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09-08-2006, 08:05 PM
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Star Wars The Rise of Darth Plagues

Plagues entered his quarters soon his apprentice shall take his own apprentice. He laid on his bed and meditated on this. He guessed that Sidious would take young Darth Maul a great student at the secret sith academy. Suddenly he heard his door open. “Perfect he’s asleep.” He recognized the voice of Sidious. Sidious moved over his bed, Plagues seeing the look on his face slowly reached for his saber. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to use it.

Though he already was full of anger that his apprentice had even came into his room. He heard the hum of the Lightsaber blade before it turned on. Plagues jumped up to the other side of the bed and faced Sidious with his Lightsaber blazing. Blood red sabers glowed in the dark as the master and the apprentice stared at each other fury in both of them. Sidious full of power full arrogance struck first at the killing blow of his heart. Plagues blocked it with all his force. He had trained his student well he thought as Sidious struck at all directions as fast as he could, too well. Open to anger, Plagues struck easily giving a small but painful blow to his best student. Sidious backed away staggering under the pain. Then he recovered quickly shooting lightning out of his spare hand. The blast hit him sending him across the room. He hit the wall so hard even most sith or jedi would have been unconscious. But he was no normal sith, he reached out through his anger and summand all his power. He flipped up behind Sidious and turned about to kill him. But he was gone, he turned to find the door jammed shut. So his best student had fled instead of died, disappointing.

Plagues walked down the hall and found Sidious unconscious and Maul standing over him. So Maul had seen the whole thing. Plagues stepped up and removed Sidious’s head. As he did he fell to his knees as a vision swept over him. He saw Sidious taking Maul as his apprentice, he saw the mistakes he thought him, how Maul died. Then he saw the so called perfect planning of the clone wars and taking Vader as his 3rd apprentice. He saw the rebellion and the new galactic empire. He saw Sidious die as Vader through him off the Death Star. The vision ended, he got up and took Maul as his apprentice as Sidious would have. He vowed to himself this: I will not make the same mistakes as Sidious would and would rule the galaxy in half the time and rule it truly.

The End