View Full Version : Lightsaber request for T7

09-15-2006, 10:46 AM
Hello T7, how are you? I hope not to upset you with this.
We've talked before in the kotor I usm saber mod. I know you said that the mod is about 80 or 90% finished and that you will release it when you see fit to it. That's ok, I'm not going to bother you with that but what I want is, if it's possible, the yellow throphy single saber you get from Sherruck in your mod so I can, and for personal use only, use it for Bastila's single saber.

I take the opportunity to suggest that you could use it too as Bastila single saber, removing the saber from Sherruck's body. That way you don't have to desing new saber hilts and the mod could be done sooner. Is just an idea. Thank you!

09-15-2006, 11:18 AM
T7 will unlock his WIP thread when he's ready to work on it again. To everyone, please don't make anymore threads like this...

The PM system is there for a reason ;)