can be at most 16 characters long (and may only contain alphanumerical characters or underscores). Yours is 18 characters long, so chances are the game won't load it.

09-05-2006, 09:23 PM
Just chaning the name of the dlg to talktest didn't work initaly. I then realized that the resref refers to the tag of the utc file, not just the name. So I also changed the tag to lockerman since all the other files I made that refer to the character name used lockerman as a reference.

So now that I know how to get a dialog file working on a character hopefuly I can work out starting quests and getting reminders for said quest with banter dialoge myself, since I notice a whole lot of topics revolving around those topics. Thanks!

Quick question: I am making Locker Man specialize in stun batons ever since In noticed that there is a series feats revolving around extra damage from the use of simple weapons such as stun batons. Does these feats actually work were I to give it to Locker Man intially?