View Full Version : glitch: leaving leviathin, need help

09-09-2006, 04:57 AM
ok, so i've installed a ton of mods, pcgamemods, redhawke, lots and lots. so i've got starmaps on tatoine, koriban and kashyyk, finished liviathin, then i'm in another little shoot-out with the sith fighters, so i do that, no problem....................then the game loads the standard <you just killed the fighters and here we go warping somewhere again> and it starts skipping, the framerate just skips through that standard clip. then i get a loading screen with the gun-cockpit picture on it (you know like you get when you're going INTO the gun cockpit) and this just doens't go away period.

so.......any thoughts? i've read about carth-glitch and maybe it has something to do with that cuz i did pick mission to break us out and i think i clicked a stealth generator on her (though it didnt' go on) while playing through leviathin beginning

don't have any saves pre-leviathin and don't have the heart to start a new game. somebody help :)

Princess Artemis
09-09-2006, 10:50 AM
I dunno how to help...for some reason my game glitches (not like that) about 50% of the time post Leviathan, so I always keep a save just before in case I need to make another run through it. Do ward cheats work in the gun turret? You could try warping yourself back onto the Hawk. I've never used a warp cheat on K1, so I dunno what to say to type, you might find it by searching elsewhere.